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SamJaz froze.

"You put a self destruct button." SamJaz asked in disbelief.

"A fail safe in case I change my mind." Jardsam admitted, shrugging as he held his weapon firm.

"You're an idiot." SamJaz said, speed blitzing back as Kelly took the forefront of the fight.

He reached the sword of the thief in under a minute, having had to travel quite a distance. He saw light emerge from the other side of the chapel as Al drew his own blade, and SamJaz took his.

Golden hilt. Blue handle. SIlver shaft- it was a key blade. Not just any key blade, but the Kingdom Key his disguised his axe as all this time.

SamJaz replaced the Facade on his axe, and he now carried two Keyblades. Swinging him around, he turned to see Jardsam in the distance, aiming a glowing metal pen at him.

And SamJaz was engulfed in a sphere of light, his timeline compressing.

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This was the second apology coming in. First one was from Kelly and now Arthur as well seemed to be maturing a little bit. It was a good turn of events as long as his words didn't just remain words. Either way it was satisfying to hear it. Crown smiled and nodded. "It's alright, just get your act together now.". When he saw the black sword and the explanation behind it Crown grinned and blinked away. Appearing again, his hand was on the hilt of one of the two swords that were left there.

It was of the Mage Constellation, a strange cross-breed between a short-sword and a dagger. The color scheme of the entire sword was a combination of white and black, ivory and black steel. The hilt had a crescent shaped guard attached to it, like European swords of the middle ages. It and the base of the weapon were decorated with white flowers carefully carved into the white material. The blade itself was slightly curved, the middle part being white and having various other decorations engraved onto it. The tip and cutting edge were black and smooth. A pair of black ribbons was attached to the hilt. The entire weapon looked rather elegant and well crafted, fitting Crown's own appearance rather well.

As soon as he took the sword the two ribbons embraced his hand and arm like two snakes. The sword was connected to the Filou, so to say it became a part of it much like the other Filou that was absorbed a few floors back. The powers of the sword still were it's own, but Crown had the knowledge and the ability to summon the weapon stored inside the Filou.

That would become his main close combat weapon.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

With the three swords drawn, the chapel began to fall, but its descent was halted as SamJaz's past, present and future were compressed into the average of there existence across all of space and time.

For most, this would mean annihilation. But to fully appreciate what happened next, one must first understand how most Shinodaborn come to be.


Amongst mages, there is one whose proficiency with manipulating reality, especially time, is unparalleled because of his inhuman status. Amongst those, he is simply known as the Accountant. He can balance the books, and knows when you are in the red, especially in taking from reality more than your fair share of magic.

But there is a method one can use to protect oneself from this Accountant, but is only available to a select group of magic users. Specifically, the female population.

The deal is simple. First, one must perform the Rite of Burning Ledgers. Three bonfires must be burnt in an equilateral triangle, each on consecutive new moons, and on full moon after the third fire, the female mage must await at the centre of the triangle. The accountant will appear.

Next, the accountant will converse with the female mage, often with a shared meal and participating in a social activity. Eating the food and participation in the activity is mandatory. After these rituals are through, the mage and the accountant will retire to her bedchambers, and he will impregnate her.

The accountant will then share the mage's bed for the night, and leave after a shared breakfast. He will not be seen by her for another nine months, where he will attend the child's birth. After examining and naming the child, the accountant will then leave, not to return until the child's first birthday, where once again the accountant will bear the child gifts.

From this point on, the accountant will not approach the mother or the child unless either so wishes. The children are free to seek him out, especially for understanding of their abilities, but if they wish him absent from their lives, he cannot even observe their actions.

Though Sarah Malkin's relationship with Jardsam Shinoda greatly differed from that of most female magic users, the laws of the arrangement were still in force. Should SamJaz choose to repel Jardsam from his life, the Accountant had no ability to see what his son was doing. While neither knew of this fact at this point in time, it became presently clear that what SamJaz was to become in the future was beyond his father's ability to predict.



It stood five metres tall. Encased in shining silver armour and carrying a massive blade of intertwining blue and golden light in its left hand, it strode out of the light to face Jardsam with eyes of moonlight

A cape of red flames flew from between his massive shoulder pauldrons and a cannon rested on its right wrist. This was a being that was loved by the inhabitants of countless worlds and feared by the inhabitants of countless more. This was a figure that destroyed armies with a swing of his sword, shattered nations with a glance, and could destroy galaxies with a word.

