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Cole responded quickly and firmly to Lincents advances by stepping towards him and headbutting him.


It was a brain rattler- the kind that turns your knees into jelly and your spine into a slinky, where the entire body collapses on the floor as the mouth tries to remember what WTF stood for and how to pronounce it.

Once Lincent was on the ground, Coleen stamped on the ground three times and clapped her hands. Three more stamps, and the stands erupted in a thunderous clap. Coleen now stood still, a horde of ghosts stamping the ground and clapping rhythmically as an invisible mob began to pour through unseen doors.

They took shape, hundreds of mods and rockers led by a man in tight leather trousers and an admiral's coat over a white vest. The leader was glaring at Lincent, disgust and pity visible from his eyes to his bushy moustache.

"And cue convenient distraction." Kelly said, turning Al's chin so he could see the summoned mob approach Lincent as Cole walked away from the riot she had created. "I'm Kelly Malkin, Nice to meet you." She said, shaking hands with Matt as a large, annoying Buzz was heard, drowning out the stamps and claps.

Hitomi's door opened, and her tongue was loosed, as was Coleen's. "Finally." Coleen said, walking past Lincent as her mob returned to vapour and silence returned.

SamJaz was curious. He didn't get to vote? Or was it that the first to get majority vote won, to prevent ties?

Cole was first through the door. It was a swamp with trees that rose half a mile in the air. She could feel heat, noticing some patches of water were steaming, some were boiling, some had floating bones in them, clearly not safe for human usage. Another step, and a small cut appeared on her wrist.

Razor wire. Finer than she'd ever seen in her life, to cut through her Outer Carapace so easily.

"I recognise this fire swamp." Kelly motioned casually, tearing a few chunks of tree to collapse the web of razor wires. "This is what they used for last years hunger games. Pretty good one too, there was this one girl from Loveline's group that absolutely dominated the competition using wires like this and oooooooh..." She trailed off, turning to look at Hitomi who had gone white and was shaking in terror.

She spent three weeks in this hell trying to survive with Twenty-Three other citizens of Hellscraper trying to kill her.

The poisons in the water.

The pollen that caused those hallucinations

The Blast Ended Skrewts.

That feeling in her fingers the first time she broke someone's neck.

This was her nightmare made manifest.

Three miles into the swamp was a wooden door.

But Hitomi couldn't even cross through this first one.

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"Ugh, so you're into that kind of foreplay huh? I don't mind, but don't you think we should get a room first? After all there are children here like that Arty-boy over there." Lincent slowly stood up while holding his head and pointing towards Arthur at the other end of the room. The next room looked like hell, swampy hell.

Luckily Crown had the perfect solution for it. But it could wait.

He wanted to see if the others had anything to say first and he also wanted to get back to Kelly and the her way of treating those around her.

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"Hm... Maybe we should continue our introductions when there is less background noise." That was Matt's reply before he turned around and went for the door that led to the swamp.

Arthur already had an opinion on the new guy. He joined Coleens side and whispered into her ear. "Here's the plan. You distract him and I'm gonna slip an icecube down his shirt." A petty prank sure, but it will stop Arthur from sticking a spear of ice up the guys ass.

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"Robocock?" Coleen asked Lincent. "I'm going to let it slide. But one more word and I will shove your head so far up your mother's vagina that your old man won't be able to walk again. "What's the word boss?" She added, turning to face SamJaz.

"Spread into scouting formation." SamJaz instructed. "Kelly, Arthur, to the front. Cole, Matt, take the left. Al, Lincent, the right."

"Don't teleport more than fifteen feet." Kelly instructed. "It's a standard Hunger Games rule, and you will be reassembled inside out. Not even gonna lie. If you hear something hiss, stay away from it. Horizontal movement is your friend. Don't touch anything and watch out for rodents of unusual size."

Hitomi silently nodded in agreement with everything Kelly said as the PTSD hit.

Using his cane to test the water, SamJaz held Hitomi's hand and helped her into the swamp.

"Spread out, stay within sight and sound." SamJaz ordered. "Our target is that door, be ready for inconvenient bosses. Lead the way Kel."

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"You know i really like strong women." with that very silently made comment Lincent ended the conversation and also off-handly decided that he will make Coleen his lover at some point in the future, but those plans could wait. He turned his attention to the swamp. It didn't look pretty one bit, but Lincent seemed rather unimpressed. "I've seen worse." he wanted to take his first step into it but was stopped by Crown. "We're a team on this one. Call me Crown." a very strange move, Crown introduced himself with his real name to a complete stranger. Something that terrified him, but also made him happy in a wired way. "Lincent, please to meet ya." Lincent answer to Crown examining his fancy clothes and high holding.

