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And Crown was back. Or at least he should be given what the machine god told him. Despite knowing that he went back in time, it was hard for him to actually see it. There was no floor, only space, various objects floating through it. Could it be that the timeline changed somehow? Panic was already building up in Crown but a sigh or relief left his mouth as he noticed Mechanus below and even the rest of FCL a bit further away into the abyss of space. He didn't know what exactly was going on, but at least he was there now and he knew what to do. Kicking off the ground he raced towards Mechanics. Then he realized that he didn't even know what exactly to do with the finger. He was told to attach it, but what did that mean? Was he supposed to cut Mechanus's finger off and replace it with this one? Whatever the case may be he'd try to simplest approach he could think of right now. He'd touch him with it.

Just as he entered hand's reach he whistled, drawing Mechanus's attention to himself. But as soon as the machine god turned to face him Crown blinked, appearing right behind him he slammed the finger towards the back of Mechanus's head.

He could only trust that it will do what was promised to him.

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An obvious feint, but one that piqued Mechanus's curiosity. Why was the Knight Errant returned? Why did he bear his own digit? Strange occurrences, and Mechanus reached around and assimilated the finger from Aleister's grip.

And with it, came memories and powers. He saw the battle unfold in days yet to come, and the severity of the upcoming battle, and the powers that would rage.

"Then I shall obey." The machine god said aloud, clenching his fist and bringing the floating lumps of metal together, forming a bridge to the staircase and gathering the party around him. "I am Mechanicus, and you have my steel."

SamJaz blinked, lowering his weapon. "Okay. Al, no idea what just happened but glad you're not dead."

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It worked.

And it seemed to be quiet simple as well. Apparently the machine god wasn't a fan of the future Jardsam had in store for the world. It puzzled Crown a little bit, why would the machine god aid Jardsam if he didn't even know why he was helping him. It was a trivial question by now, Mechanus was now on their side and there was no reason to inquire about his motivations.

Walking over the junk bridge he was approached by Sam. "You know Sam, i hate you father." Crown said while laughing. Despite the apparently good mood he was in his face quickly changed assuming a much more serious expression as he continued. "Sam, do you know what your father actually wants?" the question was asked to be misleading. Crown's tone of voice did not reveal that he knew the plan of Jardsam and that he had witnessed it, but rather it was asked in the way of a genuine and honest question like a good friend who's worried about you or a child asking it's parents about something.

Waiting for the answer he continued walking towards the staircase, slightly shifting his head backwards to see if the rest of the team was following up.

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SamJaz reached his arms around Al and gave him a bear hug. "Glad you're alive. And yes. I do." Pulling out of the embrace, he looked at his team. "Hitomi and Clare are on their way up, but we can't let Jardsam get them. Let's move!"



That was what filled Floor 75. And yet, it wasn't water. The team could breathe, and it didn't slow their movements or provide any actual lift or water resistance.

Yet, once the liquid filled their lungs, bubbles marked each breath and every movement left ripples flowing through the entire floor.

It was deep. Fathoms deep, and it was filled with countless spiral staircases, each rising far above where the team stood, and deep into the black abyss where the team could not see. The steps were made of glass, each one about a metre and a half wide and with no rails on either side. Each step was only ten centimetres deep, and it would be so easy to slip and fall into the darkness.

But they could see Jardsam, sprinting down the glass. SamJaz leapt, gathering light around him and, curling up into a ball and spinning, stretched out as the light took the shape of a large pirate ship and crashed right into the staircase where Jardsam was running.

Glass flew through the water, Jardsam holding onto his shard as he saw his son descend, then push himself through the water to make a second attack. The staircase held firm both above and below the destroyed segment, even though there was no visible means of holding each step together, but everything rumbled as a great best, a serpent over thirty miles in length, rushed through the water at phenomenal speeds and snapped SamJaz up in its jaw, carrying him away from the battlefield with great haste.

Jardsam jumped to another staircase, and sprinted downwards.

