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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"Not the first war room you've been in, is it?" Hagane snapped at SamJaz, shoving a long parcel into his hand.

He looked at her, blinking in confusion as he took his seat, and unwrapped the parcel as Hitomi fixed the bulletholes and bloodstains in his shirt.

"Ohohohoh...." SamJaz said, grinning as he saw what was in teh parcel. Christmas had come early to him, but the contents of this parcel from Alvin would only increase Hagane's rage.

Still. It would be worth it.

Drawing the Chainsword from its sheath SamJaz raised it towards the ceiling and pulled the trigger.


Most satisfied.

"So, we have a battle to fight alongside our doppelgangers." SamJaz said aloud as he returned the chainsword to its sheath and attached it to his belt. "What's the target and who's the plan?"

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

When Arthur arrived at the scene he didn't even notice the unmasked Phantom. And he didn't notice him souring the trip to the bat-cave either. Actually he didn't notice quite a lot, as if he was blacked out. Not to mention that he completely forgot that he was gonna leave or why he came back in the first place. Well, he forgot until Hagane gave Sam a gift with murderous intent. He thought for a second that maybe it was a bomb and was relieved when Sam pulled out a cross between a chainsaw and a sword. But before any of that happened...

Matt was a but more perceptive. He noticed the unmasked Phantom but since he already know about him he didn't care too much. Actually, maybe he preferred him with the mask on.

Another thing he noticed was who was waiting for the team in the cave. More specifically, in the briefing room. Two men playing Japanese chess, a game very different from European chess. The first guy was a normal looking male, that bore an earth resemblance to Matt himself. The only difference was that this man wore a Japanese kimono instead of a tuxedo. And there was an unnatural aura around him.

He was the first to notice the team. "Ah, you're back. Why did you leave us on guard duty. No one knows where this place is anyway. And who are these guys? More importantly," He licked his lips," will they be joining us for dinner?" The other man, a blond with short hair wearing a uniform that shouldn't exist in this day and age turned towards the group. His face was similar to Arthur's, there was no denying that. With long black hair it would be an exact replica. But beyond the face he was nothing like Arthur. This man was tall, obviously in his twenties. The part of is uniform that stuck out the most was a blue coat and long white gloves.

His eyes scanned the whole group as if looking for something, before stopping on Arthur. "Enough Yamato. Learn to keep your hunger in check." He replied to his friend as he got up. He grabbed a katana that lay on the table right next to the chess board. As he picked it up Matt heard a quite, barely audibe yawn.

"Who are you?" He asked the newcomers.

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"Hitomi Nakamura." Hitomi said, bowing as she broke off her conversation with her swordsmithing duplicate.

"Hagane." The redhead in the corner introduced herself with a wave, too angry with the world in general to be civil.

"Kelly." The pink-haired girl waved as she stood behind Matt, her invisible hand ready to snap Pistol Phantom's neck if he made one wrong move.

"SamJaz, Wandering Badass." SamJaz said, bowing to the man in white. "We're representing FCL, here to attack the Hellscraper."

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Arthur and Matt introduced themselves to the man as well. The man raised his eyebrow and looked at them, including the members of his own group, before shrugging. "My name is Aruu, and this is Yamato." He said as he sat back down to continiue the game that was interupted by the groups arrival.

At that moment Matt turned around and gave Kelly a big hug.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare

SamJaz groaned internally at the puns of Aruu and Yamato's names. Kelly, on the other hand, snuggled her way into Matt's hug, squeeing quietly as she did so.

"So, I'm guessing we're all gathered here?" SamJaz asked aloud, guessing that if there was a parallel Kelly, they'd see her later rather than sooner. "What's the plan?"

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"Taking down the Shogun." Ancient Phantom stated it bluntly with no emotions behind it.

On the table was a detailed plan of the entire city which the team saw just when they arrived at the floor.

Phantom slowly approached it and pointed his finger onto what appeared to be a huge tower.

That was their destination.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"Seven floors." SamJaz said, hands shaking as he made the connection. A miniature little hellscraper with caricatures of themselves.

