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SamJaz shook his head at Arthur's plan. "It won't work." He grunted. "Poker... we're playing each other. We need to play the house otherwise the cages downstairs won't be emptied."

Looking at the two of them, he pointed at their chips. "There's two kinds of chips, free and bound. Free means they belong to a player. Bound means they're in the house. If we take Free chips, then we're just stealing friends and family from rich idiots who want to gamble. We can't save the prisoners by playing Texas Hold 'Em."

He then put his hands on the chips he'd won. "And these people are important to me." He added. "I don't know their names, but they are depending on me for their freedom. There's thirty-six million of them to me, but to them, I am the single most important person in the world. I need to treat them with the same respect."

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"Sigh. Fine. First I'll clear all the slot machines, you and matt take the roulette table. Matt, if Sam goes crazy again feel free to give him a few slaps, will you?" Slot amchenes usually take coins, but here, even they are chip operated. With his hacking abilities he can make them spew chips without sacrificing any of his own. Then he looked at the two chips he owns. "But you guys wouldn't mind being sacreficed for millions of lives would you." before he left he decided to ask Sam one more question.

"These chips... What connection do they have to the people they reprisent? Their emotions, their life, their soul...?"

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"In Hellscraper, the definition of a soul is the body, spirit and mind of a person collectively. You would be a living soul." Hitomi explained to Arthur and SamJaz. "The cages are downstairs."

She then turned to SamJaz. "Congratulations, you're now a country bigger than Kenya." Hitomi stated. "I doubt that the Hellscraper has enough human captives to actually pay you."

SamJaz looked at the chips again. She was right, not all of them were human. There were some animals, some hybrids, even some creatures that he'd never seen before.

"Some of those people aren't in this building, but are being traded elsewhere." Hitomi continued. "Cash those in and you'll be paid in full. I don't know how many chips there can be left."

"They're empty." Alvin answered, putting five chips into SamJaz's hands. "It's over. We just cleaned out an entire slavery ring."

SamJaz nodded, brain churning.

There were two problems screaming inside of him.

Where was he going to put these people? He couldn't just release them back into the wild with only the clothes on their backs, some of them might not even have that. The meta humans especially were going to need help to return to normal society.

The second problem was the question of Claire.

"Alvin." SamJaz said eventually. "How big is your pocket world?"

"Big enough." Alvin replied. "Give me ten minutes and I'll set up a refugee camp. We can work on filtering them back to their homes over the next few months."

"I'll appreciate that." SamJaz said as Alvin smiled, then headed down the stairs to the next floor so he could open the portal.

SamJaz then turned to Hitomi and Arthur. "Our job is to keep Phantom busy for another ten minutes." He explained. "We can't get thrown out of here before we cash in the chips."

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Phantom was just leaning onto the wall. Normally a floor with a casino theme to it would be his playing field, but right now he had not even the slightest interest in it. His eyes just scan the tables, examining every chip they can. His only hope right now was to find a chip with Clare's face on it. From the looks of it, Sam was racking up a lot of chips, but Crown barely payed attention.

As his eyes go over the room, a shock travels through his body as he focuses his gaze onto a single point. A single golden chip with Clare's smiling face on it was flying through the air as it was tossed up by the swift finger flick of a man sitting at a table. He was wearing a fur coat and tight leather pants. He was surrounded by smoke coming from the cigar he was smoking, giving him a shady aura. Going by the grin on his face it was obvious that he knew what chip he was tossing there and that Phantom was watching him.

Crown storms past all the other tables, rapidly approaching the grinning man.

"Well hello there mister. Looking for someone?" the man blows his blond hair out of his face as he greets Phantom in the provoking manner.

Crown, jumps over the table grabbing the man by the collar and lifting him up, his other hand formed into a fist close to the man's face. "The chip, hand it over." Phantom doesn't add any threat to the line but the contempt in his voice and the way he bears his teeth are enough to make clear what will happen if his demand isn't met.

