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Slamming two head together, SamJaz had a realisation. Jumping onto a table, he looked around the room. "GEN?" He shouted. "CROW?"

They weren't on the floor. Worse, the staircase going back up had vanished.

The team was down to him, Hitomi, Alvin, Crown, Yukari, Arthur and Matt.

A merry six, but one of the four pillars of the team were down.

Actually, knowing Gen, he'd probably just slept in and would be with the group later. But then again, what did SamJaz know about Gen's sleeping habits? He'd met him twice.

Either way, the team need to regroup. "SLEEPRA!" SamJaz shouted, sending a wave of blue sparkles across the bar to knock out the weaker-willed of the possessed brawlers.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: Arthur's fight wasn't going the way he had hoped. The man grabbed his swords, one in each hand and crushed them. That was followed by a pnch in the gut, knocking out all the air out of him. While he was trying to catch his breath the man grabbed his head and slamed him into the wall. He repeated the same thing a few times before he threw him onto the counter. Arthur slid along the counter and knocked of Phantom's drink. Then he noticed how many people suddenly fell down and felt a strong pulse of magic coming from Sam. He must have cast a sleep spell. Too bad the man he fought had a stronger mind then one would think.

He ran at him again two frost swords in his hands. The man grinned. He lunged forward and attempted to grab Arthur's swords again, but the swords disappeared and were replaiced by a spear. The spear went through the man, piercing him through the stomach, but he didn't even notice. He was just enraged. He grabbed Arthur again but Arthur kicked him in the crotch. The man fell on his knees. This gave Arthur a chance. He tried to cut of his head, but the man recuperated faster then anyone would expect, and headbutt Arthur. Arthur could really use some help at the moment.

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@ChronoWolf: Admiring his handiwork, SamJaz noticed Arthur was having trouble. Raising his Keyblade, SamJaz launched a Collision spell.

Collision was a dirty spell. Surrounding the target with light, the spell attached the target to the tip of the key blade with a whip of light, allowing SamJaz to throw incredibly heavy targets like they were a conker on a string.

With a flick of his wrist, SamJaz sent the wounded drunkard flying into a wall. Sending a grin and a healing spell towards Arthur, he jumped off the table to see if Crown's drink ruined his suit and sent him into a blind rage.

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Sitting inside her small apartment in Telos City, Juni was lying across her bed in her pajamas playing around on her laptop. She had just finished up her finals, and passed with flying colors. Juni was about get her degree, and just had to wait for graduation. Her friends at Trinity Avalon were out fighting the Nazi horde in another universe, and she couldn’t return to Hinamura village just yet even though she is now the queen. Even though Telos City has lots to offer it wasn’t what she wanted right now. She wanted to celebrate, the best way anyone in her family would do. That was to have an excellent battle. Coming across a strange website on her laptop about something called the Hellscraper. “Hellscraper!? Never heard of this, but the challenge it presents looks like what I need break through the boredom.

Juni got up from her messy bed, and rushed toward her closet, picking out a red and white form fitting ninja uniform from her closet. Spinning in a high speed tornado, and changing clothes in an instant. Once finished she grabbed her sword Arashi which now had a constant golden aura around its cardinal and gold sheath. Then she grabbed the gray and Blue Thunder sword Bishop gave her and sheathed it inside Lynn’s father’s sheath. Juni grabbed two more sun and moon knuckle short swords and placed them on her hip, dashing out the front door and locking it behind her racing towards the “manga” library.

It didn’t take long for Juni to get to the designated location. With excitement rushing through her veins she took the lift all the way down to Floor 34. The fighting had already taken place with several bodies lying on the ground. She saw six other warriors there as well. She didn’t recognize them, but a big burly Irishman came rushing toward her in a rage. Juni paid him no mind and gave him swift bad hand right to his face breaking his nose knocking him unconscious. Looking over towards the others she said with a slight smile " So, what have I been missing so far you guys look like hell. Did I miss the party?"

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SamJaz stopped his approach towards Phantom as the new girl joined the brawl.

A new day. A new team. A new From The Ceiling With Love.

Even with the origin of the name gone, the team was not gone. It was not broken.

He then realised the horror of this situation.

They were on Floor 34.

"My name is SamJaz and this is From the Ceiling With Love." SamJaz said, approaching the girl very very carefully. "You missed the first half but we've got another forty-two floors left smash our way through but first things first we need to get off this floor RIGHT NOW!"