With caricatures of the Vincentsson children.

What was going to be at the top.

Father? Vincentsson? Some cheap imitation?

And having to fight Kelly again?

Hitomi put a hand on his shoulder, a moment of weakness both she and Hagane noticed.

SamJaz rested his left hand on his chainsword, sheathed by his side, right hand summoning the keyblade.

"Krieg." SamJaz said, looking at the group gathered in the cave. "We strike now, we strike hard, we clear the entire building in one arrow shot. Don't stop for anything, smash all obstacles in our path once inside. Any questions?"

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz: Yamato and Aruu were done with their game, Yamato big the victor. His reward was tied up outside, so h went to... Unwrap his package. Aruu collected all the pieces and put away board, before pulling out a different one. This was a game called Go, sometimes called Chinese Chess, but unlike the Chinese Chess that falls into the same category as Japanese and Western chess, with slight modifications, this game ad nothing I common with them.

By the time Sam started his speech Yamato came back with something red around his lips. After Sam finished his speech Aruu and Yamato already started their game. Aruu paused for a second and looked at Sam. "Who died and made you Shogun?"

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"Trraditionally, leadership fell to the man with the biggest sword and the most kills to his name." SamJaz told Aruu, drawing the chainsword and casually swinging it through a large wooden pillar, letting the machine roar as he did so.

Sawdust exploded into the air, the wooden support obliterated by the demonstration.

"I had this weapon smithed as a more effective tool to rip and tear through the armour dragons forge in the fires of their breath." SamJaz continued. "A blade with a thousand teeth, biting in endless anger as it chants the endless mantra: KILL - CRUSH - MAIM - TEAR."

"Can you control the Chainsword's bloodlust?" SamJaz asked Aru as he reversed its grip and offered the handle to Aruu. "If you feel more qualified than the man who leads warriors against They Who Defend Dragons, then be my guest. I intend to capture a tower tonight."

Yes, he was being over dramatic. But to make a point.

Impress his authority early, no one questions orders in the thick of battle. No one questions orders, no one hesitates. No one hesitates, no one dies.

The sooner a commanding officer was decided and accepted by the team, the sooner the battle would be over and the less lives lost.

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@SamJaz: I do not know what land you hail from where such means of deciding the leader are implemented, but this isnt such a land. But if that is the way you want it..." Aruu said as he took the chainsword from Sam. The next second the chainsword wa cut in two. Cut by a blade able to cut Gods. A Muramasa Blade.

There was a trail of cold air left where Aruu's katana went through. He sheath his sword and sat back down to continue his game. "I suppose I am the leader now?"

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

SamJaz fell to his knees, tears in his eyes.

"Chainsword..." He sobbed, before leaning his head back towards the sky and screaming in anguish. "CHAINSWOOOOOOOOORRRD!!!!!"

Hagane then slapped the overdramatic SamJaz around the head, repairing and strengthening the broken weapon with her ability. He coughed wiping his face as he picked his weapon from the floor.

"The last fifteen seconds aside, SamJaz has been a competent leader so far." Kelly pointed out, still fondling Matt's hugging arms as she did so. "But that's beside the point. The unit needs to settle on a commanding officer so the chain of command doesn't fall apart in battle and we all get killed."

"The most competent leader I know of is Fuyato." SanJashi offered. "A ninja of my clan, we can meet with him along the way of one among us is willing to hire his services as a Shinobi for the night."

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Arthur followed Hagane's example, slapping SamJaz, before shooting Hag a look. He has a monopoly on slapping the teams members or idiotic reactions. And also, because she repared Sam's sword. She was against Sam having it in the first place. Or that was the impression she gave off at least.

Not that a Muramasa Blade, a blade that cuts GODS could be stopped by merely strengthening the chainsword.

Matt considered letting go of Kelly, but he enjoyed the hug too much (read:his writer just listened to the Villains AMV again) so he stayed in the hugging position.

