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-Perfect, a fucking library with a fucking monkey, can this fucking place get more fucking boring?- Gen stretched his arms as he let out a cluster F-Bomb, this was a bad sign, when the Boxer started cursing it meant he was getting bored… but considering he cursed most of the time, it didn’t make too much different. Either way the excitement of the fight against the Mechas was already vanishing and the Boxer was looking for the next brawl.

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The Librarian roared at Gen's rant.

He said it.

The hairless freak actually said it.

He dared compare him to those tailed buffoons.

The Librarian slammed the book down onto the desk and vaulted over it.

The reach of his arms were almost twice that of a humans, and his strength was equal to Gen's-

And he radiated a vicious aura of animal strength and primal fury.

The Librarian swung from book shelf to bookshelf before flying at Gen, ready to tear his arms off and shove them down his throat.

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The Last Gunslinger listened to Samjaz explained they were in the HellSracper a descending tower of chaos that would only get bat shit crazier, as a young girl worked around him in a frenzy. Once both she and Samjaz was finished she handed Crow a package as he heard another member of Samjaz’s crew ask who the naked cowboy is. Crow opened the package and smirk as he saw it was a new pair of clothes, the Rail-gun got dress quickly as putting on the white shirt, dark brown jacket with white stripes on the elbows and golden eagle wings on the back then the black jeans and finally cowboy boots. Crow finished the attire by placing his hat on his head and calling to Samjaz; “Hold on amigo, I figure the only way out of this mad house is to fight my way through and if I was doing it with anyone then I might as well do it with you.” Crow quickly joined the crew as he place Quicksilver in the holster built into the leg of his pants; the gunslinger smiled as he properly introduce himself; “Hola amigos I’m Crow Cemeneterio. The nutter who carries a gun with him in the shower because that’s how badass I am and also because my rubber ducky is evil.”

As Crow and Samjaz’s Crew made their way downstairs the gunslinger turned to his friend and ask him something he said earlier, “Hey amigo why the hell is your little group here is called From the Ceiling with Love?”

The group arrived at the next level and to the gunslinger’s amazement the librarian was a Mon…orangutan. Apparently the girl who gave Crow a new pair of clothes, Hitomi, said the librarian didn’t like the M word and literally not a second later the Spirit Boxer called him a fucking monkey. The librarian flew into a rage as he charged the hot blooded fighter and while the kid could handle himself Crow needed to “stretch”, despite still being a bit wet, from his shower before arriving and therefore his powers being negated, he was still extremely fast and slipped between the mad monkey and the Razor Wind Fighter. Crow delivered a round house kick right to the monkey’s face that would knock out a normal man. Crow’s smirk spread across his battle ready face, “Hey banana breath! How about you sit down and chill out before I kick your monkey ass through this library.” With that the gunslinger turned to Gen, “Sorry amigo didn’t mean to cut into your dance but I needed to stretch my legs a little.” Then he turned towards Hitomi tipping his hat at her, “Hey Senorita your name is Hitomi right? Well gracias these clothes are pretty good

they seem durable and I can maneuver in them.” Crow turned back to the librarian and waited for a counter or something at the same time so many things ran through his mind, Geez Samjaz show does know some crazy people and get into some crazy things. But I pretty much knew that from the last time I met him, damn I still the scars from that time. Now what to do about this monkey, my powers will return once I’m dry soon but that’s not the problem I only have the six bullets in Quicksilver on me. I can’t waste those shots it’s in the gunslinger code nothing shall be wasted.

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-What the fuck are ya doing ya naked cowboy bastard!?- Gen shouted angrily as he was face to face with Crow and grabbed him from the lapel of his jacket and shook an angry fist at him – That was my fight streaking gunslinger!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer raised his fist to hit the newcomer but as he lifted his arm the monkey, using the drapes like a vine to swing with passed over the pair and hooked his arm with Gen’s, lifting him in the air and slamming the boxer into a nearby wall. The Librarian roared and started to pound the Battle Chasing delinquent into a crater against the wall. His barrage ended as dust from the wall obscured the view from the ones still down. Silence fell for a second but was quickly interrupted by a shockwave and bright blue flames dispersed the dust as Gen fist impacted against the Orangutan face, that was sent across the room with the hurt put on him by Gen. The Librarian broke his speed by grabbing to another drape, while the Hot-Blooded Boxer managed to stay in the wall by using his fingers to latch into the wall, with claw-like grip. –Get back here your dirty monkey! There is more from where this came from!- Gen roared while shaking his free hand with the intent of intimidation.

