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The wind howled ominously through the slightly opened window. The peaceful sound of dripping water and the glutonous sound of sucking echoed through out the almost empty bathroom. There was a rustle of clothes and the sound of sneakers on tile as a soft groan joined the ensemble of sound. Atlas pulled back, out of breath, and slumped against the wall. He glanced over at the man next to him and smiled. "Well that... was interesting." He huffed as he caught his breath. The man next to him responded with a weak and pained moan. Atlas wiped the blood away from his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. "I suppose you're almost dead from that." Atlas stated, sizing the limp body up and down. "Best get this over with while you're still alive." Atlas shrugged and sat up, tucking his knees underneath him as he found a suitable position over the barely moving man. "You make me so..." Atlas paused and licked his lip. "Glutonous." The young man moaned and hunched over the other man's body.

Atlas licked the still bleeding wound on the man's wrist as his free hand worked the buttons on the prey's shirt. Atlas sat back up, still straddling the man. The man was too weak to respond. Atlas tore the man's shirt wide open and lurched down onto the man, taking a massive bite out of his shoulder. Atlas' prey was too weak to yell, but he weakly moaned and tried, and failed, to push Atlas off of him. Atlas sat back up, bits of stringy flesh hanging loosely from his blood covered lips.

Outside the sounds of the convention continued as normal. Nobody would notice one or two men gone. Atlas continued to devour the man's shoulder until his prey passed on and the fun was gone. "And I was told anime conventions were no fun." Atlas smirked as he pulled himself off of the dead body. The young man made his way to  the mirror and cleaned himself off. "You were fantastic." He said to the dead body after double checking there was no blood on his face. Atlas proceeded to step out of the bathroom, back into the world of the anime convention, and locked the door behind him.
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Jack went straight to the guy selling replica bleach swords, the vendor was dressed in a captains uniform.  Of course he did not just sell toys, Anime conventions were also a great place to get illegal items since they blended in.  Most of the buyer blended in as well, Jack could go in with all his weapons and armor at the ready, he had gotten compliments on his excellent assassin's creed cos-play. 

"Hello young man," said the vendor, "Nice weapons, is there anything I can add?"

"I'm just checking on my order," Jack replied.  "A compass, some books and a few arrows."

"The arrows are in my van, you ordered a lot more than a few, you can pick them up at the end of the day."  The vendor's hand had moved close to what looked like a replica of Kenpachi's sword.  His other hand went to his pocket, he took out an old fashioned compass.  "I'm not sure why you need this but here is the compass."

"Do i get a sample of the arrows?"  Jack asked, they were shadow arrows, they pinned down shadows and the people connected to them.

"One, these cost you a pretty penny, whose head was it?"

"No one you need to know, anyway I have more business to attend to."  Jack walked off, his cloak billowing behind him.  He took out the compass, it pointed the strongest nearby sources of magical energy, and it was spinning all over the place, quite a lot of power here.  Jack spiked his power and made his presence known, he got 7 responses.
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Atlas licked his lips, the pure taste of flesh still lingered. "Excuse me?" A young female called. "Who're you cosplaying as? I've never seen a character like you." She asked. Atlas expressed no emotion as he sized the girl up. She must have been only twenty. "You're props are so cool too!" She said, pointing to the gun-like object attached to his waste. "It isn't a prob." Atlas snapped. The girl recoiled but was still intrigued. "It looks so... rusty. Is it an antique? Where did you get it?" The young woman continued. How bothersome can you get? Atlas thought. Atlas heard the pounding of his heart begin to race as the girl tossed her hair back revealing her bare, perfect neck.

"It was a gift." Atlas stated. Suddenly his stomach began to churn and his head began to ache. His throat became dry. He was going through withdraw. "I have to go."  He quickly added, an air of awkwardness shrouded the conversation. Atlas winced and ran off. Sweat dripped down his face as he shoved passed a man dressed as an assassin who was staring at a compass. Atlas turned a corner where there was nobody. His fingers were jittery as he pulled out the gun-like object. He loaded a glass vial filled with a pulsating electric blue serum into the gun and pressed it to his left wrist. Then, Atlas pulled the trigger.