Crown himself actually wanted to talk with Kelly first, but they were already split up and ready to go so it would have to wait. Instead he started making cards appear on the swamp to act as a bridge. He let Lincent take the first steps as some kind of scout, following some dozen steps behind him.

"Great, so we have Gloomy Boy, Stuck-up Dude and Tough Gal." Lincent snarked to himself as he walked over the card bridge.

"I think i'll like it here."

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Matt and Arthur both did as they were told. Matt went left with Cole, turning into Galantus so as to stave of any premature death. Arthur went at the front with Kelly, seeming as disinterested in the swamp as ever. In truth, outing on the appearance of disinterest just made him more vigil.

Vigil enough to hear Lincent call him gloomy boy again. Without any warning, an ice block appeared right infront of Linc's foot. Whether Arthur's plan of tripping Linc up works or doesn't, he still felt a strange sense of happiness and fulfilment.

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Antics aside, the team were able to make it across the swamp with little to no incident. The door they found led them to another sports hall, like one to be found in a school, with more drinks and restroom facilities.

While Hitomi sat against the wall to gather her sensibilities, Cole noticed the two exits.

One was marked Arthur Cromwell. The other, Matthew Anderson.

The two young men in question felt their tongues swell slightly in their mouths. Neither was able to talk, or communicate their feelings in the written word.

Maybe they could write an academic text on the subject of ice transmutation, but for now, their fates lay in the hands of those around them.

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Oh, you've got to be kidding me, Arthur thought. And here I was hoping we'd get to move on after only one of us was traumatised. Whatever, time for a bathroom break.

As Arthur went to the restroom Matt decided to scout out the room. There had to be more to this place then there seemed. How exactly does the room know who's gonna enter it. And what would it do if there was an uneven number of team members? Question like that plagued Matt's mind as he went to every corner of the room, looking for anything out of place.

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Another choice of who's going to be plagued by their worst nightmares. This time it was between Mat and Arthur. The choice was going to be a bit though. Crown didn't know enough about either of them to know what it could be that makes their lives miserable the most, so he was pretty much going to take a blind guess with the few indicators he had.

"I say we should go with Arthur on this one." Crown finally speaks up. Arthur seemed to be more mature of the two and was less likely to have some wired teenager fear, especially if one considered Matt's background.

"I'm all in for Arty-boy as well." Lincent throws the comment in as Crown states his own opinion.

Unlike Crown, for Lincent it was really nothing more than a blind guess mixed with the wish to tease Arthur.

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"Yeah, hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna trust you with this." SamJaz added, looking at Arthur. Matt was still recovering from the sudden onset of conscience, and he'd need everyone emotionally stable for the Hellscraper's final acts. It was strange, though. If they wanted to fester fear and distrust, why silence the candidates? To prevent them from making a defence? "I vote Arthur as well."

"Well, not that my vote matters, I'll vote we put Matt through hell." Kelly said as Arthur's door opened.

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Arthur felt his tounge shrinkinf down to normal size, yet he didn't say anything. He just shrugged. and walked towards the door. Matt on the other hand looked at Kelly with a small smile on this face. "Trust me Kelly, if I could have voted, I'd have voted for myself too." Despite being choosen for mental torture by Kelly, Matt was happy. She called him Matt, not Matthew. She might be "terrified of his very existance" but at least she considered him a form of friend.

What Arthur saw when he approached the door was... Nothing. Pure darkness, not a single photon. Arthur raised an eyebrow. What the hell? Does this place consider my to be afraid of nothing? I know for a fact that that isn't true, but if we get to have one less challange, then I don't mind.

He carefully stepped in with one of his feet, just to make sure there weren't any traps there. Other then a strange chill enveloping his foot (Cold? I'm supposed to be immune to most temperatures below zero.), there was nothing wrong with the room. "I think it's safe to enter." So he completely entered the room. The temperature in the room seemed much colder then it should. For the love of god, he should be able to stand butt naked in the Antarctic for at least two days without feeling anything.

He ignored it and took another step, when a sudden feeling of loneliness and despair filled him. What the... What just ha- he didn't get to finish his though when he felt pain in his chest, as if a dagger pierced his heart.

Suddenly a light appeared just a few feet in front of him. It fell like a spotlight onto a golden case with a glass top. Around the case, which reminded Arthur a lot of a fomilliar scene there was a rign of people. All ages, all crying. Or they appeared to be crying at the very least, as they didn't produce a sound, yet still their shoulders shook. Arthur approached the case and peered through the glass. In it he saw the face of an old man, silver hair, silver beard, eyes closed as if he was in deep sleep.