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"Huh, bromantic moments on the horizon? And I wasn't even invited? Tch, fine." Arthur said with a fake pouty face. He too was glad that their thief was back, alive and apparently unharmed. He did feel uncomfortable to say the least about the fact that those two were hugging while their companion and Phantom's girlfriend were in the clutches of a "high functioning sociopath", whatever that means.

In his usual manner, Sam pointed out the folly of their ways and rushed the team downstairs before Arthur could ask him a rather important question. So you have time for bro activity, but not time for questions? Typical.

The first thing Matt noticed on the next floor was the strange liquid surrounding them. He encountered a similar one in the Digital World, one which had properties of water but you could breath in it as long as you weren't afraid of drowning... Kind of difficult to not be afraid of drowning if you don't know about that property but whatever. Digital World isn't supposed to make sense.

The first thing Arthur noticed was the high functioning sociopath running down the glass stairs. Hmpf, is he really that scared of FCL now that they got his pet robot? Arthur doubted that but it was more fun to imagine then him running towards a room where he'll be able to kill them in an instant. And then Sam dropped a ship on the guy. He missed of course, but it was spectacular. Or it would be were it not for the fact that he was snatched up by a giant sea snake when he tried attacking again. Cool. Why doesn't such stuff happen to Arthur. He saw it happen to countless other guys but never to him. At least it never loses it's coolness factor. He's probably just to skilled for that...

Faced with the choice of going after the big bad and helping out a friend, Arthur had no idea what to do. Oh, who am I kidding of course he went after the serpent that stole his friend. Big bad can wait. That wasn't the course of Matt's thoughts as he went Galantus and pushed himself off of his current position and onto Jardsam's staircase. Then he proceeded to Lighting Joust towards Jardsam with his electrified lance.

Arthur followed after the snake, jumping form staircase to staircase with two swords in hand and constantly firing ice shards at the thing.

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Jardsam turned to look at Matt and leaned to his left, falling over the side and onto the underside of the stairs. He then ran down the stairs, moving upwards, before jumping and landing on the next circle of steps, shaking off the vertigo, and continuing his descent.

Not wasting time, Kelly and Coleen made their descent, Coleen by throwing gears and teleporting to their location, and Kelly by clambering down sideways, skipping flights as she went down the side with her vectors.

The leviathan lurched as if thrown, landing on a large, stained glass platform.

It was creepy to say the least, but beautifully done. Red meeting green, is displayed Arthur, dressed in black and red armour and holding an ominous ceremonial sword, and Matt, dressed in white and grey cloth with a mechanical machete held in a reverse grip, presenting the two in contrasting yin-yang positions. The background showed a graveyard of swords and a series of digital crests. This platform, perhaps ten miles in diameter, Was clearly created to make some statement about the two men.

SamJaz forced his way out of the leviathan's gills as the creature vanished into streams of code, and dozens of ice golems began to form on the platform. Some of them, SamJaz recognised as Matt's transformations.

He launched a wave of fire, but that merely polished them.

Ice Galantus led the charge.

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Arthur hadn't noticed what image the stained glass made and right now he didn't care. What was important to him were the ice golems charging at Sam ans him. Yes, he recognised Galantus, Myotus, Angelus and a giant mechanical dinosaur as some of Matt's transformations, though there were many which had similar appearance characteristic to his digivolutions but which Arthur hadn't seen before. A smirk appeared on his face.

He charged at the charging Galantus head on, not even fliching. At the last moment he stepped to the right avoiding getting pierced by his spear and grabbed it with his left hand. He held onto the spear as he lifted his legs into the air and pressed them to Galantus's hip. He let go of the spear and pushed of to the side at the same time and launched himself towards a humanoid dinosaur wearing armor and strange gauntlets with spikes sticking out of them as well as a shield on his back. Arty spun around in the air so that his legs were facing the creature.

