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@ReliusClover: SamJaz hit the ropes, bloodied, and bruised, but bounced back to clothesline Chulainn-

But it was a feint. The attack wasn't to knock Chulainn down, but to hold him still so SamJaz could spin and shove his knee into Chulainn's kidney.

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@SamJaz: Chulainn breathes out heavily as he feels the impact of Sam's knee. Though in pain, he doesn't allow himself to be slowed down by something like that and goes on to rapidly slam his fist and elbow against Sam's head.

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@ReliusClover: The impact sends SamJaz flying, and a flash of light fills the room as Chulainn's elbow against SamJaz's skull caused him to summon the Persona he was transformed into. SamJaz rolled against the floor as the remaining Drive energy healed his wounds, and the ghostly figure of Cu Chulainn rose into the air and rained arrows from the ceiling to skewer Chulainn.

SamJaz rose to his feet, Keyblade in hand. If Chulainn was defeated from that attack, SamJaz would count the match as his win. If he survived, then SamJaz would step down, defeated. The three minutes were almost up anyway.

Still, they had three quarters of an hour to keep these maids busy for, and were running out of ideas. If this was some kind of manga, SamJaz would expect a random onsen scene with how slow things were progressing out there.

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@SamJaz: The curtain made by the arrows slowly clears revealing the picture of Chulainn still standing on his feet. His whole body was covered in the arrows and holes and blood was rapidly dying his blue suit red.

A takes an arrow out of his neck and snaps it in two. "That's all you got?" he glares at the enemy in the sky while summoning his spear into his right hand and pointing it again at Sam.

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@ReliusClover: "Nope." SamJaz said with a grin, hopping over the ropes and out of the ring as the Persona above him and Cu Chulainn faded away. "But the battle was Cu Chulainn Versus Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn won. Well done. Ladies," SamJaz added, addressing two maids. "Clean up the mess."

The women in aprons got to work at once, and SamJaz approached Yukari. "You win." SamJaz told her. "Name your prize, but the trousers stay on. Not that I suggested that you were after that, just putting up disclaimers because last time I said name your prize and I lost, well, let's not go there." SamJaz shuddered from the memory. "Moving swiftly on. What do you win?"

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@SamJaz: "What i win?" Yukari asked in surprise, she wasn't even paying attention to the fight nor did she even remember the condition under which they fought. But saying nothing would probably be impolite so she stays silent for a second and thinks. She puts her hand on Sam's shoulder and then says "Just don't make me summon that guy again." a sheepish smile appears on her face while requesting it.

In the meantime Chulainn got out of the ring and walked to Sam and Yukari he sits down and starts taking out the arrows one by one. After he finishes he lights a cigarette he got from one of the maids. Chulainn was by no means a little boy who searched for confirmation, no one had to tell him who he was or praise him for what he was, but he still looked at Yukari with some expectation in his eyes, at least he would congratulate him that he fought so hard and won.

Quiet different from his hopes, she turns her back to him and ignores him like he isn't even there.

"Hmph...." he says it silently as he disappears and returns to the Spiritual Plane.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover:

SamJaz frowned at Yukari's response. "Alright then, but I get to ask you a question." SamJaz replied. "Is it wrong for a man to steal a loaf of bread to feed his starving family?"

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Her face grows even wider in surprise when Sam asks the next question he had.

Though she thinks that it's strange she answer him.

"No, not at all."

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@ReliusClover: "Wrong." SamJaz replied. "The Baker shouldn't let a family starve. Next question, who are you and Cu Chulainn in this situation?"

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"I don't quiet follow you." Yukari tries to avoid any questions about Chulainn and she slowly turns her back to Sam to walk away.

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SamJaz smiled, then started to get to work.

"Alright ladies." SamJaz grinned, stepping into the fray. "Let's see you..."


"Your rest results will be revealed at the end of the day." Jeeves told the maids. "Dismissed."

Then, turning to FCL, Jeeves thanked them for their help and gave each member a package of Elven Bread to take on their adventure and sent them on their way.