The vial emptied into his veins, and Atlas clenched his teeth. His heart jumped and pulsed with ecstasy. The young man tossed his head back and clenched his teeth as he stifled a moan. Atlas's pupils dilated and his muscle seize with electricity. Atlas looked down at his left hand to see it was glowing with electric blue. Sparks of lightning shot out from fingertip to finger tip, and the electricity coursed through his body as fast as his heart beat. 
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The compass jumped, it was suddenly pointing to an area behind Jack.  Jack turned an saw an arrow, indicating that the only thing around the corner was an emergency exit.  That explained the lack of people but not the blue light.  There was one other strange thing, one of the hired policemen was moving towards a bathroom.  Jack asked the Lan Fan cosplayer next to him about what was happening.

"How would I know?" she replied, "I'm just a normal attendee."

"Normal attendees do not have real mechanical limbs, now tell me."  he replied.

"You got me, there is a dead body in there, the rent-a-cop just reported it."   She had more than a cybernetic arm if she could hear radio transmissions.  "And they say it was a very messy vampire kill."

"Vampires are not messy,"  Jack knew that there where at least 10 here, vampires tended to be anime fans for some reason.  "I'm Jack the wind mage," he said, he saw the girl's reaction, "If anything else happens come find me."  He walked to the corner, the blue light had gone and there was just a young man there.  He was holding what looked like an over sized injection gun.  Jack took out his shadow arrow and put it on the wall, trapping the boy by his shadow.  "Excuse me my friend but you have blood on your shoes."
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Atlas glanced up at the mysterious Assassin's Creed man, then down to his shoes. Sure enough, there were stains of red across his sneakers. The young man blinked and, emotionless, he spoke. "Cosplays can looks so realistic. Don't you think?" Atlas looked up and grinned. "But you know by now this isn't a costume." The young man snarled. Atlas lifted up his index and middle finger of his left hand and a tiny spark of lightning arched from his finger tips towards Jack.

 "Just let me go, and I wont have smoked Altair for dinner." Atlas sneered. "Let's just get this over with. I could use a little snack." Atlas extended his hand outwards and cocked it back. A massive explosion of lighting shot out from his finger tips and palm, destroying the wall behind Jack. "Leave." He snapped.
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An alarm somewhere went off, there was debris flying everywhere and complete pandemonium.  All of the ordinary anime fans where is panic, none of them wanted violence in their real lives.  He saw the magical shop keeper calmly pack up and the Lan Fan cosplayer helping to direct the masses away from Jack.  This had all been designated as Jack's problem.   Jack drew his sword, it looked like the sword of Altiar, "I'll admit I'm a fan, but you'll find I'm more dangerous than any Assassin. "  Jack looked at his options, getting close would just mean getting shocked, Jack could not back up because of the unsteady floor, the best choice was up.  After a dramatic pause Jack jumped, flipped and grabbed a rafter with his legs..  He was hanging upside down, his cloak made the whole stunt look rather silly, and he had his bow in hand.  Jack aimed but did not fire, he wanted to talk with the boy,  "Names Jack," he said, "What's yours?"
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After Jack displayed his impressive acrobatic skills, the 'Assassin's Creed-man' spoke, hanging upside down from a rafter. "Name's Jack." He stated casually, bow aimed at Atlas' head, yet to be fired. "What's yours?" Atlas flinched for a moment. Why did he ask my name? Atlas thought. Normally the young man had been treated with unmoral cruelty, save one man by the name of Strauss. But even in the end, that doctor had been just a doctor hired to test dangerous chemicals on the young boy. Atlas was nothing but a test subject.

"Just like you don't make friends with your steak, I don't like to make friends with my food." Atlas stated, finally reverting to his normal emotionless state. "I'm just a kid. But if you wanna hear the name of the guy that killed you it's Atlas Flynn." Atlas extended his hand shooting out another bolt of lightning at the rafter. "And it's annoying when you hand upside down like that."
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Jack saw the hand coming up and unhooked his legs, gravity moved him out of the way.  Jack fired a lightning-rod arrow on the way down.  When he landed the ground was covered with lightning rods.  That would make the lightning bolts a little easier to manage, though if Atlas wanted to waste energy he could still use them.   He was then bonked on the head by a piece of the rafters, it didn't do any real damage but it hurt.  Jack looked at the kid, he was some where between his late teens and early twenties.  "Well Atlas, I've been told by hundreds of people that they'll kill me and here I am." 