As he was about to hit it, it raised its hands infront of its head and shielded itself. At the same time, Angelus tried hitting him with a staff, but Arthur grabbed it and pulled it out of his hands, kicking with one leg, the other still standing on the dinosaur's hands. Angelus was sent flying and Arthur used the staff to hit dinosaur digimon with it from the side. The staff shattered upon impact and dinosaur, who Matt would recognise as Grayton were he here, dropped his guard. That was all Arthur needed to strike its head with his palm and then roundhouse kick it away.

Greyton was sent flying and Arthur was about to chase after it when someeting struck him. It didn't cause pain thanks to Arthur's ice resistance but it knocked Arthur off balance. Where he stood a second ago was now Myotus. Arthur jumped to his feet as a whip of cold air appeared in Myotus's hand. Arthur grabbed the whip, pulled the vampire towards himself and kicked it in the head. Now, where was he with the dinos- Is that thing aiming two rifles at him? Balls to that.

Arthur started running to the side as a blue creature whose hands were covered by something that looked like fingerless gloves and which appeared to be wearing a green vest, Matt would recognise it as a Paildramon species which he didn't have as a transformation yet, started firing two automatic hip-mounted rifles at him.

Sam wasn't in a much better position since he had four enemies attacking him. One was a Stingmon, a green humanoid bug with pink hand laser swords, another had the appearance of a biker wearing all leather, Matt had it named Beelzerophon and it belonged to the Beelzemon species, and dual-welding pistols. Then there was Wolfion and finally a humanoid lion, Leonus of the Leomon species, using nothing but fists and large muscles to fight. And occasional flaming lion heads fired out of its fists.


"Don't run away from me you bastard!"

Matt transformed into Myotus, turned into a tiny red ball of electricity and launched himself towards Jardsam in the form of red lightning. A strange change considering he did everything to avoid fighting on the last floor, but Matt didn't intend on letting Jardsam get away now that he was in a fighting mood. Though he will probably calm down after it turns out he's wasting his time on a futile chase, or if someone or something stops him.

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The next floor Jardsam had in store for them appeared to be underwater. "Appeared" being the key word here, as though it all looked like it was submerged in a light blue liquid, Crown could feel none of the effects. He still saw bubbles escape everyone's mouths, but they could talk and walk as if they were on land.

Besides the waste ocean of blue there didn't seem to be much. Only a collection of glass staircases.

The objective of the floor seemed simple enough to Crown at this point. Though he quickly noticed one small detail which changed it all, Jardsam. It didn't look like he was going to confront or fight them. He was either in a hurry or had different plans all together. Whatever it may be Crown wasn't going to just stand there and watch. He was about to ask Sam about his opinion, but before he even opened his mouth a glass reptile charged through their rows and snatched Sam away. With that Crown was left with a choice, start the descent and try to catch up with Jardsam, or follow the snake and Sam. I difficult situation, there could not be too much time given to make a decision like that, yet Crown was given none.

He hesitated for a moment, but then closed his eyes and blinked.

Crown appeared several dozen meters lower from his starting position. He was going after Jardsam, getting closer and closer with each blink. While he wasn't all too happy with his decision, he saw what the future held for them if that guy wasn't stopped. Crown clenched his teeth, continuing his pursuit. Lincent took his time as well, though unlike Crown who used ever second he had to think his next move through, Lincent was just being lazy. Jardsam was no one for him, and at least he knew Sam to a degree and the glass snake thing looked interesting enough. He followed after the team that went for Sam, turning his left arm into his usual weapon. Arriving on a platform it appeared like they were already in a fight.

Strange ice creatures which Lincent could make nothing of. As he jumped onto the platform he opened fire mid flight, aiming for the wolf and lion pair.

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SamJaz slashed through the insect's arm with his axe, ramming his body and pulling his arm into the head of the biker, before finishing them both off with a swing of his sword, when he heard something that chilled him to the bone.


SamJaz and Jardsam both turned to the source of the sound. A spiral staircase about half-way between the two, there were six women.

Hitomi. Loveline. Mary. Alexis, who was carrying Rachael, and Clare.

