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Lincent had survived falls of all kinds, it wouldn't be wrong to call him an expert at falling. The pointy rocks were a new kind of challenge but even they shouldn't be too troublesome. What would cause many worries though, were the flying wolves coming after the two. But before Lincent could get any new experience for his falls surviving trait, the fall stopped. Arthur had created ice wings for flight and was carrying Lincent down to the shore. The sight was already interesting in it's own right. Tow naked men flying while snow was falling around them, could be great motivation for a painting.

"Honestly, i'm ok with that." Lincent confirmed that he himself did not approve of their current position.

They landed again, Lincent was rather happy about that. Arthur asked him a question, a question which he answered to himself a moment later. Lincent followed Arthur as he instructed but also realized that there was a fatal flaw to the plan, a flaw that wouldn't forgive them for making it. Lincent slowly spoke between each step and breath he took.

"Say... don't... you... think... they... can... smell..."

"You!" one of the Werewolves jumped out behind a tree right in front of the two naked men.

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At the sound, then came the bombardment.

The wolves in the air, having trained themselves to ride the arctic winds, began to drop large boulders upon Arthur and Lincent. Though most of these wolves were as skilled as Arthur in ice manipulation, flying using wings of ice in these winds was impossible for more than a few seconds at a time, due to the constant increase of weight the wings would incur before collapse.

One boulder fell near a wolf, who caught it like a basketballer before hurling it at the pair. As more wolves arrived, this pattern continued, providing a constant barrage of stone from all sides as five wolves charged in, following their pack's attacks and moving around the boulders to take the kill.

Oh, they knew weapons were coming.

That was why the bone armour thickened under their fur, protecting their organs, muscles and ligaments.

Chain weapons would be useless against fur this strong- it would get caught up and entangled, quickly choking up the whole weapon during the first cut.

Flesh was useless as a weapon too. Their skin was thicker than leather, and the bone armour under it could withstand heavy duty bullets.

Spikes of stone rose up around Lincent and Arthur's feet, limiting their movements, as the stones continued to blast as cannon fire.

The charging wolves would absorb any ice defences, drinking Arthur's magic like honey.

The prey was cornered.

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Lincent smashed through the boulders that were coming his way.

He no longer wanted to run.

It was time for a counter attack.

His arm turned into the bolter sword and he started shooting the werewolves.

He was aiming for their heads.

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Sadly, the head was the worst place Lincent could have aimed. More than a few inches of solid, reinforced bone was enough to shrug off the worst of the Bolterfire, so long as the wolves closed their eyes from the muzzle flash.

LIncent was tackled, boltersword sent scattering across the ice as he was slammed to the floor as a haunting howl filled the air.

Blood began to flow down the river.

And some patches of fur.

Then a young girl's head.

The weapon was left forgotten, on the floor near Arthur.

For a moment, the stone bombardment had stopped.

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The spikes seemed to have no effect on Arthur, as he ran on top of them, dodging boulders, without even flinching. What he was actually doing was making a layer of ice so thin it was invisible and in the exact shape of his foot so that the beasts couldn't notice and absorb it.

Lincent apperently had a better idea then simply running around, though it didn't seem to be all to effective, as one of the wearwolfs jumped at him, knocking his arm/chainsword/bolter away and not too far from Arthur, who made a dash towards it.

The boulders stopped and that seemed to gather the attention of the surrounding werewolves for just a second. Enough for Arthur to grab the bolter sword and shoot a werewolf coming at him. The recoli was a bit too powerful, so the gun which was aimed intneded to just hit the beasts stomach hit both the stomach, without making any penetration, and the beasts throat which showed to be a weakspot. With gun in hand and newfound bloodlust, Arthur started clearing his path towards Lincent. When he saw the werewolf leaning over the grounded Lincent, Arthur took aim and... he hit it in the unprotected butt, tho hole in the butt to be more precise, making the bolt go through the whole length of the beasts body, certanly passing through at least a few major organs along the way.

As he reached Linc and tossed him the bolter sword, Arthur saw the head floating down the river. Yukari? What the... Oh, yeah, she must be one of the paradox beasts.

"Linc, I suggest either shooting them through the nostrils to be a showoff, or simply hitting the throat."