Jack aimed another arrow.  He had never heard of this kid so he was probably not Immortal, people tend to remember immortal cannibals.  He looked around, there were six or seven shopkeepers still around, as well as a pair of vampires.  The shopkeepers wanted information, the Vampires where so busy snogging that they probably did not notice the commotion.  Jack could now stop stalling.  The Lan Fan cos player was also still around, she was recording the whole thing with an artificial eye, soon the immortal community would know about Atlas Flynn.  "Actually I knew I guy, farmer, he only ate the meat of the animals that he had developed a friendship with, you meet some odd people over the centuries."  Jack fired his arrow, it was a net.  It opened in midair and was about to ensnare Atlas.
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While Jack spoke, Atlas was fiddling with a few glass vials and the Plasmid gun. Atlas had never injected two Plasmids at once, but he needed a change. During testing, Doctor Strauss taught Atlas the basics of physics, specifically electricity in order to allow Atlas to properly wield lightning. They practised with lighting rods, in order to protect Strauss and Atlas from stray lightning. Behind his back, Atlas worked in a new Plasmid vial and with shaking hands, he injected a new serum. 

"Actually I knew I guy, farmer, he only ate the meat of the animals that he had developed a friendship with, you meet some odd people over the centuries."
Jack spoke as he notched an arrow. But Atlas wasn't listening. His whole body was hot, his internal body temperature had suddenly spiked. Atlas held up the empty vial and grinned. He let it fall to the ground and he raised his left  had. Now, his hand pulse with red, fire burned from his finger tips. The young man snapped his fingers, and a massive blast of fire erupted from his hand. The arrow was fried and the shards were blown away. Atlas sighed in relief. Luckily there was no back fire from using two Plasmids.

"Don't you think those damn people are intrusive?" Atlas snapped, glaring at the rubberneckers. "Back off." Atlas snapped his fingers and fired an explosion of fire at the Lan Fan cosplayer. "And you!" Atlas pointed at Jack. "I'm not like every other guy. I like to keep my promises. I promise to kill you. I'll take your kidneys and mix 'em up with some apple sauce. Did you know that kidneys and apple sauce is a delecacy in Sweden? It's delicious." Atlas sneered and snapped his fingers, but he wasn't aiming at Jack. At the same time Atlas chucked a can of aerosol Axe just to the right of Jack. The blast was aimed at the aerosol can, which would blow up and send shrapnel and fire at Jack. Atlas ducked behind a trash can just as the blast was about to go off.
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This fire spell was odd in that there was no ball, Atlas just snapped his fingers and something on the other side burned.  Jack could stop fireballs and open flames easily but this would be much more annoying.  Jack quickly doused the fire on the Cos-players costume by starving the fire of oxygen.  The costume was ruined but the mostly cybernetic cos-player seemed okay.  JAck saw the second blast and prepared to stop his own clothes from burning, then he saw the aerosol can.  Jack did not have time to move the air again, instead he brought  his sword up in front of his mouth.  The aerosol exploded with surprising force, Jack's white armor and cloak was singed and his face had some burning.  Shrapnel had bounced of his armor and a small piece had dug itself into Jack cheek.

Jack brought down his sword, his face was healing itself and the shrapnel popped out.  "Ouch, not bad."  Jack looked at his enemy, and then looked at his hand, earlier his hand was sparking, now it was glowing.  And the hand seemed to be taking some damage from this transformation, at least Jack could tell what powers his opponent was about to use.  But what else could this kid do?  Jack started spinning, all of the shrapnel, including the rubble, arrows and pieces of the roof flew towards Jack.  Jack moved towards Atlas, along with his swirling tornado of death.  He would be safe from fire and lightning, lets see what Atlas had next.
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Atlas peered from around the garbage can. Damn, Atlas thought. It appeared that his opponent found every way to combat his attacks. But that wasn't the last trick up Atlas' sleeve. As Jack quickly tended to the Lan Fan cosplayer, Atlas fiddled with the vials once more. Atlas pulled out a green serum and prepared the Plasmid gun. Atlas pressed it up to his skin and pulled the trigger. Atlas' muscles seized and the boy screamed.

The Insect Swarm was painful enough, but Atlas was already beginning to overdose. His stomach churned, but Atlas knew that he had to continue. Atlas shot out a swarm of deadly bee-like insects. Only a few stings, and a normal human would be dead. "Let's get this over with." Atlas groaned as he kicked a garbage can Jack's way. Atlas jumped up quickly rounded a corner. He needed only a few seconds to sort things out. Near the battle scene there were a few vending machines and some tables from the convention. Bees wouldn't do much in the current situation, there needed to be a change. Atlas estimated he could take one more injection. So, Atlas loaded the Plasmid gun with a purple serum and injected it.