The delight on her face was unmistakable.

The panic on SamJaz's face was unforgettable.

The rage on Jardsam's face was undeniable.

Father and Son ran and jumped through the water, ready to clash as the staircase carrying the six princesses began to collapse, replaced by another stained glass platform.

This one was red, and there was no duality about it. It bore the image of a masked man in a suit, thin like a ghost, his stance one of pride and arrogance, poking down at a world that was his for the taking.

A ring near the edge showed symbols depicting various treasures, and from this ring emerged the staircase upward and downward. The stained glass facade took the princess's feet from under them as Jardsam and SamJaz clashed, swords locked against axes as a shockwave exploded through the water.

"GO!!" SamJaz shouted at Hitomi. "KELLY! WITH ME! COLEEN, GET THEM OUT OF HERE!"

Kelly and Coleen landed on the platform, Kelly grabbed her father and tossed him aside as Coleen opened fire, helping Hitomi and Alexis lead the evacuation. Clare looked at Crown, and Jardsam hurled himself at the princesses.

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Crown's neck snapped. He recognized the voice that called out his name. Clare, his Clare. Not just some clone or an illusion, it was the real Clare. Crown's heart started racing. Never during the entire Hellscraper was he this close to getting Clare back. Though no matter how close she seemed to be, she was still out of his reach.

It wasn't the physical distance that was a problem here, but rather a person present there. Jardsam. By the look on his face it did not seem like he would not allow them to escape, after all they were an integral part of his plan. Sam already attacked him, but the man was still charging towards the group of girls he called princesses. Crown was again faced with a decision. Try his luck and just get Clare out of there, or try to stop Jardsam and get all the girls to safety. Even though he knew very well what the right decision was, he still hesitated. There was a small part of him that just wanted to take Clare and run away.

He quickly shakes off that feeling and blinks, appearing next to Jardsam. Creating a card behind him to pierce his heart, he also slams his elbow into the torso of the man.

In the meantime Lincent fought the Lion and Wolf at the same time, exchanging blows and bullets as he jumped.

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Jardsam reacted like a berserker, not bothering to defend himself in the attempt of capturing the escaping girls. He stopped momentarily as the card passed through his torso, but sprang back into action to slam Aleister's elbow through the card, slicing the arm at the bicep and tossing him, and the bloody chunks of his arm, aside.

Coleen dragged Clare upwards, firing down at the glass below as Kelly's vectors grabbed her father, who simply tossed her aside as he made his way towards the stairs.

SamJaz drew the sword out of his axe, slashing horizontally and unleashing a shockwave that cut through the glass staircase below the princess' as Kelly grabbed the stained-glass pillar they were fighting on and hurled it down into the water. Jardsam scrambled up the side to pursue his quarry, but SamJaz stabbed his axe blade into his father's kneecap, but Jardsam twisted around and drew a pistol from his jacket, firing at SamJaz's neck.

He lowered his head just in time, however, and the bullet summoned the a young girl from SamJaz's mind. No older than fifteen in appearance, she had short black hair, down to her cheeks, and piercing blue eyes. Her most defining feature, however, was her dress, for she wore midnight.

Darkness engulfed the glass platform, dragging SamJaz, Jardsam, Kelly and Aleister down into the depths, free to continue their battle in complete isolation. Jardsam got to his feet as Kelly healed Aleister's arm, and the three surrounded Jardsam, leaving Matt, Arthur, and Lincent to secure their descent.

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Crown flinched. Hellscraper had put him through a lot of stuff and he went through quiet some pain by now. Still, just because he was getting used to it didn't mean he became immune to it. His arm dragged through his own card by the force of Jardsam's hit was both broken and cut. He was about to create a Pink Rose to continue his pursuit, but then he was simply surrounded by darkness. It was no trick of Jardsam, but rather his son.