"Now, now mister, why the hostility? But you know, you should better put me down, else this lovely picture here's gonna disappear in a puff of smoke." The man raises both his hands, showing that he isn't holding the chip anymore, wanting to suggest that it really disappeared. Phantom glares at him one more time but then lets go, making the man fall back into his seat. "Now that you came to your sense mister, i propose a little game. You versus me, in a round of Texas Hold 'em. Sounds fun doesn't it?" Phantom just looks at him silently, trying his best to resist the urge to punch that guy's pretty face in. "Fine." he takes out his three chips putting them down onto the table, his steely gaze not leaving Clare's chip out of sight.

"No good mister, i want something of equal value." the man giggles childishly as he makes the demand.

Phantom remains silent for a moment, trying to gasp what the man said and then starts repeating to himself "Something of equal value. Something of equal value. Something of equal value." his eyes grow wide at that moment and he runs off from the table, the man still giggles as he sees him off.

Crown's hysterical walk comes to a halt at the table Sam was sitting at. "Hey man, how are you doing?" Phantom asks him while patting him on the shoulder and looking at the playing table, but Sam so much concentrated right now that he doesn't even notice. That was the moment Phantom made a decision, any later and it would be too late as it looked like the game was about to finish. It might be the worst thing he has done so far and it woke disgust towards himself just when he thought about it. It certainly was an unforgivable act, and even a risky and stupid one considering that Sam knew his identity. But beyond all of that, it was just low. Sam was Crown's best friend and one of the person's closest to him in his life. Not only were the personal bounds between the two a problem, but Phantom also knew what that chip meant to Sam, so he knew exactly what he was doing.

Still, he was desperate in this situation. He wasn't sure if Sam would do the same if he found himself there, but Crown didn't even search for justification as he knew there was non. He closes his eyes and in just a split second shifts his hand into Sam's pocket and out again, he runs of from the table.

In his possession now was Rachael's Chip, probably the most valuable thing Sam had on him. Crown closes his hand around it tightly and then makes his way to the table with the man.

He takes a seat and puts the chip on the table.

"Here, let's play." though the statement was as blunt as the previous ones, neither his voice nor his actions held the confidence or steely determination they did before.

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Looking around the room, Phantom seemed to be enjoying a nice game of cards with a gentlemen in the far corner. "Glad to see someone's making friends." SamJaz commented to Arthur as Hitomi went to the bar for drinks, laughing as he put his hands into his pockets.

His blood ran cold as ice as he felt what was missing.

Frantically, SamJaz started patting himself over, knowing full what pocket he had put Rachael's chip in. Looking around the room, his brain started jumping to conclusions.

1) Phantom is a master thief.

2) Phantom is on edge, prone to do bad things.

3) He told Phantom about Rachael.

Thankfully, his brain was VERY good at jumping to conclusions, and continued.

4) Phantom is worried about Claire.

5) Someone's forced Phantom's hand for Claire.

6) SamJaz would most likely do the same thing for Rachael.

Were they not in the casino, SamJaz may have exploded into Thanatos forme there and then.

Since he wasn't, he stormed across to Phantom, his earlier display causing people to run from him as he walked.

He grabbed a chair, forcing the previous occupant to the floor as he did so, then sat down next to Crown.

"There must be some kind of way out of here," Said the Fool to the Thief. "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief. Businessman they drink my wine, plowman dig my earth. None will level on the line, nobody offered his word."

SamJaz glared into Crown's peripheral vision. Al's next words would determine whether or not SamJaz would beat him into another nationality.

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"That seems to be appropriate mister." the man says while examining the Rachael Chip and putting the Clare Chip next to it. A dealer comes and opens up a new deck and then starts mixing it. "Now that were actually facing each other like things, i think it's only fair if i tell you my name mister, as i already know yours. My name's Danny Dale." Phantom ignores everything the man says as he notices that Sam sat next to him.