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

The beast atop Lincent turned and spat the bolter round back at Arthur, reminding the other werewolves about the hunt.

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Lincent grabbed onto the Chainsword Bolter that was tossed to him. The werewolf on top of him seemed like he survived the close encounter between his butt and the bolter round, and now he was there, his teeth flashing at Lincent as the saliva dripped down onto his face. Lincent didn't move, not one bit. But something else did. His ribs burst out of of his torso growing around the werewolf as if they were about to take him into a loving embrace. The ribs quickly betrayed that romantic idea, the tips of each turning into a drill and digging into the back and sides of the werewolf, slowly progressing through it's bones.

Using the pain and noise as a distraction Lincent put the Chainsword Bolter right onto the throat of the beast and fired a shot. The head flew off, producing a rainbow of blood as it went. The drill-ribs returned to his torso and turned back to normal looking healthy human ribs on their way there. Lincent kicked the dead body off himself as he stood up, supporting himself with his weapon.

"Thanks partner." he turned to Arthur as he wiped the blood and werewolf flesh from his face.

That was Lincent, a weapon given life or a living being turned into a war-machine, depending on how one wanted to view that abnormality.

Every single part of his body was made to destroy and wage war.

As long as he had even a small piece of his flesh left.

If there was a splinter of his bone.

Or a drop of blood could be seen.

That man could kill you.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

The wolves were hesitated, looking at each other instead of attacking Lincent and Arthur.

This wasn't the usual hunt.

The civilisation types weren't meant to kill. They were meant to be killed.

Something howled, something massive, something far away.




Ice flew up, trees bent out of shape, as the beast arrived.

It was huge. Head to tail, more than thirty metres in length. Black, with red tribal tattoos. It bore a striking white mane and powerful bronze horns and spines.

Blue flames rose all around the monster as more bronze bone jutted out of its skin, just enough to prove that the armour was there and that something this size didn't have to worry about weakness.

This was a tank.

The falling snow turned red, each snowflake leaving a bloodstain against the frozen landscape. The waterfall flowed red, colouring the white river a deep crimson as the salmon began to choke, blood congealing in their gills as more body parts floated down the river.

Whatever it was, it was bad news.

The behemoth roared, summoning dragons of blue flame as the beast charged for Lincent and Arthur, ready to crush them against the rocks.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: (OOC: And now as planned. Time for one big post.)

One werewolf was down, that left... many more. But Lincent was confident he and Arthur could do it. He Prepared his weapon lifting it high into the air for all his enemies to see. As he did so he slowly started walking, relocating himself so that he stood next to Arthur. Lincent put the Chainsaw Bolter down for a moment, stepping on one of it's lower parts as he did so. He placed his now free arm on Arthur's shoulder. "Good job, if we go on like this we'll make it." he grinned while turning his head towards the pack of werewolves. Putting some space between himself and Arthur he kicked up the Bolter and caught it, his finger landing exactly on the trigger. It slowly swayed left and right as Lincent closed one eye, trying to pick his next target. He was looking for those that looked smaller or weaker than the others. It would allow him to kill them faster and as such also reduce the pressure Arthur and him were under. He picked his target, a male in the back-row. He was slightly smaller then the others and his fur was shorter too. But more importantly, he had a certain shine in his eyes. It was a vicious look of anger and hungriness. At first glance very dominant and threatening, but once it was examined it clearer and considered the context it became quiet obvious that the opposite was the case. That was the very same expression a normal wolf or dog would have if he was cornered. The stance and look that would appear once the animal was surrounded and could not run, when the possibility of becoming prey rather than a hunter came to be. That happened shortly before the fight or flight instinct of every animal was triggered. Fear, slowly made it's baby steps through the body of that being. A fact Lincent was going to use to his own advantage. It wouldn't be the first time he exploited that mentality of living beings. In his past on the battlefield he had such a reputation that sometimes his presence alone was enough to keep entire units at bay. Even when his bones were broken, when he had lost so much blood that he was barely holding onto his senses, his muscles worn and tired and his hand shaking when he tried to lift up his gun. All he had to do was stand upright and glare out into the open as hard as he could. Not a single soldier would dare to leave their position, they wouldn't even take a peek just because they knew that he was there. Using nothing but his reputation, intimidating face and the ability to keep standing despite the fact that he was with one foot in the grave were enough to hold entire posts for day before reinforcements arrived. There was no reason to lie, he was quiet proud of that and he planned to repeat that success right here.

