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Gen smiled as Samjaz reappeared. – At last you came back aniki, this freaking inverted tower was getting dull without your brand of crazy- The Hot-Blooded Boxer right fist was bloodied and the skin was peeled off but at least the Shockwave had stopped, replaced by a Macross Missile Massacre of beams ionizing the air as they rained upon the group. Samjaz gave out a series of orders and Gen gave a quick informal salute accepting suggestions, almost a praise in itself to the Key Blade Wielder as the Young Brawler didn’t take orders very well, but the experience in the Hellscraper allowed him to grow and develop a bit. He followed Matt through the enemy lines and as the Knight-Form of the Shape shifting Teen attacked Mary, the Hot-Blooded Boxer attacked as well, launching a combo of Raijin Step to get close, Ghost Jab Hurricane to stun her, Dragon Drill Uppercut to lift her and to finish he jumped over her and unleashed the Tiger Meteor Overdrive with the roar of -Ghost Drill Overdrive!- as the battlecry

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Mary was getting crushed by the onslaught of firepower when Matt and Gen arrived. She was dodging the onslaught of attacks as best as she could, but eventually she fell into their combined rhythm and was losing this battle. After a few seconds of relentless pummelling, She started to glow an dangerous blue as light began to gather around her.

SamJaz recognised the oncoming attack. "GUYS! GET BACK!" He shouted, stepping forward and putting his Evoker to his chin. "CU CHULAINN!"

There was a loud bang, one that shook through everyone's bones but didn't hurt their ears or send anyone flying back. There was a powerful, slender figure in white armour stood behind SamJaz, holding a lance, the legendary Gae Bolg, as his black hair and white cape flew behind him in an unreal wind.

"POWER CHARGED CRUEL ATTACK!" SamJaz roared, and lighting swirled around the lance as the hound, a very different incarnation of the same hero Yukari was contracted to, drew his arm back and launched the weapon in a bright light, the electromagnetic force spiralling it forward like a railgun.

SamJaz hurled the Keyblade alongside the spear, spiralling along the weapon like a cleaner fish that followed a shark, until the tip of the spear pierced Mary's chest, and the keyblade went berserk, spinning and slamming the girl from side to side as a massive hole inside her chest formed and grew until her pelvis and legs fell to the ground and Mary's arms, collarbone and head flew into the air, spiralling as it went over Gen and Matt's heads and into the middle of the room, the left arm tearing off at the shoulder before colliding into the ground.

Cu Chulainn faded in a cloud of light as SamJaz panted heavily, raising his hand for the Keyblade to fly into like a boomerang. "Good work. Everyone." He said, wiping the sweat from his brow as he walked over to Mary's decapitated head.

The girl was already starting to regenerate, the spine and bones first, and then the organs. SamJaz made sure to plant his foot right where her right kidney would regenerate, and the blood vessels wrapped around his leg.

The remains of her black straps crossed around her collar as her breasts started to form, and light returned to Mary's dead eyes as she took her first breath after regenerating. Seeing SamJaz looming over her, she immediately tried to scramble away, but she screamed, and collapsed in a contorted position, half-on her left side as her regenerating bones cut through her elbow.

"Wh-why...?" Mary asked, gasping as each breath brought with it more pain as the wound around SamJaz's leg stretched from her position. "You... won..." She managed, rolling herself flat on her back into a more exposed but much less painful position. "YOU WON!" She screamed. "LET ME GO!"

SamJaz looked down at her, glaring into her tear-filled eyes, before squatting down and placing her hands on either side of her chest, putting his weight on them as he pulled his foot out of her gut, Mary forcing her jaw shut to suppress the scream as he did so.

Hitomi passed SamJaz a small parcel of clothes as he walked into Alvin's beach to wash his leg, them laid a blanket on Mary, placing a small pack of clothing next to her.

Once the blood was off his foot, SamJaz started to change into the new clothes Hitomi made him. "Hey, Alvin." He asked the portal-maker. "What do you do to a girl after she steals your heart?"

"Hm?" Alvin asked, tearing his eyes off the bombarded landscape of his world to look at SamJaz, then glancing at the team.