"So you noticed?" he doesn't take his eyes off the Clare Chip and speaks in a clam voice. "Can't even imagine what you're thinking right now. Probably that i'm a selfish bastard or something like that. Listen, i know i screwed up and i shouldn't have done it, but it's too late now anywa. I don't care what you're gonna do to me after this, but right now, just let me concentrate on the game and finish this, who knows we might end up laughing about this if everything goes well, though i doubt that."

Phantom was speaking of concentrating on the game, though there wasn't much to it. Both him and his opponent only had one chip. They would be dealt a hand and then they'd see who had more luck. But perhaps that was enough, so far when gambling was concerned Phantom had enormous amounts of luck since he got The Filou.

He could only pray that it would be the same this time around as the cards were being dealt.

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SamJaz slapped Phantom around the back of the head, hard enough to sting without causing significant damage, as a parent would when rebuking a child who said something stupid.

"Al, I'm more offended about your lack of musical quotations than I am about you gambling away my friends." SamJaz said. "I just wish you'd asked first. If you did, then I'd probably have been able to point out that you're being swindled."

SamJaz reached into his pocket and twirled a shiny golden chip between his fingers, too fast for even Phantom to see more than a flash of white hair on the side pressed against his fingers.

"Do you honestly think that you're the only pickpocket around here?"

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"Huh?" Phantom only saw the chip Sam took out, with the edge of his eye. It was a slight surprise for him, Phantom had already forgotten that his powers are disable so he expected that his eye would warn him if there was any foul play in the deal. "I see." normally Crown would laugh in a situation like this but right now he was dead serious. "Too bad there's no pulling back now." he looks at the two cards dealt to him as he says so. What he got was an Ace of Spades and a Five of Hearts.

Danny on the other hand didn't even bother to look at his cards. While the act suggested that he's a daredevil, it had little to do with him being risk loving but rather with the fact that he already knew the cards. They were a King of Diamonds and a Queen of Hearts. The whole game was already set up. He done so normally in his everyday life in this hellish casino, but this time he was specifically instructed to do so and leave no possible opening, he was also given the Clare Chip and a large sum of money along with the instructions on what to do. As such he also knew what the five cards on the table were, he even knew the exact order in which every individual card would be revealed.

He wasn't going for any kind of overkill or anything, his habit was to cheat so that it doesn't look too suspicious to the person he was cheating on. He would leave them a small shiver of hope and then crush it once he revealed his own hand which always gave him the upper hand, even if it was just a slight advantage. He would do the same here.

He leans back, putting his feet onto the the table right onto his cards.

"Good luck mister." he grins at Phantom as he says the words filled with false kindness.

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SamJaz tutted, watching Phantom play his game as Alvin tapped him on the shoulder.

"Everything's set up." Alvin said with a grim face. "It's pretty bad downstairs."

"How bad?" SamJaz asked, put off by just how grim Alvin looked.

Alvin took a seat between Phantom and SamJaz. "They breed them, SamJaz." Alvin explained. "There are millions of human/parahuman hybrids all shelved up in cryostasis, organised by gender, age, attributes, personality and physical attractiveness. They're the lucky ones, some are awake and being 'educated', or being shoved into cages while pheromones are pumped into them. The pregnant ones are hooked into machines like the matrix, keeping them stable until the baby's due."

SamJaz clenched his fist, glancing at Phantom, then at Hitomi, who nodded and went to collect the chips from Arthur and Matt.

"There was one who was different though." Alvin said. "She must've been new, since she didn't have that subservient look in her eye. Beautiful woman, white hair, she was being carried away by some shirtless kid covered in Tattoos. There," He added, pointing to the chip bearing Claire's image on the table. "That's her. That's the girl that the tattooed kid had taken."

SamJaz rose to his feet, chair clattering to the floor behind him.

"Al, we take him together or we die separately." SamJaz ordered.

