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Hagane stood there, stunned, then nodded.

"I don't blame you." She said. "I know what it's like to be hunted, and I know what it's like to be betrayed. But do you want to know what my goal is?" She asked, stepping forwards towards Phantom. "My goal in life is to be able to close my eyes not wake up a few hours later screaming. I do the job, take the money, so I can make a better life. You want to save your girlfriend?" She snapped, not used to being called out by some masked man like this. "Get this. I didn't have anyone to save me. I had kids getting their necks snapped for climbing over the wall. I had my roommates going off to the showers and never coming back. I had gunmen patrolling my house, ready to shoot me in the back of the head just in case I made a break for it."

"You think YOU hate mercenaries?" Hagane asked Phantom. "You can tell me that when it's your leg they broke because you woke up at 5:01 AM. You can tell me that when you grow up thinking that's normal. At least you made a choice to have people hunt you. Do you know what I did?" Hagane asked, tears in her eyes. "MY MOTHER WAS IMPREGNATED BY SOME COSMIC BEAST THAT LIKES TO SLEEP AROUND AND DITCH HER WHEN THE SWAT TEAM CAME KNOCKING, LEAVING HER TO GET A BULLET TO HER HEAD AND ME TO GET HAULED OFF TO A CONCENTRATION CAMP SO THEY COULD STUDY ME BEFORE I COULD EVEN WIPE MY OWN ASS!"

Hagane then realised how aggressive she was getting, and lowered her hand before she transmuted someone.

"Sorry." She said eventually. "That had nothing to do with anything. Was it the jobs for money, or the heartless monster part of me that was so disgusting?"

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Phantom listens to Hagane's story with no expressions on his face. He was completely void of emotions. He doesn't stop her, nor does he look like he's ignoring her or not paying any attention, in fact he's focused, his gaze fixed onto her face. When she finishes he remains silent for a few seconds and he sinks into deep thoughts but he snaps out of it soon after and the sour and hostile, yet indifferent look returns to his face.

"If you're looking for compassion or sympathy you're talking to the wrong person." Phantom cuts her off without answering her question.

He makes the tower collapse, levitating himself and Hagane to the ground. He just turns around and walks further away from the camp, ending the conversation there.

It was unusual for Crown to reply like that to a person who just told him such am emotional and intimate story about their life, yet there he was stating that he doesn't care in a cold voice. But Hagane wasn't just a "person" she was a very specific person. A single conversation wouldn't make good what mercenaries over the year did or at least tried to do to Phantom. But even with the stacked bad experiences Crown couldn't help but feel strange about it. As if he was sorry for what he said and how he treated Hagane the whole time. It was natural, she was still a human being, or going by the story at least a part of her was, and he did feel bad for her. It felt like a hand that grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to turn him around so that he could ask for forgiveness.

But even that short moment of regret passes by quickly. Phantom shakes the feelings off. He wouldn't have survived up till now if he let feelings like this make him soften up to people like her.

He clears his mind and "runs away" before he can do anything that might get him into trouble later, he had already said too much anyway.

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Hagane let out a deep breath. She wasn't looking for sympathy, and didn't really want to open up to Phantom, just to earn some trust.

Instead, she looked around to find SamJaz, but he wasn't there. She checked her phone, finding a text from the waster.

She wiped her face, then looked for a quiet place to check her phone.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Another team of heroes traversed the desert by night, making quick progress throughout the night and making their way down the stairs.

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Matt heard some comotion coming from Phantoms tower douring his shift. He couldn't tell exactly what was being said but he was sure it wasn't anything pleasant. A few seconds later, Phantom's tower disappeared, leaving no trace. It was too dark to see who was with Phantom in there and Matt didn't actally care. Part of his mind was in the Digital World. Probably not the safest thing if you're on guard duty, but with Phantom and someone else awake, there shouldn't be any problems. He wasn't long in there. Just long enough to figure out which of his digimon transformations could use the crest he got from Santa.

Douring this time Arthur was fast asleep. He still didn't open his present, but he might in the morning. Right now he was having a wierd dream. He won't remember it once he wakes up, but he will feel wierd and worried about something.

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SamJaz poked his head through the portal, checking his watch.

He'd been gone for six hours already, but the timer he'd left in the sand barely showed fifteen minutes difference.

He also reckoned that the longer he was on this side, the faster he'd go in relation to time in this desert.

"Alright, I have time." SamJaz said, turning to face Alvin. "You've done well training the troops for the past six months, I'll get them ready for the campaign by the end of the week."

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Phantom just sat there, thinking again. He slowly circled the sand with his finger looking up to the moon. Sand gets stirred up as Phantom's new-found inner peace is shatter when he blinks away. At the spot where he sat a moment ago now was a giant rusty blade. It was connected to the hand of a knight who wore armor as rusty and enormous as the sword itself. He also worse a helmet, obscuring his face.

