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FCL stepped onto stage as the crowd went wild, Freddie Mercury closing off the finale of Merryweather Cocaine, The Great Gig in the Sky's latest hit, before bowing and handing the stage onto the hastily put together band.

SamJaz, Hitomi, Hagane and Kelly took their places, ready to face the bloodbath of boos they were about to endure.

While SamJaz, Hitomi, and Kelly were oozing confidence, the two siblings bordering on insanity, Hagane was petrified. So much so, that she accidentally Dropped the Bass.

There was an explosion of sound and light, music and Wub going crazy as Hagane was pulled into a portal and replaced by...

Another person. The newcomer wore large black sunglasses over blood red eyes. She wore a white and red shirt, with vinyl records floating under her hands, and she had the air of the manliest badass that ever graced the universe.

And in her mind, she was.

"Let's do this." Coleen Kurugi, the third member of Sketchinoda, said, glancing at Hitomi, who nodded and began to count the group in.

The members of From The Ceiling With Love were filed with the spirit of Orpheus, Coleen granting them a temporary mastery over their chosen instrument.

Then SamJaz and Kelly both struck their chords.

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Coleen was leading the band. Literally. Manipulating people's fingers, she created music that caused even the seats to get up and dance. The actual steel and leather seats uprooted themselves and danced.

Within three minutes or so, however, it was all over.

SamJaz panted for breath, exhausted from teh rhythmic puppeteering, waiting to gauge the crowd's reaction.

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And the crowd went wild. Cheers, whistles and even some hats filled the air. The opposing band, Great Gig in the Sky approached FCL and congratulated them. Even Beethoven, who couldn't hear anything, knew that Phantom did great just by looking at the motion of his fingers. The team won this one without a shadow of a doubt.

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And a reaction they did get. A brilliant one on top of that.

The crowd was out of control.

Probably one of the most exciting moments in a man's life, even for Phantom who was used to being on stage and reactions like these.

It looked like FCL could move on after all.

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The after party was short lived. Refusing the crowd's demands for an encore, the team moved on, Coleen introducing herself along the way as a step-in for Hagane.


The room was filled with computer banks and large flatscreen computers. "This is where we keep the stock exchange." Kelly explained, pointing to the various monitors that showed names like Dow, Google, and Ebay with their numbers. Some were doing better than others, but what drew their attention was the wall opposite the staircase and elevator.

There was a large white door, one that seemed to be carved from polished bone, or perhaps marble. Above it was inscribed the words:


What really caught SamJaz's eye, however, was the seven large flatscreen televisions above it.

The leftmost showed a young girl, no older than nine, with long blonde hair and a cheeky smile.

The second, a delicate beauty, dressed in white with her pink hair arranged over her shoulder.

The third, a brunette, confident and daring, in a black dress arranged with lace flowers over the shimmering silk.

Fourth, a young woman, short black hair and a serious smile, presented in a subtle black and purple gown

Fifth, A wild beauty, dressed in silver with her pink hair swept back, bare shoulders set strong in defiance against the world.

Sixth, a quiet confident oriental figure, her cropped black hair slicked down in a boyish cut, her emerald kimono giving the hint of mystery and power.

Seventh, a beautiful woman, her long white hair brushed to either side of her face, framing her gentle smile and kind, crimson eyes, dressed in a subtle shade of pink and yellow.

Loveline. Mary. Dorothy. Alice. Kelly. Another girl. Claire.

"Beyond this point, you cannot go back." A darkskinned man in a white suit said from behind the team. "The elevator will not respond, nor will it carry any one down beyond this point. You will not receive any more reinforcements, and it will be impossible to return without reaching the very bottom of the tower."

"Why are you showing us your captives?" SamJaz asked the man.

"The seven princesses of heart are our master's objective." The man explained. "Seven women capable of shifting nations by force of personality, be it through dominance, admiration, fear, or even the gentle whispers into the ear of a malleable servant."

"Mister Vincentsson would like to offer the princess of their choice to the first member of From the Ceiling with Love to denounce their teammates and leave the tower immediately, never to return."

