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@SamJaz: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Arthur was a bit stumped at everything that was going on. First he saw some guys dressed in cowboy suits, then there was a big explosion, and now there was mecha that needed to be made into scrap metal. It seemed impervious to everything his comrades threw at it. Oh, and his comrades were even weirder. There was a boxer of some kind, a ninja chick called Yei, a rude guy in a fancy suit that throws cards called Phantom, and some guy with a magic sword of some kind called SamJez. He didn't even get a chance to introduce himself. "Oh, well, I guess formalities are going to have to wait"-Arthur decided to join in the fun. He fired a few ice shards at the mecha. That made the mecha release the boxer it was holding down, but it also made the mecha concentrate on him. It fired a few granades at him but Arthur made an Ice barrier to protect himself.

That didn't accomplish much, as the granades destroyed it. However, Arthur was prepaired. He made a frozen mallet. He was sure it would at least make a dent in the giant robot. And he was right. A dent, however, wasn't enough to call that thing destroyed, by any stretch of the imagination. It fired it's claw at Arthur, who would be able to defend himself in time with a giant mallet, nor did he have enought time to make an ice barrier. However he did have enough time to transform the mallet into a sword and block the claw at the last moment. Arthur needed a better plan. At that moment he noticed a computer. If he was right, that had to be connected to the monstrosities power supply. He quickly ran to it, protecting himself from bullets via a shield he made for himself. He just hoped his teammates would protect him long enough to disable the machine, or at least open a hatch exposing Bill for them to take him down.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz blinked, rolling grumpily to his feet.

He'd been knocked out twice in this fight so far. If these guys hadn't shown up in his defense, he would be dead.

Time to stop messing around.

He could see Phantom taking the big guy with the big gun, and everyone else seemed to be focusing on the machine. Yei's providing shuriken fire, Gen's toe-to-toe- no, Gen just got knocked flying, and the ice dude's running around behind the machine.

SamJaz reached down and picked up a discarded gun- a magnum, one more offence against his whole cowboy fantasy, and pulled the top bit, bringing a bullet into the chamber. SamJaz didn't know that much about gun's, and he wasn't anything close to a sharpshooter, but he knew this much.

He raised the gun to his temple. "JACK FROST!" He shouted, pulling the trigger and clenching his eyes shut at the sound of the gun launching a bullet into his brain.

There was no blood, only broken glass flying from the other side of his head as the white imp charged forwards, laughing as snow descended upon the desert as it flew towards the mecha. "ZIO!" SamJaz shouted again, and lightning struck Bill's machine, paralysing it as its rider suffered a thousand volts charging through his body, burning his skin and causing irreparable nerve damage.

Gasping for breath, SamJaz turned to see Phantom using some after-image type technique on Frank, who was quickly getting irritated and firing his meteors left, right and centre, then his guns just started clicking, nothing firing. Frank shouted something, probably a curse, then scrambled for cover as he hurriedly tried to reload his revolvers.

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@ReliusClover: @Yeilin: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: Arthur was just about to reach the computer when he heard thunder behind him. It seemed to have been made by SamJez. Arthur thought to himself That guy is powerfull. The man in the mecha probably couldn't survive being hit by lightning . I guess there is no point in me weakening the thing then. Truth be told, he wasn't even sure if he could accomplish that. He should probably concentrate finding weak points. The thing is probably weaker from behind.

Arthur made a frost lance in his hand. He saw a part he thought was a weak spot and thrust the lance in there. He made a crack that lead to the top of the mecha and reached right to the giant claw. Arthur made a mallet in his hand and wings on his back. He flew to the mechas claw quickly and struck at the part that held the claw with all his might. There was an even bigger crack there now. Arthur hit it one more time, and the claw fell of. This should weaken the structural integrety of the mecha and give those guy an opening to destroy the whole mech. Arthur hoped he was right. But then again, when was he ever wrong.

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Gen hands were damaged yet his spirit was still burning. After taking the blow of the Mecha piloted by Billy, he was on the floor and the suit crushed him under a metal claw. The ice guy, that was called Arthur yet that fact was unknown the Hot-blooded Boxer, managed to use some kind of magic attack of ice to get the Armored Redneck attention, releasing Gen, that gasped for air. Samjaz got up from the attack and without warning picked a gun from the floor and shot himself. Instead of a gush of blood, the attack only made some kind of ethereal glass around the Keyblade wielder explode around him summoning a creature that seemingly was made of snow and had a blue cap. Gen knew that thing from somewhere else but couldn’t quite remember it; maybe he was still confused by the blow to the head.