Floor -25

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@ReliusClover: @SamJaz:

(OOC:Poor Gen. He didn't have anyone to fight in the last hour or so other then sparing with Arthur and a maid. That needs to change)

Arthur went down onto the next floor. A few floors back and he would have been surprised by what he sees. He was on a beach surrounded by a lush, green forest. In front of him was a lake so bigg it seemed never to end.There were some large rocks sticking out of the surfice of the water. It was beautifull, but Arthur has seen enough wierd and beautiful stuff down here that the scenery didn't even faze him. All he wanted to do was get to the next floor as soon as possible. He was getting tired and was sure that above ground night was falling.

In the distance gunshots could be heard. In the direction of the lake Arthur could see small spots flying around. The spots started coming closer to the beach and he could see that those were airplanes. Wierd airplanes that have legs. It wasn't until one of them gained a humanoid shape that he higured out that those were mechs. Just a second later, one of the mechs turned to face the group, making the other one turn and face them as well. And soon even more mechs flew in and started surrounding the group. And then all hell broke loose. The plane/mechs started shooting at the group. Not only bullets, but missiles as well. Arthur made a dome around the group to protect them but it wouldn't last long agains such a hail of carnage.

The appearance of the mechas we're fighting here. Origin: macross frontier
The appearance of the mechas we're fighting here. Origin: macross frontier
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@ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover:

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@ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover:@DigiDestined:@SamJaz:

-At last a good level! Thanks whoever is down there! - Gen roared with joy as the Mechas were incoming, piercing the air as arrows. As they moved near the group the Mechas went into full humanoid form and started raining ammunition and missiles over From the Ceiling with Love. Frost Wolf created a dome of thick and magically enhanced ice to protect them from the onslaught, yet it wasn’t tough enough and started to crack down the barrage of firepower coming from the Mechas floating over them. Samajaz displayed and amazing array of skills and abilities, not to mention physical prowess as he moved swiftly and started deflecting attacks. created a series of displacement barrier to further increase Arthur barriers effectivity.

The Hot-Blooded Boxer crashed through the dome, using one of the cracks created by the missiles and rushed towards the Mechas, while he was gathering Fighting Spirit on his legs prepared for a massive leap. Gen face had a big smile on it, emanating blood thirsty and battle hunger, things he was trying to get rid off, or at least satiate by jumping towards a really powerful machine. The sudden acceleration would have caught him by surprise, but after jumping over the river before he knew what to expect and in one single leap he was above one of the enemies and as fast as he went up he started going down even faster. – Yo! Tin head! Look upstairs! I’m going to deck ya! TIGER METEOR OVERDRIVE!!!!- The Battle Chasing Delinquent started spinning to the side while preparing a powerful over cut punch aimed to the robot head. His fist shining like a blue shooting star with compressed Fighting Spirit ready to be released

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf:

Hell was happening around Phantom, and he was the only one doing nothing as it seemed. He quickly decides to change that and blinks out of the ice dome.

Now he stands on the top of the ice construct while shielding himself from various missiles and hails of bullets using his cards. He remains in that position for some time and observes the plane like robots circling around the dome. After he analysed the enemies as well as their flight paths he creates a number of Mark II Cutting Cards equal to the number of planes in the air.

With a gesture he makes all the cards blast off in different directions and in the next instant all the enemies are cut in half and explode, leaving nothing but a rain of scrap behind.

The door to the next floor opens and the team can continue on their way.

Floor -26

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@ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover:

After the warfare beside the lake, the team then found themselves in a laboratory filled with scientists who were running around with goggles on. Eventually, one of the scientists noticed the team and shouted "AHA! YOU'VE ARRIVED! COME! QUICKLY!"

Without waiting, the Scientist booted up a large 200 inch screen elevated above the supercomputers that dominated one wall. "We here have built the worlds FIRST instant-relaction device!" The head scientist declared with glee. "We can choose any person on the planet and move them here. To this lab! All we want you to do is help us choose who to use as a lab rat."

SamJaz, through his earlier years of watching various online Abridged Series, made the choice for the team. "KROZE!"