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It was obvious what Vincent wanted with this. Arthur himself was tempted to take that first girl, Loveline, for himself, but that would make him look like a pedophile,a fact he sought to hide with all his might. So he just looked at Phantom. What he was about to do was tell him that, if he want's to take Clare with him and never return, probably leaving FCL to die, it's OK. Arthur could understand that. But instead he just opened his mouth. it took him the last couple of floors to even notice that Phantom took of his mask.

And now he was stunned. "Phantom, you're... some guy I think I saw in one of my mentors magazines." He was also about to tell him that that might have been a pornographic magazine, but it was probably more information then was required, so he decided to keep silent about it.

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Phantom just nodded at what Arthur was saying, he didn't even pay any attention to his words. His eyes were completely focused on the screens, or rather the last one of them. It was his beloved Clare and now was his chance to end this nightmare and just go home. He'd forget about this place, about everyone in FCL and never contact anyone again. A few days ago that's exactly what Crown would have done without even thinking about it. But now it was different, it was just that these people knew his identity, it was something more. There were many other things involved, he actually cared about his group, he wanted to help if he could and he wanted to stay this new self without resorting to his usual actions that would lead to complete isolation. He didn't want to live like that anymore, of course he wouldn't go through the streets proclaiming and singing that he was Phantom, but a few friends like this didn't hurt either.

And beyond all of that, he just wanted to beat the hell out of that bastard Demien.

"Thanks for the offer, but i'm going all in." he said it in a polite yet confident voice.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"I'll take Dorothy."

SamJaz turned to Glinda, who smiled. "I'm sorry everyone." She said eventually. "I don't know any other way to stop Fiyero from going through with this."

Fiyero looked at her, blinking as she cried. "Glinda..."

"It's okay." She said with a smile, as the screen with Dorothy's face went black. "Just... don't go."

Fiyero looked, then at the team.

The elevator door opened, and Dorothy stood inside, hands and feet handcuffed together.

The man in the suit handed Glinda a key. "You have ten seconds." He said, and the healer broke into a run.

Hitomi pushed Fiyero in the back. "Go!" She said, and he obeyed.

The two Wizardroad members made it into the elevator and the doors closed behind them, and the elevator went upwards.

The bone doors opened.

"Onward." SamJaz said with a smile.


The room was a lush personal theatre, with thick leather armchairs facing a balcony. Some distance away was a massive IMAX screen, showing Fiyero and Glinda in the elevator, freeing Dorothy and embracing one another.

"I'm glad for them." SamJaz said, taking a seat with a smile. However, his instincts were going ballistic.

Something was about to happen. And they needed to be ready.

Kelly, Coleen and Hitomi each took their seats, watching as Dorothy, Fiyero and Glinda left through the front door.

Along with both of the receptionists, who closed the door behind them as music began to play.

The door to the floor above the team closed shut, sealed with massive white doors, and by the looks of the camera, so did the the pathways to every staircase in the building.

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

It started subtly, with the pathways between staircases closing off. No one noticed as the turrets descended from the ceiling.


Undertakers were bagging up the corpses as a few cowboys’s oversaw the grim work, when the bullets came.


Robots tore chunks of scrap from each other, the crowds making such a noise they didn’t realise they were being shot until they felt the blood splatter on their faces.


Creatures began to emerge from eggs, crawling amongst the corpses of their parents, but the cannonfire pushed their corpses back into the magma.


The bullets tore through the lights on the floor, obliterating the remainder of the ninja corpses.


The artillery broke the metal racetrack into the lava, mowing down the screaming audience as they tried to escape, the press turning the stands into a shooting gallery.


The forest burned, the knights torn apart.


“No no no no NO!!!” Hitomi screamed, helpless as her classmates and teachers were mercilessly slaughtered.


Gold could not save them. The captain accepted his fate, Bottle of rum exploding in his hand as he raised it to his lips.


The mighty ocean was drained, the maze at the bottom collapsing as the bombs detonated at the foundations.


The city burned, the monster’s cocoon crumbling into ashes as her corpse fell to the ground, the earthquake shattering the ruined skyscrapers that surrounded her.


Loveline’s bedroom ignited, slowly at first, but the flames crawled and grew and consumed the pink cushions and girly decorations


The river broke its banks, flooding the burning planes as missile after missile bombarded the plains.


The arena collapsed, crushing the bloodsport enthusiasts and the monsters that fought for valour, one bloodied and confused hippogriff

turning to face the incoming machine of death.