A frozen tundra extend from under his feet, extending to fill the expanse of the floor as the rest of the king's forces arrayed themselves for battle. Millions of soldiers, organised into companies of one thousand apiece, gathered beside the massive war machines that towered over the mountains that covered the once majestic constellations that filled the purple sky.

The king did not stand alone, for the king is the one that gathers the wishes of all of his heroes and stands at the front of the battle to be their guide. Therefore, the king cannot ever stand alone, for his will equals the will of all those heroes combined.

This was the Emperor Exalted Samson Shinoda, and he had been unleashed within the Hellscraper before the end of the world.

One massive soldier raised his arm. "Crap." Kelly realised, dashing for cover as the first volley of armaments was unleashed upon the accountant.

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Crown watched the change unfold. Given what happened previously he had a vague idea as to what happened to Sam. But regardless, whether he was right or wrong did not matter. What was more important was the end result and Crown wasn't sure if he should be happy or afraid. The sheer number was overwhelming.

There wasn't much for him to do. He'd just make sure that they don't die in the crossfire.

He blinked back and surrounded everyone in a dome of cards, creating layer upon layer none-stop just to ensure that none of the shrapnels didn't penetrate the defenses.

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Fire was unleashed, and Jardsam blocked the hail of bolt fire as he raised an earthquake, splitting the ground and unleashing flames from the ground to stop the assault.

But the Astartes pressed on, firing as the world turned against them.

A dark shadow appeared over Aleister's dome as a titanic machine, over four-hundred storeys in height, stepped over them, all while hailing fire upon Jardsam.

One of the marines knocked on the dome, before teleporting inside and and speaking to the team. He wore dark blue armour which white trimmings and red robes. He was clearly a high ranked member of these armoured beings that followed SamJaz's transformation.

"Crown, Cromwell, Grimalkin." The marine said, removing his helmet to reveal a stern man with ginger hair. "My name is HE IS, and I'm a Marine of the Adeptus Astartes of the Exalted Empire. If we're correct then this is the battle of the Hellscraper, correct?"

"That's where we are, now what the hell-"

"We're allies, and we need this stopped quickly before more lives are lost." HE IS said firmly as Jardsam dropped a burning star onto the battlefield, scorching the planet black. "I'll be escorting you to Jardsam, and you can end this time compression and defeat him. Ready?"

Once he got confirmation, he gave a soft smile at Aleister.

"It's good to see you again." He added, before returning his helmet and turning to face the barrier. "On my mark. MARK!"

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

The look that this man, HE_IS, gave Phantom did not escape Arthur's notice. Combined with those words... As much as he wanted to say something, Arthur couldn't since that would sort of destroy the apology he just gave. Deciding to ignore any thoughts that might get him killed by a guy in a fancy suit and a guy in a giant suit of armor, he prepared for the signal.

With Accel End ready, and upon the armored individuals signal, he charged.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

A Space Marine entered the dome of cards. While his origins were unknown to Crown, he was there to help and knowing that was enough. He took off his mask to reveal a rather normal human face. It surprised Crown a bit, it was always hard to imagine actual human beings behind those steel masks. The man, who introduced himself as HE IS only gave Crown more things to wonder about after he confirmed the situation and asserted that he was there to help and that he had a plan. He smiled at Crown, while adding that it's good to see him again. Did he know him from somewhere? It couldn't be that Crown could forget someone with such a striking appearance. The entire situation made him feel rather uncomfortable, but he said nothing mostly because of the urgency of their current status.

A single moment of carelessness was needed. One of the cards that formed the dome shattered, Crown not noticing it. The bolter round was going straight for him. In that moment the sword in Crown's grip changed. It's color changed, the ribbons disappeared, even it's shape and form, in fact it became a whole different weapon. The sword wasn't the only thing that changed, Crown entire being shifted as well as if the sword's change simply went onto his body as well. His mind became flooded with information, personalities and memories. To the others his appearance, would now just seem like a sped up movie. His body quickly became lost, becoming a charming prince on a horse, a maiden with long golden hair, a swan, a wolf, a witch, a knight, a tree, a fairy, a stepmother, a little girl, a ghost, a flower, the list went on into endlessness. The entire process took a couple of seconds at most. The bolter round that could have blow his body to bits already came and passed. It didn't do any damage, nor did it just miss or pass him. It was more so that it couldn't even recognize his existence, or perhaps it was the other way around. Crown had rejected the bullet and the dreadful result it's impact against his body would have had. His form stabilized as good as it could. An aura surrounded him and the weapon, at first a clear white, but it's color quickly started to vary, soon every color that a man's eyes could see switched in and out on the aura.

