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"Sigmund. Form three." SamJaz said, returning his evoker into its holster as Matt was launched across the room. Alice was crouched across the ground holding the katana in her right hand and the axe in a reverse grip in her left. "An adaptation of the Albert style, modified to better use the sheath and close the gaps in defence, changing the focus of the stance from defeating the opponent into a guarantee of the user's survival. The Sigmund style was developed in secret by those who served the house of Albert, knowing that their style was more effective but would be seen as an insult to their master's Albert style swordsmanship. There are no written texts, and the forms and techniques are handed down by word of mouth from master to student."

Alice twisted her axe grip, and SamJaz snarled. "Siegfried, form seven!" He shouted angrily. "An adaptation of the Sigmund style, by adding an axe head to the sword sheath one can not only regain the the diminished offensive power of the adapted Sigmund style, but attain offensive power far superior to the initial Albert style, even enough to devastate any defensive style. The adaptation to carry a sword within an axe was seen as going against the mindset of the secretive Sigmund style, and was rejected by the already exclusivist school."

Gripping the keyblade tight, SamJaz tore it into two seperate keyblade, spinning one behind him into a reverse grip, holding the left keyblade backwards to use the crest as an axe head.

"Who taught you the Dreadnought fighting style?" SamJaz demanded, getting into a stance that was identical to Alice's.

She winked.

"Don't ask questions unless you already know the answer." She said playfully, before blurring and swinging the axe and sword at Arthur and Phantom as she charged for SamJaz.

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"Sam, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, what what ever it is use it." Arthur said while defending from Alice's attack with a frozen katana quite similar to hers. As she darted behind him he made his blade disappear and let Sam take her down on his own.

"Hay, Phantom, can you make some popcorn from your cards? I wanna watch this fight in style." He went over to the fridge to see if there was anything that would serve as a good snack.

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Phantom was going over into the offensive. He was just one floor away from calling Clare and that alone was motivation enough. He blinks out of the way just before Alice can finish her swing and he reappears directly behind her. He was about to use a strategy he didn't use very often, in fact that would be his first time he actually uses it in combat.

Placing his hand on her shoulder he blinks again, teleporting both of them into the air, right at the highest point of them room. A quick twist in mid-air and Phantom delivers a powerful strike with his elbow to Alice's stomach, sending her flying downwards. After the successful hit he creates a Mark III Explosive Card and throws down in a straight line, following Alice's free fall.

He blinks once more and appears on the ground again waiting for her impact.

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Falling through the air, Alice twisted, swinging the axe to wedge itself into Phantom's shoulder. Piercing the card with the very tip of her katana, the card exploded, sending light everywhere but only sent heat in a direct spear through Phantom's other shoulder, followed by the katana.

Once both weapons had disabled both shoulders, Alice would treat Phantom to a kick up the chin, before pulling the weapons out and taking her next victim.

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Phantom gritted his teeth in pain and both his shoulders were pierced and slashed. But the expression of pain soon turned into a grin. He blinked away, taking both weapons with him. After he gained some distance he teleported both weapons out of the wounds they rested in and back to the previous floor above them.

He decided that a different approach was needed. He scattered dozens of huge cards, like the ones he made a floor before to use for the creation of a transportation method. Some where just lying on the floor while others were floating in mid air. They would serve as a hindrance as far as movement was concerned. He flew up into the air and started bombarding Alice with a combination of Mark II Explosive and Cutting Cards.

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Alice stood in the ground as her weapons were taken, and the metal disks on her black bodysuit began to glow with blue light.

The cards were launched into the air by dozens of small whirlwinds, blocking the explosive and cutting cards as another sword and axe manifested themselves in Alice's hands. The light around her bent, then space bent, then she was stood on Phantom's shoulders, swinging the axe into his face like a pendulum.

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Not exactly what Phantom expected her to do, but it served the purpose. He grabbed her around the ankles and pulled her down. The axe missed it's initial target and struck his leg instead. Normally sustaining this much damage would be dangerous but he had Sam and Arthur so healing was always a possibility.

Phantom slammed her directly into one of the giant cards on the floor. As soon as she touched it the card flew up and five more assembled around it, creating a little transparent prison. The cards used were a defensive variant of his cards. They could still cut like his cutting cards but he obviously didn't use them for that purpose. They could take dozens of Mark III Explosion without even a scratch and they didn't allow for teleportation through them unless the source was Phantom's own magic.