The white sketch world began to blacken, flames eating away at it like paper. The waitress clutched to her lion, sobbing as she tried to escape the embers that ate at her whole world.


The chefs and waiters tried to escape the camera’s eye, but there was too much hot lead in the air. There was nowhere to dodge, only their flesh to be torn and burned.


The mentally deranged clerk sat there, smiling as all his organised refuse was incinerated, himself with it.


The mirrors begat more flames, more explosives, and more crushers, only accelerating its grim demise.


A terrified batter stood at home base, watching the scoreboard fall into the stands, crushing screaming fans and spewing sparks into the burning pitch. He watched in horror as the ceiling began to descend.


Water poured into the salt plains, the monster’s bloated corpse floating to the top of the salinated water until the missiles tore it to shreds.


Drips of water poured through the ceiling, and then the barricade broke, two oceans of water cascading into the Sphinx’s temple, crushing it against the walls and breaking the obelisks and pillars, bringing the mighty sanctuary to its knees in seconds.


Water smashed the televisions, soiling the ruined electronics and pushing its way through.


The danceroom, already warped and distorted and smashed, was broken into pieces as sparks flew and machines burst into chemical flames, burning even as the computers were carried away by the water.


The machine continued to pump neurotoxin, adding its deathly kiss to the roaring stampede of water and fire.


The maids and butlers repaired leaks, built dams, but the torpedoes obliterated their defenses and the water crushed them against the walls and suffocated them; poisoning them even in their death throes.


The military evacuated, but for the grandeur of the forest and the lake, the sky above them sparked, and the lights went out one by one as portions of the ceiling gave way, and it rained blood, water, and fire.


The teleporting device was bolted to the door, and the scientists shouted with glee was the water was ejected to the depths of space. So ecstatic was their joy, however, they did not notice the velociraptors stalk them through their portals.


Death looked at the turrets, closing the box of books and making his way as the flames erupted, burning the countless volumes and tomes burning with the flesh of a thousand monsters.


The librarians screamed, protecting their life’s work as the bookcases leaned over and collapsed as the walls began to shift.


A writhing mass of tentacles tried to escape, but the falling spikes drilled through its elastic flesh and devoured it with acidic venom.


A young girl wept over the body of the fallen orangutan, begging for him to stop pretending. Do something, anything!

And the flames consumed all.


The artificial forest showered the snow with sparks, the gunfire causing the trees to ignite into green-yellow flames, releasing fumes and providing no escape for the monsters within.


The musicians did their best to entertain the guests, to calm them in the face of their impending doom.

The head servant, Lumiere, however, sat in the corner, weeping and clutching a picture of his wife, at home with their daughter on the surface, whispering her name even as the bullets flew from the walls.


They partied like it was the end of the world. For them, it was. Bullets pierced, blood flew, painting the dancefloor a slick sanguine as the dancers fell to their knees.


For many, it reminded them all to much of the troubles, back in Ireland. Somehow, most of them knew it would end this way.


The demolition was quick and effective, the constructs of steel falling into the abyss of flames.


A figure in a dark suit took a chip from a sleezy dealer, sipping a martini in one hand as he carried a comatose woman on his shoulder.


Geneticists worked endlessly to repair the damage done, some turning to the suited man for help, only to be ignored as the machines began to explode round them, shrapnel flying throughout the lab.


“What’s happening Demien?” A scientist asked the walking man. “WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER!?”


The brown river boiled as the blue flames rolled into it, consuming the corpses and confectionery as missiles continued their bombardment.


The darkness fled, stone wrenched asunder as the tunnel collapsed in pieces, through the barriers and into the war room below.


Glass flew, metal crumpled, as the stone rings fell and brought with them brown sludge and the fury of the missiles, destroying the room that first bought them.


Gears fell out of place, rolling through the massive walls and breaking their way through as war kept on turning.


The books bent, then flew against each other, and the whole academy of law was consumed in the darkness of a black hole.


The bedroom collapsed, unsupported by physics as atoms broke their bonds, protons and neutrons repelling one another until the comfortable suite was nothing but the sterile white of the undecorated Hellscraper.


A bell rang. “Last call.” The barmaid said, shaking as she downed her vodka.

The cans behind her exploded, and the rain of fire did its grim work.


