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After several hours, some one kindly snapped SamJaz out of his meat coma to tell him that Matt had completed the meal.

He honestly felt like he'd found a portal to the meat dimension with that tower of burger. Hitomi didn't look so good either, staggering to her feet as she opened up a portal to the Kaspa.

SamJaz followed her in, and when she noticed him, she waved him over. "Hold my hair back."

The next few minutes were not the most pleasant in SamJaz's life.

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Arthur found a nearby trashbin to throw up. Neither Matt nor Glinda had any problems. Glinda because she didn't eat any, Matt becuase... Well, he couldn't exactly remember. Then he noticed that thw whole table the team was eating at was missing. Only the bottom of the legs was still their. Then it all came back to him.

After all his othe digimon couldn't eat anymore Matt digivolved into Mechion, a giant mechanical dinosaur.

What followed should be obvious to everyone. Blushing he looked around to find anyone not busy throwing up. "Who's ready for the next floor?"

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"Ah, good, you're here!" A scientist in a labcoat whispered.

The team found themselves in a greenhouse. It was humid, and there were plants everywhere, and the botanist pushed a small bonsai into SamJaz's hands. It was two small trees, curving around each other- one white sapling, and one black sapling.

"We create trees that act as conduits to other worlds." The botanist explained. "We need you to make sure this one is protected. This world is too pure to be sullied by those who would exploit it."

He then pushed a red and white sphere into SamJaz's hand. "Do you understand?" The Botanist asked, whispering in near panic.

"Absolutely." SamJaz said, handing the plant to Hitomi, who placed it carefully in her office in the Kaspa. "Anything else?"

"No, that's everything." The botanist whispered, to which Kelly shrugged.

"Huh." Kelly said. "That was easy."


The team turned to find a large plant grow aggressively and begin to sing as it attacked the researchers.

"Off we go." SamJaz said merrily. "Where's the stairs?"

The botanist pointed underneath the plant. Indeed, one could see the beginning of the stairwell downwards, smothered by the roots of the singing carnivorous plant.

"Great." SamJaz muttered.

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In retrospective Phantom didn't like the Black Rose, it just wasn't his style. Of course he would have no qualms about using it on the likes of Demien, but he didn't want it to become his signature do it all move either.

Still, this was a plant, so it was rather hard to feel bad about it or even hesitate a bit.

The Black Rose flies off it's petals coming close to their target and slowly embracing the plant from all sides.

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"NOOOOOOOO!!" The pleant screamed as it began to wither. "I'M MELTING! I'M MEEEEEELTIIIIIIING!!!"

After that, a quick fireball from SamJaz removed what was left of the dried husk of plant. "Hellscraping team GO!" SamJaz announced, leading the way down as he pinched an apple from one of the trees.


It was a small city of filing cabinets.

"Yep, been here before." Hitomi told the team. "They've got a copy of every single legal document that ever has, ever will, or ever could be written in here." She then looked at Phantom. "There's even your divorce papers in here somewhere."

They quickly found the main desk, where the team were told the main objective of this floor.

"Show me some proof of identity." The man at the desk said. "And prove that it's not fraudulent. Only then can you proceed."

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Arthur showed the man his ID, drivers licence and his business card that said: Arthur Cromwell, GoodKnight company, Computer virus exterminators. "Check a database or something." He waited for the mans response.

Matt facepalmed waiting to see if Arthur's plan was going to work.

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"Business cards, of course, are not proof of anything." The man behind the counter said. "Anyone can go to a print shop and have cards made that say anything they like. The king of Denmark can order business cards that say he sells golf balls. Your dentist can order business cards that say she is your grandmother. In order to escape from the castle of an enemy of mine, I once had cards printed that said I was an admiral in the French navy. Just because something is typed - whether it is typed on a business card or typed in a newspaper or book - this does not mean it is true."

"The picture in your ID is off centre, so it's therefore invalid too." The clerk added, returning to his books. "And we don't accept drivers licences."

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"Then how do we know that everything writen in these legal documents is true? Huh? What if we aren't even in a place that stores documents and are instead in a white room enchanted with magic to look like a room filled with documents?" Arthur grabbed a paper from a nearby shelf. "Anyone got a lighter? I wanna see if these are real." If someone gives a lighter to Arthur Arthur will procede to burn thw whole floor down. If, however, he is not he'll rip the document to tiny bits. How that will prove the authenticity of the documents, no one actually knows.

