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Hitomi sat upright, then tucked her legs up to her chest under the blankets. "Hey." She replied. "Not that I'm complaining, but what're you doing in a girl's room this time of night?"

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"Well you know... I... kinda..." Crown didn't really think about that before entering. Even his brilliant acting skills couldn't really help him out here, he simply couldn't come up with a reasonable answer.

He just ignores it and continues. "If you're not complaining then there's nothing bad about it, right?" he grins and sets down on the floor next to her bed. "I'm bored and i can't sleep. I already was in Sam's room and he was half-naked..." he remains silent for a second after saying that but then continues in the same tone "Besides him you're the only one who knows who i am and you're not trying to blackmail me or anything and that helps me relax. So you know my identity, the price for that, entertain me." Phantom looked up from the floor to her much like a child would do after making such a request.

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"Entertain you?"

There was a rustling in the bedsheets as a green, furry creature poked his head and torso out next to Hitomi. It looked at her and then at Crown.

"Mate, I don't know who you think you are, but you do NOT waltz into a lady's bedroom in the middle of the night and ask for her to entertain you! What kind of loser are you?"

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Crown's eyes grow wide and he rises an eyebrow. He was just being insulted by a green frog-like being that crawled out between Hitomi's sheets. He was faced with a dilemma. Was this thing just a puppet or was it an actual being. Sadly, when he considered where he was he realized that both explanations are possible. For all he knew that thing could be a guest here or even be employed here. Asking Hitomi would probably be too blunt so he decides to go with an answer that will satisfy him in either of the two scenarios.

"Ha, the lady said it's okay, so where's the problem? Besides, i've got money, a loyal girlfriend, a successful career and a wonderful life, i don't think i need to allow myself to be called a loser by a frog." Phantom stands up from the floor while grinning, now looking down on Hitomi and the frog.

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"Whatever helps you sleep at night, wierdo." The frog said, before turning to face Hitomi. "Come on baby, let's get some sleep."

Hitomi shot an apologetic shrug at Crown and mouthed the words 'Sorry, you heard the prince', before lying down in the sheets.

Phantom, seeing that as a confusing cue to leave, shut the door behind him on the way out.

The next morning

Hitomi was woken to the sounds of nightclub coming from below. Yawning, she undid her ponytail and quickly brushed her hair before donning a dressing gown and poking her head out into the hallway to see who was stomping about.

She turns around to see Crow standing in the hall stood in his boxers, hat and a shirt.

"Clint Eastwood." Hitomi calls out to him amidst the quiet ThudThud coming from below. "I'm going to take a shower. By the time I get out, you are going to be wearing those amazing chaps I lovingly crafted for you, or you might just find your scrotum cross-stitched to your rectum."

With a sweet smile, Hitomi slinks back into her room and makes her way to the en-suite, undressing along the way.

Not that far elsewhere

Having heard the thread loud and clear, both Alvin and SamJaz both made sure they were presentable before leaving their rooms. The hosts presented a continental breakfast for the team before they made their way, everyone rested and ready for whatever the Hellscraper could throw at them.

Floor -33

The wub alone was so powerful, SamJaz could feel the sound impact against his torso. Bravely, he opened the door, and was greeted by an assault on his senses.

Vibration under his feet, against his face, the air felt hot and sticky.

The stench of sweat and latex pervaded his nostrils, he could taste the mix of perfume and body odours that filled the room.

He heard mass. A steady rhythm of synthetic sounds and a baseline so heavy, even superman would be forced to drop that bass,

He saw light. He saw people. Dressed to party. Hundreds of people, pressed together as they dance.

No, as his eyes adjusted, SamJaz saw pockets of space where people showed off their best moves.

The spotlight fell on FCL and on one young man who stood on a pedestal.

"PARTY ROCK!" He shouted into the microphone, and the crowd turned to face FCL as the music changed to a song of challenge, a dance anthem not of pleasure, but of power, of standing your ground and showing these outsiders who they were.

SamJaz looked up at the young man, who jumped into the air and front-flipped, landing between the crowd and the team.

Cale Vincentsson.

Cale stood up straight, and raised one hand. Immediately, dancers from the crowd stepped forth and began to show their stuff.

After about two minutes, Cale lowered his hand, and the dancers stepped back, melding with the crowd. With a snide smirk, Cale raised a hand towards the team and taunted FCL.

Dancers behind FCL began to shove random members in the shoulder. They shouted something but couldn't be heard over the noise.

One figure dressed in some sort of armour made the message loud and clear, however.

Show us what you got.

