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"Huh?" Yukari's only response to Sam's swift movement. Not only that but her Servant was also there even though she didn't call for it. It was Lenneth, her weakest but also her favorite Servant. The reason for both unexpected events was the tiny thing that was nearing her neck from behind. Sam for some reason knew about it and Servants always reacted when their Contractor was in danger, even if they were not directly summoned.

In the meantime Sam leaped off the ground to face the chicken. Yukari was ready as well, sending Lenneth off to support Sam while she herself prepared Sol Nail and Pale.

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As he walked to the recipe with the Primate he had an odd feeling of something, seeing it from the bug's point of view he saw a metallic object instead of the softness of a girl's neck. Since the apparatus became annoying he placed the orangutan in front of him, like a parent would with a baby. His belly facing the primate's back,as he ran for the book. The static indicated that something is indeed wrong. The other eyes confirm that the sampling was intercepted. Apparently he is close as the orangutan seems to get louder as he moves in a certain direction, now the pistol is ready at a 'stun' setting. The beam set to explode upon contact with an object, whether of matter or shielded in force-field or any similar derivatives. Nothing lethal though, just a precaution. Instead of the narrow beam that was done earlier this time it is a wide cone, and the light will travel in a manner similar to a camera flash. Covering a wide range, everything seen before is recorded and thus memorized for later purposes. The eyes in the ceilings can see that the body movements of the bladewielder is a bit off, seemingly involuntary in the act of halting the mosquito. Now Buck will try the same thing again, this time directly at the blade.

Instant replay captures the movement from different angles, a playback appeared with various quantification for that certain movement. Now the mini drones began to 'mark' both of them, searching for anything else that is unusual. One is fast and magical, the other presents thermal release. The cloak had work but hiding is different from running as he is still within the man's reach. Incantations which are recorded and broken down into interactive infographics, word by word subtitled for storage. Materialization and transmutation occur under the lens, affinity to light as Buckaroo gets closer to the literature. What followed after was a variation of teleportation that delivered the man directly in front of the chicken, a wordy preparation for a seemingly ephemeral effect.

The pistol is positioned and keyed to the minute movements of the keyboard, sending a strobe of paralytic effects that will not bring any pain, nor lasting damage of any sort that will carry complications. Just to disrupt. Aeroga? another word added to his digital library, along with intonation and pronunciation. Now they both see eye to eye, the bald ape and his toy. Swinging would cause an interesting reaction. Now taking a counter-offensive approach, a minimal amount of movement is not even necessary. This ray will be similar to the Dennō Senshi Porigon which modified children into spastics.

Battle armors are not present with him at the moment, nor are the other crazy gadgets. But he has options, the mad cock always has open paths to take even in situations like this. There are always other features in hi sidearm, he was feeling lucky and strangely good in this case. "So what is that girl to you anyways?"

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Something was happening inside SamJaz.

He was over protective. He cared and fought desperately.

And the chicken asked, what was the girl to him?

He didn't know how to answer that. Not correctly. He didn't have the words for it.

But a voice from within did.

A voice that had been supressed for years but had recently been given a free leash for a few seconds.

A voice that now knew its place and knew exactly how loudly he needed to shout to be noticed, while not being too loud to get caged up again.

The light in SamJaz's eyes flashed green, then settled on an aquatic blue as a confident grin spoke the answer in a single word.


Gold light rose up around SamJaz- all that warping around from the fighter jets above and the laser show from a few seconds ago quickly ranked up SamJaz's Drive energy, and he willingly transformed.

His hair shone gold and flowed upwards freely, like some hero from some TV show he watched as a kid, but unlike those heroes, SamJaz didn't grow any more muscular like last time he transformed into Eros. This time, Eros did not dominate. He gave the reigns over.

And a second keyblade appeared in SamJaz's hand. He gave the two weapons a few practice swings, and posed dramatically, winking at Lenneth by his side as he did so. His second weapon was the gothic, black key that appeared when he fought Demien, but this time, remaining firmly in his grip.

