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The classical piece played by Phantom was serene but it was interrupted by a deep rumble fulminating from below minutes after Arthur descended, "Not good." Yei remarked. Once again resorting to Bakemonnojutsu to shift density, she dropped down to the reef at the bottom of the water labyrinth and saw that a vast number of mines had been set off. No blood, no bodies. Just a clear path. Still, the shadow sister remained submerged in the abysmal gas-like brine and walked along the floor in the direction of the next air pocket to see what happened anyway.

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Gen just reached the Air Pocket and was starting to dry off when a massive explosion shook the whole level and a torrent of water came in carrying Arthur within. The Ice Magician slammed into the cave ceiling and fell; The Hot-Blooded Boxer did a one handed catch and placed him lying down in the floor. He had some nasty bruises in the head and all over his. For a second Gen stayed still until he had an idea –I did said I wanted to try if I can heal wounds with my Fighting Spirit, and now I have a practice subject.- Focusing his Spirit in his hand but with the same disposition as he used it to help heal his own wounds, Gen moved it near the wound in Arthur head, that for a second was unaffected until it started to heal, not like magic healing but more akin to a boost in regenerative capabilities. Almost as if Gen was transmitting his Fighting Spirit into Arthur system. As nobody had tried something like this, akin to the lone nature of the Spirit Boxer nobody could expect if this could or couldn’t have any side effect. When Yei reached Arthur was in the floor and Gen was sitting against a wall in silence, thinking about the implications of his discovery, not very deeply but he noticed that what he just did was something significative, maybe an instinctive knowledge.

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Arthur woke up. He had a terrible headache and had a strange desire to fight something. He saw Gen standing above him. "Well if it isn't my favorite boxer. What the hell happened to me?"

Just as he was saying that his head hurt and he remembered the mine he hit. he noticed that not only did his head hurt, but the rest of his body as well. He hoped Sam would heal him, but as he was nover in site Arthur had to do it himself. "Whose idea was it to put mines into an underwater labyrinth anyway?"

At that moment he noticed Yei coming out of the water. "Hey cutie, what brough you here?" He put a smile on his face. He still had the urge to fight and wanted to punch something, even considering punching Gen in the face, but he resisted it.

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The kagehime arrived to the scene in time to lay eyes on an freshly awoken Arthur and a numbly silent Gen. "We heard some mines go off. I came to see what happened." she said in response to Arthur.

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Phantom finishes with his playing as the person who requested it leaves. Just a few moments later a huge explosion can be heard. Soon after Yei leaves. Now only him and Sam remain in the air pocket. Phantom wants to leave as well figuring that it would be best for them to check the situation out as well, but then he turns around for a second. Phantom played with the idea to ask him about what he thinks about the moment when he nearly killed Arthur and Gen.

Perhaps Sam would say something to make him feel better, his face looked like he was about to say something and his lips already have the first word formed on them. But then he decides to leave it be and he just jumps into the water, deciding that he won't bring it up again.

He's searching for the next air pocket absentmindedly, still thinking about what he thought back then. He finally gives it some rest as no matter how much he thinks about it, he can't go further with it and that there is no use to it. He just had to accept that mistake of his and move on, he couldn't change it now. While doing that he notices two red orbs in the deep darkness, he moves on paying no attention to it. After some swimming he finally gets to the next air pocket. He gets out and looks around, instantly he sees that something's not alright, he's alone in there. Either something happened to the others or he just ended up in a different air pocket. He decides to wait for a bit and see if someone will show up.

Then he notices that the color of the water has changed. It's has a ghostly green glow to it but it's not bright but rather dark. He walks up to it and tries to touch it with his hand, but he can't. It's not solid, it's clearly water and he can see it moving lightly but he can't interact with it in any way as if it was a whole different plane of existence. He could even stand on it as if it was glass.

Phantom does not notice but deep down where the mud green water fades into night black darkness three pairs of red orbs have appeared, watching him from below.

