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@Fehafare: Phantom backs into a wall of drills as Demien's wounds closed up as fast as they were made. Less than a second later, Phantom was back where Demien held him, fingers around his throat.

"Sneaky." Demien replied, tightening his grip to choke him. "Die now."

He reached his other hand out to grab the regenerated SamJaz, then brought both of them in front of him to look at the two teammates struggle. "Your teamwork sucks." Demien commented as the two men struggled. "Did something happen why are you moving?"

There was a dark slick as a spike tore through Claire's leg, with barbs breaking out of the sides of the spike to stop her from stuggling.

SamJaz reached for his gun and fired a shot through Demien's wrist, but no blood showed where the wound should have been.

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Phantom manages to touch Sam with his foot, and then he tries to blink both of them out of the grip, but it doesn't work.

His next try to create cards also fails.

They were in trouble.

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SamJaz tapped Phantom with his foot, making eye contact to show the way SamJaz had tucked his chin into his neck to preserve air flow. The pressure was still going to knock SamJaz out, but he would be able to breathe.

He closed his eyes and went limp, tapping Phantom on the leg again with his foot to let him know he was playing possum and allowing himself to get choked- but on his terms.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz: Arthur was tempering with the machenes just as Sam told him to. He spent a few minutes figuring out how they work before he heard a screem coming from the direction Sam and Phantom went. He knew that Sam and Phantom could fight off anything in this stupid place but he had a bad feeling about this.What if they were in real trouble this time. He couldn't think of anything but still he decided to see if they needed help. "I could stop all these machines in just a minute. They're so simple for something so high-tech. Besides it never hurts to be carefull."

He tried to walk to them non-chalantly as if he knew nothing is wrong but he couldn't and ended up running there as fast as he could. He saw Phantom and Sam being chocked slowely and as soon as he arrived Sam's body went limp. That was bad. It was even worse when Arthur noticed that the persone chocing them was none other then Damien the meast they faced a few floors back, the one that almost killed Sam. He knew that Damien is too powerfull for him, but he hoped that he was too distracted with choaking the dinamic duo to notice Arthur.

He made ten ice shards and sent all of them at Damien making sure to position them to miss Sam and Phantom if Damien dodged. Then he Charged at Damien frost sword in hand, but as soon as he got near him jumped back and sent ice shards at him again.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

SamJaz opened his eyes and slammed a hand in Demien's gut. "COLLISION!" He shouted, surrounding Demien, himself but not Phantom, in golden light that paralysed them all for Arthur's ice spears. Demien dropped Phantom and SamJaz out of pain, and took the sword to the chest before he was able to move.

Had Arthur pressed his advantage, then Demien may have been cut down, but the marked beast regained his footing in time to catch SamJaz's incoming Keyblade and push him into the path of Arthur's ice spears, which were absorbed into SamJaz harmlessly by Black Frost's magic.

Banishing his keyblade, SamJaz rolled back and grinned. "I am clever. I am very very clever. Your anti magic isn't something you turn off then on, it's something you have to concentrate for. As soon as you thought I was down, you didn't need to disable me anymore and focused on disabling P-dawg. Distracted and unsuspecting, perfect target for a Collision spell. WHO IS IMPRESSED BY HOW CLEVER I AM?" SamJaz shouted, rubbing his neck as oxygen rushed back into his brain.

Observing the surroundings, SamJaz, Arthur and Phantom had Demien surrounded in a triangle formation. "Three Two One Lets Jam." SamJaz announced with a smirk as he closed in on Demien.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom gets back onto his feet as he slowly recovers for the choking induced oxygen loss. Now the fight changed into a three versus one confrontation. He was determined to get Demien down and Clare back.

He creates fifteen Mark III Cutting Cards, all made invisible through the use of illusions.

They cut through the air without making a sound, approaching Demien from all sides, circling him in.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare: Now was the time to strike. Two swords in each hand, one longer then the other, Arthur charged to Damien.

As he reached him, he jumped up and slashed his swords. One was a vertical movement to cut Damien in half made by the longer sword so retreat would not be an option, the other a horizontal movement to block all side exits.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

It was the cards that got to Demien first. He minimised the damage by jumping and twisting in the air, but he was covered by minor wounds and completely exposed to Arthur's downward slash. Chest sliced open, Demien span into an aerial roundhouse kick over the horizontal slash, clipping Arthur in the temple and sending him spinning to the ground.

