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Yei casually darted past the swinging guitars, only having her keikogi grazed by their sharp edges from time to time, then leaped across the bouncy balls with little difficulty. She could see the others ahead but she was in no hurry, they had to fight some boss at the end, anyway so getting there first potentially meant wasting more energy and she wasn't sure if SamJaz would keep healing the group. Especially since the potential to get into internal strife was rising with the rules changing.

The spiky balls wouldn't present much of a threat either as she could easily resort to Bakemonnojutsu, the ghost art that would allow her to phase through solid objects. The same could be said of the guillotines but the spinning logs, however, she decided she would entertain those obstacles rather than use shukuchi. Employing supido, she accelerated across the fire pit on her spinning log at an unreal rate and found herself among the others who had gotten there. A few of them seemed to already know each other and it was evident by the conversation they were having as she approached their position.

"Congratulations, boys. You managed beat a ninja in a race to the finish line."

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-Bah it wasnt that much of a challenge Ninja-chan, but truthfully after seeing you in action I wouldn’t say no to a fight with you, what do you say? After this is over we can rumble a couple of rounds?- Gen smiled smugly to the deadly ninja, not really knowing how utterly moronic or dangerous place he was getting too. But that was Gen always thinking with his fists rather than his head

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SamJaz wasn't sure how much longer he could hold the gate for Arthur. He'd already left him behind once in this expedition and he didn't want to do it again.

Still, time was moving on, and he could feel the speakers beneath his feet begin to pulsate.

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"Are you hitting on me by asking me if you can hit on me, Gen-san?" Yei said with a titter. "Well, you're not bad yourself, I suppose. I'm just worried that if we scuffle you won't know when to call it quits," she teased back. After all, he did ram his head into the mecha on the first floor when he couldn't use his fists anymore. A fight with the shadow princess would require a little more tact.. Turning to SamJaz she offered a quick reassurance of the remaining party member,"I think Arthur can make it, he seems just as capable as anyone here if he really needs to be."

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SamJaz glared, bracing himself against the floors vibrations. He switched the chain on his key blade, andit became a long, silver pole with a criss-crossing symbol to form the teeth.

The hand guard was rounded, one side white, and the other black. The chain was made of velvet, and a small mask dangled at the end.

SamJaz stabbed this new key blade- the Velvet Key- into the air by his side, and a blue door formed in the air, then vanished as soon as he touched it.

But there was a different look in his eyes now.

Still arrogant. Still guarded. Still observing.

But the change, while subtle, showed what had changed.

He had obtained a new Persona.

"Who wants to see a real earthquake?" He asked, summoning a card as he switched the chain to Undying Soul and slammed his keyblade through the floating card. "RUAUMOKO!"

The little copper maori god strode forward amongst the speakers, uncaring about the vibrations, then drove his spear into the metal, and then all the room began to shake.

Guitars fell into lava.

The audience pit began to sink.

The lighting began to flicker.

The music jarred, and the heavy speakers began to sway.


SamJaz was silenced to a bullet in his shoulder, followed by one in his ribcage, then another in his collar, then his neck, and then the middle of his face.

At this point, SamJaz stopped falling an his wounds vanished.

A second bullet went through his head, and Ruaumoko charged forward with his spear, ready to impale Otto.

then the third, fourth, fifth and sixth bullets came through, each shot warranting another wave of Ruaumoko's ice, fire, and spear attacks.

The pity with automatic weapons is, once you pop, you just can't stop.

And SamJaz is immune to headshots.

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Yei was glad her teammates weren't holding back on all their abilities. SamJaz uttered some words that Yei didn't hear. It became apparent very soon that he was able to summon. The Ice Wielder, Arthur, could formulate all sorts of ice constructs. Phantom could teleport in addition to his card projectile manifestations and Gen was.. well, he didn't seem to have anything to hide. The shadow sister removed a digital diary from her keikogi and punched in the information she learned up to this floor.

An earthquake erupted then, nearly sweeping her off her feet. SamJaz's repertoire of skills and abilities were remarkable, he was able to summon a god to do his bidding!




For a moment Yei's composure was rocked by the sight of SamJaz taking several bullets, more than one of them to the head, but the Key Blade bearer remained on his feet, seemingly unhurt.

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Crown watches Sam's little show. It was nice to look at it though Sam was getting rained down with bullets, not that he cared as it seems. Otto stops for a second, operating a quick switch on his trusty weapon. "This might be a shock for you." he twists his head and a maniac grin appears on his face as he says so.