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"Mumble.... mugguh... marshmallow... nazi MUH I'M UP! I WASN'T SLEEPING!"

Quick glance around his surroundings, and SamJaz found himself alone, sat in the air pocket, but the others had already gone. "Thanks for waking me up guys..." he muttered, switching his keyblade to Shuflecast and holding it out in front of him.

He closed his eyes, and it span him in one particular direction. SamJaz dove into the water, swimming to follow that trail of light until he came up in the water behind the master thief.

"Thanks for waiting for me, though I guess that... where's Gen?" SamJaz asked, concerned. "And Arthur and Yei?"

That's when he noticed the eyes glowing from the green water in the other pocket. "And, what's that?" SamJaz asked, switching keychain to Sweet memory, a short keyblade with a hollow tree trunk for a shaft and a bees nest for teeth. This was his lucky keyblade.

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Phantom finally notices it. He looks down and notices three pairs of eyes watching them, the same kind he saw a while ago. Before he even notices one of the pairs is close to the surface which reveals an ugly fish-like face as if it teleported. Sam and Phantom are grabbed by their legs and pulled inside the ghostly water.

But it's strange, their bodies are still there yet Phantom clearly feels being pulled and dragged down, looking at his body which collapsed in the air pocket. Even more strange he can breath underwater, or rather he can just breath as this did not feel like water at all, it was like he was floating in zero gravity. And then he notices that both he and Sam are nothing more but transparent images of themselves. Below them there was no longer a maze, the walls are still there but on them rest giant buildings made out of an unknown gem like material. It was an entire city, filled with strange fish like creatures.

Phantom was vaguely getting an idea of what is happening...

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SamJaz, however, had no idea what was happening, but he had two general guesses.

He'd narrowed it down to these two possibilities after seeing his own body standing outside the water he was being dragged into.

So, he willed a rocket launcher into his hand.

Nothing happened.

So they were on a spiritual plane, not a mental plane.

That still left SamJaz with a large pile of options called Personae.

He put raised his hand, summoning Forneus to ride ahead, launching ice and lightning at their assailant.

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"I was being an idiot, is what happened. But, don't worry, it won't happen again." Arthur told Yei. He was feeling better right now. He though that when Sam showes up, he's either going to scold Arthur for being an idiot or he will make a referance to some movie or something. Arthur didn't want to risk it.

"I'll be going now, you two can have as much fun as you want, alone, together, in a cold empty room, where you have to cuddle up for survival." And with that Arthur jumped back into the water. He was swimming, makig sure that he doesn't hit any mines, but soon, the mines were gone and the water became greenish. Arthur had a hard time swimming, because it felt like he was swimming through green jelly. He saw the air pocket and swam towards it. As he started getting out of the water, he saw two bodies on the floor. Phantom and Sam.

Before Arthur could do anything he was grabbed by his leg and pulled down. The water now felt like there was none. Arthur saw that his legs war still in the water, but the rest of his body was in the air pocket. "But, how is that possible." Then he noticed that he was still being pulled by his leg. He looked over there and saw a fishman dragong him towards a city and... Sam and Phantom! "Hey, do you guys know what's going on around here? Why can I talk and breath underwater, and how come the water feels like it's not even there?"

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SamJaz's Persona Forneus latched onto the fish monster. Despite its appearance, Forneus was a persona skilled at debate, so while its magic was tearing into the fish's physical body, it's mind tore down the creature's mental defences.

Within seconds, Arthur, Crown, and SamJaz were lurched back onto land, in their bodies, and everyone was very confused as the blue water began to be stained by clouds of red blood.

SamJaz rose back to his feet. His combat skills were almost entirely offensive in one way or another. Apart from Cure and a few persona abilities, defensively SamJaz may as well be the average human.

But he excelled in psychological combat. It's the only way he managed to convince Crown and Gen that he was so powerful when he faced them.

Switching Persona back to Oracle, SamJaz began to look at the way ahead. "Let's go." He said, diving ahead.