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Following Hitomi threat of cross stitching his scrotum to his rectum Crow was quick to dress, putting on the clothes the seamstress had made for him when he arrived in the Hell Scarper in only his boxers. The Gunslinger smirked at Hitomi when he saw her again when the FCL crew made their way down to the next floor. The beat of the music hit Crow in the chest, the sensory overload was enough to make him sick and as he looked around at the dancers he wanted to punch them all in the face. This is the point at which a strange young man flipped in front of FCL and summon a crew of his own a dancing crew, the Rail-gun put his head in his hands as he realized the nature of this level must be a dance contest. When an armored individual stepped up and challenge the FCL team while dancers around them shove into them, the Last Gunslinger stepped up and called out to the boss of this level pointing at him his finger shaped like a gun, "Hey you fancy feet. How about you come back here and I show you how good my foot work is when I shove my cowboy boots up your ass."

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Crows threat was completely inaudible, however, over the incredible amount of noise the speakers were making.

Alvin, however, stepped up, tapped Crow on the shoulder with a nod, and began to body-pop. Twisting shoulders, arms and legs, Alvin started to work the crowd. It wasn't until he dropped onto his shoulders and began spinning at a 45' angle that people started to be impressed.

After a few seconds of spinning, Alvin jumped to his feet and did the dougie, before shuffling back into the crowd, gaining a few cheers before two individuals stepped up, pushed Crow out of the way, and began to dance.

Their movements were practiced, completely in synch with one another, vertical arm movements that rotated like a clock and its mirror image while their feet stepped over one another. Quickly, their necks popped forward and they moved their arms like a robot, side to side, before bending over and shuffling back towards the crowd, only to somersault forwards and shove their faces into Phantom's and Crow's, shouting a muted "COME ON!" at the top of their lungs before stepping back into the darkness.

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Arthur was pretty out of it for the last few floors. He can bearly remember what happened because he was half asleep. But he knows they're in some kind of castle and thay they were offered a place to rest. The next thing he remembers is that he was woken up by music coming from the floor below. What waited on the next floor was a huge surprise, and disapointment, to Arthur. He disliked dancing. He disliked dance battles even more.

After a few rounds Arthur though it was his turn. He tapped Matt on the shoulder."LKet's show these losers what FCL can do." Matt gave him a nod. They stepped up to the dance floor. They did a few simple moves. When they were done, some of their opponents took their place and started dancing, ending with a pance pull revealing their behinds. That was the last straw.

Arthur and Matt stepped up again. They started doing spins, back flips and even some people from the public watching them joined them. The other guys decided to do a coreografed dance that ended p in oneof them hitting his balls on anothers legs. Arthur saw that as an opportunity to finish them off and did a wicked arm slide. The crowd went wild. Arthur looked at Cale and yelled loud enough for him to be heard: "YOU GOT SERVED!"

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Just like the rest of the team, Phantom woke up to the vibrations caused by the loud sound coming from below. When he arrived at the scene the team was already fighting the boss of the floor... kinda. From what he could tell, it was a dance battle. This was rather anti-climatic after what the first two siblings did, with the whole deal to kill them and everything. That fact didn't brighten up the situation though, at least no for Phantom. He was actually a very good dancer, not just your boring classical kind of dance, but all forms of it.

But he also had a natural dislike for events like this one. On the other hand, it wasn't like anyone asked him, he had to do it just like the rest of the team. With that being set straight he decides that he might as well just try to enjoy it.

Phantom steps out of the crowd and onto the dance floor. He starts off with some pretty basic moves twisting his legs and bending in all possible and impossible ways. When everyone already got bored and had enough of the monotone moves he violently jumps up into the air. He rotates with both legs and arms close to the body so fast that his outlines can barely be seen. He lands on his hands and starts doing Flares, by spinning around his own axis using his hands without letting the rest of his body touch the ground. His legs are both spread out and suspended in the air. He makes wide circles around floor pushing both the crowd and "enemies" to the side. Through the circular movement he gets to the center of the dance floor. There he comes to a stop on one of his hands. Now stationary, he starts spinning around his arm. But his arm doesn't move with his body but rather stays where it is like it was a solid object. Human's would end up with multiple broken bones if they tried anything like this, but for Phantom this was child's play. He warps his entire body around the arm to the point that he can grab his from with his other free hand form the other side. He the releases the tension to spin in the other direction and warp himself around the arm again. He repeats the bone-breaking move two times. On the third spin he uses the energy he gets to jump up from the floor once more. He spins in the air in just one point and starts falling head-first towards the floor.