"I hold the keys to the kingdom and all things therein are mine." SamJaz said, transformed partway into Eros. A new drive form that granted more control to SamJaz, but still the powers and personality of his basest instincts to love and be loved, to protect and create. "Yukari, Hitomi, Phantom, Gen, Arthur, Matt, Alvin, even Crow." He said, smirking. "They are my finest achievements- loyal friends who will die for me as I die for them. For I am their king and they know I will fight for them."

Swinging the two Keyblades into a battle stance, SamJaz rushed Buck, swinging the swords rapidly and fluidly in a torrent of slashes, the blunt weapons ready to shatter bone.


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Yukari loses sight of Sam and Buck, but she knew that Lenneth didn't.

In the meantime Lenneth already witnessed Sam's transformation. She wasn't really sure what to think about him, especially in this form and after the little speech he gave. Either way he was still better than that brute Chulainn, sadly that didn't say much. Lenneth creates wings formed out of light, on of her basic spells but also most used ones as it gave her the advantage of flight. She flies up all the way to the ceiling while observing the two on the ground. Though unsure what to think of Sam, she still knew he's an ally so for now her gun was only pointed at the chicken monstrosity. Her finger was already place on the trigger and she just waited for someone to make a move.

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The glow within his eyes are the cue for the shot. Paralytic rays had traveled across the room as real light would when emerging from a camera flash. Making illuminating shock-waves upon touching solid matter or obstacles, in this case the books around them and the lad in front. Heroic types such as these are most problematic, their friends had to be taken out first so that their resolve may break, others may benefit from fighting against several groups of people at once, buck prefers one-on-one. Squeezing twice after the first shot is fired. The chicken shielded the eyes of the orangutan with a special bite from one of the bugs from under his coat. It was a tunnel of light that he is in. A chain reaction of soft photon shock-waves that did not burn, singe or concuss. Rather emulating a strobe that penetrates the layers of the body akin to hard radiation. Is it lethal? not in the slightest, will it incapacitate? without a shadow of doubt.

Taking into account of the movement the jetpack emits a repulsive wave from behind him which reverberated gently, an improvised active denial system. Sending odd vibes that can cause one to drop whatever they are holding ,without harming any of the books as with the previous counter-attack. "Over" He was aware that something had been going on as the first shot was fired, yet he did not fully see what was happening at the moment. Something that sounds similar to a transformation of sorts. Yet the light reflected, amplified and multiplied off every solid surface in the room. If Buckaroo is not augmented he would be flopping like a fish at the moment. Since the rays affect directly to the nervous system. Force fields or any derivatives will seem to enhance its potency. In the veil of immerse light is a materialization of sorts. Yet another one of those horrible objects to wield, yet contained as with all in the encompassing light. Making crescendo that permeates through the gaps between molecules. Not as a mean of harm, yet merely a means to a halt.

Three preemptive shots that transform as the waves converge into something more powerful, while maintaining its non-lethal characteristic. Stairs leading up are infected with light, so did the stairways leading down. A blossom of non-violence in the shape of morning brilliance, a sight for all eyes. It is negotiation in the way of the morning sun. Mimicking the natural light that tells the body to awake, but in this case the rays are making them feel nothing. Pressuring them with a weightless, and inertialess phenomena. Dancing blades under the stage of the shining path, each light particle bouncing off from the sides of the blade as the freeze ray were bounced off before, but this time into every possible direction. Indiscriminate of what or whom.


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SamJaz roared and the light smashed into shards that fell to the ground. He stopped in his advance, standing before Buck, and raised the black keyblade at him.

"You dare..." SamJaz snarled. "You attack my people. You send insidious servants to poison, you spy and steal information, and you DARE to claim moral high ground with non-lethal disabling techniques?"

A stray lightning bold flashed, leaving a charred hole in the carpet then quickly repaired itself.

"This insult will not be accepted, Bird." SamJaz warned, then cast a Cure spell upon the librarian, and the insects within his fur dropped dead and onto the ground.