"What's the rush?" Alvin asked, tossing a drunkard into a portal leading to a pit filled with walking skeletons, who proceeded to devour the man alive.

"Floor 34." SamJaz pointed out. "The challenges in this tower are designed to make us suffer, not just to prove ourselves or slow us down, but to discourage us from advancing further. Why would this just be a simple bar fight when it IS ON FLOOR THIRTY-FOUR?!"

"Alright, Keyboy, you're scaring me." Hitomi said, wrapping a spool of iron thread around her hands, cleaning the blood off it as she went. "Unless you think they're gonna make some kinda internet joke-"

"C'MRE YA GIRLY BOYS!" One particularly large drunkard said as he approached the giants. "I'LL KNOCK YA INTA NEXT REEK, ARITE?"

"MOVE!" SamJaz shouted, grabbing someone's hand and leading the escape down to the floor below.

Floor -35

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Juni bowed her head to greet the keyblade wielder know as SamJaz. She followed that up by introducing herself. "I'm Juni Hinamura, Storm Queen of the Hinamura NInja Clan. So from the ceiling with love...it has a nice ring too it. That's excellent I haven't missed the fun yet" Juni wondered what was Samjaz's rush to get off floor 34, when Juni could here some growling behind her. Giant Irishmen that were heavily drunk shouted towards the group. Juni looked at them with a grin "These guys look like a decent warm-up, bring it on boys!!!" The thrill of battle was starting to awaken inside her, the fire of her family rushing through her veins. SamJaz ran with another person in hand towards the next floor, Juni sighed "Aww man it was about to get good" Juni followed behind them. What she saw on Floor 35 looked like a pretty ordinary construction site, but with...floating pizzas!?

Floor 35- Team From the Ceiling with Love vs. Mechanized Otaku Ninjas and their boss known as the Samurai Ninja Shark pirate robot cowboy!!

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"Must be the floor they just rented out to the Foot Clan who just rented out a floor here." Hitomi explained as SamJaz took in his surroundings.

Squinting ahead, he could see a group of people fighting what was most likely the boss. One was a massive suit of armour that launched rockets out of his shoulders, another was a young blonde boy with blonde hair, who seemed to be using seemed to be using some sort of lightning magic.

There were others with them, so SamJaz had to imagine that they were another team, separate from From The Ceiling With Love.


"You're probably going to want to let go before you speedblitz into that mob of ninjas and pizza and break a pile of bones." Hitomi suggested, looking down at the hand SamJaz was holding. "Or you're gonna have to carry me in a more romantic fashion since I like my arms to be undislocated thanks."

SamJaz let go of the hand, then smirked. "Not even a word." He said in reply, before blurring and reappearing amongst the ninjas. He then jumped into the air, eighteen feet straight up, and raised his keyblade over his head. "METEORAGA!" He shouted, launching a red beam into the air and bringing down a bombardment of burning stone and metal from above.

Alvin rolled aside as he dodged one of the meteors, shielding his face from the burning shrapnel that tore the head off a ninja about to take Alvin's face. Alvin jumped forward, throwing a third ninja against an oncoming meteor and kicking a fourth off the metal grid of the construction site.

A massive wrecking ball came down on Alvin, but he opened a portal under it, shrinking the portal once the ball was inside and only the chain remained. SamJaz burst through the air, bouncing from meteor to meter, and grabbed the chain, breaking every link with a tap of his keyblade, then jumping up to the crane that held the lost wrecking ball.

SamJaz launched a fireball into the pilots seat of the crane, then jumped to the next crane to disable that ball, the meteors still coming down.

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Phantom examined the new floor he found himself on. A construction site, but with some rather strange fellows around as it seemed. There was another group of people as well, and by the looks of it, Sam took some interest in them.

And as usual, before any kind of plan or conversation could be made all hell broke loose. Sam was using spells, wrecking balls were flying around, ninja's were getting kicked all over the place and Alvin did his wired portal tricks. Ignoring the chaos Phantom decides to devote all his attention to the other team. He walks up to Hitomi and taps her on the shoulder.

"What do you think about the marry lot over there?" he points at the people as he asks her.

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Hitomi looked on ahead. "Rival group it seems." Hitomi shrugged, reaching into her pocket for a phone. "It's not uncommon." She added, dialling a number and putting it to her ear.