Crown's lines and form became blurred and shaky, it was hard to focus on a defined border between him and the space that surrounded him. Reality around him wasn't much better, it was bending and twisting under pressure as if it was fighting with an invisible force, something that should not be there, something that should not exist. Even after that so-called stabilization process, Crown's existence was still flickering. His limbs would become covered in merman scales in one moment, just to become burnt in the other. He'd take on the features of animals, angles and fairies, but sometimes he'd just be himself. Despite being in a state where he is "stabilized" there was no way anyone could call his current situation anything else but unstable.

He started walking outside of the dome, into the bolter rounds produced hell. Just like before, not a single of the bullets fazed him, they were not there for him.

Crown wasn't even sure what he was doing, all he could see was Sam's back turned to him and he was walking right towards him. As he approached him and came close enough he stabbed the sword into his friend's back. He had no idea why he did it, he just knew that it was the right thing to do. The sword passed through the body, exiting on the other side, out of Sam's chest. But the blade drew no blood, it did not even make a hole in the armor, it just passed through. As soon as Crown withdrew the blade, the effect of the time compression ended. Sam's past returned where it was, his current time stayed where it should be in it's right place and his future was removed from his current self and removed further down the time axis.

The sword's form shifted back too and so did Crown's.

He collapsed right behind Sam.

The rest was left up to the others to take care of.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: The frozen tundra collapsed, as did the armies and SamJaz's armour, but he did not emerge unchanged from the experience.

He saw countless Jardsams, hundreds of Arthurs, and more than a few of himself in the falling cathedral, then noticed something in his pocket. Reaching in, he pulled out a pair of glasses. Donning them, everything became sharper, and more clear. His vision was focussed on the present, and no longer saw all of space and time at once.

Removing the glasses again, and he saw the compression of time, not just in this room, but throughout the immensity of space. Seeing everything but comprehending everything, SamJaz couldn't focus on a thing.

So, he put the glasses back on and focused on the here and now as Arthur's sword passed straight through Jardsam.

There was no blood, only the man rolling on the floor before rising to his feet. "Wow." Jardsam laughed. "Okay, this just got interesting." He said, before stamping his feet and opening as staircase. "Let's take this downstairs." He said, leading the way. "Finish this before the entire tower collapses."


The room was a damp cellar, it seemed to be like a car park, but with only one vehicle.

If you could call it that, but it took the form of a green phone box.

Streamers fell from the ceiling as a banner unfurled. -{ CONGRATULATION! }- it read, standing over a simple wooden table with a metal briefcase marked [ PRIZES ] on the surface.

There was a bubbling sound, and the green box was gone. "No." SamJaz said. "Oh hell no he did not just do that. That cheap-"

The cellar began to collapse, and SamJaz turned and ran, though Kelly sent a vector to grab the prizes as they dashed up the stairs.


"We're going, NOW!" SamJaz ordered, moving to grab the unconscious Crown and sling him over his shoulder. "Arthur, grab Kelly." He instructed, raising a key blade and opening a door in the roof to lower the stairs. "Never mind, we don't even have to fly." He realised, leading the escape back up the stairs.


Stairs. Lots and lots of stairs that were beginning to collapse amongst the water. "Could use some blinking right about now." SamJaz urged, tapping Crown on the cheek as he carried him up the spiral staircases.

Mechanicus stood at the top, lowering more staircases for the team to run up as they made their escape.

They had a looong way to go.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:


As the team arrived on the floor of planets and space Crown was slowly coming to his senses.

It took him a few moments to realize where he actually was as the motion of Sam jumping from planet to planet woke him up.

"Sam? What happened?"

FLOOR -73/72

Arriving on the floor which in fact was a combination of the two different halves Crown had blinked out of Sam's grasp and continued running on his own.

The entire scene was strange to Crown, a mansion with it's own pool, with waterfalls and everlasting snow.

At least it was very easy to find the stairs.


FCL found themselves running through an endless field filled with swords.

The only problem there was the distance, but it was easy to navigate through the simple plane.

Though the floor did manage to awaken some rather bad memories for Crown, then again most floors in his tower could do that anyway.