A healing spell would not do this. But Cure was different. It cured the target of any ailment, including parasites.

SamJaz the struck the metal keyblade against the floor, and it took a deep purple hue. Everything above this mezzanine floor was heavier. Everything below was slightly lighter. Of course, outside of the library, you wouldn't be able to feel its effects, but here it really screwed up your sense of balance.

Unless you were a summon like Lenneth or were adapted to fighting in these situations, like SamJaz.

Leaping high, SamJaz swung the keyblades for the Chicken, who was going to a lot of lengths to preserve life so far. However, SamJaz was insulted, and would take his blood. He rose into the air slower than usual, but descended inhumanly fast and with enough force to smash a hole in the floor, leading below, where everything was lighter.

Pieces of debris floated between the two floors, caught by SamJaz's gravitational magic. With gravity messed up, all these floating platforms, SamJaz was in his element, especially in his Eros form.

"Come Lenneth." He said, lunging for his foe. "Let's fry."

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Explosion upon explosion of light bubbles fizz across their floor, blinding and dropping anything with a breath. Sounding like a sea of chinese firecrackers, not deafening but more to a drowning sound that takes over as he fused the repulsions of the waves emitted from the pack and the booming population of light domes. Broken parts expand with the sword, covering in white swipes. Redecorating the scenery from a library into a seemingly alien setting. Polka dots of light, brighter than the one that came before as it rises above. The orangutan is a bit dazed but the 'toxin' had stopped the light from taking over its motor functions, a giant ape would be reduced into a hollow shell now. Yet his concoctions prove true to their purpose. Something caused a hole in the ground, but he did not see as the light is ubiquitous. It covers all, even the aftermath. Buck injected the Orangutan with another syringe to stabilize as the oaf somehow had managed to fell the vaccitoes, the drug is needed to prevent spasmodic movement. The dancing lights meanwhile kept shifting between layers of matter, tapping organs and infrastructure as they work their wonder. As far as he is concerned both of them do not have a direct line of vision at each other. Suddenly everything went awry, luckily the jetpack is present, without it Buck would have fallen through the ground. Yet the walls around them rebounded back various beams of light at high intensities. Into the building where they are, fluctiations becoming uncontrollable as they crashed into one another. He fired a wide beam under the ape to vaporize the insects, perfectly removing trace evidence.

As a payback from the previous counter Buck shot the freeze beam, a characteristic of its icy shell that is mimicked by the constant growth of light bubbles. Starting from his area and moving upwards. The bubbles can now be felt and break like talk when the lad passed them, but with every passing moment comes a sheath of fragility that comes with a chill. It does not slow movement at all, but it does induce brittleness. Throwing the orangutan away from harm's path the chicken hopped sideways with his jetpack. His leg was slashed by the downward motion. Yet the lad might be feeling odd right now, maybe a bit cracked.

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Lenneth stays up in the air and finally decides to fire some shots.

They were regular bullets, though with more power than any modern weapon. They were aimed at all vital points either a human or chicken could have. They were the most basic projectiles she had and were normally used to open up in a fight. They were also a pretty dirty tactic. Lenneth always shot those bullets for some time, giving her enemy a chance to get used to them. And then when they thought that they knew all they had to know about her guns she'd get real and strike.

Right now it was the same, she only wanted to get the chickens attention. There was so much magic left and right that the library couldn't be even recognized anymore, but Lenneth ignored all of that and just focused on her target. Yukari on the other hand was stuck on the ground. She wasn't exactly sure how to move around in the new combat zone and she couldn't see Sam or Chicken-Guy either. Perhaps it seemed rude to be so passive about the situation, but Lenneth was there. And after all Lenneth was Yukari's Servant so there was nothing bad about it if she just watched as long as Yukari done her part.

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Paralyzing light waves contaminate towards everywhere as they propagate further to fully envelop this entire floor. He was flanked from the side by a series of seemingly fragmented bullets. Turning to high speed powder as they approached his coat, the ice paralyzing ice bubbles carried by light had something to do with that. But it does not change the fact that he is still shot. The jetpack nullified everything from behind and the growing light waves blinds everything in front. He was shot from the sides, luckily the jetpack keeps him standing.