"Hey, Cinna, how're you-" Hitomi said, before getting cut off. "Yes, I know I've got blood on me, I haven't had chance to get change-" Another interruption. "No, I did not use my actual scissors, it was a cheap backup pair you could get anywhere-" She waited. "No, I'm not hooking you up with the cowboy, I don't even know where he went to-"

She hung up, and silently called another number. "Hey, Simone, what's the name of the other team?" Hitomi asked. "I see, any good? ... Really, that quick huh? Cool, hide Cinna's rabbit food for me. Bye now."

Hitomi smiled as she returned the phone to her pocket. "Wizardroad." Hitomi said, opening a curtain to the spa. "Apparently there's a thief in there who has the REAL mona lisa. You two are gonna have to talk." She added as she closed the door behind her, then went for the second shower of the day.

She'd have to be quick, though, because she had another job to do before they finished on this floor. In some ways, it was a good thing Crow and Gen had vanished, because that was two less tuxedo's to make. And it also meant she could spend more time coming up with something for Juni.

They needed to make a big entrance on the next floor.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: @Juni_Hinamura:

A construction site? How did a construction site get into a skysc... err... hellscraper. This is an awesome, but impractical place. Or is it ? Whatever the case, FCL got another teammate but lost two in the process. A hot ninja/samurai chick, as if to serva as a replacement for Yei thet left a few floors ago.

The construction site wouldn't be that big of a problem if not for ninjas and madman-operated wrecking balls. Not wanting to get his skull cracked by falling debrise (or meteors created by Sam) Arthur made himself a helmet out of ice. Much safer now. He made his trademark frost swords and charged into the fray, dodging metors, barely avoidng ninja swords and cutting of heads. He was makeing his way towards the other group. He had hoped they would be of help if they face the beast, Damien, again. And if they need help FCl can offer them their asistance.

Matt felt lazy. He grabed one of the floating pizzas and started eating.Of course he couldn't eat in peace because the meteors and holes created by them thretened to send him falling to his death. "Sigh. Digivolution! Wolfion!" The robotic wolf stood in his place once again. Matt really wanted to use a different digivolution in the hellscraper but he didn't find the need. So far he has only used, Kabuto, Gallantus and Wolfion. Firing missiles and lasers, Matt cut through the ninjas, meteors and wrecking balls, going to the new girl, wanting to check if she need any help.

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Juni realized the strangeness of the Hellscraper for the first time. At first they were in an Irish pub not they are in a construction site. “This is like some crazy video game, where the programmer seems to be on acid…pretty wicked.” Juni drew her spiked knuckle short swords as she was being confronted by hundreds of ninjas. All the ninjas looked the same, but had a different color schemes and a variety of weapons. “Hmm I don’t sense any lifeforce from these guys, and also there is a weird smell coming from them like circuits. That means one thing their robots……robots!?……ROBOTS!, I LOVE SMASHING ROBOTS!!!!!” Juni started to tremble with excitement, and a sinister grin came across her face. “Well let’s get this party started come at me however you want! Placing some small headphones in her, she played her some hip hop instrumental to get herself in the zone. The robot ninjas rushed towards Juni while SamJaz used his meteor to scatter the group out.

Juni started to attack the ninjas in with blinding speed and ruthless aggression. She started what appeared to be an endless chain combo that was first started by kicking one of the ninjas high into air. The other ninjas attacked Juni to the best of their abilities using cunning and strategy, but they were no match for Juni’s fighting prowess. They would attack and she instinctively countered with the best move possible. Each time the ninja that was kicked into the air came close to hitting the ground, Juni would keep him from doing by giving him a swift combo while saying “HOT POTATO!, HOT POTATO!” and kicking him back into the air. Her combo started to rack up while she started to glow in a golden aura of power increasing her speed and strength. The combo started to rise 100!…..300!….500!…..999!! Juni left a trail of broken robot bodies in her wake she was having too much fun. So she decided to end it, with robot Ninja’s float in the air she unsheathed Arashi at high speeds. It caused an electrical vortex of energy that caused the aerial ninjas to explode in rapid succession. The combo chain hit 10,000!!! as the ashes of ninjas fell gently to the ground. "Hmmm that was fun, but still not a good warm-up though." Juni stylishly twirled Arashi and sheathed it back, She grabbed a piece of floating pizza noticing the group ahead.