Samjaz summoned some kind of lighting magic that severly damaged the mecha and the pilot, thanks to the cracks on the hull created by Yei mystically enhanced shurikens. Arthur followed the attack momentum and attacked one of the claws, taking advantage of the previous attack and causing a malfunction on the mecha that swung its arms wildly. The Battle Chasing Brawler took this opportunity and locked his sights on cracks in the window of the cockpit, as his hands were too damaged he decided to fight with his head, literally. Rushing forward with determination he ran towards Billy and avoided the sluggish yet frenzied attacks of the machine.-I’m going to knock you down- he roared and with one lunge he head-butted the glass shattering it but failing to get directly to the robotic suit pilot. Some of the glasses damaged the pilot and the window had an opening big enough to attack him.

Gen rolled out of the range of the robot and stood up ready to react to any new threats

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SamJaz jogged tp where the rest of the team were, casting a wide-spread cure spell to heal the team's wounds as they turned their attention to Frank. One well-aimed fire spell later, and the both cowboys were down.

"Glad you all made it." SamJaz said, before making introductions to everyone."So, we're gonna keep moving on this thing. That cure spell should have given you everything a break will, and I don't want to stick around for when they fill this floor with liquid concrete."

With that, SamJaz headed down the stairs, leading the way to the next floor.

Floor -02

(OOC Next person to post decides what the next floor is as that character comes down the stairs)

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The team slowly goes down the stairs. They had just finished the first floor and Phantom was already annoyed, not only did he not find anything interesting up there, but now there was a bunch of people following him around. He wanted to say something on that matter, but before he could do so they were already at the second floor. "The hell..."

It was a giant arena, mostly made of scrap metal and it was inside a steel cage covering all of it. Beyond the cage there were crowds of people sitting, eating, enjoying themselves and cheering as it seems now what was a reaction to the team entering. Before anything else could be done or said, metal blockades fell down separating the team.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz knocked at the metal wall of his cell. Individual battles. This could be problematic.

He turned around to see twelve large metal crabs fall and land in the area around him. They were about three or four feet tall, red, and one of their claws must have weighed more then the average human.

He heard someone shout about the ladybird robots they had to fight, and Grinned, summoning his Keyblade.

Ki wouldn't work too great against robot crabs, so he switched the chain to Shufflecast. The blade looked like a two-edge european sabre, bone white and with a long, straight blade. Towards the tip was an ornate structure on one side, looking like an alchemic seal, with three red cards spread out behind it, forming the key of this blade. The hand guards were red and bore resemblance to clock-like roses.

SamJaz roared, charging at the crabs and slashing furiously.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @ReliusClover:@Yeilin: As they were going down the stairs Arthur decidet to intruduce himself "It seems I didn't have a chance to introduce myself before. My name is Arthur, but some people call me Frost Wraith. You can call me whatever you want to..." At that moment They entered a room that looked like a giant arena. Before Arthur could finish sentence giant blocades fell from the sky and separated the team. They were in something reminecent of cells now. He could hear something that reminded him of crab claws, but somehow metalic. The next second, he heard a blade hitting metal. Arthur didn't know that at the moment, but that Was SamJaz fighting robotic crabs. He was doing quite well, actually.The robotes tried to cut him in half with their blades, but SamJaz was too quick. He was even able to slice through their metal skin.

Before Arthur could hear anything more, 5 metalic wolves fell infront of him. "Oh, come on. I love wolves. Must you do this to me?" He made two frost swords, one in each hand. "Prepaire for some punishment, you bastards"

(OOC: I ain't taking the lady birds. I'm writing this here, because I was unaware that I can have only 5 posts per day.)

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Two of the metallic crabs were helplessly suspended as SamJaz slashed at them, strike by strike they were reduced to their components which by the looks of it were nothing more than scrap. And while those two were done for the others did not share the same fate, the tend of them lowered themselves to the floor to the point that one could think that they shrunk and then they scattered. For their size they were rather fast. It looks like they wanted to use Sam's occupation with slashing and start an attack and a few of them approached him from both sides, they were aiming for his legs.

In the meantime Phantom was in his own cell. Unlike Sam he only had one opponent, a giant lizard like entity. It was covered by steel like scale, had a long segmented tail and sharp, thin and long claws, it was taller than the mecha they faced on the previous floor. Not even a moment passes. Phantom had already made ten cards float around him and was holding five in each hand, they were all meant for cutting. Normally he would take it slow when dealing with "canon fodder" one card at them time, but right now he was furious. For someone who deemed even diamonds to be worthless, being presented by a level made out of scrap and trash was outrageous. Without a second thought he throws all his cards at the opposition, hoping that it will reduce the ugly sight before him to nothing.