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"Name was Gen's idea." Hitomi told Crow as the boxer and the ape continued to trade blows. "And no probs, you guy's are my dissertation."

There was a bloodcurdling screech as the Librarian swung over Hitomi and Crow's head, landing behind them. He roared, grabbed a heavy book, and opened it.

Hitomi paled and dived out of the way as the orangutan launched a massive energy blast, spiralling golden energy right at Crow and, behind him, Gen.

The Librarian had positioned himself perfectly to grab the spellbook and launch the magical attack to strike both offenders.

The ape was smart. That much was clear.

When he was human, the Librarian had an IQ of over 200. He had memorised every single book in this library and was a magical genius, a mage capable of taking on any wizard. He refused any attempt to return him to a human shape because he found animal company to be much more interesting. As an Ape, he was free to read books, eat fruit and tear off heads without having to answer to the faculty of any university because, let's face it, he was an ape with more magical knowledge than any mage alive, and most dead ones. What were they going to do to him?

Magical skills demonstrated, the Librarian returned the tome to its rightful place and clapped his hands. A defensive blue aura surrounded him, and a green clock face appeared around him, rotating once before vanishing.

The ape then vanished, then followed the path of the energy beam at a blinding speed to grab Gen and Crow and slam their skulls together.

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While the gunslinger was pondering his next move the violent delinquent wasn’t too happy with Crow stepping in. When the Lightning Revolver turned around Gen grabbed him by the jacket and started shouting at him only for Crow to reply back, “You better be getting out of my face amigo! I swear I will do to you what I just did to that monkey!” Crow was also in the process of raising his fist to punch Gen when his eyes widen as he saw the same orangutan he just kicked reappear behind the Hot Blooded Boxer, that’s impossible I just kicked that monkey in his face and he is up again. The monkey preceded to throw Gen like he was a rag doll and then pounce on him delivering lots of ground and pound to him, but this was ended by a burst of energy from Gen. Crow smirked a little only for his eyes to widen a second later when the ape caught his balance and pulled out a spell book and preceded blast both Gen and Crow; while Crow may have been fast he was a completely caught off guard by the speed the ape cast the spell and the fact a monkey was the one who casted it. The blast engulfed Crow who covered himself with his arms, once the smoke had cleared he was covered in smoke his newly made clothes were a bit tattered but they appeared to have a little bit of magical resistance unfortunately they were not resisted to what happen next. Even faster than Crow could imagine the librarian vanished and appeared behind the Last Gunslinger and Fight Chasing Delinquent then smashed the heads together.

The two thick headed heroes collided causing Crow’s some blood to spurt from the gunslinger’s skull, Crow was on his hands and knees and looked to Gen a serious expression on his face. “How about we put our fight aside for now and kick this dirty’s ape banana ass back to the jungle he came from?” Crow stood with a smirk on his face as the blast the ape shit mad librarian hit him with earlier was enough to actually dry the gunslinger off now his electrical powers were back. Crow ran towards the monkey electricity arcing him his right hand as he then accelerated himself using his electrical powers making him vanish and appear in front of the monkey he thrust his open palm forward intending to force the electricity into the ape’s body causing internal damage the Electrical storm followed up by drawing his revolver and swinging the butt of gun’s at the monkey’s head.

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When he first stepped on the floor, Arthur felt as if he was in paradise. There were books all around him. So many book, so much to read.That feeling didn't last long, however, as the group discovered that they have to look for an "expedition" inside the library. And then stuff got even worse. Gen called the librarian a monkey, something he apperently dislikes. As the librerian and Gen fought the new guy, the gun nut, joined in the fight. There are two problems now. First, if this fight continiues someone will die. Second, if this fight continiues all the precious books will be destroyed. And Arthur can't let either of those happen.

As crow attempted to strike the librerian Arthur made a frost wall to protect him. Then he jumped on the monkey and slapped him. "What the hell do you think you're doing!? This is a library, a place of peace and quiet! Stop m... acting like a little child!" He told him avoiding a pun that would just make things worse.

Then he turned towards Gen. "You, calm down! There's going to be enough fighting while we look for those guys that got lost. Didn't you hear Hitomi mentioning some tentacle monsters?".

Then he turned towads SamJaz. "And you! What the hell, man!? Aren't you supposed to be the leader?! The peace of reason here?! Why the hell do I have to do your job?!"