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"Not bad not bad at all." SamJaz remarked as he landed between Juni and Matt upon the bodies of robot ninjas. "Now, these other guys ahead of us... think they're friendly?"

One of the seven warriors from the far side of the floor turned to look at FCL, namely a very charming ginger girl.

Drawing the rest of her group's attention to FCL, the other girl of the group, a brunette dressed in black, raised her staff and pointed at the group.

SamJaz paled as a dark wind swirled into force. "GET DOWN!" he roared, stepping forward and casting Reflega spells onto his teammates as a massive black dragon rose from the flames below and engulfed the party in hellfire.

The reflective barrier held, and none of FCL were harmed, but three swordsmen in the opposite group charged for SamJaz and the team.

SamJaz blocked the centremost one, looking at where the other two were headed.

The one on the left was blonde, carrying a meat cleaver. He was lanky, his charge animal-like and his teeth were sharpened like a saw, and he was headed for Phantom.

The one on the right was also blonde, but shinier and in a braid. His blade extended from his arm and sparked with lightning, this one going for Arthur.

SamJaz looked head at the one in the centre. He had red hair and a white cloak, and he attacked with a short blade that was slammed against the Keyblade, then jumped back and whipped two assault rifles from his cloak, kicking SamJaz in the head as he opened fire upon Matt and Juni.

Thankfully, Alvin opened portals between the red-headed gunman and his targets, protecting them from the oncoming attack and kicking him back.

In the distance, an armoured giant got to its feet and unleashed a barrage of missiles upon the team.

The three swordsmen retreated, jumping through the smoke and back to the rest of their team, who now stood at the other end of a large void.

The drop was several thousand feet deep, and filled with fire.

"MY NAME IS FIYERO NAHMEN!" A young man who hadn't attacked shouted over the roar of the flames.


With that, the seven strangers turned their backs to From The Ceiling With Love and headed down the stairs, leaving our heroes behind.

"What crawled up his backside?" Alvin asked SamJaz, before admiring the chasm before them. "So... how're we gonna cross this hole?" He asked. "Cause I'm guessing that the stairs don't go down as deep as that bottomless pit does."

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@SamJaz: @Juni_Hinamura: @ReliusClover:

An easy battle. The ninjas are nothing. Arthur was getting closer to the other team but a cute red-head saw him and the rest of the team approaching. As soon as she notified the rest of her team all hell broke loose. One of them created a black dragon that attacked the team. Arthur tryed to jump back but he didn't need to. Sam made a barrier around everyone. The dragon was a powerfull spell, and from the feel of the magic she was deffinetly a necromancer. Arthur should know. He had meny a falling out with necromancers from their kingdom. In fact the whole mages kingdom diliked the necromancer kingdom. Before he could get into more details while checking out the girl, err, her magic, three swordsman from the team attacked. One attacked Phantom, one Sam and finally one attacked Arthur.

The attack was rather weak. All Arthur had to do was move to the side while blocking the blondys dagger from moving towards him. The guy apperantly couldn't stop so Arthur just put his hand infront of his face and pushed with great force knocking him away. Then he felt a sting in his hand. A spark of electrisity hit his hand. It eminated from the dagger. Again, before he could check out the weapon the three swordsmen backed away.

At that point A robotic gian fired a barrage of missiles. matt was still in his Wolfion form and retaliated with his own missile barrage. He managed to knock down most of the missiles and the ones he didn't hit the floor and created a large chasm infront of the team.

A blond man shouted his name and decleared that the team was called Wizardroad. Apperantly he didn't want FCL to follow Wizardroad. But come on, when did that acctually stop anyone?

As Wizard road left Arthur turned to FCL, a pair of ice wings forming on his back. "So, who needs a ride over the giant chasm?" He directed the question mostly at Hitomi, Matt and Juni. He knew Phantom could just teleport over there, Alvin could make portals and Sam would probably go with Alvin.

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@SamJaz: @Juni_Hinamura: @ChronoWolf:

FCL was attacked as soon as they made contact with the other team. A barrage of missiles was launched at them and three warriors charged through the smoke. The one that rushed at Phantom was a beast-like being, a huge cleaver it it's claw-hand. Phantom blinks out of the way before the beast-kin can finish his slash and then he throws three cutting cards. But there's no continuation of combat as all three swordmen retreat back through the smoke and regroup with the rest of their team. What followed was an introduction by their leader, or at least he appeared to be that.