Specifically, Hitomi. She seemed particularly happy to see SamJaz back.

"Oh, I dunno." Alvin answered with a leery grin. "Get her flowers or something? Chicks love flowers."

"Really." SamJaz replied, Tugging his shirt on and heading back out to the team. "Then next time Demien shows his face, I'm gonna shove an oak tree in it."

SamJaz upped the pace as the surprised Alvin stopped in his tracks and closed the portal behind him. "FCL, Roll Out." SamJaz said, tapping each member of his team on the shoulder as he walked towards the stairs. "We got a package to deliver."

Hitomi raised her eyebrow. "A can of whoopass for the people below?" She asked in reply.

SamJaz stopped at the stairs and grinned, Keyblade in hand as he looked back at everyone with him.

"Yeah." SamJaz confirmed. It was good to be back. "From the Ceiling with Love."

Floor -23

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As he stepped on the next floor Matt noticed that it is a rather small white room. He noticed that there is no door anywhere, just a small machine located on the east wall. As he aproached it, a sheet of paper fell out of it. The following was writen on it:

'1. Meny people believe a perfect god exists.

2.IF many people believe a perfect good exists AND that belief isn't in error THEN a perfect god exists

3.IF a perfect god exists THEN he would not allow that eliefe to be in error

4. Assumption ___________________________________________________

5. THEREFORE the belief isn't in error

6. THEREFORE Many people believe that a perfect god exists AND that belieffe isn't in error

7. THEREFORE a perfect god exists

Possible answers: IF many people believe a perfect god exists THEN a perfect god does NOT exist

IF a perfect god exists THEN many people would believe in in a perfect god

Many people do NOT believe that a perfect god exists

A perfect god exists

A perfect god does NOT exist

Marmite is best with cheese'

Matt though the answer to that is obvious, but he wanted the others to say what they thought is the right answer.

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SamJaz peered over Matt's shoulder to read the paper, then walked over to the machine and tapped it with his keyblade. A small lid opened on the top, and a keyboard was made visible.

SamJaz typed:

[---]-----------"-" Statement 3 is in error. Belief is allowed to be in error to preserve human agency. God has always sent revelation to ensure correct belief in Him. Correct understand if Deity is consistently rejected throughout human history, correct beliefs are distorted or changed. Apostasy occurs. God then calls a new prophet to restore truth. This cycle continues. God exists. Your argument is in error.
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Gen descended the stairs while he focused his spirit to heal his right fist and knuckles, slowly yet steadily he was gaining more and more experience in this field and his healing was not only faster but also more effective. He followed the group to the next level, a small white room with a list in a paper that appeared from nowhere. The moment the Hot-Blooded Boxer looked around eagerly for a fight and his disappointment was clearly visible in his face and started dragging his feet without any enthusiasm around the room, even punching a wall without much enthusiasm. You could say he was sulking, yet he would surely punch the first that said something like that so silence was of the essence here. Gen took a couple of laps around the group until he stopped facing a wall, while the others read the paper and with a primal scream he headbutted the wall. He was starting to get pissed, and not only because the lack of opponents to fight, something else was bothering the Battle Chasing Brawler.

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The machine started making a buzzing sound. Followed by another paper falling out of it.



Emergency shut down.'

Matt didn't see the reason of that being written on the paper, but whatever. Nothings makes sense in the Hellscraper. Another paper came out.

'Reboot successful

That wasn't very nice. But I shell forgive you.

Forgivness in 10, 9, 8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1'

A wierd machine this is. Couldn't Arthur just hack it or something?

'You are forgiven, even for calling me wierd

And no, your friend couldn't hack it, as it has protection protocol ALFA in place

Yes, I can read your mind

Puzzle 2:

Prove that you are breathing oxygen

1. If I am alive THEN _________________________________________________ OR __________________________________________________

2._______________________________________________ AND the laws of human biology haven't changed.