The result when he pulled the trigger this time was quiet different from before. Instead of bullets came small concentrated balls of electricity. Which disappeared when they hit a surface delivering quiet the shock in the process. Phantom throws a card at him casually, aiming for his head as he's concentrating on Sam, but it never reaches him. It was shot down mid air by one of the lightning bullets. The man was a better quickdraw than Frank from the first floor was.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: OOC In all seriousness? This is an actual villain from an actual anime? Awesome. Which one?


SamJaz was sent flying by the electrical attack- one that his current Persona had a weakness to.

Thankfully, Phantom had otto distracted long enough for SamJaz to switch Persona to Unicorn- not one of his more powerful Personae, but one with numerous advantages. It could cure almost any poison, it increased his speed, made it easier to dodge bullets and escape from stucky situations, but these weren't what SamJaz had in mind for this battle.

This Persona made SamJaz completely immune to electricity.

He took a ball of electricity to the shoulder and shrugged it off. Granted, this made him a lot more susceptible to the cold in this state, but it wasn't like he was now made of rubber. It's just electricity couldn't hurt him. And cold could hurt him a lot more.

Hopefully Arthur wouldn't decide to turn traitor, but SamJaz chose to ignore that unlikely scenario, walking slowly towards Otto with his keyblade in hand, hoping to fuel his distress at finding his weapon useless against this foe so he would be in an absolute state of panic when the melee came.

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@SamJaz @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin: Deadman Wonderland IIRC, though don't know much about it i'm not reading the series, just remember this guy.

Otto switches back to normal bullets when he notices that the electricity has no effect. He wasn't panicking at all, but was spraying bullets all over the place like he's mad, now using the second guitar as well. Phantom sees his chance this time and throws a card now with more speed and power. The result is one the guitars being cut in half. The fire stops. Otto is down on his knees crying tear after tear.

"You'll pay for this." is all he says as he literally plugs himself in. His muscles grow to twice the sizes and he looks more like a gorilla now, unable to given anything from himself than screams and cries. His other guitar went from a gun to a massive giant axe for close combat purpose.

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-Hitting on you or hitting you? I want to fight you Ninja-chan, ya seem strong and that’s the only thing I care about fighting people that may be or are stronger than me, or much more skilled.- Gen cracked his neck and knuckled advancing towards the enemy and when he was giving his back to Yei he finished – And about the first option, ye aren’t my type, you lack two important attributes- And turning around he gestured a as if was copping a feel of imaginary and ridiculous big breasts. The Hot-Blooded Boxer once again turned to face Otto, he didn’t seemed impressing , yet the moment Gen was about to charge and punch the living daylights out of him a sudden tremor shook the whole Level, and seemingly the epicenter was Samjaz. While trying to stay standing the Battle Chasing Delinquent shouted at his comrade – What the ****? Are you doing key-aniki? Are you trying to get our asses killed?- Gen would have continued insulting but Samjaz suddenly got shot by Otto.

Burning rage filled Gen mind, clouding his judgment. Even if he didn’t look like he cared, the Hot-Blooded Brawler was loyal to the ones he fought in the past and end up in good terms, like Samjaz, that he considered a friend, and he was easy to get pissed. With a savage roar he advanced towards Otto that was shooting balls of lighting to anybody that dared to advance towards him. Unlike his calmer companions Gen didn’t had time for finesse and instead of avoiding he was hit consecutive times pushing him backwards, while leaving a trail of his feet clenching to the metallic floor, friction burns on the floor. The Spirited Boxer was too immersed in rage to even notice that Samjaz was okay and attacking Otto. Gen rushed once more towards Otto with death glowing in his rage filled eyes, he sustained an incredible amount of wounds after the lighting balls and now Otto was changing to regular ammo.

That didn’t even last long as Phantom destroyed one of the Level Boss guitars, something that made him angry. He plugged himself and gained a massive boost in musculature and size, using his remaining guitar as a battle axe. At that point he noticed Gen rushing forward, roaring like a wild beast. The Fighting Spirit around Gen, which usually was a skin thick layer of heavily concentrated Spirit just over him now seemed like a unbound flame completely soaking the Battle Chasing Delinquent like if he was aflame. Otto used his newfound strength to punish Gen for the insolence of getting near him and with three swings to the face he stopped the Boxer in his tracks. The attacks were more than enough to take Gen out from his frenzy and allowing him to notice that all his comrades were okay. He saw the fourth swing coming and rolled away from the attack, which landed in the floor causing a massive dent. –What the fuck just happened?- Asked Gen puzzled while feeling the pain beating in his head.