The boy's hand returned to what looked like normal. The only thing out of place was it's seized up position and the veins that popped out of the back of his hand. Now all Atlas had to do was wait for Jack to chase after him. 
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Jack noticed the changes in Atlas's hand, but what power was it?  Jack was still spinning, he shot arrows in all directions, none of them aimed at Atlas.  He then stopped spinning and launched himself at his enemy, his sword was out and he was spinning vertically.  If this moment were to have a caption it would be "Do a Barrel Roll."  His aim was to cut of Atlas's arm off, his plan was to see how Atlas would stop him.
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Atlas grinned as Jack followed him around the corner, and saw the arrow flying his way. But Atlas had already thought through what his next actions would entail. Atlas pointed from a vending machine on the wall to Jack, where he paused and held his hand up signalling 'stop'. Suddenly the vending machine screeched across the floor and stopped right at Atlas' hand. The arrow crashed through the glass on the vending machine but stopped in a Doritos bag. Atlas laughed, thinking of Jack in pain, and voice his opinion with a sick voice. "Did you know that hundreds of Americans die every year from vending machines? You're about to be another statistic."

Atlas laughed like an evil master mind, and brought his hand up to the sky. The vending machine floated ominously in the sky. Then he brought his hand down, his index finger pointing straight at Jack. The vending machine slammed down from the sky and down to where Jack was. "Bye bye baby." Atlas said, hoping Jack would dodge the attack.
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Jack saw the vending machine flying towards him.  It was a waste of perfectly good Doritos but he blew it up using the explosive arrow that was embedded inside.  Jack flew straight through the pieces, the whole effect was rather cool looking, and his cape and hood had been singed black.  Of course his face had been burnt rather badly but that somehow added to the effect.  He landed right infront of Atlas and grabbed his open hand.  "Your not bad," he said with his rapidly healing vocal cords.  "Stop eating people, make some allies, and you'll prosper in this world."  Jack released his grip of Atlas's hand and looked him in the eye.  Jack had explosives laying around all over the place, he could summon his sword at a moments notice and Atlas could probably not take another injection.  He stared the kid in the eye, willing him to just retreat.
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Jack approched Atlas, glaring at him and scolding him. Atlas laughed, though, and waved off Jack's comment about being normal, and going far. "You're really funny, you know that right?" Atlas smirked, stepping close to Jack, and snatching him by the chin. "We're the lowest lives. You and I. Humans in general. But do you want to know the difference between you and me?" Atlas paused to lick his lips and grin. "I'm even more worthless than you. I'm just a lab rat that escaped his cage, but you! You're not a rat like me. Even still... It's survival of the fittest. I am the fittest because I'll be having your liver on a platter."