The floor where they had fought Clare was not empty. Hitomi, Lincent, Coleen and everyone else was there.

Two groups jpin together, becoming a team once more.

Crown was especially delighted because of this floor. It was here that he took Clare down from Lincent shoulder and took her in his arms.

He cried.

For the first time in the tower, Crown cried.


What was once the troublesome forum of fears that traumatized them, now was nothing more but a few doors one after another.

Running past them the team reached the basketball court with the staircase.


The testing facility was mostly unchanged and luckily easy to pass.

They managed 7 floors.

70 more to go.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:


This was a nuclear wasteland now, only without the radiation. What was it again that they had to face?

Oh yeah, that Nyanblabla character who bombed the whole place.

Yeah, Arthur still couldn't remember that name.


The wild rapids were still running strong despite that the fact that the marble city was slowly crashing down to reveal the white tile walls.

There where was no sign that the poor girl, Joan of Arc, ever was here. At least she's technically still alive...


The cinema wasn't changed much. As they entered it, the music from before started playing again, though it was riddled with static appearing at random moments.

This floor angered Arthur... He was going to stop the tears that the team faced here, especially Hitomi's tears. But no, Jardsam had to ruin a perfect opportunity. Bastard.


Where they were given a chance to rescue one of the Princesses.

Where Glinda and Fiyero walked away with a clone of Dorothy.

At least they will live in the bliss of ignorance for the rest of their lives.

I hope.


Crushed wood, crushed chairs and crushed bodies littered the center of this floor.

As they ran, Arthur thought he saw Freddie's crushed head but he wasn't sure since it was bloody and barely could be called a head anymore.


This floor was filled with crushed rubble too.

At least there was less rubble in the way to the door.

61 left.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:


A forest of saplings and tiny buildings grew from the soil. Perhaps the city was grown as a plant?

The question would never be answered, however, as a light fell and ignited the forest, and the escapees left the tower in flames.


Flattened files formed a labyrinth that Kelly pushed aside with her mighty Vectors. This floor was a waste of everyone's time, and they were glad to be rid of it.


"Feed… Me…"

A small plant was stepped on by Coleen as she ran through the greenhouse, its last words unheard by those that trampled it from above.


SamJaz slipped on a puddle of grease and landed on his back. "Son of a pumpkin…" He groaned, getting to his feet and sending a healing spell down his spine as Hitomi led the way through the demolished food court.


The team stepped over the broken tables as rivers of mead flowed through pipes in the stark white walls. A security camera watched them move, but the security footage would never been witnessed.


"Thank you." Alexis said to SamJaz as they walked on the white ground, occasionally littered with carpet. "Cale's marks have faded, and I heard that you stopped what father was trying to do-"

"It's fine." SamJaz replied, cutting her off. "Let's just survive this day."


Kelly's home.

She slowed somewhat as she looked around her room as the ceiling above her began to collapse. "You okay?" Hitomi asked her.

Kelly quickly grabbed a small bear from the corner. A keepsake of happier times.

Hopefully there would be more of those ahead.

But 54 floors still remained above them.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:


This whole floor was water, up to Arthur's neck. There was no more island, just a wall in the distance and a door in it, half covered by water.

Arthur formed wings, grabbed Cole and Alexis and flew towards the door. Matt turned into Angelus and did the same with Kelly while Phantom teleported Lincent and Sam.


Similar deal was with this floor, only here was no water, just a deep abyss filled with darkness.

There was a faint red shine deep down.


Burnt corpses littered the scorched grasslands.

The path to the door was clear and without obstacles.


Mercury covered the floor littered with bodies of scientists and soldiers and the air was filled with nerve gas.

The alien got his revenge without having to lift a finger.


The theater was empty and ruined.

Blackened remains of Para-Phantom's mask lay alone on one of the seats.


The whole thing was collapsed, the skull throne lay in ruin.

Floor -48

Glass, glass everywhere.

No sign of the rotten frankenstein meatball was anywhere to be found.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:


Floor 47 was Santa's Workshop.

One of the more comfortable memories FCL had, but also a judgmental one.

They passed it without seeing Santa once.


The iron forge awaited them next.

The dwarf who worked there was long gone, but his factory was still alive.

It produced weapons, even while falling apart and without it's master.


FCL arrived in the real of soft drinks.