The mosquitos at the other floor are quick to identify the location however, in his position movement is not easy. So without a pause the tip of the ray pistol is pointed towards the location of the mark in the display. A thin beam designed to perforate, enough to make a coin sized hole through a layer of bedrock. Setting low on the intensity since he does not want to show everything yet. Three shots are fired, two to the chest or the blue node highlighted in his vision and one more to where the markers locate the head. Information relayed in real-time as everything is hectic downstairs. He is bleeding at the moment, and healing is not something that he wants done immediately. There is something else.

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SamJaz was feeling the effects of BuckBuck's freezing magic and toxins as he bounced around. He landed against one bookshelf, and his shin shattered, falling in clumps of frozen flesh.

SamJaz lifted one keyblade upwards and cast a Cure spell upon himself, and his new leg even managed to regenerate into his shoe before he his the ground.

He breathed freely, now cured from the effects of the cold. But for some reason, he was still unable to land a hit on this chicken.

Although, as he felt his vision sharpen, he understood why. He'd somehow taken in a toxin that had blinded him without him knowing.

Even with the partial transformation, Eros impaired SamJaz's ability to think on his feet.

Grudgingly, Eros subsided, and the black Keyblade vanished. Lenneth was still firing, but was she hitting?

His vision focused, and he could see the chicken was bleeding. He then raised his gun and shot at Lenneth.

Crap. SamJaz couldn't cast any magic at all immediately after using Cure, he really should have spread its effects.


SamJaz reached into his chest and drew his Evoker. Placing the gun-like object to his head, he pulled the trigger. "BLACK FROST!"

The gunshot rang out, and the demon of ice and fire flew through the air, laughing as it launched fire upon the chicken.

If the Librarian was in full control of himself right now, he would bring an end to this fighting immediately and repair the Library. However, his cognitive abilities were impaired by the protective drugs Buck was injecting into him, and he was rapidly becoming more and more of a dumb animal as opposed to the wise beast and proud caretaker of knowledge that he usually is.

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Gen snorted out air and sighed. He wanted to kick the monkey ass but the majority had spoken against it, and truthfully once he realized the freaking Librarian was a mage, he lost some interest in the fight. Mages weren’t fun to fight against. The Boxer listened to Samjaz commands and followed the scout group as requested, hoping to kick the ass of something along the way

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Having been shot multiple times he floated back to the wall, close enough to rest but not enough to make contact. He cannot hear it but there is a feeling that his opponent or a stranger may have shattered a bone. Yet it seems that this person needs to activate his spells by certain motions, with playback at the previous teleporation move. In that regard the ray pistol setting is altered. Even if the lad cannot strike him his friend can, having fired three shots before the chicken thinks of a plan as he maps out the floor that he is on. The next shot will prick a bottle cap sized opening through his next target, yet in melee combat the flow is against his favor. Should have taken the power armor, but it is left at home. Hindsight can really be a b!tch at times. He remembered the powder digging into his flesh, it was weird since conventional bullets would shatter into harmless fragments.

An open laser tracheotomy would be neccesary to stop the lad from aggravating the situation further. The chicken bides his time for an opportunity. That window for the perfect cauterizing shot. He heard a fluctuation of noise from one direction as a being emerged from the veil of light, charging at the chicken. At the exact same time he fired a shot, one that homes into the vocal source of the wielder. The demon will still come and mangle Buck but at least if the light hits it will stop any form of spoken communication and hurt a lot. The flaming ice demon punched the chicken through several dozen racks of books as his feathers are burnt and frosted simultaneously. With a wave of the hand the chicken released more bugs to sting the orangutan, this time to restore the mind back into its prime condition. Everything he can do, he can undone thus removing any aspect of entropy at will. AS he really needs this recipe, also the well being of a fellow intelligent non human life. Which is precious and rare in itself. Let him be saved, and the bugs went to work.