Aruu, still concentrated on the board in front of him, said "I believe Phantom should be leader. This is his operation."

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Hagane shot Arthur a look, explaining that she did not repair the sword for SamJaz's sake, but that Alvin put a lot of effort into that weapon, and she supported that.

Her act of strengthening the weapon, however, went against the ideals Alvin was trying to convey. With the mechanisms and the moving parts, there was no ability for the weapon to parry. Blocking only happened by tearing at the enemy's attack, otherwise the chain would get caught and snap.

No, the chainsword was one of pure offence, and while incapable of defending itself against the Muramasa blade, it could itself snap the masterpiece within its own teeth.

"This is getting nowhere." One of the Hitomi's said. "Let's just go and do this."

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"Enough." the Alt Phantom stopped all that was going on around him.

Everyone left the cave and started they approach to the city. Just outside the cave another man joined them. Phantom seemed to know him and approved of his presence but neither said anything.

His outfit fit the era much better, through strangely enough he had six swords on him for some reason.

When the team entered the city the normal civilian people either ran away or hid in their houses and shops, they obviously had a reputation there. A small number of guards was taken care of by Alt Phantom before they could cause any trouble.

An hour after leaving the hideout, they were at the base of the tower.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

SamJaz swung his keyblade in his hand, admiring their new ally in his choice of armoury. The Hitomi's stuck to the back of the group as the Hagane's flanked either side of the team.

Sanjashi knelt down at the door, beginning to pick the lock, to which SamJaz merely tapped the large entryway with his keyblade, and the large gates swung open.

Inside, there were a lot of Ronin- samurai without prestige or master, little more than mercenaries with swords, but the room was filled with the men that separated FCL from the large doors on the other side of the tower- hiding the staircase that would lead upward.

There was a throne on this floor, a being of great power sat upon it.

"Let's begin." SamJaz said with a grin, charging into the fray.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Blood flew as Sanjashi swung his sword. Bodies flew as SamJaz swung his keyblade. Heads were embedded into the ceiling as Kelly threw bodies upward.

Soon, the figure on the throne, a young girl with two small dragons at her feet, grinned at the team, raising her hand to paralyse them.

Her throne exploded from underneath her, courtesy of Hagane, and the FCL Hitomi stitched her to the ceiling.

Two blades, one from SamJaz, and one from Sanjashi, finished the dragons while Alt Hagane threw a dagger between the Yuverine's eyes.

The great gate at the back opened, revealing the staircase upward.

"Under a minute." Hitomi noted. "That's good time."

"ONWARD!" SamJaz shouted, leading the charge up the stairs for the second floor.

-=Floor 2=-

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Floor two was a single person. A woman dressed like a geisha.

She was in the middle of a dance as the team arrived.

Despite their presence she didn't seem to stop, nor did she even pay any attention to them.

Alt Phantom was the first one to take a step forward, firing a single shot aimed at her head.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Aruu stabbed the floor with his sword. A cage of ice erupted from the ground, limiting the geishas movement. Arthur released a storm of ice shards through openings in the cage. The geisha should be Swiss cheese right now.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

And swiss cheese she was. Using her dance, she was able to redirect the bullet- but the reflections from the ice created a hall-of-mirros effect, somehow multiplying the amount of bullets and tearing her to shreds.

"Nice combo." Samjaz said as the next gate opened up. "Move out."

-= Floor 3 =-

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Floor three was filled with books. And various animals reading said books. Matt was sure he saw a chimp reading the Art of War. A man wearing a robe was sitting in a chair, reading a book titled "Party-throwing for dummies" as FCL and it's past counterpart approached he looked up, a grin forming on his face. "Welcome, welcome. You can go if you find the exit hidden behind one of the bookshelves. Do try not to make too much noise. Wouldn't want something to happen to you."

As he finished his sentence Yamato pinned him against a wall, his hand now in the shape of claws. "How about you just tell us which one it's hidden behind?"

"Oh? So you want t dance? Then let's dance!" At those words, or perhaps at the loudness, all the animals jumped towards the group.

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