He was going to have to take a trip to the Velvet Room soon. Between Oracle, Forneus, Ruaumoko, Unicorn, Pyro Jack, and Titan, he'd used six of his eight current Personae. He liked to keep more tricks up his sleeve than that.

On the bright side, that battle unlocked a few gates so he should be able to fuse some of his weaker Personae into stronger ones, so it wasn't the end of the world.

Still, next time he surfaced, he'd found the stairs room. There were three or four ways in here, so he just needed to navigate the rest of the team here.

Oracle was also warning him that whatever was below, it was going to be tough. Every Eleventh Floor, IE 11, 22, 33, etc, Hellscraper reserved to host something dangerous to maintain the equilibrium between the residents of the tower. Floor ten was tough, but they were kept in line by whatever was on floor eleven.

Now would be a good time to start fusing those Personae together.

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@SamJaz said:

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Yei blinked a few times, revealing her shock at Arthur's casual reaction to the event. "Well at least you're okay.." Arthur then made a comment to Gen and Yei, a reference about the cold, and body warmth. She shook her head but a titter escaped her lips. Suddenly Arthur collapsed, causing the shadow princess to rush over to his flimsy frame and examine his vital signatures. He seemed to be in some sort of comatose state. The water then shifted, changing in color and developing a more gelatin-like physiology. The shadow disciple refrained from touching it and instead waited from a sign from those already submerged.

It came from none other than Sam. Who was able to deal with whatever had halted the group from moving forward. She figured Gen and Arthur would know that they should move on once they came to and found themselves to be isolated from the rest so she continued, diving into the waters and following a trail of bubbles left by Sam's movements until she found herself in his company at the end of the water maze.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @ReliusClover: @SamJaz: @Yeilin:

Arthur woke up. That was a wierd dream. There was no one around Arthur. And they left again. I might get used to that.

Arthur went into the water again. He popped out of the water again, only this time he was at the end of the maze. Sam and Yei were there. I guess they actually decided to wait for me.

"Yay, we finished 9 floors. Only 68 more."

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Phantom having returned to his body stands up. From what he could tell Sam took care of most of the fish like enemies and they could probably move on. He blinks a few times into the direction where he saw Sam go off.

Three blinks later and he's at the end of the maze everyone else but Gen being present there as well.

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SamJaz drew his keyblade out of the blue light and returned from his trance state. "Everyone, the next two floors are going to be city-buster level fights." He warned, feeling ahead with one of his new personae, Io. "They are going to be hardcore, so get ready. I've got a new hand of stronger Personae, but that means I'll be relying on the rest of you for money from now on until I restock on funds. Wait, I should probably explain that..." He sighed. "I get new Personae by going to a place called the Velvet Room with my keyblade. There I can fuse my existing Personae together to make stronger ones, but I can also buy back old ones, either to use in battle or as more raw material. So fusing a whole new set is an expensive process. This new team cost me over two thousand US dollars, so it's going to kick all kinds of face."

SamJaz glanced at his watch. "Three in the afternoon." He said. "Six more hours, so in theory we'll set up camp for the night somewhere in the thirties. The fairies shoved tents in my pockets, so that problem is out of the way. We'll head out when Gen runs off ahead. Or when we get bored of waiting for him.

Floor -10

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@SamJaz @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:@ReliusClover

The last floor was like a blank in Gen’s memory, maybe after taking too many blows to the head he was starting to get a little bit stunned. Without even noticing he was on the stairs, but as we already know Gen isn’t one of the Thinking bunch, thus he shrugged off any weird feelings or doubts he felt after the sudden blank in his memory and ran down the stairs. To greet him a ruined patch of urban environment was there, broken buildings, cracked streets and smashed cars. Some fire gave the scene a much eerie atmosphere, as the stairs descended more than ever giving the level the highest ceiling yet. In the middle of the room, attached to the walls, the floor and the ceiling, there was a giant cocoon suspended mid-air, made of some sort of silky white material. But that wasn’t the worst part, as in the moment they started going down the stairs inside this floor the Cocoon started beating, almost like a giant heart.