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SamJaz put a hand on Gen's shoulder, staying his approach as he observed the transformed Otto. "Gen, I'm going to pump you up with healing magic." He warned. "Don't move or that concussion might move. I'm then going to switch to a support Persona and get a scan on this guy to figure out his weak spot. You aren't able to get close enough to deal any damage, Phantom's cards aren't doing enough damage for him to care, and I'm running low on mana. Now, when I hit zero, I get wicked fast and damn near impossible to see for a few seconds while I recharge, but I'd rather not do that here on something with massive armour and can crush me in a single hit. We're leaving this one to the fast, agile guys that can deal heavy piercing damage." He concluded, nodding towards Yei and Arthur.

Again, SamJaz's personality had changed slightly. Each Persona represents part of his fractured psyche, and as he switches which shard has prominence over another, his personality changes. WIth the focus away from the fun-loving Jacks and based on the calm, analytical Unicorn, SamJaz is figuring his opponent out and working out how best to use the team around him.

Unicorn's a team player.

"Yei, Arthur, sorry to give orders like this but you need to get up close and shove lots of stabby into his torso, under those gaps. Phantom, keep providing cover, Gen, stay and be healed. Let's do this."

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@Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: Arthur listened to Sam's orders. He smiled at Sam "Well, well. I didn't expect such a level of planing. You are really full of surprises." Time to get this performance to a close. Arthur quickly ran towards Otto. Otto tried hitting him with the axe, but Arthur was too fast. "What's the matter you big ape. Can't hit me?" Arthur made a frost lance and stabbed Otto in the chest. Otto grabbed the lance and crushed it with his hand. He swung his axe, but Arthur ducked at the last moment.

Arthur made a frost sword and stabbed Otto again. With the sword still in Otto, Arthur made another one in his other hand, and was about to stab Otto, but Otto grabbet him by the neck And held him up high. Arthur was trying to get some air into his lungs, but Otto was holding him too tightly. Just as Arthur though he was about to pass out, he saw a smile forming on Otto's face.

Otto threw Arthur up into the sky and got ready to swing the guitar upwards at Arthur. Arthur knew he saw going to be split in half if he doesn't do something right now. At that moment a metaforical light bulb appeared above his head. He made wings on his back and flew right above the guitar. He cut of Otto's hands witha frost sword, that quickly turned into a mallet. Arthur pushed the axe at Ottos head with his foot using the momentum of Otto's swing. He hit the guitar/axe with the mallet.

The next thing that happened was, Otto being split in half. Each half fell to the other side. Arthur felt proud of himself. He wasn't as weak as he though he was. But I probably would have been able to do this if the rest of the team didn't help me. Arthur picked up the guitar that reverted back to it's old form. He was going to keep this as a suvenier. Arthur was able to sense some magic coming from the axe and he guessed that was what let Otto transform it. Arthur reached out with his own magic, and set it to the frequency of the guitar. Arthur felt more powerful now. The control over his ice magic was better and the ice got an improvement to durability.

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Floor -06

And here they were going down the stairs again. Phantom was the last on this time. He was occupied by thoughts, focusing his gaze on Arthur. Before he even noticed they were in an open and wide room again, out of the dark staircase. The area before the was a beautiful landscape. Hills, a forest, a river and many animals. And it wasn't even an illusion or special effect it was all real except for the sun and sky which were arteficial. A little bit strange to make something like this in a room beneath the earth, but looking back at all the other floors, this one wasn't the craziest anyway.

It was a scene everyone could enjoy, they probably wouldn't even start looking for the enemies straight away. That wasn't on Phantom's mind though. Already for some time he had a face that was showing open displeasure. He looks at a bird in a tree nearby and creates one of his cutting cards with no apparent reason. Just as there was no reason for it's creation there was non for throwing it either, yet both happened. While reason was not that a target surely was. The card passed most of his teammates, cutting something off. On the ground was some black hair, from the looks of it, it belonged to no other than Arthur. "That guitar there, i would be thankful if you put it down on the ground." it's said a cold and monotone voice yet still making the hostility and threat of it clear.

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@SamJaz @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ReliusClover: @Yeilin:Arthur stepped on to the next floor. He was stunned by how the floor looked. It was beautiful. Arthur was amazed and didn't pay attention to anything around him. If there were enemies here, they could hace killed Arthur and he wouldn't have even noticed. But a few seconds later he hear a sound passing right next to him.It sounded like it came from behind him. Arthur noticed something black on the floor. It seemed like his hair. He also noticed a card stuck into the ground not so far away. The card disappeared. It could have only belonged to one person. Arthur turned around. "What's the big idea." Phantom wanted Arthur to give him the guitar. "No way. It's mine. If you wanted one maybe you shouldn't have destroyed the other one."