Molten metal poured out of the forges, the blacksmith working to contain it, only to be burnt up by the very metal he sought to shape.


Santa locked the door to his warehouse, turning around to face the burning forest all around him, the evaporating snow creating a blinding mist not even Rudolph would be able to see through.

He dropped his sack, falling to his knees.

He was too late.


Missile after Missile bombarded the desert, blasting it with heat and force until it became a tundra of glass.


The black temple collapsed, slabs of ebony crashing against the floor as the skull throne was destroyed.


A lone conductor stood amongst the ruined seats, holding the blackened remains of Phantom’s mask.

The guards surrounded him, and the fat lady sang, accompanied by a concerto of death and fire.


Red lights flashed their warnings, but the bunker was helpless to defend itself as the nerve gas was pumped into their base, blast doors opening only to reveal a torrent of molten mercury, washing everything away in a wave of silver.


The freed people stood boldly against the doomsday, looking into the sky as the sun fell down and brought their grasslands to flame.


The armoured giant broke free of its restraints, clutching the red sphere as the screws fell loose, and the whole construct fell into the darkness.


The small island rumbled, defenseless against the tsunami that washed over it.


The dark room was passed over, too insignificant to warrant any destruction. The blood and bones remained as a testament to her sins.


Magical barriers, teleportation spells, restorative magic, all of it failed to the onslaught of burning metal and death incarnate.


The kegs of mead exploded below, bringing the wooden roof down upon the revelers within, killing them with fire and with rubble.


Shops were closed, lights went out, and a single nuclear device was rolled into the centre of it all. The hydrogen ignited, and none survived.


The plants burned, the toxins consuming all, the spores activating the emergency sterilization procedure to incinerate all matter inside the lab.


The filing cabinets fell over themselves, papers scattering as they caught the flames. Clerks ran around frantically, grasping what they could before they themselves were torn apart by the waves of flying bullets and nuclear flames.


The earth quaked, and SanJashi looked to Phantom. Aruu and Yamato ended their game, standing up to see the commotion.

The tower collapsed, killing them instantly as burning metal fell from above, crushing and burning the city they fought so hard to reclaim.


The temple of dragons, defiled, ruined, nothing was left to destroy, only for the walls to close together, crushing everything inside.


The stage collapsed, the speakers falling into the audience below as the Great Gig in the Sky resolutely played their last song.

Freddie looked at the oncoming walls, then to his crowd. “THANKYOU!” He shouted boldly before the walls pressed him and his audience together in a sealing kiss.


The walls in the stock exchange divided apart, revealing Demien Vincentsson, waving at the camera before lifting up the hair of the woman he carried, moving her face closer to the camera so FCL could get a good look at her.

“Rachael...” SamJaz whispered, shaking as Demien took her back into the elevator. "WAIT YOU-"

The screen changed, split into sixty four tiles. The sixty four screens showed the same, sterile environment. Pure white. Pure empty. No sign of their efforts, their battles, the enemies they overcame and the friends they had made.

It was gone.

All of it.

Hitomi wasn’t moving. She sat stock still, tears flowing from her eyes as she stared in mute disbelief.

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@Fehafare @SamJaz:

Arthur sat there, in total silence, a serious expression on his face through the whole thing. When it was over all he could do was look at the floor. Before he could stop himself the words "Well, shit" left his mouth. He outstretched his palm and an icicle appeared floating, spinning above it. Then it slowly changed its shape into a rose, and then its petals melted off. And then it exploded into a million bits.

Matt watched with terror on his face. He hugged Kelly, pressing her aagainst his chest, stopping only because he feared suffocating her. But did he do it to comfort Kelly, or himself. As it stopped, Damien appearing on the screen and disappearing again, Matt's eyes were filled with tears. He let go of Kelly hoping she would understand. He got up and approached Hitomi.

There were no words he could use. No words to express his thoughts and emotions. So he just hugged her. Not a hug like the one with Kelly, this one was more easily described as a fatherly hug. One that comforts a child when it discoveres grandma is gone forever. Or when its puppy dies. Or when it loses its whole family. Because that's what just happened. Hitomi lost her whole family, and as close as FCL were after everything that happened to them, they still weren't a replacement family.