The cube levitated right in front of Phantom, who was suspended in air himself because of the wounds he sustained. Sweat was running down his face and he was visibly exhausted. Even though it looked like he was going to say something but then he remained silent. Instead a single card is created inside the cube, right in front of Alice, slowly spinning around it's axis. An explosion, turns the whole card prison into a light bulb for a second, illuminating the room. The card that was created was a Mark III Explosive Card. It can be considered a weapon of mass destruction as very few military weapons are capable of such destruction, so casually.

The cards that form the prison walls, don't allow the explosion to expand focusing most of the destructive force onto Alice. An explosion like that even under normal circumstances would leave barely a few bloodstains of a human that was caught up in it, but this wasn't Phantom's try at killing Alice. Far away from it, he didn't expect or even intend to kill her with this. He knew that with the regeneration of hers in mind this just wouldn't cut it. But that's just what he wanted.

He spoke while she still was embraced by the flames of the explosion as he created a throne like chair for him to sit in and rest his body.

"Listen, if you don't want to experience that again, you'll calm down, sit in the corner and pay attention to what we have to say. I don't mind if you decide otherwise, i'll just burn the flesh from your bones again and again and again..."

He leaned back and closed his eyes for a second to enjoy his rest. This was a first time experience for him. Phantom wasn't the type of person to torture people, the worst he'd do is annoy them or perhaps break finger or two if they deserve it. But with Clare as motivation he became a crusader, he would stop before nothing, not even the worst things he could imagine. He already showed that in the casino with Sam and Rachael's Chip.

For him, the stakes were high.

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"Al, I need you to drop the mask, and I'm going to explain why." SamJaz told his friend. "Dissociative identity syndrome or whatever it's called. It's what makes kids in hoodies capable of of beating old men to death, then going back to mummy when the hood comes down. Because it's Phantom doing the torturing, it comes easier than if you were doing it at home."

"Am I being hypocritical and holding a double standard?" SamJaz asked. "Yes, most definitely. But I don't want you to develop a taste for torture. It's a slippery slope from where we stand right now and I speak from experience."

Interrupting SamJaz's self-righteous speech was interrupted by a very audible crack. Turning to the centre of the room, a drill of light was pressing through Phantom's card prison. It was slow, steady, an insult to every physicist alive yet there it was.

Running to the side of the prison, SamJaz saw a completely unharmed Alice standing with her hair billowing in the light and her hand outstretched. He extended his keyblade, creating a door of blue glass. "Hitomi, get in there NOW!!" SamJaz ordered, changing Persona to Black Frost. "Anyone else who can't take being roasted alive, in that door!"

The drill formed of living nuclear fusion continued to pierce the card.

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The inability to find anything to much on dishearthened Arthur, but when he looked up he was a bit anojed by Phantom's behavior. The reason Arthur just stoped attackinf Alice and started goofing of was because he wanted a one-on-one between Alice and Sam. But Phantom just had to try and torture her.

"So what you did Phantom? Now we've got a nuclear exploasion coming our way!" Arthur said as he jumped through the door. Matt on the other hand didn't have a reason to do that. Radiation and het wouldn't even put a scratch, well maybe a not too big one, on his armor. And if doodoo hits the fan Sam might need help here. And besides, who knows where that door leads, not that Matt doesn't trust Sam, but it never hurts to be carefull.

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"Sam, you know that can't do that." Phantom coldly refused to take of his mask or to even think about it.

Instead he created a wall of cards between the three of them and the prison. It was just a safety measure and his plan wasn't to go on the defensive with this. He was going to keep at it, no matter what. He started creating new layers of cards from the prison. They just kept coming no matter how many of them were pierced by the drill. The room Alice had in the prison grew considerably smaller with every new layer and it came to the point that she couldn't even stand up anymore.

He wasn't sure how long the drill could keep on going, but even if it took hours he'd continue with the cycle of destruction and creation.

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Hitomi dove through the door with Arthur.


Alice crouched from the increased thickness of her prison, then clapped her hands.

Light was sucked in around her, enveloping the prison in a sphere of darkness that pulled the furniture towards her. "No..." SamJaz said, strafing to the side of the black sphere and seeing the light bend around it. "SHE MADE A BLACK HOLE!!" SamJaz shouted, getting ready to cast Collision spells in case anyone was sucked in.

He needn't have worried, however, as he darkness faded and Alice stood amidst the room, looking no worse for wear despite having stood beyond a violent event horizon.

Sword and axe appeared in her hands, and she looked at her opponents.

"Arthur Cromwell... That's funny." She commented, glancing at the door to the velvet room. "Named for a mythic king despite having lineage that once dethroned a king. And don't get me started on your etymology." She added, pointing a casual sword at Phantom, then making a realisation.