Phantom was just stairing at Arthur. Arthur could see the killing intent coming from Phantom. What's this guys problem? I was about to change my oppinion of him and he trew a f***ing card at me. Not only that, but he cut my beautiful hair. If he does that again, I'm shoving this thing right up his a**.

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@SamJaz @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:@ReliusClover:

Gen finished healing, and unluckily for him the fight was over. He stood up with evident disgust and went directly to the next stairs. Pleasant scenery more akin to a shoujo anime than real life was visible from the stairs, just like in the first level; the sun and sky were artificial, yet the ground and the vegetation were quite real. Phantom attacked Frost Wolf, something about the guitar Arthur took from the last Level as spoils of War. The Hot-blooded boxer didn’t care he was looking around searching for the next fight, when from one of the sides a door opened, falling like a drawbridge into the level grassy land. A group of heavily armed knights came out and took a perfect formation, even starting to prepare some fortifications. In the other side of the vast level, from a wall that mostly touched a lake inside the massive room, sliding doors opened revealing Viking Drakkars barging into the waters accompanied by the sound of Battle Horns. The horde of Vikings jumped from their boats, at least most of them, as some stayed in the largest boat.

As The Vikings charged and the Knights prepared for the clash, a powerful bell-like sound reverberated all around the room and both sides of the incoming confrontation suddenly stopped, as if time itself had decided to take a break. Only the group was out of this temporal stasis and a voice coming seemingly from everywhere talked with a sing-song voice.

–To cross this ancient battlefield and get to the next stairs, the marked enemies you must face.

Each one with a red cross in their body, each one holds the currency of this battle.

Each one you need to defeat, after finding them in this warring field.

Each one holds a coin, get a dozen and faces their lords, one in room and one in boat.

Each lord holds a ring, that’s your key to get the hell out of here.

But beware if the opponent holds no cross, a torrent of fire will scorch your bones-

The voice stopped and time once again moved forwards with the troops charging in to each other. –No races this time! Another brawl!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer happily rushed to battle without caring much about the rules. That would prove to be his undoing….

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Arthur turns around and says something, but Phantom does not play any attention to it. Instead another card is sent flying, this time cutting the man's cheek. "Didn't you hear me, i said leave it there." again it's said in the same robotic voice.

"That guitar is the very first thing i encountered here and that has a value of any kind for me, leaving it to you is out of question. And more importantly, i'm sure Clare would love to see that, she always had love for toys like that."

He was dead serious about this, he was going to kill that man if things don't go as they should. It's a pity that Phantom has to display this much hostility towards the others. He was actually quiet eager to make friends and he would rather have situations like this end like that night with Sam but the situation at hand did not allow for that.

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Phantom threw another card at Arthur, this time cutting his cheek. This man really want's to fight me, doesn't he. Then I'll give him what he wants.

"You want the guitar? You really want it? Then come and get it."

Arthur sent a shard at phantom. He didn't care where it would hit him. He tightend his grip on the guitar and it turned into the axe Otto used. Arthur then ran at Phantom. He was going to cut him in half. He knew Phantom could telepot so he mate sure not to lose site of him. If Phantom suddenly disappeared Arthur would fly up into the air and send shards at the place he was at the moment of lift off.

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Phantom notices that Arthur's gonna be stubborn on his part. He was fine with it, forcing him shouldn't be too hard. He throws a card that cuts the shard flying at him in half, the card continues, it's new target being Arthur himself. Crown then makes his cane appear, and dashes off right after the card, he'd teach the man a lesson or two when it comes to taking treasures he and even more Clare might like.

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@Yeilin: @SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ReliusClover:

Phantom decided just to cut the shard in mid flight with a thrown card. And the card was still going, It would have probably hit Arthur if he hadn't rolled right under it. Phantom was right behid The card. He had a cane in his hand. Arthur didn't remember seing it before, but he might have just not been paying attention. So he want's to give the guitar to some girl called Clair. That doesn't give him the right to throw cards at people.

"Can't you just go to a flower shop or a jewelry store and buy her something?" Arthur swung the axe upwords, hopeing Phantom wouldn't have enough time to teleport away. He was probably wrong. Then again that cane might be very durable and block the axe. "Would you really kill me just to give a girl something she hasn't seen before. You must be terrible in bed if that's the case." There's nothing like taunting to make someone lose focus and make a mistake. Arthur hoped that's exactly what would happen.

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