SamJaz tackled Demien as the teenager landed. Wasting no time, SamJaz pounded the keyblade's handguard into Demien's face, wailing on him while kneeling on his forearms so Demien would have no opening to attack. However, Demien jumped to his feet and SamJaz fell on his back. Rolling away, headed in the direction opposite Arthur, SamJaz got to his feet and drew his gun. Filling the chamber with ice magic, SamJaz shot at Demien. The tattooed teen side-stepped the bullet, which exploded a few inches behind Demien's ear and launched shards of ice and shrapnel into the back of his head and neck, creating more wounds on his body and making him buckle over and grip his neck.

SamJaz noticed the spike that protruded from the nape of Demien's neck. It was hard to miss, now that he noticed, as it was about four inches long and an exceptionally dark green in colour, like his tattoos.

Demien's wounds began to heal, and SamJaz witched Persona to Cu Chulainn and fired a bullet into his head, summoning the hero to cast a MaSukukaja spell- granting a temporary increase in agility and reaction speed to himself, Phantom, and Arthur that would last about ninety seconds. It was more than enough to grant them the agility they needed to dodge Demien's next attack.

Drills exploded outwards from Demien, quickly forming a spider web of spinning death that SamJaz sidestepped safely, breaking other drills nearby with his keyblade.

Meanwhile, on Floor -36 (Side B)

"On the next floor, you'll find From The Ceiling With Love." The white haired man told Wizardroad. "SamJaz won several slaves in a bet and they're currently deporting them to his personal pocket dimension while destroying the medical equipment on that floor. Your objective to advance is to stop them and free as many prisoners as you can."

"On it." Fiyero nodded, leading his team down the stairs. "Let's go."

We now return to Floor -37 (Side A)

"Let's go let's go!" Alvin shouted, ushering more and more refugees through the portals as his ears perked up. "Matt! Yukari! Hitomi!" He shouted even louder, hint of panic in his voice. "WE HAVE COMPANY!"

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom blinks out of the way of the drill calamity, shielding himself with two cards just in case.

He creates three Mark III Cutting Cards and lets them loose on the drills.

The cards eat themselves through the barrier of drill as if it wasn't there and they close in on the center of the tunneling eruption which was Demien himself.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Drills erupted from the place Damien was at. Even without Sam's agility buff Arthur could dodge them. However this way it was easier. He side-steped, jumped over and ducked under the drills while also destroying many of them with ice shards.


Matt was with Yukari looking for and destroying all the genetic material they could find. Neither of them felt much like talking and they were both happy that way. And then they heard Alvin calling for. It wasn't so much a call for help as much as it was a call to arms.

Matt rushed overthere hoping Yukari was right behind him. And when he saw the reason for Alvins alertness he was shocked. For some reason he though Wizardroad would stay behind for the rest of the expedition. Matt quickly digivolved to Galantus and got ready to protect Alvin and the people who were still escaping.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Otis Slipfoot planted his foot into Alvin's face while Boq Yellowgage, the tin man, jumped for the transformed Matt. The machine man went in fro a grapple while the short, blonde Thropp Witchenson circled around Matt with his blade extending from his armoured arm, lightning sparking as he went in to strike.

He was intercepted, however, by a redhead wielding a red lance who sent him flying to the floor as a blue-haired blur swung a sword that collided against Leon Brrr's cleaver. "Nice to see you're still eating dirt Waster." The blue haired girl said from behind her sunglasses.

Alvin twisted onto his shoulders to kick the red-head that had kicked him to the ground. "Glad you could make it, Cole, Hag." He said as he grabbed a sword and swung for the speedster. "Hitomi, it's on you!"

Dorothy Ness, the necrostorm, launched a wave of fire towards the only other enemy female she could see or was aware of. Unfortunately for her, this happened to be Yukari, leaving Hitomi free and unnoticed to continue the rescue effort.

