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There was an explosion from behind the main fight as blinding light filled the room. However, Hitomi, Yukari, Gen, Matt, Crown and Arthur could see fine, but they could see that Demien was not putting up with these petty tricks.

"It's my Trafuri skill." SamJaz explained as he approached Demien. "Guaranteed escape for my allies. Run ahead. I'll seal the stairway after you and take the lift to catch you up. I need you guys to go ahead so I can follow."

Demien was not having this, sprinting towards SamJaz with hand outstretched. With Cu Chulainn as his Persona, SamJaz was able to deflect the incoming hand aimed at his chest enough for Demien's fist to burst through SamJaz's back with a handful of kidney meat.

Gritting his teeth through the pain, SamJaz gripped Demien's elbow with his left and and reached behind himself, gripping Demien's wrist with his own right.

"GO!" SamJaz snarled, making his motives very clear as Hitomi began to lead the evacuation. The state Gen, Matt, Arthur and Phantom were in was a clear testimony's to Demien's destructive power and the risk SamJaz was taking to ensure their survival.

Blocking out everything outside this immediate fight, SamJaz moved. With three simultaneous movements, SamJaz headbutted Demien, snapped the demon's wrist and, with a twist of his legs, made him stumble to the ground and kneel.

"All that destructive force and mutant healing, but even with your inhuman reflexes you're still an impetuous teenager." SamJaz said, grunting through the pain and kneeing Demien in the face once, then twice, then attempted a third, but lost his kneecap to the demon's teeth.

SamJaz was rolled over Demien's back as the beast rose up, and SamJaz was sent onto the floor. SamJaz then had to roll away from the shoe that stomped right into where his head just was. Summoning his keyblade, SamJaz was able to swing at Demien's ankles and trip him up long enough for SamJaz to crawl away.

He started to prep himself to cast a Cure spell, when his injured left leg was caught in Demien's grip. Snarling through the pain, SamJaz rolled onto his back and kicked Demien's hand off his ankle, but it didn't stop Demien from getting to his feet, flicking his wrists playfully as they healed themselves.

SamJaz pointed his keyblade into the air, launching a Cure spell for himself, but was kicked in the ribs and out of the healing light. However, SamJaz was able to switch Persona to Undine and sent a Diarama, another healing skill, into his legs, when he realised that he hasn't cauterised his chest wound yet, and his healing skills wouldn't regenerate the lost organs.

The kidney wound in question met Demien's boot, and SamJaz screamed from the pain.

"None of you will ever see daylight again, and it's your fault for bringing them here." Demien sneered as he leant over SamJaz, applying more pressure into the bleeding cavity. "Any last words?"

Before The keymaster could say anything in reply, however, Demien had already shoved his hand into SamJaz's ribcage. SamJaz's hands weakly wrapped their fingers around Demien's painted forearm, but too weakly to stop him from withdrawing the heart from SamJaz's chest.

Grinning, Demien stepped away, moving towards the stairs as he licked his bloody fingers, deciding what to do with his trophy.

He stopped, however, as SamJaz roared in hate, and a strange, whirring sound came from behind him.

Demien turned around, seeing SamJaz slowly rise to his feet. His keyblade, a strange, curved, black thing called Fatal Crest, slowly span, floating in the cavity. The handle came through SamJaz's chest, the teeth of the keyblade, a large dragon skull, emerging from between SamJaz's shoulder blades.

One could see blood being pumped through the hole, streams of the precious red fluid wrapping itself around the spine-like shaft of the keyblade and into the next artery.

"You turned yourself into a wind up toy soldier, using that key to keep yourself ticking..." Demien said, biting into the heart in his hand as if it was an apple. "Oh, that's good. That's pretty psycho though, even by my standards. I like you already."

SamJaz was panting like a rabid dog, gold sparks danced around his fingers. This pain... it was enough.

He activated his drive form.

His hair turned black and his eyes gold, and a second keyblade materialised at SamJaz's left wrist, floating and spinning slowly like a doped helicopter blade.

It was black and gothic, with a silver chain running up the black shaft.

A moment of confusion flashed across SamJaz's face, but then the despair and determination shifted into a morbid grin.

"I'm lucid." He said eventually, not daring to make any other movements. "I'm in the superego from and I'm still me."

His fingers met the evoker that floated into his hand. "That's right." SamJaz said, almost as if Demien wasn't there. "I faced my fears. It's a part of me now. I am Samson Joshua Creed and I am afraid."

He put the evoker to his temple and stood up straight. "Perish." He commanded, then pulled the trigger.

It wasn't clear what Persona SamJaz summoned, or if he even did summon one at all, but lightning danced across the room. Oblivion flew, spinning wildly as it sought out its target and fighting far more effectively that SamJaz ever could. Once the lightning faded, SamJaz pulled the trigger again, and fire rose from the ground and fell from the ceilings- great pillars burning like the celestial furnace, consuming all in its path as Oblivion flew through the space between them, hacking down all it could.

