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She had somehow dodged the shots, yet he returns fire with two more of her spatial offensive maneuvers. He moved out of the way and the other foot was swallowed. With both feet gone the chicken had to rely on the jetpack to move.

Reaction came from the bugs above and their femto photography, senses which picked up the minute disturbances in the smog. Relaying the message to the machines inside of Buckaroo. Again as this is his first time he lost something in the process, yet at the same time shot another shard at the outskirts of the spatial distortion. The mystical aspect seemingly adding in a small percent of its distortion capability in a way that it will penetrate through her armor as if hot oil dropped on tissue.

This carrier beam however is a looping one, moving fast in unpredictable angles.


He is knocked over by the torrent of water into the next room and then he heard something from the ape.

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The Librarian stormed into the room where Bucks was. He screamed, and roared about just how many violations of the Library code of conduct he had obliterated with his actions. He had fifteen seconds to take the book and leave or he would find his head inside his own stomach, getting slapped by his own arms that would be torn off and shoved up his rectum for the sole purpose of slapping his severed head.

The only reason that hadn't happened yet was because he hadn't found the idiot with the key.


Undine panicked, banishing the keyblade and running over to Hitomi and Matt. "So, then I told her, laurie, just dump him." Undine said, sitting down next to Hitomi and laughing, terror on her face making it clear that girl talk was not her objective.

The Librarian swung on a vine, landed next to the group, and screeched at them, before putting a finger on his lips.

Hitomi mimicked the pattern, and silence returned to the library.

The Librarian continued his hunt for the man with the Key, and Undine slowly slunk off to find what became of Yukari and Lenneth.

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Honestly he could not give a damn about what an ape has to say, both his feet is blown off. His ribs are crushed inwards, and his face is bruised from that ice demon thing. The deluge of water did not make that better at all, not mentioning the powder that dug into his flesh. The kicker about the bugs and why he repeatedly destroyed trace evidence is the technologies inside them, inert but can be activated at will. Just like he was able to keep conscious after the barrage of beatings received and getting thrown across multiple walls. The Orangutan had been bitten multiple times, even when Buck had tried to be civilized. With a subtle gesture from a being that played possum to recuperate its own bodies the 'poison' began to move. The key wielder is safe from this which he or nobody else knows, as those bugs are just the normal gengineered bunch.

As a show of apology for the misunderstanding the Gengineered bugs began to fuse with the boys's head, replacing damaged parts and grey matter with new cells. The ungrateful ape which he had saved multiple times however had an opposite treatment. Nanite aided entropy which affects the nervous systems to bring the aforementioned degeneration of sapience. Even his opponent who tried to kill him had better manners than that ape, also while they were fighting several bug drones had memorized the entire volume of the fabled cookbook. That kid will not die today,


the ape however will shut off in a few moments as the symptoms are coming back. Should it fall Buck will retrieve its brain with a neuro cylinder.

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Undine clutched her head and screamed. Something was wrong. Something was alive, in her head, something was-

There was an explosion of water, drenching Hitomi and probably Matt, but SamJaz stood there.

And the Librarian collapsed.

"LIBRARIAN!" Hitomi shouted, bursting from her chair and going over to check the orangutan.

Her breath stopped as she felt his pulse.

"He-He's dead..." Hitomi said, genuinely shaken by it, turning to SamJaz.

SamJaz looked at Hitomi, then the ape, then the skeletal figure stood beside him.

Such a pity.
He maintained a good library

"Is it his time?" SamJaz asked, though the others probably couldn't see the reaper.

I am here for him, if that is your question

"Can I stop you from taking him?"

Not really

SamJaz launched the most powerful Cure spell he had onto the ape, and he was engulfed in a forest of green light. The ape rose up, saw SamJaz, and screamed.


SamJaz's body fell down, leaving his spirit upright, and the Librarian did the same, his shortlived revival ending as the nanobots killed him off for good.

Oh? Do I take you too?

SamJaz's headless corpse, however, collapsed again into water and returned to the female form of Undine. "Not even a minute, seriously?"

Don't worry. You have time left.

"What about the ape?" SamJaz asked, soul returning to his body, which had taken the form of Undine for the time being.

Don't worry.
It just so happens that I have a library that needs tending to...

And that was the last SamJaz knew as he returned to his psyche.