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Lenneth makes her wings disappear in an instant, engaging into a free fall. That wasn't really an action to avoid the three shots fired at her but more something she used because she wanted down. From what she could tell her enemy mostly relied on technology making him a non-threat to her. As one of the most powerful kinds of Spirits, she was completely immune to the inventions of the modern world. It wasn't that she was transparent like a ghost or anything, the things would still touch her but they just didn't have any effect. Even being at ground zero when a nuclear bomb was going off didn't really affect Servants, but just a butter knife that was used by some other Spirit or was magicly enchanted could hurt them, assuming they didn't have the durability to resist of course.

Even in the free fall she continues her hail of bullets aimed at the chicken which was being thrown around by a summon of Sam, she was actually surprised that some of her previous bullets actually hit the target. Just a little bit more pressure and she'd change the projectiles she was using.

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Exploration Team Go!

Alvin followed Gen and the others, oblivious of the chaos that was about to entail elsewhere in the library. Instead, he focused on the trail, following the breadcrumbs until they came across a row of ants that stole the rest of the evidence. Alvin stood up, clearly annoyed, but then noticed a chalk arrow drawn along some books.

Or rather, chalk along the spines of the books. At the moment, it looked like meaningless scratches, but when Alvin arranged them, not alphabetically, but by date of published, they formed a clear arrow.

"Okay, they left us codes to track them." Alvin said, sighing. "Let's go."

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SamJaz took a laser to the throat as Black Frost wailed into Buck. Choking, he reached for his neck, only to find no blood.

The chicken had cauterised it. And without vocal activation, he was gonna struggle to cast healing spells. He could still use some of his offensive magic through his melee casting, but healing himself...

One option is to tear out the cauterised section of his throat and use a Persona to cast Dia on himself, but he had no idea what that would do to his voicebox.

Another option is to meet up with Yukari and see what she could do. Or he could ask the chicken to fix it, he seemed a medical type.

Then another thought occured.

He had no idea if it would work, but it couldn't hurt to try.

SamJaz ran to the ledge and hopped over it, giving Black Frost another burst of spiritual strength by shooting himself with the evoker again. By the time SamJaz landed, Black Frost had switched to freezing attacks, giving bird-brain a taste of his own medicine.

He then approached Matt and Hitomi, who were still at the main desk. Hitomi's face quickly fell to horror as she saw the damage to his throat.

SamJaz reached for some paper and wrote down some basic instruction.

{ on 3, say the word 'on' with me, then Jynx me. }

Hitomi gave him a look of utter disbelief, but SamJaz just raised three fingers. Slowly lowering them one by one, SamJaz groaned something resembling the word On at the same time Hitomi spoke. "Jynx." She added. "Now what?"

SamJaz raised a hand, then placed the tip of his key blade to his throat and turned the key. "CURE!" He shouted, launching the green energy at himself.

The scar vanished, and SamJaz beathed a sigh of relief. "So glad that worked..."

"Glad what worked?" Hitomi asked.

"You jynxed me, thus locking my ability to speak." SamJaz explained. "My voicebox was destroyed, but once my voice was sealed by a jynx, I could unlock it." He looked at his keyblade admiringly. "To think that this thing even works on children's games..."

He then felt Black Frost return to his soul, and he knew his time was up. "Be right back." He told the team, grinning as the burst into the air, flying to where the left Buck. He'd have to protect his throat this time, or that whole escapade was worthless.

To be safe, he switched Persona to Dominion, who would give him protection from light-based attacks, like those lasers and Buck's blinding skills.

Prepared, healed and protected, SamJaz charged for the flying chicken and swung his keyblade at Buck's ribcage, expertly dancing around Lenneth's attacks while Dominion told him where she would aim.

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It appears that something went wrong, the multiple eyes did not detect any form of damage.

Yet it did not dodge in the slightest, getting close and passing the ray as if it is nothing. As he rolls through the book something form a potion book got caught in his ray pistol.