"Do either of you have a brother named David?" She asked. "Or Daniel or anything like that? It's just, AC and DC, you'd just need a cousin called Lightning Bolt and you'd have a full set. Well, I guess you can't hear me right now, or can you?" She asked, looking at SamJaz.


"So, introductions." The balding man with an exceptionally long nose told Hitomi and Arthur. "My name is Igor, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

'He looks like he's been snorting crack through his eyeballs.' Hitomi thought loudly, wondering if the supernova outside was a safer option.


Alice's weapons glowed with a dark light, and she leapt for Matt, swinging her sword wide to cut at the unbreakable armour and parry his spear wide, out of the way of the axe that swung downwards, into his shoulder as she reached back to stab, only to be kicked aside by SamJaz.

She rolled to her feet, getting her sword ready as SamJaz slashed upwards in the same motion she did, successfully disarming her. "Rise with the moon..." SamJaz snarled as he brought an axe down into her shoulder, rendering her right arm useless. "Go to bed with the sun."

Gripping the axe handle tight to prevent her from dodging, SamJaz glared at Alice who smiled. "Early to sleep-"

SamJaz stabbed Alice repeatedly in the chest with the blunt shaft of the keyblade, stopping her from talking while he finished her sentence "And you'll miss all the fun."

Alice coughed up blood, splashing on SamJaz's cheek as he twirled her round by the axe. "Bring your wife and trouble..." a morbid movement reminiscent of ballroom dancing that dragged the axe across her collarbone and trapped Alice in a headlock- shaft of the axe pressed against her neck as the blade twisted in her torso and SamJaz's forearm covered her eyes and crushed her nose. "It will never trouble you."

Flexing his muscles and jerking the axe, there was a sickening crack and Alice fell limp.

"Make her a member of the midnight crew."

SamJaz kicked the limp body of Alice as she came back to life. "That was the combo you started on Matt. He told her as she touched the tear across her collarbone. "WHO TAUGHT YOU?!"

She pushed herself up to her feet, hand over her chest to prevent her chest from popping out as she repaired the bodysuit's tears with a touch. "I guess I was always daddy's little girl." She said with a smirk, blue sparks dancing from her fingers.

Enraged, SamJaz kicked her in the chest, sending her flying across the room and into the wall. When the smoke cleared, however, Alice was holding two large laser cannons, each one with muzzles the size of an oak tree.

She pulled the triggers and spread the damage, engulfing the room in consuming light.

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"So this is the infamous Velver room I've been hearing so much about. Now does this mean that I can get a persona? Couse I'm sure I'd have an awesome one." Arthur said as he examined the bald man with the long nose. He looks kind of like a volture.

Seeing the two cannons about to destroy everything in the room,Galantus jumped infront of Sam while holding his shield before himself."Defense of the just!" The sigil on Aegis lit up in a bright red glow. A second later a large, impenetrable, red barrier split the room in two parts, one with FCL members, and the other with Alice and her blast.

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"I'm sure that could be arranged, but my duties are to those who have already entered into a contract." Igor explained to Arthur with a smile. "I cannot help you awaken to your Persona at this time, but please, help make yourself at home. Perhaps you would care for a reading of the cards?" He asked, procuring a deck of tarot cards out of thin air.

Hitomi avoided the conversation, instead sitting on a couch and withdrawing a 3DS from her purse.


Smoke beginning to clear, SamJaz charged for Alice, who swung her sword and axe for SamJaz's two keyblades, one he held backwards to ace as an axe.

The two of them were matched, blow to blow, oblivious to everything going on outside their conflict.

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@ReliusClover: @SamJaz:

"Oh, tarot readings! I always wondered how those go." Arthur said with a curious face. "Sure then. Tell me my future, bald guy."

Alice was destracted by the fight with Sam and Matt saw that as a perfect opening. He did a short dash before jumping in the air. At the point exactly above Alice he used Lightning Joust and was propeled towards her at great speeds.

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Igor placed a card on the table. "Oh, the inverse Tower." He said with a grin. "How... unexpected."


@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

SamJaz leapt back as Alice was reduced to red mist by Matt's attack, then sent Hagane to gather everyone from the Velvet Room as he switched Persona to Loa to scan for where Alice would regenerate.


"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," Hagane said with a grin as she poked her head into the Velvet Room. "But SamJaz wants all non-imaginary beings to please vacate his psyche as we aren't going to burn to death in the immediate future."

Smirking, Hagane stepped back into the trashed apartment to see SamJaz place his foot inside a gathering cloud of red. "I'll need a blanket." He told her, remembering last time he performed this kind of interrogation. "Maybe the kind of snuggie that will cover her despite having my foot in her kidney, I try not to come across as a rapist."