They were isolated, if they could keep him busy long enough the girls could get away. Crown's wounds were healed by Kelly. It made Crown smile a bit. He was used to Kelly being completely useless when it came to just about anything given how selfish she was. He was glad to know that she could indeed change, after all she could be a valuable ally and being Sam's sister getting along with her wasn't too bad of an idea either. But this wasn't exactly the best situation to engage in friendship making. They were up face to face with Jardsam. Though they did outnumber him quit nicely, it most likely didn't even matter for him.

Crown decided to try some of the new powers he gained as a result of all the things that happened to him. The space itself around Jardsam cracked ope. Out of the small cracks came spectral chains, like snakes slithering their way to his body and hugging his shoulders and legs. The chains themselves didn't have a notable weight, but that wasn't the point to begin with. They acted as modificators of gravity, increasing it's effect on anything or anyone embraced by them. Even if it wouldn't do significant damage to him, at the very least he would be slowed down.

Outside of the black void chunks of ice shot through the weightless water as a giant chainsaw slashed through the ice bodies of a lion and a wolf. Lincent, having finished up his enemies returned to the main group and jumped right next to Coleen.

"What's up?"

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Arthur and Matt were both running with the princesses to make sure that nothing attacks them, Arthur running next to them and Matt covering the back. "We need to speed this up."Arthur followed up those words by grabbing the nearest princess, who just so happened to be his favorite, Loveline, and running fill speed ahead towards the previous floor, easily leaving the others behind. As soon as he reaches the elevator and looks around to make sure there aren't any wild and violent beasties waiting in ambush, he will return and help another one of them up and so on until they're all safe.

Of course, since no trip except for a teleportation trip is instantaneous Arthur decided to distract himself by talking to the little girl he was carrying. "Are you hurt? Did Vincent harm you in any way?" He was sincerely worried about Loveline's well-being, and the well-being of the other 'princesses' of course though nowhere near as much, and was ready and willing to jump down into the black abyss to punish Jardsam if he had to. As for the question, the answer was probably obvious as he gave her that tattoo that the "Vincentsson children" had though it could have been a painless process. Not to mention that mental trauma counted as harm.

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"He introduced me to a lot of other girls that looked like me." Loveline explained. "Then he made me sit in this big chair under a tree in the sky, after drawing something on my shoulder."


Upstairs was the same abyss as before, with the elevator far in the distance.

"End of the line." A white-haired man, Cale, told Arthur, snatching Loveline from his grip and kicking the frost wolf in the chest, back into the waters below, before dragging Matt, Cole, Lincent and the princesses out into floor -75 and sealing the door behind him.

"Now." He said, looking at the three intruders as well as Claire, Alex, Mary, Hitomi, and Rachael in turn as he wrapped loveline in rope and let her drift in space. "Who's going to come quietly and who's ass am I going to kick?"


Arthur fell towards the dark sphere below, which exploded apart as Jardsam destroyed Aleister's chains.

The glass platform hit something and smashed, scattering huge shards of glass all over the new stained glass platform.

It was at least a dozen times bigger than the previous platforms, and it had a huge image of SamJaz along the centre, with key blade, show and hair extending over the edge of the circle, actually changing the shape of the platform. In the background was SamJaz as a teenager and SamJaz as a young boy.

Around the edge were four smaller platforms, each the size of one of the regular platforms. One had Kelly's face, from when she was younger, and another showed a Cale's face. On the top side of the platform was two more circles, these showing… Donald Duck and Goofy? It wasn't clear to those standing on the platform would be able to recognise any of these figures, but the falling Arthur would have a good minute of falling to enjoy the view before landing.

There was an even smaller platform above the glass-SamJaz's head, with a crown adorned in the centre. Some distance from the massive glass platform were four other, each one bearing the image of Rachael, Mary, Clare and Dorothy respectively, each dressed in fine dresses. There were others, further out, bearing symbols of Hitomi, Loveline and Alex, but these could not be seen from Arthur's vantage point.

Jardsam got to his feet and look down, seeing that he himself was standing on SamJaz's glass feet, and began to run along the body, towards the head.