An odd shard that did not melt in the point of the white hot barrel, in his sensors it appears to be something that is outside the field of conventional human sciences.

He needs to unjam the gun, so with a glance of luck he took aim as he was guided and fired the shot of the seemingly alien maybe material at the neck.

Hopefully that foreign material can hinder its movement while the chicken prepares something stronger, a type that can send a beam to the upper atmosphere.

Wrong gun, this ray pistol did not have that setting. Yet the mystical shard is fast to move inside her neck.

It was luck by a long shot and a bit of confusion thrown in at the heat of the moment as the punch made him unconscious and it is a persogate taking over his hand and jetpack.

The prime consciousness is away but the autopilot is on, switching to find other odd objects to try as it is suggested by the bug drones. An empty hand that picked up another book. About architecture and containing several tiles.

His hand opened fire to create a barrier of beams to hit each speeding bullet dead on as the light subsided, whereas the other summoner can now get him easier. But that one can be damaged conventionally.

Now the projectile should have reached her body.


The other man was wounded from the shot, good news for him. Now he cannot do an annoying recuperative spells. But it seems that the man had more in store. However the beast was even more aggressive as he sent a strong kick against the midsection of the chicken with a surge of frost element which sent the rooster tumbling back. The autopilot dodged the melee attack at close range as the damage done by the ice beast was intensive, the hand guides itself as Buck regained consciousness. It appears that there is yet a magickal object lodged at the tip and the weapon is close to the lad's eye. A shot is fired as the chicken relied on its jetpack to make quick turns.

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Lenneth became careless. She was unaware of the nature of the lucky-shot the opponent took. It was a mystical shard, something that already reached into the world of magic. In other words it could affect her. Yukari's other Servant's probably wouldn't have to care. Someone like Chulainn would take that simple shard head on probably let it slam right into his face and ignore it like it was just some other regular bullet. But Lenneth was different, she was the most fragile Servant Yukari had and even that simple clump of magical energy could inflict pain and damage.

While still falling she passes the projectile, but this time a scream of pain leaves her mouth while the shard slides across her skin. She loses her balance and control and crashes into the floor, instead of landing gracefully as she had planned to do. When she gets up to her feat again she notices a large burn wound, going from the side of her neck all the way over her shoulder reaching a tiny bit of her arm. The burning pain would be a reminder to never let her guard down, but right now she didn't care about that, she was pissed.

She aims her gun at the chicken and pulls the trigger. But no bullet comes out. Now she was using the main function of her guns. Instead of a linear moving projectile the gun triggered a distortion of space at the point the user was aiming at. Both space and time would twist there to inflict damage on whoever or whatever was there. The best would be to imagine it as ripping a pieces of paper. Anything that was drawn on the paper would be ripped with it as well. The same happened here in a 3D perspective. But space wasn't completely torn, as that would cause permanent damage to the world and was potentially dangerous. It would just bend, twist and compress, but that was already enough to inflict abnormal amounts of damage to any target that found itself near the distortion.

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@RadicalRin: @Nerx:

SamJaz didn't hesitate as the shot went straight through his eye and out of the back of his head.

It was a skill that had saved his life so many times.

SamJaz does not die when he is shot in the head.

It saved his life when facing the cowboys. It saved his life when facing the pirates. It saved his life when he first met Crow.

When SamJaz is shot in the head, Persona's come out.

The Keyblade continued its arc towards Buck's side, more than enough force to shatter his brittle ribs, and the angelic Dominon rose above the two, floating nearby Lennete was, and launch a wave of light upon and around Buck, a holy spell that had a 50/50 chance of knocking him out cold, even if he managed to dodge the swing of the keyblade.

The world distorted around them, and SamJaz knew the jump back after his attack connected. Things would get freaky fast.