3. THEREFORE I am breathing oxygen

Possible answers: The laws of human biology have been broken

The laws of human biology have NOT been broken

I can drink water

I can NOT drink water

I am breathing oxygen

I am NOT breathing oxygen

I am alive

I am NOT alive'

"Try not to break it this time Sam" Matt said. He doubted it would forgive them a second time

Douring that time Arthur noticed Gen acting wierd. Knowing Gen, he must just be bummed about not having anyone to fight. Arthur found these puzzles to be quite boring, too. They had such obvious solutions he didn't even want to bother with them. "Hey, Gen. Want to spar a bit while they're done with the puzzles? I wouldn't mind a workout."

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Alvin sighed, producing a match and a test tube from his pocket. He lit the match on his stubble, then breathed on it, causing hte flame to go out. "I respire carbon dioxide." He said, then placed the match in the test tube, and it lit up again. "And the room is full of oxygen."

Alvin then gave an advanced scientific explanation of the respiratory system, detailing the chemical reactions that happened within the lungs and bloodstream to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, using diagrams to explain how that was happening right this very second in this room.

"The laws of human biology have not changed in the last twenty minutes." Alvin declared. "I breathe in oxygen, I drink in water, and I respire and perspire. SamJaz, find the locked door and open it, I think we're done here."

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The prospect of a fight, even a mock one, made Gen almost sad face turn into a massive grin, and he replied –Ok, let’s do this Ice-aniki- The Hot-Blooded Boxer raised his guard and charged forward, not really fast, only swiftly enough to serve as charge, yet not so much to be a full on attack. Without using a speck of Fighting Spirit, as he never did in sparring, he launched a quick jab followed by a straight, only that he didn’t put his weight behind it, he just tried to hit fast and stop before connecting with Arthur. He then took a couple of steps back while already working on his footwork, bouncing up and down while lifting his guard into a Peek-a-bo position.

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Watching SamJaz and Alvin argue with the bizarre machine and Arthur and Gen brawl, Hitomi moved over to stand next to Phantom, handing him a new mask. "So..." She said quietly so only she and the master thief could hear. "Aleister Crown, huh."

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"Y-Yeah..." Phantom accepts the new mask and quickly swaps it with his current one while saying it.

"Shit." is all Phantom can think right now. Not only did his hopes, of Hitomi not even know who he is, get destroyed but the fact that she was speaking to him in secrecy like this made him fear that she'd blackmail him or something like that. If it was something reasonable, he wouldn't mind actually, but if Hitomi asked for something he couldn't do he would have to do something he wanted to avoid at all costs, he would have to kill her.

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Gen suddenly stoped being glummy. It must have just been the lack of fighting. That's good. Arthur thought. Unless Gen uses any Spirit, he won't use magic. Martal arts are always good to know, no matter if you're a mage or normal human. Gen did a few quick jabs but Arthur easily dodged them and tryed to punch with Gen with his fist. However, Gen used that oppertunity to attempt an attack aimed towards his head. Arthur was able to just barely move his head out of Gen's range.

"Not bad. My turn." He did three punches towards Gen's stomach followed by a side kick aimed at his head. The he fained an attack with his right hand, but he actually moved his leg to knock Gen off of his feet.

While those two were buisy sparing Matt was worried. He was reading the next paper

'Reasoning sound. However, it does not follow examination rules. Another one such as that will result in poisonus gas being released into the chamber.

On the topic of escaping, there are no door. They will appear if, and only if you are deemed sufficently smart.'

"Listen here Sam. I don't know if you want to be gassed, but I know I don't. And those two probably don't want to be gassed either." Matt stated, pointing at Arthur and Gen sparing. "Now let me answer the next one."

'Puzzle 3

Which one is ill?

1.IF AND ONLY IF Jack OR Jill is ill THEN no one will fetch any water

2. If Jill has eaten her weetabix THEN she will NOT fall ill

3. No one has fatched any water

4. Jill has eaten her weetabix

5. THEREFOR ______________ AND ________________

Possible answers: Jack is NOT ill

Jill is NOT ill

Jack is ill

Jill is ill'

"This is simple. If Jill ate her weetabix then she is NOT ill. Since no one has brought any water then Jack is ill"

'Very well.

