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Paramatt almost slammed his head against the bar.

"I am an idiot. Not me, you." He snapped. "Thirty Seconds Ago. I explained this. Vincentsson is paradox cloning these girls to manipulate them into becoming Princesses of- You know what? Magic Sacrifices. Vincentsson is cloning these girls so he can have unlimited goes at emotionally warping them into the ideal magic sacrifice victim. We're in the Kaspa where he can't get us. Is this even a spanner in his works? Not really. He's probably got thirty Hitomi's more compliant than ours. We could be hiding for no reason. But safe as Kaspa is, these girls have their families. Heck, I haven't seen mom in months!"

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Crown didn't feel like wasting any time on this guy, but on the other hand at the very least he could make it clear to him who the hell he was.

"Listen, what's your name?"

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Paracrown smirked at Aleister, adjusting his sunglasses. "Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine." He said as he leaned forward to move his face closer to Aleister's. "I'd cut off your head, Crown." the paradox snarled, "If it stood a little closer to the-"

Crown felt a tight grip around his ankle. "GROUND!" The parade shouted, pulling sharply and bringing his other self into the water with a tremendous splash, soaking the sunbathers on the side, and the book Clare was reading.

Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Hey, Matt had to be sure he was talking about Vincent... That is why he ignored the insult directed at him and Sun around in his seat. His drink was in his right hand and his left elbow on the counter. He was in the middle of a sip when Phantom and Paraphantom went for a swim.

"Those guys seem to be having fun. Think we should join them? Before you start yelling at me about the plan, do note that there is only one thing that we can do... Kill Vincent or talk him into letting everyone go. And I doubt the second option is a possibility. Hell, the first one will be near impossible. Unless you wanna share some more information. Though I don't see why you can't do that in the water."

He got up, gulped down his drink and started walking towards the water.

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Matt watched himself go, then smirked.

He'd spent too long waiting for outside help. He wasn't a plotter. Never had been. Why would he expect himself to be?

Downing his drink, ParaMatt turned away from the pool, moving towards the barbecue for some food.

[ ParaMatt Joined the Party! ]

[ ParaMatt is now under control of Chronowolf! ]

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"Seems like he at least knows who the hell he is." Crown thought to himself while trying to get the water out of his nose and mouth, holding onto the edge of the pool.

"You weren't supposed to say both lines you know." he looked around searching for the other Crown.

If he was gonna get anywhere with this guy, he had a clear target in mind, even though it was absurd for him to think that he'd actually do that.

"Hey, what do you think about that girl over there? I find her to be very attractive, don't you think so?" Crown tried to most civilized approach he could think of while speaking to his other self.

As he fished ParaCrown out of the water he nervously winked at the visibly irritated book reading, Clare, who was approaching the two of them.

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The white haired beauty chuckled, shaking her head as she returned to her novel.

"Yeah, she wants me." ParaCrown boasted to his counterpart.

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The dull sound is overpowered by the splashing waves and the party lovers that surrounded the pool. But it's intent never was to be heard, at least by no one else but the guy who was the source of the sound, having had the back of his head slapped by Crown's open palm. The anger on Crown's face was clearly visible.

"What are you doing you idiot?" he yells at his other self, his gazing combining both fury and disbelief. The reason was simple, if Crown was ever asked whether there was a possibility that a universe where he and Clare weren't the perfect couple existed, he would answer with a blunt but honest "No.". Naturally it was frustrating to see that simple answer being taken apart right in front of his own eyes.

"Look, this is how you do it." Crown got out of the pool shaking around a bit to let the water drip from his clothes for a moment.

On his way to the by now seated and reading Clare, Crown made a rather large arc as if he was gonna go for the grill rather than his love. He quickly picks a flower out of the hair of a passing by girl without her noticing and resumes course, approaching the chair Clare was sitting in, now from behind thanks to the slightly modified route he took.

He puts the flower into her hair and covers her eyes.

"Take a guess." he silently whispers the words into her ear.

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The two Matt's were each leaning on ParaCrown's shoulders, making sure that Phantoms movements weren't accidentally missed/intentionally ignored by him.

"Ah, he iz a grandmaster of zis wonzerful game we call lovers chess, non? One of the Matt's spoke with a noticeably fake French accent. The other nodded. "Oui oui, he iz truly wonzerful." The other answered in a similar accent. Dropping the accent, he continued.

"But he does have the added bonus of knowing her for a long time. It is not hard if you know your opponents moves so well."

"Didn't really help me with Kelly... I knew everything about her. Though I did forget it as well, and at the moment I required it the most. Oh, you don't know who Kelly is, of course. I don't wanna spoil anything for you, so I'll just tell you that, on floor 55, if Sam suggests anything that might influence anyone's memories in any way, punch him in the face as hard as you can. If you decide to stay in Hellscraper after what you went through here, months away from anyone you knew your whole life, that is..."

Through the whole conversation, the two were leaning on ParaCrown, watching Crown doing his wooing. "I have to admit, I kinda wish I could just steal a flower from someone and give it someone else without anyone noticing... Ah, just think of the possibilities."

