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Alvin rolled on the sand, looking up at the monster, annoyed that his hammer hadn't killed it.

He tried something else, since it seemed to be floating still.

Making a guesstimate, he created dozens of portals inside the creature's torso. He knew most of them would fail, as he couldn't create portals inside physical objects, but one of them should work-0

It did. He forgot about the rest of the portals and expanded the one that worked so it filled the entire blood passage.

Soon, all the blood in that thing's body would be pooled up on a beach somewhere. To speed up the process, He added more portals around the heart, quickly suffocating and bleeding the monster dry, as it crashed down to the ground.

"Nice." Hitomi announced, hopping off the stairs and approaching Alvin. "Alright, back to SamJaz. Was he laid flat on a table while the scarred guy was cutting his heart out with a knife?"

Alvin panted, tired from the exertion of flying about and creating those precise portals, and nodded.

"And this guy with the knife, was his scar covering one side of his face, with crude stitches at the edge of it, and have long black hair?" Hitomi continued. Another nod. "Last question, Was SamJaz hooked up to a lot of tubes and machines?"

Getting a third nod in response from Alvin, Hitomi let out a sigh of disbelief and relief, then turned to the rest of the team. "HE'S ALIVE!" She shouted. "HE'S GETTING A HEART TRANSPLANT FOR SOME REASON, BUT THEY GOT THE BEST SURGEON IN THE TOWER DOING IT SO HE SHOULD BE RIGHT AS RAIN WITHIN THE HOUR! LET'S JUST KEEP ON MOVING."

Hitomi headed for the stair, big grin on her face. She had seen the magic Doctor Black Jack had pulled during her time in this tower. The man was an absolute magician.

Floor -20

From the Ceiling with Love found themselves in an ornate throne room meeting the gaze of a sphinx.

"If you want to get past this point alive, you must answer my riddle." The Sphinx warned the team. "What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?"

Hitomi pondered this as the rest of the group followed her down the stairs.

"Probably one of those new Pokemon." Hitomi decided. "There's about 600 of them, I'd be surprised if one of them doesn't change the number of its legs while evolving."

"Fair enough, young lady." The Sphinx conceded. "I can't reasonably expect you to remember all of their names. You may pass."

Floor -21

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Yukari slowly descends the stairs to floor 21. She didn't feel too comfortable with the idea of leaving so many teammates behind, especially since she didn't know where a few of them were. But there was no helping it, they had to move forward. Though by now, Yukari wasn't that confident. She already achieved the goal she had when she came here, that is to find a new Servant, so the smartest thing to do now would be to go back to Clock Tower and use some of the free times she has left, before her Master starts torturing her again with pointless tasks and absurdly long lectures.

But Yukari believed that doing something like that would be impolite so she decides to accompany the team a bit longer, who knows she might even get some new friends.

When she arrives at the new floor, she notices that something's wrong. The room had no walls, or well, at least no real ones. All of them, including the floor were made out of TV screens. All of them start flashing at the same time and a melodic voice breaks the silence.


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Hitomi looked around. The whole room was made of TV's, and they were on.

The screens on the floor showed a face, female, pink hair, teenage.


The girl giggled, and then a ninja burst from one of the screens and swung his blade at Alvin, who barely dodged, but the same second, the ninja vanished into another television screen, which rippled upon his entry.

Mary laughed again.

"Catch him if you ca~an!"

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"Alvin, cover the remaining TV's with portals." Hitomi ordered, and Alvin was already on it. "Matt, Arthur, Yukari, the Ninja's gonna jump out of a TV and arrive-" A portal appeared at her feet. "Here, any second. Kill it when it shows up." Hitomi instructed, getting the hell out of the way.

And then the ninja rose from the ground, very confused.

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Yukari does what Hitomi says and Traces Melrakki and then fires of Firefly.

The air around her was cooled of forming Diamond Dust. She sends the Firefly to be directly above the portal where the ninja will show up while keeping her other move as a backup if her first one fails.