Arthur recognised his step-father, the Grand King. He recongised the whole scene as his burrial. The people around him became completely motionless all of a sudden, easily compared to mannequins, and started melting, as if they were made of plastic. The man inside the golden coffin started melting as well and the coffin follew suit,. When everything melted, the light disappeared, the room becoming completely dark again. But Arthur could see a small discoloroation, if you could call it that, far in the distance. At that point he noticed something strange. He couldn't hear anyone around ahimself. Turning around, he noticed that he was completely alone and the feeling of dispare inside of him grew. "Where did everybody go?"

Matt stood right next Arthur actually. He too felt cold, loneliness and dispare. he too saw the coffin and the people, the mannequins, melt away. But unlike Arthur, he could also see and hear everyone else in the room. Arthur's question surprised him. "What are you talking about? We're right hear." He waived his hand infront of Arthur's face, but the mage kept looking straight through it. The increase in Arthur's dispair increased the dispare inside Matt and everyone olse in the room as well.

Arthur tried to ignore it. Maybe the room made everyone invisavble. They couldn't have already gotten to the exit. He turned around and started walking towards the discoloration in the distance. About a minute later however, the spotlight that shone before appeared again. This time, it showed a normal coffin and only three peole around it. A small boy, a a woman in hid mid twenties and a man, wearing a coat. They were just looking at the coffin, no one showing any emotion. Arthur looked at it, but there was no way he could see who was inside without opening it.

"That's right, disrespect the dead why don't you. It's not like you respect the living with how many people you kileld just in this single place." Arthur knelt down on one knee. He tugged on the top part and it gave way without any problem. Inside was the woman in her mid-twenties, one of the three watching the coffin. he hear a quite boom behind him and turned around. The woman was gone and only the two men stood watching. And the melted, like the people before. The coffin melted, too and the spotlight faded away.

"Jeez. Like I could believe my mentor suddenly died. I saw her right before we left. There's no way she died in these few days." Arthur said those words but the air in the room suddenly became heavier, harder to breath in.

Matt watched the scene, not moving a muscle. When Arthur opened the coffen the woman watching the scene disappered with a boom and a flash of light. The woman inside the coffin looked exxactly the same. She wore the same clothes, completely ordinary blue jeans, a white shirt and her brown hair was tied in a bun. "Who...?" Matt was about to ask, but Arthur already said it was his mentor, completely ignoring Matt.

Arthur moved on. He was getting closer to the exit when he saw five white, shinig even, silhouettes. The spotlight shone again and they turned into fove people, only two of which Arthur could reconginse while the other three would be fomiliar to SamJaz. It was Sam and Sven with three other girls, standing inn a circle facing inwards. And a spike suddenly passed thorugh each of their backs coming out through their stomachs, showering the center with blood. Then they disappeared, not melted, just faded away with the spotlight. But they were quickly replaced by a large number of silhouettes, again in a circle only this time facing outwards.

And the light gave them form again. This time they became FCL. All the members of FCL Sam, Phantom, Gen, Matt, Hitomi, Yukari and everyone else except for Arthur himself. And the spikes, just like the ones that killed the Dragonbells, pierced them from behind, blood spraying towards Arthur.

Arthur was speachless at the sight. he took a step forwards and then noticed another silhuet standing in the middle of the circle the, now dead, members of FCL formed. It started getting shorter and started taking a clearer form as color started giving it a fomiliar shape.

Arthur ran towards it, passing straight through the still standing corpses as a frost sword appeared in his hand. he tried cutting through the thing as it became more and more like Arthur, but his swords passed straight through it. it's face was the last to form.

It was grinning. And then, puff, everything disappeared. Nausea filled Arthur and he felt as if he was about to throw up. The same was with Matt and the rest of FCL. Luckly, there was a brownish door not too far from them.

Arthur ran towards the door, joined by Matt who he still couldn't see. Arthur had to get to the door as fast as possible. He had to get their before he threw up so he gained speed, soon leaving Matt behind him. He opened the door and stepped in to the next room, gasping for air. but he didn't have to. The nausia left. The cold temperature left. The air became brethable anf there was no feeling of loneliness anywhere to be seen. Arthur just closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He need to sit down for just a second so he moved away from the door and leaned agains the wall, slowely sliding down until he was in a sitting position.

Matt ran behind Arthur who easily put a lot of distance between them. Even after Arthur opened the door and got outside the feeling that he would throw up didn't leave Matt. but he was so close. Just a few more steps.