"Huh, you're introducing yourself now? Think you got the order wrong there." Phantom declares it in his usual sarcastic manner, as he looks over the huge abyss left by the attack that happened just a moment before. The team, now known as WizardRoad disappears, heading down to the next floor.

FCL is left with a hole reaching god knows how deep to cross. Arthur seems to have created a pair of wings and is willing to take people over. Phantom makes a bridge out of cards, just as an alternative for those who don't have too much faith in Arthur's flying skills, not that there was any reason for that doubt. He himself floats over the hole and then waits on the other side for the rest of the team.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf: @Juni_Hinamura:

After checking and making sure that there were no Casualties, SamJaz checked over the team's resources.

Matt, Arthur, Phantom, Alvin, Juni, Yukari- "WHERE'S HITOMI?!"

"Right here." Hitomi replied, handing SamJaz a snickers bar as she admired the destruction. "What I miss?"

"Wizardroad have firepower, but their swordsmen rely on hit-and-run tactics." Alvin pointed out, jogging over the card bridge. "Yukari, Arthur, think you can take their summoner chick? We outnumber them at the moment and they seem to be the biggest threat other than tinman."

SamJaz didn't say anything, but glanced at Yukari. He knew she didn't particularly plan on staying long. In fact, she'd been uncomfortable since Demien. If he had to guess, she'd originally planned to leave as soon as she got her new summon.

He couldn't force her to stay if she didn't want to. She was a teenage girl after all, and he knew first hand the pains of being a child soldier like that. While he couldn't vouch for the pasts of the other teammates, SamJaz had been through those years of fighting for his life, saving the world and getting his homework done while trying to find a date for the prom, just like she was.

She was going to a magic school, so maybe she didn't have to be the one carrying the majority of that burden alone, but he recognised those eyes. The ones of someone fighting on the battlefield of a society where they didn't belong.

Like Nikola.

SamJaz brushed his hair back, wiping his forehead at the memories. He'd blame it on the heat if anyone asked.

Sven. Stacy. Rachael. Nikky. Samson.

The Dragonbells.

And then there was one.

"Here." Hitomi said, passing SamJaz a tissue. "Your eyes are sweating."

SamJaz blinked, but took it, wiping his face and nose and noticed the next gift Hitomi was offering him. It was a small cylinder wrapped in white paper-oh.

"I get it." SamJaz responded, deadpan. "I'm crying, I'm being emotional, it's my time of month. Ha ha."

"I was going to use a bra," Hitomi shrugged, reaching up to whisper into SamJaz's ear. "But I think Matt might have gotten a bit too excited about that."

This had the keyblade master burst into hysterics. Doubling over, he gripped his knees to support himself as he laughed loudly and uncontrollably.

"Stop being a little girl and get back up there." Hitomi instructed, slapping SamJaz on the backside to get him stumbling forward which he turned into a steady jog towards the chasm. "NO ONE GOES DOWNSTAIRS WITHOUT MY SAY SO!"

SamJaz was still sniggering as he leapt into the chasm, bursting forward in a flash of light and reappearing on a floating pizza box.

He wasn't falling.

This cardboard was supporting his weight.


Turning to the master thief just in case he objected to being put on scavenger duty, SamJaz sealed the deal.

"I bet Claire's always wanted a Hoverboard." The kaymaster added. "More than a guitar-shaped lasgun at any rate."

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@SamJaz: @Juni_Hinamura: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom wasn't exactly interested into taking any of the things Sam suggested, but he already danced out of the row because of something stupid many floors ago and wouldn't repeat the same mistake.

He takes one of the hovering boxes as he floats over the abyss once again and then he heads downstairs assuming the rest of the team will follow.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf: @Juni_Hinamura:

Hitomi grabbed Phantom by the scruff of the neck and pulled him back from the stairs. "I said, no one goes downstairs without my say so." Hitomi reminded him before turning to the rest of the group. "The next floor has a strict dress code." She explained, opening a portal to Kaspa. "If the net worth of your clothing does not total at least $100,000 then you do not go in."

Seeing various reactions, she gestured for the team to enter. "And I'm the team seamstress. Get in and get changed. Yes, everything fits and yes, you are going to look amazing."