Hagane looked down to see SamJaz's trouser leg grow soggy as sinews and organs began to form around it, spine brushing alongside his shoe as it regenerated.

He had a lot of questions for his prisoner this time.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom just leaned back and watched the whole scene unfold.

The sooner they got over with it, the sooner he'd give Clare a call.

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SamJaz dropped the blanket onto Alice as her torso returned. A few seconds later, and she was completely trapped and at his mercy.

Perhaps there were more effective forms of Torture. This method seemed to present itself as a convenient way to stop a regenerator from escaping while you questioned her.

"What is your relationship with Jared Creed?" SamJaz asked her.

"I don't know who you're-" Alice replied, earning a tap of SamJaz's keyblade to her temple. The Keyblade connected her mind to his memories, giving her the image of a face that had shaped his heart very deeply long long time ago.

"The one who descends to remove the weeds..." Alice said, remarking on the etymology of the name. "Just like you said. He taught me the ways of the sword, axe and tome." She smiled. "I'm a Dreadnought. Just like you."

SamJaz suppressed a snarl. His anger was misplaced and would cloud his judgement. "Why?" He asked. "The method is passed in secret through family lines."

Alice smiled. "Use your head." She replied, watching her captor squirm.

Accepting the connections he'd already made, and feeling disgusted with himself, SamJaz asked his next question. "What's your name? Before you came here?"

"Alexis Romanoc." She replied. "And I'm only one of the two biological daughters of father to be here." She turned to face Hagane. "Well. I was."

"Where is he?" SamJaz demanded.

"Who, Harvey Dent?" Alexis asked with a smirk, wincing from the movement pulling at her wound. "You'd make a good lawyer, you know that? You're only asking the questions you already know the answer to. Just to make sure the jury hears it from my mouth. Not yours."

Hitomi put a hand on SamJaz's shoulder. He pulled his foot out of Alexis, causing her to scream, before turning around and taking her axe, strapping it onto his back.

"Move out." SamJaz ordered, earning a kidney punch from Hitomi.

He turned around, saw her glare, and caught the message.

He took a deep breath, then breathed out. In, then out. "Huuuuu... Fwaaaaaa..." SamJaz said, before smiling.

"Ready to go?" He asked the team in a much more pleasant tone of voice.

Floor -45

The next floor was a brightly lit, welcoming bar. The wall was lined, however, not with bottles of alcohol, but rather with various soft drinks from around the world, some SamJaz recognised, and others he didn't.

"Hello guests." A barmaid wearing a long sleeved white shirt, a black vinyl waistcoat, and a black bow tie said as she wiped a glass with a cloth. "I'm Sally, I'll be your barmaid for today, and this bar," She gestured to the wall behind her. "Sells every single discontinued soft drink and recipe from around the world. Your drinks are on the house, but your challenge is to find the plant." She smirked. "One of the drinks on this wall is still available for the public to purchase in the same packaging and recipe. Your challenge is to find it. May I take your order?"

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Rather than paying attention to what the woman had to say he took out the phone and sat down on of the chairs. A second later the phone that was held by Clare ringed. "Crown, where are you?" the frail female voice didn't even wait for confirmation of who it was and a question burst out in an instant. "Forty-five of course. Tell the bastard we gave his sister a beating."

"Umm, okay..." Clare obviously lied, she was way too shy about the whole situation to do something like that. "I guess i'll be stuck here for some while?" Clare sincerely asked the question in a disappointed voice, now that she realized how slow the team was progressing.

"Don't worry, i'll come as fast as i can."

From that point on the conversation went on and they discussed completely banal things like what she'd like to eat once they get home.

Phantom seemed to be useless every fifth floor.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"Stoney." Hagane said, pointing out to a bottle on the wall. "Same chemical make-up and identical packaging to the south african beverage I consumed on the way here."

The barmaid blinked, stunned at how quickly her game was ruined by an expert, but conceded. "Staircase is behind the bar, just let me know when you want me to open the trap door."

"Sound." SamJaz nodded, sitting next to Hitomi as he ordered a discontinued Lilt variety. "Have a drink everyone, we'll head on out when Phantom's off the phone. You alright to lead the way down?" SamJaz asked, shouting across the bar to his masked friend.

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After realizing that he was already talking for a dozen of minutes he said goodbye and he hung up.

"So, what's going on?" he asked the team obliviously as he put the phone away.

Noticing the staircase he proceeded towards it without waiting for an answer. "Oh great, we're moving on."

Floor -46

Arriving at the next floor Phantom found himself in a huge factory. It wasn't a factory of the modern type, rather one of the early industrial era, with one difference.

It was huge.

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