Back in mortality

Undine shook the remaining bugs from her hair and stomped them flat. "Flipping chicken..." She said in an annoyed tone. "Okay, know that's out of the way, we'll have him fixed up in about six hours. Sorry about the ape though."

Hitomi laid a sheet over the Librarian's corpse. "So, what are you?"

"Undine, one of SamJaz's Personas." The blue-head explained with a smile. "His brain gets smashed up, I melt his corpse into water and keep everything running while we sort him out. I might switch about with some of the other 'Sonas while we're at it. We've met." Undine added, greeting Matt. "So. I'm a figment of your great leader's imagination, and he'll be right as rain in the morning. So, let's find the rest of our merry troupe and we can be on our way. Do you need a minute?" Undine asked, seeing Hitomi was still upset about the Librarian's death.

"No, it's okay." Hitomi replied, walking around the body and following the string, before stopping herself. "Where's Yukari?"

Undine slapped herself on the head, then turned around. "YUKARI! LENNETH! WE'RE FOLLOWING THE STRING! CATCH UP!"

Hitomi glared at her. "What?" Undine asked.


Alvin stopped dead in his tracks. "Ugh... found them." He told the rest of the group as he stood in front of a group of skeletons, dressed in tattered robes, each clutching books, one slumped over a trolley.

"Poor guys..." Alvin added, walking past them. "Guess we look for the stairs?"

The question was answered by a roar of a vicious tentacle monster with too many eyes and teeth where there wasn't mouths as it lurched around the corner and attacked.

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Buck arose from his sleep as he noticed that the ape had died, his feet are covered with prosthesis. A large bone saw is pulled out from his coat as he approaches the corpse, Apparently there is nothing inside, nothing that can resist nor fight back. As he is the one who felled the primate it should be him who will take responsibility, lifting the Orangutan up the same way he lifted it to the food area. Getting to a higher floor where he will be allowed to dissect in peace, transplanting the knowledge buried deep within the grey matter of the great ape.

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It looked like the situation calmed down and the team moved on. She hears someone calling her but Yukari slows down for a moment. "Go ahead, i'll follow you in a second." she meets up with Lenneth while seeing the rest of the team off. "Hey..." Lenneth's weapons already disappeared and instead of the bloodlusted warrior before Yukari was a someone who looked like a shy schoolgirl. Yukari and Lenneth were more than just Contractor and Servant, they were pretty much best friends. "You know you didn't summon me lately, at all." she was actually blushing, despite being so close with Yukari Lenneth actually didn't like to bring up the fact that she was Yukari's favorite Servant, she was a little bit embarrassed. "Yeah i know, sorry." Yukari apologizes while examining Lenneth's shoulder. The burn wasn't too serious and it couldn't be any lasting damage. Though the pain coming from it couldn't be denied. Still, that check-up was more a formality than a need. As a Servant any damage they sustained is healed as soon as they return to the Spiritual plane. Of course they must stay some time there before being summoned again but in most cases it's a matter of minutes. The only longer periods which can last for days or even weeks is when a Servant "dies". In that case the recovery takes up much more time and energy.

"So what do you think about the new one." Yukari was using the time they had for a little chit-chat while treating the wound (mostly to prevent pain right now). Normally the two of them spent hours talking with each other but in situations like these there wasn't much time. "The French girl? Don't like her. She's like the female version of that blue ape. I think she's even worse. All those two have been doing is getting drunk."

For a change Yukari laughs at a comment made about Chulainn and the possibility of someone else like him existing. "Sorry, but you gonna have to bear with it. Well, i'll be going then." Yukari winks to her Servant as she just finished treating her wound and she was already falling behind too much. Lenneth disappears and Yukari chases after the team.

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Phantom looks at the corpses with a bored expression. He didn't really care too much and besides, he wasn't that active on this floor anyway. Perhaps the only thing that bothered him was the fact that he had to stay with Alvin. Despite the fact that the event was floors away and Alvin didn't seem to care himself, Phantom still didn't forget, nor did he forgive him, that he was a bounty hunter. He touches the back of his head in boredom and is surprised to find no wound or mark there whatsoever. Whoever treated him must be an impressive doctor. Though that discovery helped little to raise Phantom's mood.