Final puzzle

Prove Michael Atkinson is a douche

1. IF _________________________________________________ THEN _________________________________________________

2. IF__________________________________________________THEN__________________________________________________

3. IF Michael Atkinson parks in dissabled spaces OR Australia is wrong to ban video games THEN he is a douch

4. There is no evidence that video games are more dangerous then films

5. THEREFORE video games should be treated similarly to film.

6. THEREFORE Australia is wrong to ban 18+ video games

7. THEREFORE Michael Atkinson is a douche

Possible answers: Michael Atkinson does NOT park in disabled spaces

Michael Atkinson parks in disabled spaces

There is evidence that video games are more dangerous then films

There is NO evidence that video games are more dangerous then films

Video games should be treated similarly to films

Video games should NOT be treated similarly to films

Australia is wrong to ban 18+ video games'

The final puzzle. Finally. I better be ready for those guys screwing it up. I really, really, do not want to be gassed.

"So, what do you guys think? And do not, I repeat, do NOT confuse the muderous machine."

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"I'll need you to sign my poster later." Hitomi said with a smirk. "Never actually thought I'd meet you in this kind of situation, but I'm a huge fan of your new line..." She continued, starting to ramble on about products under Aleister's name that he probably had no more involvement in other than signing the contracts for.

SamJaz looked at the paperwork. "You are aware that I can just summon a micro-atmosphere around everyone with an Aeroga spell that'll keep us safe from any poison gas?" SamJaz asked Matt. "But as for the question, I have to admit that there is evidence to suggest that video games are more dangerous than films, flimsy as that evidence may be." He sighed. "So I'll vote for the parking spaces option personally."

"Videogames are of the devil." Alvin said. "So he must be parking in disable parking spaces."

SamJaz gave him an incredulous look.

"Alright, this is going bad very quickly." SamJaz said, casting his air magic around everyone just in case Matt wasn't able to salvage this situation in time, and began looking for a locked door to open.

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"That's it?" Phantom asks in a skeptic and perhaps somewhat unfriendly voice while Hitomi was listing random items he didn't even know about. Though he was certainly satisfied that Hitomi's take on the situation and his identity was so innocent, he still couldn't allow himself to let his guard down, it was something he couldn't risk under any kind of circumstances.

Yukari was spending her time observing the situation without really doing anything at all.

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"Well I'm hardly going to ask for a quickie in the cupboard, am I?" Hitomi asked, rolling her eyes. She then looked at the rest of the team. "How's things going over there?" She asked loudly, watching SamJaz and Alvin argue about something pointless.

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Even though the situation was tense for Phantom he couldn't help but smile at the comment Hitomi made.

Perhaps he was a fool all along, to assume that Hitomi, or anyone in FCL for that matter, would actually try to use him because they knew his identity or something like that.

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Arthur dodged Gen’s attacks with a skill a grace that surprised the young Spirit Boxer, that didn’t knew that the Frost Mage was so proficient with close combat. Even if he was sparing without Fighting Spirit, as the rules of the SBF indicated (and common sense in the case of Gen), The Hot-Blooded Boxer technique was already world class, so was his speed, this made Arthur a really good fighter. The Frost Mage avoided the straight punch by leaning his head backwards and shifted his balance to the counter-attack. Three swift punches were blocked by Gen tight Peek-a-boo guard, a swift sway backwards allowed the Hot-Blooded Boxer to avoid the side kick, yet Arthur attack wasn’t stopping there as he prepared a punch, easily noticeable as a feint, and the true attack was a leg sweep aiming to the boxers weakspot, the legs.

Like Antonio Inoki did to Mohammed Ali, a low kick aimed to knock the boxer down was coming right towards Gen, but the Boxer didn’t even tried to aim, with amazing willpower and strength he clenched his leg muscles and stepped firmly lowering his hip thus improving his stance and tanking the kick with a grunt, but minimizing damage. -Heh, ye’re good but let’s stop right now or I wont be able to control myself anymore- Gen smiled with one his characteristics Slasher smiles as his Fighting Spirit ignited around him, just to discharge the build up energy the Battle Chasing Delinquent moved to the nearest wall and punched it discharging the Fighting Spirit with a detonation that shook the whole room.