SamJaz pulled himself up onto Donald Duck's platform, and looked for his father. Seeing him, he charged to intercept.

Kelly landed next to Crown, and began to examine their surroundings, finding only darkness.

Her face was warm, covered in blood.

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So she met some paradox clones and was told to sit in a strange chair. Probably had something to do with the reason Jardsam wanted these girls in the first place. Luckily, it seems he didn't hurt her. All that means is less reason to kick Jardsam's ass, bu-

Bam! He didn't even get to finish his thoughts when the air inside his lungs was forced out and he fell backwards as Loveline's barely noticable weight left his hands. It took him a few moments to figure out what exactly happened and by that time he was already far down, away from the suspended Loveline and the others.

The platform which he was falling towards was pretty, there's no denying that. However, despite his privileged position, Arthur couldn't admire it's beauty, because he didn't see it. All he saw was a sea of red around him and a man in the distance. And a strange flame-red haired girl which seemed familiar though he couldn't recognise her now. She seemed to be smiling but then she disappeared, returning back into the depths of his psyche, if she even left from there to begin with. But Arthur didn't care for any of that. For his blood was boiling and his mind was almost completely empty. Only one word appeared in his mind. A wall actually made of the word written in blood-red color. Kill.

Two frozen wings, like those of a dragon, appeared on his back, each five times his size. A pointless expense of mana perhaps but Arthur wasn't even aware of it. He also wasn't aware of the two giant swords of ice in his hands, nor of the hundredgiant shards of ice around him, ready to strike the wretched man with white hair down. He didn't hear the many holes that were formed in the sound barrier as both him and the shards moved for the man. All he heard was "Kill!" and he saw the target approaching him at incredible speeds. So he moved his sword-carrying arms as if to hug the man from a distance. It was nothing but instinct which controlled his movements.

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@ChronoWolf: The door closed and slammed into Arthur's berserker face. Nothing short of a key blade would open it now.

Cale jumped, crystals forming around him as he launched them at Matt and Lincent, landing near the first and punching him in the face.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Crown wanted to follow Jardsam. He wanted to help Sam and save Clare too, in fact he wanted many things right now.

The only problem was that he had no idea where exactly he was. He could see Kelly next to him but that's about it.

Lincent on the other hand crashed through a storm of shards as he swung his blade, ready to cut Cale down where he stood.

Before his fist even touched Matt's face he'd feel the blades of a damn huge Chainsword grinding against his side.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Crown felt an invisible hand on his face. "You see anything?" Kelly asked, ears perked towards the sound of SamJaz and Jardsam's weapons colliding.

The two men roared, sword meeting sword and axe meeting axe as they pushed each other back and forth. Every time Jardsam made some distance, SamJaz would manage to pull his father back, only to be tossed aside by a sneak attack.

Upstairs, on the other hand, Cale rolled aside to dodge Lincent's chainsword, launching a chain of crystals into the machine-man's belly.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

The sound of strikes echoed as Arthur's fist connected with the locked door again and again. The sound mixed with the sound of blades below striking eachother, turning into the melody of battle every warrior knows by heart. Arthur's fists were quickly dyed in red as his knuckles started bleeding. But Arthur didn't feel any pain. Even if his knuckles become nothing but bare bone, he will not care. He struck the door again.

Inside, Matt was replaced by Galantus. The shards didn't worry him and neither did the punch coming for him, but they never got to him because of Lincent's interference. The white-haired man dodged Lincents retaliation and tried attacking again. Returning the favor, Galantus moved in front of Linc with his shield raised high. Just as the crystal chain connected with the shield, the gallant knight dashed forward holding his jousting spear to the side, still keeping the shield in the front, and aiming the pointy end towards Cale's heart.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

"No, but i believe that i can hear something." Crown slowly moved through the darkness, taking Kelly's hand he followed the sound of clashes. He prepared himself for combat, knowing what awaited them once they arrived at the source of the noise.

Lincent jumped over Galantus, placing him self above Cale and opening fire while storming down with his chainsword at the ready.

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