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However, the doctor's eyebrows were raised at the strange scar that formed over the initial wound. A hand print, perhaps a reminder of Demien's strange magicks.

Yes, The doctor added a K inside his own head. Demien was that dangerous, even to him.

Still, the patient had some time before he woke up...

"Wire him up to the tubes and shave his head." The doctor ordered. "This guy takes bullets through the head and is fine, and I wanna see why. I'll be back in twenty minutes to examine him."

Floor -22

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Yukari watches what is happening with Alvin and quickly understands what's going on. The opponent didn't seem to be one she could take lightly, so Yukari decides that some support wouldn't be bad. She didn't have the chance to see what her new Servant can do anyway, so she was quiet enthusiastic about using it.

"Spiritual Plane, who i desire is Jacquotte Delahaye" a circle forms on the ground as Yukari speaks the words, out of it steps the woman from before. Rather than analyse the situation the Servant turns to her Contractor. "Oi there girl. Don't call me like that. The name's too long and ugly. Just call me Red." she holds her head in an annoyed fashion like she's having a hangover and just like before her French accent was showing.

That woman was Jacquotte Delahaye, a famous French pirate from the 17th century and one of the few female ones on top of that. She got her nickname, Back From The Dead Red, thanks to her red hair as well as the fact that she faked her own death to escape the law. The scar on her face is a rather ugly memory for that event.

Red doesn't ask any question and turn's to the pink haired girl, firing a bullet with one of her revolvers. It was a blunt action, the pink haired girl was targeted by chance, Red didn't know who was ally and who foe, nor did she really care right now. She wouldn't target teammates on purpose or anything and she would try to avoid hurting them, but she didn't put much thought in her attacks either. For her, not killing her Contractor was priority, any other little "accident" that happened because a lack of information was acceptable. As said before she didn't think a lot before attacking and the lead sphere fired by the gun passed over one of the arrows on the floor. It was thrown to the side and it crashed into the wall.

Right there the power of her weapons became visible. Her revolvers never had any need for reloading, but beyond that, the power of a single bullet put any modern tank shell to shame. The wall hit by the bullet had a crater several meters deep and the whole side of the room looked like it's about to collapse.

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Hitomi frowned, really not happy about this pseudo leader position she was in, but she supposed she deserved what she got.

Still, Yukari's pirate seemed to have done some damage. The music was getting more and more disjointed from the damage, and the lyrics were getting harder and harder to make any sense out of.

"The fun it doesn't stop -&_^- old Broa&_)^- So what's the _^_/\_ going ho=* until the 8K-^ of day?"

"The problem lies in our attacks not hitting, and her attacks are coming this way." She commented, causally sidestepping a beam of light that rushed past her, sizzling a hair on its way. "If we focus on the arrows, we can predict a pattern, in theory, but that'd take some kind of supergenius to see the path and make it happen."

"Yeah, I see 'em" Alvin said, nursing his injured face. "Number them one through four, starting at the left-most column, I'll shout which ones to shoot down if someone else can keep en eye out for Mary's lasers?"

That comment genuinely surprised Hitomi, but had she done her research, it wouldn't have.

Sketchinoda are composed of super-genius's, of which Alvin was not the most brilliant, or the fastest thinker, but he could crunch numbers faster than most older pocket calculators. Once he realised what the traps were, figuring out how to use it to his advantage was like a maze on the back of a box of cereal for him.

"I can't guarantee they'll hit once they get to the other side, but they'll definitely go beyond the half-way point." Alvin promised. "Number three."

Mary, however, stomped on the ground, and a massive green wall, covering three of the rightmost columns, rolled down the corridor towards the team.


The razor buzzed SamJaz's hair clean off his head for the examination.

There were less scars than you'd expect for someone who'd been in battles since his early teens like SamJaz, but there it was. His curing magic was phenomenal for someone self taught. He could make a good medic with skills like that.