Hitomi worked on ushering everyone in before going in herself to get changed. "Zoro, you can get in with what you've got on, but there's a change of clothes if you want it." She told Phantom before going to her office to change.

Floor -36

SamJaz and Alvin led the team, dressed in tuxedos, with Hitomi taking the rear in an elegant purple dress. SamJaz couldn't suppress a smirk as the bouncer let FCL past while Wizardroad hurled abuse at guard in question, who refused to let them in on grounds of casual attire.

The smile faded, however, once the team entered the room.

It was a casino. It looked like any other extravagant casino one might find in Las Vegas or Macau, but there were some very subtle differences.

For example, some people seemed very distressed about their friends losing bets.

Another problem was the fact that the waitresses, dressed as playboy bunnies, had the same X shaped mark that the Vincentsson children had.

The third problem, and this was what turned SamJaz's concern into anger, was when they were handed their chips.

Juni was handed eight chips. Alvin was handed two. Yukari was given five. Phantom was handed three. He didn't see how many Matt and Arthur got, but he noticed Hitomi didn't obtain any chips, and SamJaz received Nine.

Each chip had someone's face on them.

SamJaz's had Aleister's, Juni's, Hitomi's, Yukari's, Alvin's, Gen's, Matt's, Arthur's, and Rachael's.

He glanced at Phantom's. None of those chips matched the girl in the picture he showed him back at that bar the other week.

Each chip represented an individual. Lose that chip and that individual belongs to the victor. Win more chips and you obtain more... well. In this case, you'd be winning slaves.

And if you lost someone, there was no guarantee that you would win them back later.

"Guys, don't freak out and kill everyone." SamJaz ordered. "If you kill anyone, then we can't save anyone."

He turned to face his team and showed them his chips. "I'm going to bet on you. And we are going to save every person in this damned casino. Are you with me?" He asked raising his card to summon his keyblade.

Light swirled around his hand, but the keyblade never came. Surprised, Alvin raised his hand to create a portal, but only the ring of light appeared, no gateway.

Power's weren't nullified. They were Nerfed. Only the cosmetic affects of their abilities remained. Like Phantom's gloves, or Matt's transformation sequence, the special effects would appear but the power itself would not manifest.

This was incredibly high level enchantments. This amount of control over other people's abilities should not be possible, yet here it was.

"Proceed with caution." SamJaz ordered the team, and they dispersed.

SamJaz followed Phantom closely, however. "Whatever you do, don't freak out." He said carefully as he showed him Rachael's chip. "This is Rachael. She's the leader and the only other surviving member of my old team and I would go through hell and back for her. I'm not ashamed in admitting that if the choice came between you and her, I'd leave you to fend for yourself just like you'd abandon me for Clare."

He then slipped that chip carefully in his pocket, separated from the others. "She's in a care home right now. Paralysed from the waist down and very confused, but I would still die for her. If she's one of my chips despite not being one of my underlings, and that's because they want to see me hurt. They want the same for you and they know who you are so where is Clare's chip?"

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@SamJaz: @Juni_Hinamura: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom clenched both his teeth and fists. Not only because the absurdity of this place, and the moral corruption that was being going on here, but because he didn't get a chip for Clare. Just the mere implication that Clare wasn't a person dear to him and that she wasn't the most important thing in his life was reason enough for Crown to blow this place to bits, even if it bury him and the rest of the team forever deep below the Earth's surface.

He calms down a bit when Sam shows him the chip of Rachael. At least he'd understand his position, but unlike Sam who his own love secured in his pocket, Phantom was left with a taste of uneasiness and paranoia in his mouth, not know nor understanding where the chip picturing Clare could be.

"You have ten minutes, after that i'm leaving nothing left of this place." Crown places an ultimatum for finding Clare's chip in a cold and dreadful voice, perhaps it was harsh and unreasonable but that's how it was. When Clare was in question Crown just wasn't rational nor did he want to be rational, there was no room for discussion there. All he could hope for is that Sam can understand him and that his extreme behavior would be tolerated.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Juni_Hinamura: @ReliusClover:

SamJaz nodded, then turned around to the nearest roulette table.

His Personae went into overdrive in the back of his head. Though his abilities were limited, he could still enforce his will.

Everything on Zero.

"Are you sure sir?" The table manager asked with a smirk. "That's your entire team."