For a second Gen stopped running and saw it, he was amazed, as he had never seen or hear about anything like it and was truly baffled about the size of it, almost as tall as the Tokyo Tower. –What the royal **** is that thing!?- asked Gen to nobody in particular, and as he said those words, maybe even in response to them the Cocoon started to break releasing incredible amounts of steam into the ruined cityscape. Pieces of the cocoon started falling apart crashing against the ruins under it lifting a massive dust screen, obscuring the shape of the monster hidden inside, The Hot-Blooded Boxer tried to see through but he only detected the monster silhouette, vaguely humanoid. As the dust set, the monster was visible, with white skin, long arms and legs and small head, the being of gigantic proportions seemed to lack any distinctive markers, as his skin was white and smooth, with not even a spot or an alteration. Its eyes glowed with a red light and its mouth was closed, his face an emotion less mask.

Without even stopping for a second after his birth, this fierce creature moved with slumbering steps towards the group location and with the same speed he raised his arm ready to attack. But this sluggish behavior was either and act or a secondary effect of its slumber as he moment he attacked his speed was much greater than what Gen thought and he had barely time to jump from the staircase to land safely over a building, as the Giant Hand of the monster destroyed the spiral staircase that was letting them in. The Brawler stood in a rooftop hoping that his comrades were okay, and secretly wanting them to not be okay so he could have all this fight to himself. Luckily Gen unconscious didn’t ruled the world, can you imagine how dreadful would that be? The Spirited Boxer decided that he had to help them until they got down so he shouted at the monster hoping to gets its attention.

-Hey! You failed attempt of a Kaiju! Come here and I’ll punch yer guts out!- Gen shouted as loud as he could getting the attention of the being, that sent another hand towards him, as he ran over the ruins hoping to get enough time for the others to get a plan together and descend from the remains of the staircase. At least that was what he hoped.

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SamJaz rode a chunk of ruined staircase to the ground, mentally kicking himself for not preparing something capable of flying. "OUMITSUNU!" SamJaz shouted, crushing a card in his hand as he jumped to the remains of the actual staircase, summoning a thirty-foot tall stone soldier to charge at the large creature with it's swords, ready to slash.

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@ReliusClover: @Yeilin: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz:

Arthur was going down the stairs when suddenly a loud crash happened. The stairs were pritty much destroyed. He made his dear wings and flew down to the floor. And there he saw true destruction. There appeared to be a whole city there, but it was in ruins, as if Arthur was a movie depicting the apocalyps. There was a giant cacoon in the middle of the room, but it seemed to have been opened. And then there was a giant monster. The monster was completely white with long legs and arms, yet a small head. It's eyes were glowing red.

Gen was trying to attract the monsters attention while Sam summoned a giant soldier made out of stone to fight the thing. Arthur wished he was good at making familiars, or that he had any blueprints for familiars. Arthur though he couldn't do anything, but he sensed magic eminating from the monstrosity. A great amount of magic. Probably enough magic for Arthur to gain enough power to fight the monstrosity.

Arthur lashed out with his magic and connected to the monstrosity. It would take some time to properly connect to magic of such a magnitude and the only thing Arthur will be able to do during that time is dodge the things attacks.

During that time the monster attacked Sam's solder attempting to grab it's head and crush it, but the solder was able to deffend himself with his sword. The monster used it's other hand to punch the solder in it's stomach and a crack was visable at the part where it hit. The solder slashed at the monster and the monster deffended itself with its hands. At the part where the sword hit black blood was visable. However, the wound quickly dissapeared. The monster had very fast regeneration. It hit the solder in it's head. The solder fell and the ground shook. The solder got up and got it's sword ready for another attack.