Shame he'd chosen the warrior's path instead.

Leaving a lock at the front of his forehead for the sake of it, the nurse got to work on shaving his face, which had grown a considerable amount of fur while he was healing. Another nurse was injecting an IV into his arm, with a third trimming his elongated nails.

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Gen descended several stories with the lift, he was thrown into the elevator by the rest after the salt marsh creature almost killed him and now thanks to the miraculously good doctors in the base floor he was up and running 100%. The Boxer as always, shadow boxed as he prepared to fight, too excited to stay still with his eyes shining full of anticipation. The Hot-Blooded Brawler got some moments to think about this tower as he punched the air rhythmically, what was the whole purpose of this inverted tower? He didn’t usually think about things to deeply but even a dumb bastard like him knew when something was way too weird and he used Spiritual Energy to fight and still thought this building was weirder. This moment of clarity soon was over as the sound of battle reached his ears, accompanied by music, electronic-ish music, like a night club, Gen hated Night Clubs as they never had anybody worth fighting inside. His eyes scouted the situation and first noticed the “boss” of the level, and then he noticed the massive shockwave coming towards the team facing her. Not thinking it twice the Hot-Blooded Boxer roared and charged forward, using the Raijin Step to pass through and place him in-between it and coated his fist with Spirit, he may not destroy the wave but he would get some time for them to react. –Ya bastards!? Did ya miss me?- He shouted as the shockwave was about to touch him – I’ll take the heat here ya fucking murder that pink haired bitch!- He stood firmly and decided to use a new variant of an old move –GHOST JAB HURRICANE RENDAN!- A continuous flow of right handed jabs soaked in Fighting Spirit clashed against the shockwave of energy thrown by Mary, the impact forced it to reflow and focus over Gen, letting some holes through the sides as the energy constantly flowed towards the Boxer only to be repelled by his supersonic jabs, that steadily started to peel the skin of his knuckles and crack his bones. –What are ya waiting for an ****ing invitation?- shouted Gen hoping that the rest of them could get the girl before his right arm was destroyed

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"ATTACK DOWN TWO!" Alvin shouted, ducking as another wall rolled over the team thanks to Gen's aura and Arthur's shields. "SPAM IT!"

Hitomi wasn't able to do much in this situation, other than coordinate the rest of the team. She was incredibly thankful for Gen's arrival, now if only they had Phantom's firepower.

And it was hard to concentrate with the glitch-hop music glitching up.

"AFTER ME AFTER ME AFTER ME AFTER ME" The music shouted, before Mary kicked a screen, and the high-speed base and synth noise moved on from that one line.

And then she began to beam span the party.

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Shot after shot is fired by the red-haired pirate, yet they get nowhere. They are just being thrown around randomly all over the room. At this rate the threat of the floor collapsing was more than real. But luckily the bullets stopped demolishing the walls and buried themselves into the sound wall created by the pink haired woman. Each impact made the wall lose on size and speed, but it didn't look like it would stop anytime soon, even with the support of the freshly arrived Gen.

Red stops firing for a second and looks at the approaching wave. She grins and then steps to the side. In her previous place three small wooden doors appear, though perhaps it was wrong to call it a door as there was no human being small enough to fit through it. As soon as those "doors" open it becomes clear what in fact they are. Three cannons, one from each of the portals created appear. What looked like doors were openings for cannons, much like those you'd find on an old ship. Right now three of them were float in mid air as if there was an invisible ship standing there.

Red just points one of her revolvers towards the enemy and the approaching wall of bass and beats and with that all three cannons fire. Much like her revolvers the cannons power is far beyond that of their real historic counterpart and even today, any war general would sell his soul to have a weapon like this. The cannonballs collide with the waves and shake the entire room, parts of the already damaged wall fall off. Before the shockwave could wreck the entire room it stops. The green wall is gone and so are the cannons and their projectiles.