"Don't play games with me." SamJaz snarled. "You have deeply hurt someone I like and that's not a safe place to be."

Other people placed their bets, some on black, some on red, some on evens, some on odds.

The ball span.

But SamJaz had already made his decision.

Nike ensured his victory.


Normally, that means the house wins.

This time, SamJaz gets everything on the table. Multiplied by thirty five.

Eight hundred and forty souls belonged to him.

People applauded, but SamJaz pocketed the chips belonging to his team and piled the rest back onto Zero.

People laughed, placing more bets, but there was no chance he'd win. The house was taking those eight hundred slaves away from him.

The wheel span.

The ball landed in 36.

SamJaz pounded his fist against the table, and the ball bounced into zero.

"Sir, that's outright interference." The man said. "I'm afraid I'll have to take your chips as disqualifi-"

"Z-Zero, all bets to the gentlemen in the corner." The terrified game leader said as he pushed the chips over to SamJaz.

Not counting his teammates, he now had twenty nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty souls under his possession.

Claire wasn't one of them.

But he recognised one of them as a student from the Fairy Academy where Hitomi studied.

Two of them were from that maid school. They must have failed their exam and been sold here.

"Again." SamJaz snarled, placing everything in Zero.

"Good sir, calm yourself." A gambler warned SamJaz. "Maybe you need to go for a drink."

"PLACE YOUR BETS OR GET OUT WHELP!!!" SamJaz roared, getting the attention of everyone in the room.

No one dared touch him.

Some silently placed their bets. There were only three chips on the table that weren't SamJaz's."

The wheel span.

The ball landed silently into the Zero slot, seemingly out of terrified obedience.

One million. Forty-three thousand. Eight hundred. And five people. That SamJaz had taken from this casino in only three bets.

"Next." SamJaz growled, panting heavily. "Bet."

Everyone backed away. None dared approach the table.

He was a madman. He was unstoppable. He had no idea just how many people this freakshow had taken but he was going to bleed it dry.

No one won this many times consecutively. This was impossible.

He span again.

And won.

Thirty six million. Five hundred and thirty-three thousand. One hundred and seventy five. People.

Phantom was not going to need ten minutes.

Next bet would clean them out. It would be quarter of the Earth's population.

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@Fehafare: @Juni_Hinamura: @SamJaz:

Arthur hed entered a huge casino. It was probably as large as Los Vegas casino, and a thoudsand times more expensive. It was filled with gamblers. There were large crowds around different tables. He wore an expensive looking suit and a tie. His hair was slicked back and his face was showing a disgusted grimace as he was handed his chips and when he saw the faces. He was handed two chips. The first was adorned by the face of a female. It was his beloved master. He did hate her sometimes but she took care of him since he was seven years old. Of course he loves her. The second was an old man. A tear appeared in Arthur's eye. He quickly brushed it away and looked at Matt's chips. He was handed the most chips in the whole group. 31 ship. All of them showed a face of a woman. 30 were the same as Arthurs chips, but the last one had a slight golden glow when Matt looked at it. The problem was, he didn't know that persone. He knew all of them, but her. But she was special and he could feel it. He will keep this chip no matter what.

After hearing Phantoms threat Arthur decided to think of a way to get Clare. He went up to Phantom and whispered in his ear: "I have an idea. Obviously they must keep these chips somewhere,right? It is probably a very well protected vault. I want you to try and find it. If it has any kind of electronic lock I can hack it, and if it is a normal one, well, I hope you inveted some points into the lockpicking skill tree." With that he retreated into the crowd. He wanted to see if Sam had any better ideas. For better or for worse, he did. He was so into a game of roulette you could say he went beserk. This deserved an immediate intervention. He grabbed his shoulder, spun him around and gave him a good ol' gentemenly smack right acros the face. "Get a hold over your self. If you get kicked out of the casino for cheating, or worse yet, for going crazy, you won't save anyone. Now, come with me." With that he grabed Sam's arm and pulled him towards Matt. Then he grabbed Matt and pulled him towards the nearest Texas Hold 'em table.

"There's three of us. We will keep the chips we started with and split up the ones Sam got at the roulette table evenly. That way we don't lose any extremely important to us, and have a greater chance of winning." Then he sat down on of the chairs of the table and was soon followed by Matt. They both looked expectantly at SamJaz.

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