It was obvious what must happen. Vincent has to die. But who is the one that deals the finishing blow? And will it be a coupe d'grace, or will he die a slow death, in pain and agony?

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Crown leaned back in his seat as the presentation started, though calling it presentation was absurd to begin with. It was more akin to chaos than anything else, sixty-four screens of madness, carnage and destruction. Crown didn't really have to look to know who it was, nor did it surprise him in fact. He expected Demien to be the exact type of person to do that, there was nothing strange about it. Of course not even Crown could have predicted that he'd let his insanity loose on such a huge scale. Though he remained mostly expressionless there was a certain kind of rage boiling up in him. It wasn't new rage that was being added to him, but rather the old rage and frustration Demien had caused. Seeing all of that on screen just served to reignite what Crown believed that he had brought under his control. Exactly that was the reason that he lastly looked away and started thinking of positive things. There was no good in him getting obsessed and reckless over it again, just ignoring the guy would be the best. By the time the entire video had finished and Demien was the only one left, Crown was relatively calm. The rest of FCL was in a quiet different mood as it seemed, shock, agony and disbelief.

It made Phantom smile slightly. Not the usual type of smile people imagined when someone said "smile". It was sarcastic, broken and fake. The fact that he didn't seem as affected as the rest just reminded him that he was the loner of the group and the one who fits in the least, the one with least empathy. On the other hand, right now he was more worried about Sam and Hitomi than he was about himself, so perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. Hitiomi lost everything, right now she probably had the most right to be pissed off in FCL. Sam wasn't off the hook either, not only his sister but also Rachael were in this now. Even if he wanted to, Phantom no longer had any excuse for his actions, there were people with worse problems because of this here too. Just as he was sitting there he remembered that he didn't call Clare for some time. He took out the phone instinctively as he realized it, but then he stopped for a moment. Looking at it and around himself he stood up and threw the phone onto the ground and then stepped on it multiple times. It was probably too late now, but it was something he should have done from the beginning. Not that it mattered anymore, one more floor and they were going to get the bastard. Phantom meant to keep his best cards for the man on floor 77, but now there was no point in it. He'd use all he had against Demien, even his own life.

"You ready guys?" he asked it in a low voice, not an upbeat way the question was normally asked. Just getting over with it was the motto now.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"Burn the Heretic." Cole said, being the first to rise. "Kill the Monster. Purge the Unclean. In My Emperor's Name, Let None Survive."

SamJaz nodded. Normally, he would have immediately shot down Cole's usual attempts to start a religion after him, but this time, her sentiments mirrored that of the entire team.

Demien would die.

"Let's go." SamJaz said, Kicking the door to the stairs down with a violent pushkick.


The floor was white, but that of marble, not sterile metal.

It was a city, a fine city like that of the romans, with waterways and aqueducts as far as the eye could see, surrounding its towers and flowing under its bridges.

Suddenly, blood spurted up from one of them. “NOBODY TOUCH THE WATER!!” Kelly shouted, recoiling as blood flowed from an unseen source near her face.

The invisible wound on her vector closed up, and SamJaz approached an aqueduct. Cautiously, he drew a sword and slowly lowered it into the water.

He almost lost his balance and the sword the moment the tip touched the water- water splashed almost vertical for twenty metres and SamJaz grunted in effort of keeping his sword steady.

He fell backwards, landing on the marble, and water rained down on him.

The water itself was harmless, just normal water.

However, the speed it was moving at made it more effective than a grinder belt.

“COMMANDER!” Cole shouted from up ahead. “You need to come see this!”

Rising up, SamJaz jogged to the source of the sound. This wasn’t right.

Where was Demien? Where was Rachael? What was going on?

SamJaz found what Cole wanted him to see quite quickly. It was hard to miss. There was a girl, stripped naked and covered in blood, pierced against the side of a building with dozens of drills. Her short black hair was slicked down to her face, wet with sweat and her own blood.

She had a small chest, that much was visible, and she was covered in black warpaint.

“That’s Demien.” Kelly said, realizing. “The real one. She never had much of a figure, and with the tight leather, no one really noticed she was a girl.”

“Who was she.” SamJaz asked, noticing her fairly wide chin that was familiar but not exactly who they had fought all this time.

“Joan of Arc.” Kelly said, scowling as she notice the particularly violent vaginal trauma. Whoever did this to her was going to die.