Atlas let go of Jack's chin with a slight amount  of force, and stepped backwards. "Jackie boy, don't worry, I'm sure somebody will miss you when you're gone." Atlas stated, and snapped his fingers. At first nothing happened until the engine of an airplane crashed through the roof, making it's way towards Jack with incredible crushing force. "Pancakes for dinner." Atlas sniffed.
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The engine fell straight on to Jack.  There was an explosion of dust and debris, it was hard to tell what had happened to the archer.  The dust cleared and Jack stood holding his sword, he was completely uninjured and the engine was in pieces next to him.  His sword vanished and his bow was out.  His minions as he called them where telling him that the purchase had been made successfully.  He now owned this convention center and now felt free to fight seriously.
He aimed at Atlas and fired a single arrow, a hundred arrows flew toward his opponent.  As far as he could tell Atlas could only use telepathy on one item at a time.  If Atlas wanted to block this he would have to use something as a shield.  But he had no way to block the explosives, half the arrows fired throughout this battle where explosive, Jack jumped through the hole in the roof and then activated them all.  The convention hall was no longer there.
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"Ha!" Atlas smirked, keeping a cool and calm face as the volley of arrows flew his way. "What do you think I am?" Atlas chuckled. Atlas touched the side of his nose and all of the arrows stopped in midair. The arrows turned around and flew back at Jack. "Now now, this is going no where, is it?" Atlas smirked. He held his hand out to the side and from a sheath located at the small of his back a knife floated into his hand. "Let's pick up the pace." 
None of the arrows were aimed directly at Jack. It was never Atlas' intention to shoot the warrior with his own arrows. Instead, Atlas used them as a distraction. The arrows landed all around Jack, just far enough away that the marksman wouldn't be severely harmed by the explosions, but give him a good start. Atlas charged at Jack, dipping down low, and once Atlas reached Jack, he shot his leg up, aiming for an upper kick. Atlas' attack, and hand to hand combat was unprofessional. He learnt it from street fighting, and fighting off bullies who joked about him being a lab rat. The street style fighting look unprofessional, but Atlas had it down to an art.
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So this kid was a street fighter, a good one too since he could keep up with Jack's years of formal martial arts training.  Jack played defensively, backing up and blocking.  Jack had to wince when he blocked a kick with his arm, hitting one's shin's against gauntlets can not have been fun.  Jack's foot hit something, a bottle that had been completely unharmed, with its contents still in it.  He kept blocking with one hand while he opened the bottle with the other.  HE took a swig and suddenly is movements changed, he became less precise, it was as if he was drunk.  He was not actually drunk of course, he had spent the crusades in the muslim part of the country, if fact what he had just drunk was coke.  But it was the psychology of the thing that mattered.  He ducked underneath a punch and reached out for Atlas's waist.   He grabbed something and then fell down.  He rolled away before he got stomped and then jumped to his feet.  In one hand was a syringe and in another hand was a sonic screwdriver.  A friend of his had defictionalized it a few years ago.  He jumped atop a rather large pile of ruble and started to use the screwdriver, which was connected to his wrists by a usb cord which was connected to his minions by wifi.  He got the data back.  "A plasmid? So your one of Strauss's kids.  What ever happened to the guy anyway?"
Jack now knew what he was dealing with.  He back towards Atlas, and now he was on the offensive.  His punches and kicks had become precise and very quick, his aim was Atlas's injection gun."
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Atlas' face turned red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger at the mention of Strauss. But suddenly, Jack was back at Atlas, stealing the offensive and driving back the young man. Atlas' heart raced with a mix of panic, exhaustion, and narcotics. Atlas was able to block most of Jack's attacks, but he was being worn down. It was easy to see that already, the drugs had taken their toll on Atlas. The young man looked around for something, anything that would save him. At first, nothing, and Atlas nearly took a fist to the face, but quickly dodged. Then, that was when the young man spotted it, a large sparking electrical wire that was blasted loose from one of the many explosions.
Atlas jumped, placed his hands on Jack's head and propelled himself to the other side of Jack. Atlas ran for the wire, and paused to turn around and speak. "I'm not one of Strauss'! I am Strauss'! He's the only one I loved, and I'm the only one he loved!! I'm the only one who was important to him because I was more than some f*cking lab rat!!!" Atlas screeched, snatching the wire with what looked like tears in his eyes. A massive shock of electricity shot through Atlas' body and he screamed. It looked like the boy had just killed himself. But it wasn't so. Once Atlas let go of the wire, his hand was black with pain and his eyes were bloodshot, pupils dilated. "Just getting things cranked up." Atlas chuckled, feeling his heart speed up and up with excitement and energy. 
Atlas' speed was impressively faster and he began to ignore the shooting pain in his leg from where Jack had blocked a kick with a metal gauntlet. Atlas jumped forwards, preparing the knife for an attack, a jab straight to Jack's heart.
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Jack looked at what was happening and decided that it was unreasonable, it literaly did not coincide with reason.  Electricity did not do that, Jack pondered his until he felt a stab wound in his chest.  Somehow the kid had managed to pierce through enchanted armor, he didn't pierce Jack's ribs but that was still impressive.  Jack looked straight at Atlas, "You have some terrible daddy issues."  Jack put his hand on Atlas's, "You have one of two choices, you can push the knife in further and hit my heart, but i can heal from that and i will stab you in your unarmored eye.  Or you could pull out the knife, walk away, and get the therapy you very clearly need."
Jack really hoped that Atlas would stick to these two options, it would be rather unsurprising if he would find a third or fifth option.  "Also tell me where the cannibalism came from, as far as I've heard plasmids do not do that.  And seriously calm down, your clearly not a lab rat, your out here in the world, your a human and your a pretty powerful one."  Jack waited a few seconds for this to sink in and then added, "Also what was with the wire?"
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