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Phantom slowly comes to his sense. His vision is still blurry and he's having the worst headache of his life but he's there. He spends a minute lying in his bed, recollecting his memories as good as he can. When he finally came to the last picture he could still remember, he jumps up from his bad and rushes to the elevator and goes down to the current floor without even checking which one it is.

Stepping into the now mostly destroyed room he lets off a sigh. It looked like the team was alright, he still didn't know what happened on the salt filled floor, but he didn't have to, as long as everyone was fine. It doesn't take long for his face of relief to shift into a worried one when he notices that Sam isn't among the others. Asking what's going on is the first thing that comes to Crown's mind and he moves to Hitomi, as she was the only one on them team who didn't seem to be in the middle of a fight.

He lightly taps her shoulder from behind as if nothing happened before and as if he wasn't gone for some time and asks "Hey, what's going on?". As Hitomi registers his presence a shock runs through Phantom's body. He becomes pale and sweat runs down his forehead. His mask, it was still in the recovery room.

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Hitomi wordlessly handed Phantom a makeshift mask, looking more like a traditional Robin mask than what he usually wore but it would do the job until she had time to sit down with a needle and some thread. "Makes Sense." She said eventually, turning back to the team. "SamJaz is okay, he's just undergoing some surgery. We're fighting Mary Vincentsson, who's beamspamming us a the moment. The arrows will send you flying in the direction they're pointing, even if you're flying or teleporting, turns out." She frowned at the memory of Alvin's failed experiment at using the portals to get straight there.


"Hey, Jen, check it out."

The nurse who was strapping a blood pressure strap to SamJaz's arm looked up to see what her co-worker had done to the patient. She'd shaved his bushy beard and shaggy hair, leaving a large moustache and a long lock of hair coming from his forehead and between his eyes.

"Milly, grow up and help me put this catheter in." Jen sighed, reaching down to unstrap SamJaz's belt buckle.

Back on Floor -22

Mary screamed as a blast of energy scorched her right shoulder. Clutching at the wound, She threw her hands into the air, and the floor segmented, rising and falling like the bars on the equalisers that used to decorate the wall.

Gen almost got crushed, one floor-turned-pillar missing him by inches, and the onslaught got worse and worse as everyone in the team lost their footing.


Gripping his tackle, Jen noticed something was wrong.

The patient's muscles were bulging, growing at an incredible rate.

His hand reached out and gently gripped the nurses wrist.

His hair turned blonde.

And his eyes shot open.

Back on Floor -22

The room shook as a deep, booming voice rocked the tower.



SamJaz stood up, towering over both women as he pulled his trousers back on.

"I APOLOGISE FOR BEING SO RUDE, BUT I'LL TAKE MY LEAVE NOW LADIES!" SamJaz boomed, pulling himself free from the tubes and machines and heading for the lift.

Not even pressing the button, SamJaz tore the door open with his bare hands.

The lift was still rising back up.

He jumped down.

Smashing straight through the metal, SamJaz rebuilt the devise on his way down, before kicking one door down and rolling through to see the rest of his team buried amongst a carnaged room.




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"R-Right..." Phantom replies in a nervous tone while he accepts the makeshift mask. It didn't seem like Hitomi even knew who he was and no one else from the team saw him so perhaps he adverted the worst possible scenario.

After calming down he turns his attention to the rest of the floor. Their enemy appeared to be a pink-haired girl but before he could go into detail someone slams the door open. A muscular mostly bald man with a moustach stepped into the room. For Phantom he already looked strange enough as he was, but then the man goes on and claims he's Sam.


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Eros punched the ground, sending massive shockwaves that bent the screen floor horrible out of shape, sending arrows crashing into each other and curving in ways they should not go.

Having totally warped the floor, Eros charged, leaping at impossible velocity to crash his enormous weight down on Mary-

Who launched a powerful laser blast that tore off SamJaz's jaw.