Among the flames they were evaporating, biting the eyes and giving the air a distinctive sweet taste.


This was the floor where they met and fought Alice.

They pass it quickly without linger there.


The academy of the laws of physics.

It was no in ruins, it's books burning and it's students dead.

But the laws were still in flux.

A few blinks and a few collision spells later, the team was on the outside.


The gears of violence, which previously would spell doom for the team for just a single wrong step, were not even fir to be the gears of a cheap clock.

Barely turning many of them had already fallen down.

Stairs of cards allow the ascend to the next floor.


They progressed fast.

The floor of war with it's screens and table did not slow them down.

They passed it and continued forward.

Only 40 more floors and they would leave the hellish tower.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:


Illuminated, the tunnel of darkness was not so intimidating. Still, the team pressed on with haste.


"Is this floor made of chocolate?" Clare asked as Aleister carried her through the wasteland. "Wait, why are there-"

"Don't ask about the dead midgets." SamJaz interrupted. "Never ask about the dead midgets."


"D-Daddy..?" Loveline asked, only to be tucked closer into Arthur's chest as they ran through the lab


Sketchinoda and Wizardroad did their job well- the cloning facility had been obliterated. If anything, the Hellscraper had finished the foul device off once and for all.


This was the casino where Crown stole for Clare's life, and SamJaz gambled for a nation.

It was not a place either wished to dwell on further.


The fire in the city below had burnt out, and ashes filled the air around the metal walkways that the team crossed in order to ascend. A brief memory of first encountering Wizardroad was remembered by more than one member of the team, but they pressed on.


Another bar, one where lives were taken. The team briefly met a swords woman who accompanied them for a few minutes here but, like Lobos, she didn't stay long.


An empty dance hall, the last time the team saw Lobos. They weren't sure what happened to the gunslinger, but they could only hope didn't meet a grisly fate.


Soil poured in through the walls of the extravagant hotel. Coleen had to clamber over mounds of dirt to help the princesses through before Mechanicus turned his hands into bulldozers and cleared a path for the party.

SamJaz checked the room Gen was in. There was no sign of the Boxer, so SamJaz had to hope that he turned around and left, rather than perish in the tower. He hoped that was so, the Japanese teenager was not a friend he wanted to loose.


The trees burnt a blue chemical flame as the artificial forest melted amongst the fumes. Covering his mouth with his scarf, SamJaz led the way as Hitomi handed out gas masks to everyone.

It was the best way she could cope with what this floor had done to her in the past.


The library was reduced to ashes. Not a single book remained.

A charred skeleton in the corner covered one book, however. A brief examination revealed it to be a copy of Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett. Matt took the book as SamJaz reminisced about the battle he and Yukari shared against the strange chicken.

Still, the walls threatened to burst with the pressure of an underground lake. Once they reached the top of this library, they would only be 26 floors away from sunlight.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:


The team had run through the library set ablaze. Thinking back to it now, it seemed strange that a place so unimportant in the grand scheme of things had so many floors dedicated to it.

Then again, one should never underestimate the power of knowledge.

Floor 26 was where they gained a new ally, even if not for too long.

Now the facility was of no use.

None of them wanted to pull someone else into this.

They just wanted to get out.


The lake where they had fought the iron knights of the skies was breaking down.

The destruction was too much for it to endure.

Soon it would release it's water down onto the lower floors of the library, completely destroying the books that were left.


It was one of the nicer setting of the Hellscraper.

One of the rare moments when they could relax.

Sadly the cute maids that served them were gone and the entire place was torn apart.


A machine of riddles stood there.

Looking back at it from this perspective it seemed like a joke.


The dance floor which belonged to one of Jardsam's supposed children.

Even during the fight it did not fare well, but now it could barely be recognized.

On fire and crushed, dancing here was an impossible feat.


It wasn't much better for the floor that served as a prelude.

The TVs that made up the floor and walls were crushed or they were melting in unusually colored flames.

FCL moved swiftly like the ninjas that once inhibited the floor.


Spinx's short lived floor.

Hitomi had shown brilliance here, allowing the team to carry on.

Yet another floor that felt like a cheap insult.

With that, 19 more floors were above them team.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:


Salty water and floating chunks of tentacle monster... Not a sight for Loveline to see.

Not a sight that anyone should see.

But FCL saw worse and wasn't even fazed. The princesses had a harder time.


The baseball floor now lay ruined, mostly flattened from the dealing that crushed it.