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"Hm?" SamJaz asked, closing the book in his hand as he turned to face Arthur. "Oh, I was learning status magic. I can stop time now. An poison, and put to sleep, and summon balloons."

As he was explaining this, the Librarian got to his feet and clapped his massive hands. All the books not currently in someone's hand floated up and went back to their bookshelf, some shelves repairing themselves in the process.

The Librarian then turned to the hairless ape that dared slap him, but was interrupted by Alvin offering him a banana. The Librarian accepted the peace offering, and Alvin created a portal in everyone's right pocket that lead to a banana tree. Just in case.

A massive, slimy hawk-like creature with eyes on its wings then flew from above, about to attack Arthur, when SamJaz whipped out his keyblade and launched a wave of purple light at the bird, which then crashed on the floor, vomiting as it sweated purple gunge from its pores.

"I freaking love this." SamJaz said with glee, replacing the book on the shelf. "Arthur, I want you to lead the scout team. Gen, Phantom, Alvin, go with. Matt, stay here with Hitomi and the Librarian, you're responsible for communication between the three parties."

"Yukari, you're with me." SamJaz said with a grin. "We're going to learn how to summon meteors."

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Phantom was both motionless and silent since he came to the floor. He was leaning onto one of the walls and observing the action with one eye while keeping his other to the book in his hands, "The Greatest Heists of History". So far he was just amused because he wasn't impressed by the things mentioned in there, but he couldn't blame the book, it was written before he was even born. Besides the book he was also curious about the newest addition to their team, a cowboy as it seemed.

After the situation calmed down, Phantom was given a task. He would be the on the scouting team, a pity, he wanted to get to know Yukari and Hitomi a little bit better, so far they seemed like the most normal ones on the group, except maybe Sam. Though that was more because him and Sam got along by now and he was his closest friend on them team, rather than because he was truly sane.

He puts the book down and slowly moves towards the rest of his group.

Yukari on the other hand just looked at Sam with a confused look, she wasn't exactly sure what he meant and she was a little bit afraid that he'll bring up Chulainn again so she wasn't all that happy with being left alone with him.

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After commuting from the bus Buck swiped his card on the monitor and left without a moment of awkwardness, lighting up his calabash as he walks towards the library. Wanting to find interesting reads, maybe something else beside science fiction for a change. A trail of smoke follows him, today he brings the basics as in a good old jetpack which is similar to the one used by Elroy Jetson along with a pulp ray pistol. A sidearm in the case of trouble, as he opens his wallet to search for his library card. It seems that he might as well register for membership.

Although he picks up strange things as several mosquitos escaped from his feathers, relatively small critters to prowl the area. Cataloging books to borrow or persons of interest, living in such a world one cannot be too sure. Today is no different from any other day and death may not be too far from him, the ray gun had several settings which can circumvent that but he may never know how far it can carry him. The jetpack however is a blessing as it allows an unprecedented level of mobility, as well as opportunities to gain altitude for sniping down foes. What may be an average day could be different.

There is an elevator in front. The chicken enters.

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"SO!" SamJaz shouted, leading the somewhat apprehensive Yukari aside. "That bullet-type thing you do from your finger, Sol Nail was it?"

Without exactly waiting for an answer, SamJaz started perusing some of the magical texts on the wall. "I'm gonna blow your mind with this one, but why does the origin of the spell have to be your fingertip?" He asked her, before waving his hand and opening a book. "Hear me out on this one. I'm pretty limited since my magics are based around the keyblade, but you aren't. You use your own body as the muzzle of the gun, as it were, so you could shoot from your toe, ear, even eye-beams in theory-"

SamJaz grin grew vicious as he found the page he was looking for. "So... let's extend that." He said. "If we can move the point where the spell is launched within the body that casts the spell, why can't we have the spell originate from outside the caster?"

SamJaz placed the tome onto a table and raised his Keyblade into the sky. "Here's the experiment, and I wanna see if you can do this as well." He said as black and red energy began to swirl around the keyblade. "METEORA!"

The ceiling grew dark, and flaming rocks began to descend from above. Falling from where they should not be able to fall, the meteors slammed into the floor, leaving destruction and craters in their wake. The bombardment lasted about fifteen seconds, and SamJaz was visibly sweating at the end of it.

"And that's only level two..." He breathed, grinning and he looked at Yukari. "Your turn." He said. "Think you can cast a Soil nail from the bookshelf?"