Just as Alvin declared his sympathy regarding the corpses on the ground, the peace and silence of the library were broken. The sources of the inhuman roar was a just as inhuman looking monster. Tentacles, many eyes and undefined form, your standard issue Lovcraftian creeper.

Usually Phantom would be the first one to sound his displeasure about having to deal with some filthy creature, but this time he actually grinned. At this point he was happy about some action, even if it involved that thing. A chill runs down his spine as he realizes that this isn't unlike Gen. He shakes the feeling off and focuses on the new threat.

"Well then, bring it on." cards start floating around him as he grins once more.

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Undine, Matt, Hitomi and Yukari caught up with the rest of the team. There was an enormous tentacle monster, not one meant for molesting teenage girls but clearly designed for tearing bodies limb from limb and eviscerating on a whim.

Cards began to float float around Phantom, and the rest of the team was getting ready to fight.

Alvin opened a portal in front of the beast, and a strange hissing sound was heard.

The portal-making mercenary paled as a strange, green creature emerged, walking towards the eldritch beast.

Smoke began to waft over the team, and Alvin turned around, running from both creatures.

He planted his hands firmly over his ears and got to the ground. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Alvin shouted, squeezing his eyes shut as the strange green creeper of a thing exploded with the force of sixteen sticks of Dynamite.

Undine quickly transformed into a skeletal figure, cloaked in mist with a serpent for a tongue, and created a barrier between the explosion and the team. When the smoke cleared, there was a massive hole leading to the floor below.

Floor -31 (kinda)

It was a half-constructed forest. Kinda. Wiring was visible everywhere, some of it masked by wood and foilage.

Hitomi ran over to the hole and gasped. "They're building the arena for the next Hunger Games..." She explained, her right ear bleeding slightly. "What on earth are they-"

There was a tower-shuddering roar as the beast regained consciousness, swarming the mechanical forest below.

"wE aRe GoInG tO kIlL tHaT cReAtUrE." Loa, the entity currently embodying SamJaz explained to the team. "i WiLl HaNd CoNtRoL oVeR tO bLaCk FrOsT, aNd We ShAlL bAtHe In ItS bLoOd."

Loa burst into dark flame, and the suited, dark skinned demon that was Black Frost stood before them, adjusting his white hair as he bared his fangs.

"Who's with me, Ho?" Black Frost snarled, looking at the team in utter contempt.

However, down in the forest below, one could just about make out the image of a slender figure in the distance, dressed in a dark suit with a featureless face.

If one were to see it, they would describe it as inviting and terrifying.

It was coming for them.

But would they see it coming?

"BLOOD FOR CAILLEACH!!" Black Frost shouted, leaping into the forest below to tear the tentacle monster to pieces.

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And the recipe is

̷̨ ̶̕ ̸ ̶͟͏ ̡͏̶̵͘Į̵̕͘͝n̵͘ ̷́͢͡a҉̢́͢͞ ̨l͏̸̡͝҉ą͏̢͠͏r̶͜ǵ͘̕͟e̶͢ ̵̧͘p͜҉͞҉ǫ͜͡͞͝t̶̸͟͟ ̛̀̕͝o̶͏̢͝v͞͏͢e͏҉̷r͏ ̴̵̢́m̵̶̧͡e̕̕͠ḑ̸̀i̷̧̕̕̕u͠m̢̕ ̧̕ḩ̶͠͏̧e̕͏̢͡a̷̡̛͟t̶̡́,̵̧̢͘͝ ̷҉̷m̷͜e̢̢̡͞͝l̸͞t̸̢͞ ̛͟͢b̷̷́u̷̵͠͠͠t̸̶̨͢t̡̡̧è̛͡͏ŕ̶.̵̢͞ ̴̴̀͟Ć̸̸͞o̡o̸ḱ̨̧͞͏ ̷̸̀͜o̧͞͏͡n̸͞҉̷i̧̨͝o̴͠n̢҉ ̕͏̸a̛͞n̷̢̢d͘ ̧̧͜͝ć̶͝e͢͢l̴͢͏͢ę̵̶̸r҉̶́͘͘y̕͘͜ ͘͡͏͢i̧̛͢n̸̴͢ ͡͏