Yet in another cell, the new member of the team who introduced himself as Arthur just a moment ago (not that Phantom cared) was being surrounded by five wolves. They were spread in a circle around him and started pouncing at him one after another.

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@ReliusClover said:

@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf:

Having played a more conservative role on the previous floor, Yei had discovered SamJaz's ability to heal the party. That was good. She could get creative here without exhausting her ki-reserves, or so she thought. "...My name is Arthur but some people call me Frost Wraith," the Ice Wielder spoke up as they proceeded to the next floor. Yei shot him a glance, an indication of acknowledging his formality, then sauntered on.

Upon their arrival to the next floor they were met with the cheers of an audience while they made their way onto a stage in the center. A pleasant greeting, indeed, but like all good things it didn't last long. Cages fell all around the arena, effectively separating Yei from the others. Again, feeling confident in the boys and their abilities to hold their own she reserved any concerns for them. Still, her keen peripheral perception was able to vaguely detect the foes they faced.

In the other cages her allies were ambushed by metallic crabs, wolves, a giant metallic lizard, and more which was just out of her visual scope. She didn't have time to see what it was, however, since a swarm of ladybird robots alighted onto her cage. A quick head count revealed a total of 9 of them.

SamJaz had already moved to make quick work of his designated opposition with a series of slashes, as did Phantom, utilizing his signature card attacks while the Ice Wielder, Arthur, had materialized a pair of Ice blades to combat his own enemies. Gen was out of Yei's peripheral range but she wasn't worried about the hot-blooded brawler.

The crowd roared, applauding the boys for their marvelous display of might and valor, then shifted their attention briefly to the shadow mistress.

Reaching back behind her waist, the kagedeshi slowly drew her mystical wakizashi blade, which sang a high note into the air, serving as a segue to her kata exhibition. Raising the majestic blade to rest horizontally in front of her face, she lunged forward with unreal speed then seemingly vanished, only to reappear as a black and white blur dashing throughout the cage as the dreadful screeching and crunches of metal cutting metal filled the arena.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

The lizard crumpled to pieces, the lady birds fell to scrap. The wolves circled the Frost Wraith, two leaping forward with their teeth to hold him down while the other three let loose with their laser cannons, hoping to make short work of the ice user.

As SamJaz slashed, each swing left a floating blue card. The crabs wised up, beginning to go for his legs, but it was too late for them.

There were already seven cards spread across the room.

SamJaz jumped over one claw and raised his keyblade into the air. An indigo seal formed around the keyblade as the cards flew towards it- the cards fusing together in a flash of light before shattering to summon a teenage girl, her pink hair tied loosely into two long ponytails, and dressed in a little black dress. These details, however, paled to the skill and efficiency that this girl swung the axe that she carried, bringing the remaining crabs down in seconds before smashing through the steel barriers.

The girl vanished with a haunting laugh, and all that was left to face were Arthur's wolves and Gen's machines.

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@Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:@SamJaz:

The fight with the cowboy brothers ended as brutally as it started and the group moved one. Ice Wolf Coat guy as Gen decided to call him, presented himself as Arthur, sometimes called Frost Wolf. So The Hot-Blooded Boxer mentally decided to shorten his nickname to Wolf-san. Samjaz healed their wounds thanks to his magic and before Gen decided to thank him the next level of the gauntlet like maze appeared, a massive arena made with pieces more befitting a scrapyard than a stadium with jagged and rusted metal pieces forming a makeshift circle that was surrounded by a cheering crowd, as the Battle Chasing Delinquent and the rest of the group advanced and inspected the place, five cages fell from above, with Gen barely avoiding the edge of the one that closed over him. The rest of the group was attacked by mechanical beasts and the Brawler from Tokyo wasn’t the exception.

Made from pieces of metal similar to the ones forming the arena, only that sculpted to seem like body parts, a massive bear made completely out of metal, with sharp and cracked fangs, long metallic claws and bright red eyes came down from an opening in the top of the cage, causing a small tremor when landed. The bear charged towards Gen that using fluid footwork avoided the rush and moved to the left, making the bear crash against the cage bars, that even bended a bit after such and impact. The almost psychotic smile plastered in the Hot-Blooded Boxer widened a bit as the bear charged again. Summoning his fighting spirit, Gen covered his body in a bluish aura that barely was visible over his skin. This instead of meaning it was weak, it was a proof of Gen’s training regime efficacy as he was able to concentrate his Spirit much more effectively.