"Crow Cementerio it is!" The scientist announced, gleefully typing in the coordinates of the gunslinger after only half-hearing SamJaz's request. "HERE HE COMES!" He shouted, pulling the lever with glee.

And a bright light engulfed the shower cubicle-sized capsule in the centre of the room, and a person began to materialise there.

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There were many lights and flashes more brilliant than any fireworks show ever, the machines in the lab of the Hell Scarper calculated and work more than all the computers as Nasa combined in a year in a mere few seconds. Suddenly there is a loud smash like the sound of wood breaking and someone cursing, once the smoke cleared in the relocation machine laying on a pile of broken a smashed table and chair was the Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio. “Dios mio! OW! What the hell just happen?!” The cowboy pushed his hat, which was at the moment askew, back up as he looked around he reached into the pile of smashed wood and pulled out his revolver Quicksilver he took aim at the science. “Who the hell are you people? Where the hell am I? Answer now!” Before Crow could start pulling the trigger and destroying the scientist who teleported him here he spotted a group of people standing there most he didn’t recognize but there was one face he recognize, “Samjaz…is that you amigo?” Crow and Samjaz may not have been buddies but they had met before on a bounty Crow was after but since then they really had not talked. Crow stood up as his rubbed the back of his head revealing to the whole crew that he was only wearing his boxers, which had sheriff badges all over them, and his cowboy hat. The Last Gunslinger was also slightly wet his hair was actually still dripping, “I just got out of the shower and was eating when all of the sudden I end up in some lab. What the hell is this place?”

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@ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover:

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@ChronoWolf: @ReliusClover: @DigiDestined: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

-Who’s the naked cowboy?- Gen asked as he still was taking slivers of metal from his fists after the last level. Oil was splattered in lines all over his body, like the blood of the Mechas he just fought. –And what the fuck is he doing here?-

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@ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @ChronoWolf:

"New guy Gen." SamJaz said as he approached a frightened scientist. "We done here?"

Getting a frightened nod in response, SamJaz span in his heel and headed for the stairs downwards. "Sound. Crow, we're off to raise hell. Come with us if you want. From The Ceiling With Love, Let's move out!"

Floor-27 Through to Floor -30

It was a library. A massive library. It went on forever in all directions.

On a plinth in front of the staircase entering the Library was an inscription:

-{ Knowledge = Power }-
-{ Power = Energy/Time }-
-{ Energy = Mass X The speed of light in a vacuum squared }-
-{ Knowledge = (MassXC^2) / Time }-
-{ This place has all knowledge. }-
-{ It bends reality like a black hole }-
-{ Take all the time you need }-
-{ There is a lot of it here }-

Somewhat intimidated by this claim, SamJaz pressed on, travelling the spiral stairway past the storeys and storeys of books until he found the librarian's desk.

And what he found there was...

An orangutan.

Reading a book.

It looked up at him in a death glare and muttered an aggressive "Ook."

SamJaz backed off instinctively, much to the amusement of Hitomi, who reached into her bag and withdrew a Banana and handed it to the ape, who reached out and took it, patting her head as he did so.

"This is the Librarian, a good friend of mine." Hitomi said as the orangutan placed the fruit on the table to eat later, as the consumption of food was forbidden in this holy sanctuary of knowledge. "He's really nice, so long as you don't mention the 'M' word."

The librarian grunted aggressively at the reference, but made no more of it as he returned to his book.

He then looked up at the rest of the team and pointed at the floor with another "Ook."

Following his gaze, SamJaz noticed a trail of breadcrumbs leading off into the distance. "There must've been another expedition..." Hitomi realised, turning back to the Librarian. "Do you want us to go find them?" The librarian grunted in response. "Will there be more of those creepy tentacle things with too many eyes and teeth?"

The Librarian grinned, showing off way too many teeth, and nodded happily.

"Well, have fun guys!" Hitomi announced with a wave, handing Alvin the end of a spool of thread and taking a seat at another table. "I'll be here holding the string so you don't get lost. Try not to starve!"

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