b̢̀͢͝͠u͏̸̧͡t̨̛͝͏t͟͟͠҉̢e͘͢͜r̢͘͜͡͝ ̴́u̡̡̨͢n̸͢t̴̷͜͜͝ì͡͞l͟͜͜͝

̴͟j̵͡u̵̧̧̕s͜͢҉͟t҉͝͡ ̢̀͝͝҉t̡e҉̡n̸͏̷͞d̷e̡r̴͝,̡̀͝ ͢5̡̀̀ ͏̶͟͡m̸̴̛͘͡į̵̡̀͘

n̵̴͝ù͜͢҉t̢͢͏̨͞e̶͜s̷̴.̴̢̛́ ̷̵͞P̵̢̀̕ò̕͝u͏͜͏r̕͠ ̷̡͘i̸̷ņ́͠͝ ̶͝c̕͘͜͠҉h̕҉͜i̷̢̛͘͢c̨͟ķ̶͠͝͏ę͝n͡ ̡̡̡̧͞a͏̷̷n̵̢͘d̡͢͜ ̵̀͢v̨e̵̕͠͠g͏̶e̷̛t͟͜a͡͠b̵l̴̀e͏̧̛́͝ ̧͢b̵̵̛͠͞r̶͘ơ͜t̶͏͠͝ḩ́͝͝s̢͟͡ ̢͜a͜͏̶̛ņ̴̶͡͝d̛̛́̕ ̶̵͘͡

s͢͏͜t̷̀͢i͠͞͏ŕ̷̶͟ ̀̀͠i̶͝ǹ҉͞͝ ̸̨͘͢c̴̶̀̀ḩ͡҉͠i҉̧c̵̶͝ķ̴̸̧͠e̕͘҉ń҉,̷̕͢҉ ̢͞n̢̢͠͡͞o̵̡͘ǫ̕͘d͟͢͞l҉̨́͟é̛͡s̷̸̴̛͞,́͟͡ ̸̷̧̡͟ç̸̛à̧͠͞r̵̴͢͞͞r̀͟o̷̶̕͟t̵̛͠͡s͜͜

,̨͞ ̷̢̛͝b̶̀͞a̢̛͟҉ş̶͘͡i͡l̷̴,̀͘͜͠͡ ̛̕o̕ŕ̡e̛͜͟g̨҉̡͜a͠҉̸̧̧n̸̢͝͏ǫ̶,̢̢̕ ͜҉͏͟s̡̧͡͝͡a̵̧͡ĺ̶̸̨͢t̸̛͢ ̴̴͜á̶̢͞n͏d͘͢҉ ̡̡͢p̡̀͘͢͢e̵̷̕͢p͘͞͝͡p̛̕͢e͝҉̧͘͞r̢̛.͏̢̀͟ ̧̢́̕

B̧̛ŗ́͟͢į̡́n̨͘g̀͘ ̀́t̸͠͏ớ͠҉ ͘͟à̧̕ ͞͏͞b̢̛͜ó̷͠i̸͜l̢͘͘͢,̨̕͡ ̶̧̨̢̀t̵̷̷͡͝h͢͡e̷̷̡͞n̴̕͢͞ ҉҉r̡̀͘͜͞e̢̢̨̡͜

d̶̨̧͘̕u̢͘ć̸͏̕e̢͏ ̶͝h̨͜͏̕e̴̕a̸͏t͡͝͏͠ ̧͏̷a̡͢n̛͘҉d͞͏͏ ̸̨s̸͘҉̸í̵͡m͢͏̛͡͡m̴̧̨͘e̡͟ŕ̷͞͡ ҉́2̡0̨̕͏͏͏ ̨̕҉m̸̨į̴̷̛̕n̶̢͏̴͘ų̕͡t̕e̡̛͘s̷̶̡͏̶ ͟͢͠b̷̡͢͟͞e͘͞f͢o̷̸ŕ͏̛é̷͝ ̧̛͏͝s҉̡͘ȩ̴̛͟r̨̧͢v̴̀́̕ì̵̛n̢͜g҉.̨͡

Okay, with that in mind the super intelligent bird digests the information and reads it out loud as it is in possession of the Orabgutan's dead body. The corpse is still relatively warm, there is no 'soul' as the rooster prepares to remove the skull. The bird dons rubber gloves as he puts a black rubber diadem headband to keep his V comb low. Not wanting to rustle his feathers or molt on the grey matter. Bucka makes an incision as he recites the words, spellsay which may trigger an unwanted effect. It did not seem to do anything within his vicinity but rather its effect carries a long way, normally he has to provide the mana but the stone shards from the book began to deplete as they turn into darker colors.