His finger already started putting pressure on the trigger. He did it slowly, building up tension. They could see it, he was sure of it. But just as the game was about to reach it's climax with a bolter round as the main player, it came to an unexpected end. The werewolves were frightened a bit more then they should be and even Lincent could fell it. The air trembled. The vibrations were caused by a howl so vicious that it penetrated his very bones, making his chest and lungs vibrate like he was in the first row of a rock concert. That was bad, very bad. There was no point in Lincent's strategy if the werewolves were about to become insignificant, that is if a predator bigger than both of the parties currently present were to arrive. And by the looks of it exactly that was happening. As the howl got closer the werewolves slightly backed off, Lincent's aim wasn't as focused either. The next thing that happened nearly made him drop his weapon. It was like a localized earthquake, threes and ice were torn from the ground and were flying around as if they were nothing more than stage props. The newcomer was considerably larger than anyone there, like an elephant among lions. The color of it's skin wasn't normal, a jet black hide, though given the nature of the tower was something like that really that strange and unexpected? Another feature which wasn't seen all too often in nature were it's body markings. They reminded Lincent more of tattoos used by various tribes and hunters. They weren't as natural as the stripes of a tiger or the spots of a leopard. It's head was framed with white fur and so was his stomach and a good part of his back. It's horns weren't decoration only, the bone structure of that thing was built to be an armor. A being that much like Lincent, was not there to live but to be a weapon. Lincent lowered his weapon as he looked upon the beast, not because he wanted, but because he lost focus and his instincts told him to.

With it's roar the surroundings started to morph. Snow turned red, each flake becoming a patch of color that painted the ground like blood. Lincent could only guess what the effect of that was, but looking at what happened to the fish in the river nearby it wasn't anything good. It sent Lincent back in time for a moment. This wasn't the first time he saw a blood red river and what disturbed him more, for some reason he didn't think it would be the last one either. Even though the sight enchanted him for a moment, there was no time to linger around. With a roar the best summoned dragons, made up entirely out of blue flames. If the red landscape wasn't enough, this would surely convince anyone that this was a mystical beast. A mystical beast that was in fact charging at Lincent and Arthur as Lincent made that comment inside his head. There was not much time to think, it all came down to reactions and reflexes. Lincent quickly prepared his weapon again, pushing Arthur away out of the beast's path in the most gentle manner you could do if your tool was a giant chainsaw sword with a cannon attached to it. Lincent on the other hand was not planning to do the same. He charged at the behemoth, sliding over the snow as he came closer right under it, avoiding the deadly charge. As he passed down below, he fired seven shots along the beast's stomach. As he approached the end he prepared the Chainsword part of the weapon, starting it up he pressed it against his chest while holding onto it with his hand.

He was going to ram the base of the tail as hard he could.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

For Lincent's valiance, however, he was paid in despair.

The white fur somehow was flame, consuming the bolter rounds and melting them into the snow instantly. The massive, spiked tail swung inwards, intending to crush Lincent, only to eb stopped just barely by a hairy woman with large horns.

"iDiOT!!!" The female shouted, pushing between the back of the Behemoth and the tail, giving Lincent enough room to squeeze out of his predicament. "RaVinE! lEFT! RUn TO TOWn! KEEP DOWn!!"

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Well, we're screwed.

Arthur seemed quite optimistic about Lincents and his own chances of surviving this encounter. No, seriously, screwed is as optimistic as you can get when staring a giant mutant bear in the eye.

As there was no need for improved smell or hearing, Arthur disengaged his ability. Right before Linc pushed him out of the way. That guy is a psycho.

Seeing that he is pretty much useless, Arthur located the nearest tree and climbed up, away from the bear and where a lot of branches could be found. Branches that can be shaped into improvised weaponry. Will still be useless most likely, but Arthur had no better ideas.

And then, Kelly appeared in the demon form Arthur saw back in the identity proving portion of Hellscraper.