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"It's laminated." Hitomi pointed out, handing a sweater onto the table. The clerk inspected the clothing then jotted something into his ledger.

"Good to see you again, Miss Nakamura." He said. "Fine work as usual."

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"... Really?" Arthur said as he approached the man, placing the document in its place, an icicle appeared floating above Arthurs palm, spinning in place "Is this OK? Would you like my coat as well?" He asked, a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

Matt looked at his Digivice. "I am the only of my kind after all. If anything's gonna prove my idenity it's this thing." Getting in line behind Arthur.

Glinda had no idea what she could use to prove her identity. She looked at Hitomi with a sad face, puppy eyes and all, expecting the seamstress to vouch for her. Oe at least, really, really hoping she would.

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The clerk looked at Arthur like he was insane. "Why would handing me a Nakamura Jacket prove your identity?" He asked. "And you could have stolen that." The clerk told Matt.

"Listen, this Nakamura sweater is my size, has my initials monogrammed, and is in the perfect shade to best bring out my eyes." The clerk explained. "That proved without doubt that this was Nakamura providing the article."

SamJaz then approached the deck and tapped it with his keyblade. A message popped up on the computer screen, and the clerk jotted something into his book. "Welcome to the fileroom, Mr Creed."

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Arthur was visibly angry. Matt was pretty sure he saw some steam coming out of the ice mages ears. Ironic really, especially if you consider Arthur to be the groups peacekeeper. "How do we know you didn't steal your brain from a chicken, huh? Screw this place, I'm leaving!" Arthur went to the elevator, angry, and hit the button to take him back. But while inside he started having second thoughts.

When he exited the Hellivator and started going towards the exit he stopped. Leaving now felt wrong. But he couldn't just go back now. He found himself a seat and made a spinning icicle above his palm. He stared at it deep in though. Should he leave or should he stay?

Matt looked on as the mage entered the elevator. Then he turned towards Kelly. "Hey sweety, would you mind helping me out here?" A heart melting stare to go along with the words. He was awesome at heart melting stares.

Glinda just stood there thinking what she could do.

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Kelly smiled, removing her blue hat and handing it to Matt. "Cover your ears and shut your eyes." She instructed, approaching the desk, and she began to wield magic.

There were three abilities that a Witch could use easily to change how they were perceived. The first was Glamour; which made the Witch look younger and more beautiful to those around her. This was one skill Kelly had been using a lot for the last few hours, accentuating her already natural beauty to make herself a stunner beyond even Hitomi's good looks.

The second was Fascination, and it was one that Kelly had been using on Matt considerably less than Glamour. Similar to Glamour, and often used in conjunction with it, Fascination caused the target to obsess over the Witch, how beautiful and wonderful she was, often stopping the poor man dead in his tracks, like a deer in headlights. Kelly, being sensible, knew that using this would likely get Matt killed, and had chosen not to use it except when choosing to make an impression, like when she walked out of the Kaspa after her makeover, and when she sat on his lap in the wizard's school.

These two are tricks of the mind, and should the victim become aware of the spell, the can counter it, mostly by focusing on the negative aspects of the witch's appearance, more difficult when the witch is Kelly, but still possible. Remembering the ugliness of her battle form, for example, was one defence Matt could use.

However, the third required no such defence, because of what it did.

Using the third ability, Dread, Kelly's horns appeared to grow. Her fangs lengthened, and her hair began to flow in a non-existent wind. Blood began to drip from the very tips, like curved daggers of crimson, and vile scales began to form on Kelly's neck and chin, horrific markings carving themselves into her face that quickly became skeletal and murderous.

Her lips moved, and a foul screech was heard as her forked tongue flickered fire that singed the clerk's eyebrows. The voice was not heard, but rather felt, and it gave the impression of stone slabs crashing against solid steel.

mY nAmE iS lUcY vInCeNtSsOn AnD aNdY cOmEs WiTh Me

"Y-Yes ma'am" The clerk said, visibly shaking. "I'll add mister Anderson under your custody."

The spell was over in an instant, and she returned to her naturally appealing form. "Thanks." She said sweetly, turning back to skip towards Matt to reclaim her hat.

Floor -00

As Arthur was making his decision, the door in front of him opened and someone grabbed his ear.