And to think this was where Yukari wore the cutest baseball uniform this side of reality.

Ah, good times.


The mirrors that once brought forth the demonic doppelgangers now lay in tiny pieces, resulting from lots of explosions and crushing

Matt still felt disgust as he remembered his own twisted side which he had to kill.


The junkyard where they first met Taylor posing as Damien was now filled with piles of useless burnt garbage which were falling down as the reverse tower shook.

The ugly clerk could no longer be called ugly since he no longer had any features. He was just a charred corpse, indistinguishable from coal.


The ninjas which kidnapped Matt's mother were now torn to shreds from the bullets that they were exposed to.

Serves them right. Though Matt still couldn't escape the pity he felt. At least in death, they were forgiven for what they did. Not like they hurt her anyway.


The floor which was once a world of paper and where FCL met Hitomi didn't exist anymore. Only a room made of white tiles which was shaking and slowly crumbling.

There was a charred sketchbook on the floor, which Arthur picked up. The last drawing was that of a waitress in agony holding a lion cub whose fur was on fire. He hid the sketchbook from Loveline.


Blood everywhere. Even more then when the arena was in use.

Well, these guys definitely deserved what they got. At least that's what PETA would say.


Oh, the horror. The floor with all those lolies reduced to this, a black field covered in craters from all the bombs that exploded on it.

Truly a tragedy. But next was Loveline's place of residence. If any toy or ribbon or anything like that survived that torrent of flames, Arthur was going to find it. Or maybe he won't, as it would only remind her of this nightmarish place.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:


SamJaz tore through the bedroom when he first realised who ran this house. He'd hidden his connection to his father, using the false name on the lease to identify his enemy at that time, but this tower had a way of revealing everyone's secrets.

Arthur made sure to pick up some toys for Loveline as they made their escape. Mary ran past SamJaz, holding Lincent's arm for some reason, with Coleen bringing up the rear, firing bolter shells down the stairs to kill the unnatural creatures that pursued the team.

Mechanicus launched a wave of fire down the stairs. "Onwards." He commanded, and the group vacated the child's bedroom.


An abandoned city, SamJaz recalled his floor as one incredible display of teamwork, especially with Matt joining the team here. He was an invaluable asset to the team and had helped out incredibly throughout their descent

The sun beast roared, but was quickly dispatched. The team was no longer what they once were. Nothing would stop them.


Except a hell of a lot of water. Crap. They forgot about this one.

Mechanicus, Coleen and SamJaz stepped out, tearing through the floor to drain the ocean as Arthur and Aleister created the staircase upwards to the next floor.


A cave of treasure was quickly collapsing. Piles of gold sank down into the abyss below, and the team continued to rise upward.

SamJaz grabbed Hitomi's hand and squeezed tightly.


The Merryweather Academy. The first act of kindness the team met from an inhabitant of the tower. A much needed rest and a good laugh between Gen and Al, who still hid behind the mask at that time.

Arthur was still finding his place in the team at that point, SamJaz recalled, but he didn't want to tarry here too long.

Hitomi had far more memories of this floor than any of them did.


Grinning, Arthur tossed a ball of ice at Crown, who dodged the pathetic attack and launched a harmless card back at the frost mage as SamJaz smacked them both around the back of the head.

From the severity of their petty squabble over a stupid guitar, you would never have known just how close these three would come together over the course of this tower.


Otto's race track, the place where SamJaz started to use Flowmotion in front of everyone. The metal structures bent in the heat, and live electricity threatened to spark the ground at any second, but SamJaz remembered having fun on this floor, especially racing against that flirtatious ninja girl, Yei.


Speaking of Ninjas, the rave was still dark, but SamJaz grabbed a shot glass shrunken to remember this place by as the lights sparked and the room was destroyed.


The white pit of lava began to roll, and huge barriers were needed to transport everyone to the stairs quickly.


The scrap heap split in two, with one side of the room falling down into the depths below. The team ran faster.


The white contrast with just that little bit of sand was all that stood in the team's way, and Mechanicus tore through the ceiling, creating a ramp to the front door.



SamJaz, Hitomi, Kelly, Matt, Arthur, Loveline, Aleister, Clare, Alexis, Rachael, Coleen, Mary, Mechanicus and Lincent all made it out of the tower as it collapsed into the abyss.

The battle of time went on longer than expected.