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"My handsome prince?" Clare asked with a smile, pushing Crown's hands aside and leaning up to kiss him. Passionately. Really getting into it, until a snooker ball impacted Crown's head at incredible speed, rather ruining the moment and actually blinding Crown for a few seconds. When vision returned, he would see the Clare in the snooker table purple slingkini and a tear in his eye, looking at Aleister like he was in the process of strangling a puppy.

He would then see another Clare, this one in an apron and a bikini bottom, holding a spatula and looking on mutely in utter rejection. Both of them had seen the man they loved above all else making out with an other woman. It didn't matter that they shared the same past, same face, same personality and same soul-

There were no words.

Then they looked at the other Crown. The posing, the loud mouthed but unconfident Crown that they just wanted to protect, looking at their old Aleister- the one kissing that other woman- and they realised that he did it just to impress himself. To prove a point.

As if they didn't feel cheap enough just being here with themselves.

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As intense pain assaulted his head Crown pulled back out of the kiss, while supporting himself to avoid falling over. Did that really happen? If it did, it was bad. That certainly wasn't his intention. Crown slowly took a few steps back as he realized that he might have went too far. Even with the current situation, there was only one Clare for him and the one who kissed him just now wasn't his Clare. But while the feeling of guilt was horrible, it still felt nice for a moment. That realization just made it more horrible for him when he lifted his head and noticed the gazes that were set upon him. The two other Clares, their face suggesting pain, disappointment and sadness.

That was not his intention. He already said it a few floors back and he was going to repeat it to himself once more just to confirm it. They were not his Clare, but they were still Clare. As such it was unimaginable to see them like that. He took a few more steps back and looked at the three of them. Talking himself out of this situation was plainly impossible. So he would just say the truth without anything added.

"I didn't meant to do something like that.... i just wanted to help him." Crown shifted his gaze at the very end, looking at ParaCrown who was still in the pool.

His eyes and voice were full of regret.

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All eyes turned up to see the figure that stood on the rooftop. It was a man in a white suit, with a white mask covering his eyes. Black hair flowed in the wind with his white cape, though the dramatic effect was somewhat ruined by the 'Kiss The Cook' apron he wore.

The team recognised the man, and it was the legendary thief, Phantom.

Beside him was Coleen, and what she was doing during this time started to become clear.

"I will not have another take what is mine." The legendary thief declared, dropping from the roof and onto the floor with all the grace of a sakura blossom. "And breaking hearts, friend, is a task for the greatest thief of all, and I will not have you sully the most beautiful hearts with your despicable actions."

With a flick of the wrist, a cane appeared in Phantom's hands, and he raised it to point at Aleister. "Normally, I am not one for violence, but your actions today are not of the kind I can forgive that easily. I will have your head as a trophy, friend."

ParaCrown turned away from the confrontation, folding is arms and sulking. "Showoff…" he muttered, while Phantom's masked face glared at Aleister with unflinching eyes.

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"Ooh, this is gonna be fun." said one of the two Matt's. The other replied "Not really. They're probably equally matched, meaning a long and boring duel until one or both get bored. Guess I should help my Phantom or something."

Leaving the water, Matt approached Crown, standing right next to him.

"Hold on there Tuxedo Kamen. Sure he deserves a good smack, perhaps by that fancy cane of yours, but killing is a bit of an overreaction, isn't it? Besides, instead of punishing this idiot," Matt leaned on Crown's shoulder "It would be a better idea to comfort the ones he hurt. Don't worry, I'll kick his ass soon enough." Well, I'll get Arthur or Sam to do it. It still counts, right?

ParaMatt seemed disinterested in this fight now that he'd actually be watching his own ass getting kicked and swam further away, into deeper water, and just lay on it with his eyes closed, letting the waves and current carry him.

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Crown looked at the building from where the voice came. On the top stood someone who seem familiar, too familiar. It was Crown himself, from a week ago or so and that meant trouble for the current Crown. That was the last person he wanted to interact with right now.

Crown doesn't move, looking at Phantom as he descended from the top and landed just across Crown.

A cane appears in his hand as he spits out his threats.

Crown still doesn't move, only lowers his head.

Matt joins in, though by looking at the words that came out of his mouth it became questionable on who's side he even was.

Even then Crown didn't move.

He took a deep breath, as if he just made a great realization and had to share it with the world.

His head violently jumps back up, his eyes focusing into a glare aimed at Phantom at the same time.

"You're an idiot!"

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The Phantom was surprised at Al's outburst. How unlike himself. "Has the piece of filth lost what little wit he possessed?" He asked, lowering his can as he fell backwards into a chair made of cards. "Speak, vermin. Amuse me while you explain your slander."

Coleen jumped upwards from the roof, landing on the balcony next to a finely dressed woman. In contrast to Coleen's basic one piece, the woman wore a white knitted bikini top under a pink floral sarong. Her purple hair draped her shoulders as she watched the argument unfold below.

No doubt the majority of her guests would be unable to contain they excitement at the scene.

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Crown actually laughed.