This aura increased his strength and with that sudden boost he decided that if he was going to defeat this he would do it the hard way and he locked hand against paw with the mechanical abomination. A struggle of pure might was ensuing between the Spirit Boxer and the Mecha-Ursa. The delicate balance was broken by Gen that started to lose terrain over the ground splitting strength of his mechanical foe. The Brawler from Tokyo shifted his balance, making the Bear incline forward and lose balance. Gen released his grip from the beast paw and curled down the Mecha-Ursa massive body. –Eat this you scrapyard reject!- Gen jumped upwards aiming for the chin – Drill Dragon Uppercut!- The aura covering his body focused on his hand that spinned clockwise while his shoulder did the opposite.

With his spirit taking the shape of a pair spectral dragon fangs opened with a drill coming from inside the mouth Gen removed the head of the Mecha-Beast with one clean blow, which made the crowd go mad and cheer their hearts out. With a certain flair for showmanship Gen took the head from the ground and threw it into the air, punching it when it was right over his head, making the metallic replica of a Bear head explode over him –What’s next?- He asked with a blood thirsty grin in his face.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz laughed.

These robots were a joke to everyone. Arthur seemed to be having the most trouble with his wolves, but he had no doubt that he would make short work out of them.

He didn't even need to heal anyone.

"Moving on." SamJaz declared, turning round to Arthur as the stairs lowered from the middle of the ruined battlefield. "ARTHUR! WE'LL GO ON AHEAD, SHOUT IF YOU NEED A HAND!"

Turning on his heel, Samjaz headed the way down the flight of stairs, knowing Arthur would catch up soon.

Floor -03

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Having swiftly dealt with the mechanical creatures, the team found themselves already on the way to the third level. Being a disciple of the shadow, Yei took on the responsibility of scouting ahead since she was petite and nimble, and could use shukuchi to escape any binds or cages. Speeding ahead of the party with supido she came upon the outer rim of a volcano, unusually large with lava boiling at the bottom and many earth-like platforms, each at various elevations and replete with their own set of mythical creatures. Orcs with monstrous strength upwards of the 30 ton range, goblins with acidic saliva and blood, imps who breathe fire and finally dark elves who are gifted with speed and agility but also skilled in the arts of melee combat as well as magic. As the kagedeshi entered the volcano simulation she dug her feet hard into the ground, skidding to a stop just at the edge of the rim. "Watch your step, boys.." She gave a vague warning of the dangers ahead to the others, accompanied by a wink, before letting herself fall to one of the earthen platforms below.

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@Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:@SamJaz:

Gen followed Samjaz lead towards the next floor with the other joining in; except for that Wolf guy that was still fighting his mechanical namesakes. Yei moved forward to scout, while Gen was trying to develop some kind of makeshift gauntlets from the Mecha-Ursa paws. –How’re you doing key-aniki? Weird meeting you here- Gen talked to the only one he had familiarity to. –Quite the weird group we are, but the most I have to say is…- Gen looked at Yei, checking she was beyond earshot – What’s the story of nice-ass ninja chick there? If you know what I mean…- the Hot-blooded boxer placed some emphasis by doing a light elbow strike to Samjaz.

The climate got warmer the more they descended, finding up front with a volcano, with several platforms coming out from the red hot magma. Flocks of weird monsters were standing in each platform, and in the other side of the volcanic lake the exit could be seen between the gas coming from the magma. Gen smiled once again with his characteristic Slasher glee – This seems to be fun! Let’s bash some skulls and get to the next floor- The Brawler from Tokyo clashed his now metal covered hands with a loud sound, like a bell and jumped to the same platform as Yei –Ninja-chan! Let’s do a quick job of these weird-ass monsters- A group of grey skinned humanoids with dirty locks of black hair and yellow tusk came towards the pair with their stone clubs risen over their heads ready to strike, Gen lifted his guard up to protect himself from the incoming attack

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz whistled as Yei jumped over the ledge, falling towards the lava to enter the combat. "Mate, I have no idea who she is either, but I know she goes by Yei. More importantly, this place is full of beasties and lava, neither of which are good things."

SamJaz moved over to the ledge, before kneeling down and clicking a different keychain onto his keyblade. This one was dark green with silver highlighting, representing a horse and a star, though the weapon itself seemed to look more like a rifle than a sword, although the key motif was still very much present.