Buck takes out his brain cylinder as he can extract knowledge from the dead, as this one holds a valuable database of both wisdom and magic. He is to learn, he is to explore, and he is to have. His spellsay travel to the one that made the hissing noise, from a far away distance. Not to weaken it. A creature of jade which became somehow larger with each passing syllable, incantation still going. Normal tentacles turning into barbed tendrils, moisture turning into caustic liquids, and its very presence generating foul smelling miasma that would make a skunk faint in disgust. What was once whole became something impure. Now it has a libidinal urge for penetration, seeing only oral orifices and armor it thinks of creating holes before traumatically inseminating inside them. It just got a whole not nastier, and the brain is somewhat intact. Safe and in fine condition in the hands of the mad cock. The other beast mutate as well into something equally horrendous and more Veneral than it was before.

The explosion knocked the beast away, but that was just the beginning...,

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When Phantom noticed that Undine was present his first instinct was to ask her what's wrong with Sam, but before he even opened his mouth the next floor beneath them was revealed and in Undine's place stood Black Frost. There was no helping it, something happened to Sam, but by now that became so normal that the resulting drama was reduced to nothing, and Crown sure as hell won't ask Black Frost. Crown wasn't exactly sure what they were supposed to do on this floor, bu he didn't have to either.

Right in front of him was a giant tentacle monster, that would take at least some time to deal with for sure. Black Frost already charged at it and in his uneducated and rude manner called the rest of the team to do the same. Though Phantom didn't really want to assist the guy (who knows, him getting smacked around might get a different Persona out) the boredom from before wasn't gone, in fact the cards he created were still floating around him literally begging him to set them off.

He leaves the ground and unleashes all ten of the Mark II cutting cards that were around him, with rather shabby aim mind you. They might end up hitting more than the monster, Black Frost for an example.

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Gen rubbed his hands with a smile,- Finally! Something awesome to punch!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer rushed towards the main body of the tentacle monster igniting his Fighting Spirit along the way. –I’ll get you back to yer place, ya filthy hentai reject!- Gen swayed with his guard up as he avoiding the incoming tentacles, and some of the Mark II cards as well –Watch it Kamen Rider! I’m trying to punch something here!- The Young Boxer shouted for a second turning his face to Phantom. That proved to be a mistake, as one of the tentacles flailed him and Gen was pushed backwards, yet the impact wasn’t strong enough to knock him off balance and clenching his teeth Gen kept rushing forwards until it reached the main body of the beast –GHOST JAB HURRICANE!- A massive amount of high speed jabs rained upon the monster that got pushed backwards by the Boxer’s Barrage of Blows.

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Black Frost dodged amongst the tentacles and cards that sliced off more appendages. "WATCH WHERE YOU THROW THOSE THINGS HO!", Black Frost shouted at Phantom, before launching fire down below.

The creature screamed, but with the combined forces of FCL's three heaviest hitters, The beast was done within minutes.

Black Frost landed amongst the carnage, then transformed into another figure. He was a humanoid leopard wearing a green business suit.

"Disgusting." He commented, wading through the sludge. "Well done team. My name is Ose, I'm the president of hell, but I shall be substituting for my master for the rest of the evening. Come," He invited. "Let us descend. I saw the stairs this way."

Ose stepped back as the team travelled, however, to have a private word with Phantom.

"We, the collective SamJaz, require your assistance." Ose told Phantom in a quiet whisper. "I'm sure that you are aware that my master is limited in his access to old abilities and relies on financial resources in order to reclaim old powers. We would like to ask for a loan of twenty thousand pounds sterling, repaid within twelve months. we are aware of the risk involved, as the debt would place a dam on my master's progression, but the funds would allow him to recall old powers and create the Personae needed to handle the oncoming dangers. Specifically, the one that took his life."

Ose tipped his hat to Phantom as the stairs came into view. "Please consider our request." He said, heading downwards.

Floor -32

The team found themselves in a grand hotel lobby, with corridors of rooms as far as the eye could see.