Yeah, the Demien she knew was an ass who threw her weight around. But this…

“You…” Hitomi snarled, looking up a large, white marble staircase as a doorway opened.

It was Demien. Or, rather, the one who had claimed to be Demien. The warpaint was gone, save the black spike on the nape of his neck. His eyes did not glow gold, but rather a dull black. His left shoulder was bandaged, but he covered it by pulling a loose white shirt over his head.

“Hey, I see you found the real deal.” He said, smiling as he pulled the shirt down to cover his stomach. “I won’t apologise, you weren’t missing much. She was a boring lay as well as a boring fight. Just mimicking her battlestyle was dull as wet cheese.”

“Why…” SamJaz demanded, rising up with his back to the fake Demien. “If you aren’t working with Vincentsson, then why are you even here?”

The madman laughed. “You know, one of my earliest memories, I must have been five or something, but my father came home from work.”

He slowly began to descend down the steps, towards the team. “He looked at me, then at my sister’s crib. He must have looked at her for almost a minute before he went into the kitchen and said to my mother, ‘Honey, why is the baby on fire?’”

“And do you know what she said?” Demien asked, chuckling slightly as he looked at the team. “She said, ‘Buy me more jewelry.’”

“I’m serious.” Demien laughed. “That was her justification. So, My father, justified in what he felt was right, took the knife from the table and sliced her belly open like a fish. She screamed, of course, but he didn’t care. Instead, he walked back into the lounge, took my sister’s corpse, and RAMMED it as far up into her ribcage as he could. Over and over again, he rammed that little baby’s body up until my mother’s heart came out of her mouth.”

“She had to learn, you see.” Demien said, hands wide as he neared the bottom of the steps. “She had to learn that when you take someone precious from someone, they will make you suffer for it. You can’t just go around destroying the centre of people’s universes like that.”

He pointed at Aleister. “I owe you an apology.” Demien told him. “See, when I heard that she ran off with the Fit English Bloke in that team who was attacking Hellscraper, assumed that she’d at least have the dignity to choose the rich and famous actor. Not the washed up wannabe hero who can’t even put a roof over his own head.”

“What the hell is he talking about?’ Kelly asked SamJaz, glancing at him briefly

“No idea. “ SamJaz replied. “You ready?”

She shook her head. “I’m not getting anything from him.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” Demien whispered into her ear.

SamJaz and Kelly recoiled, moving forward as Demien stood behind them, stroking the corpse of the real Demien. “See, I don’t have to pretend to be this little French mademoiselle anymore, now, do I?”

“Who are you?” SamJaz demanded. “WHAT ARE YOU?!”

The strange boy smiled, tearing the girl Demien from the drills that nailed her to the wall, then tossed her into the air.

Twenty Seven spikes materialized, skewering her repeatedly before she hit the water, instantly becoming a bloody smear that was swept away as a red mist settled on the side of one of the buildings.

“No one special.” Demien answered with a smile as a drill materialised in his hand. “I’m just some kid who wants his girlfriend back.”

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Matt's heart skipped a beat when he saw her. The girl screwed to the wall by all the drills. Chills went down his spine and he couldn't see or hear anything around him. Not until Damien first spoke. Matt looked at him, with obvious terror on his face. He couldn't move a muscle, and everything he heard quickly turned into gibberish.

When Damien took the poor girl off the wall, treating her like a useless doll, something in Matt snapped and his vision became foggy. But he didn't do anything yet, doing his best to suppress the rage, the rage that could equal Phantoms, if not surpass it. Yes, she would have tried killing them. Yes, they would have to fight her. But what Damien was doing is just sick.

When the girls body fell into the water and turned into nothing but a red smudge Matt couldn't suppress his rage anymore. He, in his completely normal, frail, and all-around human body, jumped at Damien. "YOU MONSTER! I'LL KILL YOU!"

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It was obvious what was about to happen. Demien was going to beat Matt within an inch of his life until he transformed.

But one thought ran through Kelly's mind.

Demien, or Joan, had the power to bypass any defense. She could create matter.

She wouldn't be killed that easily.

She should have been able to defeat this pretender with ease.

So, why-

Demien sidestepped, making a subtle movement of his hand to send Matt towards the ground.