"I'll offer support fire from here, I don't like my chances jumping over lava with orcs about." SamJaz said with a frown, raising the keyblade to look down the scope. He wasn't used to this weapon, it's one he obtained very recently. "Gen, Phantom, you two jump in and give Yei some muscle as she carves our way. Me and Arty will provide cover."

He turned around with a smile as Gen dived forward. "Great to see you again, Gen. Welcome aboard."

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ChronoWolf:

Next stage was made of molten rock and molten face, or at least they appeared like that if that was the right phrase to describe the ugliness. Phantom sees that Yei and the now metal-claw clad boxer went straight for the monsters while Sam remained at the edge offering support. Crown decides to head to his friend first for a question or two, ignoring the demand to support Yei. "Hey Sam, you know that muscled fellow?" Phantom asked as he noticed that they talked a few times in a rather familiar manner. "And i better hope for you that these guys know that all treasures here belong to me." it's stated in a demanding tone. "Well i'll be going up, if you remember well, ash and my suit don't go well together." Phantom's feet lose contact with the ground as he says so, in the same manner they did the nigh he met Sam for the first time.

From up there he had an perfect view of the battlefield and he could target any enemy around. He decides to target platforms that are further away from his allies as he was going to use his explosive cards which meant that even his superb precision and accuracy couldn't prevent friendly fire. On the other hand when he thought about it, perhaps that wouldn't be too bad. He quickly forgets about something like that, he wasn't evil and surely didn't want to present himself in that light. He creates three of his exploding cards, as always on the lowest setting comparable to the condensed power of a few hand-grenades and sends them towards three platforms occupied by the monstrous enemies.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz frowned, sending a crystal bullet through a troll's skull.

Drama. Inter-team drama was the last thing he wanted.

He had seen first hand what that lead to, and he would not tolerate it here.

He needed to deal with both Crown and Gen.

Crown needs to chill out from the other teammates and stop thinking he gets the loot.

Gen needs to think before he speaks.

But SamJaz can't really say that to their faces without setting the mood before hand, because that would send things down to pot even faster.

And they were only three floors down.

He was not in the mood for unleashing drive forms like last time he was a team player.

He launched another crystal, this time through an orc that nearly brained Gen.

He'd just let people make friends naturally. Try not to steer things too much.

If things get out of hand, he'll just have to sit everyone down and explain what happened to the DragonBells.

And that's when something smashed into him from the side.

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@ReliusClover: @Yeilin: @SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

The wolves pounced on Arthur. He quickly slashed the two that were attacking from the front, and sent an ice shard flying towards the one attacking from the back. He quickly avoided the two that were attacking from the sides, quickly slashing the one on the left and impailing the other one with with six ice shard.ˇ"Great, that takes care of that." As he turned around he saw that the otheres were gone. "Oh, gee, thanks for waiting up guys. Assholes. Well there's no point in crying over spilt milk." He went after the others. As he was going further downstairs, it was getting hotter, and as he entered, he saw that his teammates were fighting over a pit of lava. "Thanks for waiting up guys. I hope I didn't take too much of your precious time." And now we are fighting over a pit of lava. Great. I just hope my attacks don't melt away. Well, no matter. Frost wings materialised on his back. I guess I should stay high and just throw ice shards.

That position, high above everyone else allowed Arthur to see everything that was going on there. Yei and Gen were sorrounded by orcs. Thankfully those orcs seemed too dumb to attack all at the same time, and went in, one at a time. SamJez was charged by dark elves, who seemed ready to rip him to shreds. Phantom just levitated in the air next to Arthur and threw exploding cards. Arthur decided to help Sam who had a sniper, meaning not a good close range weapon, and then help the rest. Maybe he would even get a chance to talk to Phantom.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz rolled into a crouch and surrounded himself with fire, before getting clawed again in the face. Rolling back, he shoved a palm out, grabbing a dark elf by the shoulder and forcing it to the ground. SamJaz stamped onto it, gripping its arm between his legs as he grabbed another elf by the neck and shoulder. With a twist of his legs, hips and shoulders, he crunched one arm and snapped another neck.

By now, SamJaz was covered in blood, burns, has a gash up his jaw and almost reaching his eye.

And he was angry.

Angrier than was healthy.

His eyes bled to red.

His hair burned dark.

And dark mist hissed from his finger tips.

He let out an animalistic growl as he began to tear through more skulls like they were styrofoam. He roared in hate, leaping forward like an animal as he tore through body after body.

SamJaz wasn't there anymore.


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