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Phantom mostly ignored what Alvin was saying, he didn't get along with him to being with and distraction was the last thing he needed now. Though that was a pointless worry as he had no influence on the game whatsoever. He could only watch and hope that his luck would do it's usual magic and win the game for him.

Though Crown wasn't as half as confident or relax as he usually was, this situation was a lot different. He had no influence on the game, and the bet was much more valuable than money. It wouldn't be too much trouble if it was one of his own chips, but right now he was gambling with the life of someone else. Not only that, but that someone was very important to a close friend of Crown. With all those factors combined Phantom couldn't help but to be nervous. Sweat was slowly gathering on his forehead as the first card is revealed, Two of Clubs.

"Great, everything's going as it should. I'll make a small fortune on this fool. Wonder who the chick is though, might take her for myself if i get the chance." Danny thinks to himself in a manner very unlike his childish behavior and outer appearance. "Let's see here comes the next one. Bingo!"

Three of Hearts, three more cards left after this one. Crown so far has a small chance at a good shot as far as his hand goes. A 4 and 6 would save him in a situation like this, but the situation gets grim with the next card revealed. King of Clubs, the card that was going to ensure Danny's victory. Of course Phantom didn't know any of that and he was still putting his hope in his luck and the last two cards to be revealed.

The fourth card was Five of Spades, Danny put that one in to make it seem as if Crown had a slight chance, of course he would never be able to win the game with just that. Contrasting Phantom's steely concentration and tension Danny wasn't even paying attention to the table and was in fact playing around with a pair of dice. "What's the bastard up to?" It was obvious to even a blind guy that this was suspicious but that wasn't anything Crown could do, even if he knew that Danny was cheating as he wouldn't be able to prove it without his powers.

"Well then mister, the final card?" Danny finally stands up, lifting his legs from the table and sitting up right, now taking his two cards and looking at them for the first time. The expression on his face didn't change at all and still was an arrogant grin.

The fifth card turns out to be, just as Danny expected it, the Jack of Diamonds, a filler card with no impact to either of their hands.

"Let's see what'ya got mister." Danny puts his cards down onto the table, revealing them to Phantom.

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SamJaz grabbed the distracted Phantom by the lapels of his jacket and lifted him from his seat. "DID YOU NOT HEAR THAT?!" SamJaz shouted. "DEMIEN HAS CLAIRE! DOWNSTAIRS! NOW!"

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Phantom's pulled away from the table as he let's his two cards fall onto it. In the excitement that Clare's close by he completely forgets Rachael's chip on the table.

Danny sees him off with a satisfied grin, but says nothing. He picks the chip up but then notices something, Phantom's hand wasn't the one it should have been. Instead of the Ace of Spades and Five of Hearts, he had Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts, a hand like that would have made him the winner. "What the hell!?" Danny bites his cigar in two as he turns around facing the dealer, assuming that he was the one who messed it up.

But before he starts yelling at the nervous dealer, he just takes the chip and goes away. The fact that he was in possession of Rachael's chip was proof enough that he won and after all, he was going to get more money than he can make in a year, with a deal like that in mind he didn't have to waste time on small details such as that.

When he had already left the room, a man in a black suit with a top hat approaches the table. "Oh my, because of the hurry Mon Cheri won't see the gift i left him." he picks up the two cards that were Phantom's hand as he says that in a curious voice like he was wondering.

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@Fehafare: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

Danny was knocked to the floor as the chips were taken from him, then knocked out by a briefcase of money as the white-haired man smiled, watching FCL charge down the stairs.

He'd give them twenty minutes before letting Wizardroad through.


It was worse than how Alvin described it.

A stark white lab environment controlled by machines where human beings were manufactured.

Parent cells were taken from shelved, mixed together to cause conceptions, then placed in hyperbolic time chambers to mature, like cheese or wine.

Once the embryo formed a foetus, it was placed in an incubator, where it was treated.