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@RadicalRin: @SamJaz:

He popped a hole deep inside her. It wasn't much but id did the job, she was taken off her guard. A metal piece from a tip of a potion book, now he has additional tiles from a architecture catalog. More than enough for a repeat performance, just past the threshold for critical trauma. Sadly she is not the type to take it head on, as if that were the case he would have aimed at a better location. The trajectory was off, and it did not hit the way it is planned, however he was nonetheless pleased at this sudden development. A sign of damage, a smell of blood, hooray for all.

As she fell down screaming he fired again, this times with shards of laser propelled stone. Seemingly taking the shape of arrowheads, moving at sufficient velocity. Speeding to pierce her stomach. He could have done this as she falls but he needs to make sure, the big blotch across her shoulders are a beacon for several more shots to be fired. He took time off as two shards are incoming to her general direction. Focusing across her soft stomach, ready to drill inside and cause irreversible or very painful damages.

As he lost a foot because of the disturbance he immediately cauterized his wounds with the heat ray and vaporized the right foot that is pulled towards the spatial distortion. He needn't not retaliate as the two shards have probably reached their target by now. Healing from that vortice would probably take a long time, as it is something that he had not yet encountered. More importantly to deduct whether it is a normal attack or a magically imbued one, depending on which recovery can take a longer time. Just like that. A great weapon is shown, and just like that the chicken reloads his ray pistol with magic shards. But functionally akin to a flintlock as his gun was not designed for this function. Yet super speed does compensate for reloading problems.


While in this one the shard had made an exit at the back of the lad's skull, the chicken's free hand followed through to fill the hole in the head. By throwing in the insects.

Carrying a pinch of bugs to burrow deeper to cause more invasive damage. Throwing them at close distance with a whipping motion

It is not the bullet that he sould worry about, but what comes after.

His fingers may be cut but they have done their job well, assisting the bugs to carry on with their mission.

Something odd materialized, Buck did not know.

The keyblade smashed his ribs, somehow strange as he was not bisected in two. Yet at this range he manages to put several more insects inside the wound, whether they do their job is up to them. The light did not harm him, yet it caused Buck to vomit out breakfast.

The swing sent him tumbling back

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Lenneth wasn't sure if her attack hit and smoke was obscuring her vision, but she didn't care. Two energy arrows fly towards her, but she wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

She leaps over them while firing two more of distortion shots into the smoke. The first one was aimed on head height while the other one was around the lower abdomen. When triggered together they would rips the target in two while reducing the inside organs to a soup at the same time. The advantage of these shots was that they did not travel. They simply appeared at the given location, making it impossible for enemies to actually react to them if they don't have Lenneth in plain sight.

After the wound she sustained she was serious and out for the kill.

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The hand obliterated the brain. The insects devouring the remaining grey matter.

The keyblade vanished, and SamJaz collapsed into a pool of water. The water drained into the floor and splashed onto the library before, before taking the form of a blue-haired woman.

"Is he for real?" Undine asked out loud, hint of irritation in her voice as water continued to gather into her figure, forming skin and clothing. "He's barely been alive two hours and he's dead again? What kind of idiot is-"

She stopped as she noticed that she was holding a keyblade. This was a new development.

Regardless, her job was to stay alive until the others finished repairing SamJaz. Screw the chicken, she was leaving.

Although, in the state he was in, killing him shouldn't take that much longer.

No, forgetting the chicken.

Crap, Yukari was still fighting him.

Screw the girl. Her fault SamJaz came out early last time they were rebuilding his brain.

The other Personae held a vote.

4-3, Save the girl.

"Creeps." Undine sighed, stepping back so she had a clear view of the fight above.

Raising her hands, the water deity that was caring for SamJaz's remains unleashed a flood into the library. Water cascaded along the platforms, sloshing up the bookcases and ruining the books.

It was about this time that the Librarian came to his senses.

And he was furious.

With a deafening roar, the water leapt for the drains. The books dried, the walls and floors repaired themselves.

Every spell in effect ended, and normality returned to the library.

And the Librarian was furious. He was going to tear the limbs of those responsible.

That chicken and the idiot with the key. They were dead.


They were BANNED from the Library.

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