-Why couldn't Kelly get a grasp for the impostor's abilities?

A spiralled spike appeared in Demien's other hand, and he drove it into Matt's shoulder, pinning him to the ground.

But it was all wrong.

There was no blood.

Not even Matt's clothes were damaged.

But, he withered. Still alive, still fully aware, but powerless.

The truly terrifying thing, at least to Kelly, was the small spike protruding from the screen of Matt's digivice.

It was useless. Not a single ounce of energy remained in the machine. Not a single ounce of rage or motivation remained in Matt, either.

What was the point. It was all useless. That spike sealed his abilities and his motivation in a single blow.

Demien looked at Matt, laying there on the floor, and then to the others.

"Monster?" He asked them. "No. A monster would be slain by heroes like you. Heroes that take what they want and make laws by their own power. I'm not human either. Humans like you would have violated your women the same way you violated mine."

A powerful spike rose from the ground, base in the air, and Demien took it in hand as a blade circled along the shaft like a spiral.

"No more heroes." Demien warned. "I just want her back. Then I want you to suffer."

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

A slow clapping could be heard. It was Arthur. "Well done. Good job. You kidnapped a girl. You fought to take her away. You did your best to do that. And at no point did you notice it was the wrong girl. Hihihi. Either you're a complete idiot or you're even more then an idiot. Listen up boy. You think you're all cool with your long and boring speeches and your flashy drill thingies. You're not."

What Arthur forgot to do,while he talked was think of a way to murder this guy. But that's just a minor setback.

"But enough talk... Have at you." Two cool looking swords appeared in Arthur's hands as he used flash frost, not on Damien, but on the drill he summoned. Ice shards of various sizes appeared around Damien before attempting to penetrate him, like an iron maiden made of ice.

But Arthur knew that wouldn't kill Damien, far from it. It was merely a distraction serving to delay him and hopefully give Arthur enough time to rip out the drill stuck in Matt. And to provide a healing spell so that our dear lover-boy doesn't die.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

More than distracting Demien, the cage of ice obscured his view of SamJaz coming in from the left with a shortsword and knife.

The drill held, though turned black and steaming, and was able to break through much if the ice as SamJaz rushed Demien, parrying the drill and stabbing the knife into the bandaged shoulder as Arthur rushed to Matt. Kelly was already there, feeling the drill and beginning to twist it, rotating it gently out as to not cause a wound.

Unwarare of this, Demien snarled, twisting as SamJaz got the shortsword in a reverse grip and brought it into Demien's ribcage. The madman snarled, his free hand slamming into SamJaz and sending him hurtling back.

Coleen stopped herself from charging, noticing what was in Demien's hand.

A small weasel, white with an eyepatch, and holding a scythe.

It glowed with a faint blue aura.

"This would be one of your twelve... what do you call them, Personas?" Demien asked, smiling as he snapped its neck. "Facets of your soul, masks you wear to protect yourself from society, your very identity, right?"

He tossed the dead animal aside as it dissolved into broken glass, then faded away. "So if I rip all of those out of you, then you become nothing more than a vegetable. A body without a soul."

Demien smiled, lowering his head as SamJaz pulled a long sword in a sheath from his shoulder and held the handle in one hand, the scabbard on the other, horizontally across his chest. "Oh, you might be unkillable, but I can break you quite easily."

SamJaz tensed, ready to strike, as Kelly successfully removed the drill from Matt, colour returning to his cheeks as she turned her attention to the digivice.

"That's where you're keeping her, isn't it?" Demien asked, beginning to walk towards SamJaz. "In your head, with the other masks you hide behind, right? Samson?"

SamJaz pulled- two flashes of light as he kicked the scabbard into Demien's face and charged, behind it, two shortswords in hand instead of the supposed one longsword, and gave the cry that pulled Cole into action. Charging at Demien from behind, she drew a shortsword and a hatchet from under her jersey and rushed to support SamJaz, shouting for the others to rush Demien before he pulled another Persona out of SamJaz.