He lands on his head and using the momentum on the floor starts doing a windmill. Phantom first moves away from the center and then slowly comes back to it. Using his hands he lifts himself for a second and then continues spinning on his head in the center. When he loses all momentum he lays down in a pose, lying on the side and supporting his head with one arm. After than he jumps up for the third and last time, flying over the heads of Arthur and Mat and landing directly between the two.

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The crowd cheered, ecstatic, but were silenced as Cale stepped forward, this time dressed in black. He pointed a gloved finger at Phantom, then spoke, his voice carrying through the room, almost as if the speakers were joining him has his mouth moved.

"You remind me of the babe." Cale said, and the armoured girl turned to look at him.

"What babe?" She asked.

Cale glanced at her briefly as he answered "The babe with the power."

"What power?" A young man on his left asked.

"The power of Voodoo." Cale answered quickly, turning back to the team and drawing breath before he was interrupted again.

"Who do?" Someone asked.

"You do." Cale said, pointing again at Phantom.

"Do what?" SamJaz asked, standing next to Phantom and Arthur.

Cale threw his hands back, launching fifty dancers into the air behind him as he shouted "REMIND ME OF THE BABE!"

An unearthly wind blew, and Cale's hair grew wild, and he put his hands onto his waist.

"Now then." Cale said with a superior smile, before raising a cane into the air and unleashing lightning bolts from the disco ball, directing them towards the team.

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As the lightning flies towards Phantom, he gets down on the floor and starts dancing again, avoiding the attacks as he does. After the dodged the first few bolts he stops. "Wait, the hell am i doing?"

He blinks out of the way before the last blot hits him and stands in front of Cale. "Guess i got little carried away there." he grins while scratching his head. He then turns his attention to Cale. A card appears in his hand. Usually he prefers to fight at range using his cards and other powers, but this guy really asked for it. The card Phantom's hand molds itself into a cane. It was an exact copy of Cale's except that it was white in color, mirroring the rest of Phantom's outfit.

He points his cane at Cale while grinning at him.

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Cale Laughed, raising his cane to smack Phantom aside as he raised an arm to launch more electricity at the team.


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Phantom blocks the cane with his own and at the same time creates a large card on the side to protect himself against the incoming thunder.

Taking advantage of the fact that they were deadlocked, Phantom creates three Mark II Cutting Cards in front of him, levitating on chest height. He was going to use the short distance between them to cut the loony in half.

"You move." Phantom teases Cale while grinning at him and setting off all three cards.

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Cale hopped up, stepping up the oncoming cards at an impossible speed, stepping on the tip of each one to send them spiralling downwards, cutting into the dance floor below as he span into a backflip to kick Crown in the chin, spinning as he did so to send his other lead flying for the side of Crown's head.

The lightning continued to dance.

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Phantom's attack was avoided. And what followed was a kick to the chin. It was a mistake made in surprise, but Phantom was sent flying upwards and his feet lost contact with the ground. Cale followed up, now aiming a kick at the side of Phantom's head, but this time Crown was ready and reacted to it.

He blinks away and ends up five meters away from Cale. He had enough of this guy, ending the match was priority to him. He creates three new cards, though the aura around him while he does so is much different from his usual stance while creating cards. Instead of using his powers, he throws each of the three cards individually, putting much more power behind each of them. Those were Mark III Exploding Cards. Unlike his other cards these were used rarely, the reason for that was the firepower behind them. The explosion of each of them had enough power in it to blast away multiple city blocks like they were nothing. Crown didn't use the because he rarely needed that much destructive force, but right now it might actually come in handy.

He tried to focus the blast as good as he could before he threw them, after all he didn't want to wreck the tower and bury himself and the rest of the team beneath it.

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Cale crossed his arms and jumped back from the blast, but screamed as he was caught in a web of razor sharp wires mid-jump. The explosion sent him hurtling back, and metal threads tightened, particularly the one around his neck. Once that was good and tight, the rest seemed to snap of their own accord, a few adding reinforcement to the threads around his throat that hung him until he was dead.

Hitomi dropped the steel thread she was holding, and Cale fell down, landing on more nooses until his corpse was curled up and tied up tight, like a piece of ham in a net bag, ready to be sold by the butcher.

"Overkill much?" SamJaz asked Hitomi as he approached Cale, poking his fingers in the netting until he found what he was looking for.

An X shaped tattoo on his temple

"We have a problem. Or maybe just an observation." SamJaz said. "Cale, Mary and Loveline all had tracker tattoos somewhere on their person."