Fiyero, however, was worried. "There were others." He commented, looking across the enemy. "We're missing the masked one, the loud one with the key, and the ice user. Glinda, can you-"

"On it." the ginger girl behind him nodded, closing her eyes and starting a scanning spell to seek out the other three members of FCL.


Demien roared, grabbing the mk III cards between his knuckles and teeth as he charged for Phantom. "WHAT'S WRONG MAGGOT?!" He shouted, throwing the cards back at their sender. "NOT SO FUNNY WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU, IS IT?!"

The bloodlusted Demien seemed oblivious to Arthur and SamJaz, the latter of which rolled to the side to treat Claire's wounds. She'd taken another drill, this one to the hip, but SamJaz was able to heal all her injuries before picking her up and looking for somewhere safe to put her before returning to the fight.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom quickly made the cards disappear as they raced towards him. He was getting annoyed by this whole forth and back and on top of that Clare was in danger. He still couldn't use Mark IV as it was just too dangerous and they were still holding their own against him so it was better to try every other option he had.

Two seals appear left and right from Phantom. An endless stream of cards comes rushing out of it, quickly creating two giant card snakes composed of many hundreds if not thousands of cards. The stream on the right was purely made of Mark III Cutting Cards while the left one only had Mark II Explosive Cards. Using anything above Mark II in such large quantities could seriously damage the tower and destroy the entire floor so Phantom had to limit himself. Both streams direct themselves towards Demien, coming from opposing sides they were going to crush him. The sharpness of the cards and the pressure created by the explosions would produce a meat-grinder like effects and reduce the body to bits and pieces.

Phantom blinks up and prepares for Demien's next move, relying on Arthur and Sam to pressure him as well and support the attack.

In the meantime Yukari and the others had already engaged combat with WizardRoad which seem to have caught up to FCL. Yuraki herself was attacked by the magic user of the group. She used a blast of fire, something Yukari had a perfect counter for. She takes out on of her gems and quickly absorbs the heat of the oncoming threat making it disappear as quickly as it came into the world in the first place. With the Ruby being completely filled up, Yukari crushes it releasing a Firefly from it.

The ball of heat flies up and then comes swooping down onto the enemy mage, while Yukari prepares Sol Nail and Pale to fire off as soon as Dorothy took any kind of action.

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@ReliusClover: @SamJaz:@ChronoWolf:

Dorothy rolled back as Glinda stepped forward, creating a barrier, shouting at Fiyero where to go as Dorothy rose again to launch black thunder from the ceiling, aimed for Yukari.

Sketchinoda worked as a fluid team, fighting their respective foes and switching opponents every few seconds or so to prevent their enemies from learning their rhythm or getting any upper hand in their fights.

However, Wizardroad also displayed alarming teamwork, leaving Fiyero confident in their chances as he jumped up the walls and followed Glinda's instructions towards the rest of FCL.


Demien danced around the cards that cut and exploded around him. His goal was clear- to take Phantom's head.

Losing his left arm in the process, Demien lunged and tore off Phantom's mask- taking a large chunk of cheekbone with it- barely missing the eye. "Not so hot are you, Pretty boy-?" Demien laughed, before getting slashed and blasted aside by the cards that were chasing him.

"HOLD ON!" SamJaz shouted, drawing his evoker and blasting his brains out to summon Undine, who used her healing magic to reconstruct Aleister's face in an instant- but left SamJaz exposed to the knife that Fiyero threw into his shoulder.

"UNHAND HER FIEND!" The blonde shouted as SamJaz dropped Claire onto the floor. "ALL OF YOU! YOUR SLAVING VILLAINY ENDS TONIGHT!"

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom holds his face in pain as his bone, meat and skin regrows thanks to Sam's healing. He quickly turns a card into a new mask for himself to avoid being recognized. He directs the two streams of cards towards Demien once more. Creating two more that were exactly the same like the first two, now circling Demien in from four sides. He could only create one more seal like this, but using four of them wasn't just to show his determination to kill Dmeien. It was done so that it could keep him busy as Phantom turned his attention to Fiyero now.

He blinks right behind him and throws a card at his back, Phantom wasn't sure what he wanted, but whatever it was it couldn't be anything good.