Two men, one of them a butler in a gold suit, brown hair in a ponytail and a flirtatious smile, and the second a manager, slightly portlier with a red waistcoat and a thin moustache, approached the team.

"Welcome to Davin De Luxe Maison." The man in the waistcoat said. "Please, let me show-"

The man in the gold suit hushed him, finger on his lips, before turning to the team.

"Ma chere visitors, it is with deepest pride, and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight." He said, clapping his hands as waiters began to fill the room with tables of food

"And now we invite you to relax," The man in the suit said as each member of the team was seated at the tables. "Let us pull up achair as the dining room proudly presents-"

The many waiters lifted the silver bowls of the food. "-your dinner!" The man said with a smile. Teeth sparkling as the room darkened, spotlight on his golden suit as the room began to be filled with tables and waiters.

"Be." The man said. "Our. GUEST! Be our guest! Put our service to the test, Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie And we'll provide the rest..!"


After the wonderful banquet, the team will be shown to their rooms. It's already past midnight, and this, the worlds most luxurious hotel, were determined to make sure that their honoured guests would have a wonderful night. The beds were fluffy, the food delicious, the entertainment entertaining.

The bill was going to Cale Vincentsson, who would see them in the morning. He had said that he wanted the team to be completely rested and refreshed for the morning.

Hitomi had the distinct impression of being a turkey they were fattening up before Christmas Dinner.

After all, this was where they kept the competitors of last years Hunger Games, the one she was forced to compete in, before sending them all out to kill one another on the floor above.

Nothing in Hellscraper is without a personal motive. A dark reason for every act.

This was a display of power.

Eat well. Rest a while. Take everything you need.

I am not like my sister above. I won't tire you out with ninjas coming from televisions or make you fight sun giants.

I will give you time to rest and prepare before you face me.

The next morning

From The Ceiling With Love will be woken up by the sounds of the baseline coming from below.

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Crow had eaten like a pig in the dining hall downstairs and while the singing was annoying as fuck he suck it up and then headed to bed. As he laid his head down so many things ran through his head. Samjaz many different personas, the library, Hell Scraper, this banquet. Especially this banquet something is wrong all my Gunslinger's instinct are telling me this is bad place and bad things will happen. I only have six shots, six regular bullets, I can not waste a shot remember the Gunslinger's codes, thy shall not waste. Once the next morning comes I'm getting the hell of here with Samjaz and From the Ceiling with Love. Dios mio I'm so tired, I just need to close my eyes and relax.

The Last Gunslinger was woken with a start by the baseline coming from downstairs, a gut reaction took over as Crow rolled off the bed wearing only his shirt and boxers he grabbed Quicksilver and his cowboy hat off the night table and took aim at the door waiting for someone to walk through. Once no one came the Rail-gun rushed to the door and pushes it open slightly looking around still in defensive mode. Once the coast was cheered Crow moved out into the hallway, still in his boxers, shirt, and cowboy hat, Quicksilver in his hand at the ready.

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Phantom was left unimpressed by this floor. Wordsworth alone has done better than these two with their army of waiters. But Phantom didn't complain, it was still better than anything he got in this damn tower so far, and besides a little rest like this was certainly nice, especially if they were going to fight one of those devil siblings next. He ate as good as he could and then went to his room. It was boring but it certainly wasn't the situation to start a pajama party or something like that. When he jumped into his bed he remembered something, The little loan that Sam ask him for, or rather that a leopard in a green suit but Phantom was already used to seeing stuff like that around Sam so might as well just call the thing Sam for simplicity's sake.

He checked the inner pocket of his suit. He already gave a rather big bundle of cash to Arthur as a "I'm sorry gift" for nearly killing him. A few flips with his fingers and he sees that he still has 50 000 $ left, in big bills. Money had no meaning to him at this point and Sam was a good friend of his so the loan wasn't a big deal, if anything he was happy that he'd get to tease him a bit. Phantom jumps up from his bed and slowly makes his way to where Sam's room was supposed to be.

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SamJaz opened the door, covered in water, shirtless, looking very confused, and sees Phantom in the corridor holding a large sum of cash.

"You my friend," SamJaz said breathlessly as he took the money from Phantom's hand "Are a legend. I will pay you back in full, don't worry about that."