"I'm gonna kill him." Hagane snarled, dragging the Frost Wolf back towards the elevator. "You're gonna freeze him solid and then I'm gonna kill him."

"W-Who are you intending to kill?" The lady behind the desk asked, earning a killing glare from Hagane.


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Matt did as he was told. He wondered what Kelly was gonna do. When he felt her removing her hat he moved his arms to see the man shaking in fear. Whatever she did couldn't have been pretty.

Glinda approached the man and, blushing a bit, she looked the man in the eyes. "Could you please let me and my boyfrend go with them? Pretty please?" She started batting her eyelashes. Glinda was taking the exact opposite route from Kelly.

F 00

"Ouch, Hag- Youch! Hagane don't pull so hard. What the hell is wrong with you!" He yelled as he removed his ear from Hagane's grip, using all his strength. He grabbed her by the wrist after finally pulling free. "Why would you want to kill Sam? Sugara did offend his sister, you know. The sister that he didn't see in a long time, thinking that she was dead. Or was it, knowing. I'm not sure anymore. All this timy-whimy stuff is confusing me. Actually I'm not sure if it was an offense. All that talk of Hollows and Shinigami and Soul Residencies confused me even more."

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"Identity confirmed." The clerk said, jotting it down in his ledger. "HEY! You in the mask." He added, pointing at Phantom. "Who are you?"


"Who cares about the Shinigami?" Hagane shouted. "That IDIOT started a war with his little nation of refugees and left Cole and The Waster to deal with it! WHO DOES THAT?!"

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"What're you talking about?" Arthur didn't completely understand. He understood that Sam made a nation for the refuges they rescued. "What do you mean he left Alvin to deal with the refugees?"

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"The waster took them to an ALREADY Inhabited planet!" Hagane shouted. "He swears it wasn't, but it's full of vampires, werewolves, goblins and elves! He THEN built a city right in the middle of Skeleton country, and instead of moving everyone, That IDIOT downstairs got Alvin to build him a superweapon and led a task force to wipe out every undead in undead country! Now, those refugees are at war with SIX OTHER COUNTRIES ALL AT ONCE! And GUESS who he left in charge?"

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Phantom ignored what the man said and just walked around slowly checking out the papers. He didn't have to think, his eye sorted all out. Even with that it took him quiet some time till he didn't find something that had anything to do with him. Luckily for him it was his birth certificate. He walked up to the desk and surrounded himself with cards so that the rest of the team couldn't see, or rather Arthur and Matt as they were the only one's left who did now know that.

Thinking about it, such things were pointless by now. The cards disappeared and Phantom took off his mask.

"Aliester Crown." he proclaimed it loudly for everyone to hear as he handed the papers to the man at the desk.

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"Alvin? Not to be rude but Alvin isn't my first pick for a leader, especially not of a country. Couldn't you have taken control while Sam's absent? You seem level-headed enough. Or, at least you did before you got this angry."

Arthur thought about the situation the refugees were in at the moment. So the're in a war with six other countries, Sam is busy playing hero with Phantom, and Alvin was the current leader. "Are they under attack right now? Are they being attacked by all six countries at once? Can't they use that superweapon to just clear out all the opposition?"

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"The superweapon is a mass produced rifle." Hagane explained. "Armour penetrating, .75 calibre and explosive. One round is enough to tear off a dragon's head. You saw what the pistol variant did to the Phantom clone back in the operahouse. That's the only thing keeping the whole mess under control- All the natives are still using medieval weaponry, and those... Bolters made short work of the previous superpower. But that Cold war won't stay cold forever."

@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Kelly had been out of the loop concerning media for a while, so she wasn't too surprised at Phantom's identity, not knowing he had any claim to fame. As Hitomi and SamJaz were already in the know, all they thought of was how it was about time.

"Everything seems to be in order." The clerk said. "Alright everyone, you're free to proceed."

Checking back at the elevator, SamJaz noticed that Arthur hadn't returned. Sighing, he decided to proceed.

Just him and Phantom from the original line-up remaining.


The team found themselves in a forest outside what seemed to be a feudal Japanese city. Up ahead there were buildings, all of them fitting the stereotypical Samurai mould, with one large tower a mile away from where they currently were. Due to its size, SamJaz guessed that was their destination.

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