He started walking towards Phantom at a very slow peace, dragging his feet through the sand. Soon many more emerged from the darkness of the night and behind the dunes of sand and they all had one obvious location, the camp.


Phantom turns into a hail of cards and teleports back to the camp. Before he did that he threw a card at the knight that assaulted him first. Phantom didn't see it, but even though the enemies arm was cut off, it continued the same monotone walk from before making no sound of pain. More akin to a machine than to a human.

The army approached from all sides, surrounding the camp and it's unknowing inhabitants.

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Hagane smelt the rust and rolled to dodge the blade. She shouted something incoherent to alert the camp as she thrust her palm into the knight's collar, causing even more oxygen to bind to the metal and completely rust it through. The arm fell off, and the deterioration spread through the entire armour, disintegrating the entire outer layer.

Hitomi wriggled out of her sleeping bag, hiding her item and kicking Matt to wake him up. "GET UP ICE MAN!" She shouted, guessing they had about two or three minutes before the knights would lumber to camp.

They could be there very quickly, but taking them all out would be lighting fast.

And SamJaz was miles away, off in his own little world.


And sand left her next to nothing to work with.

Still, it was something. Threading a metal wire around a needle, she pressed her thumb into the Wendy's Kiss and ran forwards, throwing the needle deep into the leg of a distant knight ahead of her, wrapping the other end of the wire around the kiss as she slid between the legs of a knight, her head narrowly missing the sword it stabbed down.

Checking that a shadow of the string was visible in the moonlight, Hagane grabbed at the darkness and hastily threaded it, bending shadows to trap the two knights together. Then, gripping the thread of shadow, pulled sharply to flip the two knights onto their backs.

A third knight came behind her, and Hitomi rolled to dodge his blade, then sew the shadows to his wrist, dragging the two collapsed knights closer. They kicked and flailed, keeping the thread taut and the upright knight unable to swing his blade.

Not bad for fifteen seconds of combat.

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Matt's first reaction to the knights was to turn into Galantus as he is around the same hight as the knights, much faster, and probably much stronger. He lunged at the nearest knight, barely missing him, but a hit with the shield stunned the knight just long enough for Matt to pearce straight through it's heart should be.

Now awake from his dream, Arthur was a dazed. His first though was to wake up the caravan, and huddle them up so thay could be protected much more easily. Then he made a frost dome around them so the knights would have a hard time getting to the caravan. A pair of ice swords in his hands, he jumped at the nearest knight, stabbing it, while avoiding it's big, slow sword with ease.

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At this point, the phone in Phantom's pocket began to vibrate- A text.

=[ SamJaz here. Popped out of reality for a sec, kinda important. ]=

=[ I'll see you guys on floor 50. Figured out how to beat Demien, currently training ]=

=[ You're in charge, play nice with Hagane. ]=

=[ I just bought out her company ]=

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"Sure." Phantom sends of the message, the format of the communication did not convey the sarcastic sub-tone his "Sure" had, at least in regards to the last sentence.

In the meantime the knight which Hagane disgenerated left behind a strange thing. It could be described the best as a big fetus. It was obviously alive and pulsing, it also had a cord attached to itself which ran into the sand and disappeared. It was clearly distinct from the flesh that surrounded it. The flesh was black rotting and barely resembled any kind of organic tissue.

Phantom certainly figured out what to do, his next card was aimed dead center of a knight. Instead of continuing as the knights usual did when they sustained damage this one dropped to the ground, his heavy body slightly sinking into the sand. It was dead, or at lest it stopped moving as it's really debatable if it was alive to being with.

Shortly after followed a series of tremors making the camp and the sand around it vibrate.

Phantom could already tell where this was going, and he didn't like it one bit. But that wasn't important right now, they needed to get rid of the armored plague first.

"Guys i'm in charge now. Listen, you got to aim at the center of these guys. Also make it quick and don't waste too much power and energy."

He shouted it across the camp, hoping that everyone will hear it. After that he turned back to his enemies and started piercing the knights one by one.

From what he could tell, this would be one long night.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Hagane pierced the creature with her spear, learning its genetic code so she could figure out just what they were up against.

Had she paid attention to Phantom's instructions, she'd have instead pierced the umbilical cord, to learn what was going to come next.

Hitomi, on the other hand, hefted a rusty blade and began to dispatch the knights she had disabled.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Several more soldiers were killed and the tremors that followed only became stronger and stronger. When only a handful of the knights remained the vibrations stopped. The remaining knights collapsed as if they had the life sucked out of them. With that the earthquake started again, becoming stronger and stronger again.

Phantom already knew what was coming so he flew up into the air. A mushroom of sand and dust is formed as something erupted from the ground.

That was the cause of it all.

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Distracted from her study, Hagane saw the monster, and immediately summoned the lance into her hand and launched it, spinning particles in the air to create an electromagnet around the lance. The effect was like a railgun, increasing its acceleration, accuracy, and ability to pierce the creature.