While that was happening Yukari was stuck in her own fight. When she jumped back to dodge the black lightning her body was already strengthened through magic. As she jumped back she shot a Pale and Sol at Dorothy. Seeing that the fight may be a difficult one Yukari first traces Melrakki and then summons Red. Normally Lenneth would be her primary choice, but she just got Red, her new Servant, and wanted to test her out as much as possible.

Like before Red doesn't say anything and opens fire as soon as her body completely appears, luckily for the second time she selected the right target and aimed at Dorothy.

Under the cover of Red Yukari prepared herself for a Starstream, putting the two gun that were Melrakki close together.

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@ReliusClover: @SamJaz: Matt really didn't feel like getting crushed by a large man made of tin so he lunged at Boq. His spear outstreched it went straight for his heart, but it wasn't electricaly charged. He didn't even notice the Lightning dagger approach him from behind, but he didn't have to. Gallantus's armor was to tough to be penetrated by the dagger itself and the matereal it was made of didn't conduct electricity unless itwas the one made by Gallantus himself.

He turned around to face Thropp and yelled "Shield of righteous justice!" as a beam of pure light extended from the sign on his sheild. It was an unstoppable attack, unless it was used on pure darkness as the light couldn't pass through it. He then turned towards Glinda and charged at her. He tried his best not to hurt her, or even leave any marks on her because, after all, she was a girl.

"It's a shame you want to fight us this badly. You would make a wonderfull girlfriend." He whispered in ear as he tried to hit her with his shield, hard enough to knoick her out, but not so strong it would leave a permanent mark.

Other side of the floor

Arthur decided to keep Clare safe, so he made a frost dome around her. It was thick enough for Clare to be safe from most harm. Even if Damien tried to drill through it Arthur could meove her out of the way. Then he went in to help against Fiyero while suppresing Damien with a storm of ice shards. That should keep him busy for a while, but Arthur would run out of mana fast that way.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz grunted, pulling the dagger bloodily out of his shoulder and falling on all fours, panting from the pain as blood mingled with bone. His right arm shook, then collapsed, as the shoulder wasn't able to take the weight of his body. He rolled on the floor, reaching for his gun as he felt the cold from the frost dome that entombed Claire.

Sparks flew as the card passed through Fiyero's throat. Unharmed, the blonde turned and swung his left fist towards Phantom's jawbone, his arm moving faster than physics would normally allow, but his elbow and shoulder was disjointed, causing the arm to bend in ways inhumanly possible. This would not only add to the impact as Fiyero could add more twist into the punch by jumping, but it would also play on Phantom's arrogance and quick reactions- as he would surely wait until the last second before teleporting to safety. However, because of the unusual movement of the attack, the uneven tempo would strike earlier than the thief would expect.

Demien danced around the spears of ice and cards, dodging with agility a cat would admire, as he jumped and dove into Claire's ice dome, taking care to step on SamJaz's face along the way. He didn't leave a scratch on the ice surface as he dove in, passing through the solid matter like he was a ghost, then pushed on the wall to roll it out, taking the white metal from underneath them along with the ice to make a perfect sphere. His hands broke down the metal into the ideal shape, that of a hamster ball, and rolled Claire and Himself down the stairs to the next floor.

SamJaz rolled to his knees and fired the Evoker into his forehead, summoning Undine to heal his wounds. "DAMMIT!" SamJaz shouted. "HE TOOK CLAIRE!"


Cole had her music playing, and was teleporting effortlessly around the cloning facility while launching gears and laserbeams in time with the music, effortlessly keeping Otis, Thropp, and Leon under her control while Alvin focused on the evacuation with Hitomi.

Otis kicked Thropp out of the way of the spear coming from behind, losing his own leg in his effort to save his teammate's life. Boq took the spear through the chest, staggered, but flared back to life in an instant, turning around and charging for the transformed Matt. Looking inside the wound, one would see that the Tin Man was exactly that- he had a heart, rib cage, lungs and blood vessels, all made of metal. The molten mercury flowed from the wound, dripping onto the floor as he lunged for Matt as his shield rebounded off Glinda's forcefield.

Dorothy struggled to keep up with the sheer magnitude of Yukari's attack, but as she saw the guns come close together, she realised that she needed something to keep this under control. Chanting rapidly, she created a Repel attack to redirect the blast, aiming it towards the transformed Matt and wounded Boq, knowing that the metal would tear the insect apart and would quicken the Tin Man's healing.