But the steps were too long. He had to stop moving and his lunch vacated his stomach. The nausia still didn't stop and Mattwas about to puke again, but he managed to hold it down as he made those last few steps towards freedom.

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"Well." SamJaz said, whistling as he stepped out of the dark place, leaning on his cane. "Props to you Arthur, that was in the top ten screwed up crap I've seen in my lifetime."

'Really?' Kelly asked SamJaz, opening a telepathic connection as she grabbed a towel from a railing and tossed it to Matt.

'No, but I taunt Chaos Gods.' SamJaz replied before sitting down on a bench.

Hitomi and Cole made it through, Hitomi still shook up and supported by Cole, who seemed completely unfazed by the experience.

"Half way through I reckon." Kelly noted, looking around this third gymnasium and noticing that the candidates hadn't left the darkness yet. "Al or Lincent, huh? That ain't fair. Al's had that on his head for the last thirty floors now, he don't need to see their bodies when we're that close."

SamJaz had to agree. Despite Lincent's behaviour, he didn't feel any actual bad will towards him. However, Al had been a pillar of strength this entire time, despite the thoughts on his head and his fears for what could happen. He almost completely broke down from a single comment Taylor made, if Kelly hadn't quoted his password to him he'd still be broken now.

SamJaz couldn't risk Al breaking down now. It would be too easy for him to shatter.

The worst part, however, was that SamJaz knew that he was thinking strategically before thinking of protecting his friend.

Thankfully, his feelings for Al as a friend coincided with the correct tactical decision.

Cruel as it may be, no matter how bad Lincent's nightmare was, the team could survive without him, since he hadn't integrated himself into the team unity or combat capabilities. SamJaz still had no idea what he was capable of, other than creating machinery.

"I vote Lincent." SamJaz stated, his first proactive choice on this floor, and it felt just as damning to his tongue as if he had uttered an execution order.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Matt caught the towel and wiped his mouth. Unsure of what to do with it now that it's dirty Matt tossed it into a corner, hoping no one saw him do it. He was about to ask Arthur if he need to talk about anything when he heard a cheerful "I vote Lincent!" coming from behind him.

Arthur was in a surprisingly good mood all of a sudden. Could it have something to do with the fact that Lincent was most likely about to get his own hell, Matt didn't know. But he had doubts that that could suddenly fix whatever the trip through the room did to Arthur.

"You OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing can fix your mood better then some mental torture, am I right?"

"Err, sure." Matt responded. That guy. He is one strange seed. Is he really OK? Whatever, it's not like it's Matt's problem anyway.

"I guess I vote Lincent as well. It's not that I have anything against you Linc, I just think Phantom should get some rest from constantly losing Clare." it was obvious what waited behind Aliester's door. He's shown time and time again that there is nothing worse for him then Clare dying or, God forbid, being tortured.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"I vote the douche gets it." Coleen agreed.

"Lincent." Kelly agreed.

"Unanimous vote in favour of the new guy." Hitomi said, starting to get back to her usual self as the door opened. "So, acid enema?"

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As the team made their final votes and the decision had already been made, Crown and Lincent entered the room.

A quick look at the voting light above each door made it clear what happened.

"Sweet, i won!" Lincent yelled it out as his cigarette fell to the ground obviously ignoring how the system actually worked.

He already made his way to the door without saying much more but then stopped and turned around to face the whole team.

"No one enters till i'm not done."

He said it with both a slightly more serious tone and look in his eyes, making it clear that he really meant what he just said.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz smelt a cop out, and nearly brought himself to disregard Lincent's wishes and follow him in there.

But, in the end, he decided to be a gentleman and let the man have his privacy.

"And I'm the police."

SamJaz raised his head to see Kelly kick the door to Lincent's worst fears. "Rude." SamJaz sighed, not getting involved.

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"Sure. Too bad I don't feel like waiting." Arthur said. Who the he'll does this guy think he is? He got up and started walking. "Besides, it's not like we won't see what happened inside when we go through there to the next room, anyway."

Arthur didn't expect the "old fart", as he decided to call Lincent, to actually let him through, but he did try to take a sneak peek at what is it behind the door that they mustn't see anyway.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Seeing Arthur and Kelly force their way into Lincent's worst fears, SamJaz approached Aleister.

"So, me and Kelly are next then." SamJaz commented.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

As soon as Arthur started walking Lincent stopped dead in his tracks.

He turned around directly facing the mage and just glaring at him.

Lincent didn't move from the spot.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"Move wench." Kelly announced, raising her foot once more and planting it against Lincent's back, launching him into the room. Hopefully he'd hate her for this. Chainswords on demand seemed a useful skill to have.

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