"Tracker Tattoos?" Alvin asked, skeptically.

"Yeah." SamJaz replied. "This here, on the side of his head? Loveline had one on her wrist. I thought it might have been a birthmark, but Mary had one on her hip. The ink is charged with magic so they can be tracked by the caster, usually part of the slave trade, point I'm getting at is that I don't think the Vincentsson kids are here of their own free will, or even his kids."

"Demien's got one on his adam's apple." Hitomi remembered.

"That wasn't magic charged." SamJaz pointed out. "But his other sister was, the redhead."

Interesting as this all was, however, Alvin was growing more and more aware of the crowd around the group. "So, interesting and all, but let's get moving on, shall we?" Alvin asked, hopping ahead until he found the staircase.

He headed down, wondering what would be inside.

Floor -34

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Phantom's the first one to arrive on the new floor and he's got something to see.

They were in an Irish pub, a pretty big one at that. The scene there wasn't that unusual for a place like that, a fight was going on. Teeth and blood were flying around everywhere. People were throwing, chairs, beer jugs or even other people at each other. But after closer examination something wasn't right there. All the men involved in the fight were not going down. Even after being beaten down with every piece of furniture present there they'd still get up and just continue. It was clear that theses were no regular humans, both their strength and pain tolerance were beyond anything a human could take and judging by the ghostly green glow in their eyes it didn't look like they'll calm down anytime soon.

FCL was in for one hell of a bar fight.

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The room was in a state of chaos. Chairs were flying, arms were being broken and people were being shanked by broken bottles. And nobody seemed to even feel pain. Arthur sighed. He decided to ignore the chaos. He moved through the chaos, avoiding chairs, teeth, bottles and punches, with the elegance and grace of a cat. He finaly got to the bar and sat on one of the chairs. He laid his head on the counter and decided to sleep through the whole thing.

Matt was appauled by the scene infront of him. How can people be such savages. He stepped between two men, now as Galantus, and just grabbed them by the heads. The he started slaming them together until they passed out. Great. Now to repeat that with the rest of them.

Arthur was just about to fall asleep when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked at the owner of the hand. It was a large man, taller then anyone else in the pub and appeared to be stronger as well. "What do you think you're doing in a pub little boy. This is for grown men, go home." Usually Arthur would just blow him off and go back to sleep. But he called him a little boy. "I suggest you go back into the fray before this 'little boy' kicks your ass."

"I'd like to see that" And then the man was impailed with a dozen of ice shards. Arthur wanted to go back to sleep but then he felt a hand grabing his neck. The man started pulling out the ice shards one by one from his body. Then he slamed Arthur on the ground and kicked him into the nearest wall. Then he started moving towards him with bloodlust and killing intent eminating from him. All the other people in the bar willingly or unwittingly moved from the man's path, still continiuing their own fights. Arthur got up. He was going to enjoy this. He rushed at the man, swords in hand attempting to cut his arms of, then his legs and finally his head.

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SamJaz grinned. Seathing his key blade, he punched the nearest drunkard, knocking his to the ground.

Part of him wished he could've forked out that extra twenty pounds back in the Velvet Room. He could've brought out that extra Polydeuces to fuse with Grimhekala and Ose, giving him the Persona Thor. Bringing that badboy into this room would have really messed things up.

A chair broke against SamJaz's back, knocking him to the floor, where he rolled over and jumped up, kicking his assailant in the face before looking around the room.

Hitomi was jostled around the place, eventually getting pinned to one wall by a bearded man with half his teeth. "Kiss me love I'm irishfaced!" He shouted, moving of for the smooch. He didn't get very far, finding a pair of scissors embedded into his chin as Hitomi pushed him aside.

Alvin winced at the sight, ducking a flying bottle and returning the favour with an ashtray that shattered against a the teeth of the brawler who threw the bottle.

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Phantom's just watches as the rest of FCL joins into the fight in front of them. Crown didn't really feel too enthusiastic about a brawl like this, but the choice is taken from him as a man charges at him.

Phantom blinks out of the way, letting the man slam against the wall right behind. Though that doesn't stop him, instead of being knocked out by the impact he just turned around and charged at Phantom once more. The charge is stopped once more. But rather than a non-lethal counter the man bleeds and then lifelessly falls to the ground. What stopped him was a cutting card in Phantom's outstretched hand. In his wild rush, the man had impaled his throat on the sharp edge.

Normally Crown wouldn't be that coldblooded, but right now he simply didn't feel like enduring this.

He blinks to the bartender and orders a drink while sitting down.

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