For the first time in so many floors he laughed.

"Explain it? Are you out of your mind? There is no hope if you have to ask in the first place." Crown was yelling it at his past self.

For some reason this was quiet amusing for him, it seemed like it lifted his spirit like no other event of recent floors.

But even though it seemed to be for the self-entertainment value, there quiet some honesty in Crown's words too.

It became clear to him that he was quiet a bit of an idiot with his obsessiveness about his secret identity. Well the identity in itself wasn't too bad, after all he needed, it was just the way how he treated other people because of it. Hell a few days ago he was trying to reason whether or not it would be smart to kill Sam because he found out who he was. It had completely taken over his relationships to the point that he had no real friends to speak of outside of Clare and his servants. Of course he still could formally interact with others and even enjoy their presence in some way, putting up a facade. But those weren't the type of people he'd invite over the weekend to come over to his house or anything like that. They were just people he happened to have interacted with because of his job or social status.

But it wasn't just the flaws of his past self that made his say those things.

Even with the change Hellscraper has caused in him, the few past decisions he made weren't the brightest ones. He could easily blame it on the unbearable stress he went through in the past few days. And while Crown was aware of it, bad decisions were still bad regardless of what caused them. So this wasn't just for his past mistakes, but those that were going on right now and even those that will be in the future. He didn't necessarily judge himself completely, he just used it as a way to release some pressure and to come to terms with his current situations.

He continued staring down Phantom, a cocky grin on his face.

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Phantom glared at crown, then lowered his head, smiling.

"Well met, Aleister Crown." Phantom said, taking a revolver from his breast pocket and raising it to his temple, thumb on the hammer and finger in the trigger. "Now go. Steal victory from our common enemy."

Before anyone could process what was going on, the trigger was pulled.


Phantom slumped in his throne, cards holding fast as blood poured from the gaping holes in his head, running across the stone and staining the water red.

One girl slowly raised her hand to her lips, and picked off a fragment of skull bone from her mouth, her hand painted with the blood covering her face.

Then there were screams.

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Crown was going crazy. There was no other explanation to his laughter. And if Matt was asked to make a list of the most sand people in the Hellscraper he wouor have put Phantom on the top. Such a sad outcome made Matt shake his head.

It was during the shaking of the head in disbelief that Matt noticed the purple-haired maiden watching the confrontation. She was as beautiful as ever. Though, Matt couldn't but draw parallels between Roman emperors sitting on their thrones, watching the gladiators that were about to slaughter one another for the emperors amusement, and the beauty on the balcony watching the two crown crossing swords wielded by the tounge, forged in the flames of the mind.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a loud bang, like a car tire or balloon that was just popped. His head turned, but Matt's brain didn't register the scene until screams ripped through the air. Phantom... He just killed himself...

ParaMatt was woken from his thoughts as well, almost drowning because the sudden noise frightened him. Though he managed the regain himself before water entered his lungs, seeing the scene stoped oxygen from reaching his lungs as well. This Matt, while he was on a good path to being changed by the Hellscraper, still wasn't used to the sight of a human life lost, taken by anyone's hands, especially the hands of the person now deceased.

"And I though they could get us a plan for escaping," He muttered to himself, hoping that talking would suppress the nausea "The only thing they bring is discord in this already cracked image of a false paradise." Sigh.

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Crown's smile slowly disappeared as the pieces of flesh and bone started raining. He wasn't shocked or anything, in fact he expected something like that. It's just that he had nothing to laugh at anymore so his smile disappeared.

It was somewhat a pity, he still had a few things to tell to that guy, not that it would have changed the outcome, in fact it most likely would have only reinforced it. But either way, what his past self told him was good enough of an advice, and regardless of what happened Crown would certainly follow it.

Chaos broke out.

Crown didn't move admits the screams and panic.

He just waited, wanting to see what followed.

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"I've seen enough." Cole said to the woman beside her, pressing a button on her wrist to restore her environment suit as she stepped up to the balcony.

"Vincentsson had all the armies of creation working to break into here." ParaHitomi told Coleen as an ocean breeze blew Cole's faint blonde hair past her sunglasses. "You aren't opening the door."

"That's because he's a hero." Cole said, looking down at the chaos below as something caught fire. "A fallen, twisted, broken hero, but that's still what he is at heart. Me?"

Coleen looked up at the sunset as red gears formed under the palms of her hands. "I'm not a hero. Aleister, there's a hero. Staying true to who he loves regardless of the countless distractions. Matt, another hero. He doesn't even have a prize waiting for him at the bottom like the others. My Emper- My Brother is a hero. I'm just some kid who hides behind her sunglasses and acts tough."

ParaHitomi looked at the small tornadoes that began to form under the spinning gears. "No need to fly off the handle, Colee-"

"I'm not flying off the handle." Coleen said as the gears stopped moving. "I'm going to do some acrobatic pirouette of the fragging handle and tear up some krak."

She tossed the gears and they crashed against the sky, cracking it as they span, tearing a hole in the wall of the kaspa and sending red flashes across the sky.

They were leaving.

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