Memories installed, emotional traits developed, using time manipulation they were able to develop perfect slaves to order within 24 hours, depending on the requested age.

Once the person had aged to the point requested, they were 'birthed'. The machines made tests and ensured that motor-neurones were functioning correctly. Muscle developed during incubation due to surgical treatments, many of them receiving para-human implants as to the clients orders.

Currently, the factory was mass-prodcing peoples from the maturing process, to meet the client's incredibly large demands.

"Hitomi, Alvin, your job is to relocate the refugees." SamJaz instructed, keeping his eyes peeled for Demien. "Yukari, Matt, find the raw genetic materials this place uses for insemination, and destroy every egg and sperm cell you find, as well as the fertilisation machines. Arthur, work out the mechanical process of the machines. Once Matt and Yukari have finished destroying the raw materials, work with them in destroying this factory bit by bit, making sure we get everyone out safely and destroying the parts that aren't feeding, teaching or incubating someone. We need to make sure that we don't hit our 35 million mark. How many are we one so far?"

Opening portals and relaying instructions, Alvin reported back. "Factory has seven million on standby, manufactured and captured, I'm evacuating those now. Twenty-million more are currently in production."

SamJaz looked from the balcony where they stood. This room went on for miles. How was it possible..?

"Phantom, you're with me." SamJaz instructed. "We take Demien together."

Stepping away from the group, SamJaz took a deep breath. "CLAIRE!" He shouted from the bottom of his lungs. "I'M SAMJAZ, AL'S FRIEND!" He took a deep breath. "SCREAM SO WE CAN FIND YOU!"

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"Right." Crown replies to Sam as he follows him, though he was a little bit uncomfortable, after all it wasn't easy to forget the situation from before. To say that Crown was ashamed of himself and that he found it hard to face Sam was an understatement. But right now finding Clare was more important, he could work the whole thing out and beg for forgiveness later.

Phantom himself remains silent and let's Sam do the shouting, he didn't want any unneeded attention.

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SamJaz and Phantom both followed the sound of Claire's voice, reaching her location in a matter of minutes. There she was, slung over his right shoulder, her face behind him. She showed signs of a struggle, but she wasn't fighting right now. She smiled once she saw Phantom, but hid it well at the sight of SamJaz. He noticed the token of the absolute trust she had in him, and decided to respect it.

Demien turned around and smirked at the keymaster and the thief. "Oh, hey. Two little thieves showed up." The marked man said with a smirk.

"You take the let, I'll take the right." SamJaz said, summoning his key blade in a reverse grip and ducking low as he strafed to the right, only to be knocked back as Demien launched a punch to his gut.

SamJaz bounced off the wall in a burst of purple light and slashed the keyblade across Demien's jaw, who span with the blow and kept Claire tucked into his chest as he landed against the wall and sprung out towards Phantom, flipping as he kicked the thief in the head from above.

Claire glowed, engulfed in golden light before being pulled out of Demien's grip. The boy snarled, watching as Claire landed in SamJaz' arms as he broke into a sprint. "CARDS PHANTOM!" SamJaz shouted as Demien stepped off the thief's head and walked towards his escaping prisoner.

SamJaz screeched to a halt and jumped back as drills burst from the ground where he previously stood, engulfed in green flames as they rose up to meet drills that burst from the ceiling, closing the way like interlocking teeth as more drills burst from the new wall and stabbed SamJaz in the shoulders, making him drop Claire into the path of another drill that pierced her shoulder and carried her across the ground. Her blood slicked the ground as she slowed to a halt at Demien's feet, and the drill collapsed into dust as her wounds were sealed up by a drill bursting from inside her skin, closing the hole instantly.

Demien bent down and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder like a rag doll. "You'll have to do better than that kids." Demien said with a condescending smirk.