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@SamJaz said:

@ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf:

The next floor was a going to be a city level clash according to SamJaz. This became evident when Yei descended the flight of stairs only to be ambushed with a crushing blow from a pale gigantic humanoid's hand. Though the assault came as a surprise her quick reflexes went to work, allowing her to dodge the impact and alight unscathed on a building roof to the side of the damaged stairs. She removed her digital diary and snapped a photo of the creature; a mere submission of the image of the colossal beast would add a bonus to her overall evaluation back at the institute.

"Gen!" she shouted over the pandemonium, "you and me create a diversion for Arthur and SamJaz work out some of their magic." With that, the Kagehime unsheathed her mystical wakizashi blade and proceeded with a medley of sword kata to the beast's legs whilst launching a series of supido enhanced kunai at roughly 3,500 feet per second. A rate faster than a typical bullet.

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:

They all arrive at the next floor. The scenery is that of a ruined city. In the middle was a giant cocoon. It was beating like it was alive, faster and faster. It might have been just coincidence but after the question asked by the hotblooded boxer the cocoon burst. The thing born from it didn't resemble anything even close to an insect. It's size was enormous to say the very least. It's body had a humanoid shape and was completely white and had a silky feel to it. It's limbs were very long going against the regular proportions of a human which was also supported by the proportionally tiny head. Lastly it had a pair of small and narrow red eyes shining admits the ruins of the city.

Combat was engaged with the first swing of the monster. It was rather fast considering it's size. Gen dodged the attack and tried to get it's attention. Arthur was doing some kind of channeled spell and Sam summoned a golem to fight the monster. It landed a hit on the monster but there was no lasting effect. The golem got knocked down for a moment but seemed to be capable to get up. This seemed like a good situation for Phantom's most destructive trick, his ace so to say, but he wanted to keep it hidden for a little bit longer. Instead he blinks up the air and levitates, around twenty meters away from the white giant.

Phantom creates twenty of his Mark One (weakest) explosive cards. They are split up in four groups with each group having five cards. Phantom shoots them towards the monster, each group aiming for one limb. He creates one more of the cards and throws it himself with a force comparable to that of the final throw against Arthur. One explosion can be heard (the throw card was faster) and then four follow. The limbs of the monster sustained some damage on the shoulders and knees but just enough that it can even be noticed. The neck of the other hand had a bigger wound. It wasn't life threatening but if more focused force was applied to that spot the monster's head would surely fall off. That scenario could have been a valid plan if not for the fact that the white flesh reconnected just a moment after the explosion.

"Damn, i guess i'll have to step it up." a grin on Phantom's face, suggesting joy that he will be able to go out more o this guy rather than limiting himself to hi weakest like with the fodders on the other floors.

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@ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:

SamJaz stared agape at the giant monster, then laughed.

He couldn't believe it.

He honestly could not believe his luck.

Yei shouted some orders at him before charging forward, but he couldn't hear her over his hysteria.

This thing had rapid healing.

This thing actually had rapid healing.

He actually created a persona specifically to counter this, and it's the first enemy he faces after it's creation.

SamJaz raised his hand, spinning a card in front of him, with glee, Oumitsunu vanishing as it swung its blade, before SamJaz summoned his next Persona. "POLYDEUCES!" He shouted, summoning the armoured hero.

Polydeuces was an electrical and physical type Persona, but that wasn't what made him amazing.

Polydeuces had the power to drain mortality from his enemies.

He had the power to block his opponents ability to heal themselves.

More than that, the more they tried, the larger their wounds grew.

Like a self-eating meal.

"BLOOD BREAK!" SamJaz roared, and Polydeuces raised it's cannon arm towards the behemoth humanoid and launched its curse, light bursting briefly from its muzzle and an aurora descending around the massive creature in the distance, but no other sign towards what kind of mess it was in.

Now, whatever wound they inflicted, no matter how small, would grow and grow like worms were eating it alive, so long as he didn't change his Persona and kept his focus on maintaining that curse, they had won.

Yei and Arthur were already, unwittingly, dealing the death of ten thousand cuts while Crown administered the explosions.

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