Relieved from pressure, Glinda rolled away from the giant bug that just proposed to her, and ran towards Otis, casting healing spells along the way to try and save his leg.

Hagane lunged in, tackling the White Witch to the ground and stabbing her red spear into her shoulder. The ginger girl screamed as Hagane rose to her feet. "There's the healer out of the way..." She said to herself, turning as Otis's leg regenerated to reattach itself to the bloody stump inside Otis' shoe. "And a very good healer at that." She added, slamming her hand against the floor to create a cage of white metal to encase the red-haired speedster.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom blinks back but gets the bones in hand broken before he does so. It was just a split second, but he misjudged the whip like strike. Three Mark II Explosive Cards appear and are shot towards Fiyero. Phantom wasn't sure where this was going, but at least he'd try.

Yukari in the meantime already fired off the Starstream. A concentrated beam of heat traveled towards Dorothy's location as her surroundings slowly froze over to form a coffin of ice around her.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz grunted, getting to his feet as the energy flowed back into him. "ENOUGH!" He shouted, but no one heard. Ice still fell in shards across an abandoned battlefield, and Arthur was rushing to assist Crown in his attack on the blonde Fiyero.

The blonde danced around the cards, explosions all around him sending sparks flying as he continued to kick towards Phantom.

In a flash of purple, SamJaz was there in the midst of them. "HE GOT HER!" SamJaz shouted. "He took Claire, I'm sorry Al, he got her and we need to chase him down now!"

He turned to Fiyero with a look of pure pleading on his face. "We don't know what you're argument or rivalry is here, but this guy's girlfriend has just been kidnapped by an absolute sadist and she needs our help right now. Please."

Fiyero paused mid-kick, and lowered his leg. "Aren't you transporting slaves right now?"

"Yeah, they're manufacturing them here as products to sell and we're shutting the operation down." SamJaz explained. "We've got the rest of our team leading the evacuation so we can relocate them later, but..." SamJaz turned a shade paler. "The rest of your team is attacking them... You need tos top them." SamJaz stated frankly. "You think we're traders, but we're just trying to evacuate the refugees..."

"Go." Fiyero said, turning around. "Someone's playing a sick game here, but we'll sort that out later."

When the blonde jumped, SamJaz collapsed onto his rear end. Looking up at Phantom and Arthur, he forced himself back to his feet. "Ready to go?"


Dorothy sensed the thermic assault, crossing her arms to protect her chest as a cage of lightning surrounded her, then expanded to break the coffin of ice. Taking in the shards, she launched against the beam of heat, creating a smoke screen of mist to hide her actions as she ran for cover and launched lightning from above Yukari.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom doesn't wait a second, there wasn't anything to discuss. He looked at Sam and Arthur and then just made his way downstairs.

Yukari stepped forward, evading the lightning. Normally it wasn't smart to close in on an opponent but Yukari was confident right now. She shoots Sols and Pales as she progresses, but that was only a distraction.

Red was already standing next to Dorothy and she was about to pull the trigger.

"Nighttime sweetie."

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@Fehafare: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

"Let's GO!" SamJaz shouted at Arthur, turning in his heel to burst after Phantom, chasing him down the stairs.


It was another stark white lab, just like before, but with a massive metal structure, shaped like a house, with four screens on its surface.

Demien stood in front of it, an unconscious Claire over his shoulder.

The house-shaped screen was launched at the leadership of FCL, and Demien grinned as he backhanded the lower right screen. The impact cuased the machine to spin, and SamJaz, Arthur, and Phantom were consumed by the window, finding themselves in a purple house.

It was filled with people, like the standard highschool, maybe college party. Loud music was pumping through mismatched speakers, lots of people were dancing badly and one girl was carrying a large bowl of nachos over her head.

SamJaz stood in the press, quickly locating Phantom and Arthur.

One thought ran through his head.

Find your alternate self, convince him to leave the party of his own free will, and only then is it possible to return to the Hellscraper.

(OOC, Your character's Alternate Self is you, the player. Happy hunting.)

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