Once it made contact, it would teach Hagane what the monster was, and she could figure out how to kill it.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

As the sand settled it revealed what was hiding beneath it up till now. It could be described the best if one called it a giant meatball. Many of it's parts were rotting and it was obvious that it wasn't a single united being. The color of the tissue that was it's skin in a sense was composed of many different colors, some differences because the rotting process and some because the parts were taken from completely different beings. Some spots even had fur.

It was also covered in a huge number of limbs, collected from all kinds of different living things. But they were just there, they did not have a purpose as they were just too small and too weak for the thing to make any use of them. It's real limbs were sets thin and thick long tentacles made out of the same tissue-mix as the rest of it's body. On the other hand, the various sensory organs that were placed on it were all functional. Every single of the hundreds if not thousands of eyes, ears and noses could see, hear, smell and more. The many small and big mouths all filled with sharp teeth also had their use as the monster quickly demonstrated by swallowing all of the remaining fetuses as well as the rotting flesh attached to them.

Phantom was disgusted, all of a sudden Hagane didn't seem to bad.

He descended a bit so that everyone could hear him.

"Use weak attacks to provoke it and then run, we need to get that thing away from the camp."

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Hagane recalled her lance, quickly realising that from the data she was obtaining- that of a regular bear, that her lance wasn't going to be of much use. In fact, her abilities aren't going to be of much use at all, as there was no unified DNA for her to attack-

Except that she could take out a tentacle at a time.

Dashing forward, she lunged her lance into one of the closer limbs, skewering it as effectively as a syringe in an arm and probably causing just as much pain.

But with the genetic data she was getting from that limb, she would be able to obliterate that one limb with a single touch.

She'd then rinse, and repeat the process on another tentacle.

If the limb didn't come down on her, she'd raise the sand and go up to meet it, ready to decompose the flesh and reduce it to salt particles on the sand.

Hitomi, on the other hand, made distance between herself and that thing. If she was able to fight, it was stealth, and surprise attacks. She'd only be able to provide moral support on this one.

Unless Hagane felt like creating a few large posts for Hagane to sew a web to contain that thing- but the redhead seemed kinda busy with an equally effective strategy, something Hitomi made a point of telling Phantom as she ran past him.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"It won't work, the tentacles are just like the rest of it's body. But Hitiomi, you could somehow bind that thing right?"

Phantom asked, if the answer was positive he could start his plan, if not he'd have to come up with something new but the plan would work nevertheless.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"I could wrap it up in seconds if I had enough cloth and thread." Hitomi told him. "I guess Hagane could make some if she had enough stuff? I don't know how long it'd take for her to convert the sand without waking something else up."

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Matt transformed into Wolfion now and fired a barrage of missiles at the creatures eyes in an attempt to blind it. Arthur seeing Matt's plan jouned him by making around a hundred ice shards and penetrating it's eyes. While at the same time flying around it and slashing of it's tentacles, one by one, with a greatsword in his hands. But if they don't get a better plan this will be a long fight.

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"Just tell her to do it and prepare everything, i'll get the thing away from you while you do it."

Saying that Phantom flew up once again. Facing the monster he created some hundred Mark II Cutting Cards. He launched all of them towards his enemy. Even though most of not all hit, and certainly did pierce the skin, they surely wouldn't bring it down. It was like throwing pebbles at a bear, it could be compared to a bee sting, but that was exactly what Phantom wanted.

Agitated by the pain the monster turned around starting to follow Phantom who in turn started running away. He had to dodge a tentacle or two, but he was able to do so casually. On the other hand, the whirlwinds of sand produced by the monster's swings were considerably harder. Of course they couldn't do any real harm, but being lost in the short-lived sand storm both limited Phantom's vision and disoriented him. As a result one of the slow and heavy tentacles slammed him right into the ground.

Phantom bent in pain. He probably had an internal bleeding or two after this one but he couldn't stop.

He got up again, flew up and launched another barrage of the cards.

"Are you two ready yet?!" He yelled towards the direction where Hitomi and Hagane should be, though he wasn't even sure if they could hear him.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

At Phantom's order, Hitomi charged at Hagane, shouting at her to make cloth. The redhead looked at her like she was made, but complied, raising sand and changing its composition to convert it into a heavy, black material that erupted from sand that rolled around her outstretched arm, like it was coming off a roll in a factory.

Hitomi jumped onto Hagane's shoulder, grabbing the cloth and, with needle in hand, leapt above the monster. As she fulfilled the role of a seamstress,her skills became superhuman, using Arthur's spikes and Matt's missiles as pins to hold the material in place as she leapt around, stitching the cloth around the creature and binding its tentacles to its flesh.

Within minutes, the enormous beast was wrapped up tightly in a massive tuxedo jacket, arms tied across the breast compressing the creature like a straightjacket.

The creature was trapped. It was going nowhere.

Hitomi landed gracefully, flicking her hair back as she finished off a stitch. "Think you can cryo it?" She asked Arthur.

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