Before she could answer, however, the elevator door opened, and a strange... man chicken walked into the grand hall of the library of the Hellscraper. He could be trouble, or a new ally. Whatever he was, he creeped SamJaz the hell out, but he wasn't going to deny the... thing... common courtesy because he was covered with feathers.

If he started clucking and breathing fire and trying to kill everyone, then he'd smash it right in the neck and kill it with meteors, but judging from the library card on the chickens person, SamJaz decided to pull a Will Smith and give him the benefit of the doubt. "Hey there!" He waved. "Name's SamJaz, wandering hero. Welcome to the Hellscraper."

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Immediately as a safety precaution Buck draws his Ray Pistol reflexively, holding it in a one hand grip where he holds the weapon in the nonfiring hand; form a V with the thumb and forefinger of the strong hand (firing hand). Place the weapon in the V with the front and rear sights in line with the firing arm. Wrapping the lower three fingers around the pistol grip, putting equal pressure with all three fingers to the rear. Allow the thumb of the firing hand to rest alongside the weapon without pressure. Gripping the weapon tightly until the hand begins to tremble; relaxing until the trembling stops. At this point, the necessary pressure for a proper grip has been applied. Place the trigger finger on the trigger between the tip and second joint so that it can be squeezed to the rear. The trigger finger must work independently of the remaining fingers.

Set to a wide arc, set to 'disintegrate' but he wants to listen to what the man has to say first, assessing the situation at hand before making hasty shots. This human had just created magic as shown by the environment, his augs pick up trajectories and calculate data based on what the eyes had picked up upon the opening of the elevator doors. Now cataloging the man as 'Sam' because that is a common name and he does not look like a 'Bob' or an 'Abe' the Jetpack is hidden. "The name is buck, I am here to search for the fabled recipe for chicken noodle soup"

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SamJaz took in the chicken waving a ray-gun in his face, and glanced back at the Orangutan at the desk, keeping an eye on the newcomer the whole time. "Librarian?" SamJaz called back, getting an angry "Ook!" in response, but the Ape swung over to the Keyblade wielder regardless. "This here is Buck, he's here for the fabled chicken noodle soup recipe?"

The Orangutan looked at Buck and grunted approvingly, waddling over to him and holding out a hand for Buck to take. If Buck held the hand, the Librarian would lead Buck up the stairs onto the seconds mezzanine, guide him down the rows upon rows of cooking books, eventually stopping at the shelf on Chicken Noodle Soup recipes and drawing one dusty volume for Buck to peruse.

Should Buck not take the Orangutan's hand, he wasn't getting his book.

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Buck took the hand of the primate while speaking Orangutanese, as a representative of mutated GMO animals. Also asking if the orangutan had read grimoires unfit for human minds, with the loophole that it is perfectly fine for no-human specimens. Also buck thought that a gift would be nice for his furry friend, under the coat there is a ziploc. He was about to make a sundae but instead he gives the food to the primate.

Twirling his pistol in his finger as he takes the hand of the orangutan, seemingly interested at what the library has to offer. Thinking to take the book first, then maybe exploring a few more levels to ind the secrets of perfect wattle grooming. He follows the ape and then sets his mosquitoes to have fun. As they began to travel autonomously on their own. Appearing to find their nest between the pages of several books.

The bugs stayed back so that Buck can observe more events as he takes a leave to the other floor.

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Yukari was about to use the chance and show off. Creating spheres of heat in about any location in her sight was child's play for her. But the chance was taken from her as Sam turns his attention to the elevator. Out of it stepped a man, or at least so it appeared for a second. When his body stepped out of the shadows and his face was revealed one couldn't deny the fact that the person was a, chicken-man. Yukari's faced shifted into a blank stare. She was used to supernatural beings of all kinds, but they were all your traditional stuff from legends, a chick-man was not among them.

Just to develop her shock even further, the chicken actually had a gun in his hand and was was pointing it at Sam and her no less. After she saw all this, Yukari shouldn't have been surprised when the chicken started speaking as well, replying to Sam greeting him. But she was, in fact she was very surprised, especially when she heard what the chicken, now identified as Buck, was searching for.

"The hell?"

She wasn't sure what was more creepy, the chicken thing or the fact that Sam's approach was so casual, like he was used to things like that.

"Idiot, get over here!" she calls out to Sam and pulls him behind a shelve, like she was ignoring the chicken standing in front of them.