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Not only did Gen's punch shake the room, but after he pulled his fist back there was a huge crack in the wall. And it grew bigger and bigger. Fianly it stopped growing and the portion of the wall just fell out. Behind it was a red door.

Another paper fell out of the machine.



Test failed

Proceeding to release gas'

"See what you guys did? Hurry up and unlock that door so we can leave." Matt said. If looks could kill, Alvin and Sam would have disintegrated.

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Seeing one part of the wall shake slightly differently when Gen punched it, SamJaz pointed his key blade at it and fired a straight beam of light at it, then twisted his wrists. The large white door rose up, and SamJaz roared the evacuation order as the purple gas flooded the room. "MOVE!" He shouted, Bursting back in a cloud of purple light to grab Yukari and Hitomi, the ones furthest from the exit without teleportation skills, and carried them out of the room with a single leap, weaving past Matt and Arthur along the way.

Once everyone was through, SamJaz tapped his keyblade against the wall, sending the heavy door crashing down to keep the gases out.

Floor -24

The team was met by a slender man in a waistcoat, a white towel over one arm and a kind smile on his face.

"Welcome to the Alfredonna school of servitude." The man said. "My name is Jeeves, and I am the headteacher here, and I would like to request your assistance in a matter."

"What's that?" SamJaz asked, wary for anything.

"I would ask for you to be examiners for this year's final maid exam." Jeeves explained. "Simply put, be waited upon hand and foot for one hour, making a series of unreasonable demands. We will be watching through the cameras, and we expect to fail half of the maids here."

"That's a bit harsh." Hitomi said, having had to go through a psychotic final exam at the Merryweather school herself.

"Only the best are capable of serving the very best." Jeeves explained, opening the door behind him to reveal a luxurious palace. "We can't allow you to ask for paradoxes, for you to be able to leave the room before the exam is over, or for the students services after the exam, but any other whim of yours is their only purpose." Jeeves added, clapping his hands together.

Another door opened, and thirty young ladies, dressed, and trained, as maids, entered the room. "Satisfaction is guaranteed, students." Jeeves told them, walking out of the room and closing the door. "You may start the exam."

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After about five minutes of awkward silence, Hitomi decided to take charge of the situation.

Getting to her feet, she clapped her hands. "Ladies, Gen here gets dangerously bored if he does not punch something every fifteen minutes, so prepare a fight for him at once. Also," she added, seeing a small number of the maids mobilise. "SamJaz and Yukari require an arena for their CuChullain battle. Phantom here is stressed and needs a back massage, Alvin has been running around the tower barefoot and his feet are gross, fix that. Matt and Arthur both require Ice-cream, ensure that you bring them their favourite flavours. AND bring drinks and crumpets for everyone!" She shouted, sending every young maid scurrying to work.

I could get used to this, Hitomi though to herself.

Within five minutes, a buffet platter of various drinks and snacks, including crumpets, were made available for the team. Alvin was sat down while two maids work on either foot. A massage table was set up next to phantom, and an ice cream trolley was brought to Arthur and Matt. SamJaz and Yukari were ushered to a wrestling ring over in the corner, where SamJaz grinned. "Cu Chullain battle, winner gets to name their prize." He told Yukari, using his Psycheshift ability to morph into the celtic hero. "Three minutes, let's go!" He shouted, toting his spear.

And one maid approached Gen, wearing a pair of bright red boxing gloves with her maid uniform, albeit with a shorter skirt than the rest wore to enable mobility. "I shall be your opponent." She told Gen, charging with a flurry of jabs followed by an uppercut.

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-Nah, fighting you wouldn’t be a challenge, ya don’t have any fight in ya, so I can get any enjoyment from this- Gen spoke with calm as he used one hand to block he flurry of attacks. After releasing the build-up Fighting Spirit he was good, and even so fighting somebody like her wouldn’t be fun. He sat down against the wall as he thought about incoming battles

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