New plan, run that way. Arthur jumped down and started running the way he was told to.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"Thanks creepy monkey-lady." Lincent dashes off, catching up with Arthur as his arm turned back to normal.

"Hey there pretty, you headin' out to town?" he tapped Arthur on the shoulder as he finally was right next to him.

Running sure was useful.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

The behemoth roared, lunging for Arthur and Lincent as eight massive, furry arms bust from the ice and pushed against the beast.

The woman rose up and leapt over the monster, stamping on the throat of the panicking alpha Arthur.

Two invisible blades sliced, and two thumb bones flew into the air, flicking blood across Kelly snatched them with her hands and pushed them into her mouth.

She felt the power flow as she crunched, drinking the precious marrow as she flicked the fragments of bone in her teeth.

She pushed her foot down, and there was a sickening crack. Walking towards the behemoth, footprints of blood appeared in the red snow behind her.

Blood beginning to congeal. amongst the ice.

The Behemoth roared, pushing against the powered up vectors as Kelly spat a shard of bone into the Behemoth's eye.

It roared in pain, then slammed a powerful paw into her, cracking several ribs and launching her across the forest.

She banged her head against the stone, and slipped into unconsciousness.

The behemoth smelled her. The wolves would gather around her soon enough.

Now to chase the other two.


Lincent and Arthur soon found themselves at a farmhouse. The city was still a ways off, and they couldn't rest there for long.

Lincent and Arthur soon found a pitchfork pressed to either side of their neck, each held by a teenage girl, wrapped in furs and denim. "And I suppose you're here to ravish us?" A third girl asked, shotgun aimed at the two men.

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"If by ravish you mean beg you to give us some clothes so that we may hide our genitals and than continiue running towards the town and away from the GIANT MUTANT BEAR THAT MY FRIEND IS STALLING, then yeah. So, you got any clothes or can we be our way to perhaps survive this night?"

Arthur glared at the girl with the shotgun, expecting a quick answer. If the answer was a shot to the head, a wall of ice and a few flash freeze spells should do the trick.

If the answer is lowering of the weapons, Arthur will bow in the most gentlemanly manner.

And if the answer is met with silence, flash freezing should do the trick again.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

The answer was not one Arthur was expecting.

"Are you sure you aren't here to ravish us?" The girl with the shotgun asked. "Because my barn's right there if you want to ravish us."

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"Are we thinking of the same thing? Because I know several definitions of the word ravish. Not that I would mind doing it with you if you so desire, but then it's not exactly ravishing. Its consentual sex. Or you're thinking of a completely different thing and are about to shoot me in the face."

Arthur paused for a second, as the thought of the girls naked exited his mind before any noticable... Changes occured.

"Or you could just give us some clothes and go away without fulfilling your purpoise, which I'm sure is to serve as a distraction, a job I'm sure youre very good at usually."

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

The ground shook and three trees flew over Arthur, Lincent and the girls. "Vlud." The girl on Lincent's right said. "Ve're not supposed to over shelter."

The three girls ran to their house as an oak demolished said barn. Amongst several hay bales, one could also see some chains and a leather rack.

But that was irrelevant.

The Behemoth was already here.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:

"Typical. OK Linc. I'll run to the left, you to the right. It will most likely chase me since it seems more fit to murder me and then you can turn around and shoot it. If im wrong, well, sucks to be you. I'll send someone for your corpse"

And Arthur did as he was told by his own brain, running to the left and leaving Linc to fend for him- err, leaving Linc to do his part of the plan.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

Lincent said nothing as he turned his back on Arthur.

He just ran.

It was a tricky situation, both fighting that thing, but also trying to get to town. While running his left arm turned into the Chainsword Bolter again. He prepared the weapon in case the behemoth came after him or got a bit too close to Arthur. But that was only for the worst case scenario. The main plan was to run, run really fast.

But it wasn't like they had a choice anyway.

They were just prey.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Behemoth quickly abandoned Lincent, pursuing Arthur.

Lincent was not headed for the town.

However, flames rose up to divide the two and herd Lincent away from the town.

Behemoth roared, lowering its head and carving a deep trench with its horns. As it approached Arthur, it would flick its head up, slicing him in two vertically.

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