Post by Fehafare (9,680 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom was in no carnage, he learnt from the previous encounters with this man. The circumstances hardly mattered. Cards started appearing around Phantom, quickly piling up, in fact there were more than he ever created before. There was well above a hundred cards around him, all Mark III Cutting Cards. Furthermore five seals appeared as well, releasing a stream of cards, also nothing but Mark III Cutting Cards. With that Crown was surrounded by a number approaching the thousands. He didn't finish there though. Roses, Red Roses, dozens of them appeared in front of him as well. Rose bushes with the same color also spread through the room. They acted as bombs in a sense, they'd release the crimson bladed petals in all directions if set off. Before releasing any of the carnage Crown blinked once.

The first time to get to Sam, and the second time to take him away.

Just as they both reappeared on the other side of the room, all cards and roses started moving.

They all had a common goal, Demien.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Blood flew as Cole danced around the wave of cards, some dance music playing as she moved in impossible spaces to keep Demien in the killzone.

There was a primal roar, until a glowing nail formed, a spiral blade crawling along its shaft, and flew down, skewering Phantom's left hand.

Immediately, the cards vanished, leaving only Cole and the petals to on the offensive. "DAMMIT!" Kelly shouted, charging in to make up for the loss of firepower. "SAM, DON'T LET HIM TEAR THAT OUT! BE GENTLE!"

"You heard her." SamJaz warned Phantom. "Need help twisting it out or think you can handle the cringe?"

Post by ChronoWolf (2,336 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Matt sat up as soon as Kelly got the drill out of him. "Oh come on, can't a man have a moment of badass without being screwed over?" He said, chuckling a bit at the accidental pun he made. "Screw this." He chuckled again, this time at the intentional pun, and ran away to hide behind an aquaduct, hoping that Damien will ignore him, the card and rose storm coming mere seconds after he hid.

Arthur gave an approving nod at the two puns. Matt was learning. He turned towards Damien ready to kick ass, but he was stopped by the sudden bull- err... Card hell. Phantom, that bastard, completely forgot about poor ol' Arthur. He managed to dodge around those with a lot of luck and maybe a bit of divine intervention, but while the cards didn't touch him, the rose petals sure did. By the time the cards stopped and only the roses remained Arthur was bleeding from almost his wholeg body, his trademark coat cut to shreds and the rest of his clothes wasn't in a much better condition.

With only the roses, moving around was much easier and the mage had time to cast a healing spell which had no effect on clothes unfortunately.

Without even a word from Arthur a column as wide as the Big Ben and as tall as the ceiling of the floor appeared above Damien. "Die." It came crashing down. Now, that thing was just normal ice instead of the usual ice Arthur usually makes so it could melt and had the same durability as normal ice, but it is a large and extremely heavy column. No one could survive that, right?

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

The column crashed down, shaking and splintering, sending ice shards ahead. Kelly got the worst of it, being close enough to ground zero that much of her arms and legs were covered in cuts.

As someone who had actually been inside the Elizabeth tower, home of the bell known is Big Ben, SamJaz was astonished at the sheer scale of the ice column. Arthur was not messing around.

When the dust and mist cleared, SamJaz analysed the scene.

The marble was broken, but not in the way one would expect. It appeared to be constructed out of finely carved marble lego bricks, with various little blocks scattered across the streets of this marble city.

Some of the waterways had been diverted, one canal redirected into an upward waterfall spraying upwards against the massive block of ice.

Cole skidded back from the mess, gears in her hand as she got ready to make the next attack.

There was blood under the ice.

But then, all of a sudden, there wasn't.

A hand tore through SamJaz's chest, grabbing a part of his soul and tearing it out of him.

SamJaz looked to see Demien, shrugging off the worst of frostbite as he dragged the stone giant Ubelluris along the floor and stamped on his head, killing it instantly.

"Ten left." Demien said, looking at Phantom and SamJaz with a smile. "You can't hide her forever."

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As the bloody stain disappeared, the Big Ben of ice towers followed in its tracks, refunding Arthurs mana supplies along the way."You now Sam, If I was in your place right now, I'd be giving him all the female personas I have." As he said that he sent SamJaz a wink.

Arthur flew into the air and the whole sky/celling suddenly became covered with ice shards. What Arthur intended to do was to drill hard and fast into Damien with his long spikes, expecting to penetrate his barriers. That should leave him exposed right from behind against FCL's massive loadout.

All the spikes came flying down at once aiming for Damien's current location and Arthur cast a healing spell on Kelly to fix the cuts he was responsable for.

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