He was about to return to his room, but stopped, then turned around. "You know what? You don't even worry if I'm gonna pay you back or not because you're that loaded. I'm gonna pay you back anyways, out of spite." SamJaz said with a huge grin plastered on his face, summoning the Velvet Key to his hand and pointing it into his bedroom, creating and opening an indigo door beside the bed.

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Phantom smiled when he saw that Sam was back up again. On the other hand the fact that he was shirtless and that they were alone in his room was a less pleasant image that creeped into his mind. "You asked for pounds, but you know how the saying goes, beggars can't choosers." Phantom had a rather enthusiastic grin on his face hoping to get a reaction from Sam, after all he didn't get to make beggar jokes on him since they met in the bar.

It looked like Sam was determined to pay the money back to him. It wasn't really necessary and Crown couldn't care less about it, but if it helped Sam in some crazy leaving no debt left kind of way he was fine with it, as long as he didn't touch Clare or something materialistic that Crown actually cared about, he was fine with it.

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"Too right." SamJaz said, lowering the keyblade with the door manifested. "See, I gotta go to a mental plane in order to make new Personas." He explained. "And since I fuse the ones I already have to make new ones, I get left with empty spaces. So, they offer me a service where I can buy back Personae I've already used, but they are expensive as anything."

SamJaz laughed. "And they don't like it when I borrow money." He added. "I got a mortgage once, and they wouldn't let me fuse Personae stronger than the ones I currently had until I paid it off. Ended up just selling my house and moving into an apartment to pay off the debt sooner rather than later, but right now I need variety in skills, not power."

SamJaz opened the door and stepped in, his bedroom filling with blue light for a second, until the door vanished, and SamJaz was dry and clothed, looking significantly refreshed.

He turned to Phantom and grinned evilly, then placed three dollars and fifty-two cents into the master thief's hand.

"I can summon the trumpeter." SamJaz announced proudly. "The freaking trumpeter is now a part of my soul."

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Phantom was delighted to see a fully clothed Sam step out of the door. To his surprise the change left for him wasn't even four dollars. Crown couldn't help but wonder how many times this guy was broke because of his little hobby. Despite the rather massive cost Sam looked as satisfied as ever. Phantom wasn't sure what to think about his obsession over Persona, but Phantom probably wasn't the guy to talk about someone being obsessed anyway.

"Right... if you don't need anything else i'll be going back to my room."

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@ReliusClover: "Cheers." SamJaz said. "And yes, I am broke a lot. I'll see you in the morning."

Once Phantom left and the door was shut, SamJaz just passed out on the mattress.


Hitomi looked back over the events of the day. She'd been with the team for eighteen floors now. She first met them about eight hours ago, back at the school, yet she was already feeling quite... attached.

That was unusual. She'd specifically been trained to maintain a professional relationship between herself and her clients.

That's what they were. Clients. It's just that you can't run for your life with a group of people without feeling some kind of kinship.

That's it. Nothing feely going on here.


Alvin had received a lot of angry texts from the Hag, but surprisingly not much from Cole.

He sent a reply, surprised he was able to actually get signal all the way down here, then collapsed onto the bed.

He opened a portal against the wall, to let the sea breeze waft in.

Annoyed, Alvin then had a bout of reason.

He got out of bed and stepped onto the sand. Once there, he entered the creative mode, as he called it, and began to create a building around the portal, made of stone. He planted torches around and inside the construction, with windows and doors to let the sea breeze in.

No sooner was he finished did a few skeletons carrying bows and swords come marauding, but Alvin stepped inside and was safe. Satisfied, he walked back to the hotel room and got to sleep.

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Even after getting the little task done Phantom didn't feel like going to bed.

He was usually on one of his stealing trips around this time and he didn't really feel comfortable here either. The fact that the rooms were underground made the whole thing rather depressive. He just figure's that he needs to waste some more time and decides to pay some other team members. He sneaks past Alvin's room, wanting nothing to do with that guy and he makes his way to the next room.

That one happens to be Hitomi's and to his amazing luck she was actually awake. She was the only one in FCL other than Sam who knew his identity, so talking to her probably wasn't such a bad idea.

Crown leans on the door frame, taking his mask of as there was no need for it and just speaks up in a casual voice, probably in the expectation to straddle her as she hasn't noticed him yet "Doing anything interesting."

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