He fell back, slamming against the floor as the arrows carried him back. His face was a bleeding maw, his pulsating muscles deflating, and his golden hair darkening into his normal brown...

And then the gold light shone around SamJaz, regrowing his face and hair.

He woke up just as he was carried back to the rest of the team.

"Hey guys." He said, pushing himself to his feet. "Sorry I took so long, but you'll be glad to know I stopped being a little coward and got my act together."

Alvin gave SamJaz a confused look, and SamJaz grinned. "You're about to see the real deal." SamJaz announced, turning around to face the fatigued Mary, still there on the other side of the ruined battlefield.

And the arrows swam wilder and wilder.

"Formation Armada Volley." SamJaz announced. "Alvin, get to the front, crate portals to catch oncoming attacks. Arthur, just behind him. You are to create a spiderweb of ice across the floor. Think roots under a tree."

"Gen, Matt, follow the trail of ice and you'll get to the other side. When you get there, beat her down with no mercy." SamJaz ordered, looking at the two front-line melee fighters.

"Yukari, Phantom, launch high altitude magical attacks to bombard Mary senseless while Gen and Matt travel. Make it impossible for her to see where they are or to launch anything back. Make sure you don't kill Gen or Matt, I'll be joining you two in the back artillery."

"What do I do?" Hitomi asked as SamJaz raised his keyblade in his right hand and held the Evoker in his left, aimed at his temple.

"You have the most important job out of everyone Hitomi." SamJaz instructed as Alvin created the defensive portals. "You need to create something that'll make me look good by the time we leave this floor."

Hitomi was taken aback, but smiled, nodding as SamJaz charged a ball of light at the end of his keyblade.

"OPEN FIRE!" He shouted, pulling the trigger on his Evoker to summon Black Frost to launch a wave of fire over everyone's head while shards of ice rocketed from the keyblade's tip.

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Without getting the answer he hoped for and the man dashes off directly into combat. His bravado doesn't get him very far and he ends up on the floor with a blasted jaw. But that might be a good thing, as the man slowly starts changing his form and the body on the floor ends up resembling SamJaz who then slowly gets up.

"Welcome back, boss." Crown greets him in a sarcastic but also very pleased tone. Not much time is spent on warm reunion moments, as the team moves out to take out the threat.

Phantom does as he was told and flies up taking Yukari with him, making a large card for her to stand on. "Well then, shall we begin?" he asks her in his usual playful voice. "Sure." Yukari smiles at him and prepares Melrakki while Red jumps up onto the platform as well. A hail of magic is unleashed on Mary. Phantom's holding her under constant suppression-fire using his Mark I Exploding Cards. This time he used the compression function they have, completely compressing the blast, strong enough to blow away a large building on an area not bigger than a dice, that minimized the possibility of blowing away either Matt or Gen.

Red goes for the more destructive approach and just unleashes a hail of led on Mary, each of them bullets has enough power to compete with Phantom's cards. The curtain of black smoke formed by the explosion gets pierced and penetrated soon after. It was Yukari firing off Sol and Pale continuously, the narrow bullets twisting the air and smoke as they travle. Her attack didn't cover as much are as Phantom's or Red's did but it didn't have and it was effective nevertheless.

Now they only had to wait for the rest of them team to take care of Mary herself.

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Sam is back! Arthur was overjoyed (as soon as he figured out that the bald guy was him). It wasn't long before he got killed, but he recovered in a second. And this time his hair grew back and he looked like his old self again.

Listening to Sam's orders the team was ready to kick ass. Sam and Yukari already started their barrage from on high. Arthur did as he was told. He made a giant net of ice, covering almost the whole floor. He made sure to make it as non-slippery as he could.

Matt, still Galantus, started running towards his goal. Mary. He aimed his spear/hand at ther heart. "Lightning Joust!" His electricaly charged spear was set on her heart and, as if it was pulled by a magnet, Galantus was propelled towards Mary.

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