Slowly, carefully, Kelly began to laugh.

They made it.

They were out of there.

They were alive.

Others joined in the relieved laughter, Cole, SamJaz, Hitomi and the others, just happy to have made it out alive.

[ HA HA HA ]

The laughter stopped, and the team turned.

Taylor stood before them with two girls at his knees. Crown and Clare would recognise them instantly as the girls. Each was tied up with sharp wires, dressed in their normal clothing but with plastic explosives covering every inch of their bodies below their neck. Each one was gagged. with a ball of socks, and had a dog collar around their neck with the lead in Taylor's hands.


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It was him. The boy who was Demien for some time and with that their worst nightmare. And with him were Mary and Lily, though in a rather silly get up. Crown was puzzled at first as to why everyone including Clare was frozen, staring at Taylor and the two girls, it took him a few moments to actually realize it. Crown was unsure as to how it was done, but he could see it.

He put Clare down for a moment and started walking towards his maids. Arriving there looked at Taylor and smiled at him. "Thanks for keeping them safe." a rather strange gesture given what happened between the two during the tower, but Crown was all too happy that all was over, he didn't have the willpower to linger on it any longer. He slowly started removing the objects that were enveloping the two maids. As he took them off the explosives became potatoes when they hit the ground and the wire harmless red string. Lastly he took Taylor's pistol and threw it to Arthur. "Have a snack." mid flight the weapon turned into a harmless banana.

It had all been an illusions. Freeing the girls, Crown took their hands and walked back to Clare.

Lincent was removed from the whole situation up till now, he was rather interested in Mary who had been holding his arm for a good part of the journey. Finally when Crown comes back with the two girls he joins in on the conversation. "Damn man, your girl's a pretty good looking doll and then you get two more? Think a foursome's too much man, especially if you good friend over here is on the dry because his dear is ignoring him." he looked at Coleen with corner of his eye, before turning to Mary again. "But hey, i think those times are over for me now. A sister's fine too you know." he put his arm around Mary and pulled her closer.

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Taylor just stood dumbfounded. That wasn't how this was supposed to go. He isn't supposed to be seen through this easily. They were supposed to be scared, not acting like this.

The Mary the princess slid her hand down Lincent's belly and into his trousers, and started playing around with what she found there. Why the hell not? She deserved some fondling after getting out of that hell hole. And if this guy was interested, well…

Coleen was oblivious, approaching SamJaz and both of them glaring at Taylor, who charged for Crown.

SamJaz was in there with a flash, an elbow to Taylor's neck as police began to gather around the collapsed subterranean tower.

Crown wasn't getting out of here with his identity intact- they'd impounded his car ten days ago. Both he and Clare were still considered missing.

"I'm out." Coleen said, tapping SamJaz on the shoulder. He opened a gateway to the other world, and Coleen led Alexis through, alongside the two paradox clones from Hitomi's Kaspa.

Mary took her hands out of Lincent's trousers. Was she going home? Was she finally going to be with her parents again?

The police gathered around the scene, drawing weapons and generally asking what was going on. Weapons converged on SamJaz, who was currently stood on Taylor's neck.

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"Ooh.... you see this Cole, she's better to me than you ever were." Lincent yelled over, though he clearly wasn't enjoying it. But it didn't last long anyway, a portal opens and most of Sam's siblings disappear in it. "Wait a minute, i didn't even finish yet." Lincent jokingly complained as he noticed the police that surrounded them. He didn't panic, he was faced with bigger mobs with more firepower and besides cops didn't like him anyway.

Crown was familiar with the situation too. It was somewhat of a bigger scale than what Phantom was used to, but that had more to do with the people that were with him, rather than the number of policemen there. He put on his Phantom mask made out of a transformed card and put an illusion on Clare, making her invisible. Explaining the situation was out of question. Mary and her sisters were already gone so they only had to take care of themselves now. Giant cards shift becoming a giant box with question marks, enveloping the team and obscuring the vision of the people around them. He touched Taylor who was pressed down by Sam, blinking him out of the box and right in front of the police.

The box started to shrink, pushing everyone together, when everyone was in physical contact Crown turned the group into cards as the box continued to shrink. Cards disappeared, they were teleported. The box continued to shrink till it didn't disappear, leaving Taylor to stand alone in front of the police force of Neo Telos City.

FCL materialized again, standing on a rather large balcony.

They were at Crown's mansion.

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