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@RadicalRin: SamJaz was pulled back behind a shelf to see a very freaked out Yukari.

"...I just talked down a chicken who was pointing a ray gun at me, didn't I?" SamJaz asked, slightly shaken. "I didn't imagine that, I actually just directed a gun-wielding chicken to the book he wanted. I really, really hope I didn't do something stupid...:

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There is also the smell of a woman, something unique that may be splayed across an operating table and dissected for later time. She generates odd energies and thus had piqued its interests, yet the orangutan wanted to leave. Without a moment of hesitation Buck carried the primate and placed the little guy so that he can latch on the jetpack. Puffing out rings of smoke from his calabash as his bugs scatter across the room, gazing at her as he figuratively strips articles of clothing with his eyes. In the realm of the calculating mind as thought-bots assume layer upon layer of bio scans.

His gun is now pointed still at sam, but it is set to point against her as well. The retro pistol, seemingly out of place as it resembles a plastic toy. A plastic toy that has done wonders in removing evidence by reducing humanoids into shadows plastered deep into the side of walls. Now the setting is set to freeze and to test his theories he fired a ray that travels just as fast as normal right against one of her thermal orbs.

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Alarm bells screamed in SamJaz's head as Buckbuck pulled the trigger. WIth reflexes rivalling a precognitive, SamJaz jumped, kicked off a bookcase and span, summoning the keyblade into his hand and struck the ray of freezing energy, defying all laws of physics as the ray bent at the point of impact, angled and ricocheting back at Buckbuck, the ray continuing to bend sharply long after SamJaz landed amongst the tables.

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@SamJaz: @RadicalRin:

He shot a heat ray directly into the path of the freeze ray this time in a wide arc to create an odd reaction, the machines guide his hand and the machines pulled the trigger. A second personality guided the motion as Buck barely realized what was going on, he did not notice whey there was a smokescreen of fog around the floor within an instant yet he followed after the Orangutan which had seemingly left off. The dense fog covered their tracks as far as human senses are concerned, but in reality it was a ruse as one of the hidden mosquitoes on this floor disappeared into the smog before reappearing again to insert its proboscis on the back of the girl's neck. A small unnoticeable event in the large scale of the beam collision.

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Keyblade screamed. -ALLY! DANGER! ALLY! DANGER!-

Senses going at inhuman speeds, SamJaz noticed the mosquito going for Yukari.

This is what made him a hero. It wasn't an innate desire to help people. It wasn't that he was any better than anyone else. It was that the strange hybrid of abilities the Wild Card and the Keyblade gave him made it impossible for him to not notice what was happening to his friends. It got him into a lot of trouble, as he was more prone to react to threats on his friend's life than he would on his own, not be any self-righteousness on his part, but because both power sources drew strength from his bonds with others. It was the one thing the opposing powers agreed on, and they wore SamJaz like a rag doll when it came to preserving the lives of his subjects.

Allies. Friends. Not subjects. Dunno where that came from.

Bouncing off an energy burst at a speed rivalling instant movement, the space behind Yukari's neck was filled with Keyblade, and the tiny creature was crushed against the wall. "Look alive, summoner." SamJaz said as he turned around and stood up straight, squinting as he looked into the smog.

He couldn't see the chicken or the ape.

Pointing his keyblade into the cloud, SamJaz cast a spell- a strange synthesis of Gravity, Magnet, and Shard, but he encased a bookshelf in a magnetic sphere, attached to his own Keyblade by a spear of light. He pulled himself in, swinging himself against the new centre of gravity- the bookshelf, and shrank the connection of light until he was able to detect the chicken.

Cutting the connection loose, SamJaz rode the momentum until he landed, sliding across the ground in the smoke as he twisted and stood up, facing against Buckbuck in the smoke. "AEROGA!" He shouted, summoning a small maelstrom to blast the smog around the library, clearing the area and giving SamJaz a clear view of his opponent.

He didn't care what this thing was.

He had attacked. He had endangered his subjects.

Friends. He was doing it again.

SamJaz had grown a lot since reactivating all four of his Drive Forms. He'd learnt a lot of magic in the twenty-minutes or so he'd been in the library already. And he'd gotten used to his Flowmotion ability.

It had taken SamJaz thirty floors or so, but he had finally warmed up.

"Yield." SamJaz said, holding his keyblade up to point at Buck, "Or end."

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