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Phantom was only throwing cutting cards as he was too scared to use anything with an area of effect as it might hurt Clare. He saw an opening in the moment when Sam took hold of her, but that didn't last long enough for him to create a new card let alone launch an attack. Through a series of drill attacks Clare found herself in the arms of Demien once more, but this time around she had a wound.

Phantom snaps. He blinks up to Demien from behind taken Clare's hand and blinking her away again, now appearing next to Sam. "I know i screwed up Sam, but just do me a favor now and get her as far away as you can and please take care of that wound, ok?" during the request Phantom had his teeth clenched and he put in great effort to surpass the anger building up inside of him.

He puts Clare into Sam's arms and then turns around to face Demien. Phantom creates a wall of giant cards right behind Demien, reaching to the top of the floor and extending to the sides as far as they could see right now. More than thirty cards appear around Phantom. What he created were his Mark III Exploding Cards. Each having enough power to blow multiple city blocks away, Phantom avoided using them in a tower like this. But this time around he had both the room and reason to do so. The wall of cards behind Demien would withstand the explosion, Phantom made sure it would and the floor was so enormous that he wouldn't even try to compress the blast to a smaller area, he was making sure that he will hit Demien. The floor itself would probably be wrecked despite the wall, but it was alright, that was their plan to begin with.

Even if Demien dodged all of them the blast coming directly from the wall behind him would still get him. All thirty are launched at the same time, with new ones being created to replace the ones that already left, read to unleash a new wave of destruction.

"Die, degenerated bastard." a slight tone of madness could be heard in Phantom's threatening voice, he was out for the kill on this one.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

SamJaz backflipped, snapping the drills as he did so before tending to himself and Claire.

He had no intention of abandoning Phantom at this point. SamJaz could not take on Demien alone and neither could Phantom.

"Hold still." SamJaz warned before pulling the drill out of Claire's shoulder and casting a Cure spell. There was a lot of blood, staining her skin, clothes and hair, but something in her face made SamJaz turn around and see the explosion. "REFLEGUN!" SamJaz roared, creating a sphere of transparent hexagons to protect claire and himself.

He heard Phantom utter a condescending remark just before a black sillhouette strode through the flames.

The red was pushed back by green flames that surrounded Demien's body, who continued to smile as his stride broke into a run.

He blurred, then uppercutted Phantom in the chin, sending him into the air before sending drills into his hands and feet to suspend him in the air. Demien laughed at his opponent's position, before his head exploded.

Demien's corpse fell to the ground, revealing SamJaz holding a smoking magnum.

He placed the gun in its holster and ran over to Phantom, smashing the drills that held his hands and feet before getting launched across the room by the headless Demien.

The decapitated teenager rose to his feet, staggering as his head regenerated from the jawbone up.

"That hurt." He commented, kicking Phantom over towards Claire before SamJaz could heal his hands and feet.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Despite the wounds and holes he had in all four of his limbs, Phantom doesn't slow down. He puts up with the pain and levitates up again. He launches another set of Mark III Exploding Cards.

After that comes a a set of Mark III Cutting Cards.

Phantom blinks up just above Demien and launches the same combo again, now covering the space above him as well as his two sides. With cards coming in from the front and cards coming from above cutting off possible evade options on the side Demien was left with his back to the wall of cards behind him.

"I'll be right with you Clare." he says it more as a motivational line towards himself than an actual statement directed at Clare as she couldn't hear his words anyway.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Demien lashed a hand out around Phantom's kneck, sinews reattaching themselves to bone around his neck as he began to squeeze. "No." He snarled as drills burst from the ground to skewer the SamJaz behind him. "You won't."

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"Bad idea." Phantom barely gets the words out of his throat as Demien grips his neck.

Three Cutting Cards are created right in front of Demien, cutting into his abdomen just a second later. A fourth card shoots upwards cutting off his arm, giving Crown the freedom to blink away, removing the hand from his neck at the same time.

He creates three more Mark III Exploding Cards and launches them at Demien as he floats back towards Clare, while still facing Demien.

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