The fires died and he was about to pull the trigger a third time, when he felt a hand that wasn't there encompass his own, slowly redirecting the weapon away from his skull as another non-existent hand danced around his neck.

There was a woman between SamJaz and Demien. She wore beige chinos and a blue hoodie that hid her head, but red-pink hair came from the space under the hood.

She tilted her head slightly, and SamJaz saw a red eye that exhibited both great pain and intense hate.

"Not Here." She commanded, and Demien tilted his head. "Not now."

The power SamJaz had felt from his drive form ended, and he collapsed to his knees, gripping his keyblade and keeping it turning as Demien and the woman left the now empty warehouse. He wasn't sure where they went to, because the staircase had been buried under the rubble. There was no one else in the devastated warehouse, not even the man behind the desk.

SamJaz couldn't even find the desk.

Grunting, SamJaz forced himself to his feet and limped towards the elevator. He pressed a button, and slumped inside when the door opened.

He pushed the button marked (G), and kept himself awake with memory games while the lift went up.

When the door opened, he crawled into the lobby, and pulled himself to the counter.

The screen said his teammates where on floor seventeen.

Smiling, he looked at the nurse. "I need a heart transplant and a new kidney." He said as the keyblade vanished. "My blood type is o minus..." And then he saw blackness.

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Crown watches as Sam tries to pull on of those big hero sacrifice moments. He wasn't exactly sure what to do. Sam was shouting at the whole team, commanding them to go to the next floor. But Phantom himself hesitated, he saw enough movies to know how bad situations like this could turn out. Not only was there no reason to leave Sam behind, but it would also be crazy to do so, the guy they were facing was insane and more powerful than anything so far they saw in the tower. He's just staring at the two, his hand slightly moving up and down because he couldn't make up his mind whether to attack or not.

In the end he turns his back to them. He decided to trust their leader and let him handle things, if he was able to survive being turned into a needle pillow that shitty brat there wouldn't get the best of him either. He blinks into the darkness of the staircase.

Floor -17

What Phantom finds when he arrives at the next floor is a room which is completely made out of mirrors. It's not a labyrinth or anything, a simple room with walls that are made out of mirrors. Strangely enough there was no door. Normally he'd start figuring out what was going on, but with his conscience still heavy from leaving Sam behind he just walks around aimlessly. Absentmindedly he touches the mirror wall. At that moment his body is sent into a state of alert. Not only did the eye color of his reflection change to crimson red, glowing like that of a beast, but it also grinned at him with devilish fangs showing.

He quickly blinks back as the self-conscious reflection of his steps out of the mirror. Soon after that the dopplegangers of the rest of the team follow it's example and leave the crystal prisons and step into the room.

By now the goal and challenge of this floor became obvious.

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It wasn't hard to turn and run for Hitomi. She'd seen first hand just what Demien was capable of, and had been the victim of his interests before. She got to the stairs quickly, ushering people down and dragging any stragglers down before the roof collapsed. She saw SamJaz take Demien's hand through his lower torso, surely losing a kidney in the process, but even then, she felt like SamJaz could handle himself in this impossible situation.

He was clearly going to die there. That was the fact.

Once she was down, she saw the mirrors, then quickly corrected herself. Windows. Mirrors reflect light. Magical mirrors reflect self. This, however, merely created a monster in her own image, a monster that stepped through the crystal and bared its fangs at her.

She had to admit it to herself. Even bloodcrazed, fanged and with glowing red eyes, she looked good.

Hitomi had a simple strategy. She stepped forward and kissed her doppelgänger on the lips. She was just starting to get into it, shoving her tongue down her look-alike's throat when it stopped moving. Most likely because of the scissors she had embedded into its back.

She quickly wrapped a spool of razor-sharp wire around her doppelgänger's neck, choking it until it stopped moving completely. Once the bloody task was done, she looked to see how the rest of her crew was faring. Like she thought, these monsters were merely using moves the team had used earlier in the tower. They weren't using anything the team had held back previous, because the monsters did not know it.

That's why her doppelgänger was so weak, but Gen was struggling. He'd win though. This thing didn't have Gen's indomitable will, merely a replica of his spirit.

Hitomi tried her hardest to ignore the agonising sounds from above. SamJaz was going to die up there. But at least the pathway was blocked above. Demien would have to follow the team to a lower floor to kill them at his pleasure.

Hopefully they could find something to by him off with. Something to sate his rage.

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At long last a fight worth going all out, a clone or something like that attacked Gen using his same moves. The problem for the doppelganger was that he lacked the secret ingredient, it tried to emulate it with another kind of energy, but in a slugfest like this, not magic, not ki or any other energy could match the Fighting Spirit and if Gen had something it was that. The Clone ferociously growled while showing his sharp fangs and red eyes, almost like a wild beast. That second of useless intimidation was more than enough for a quick yet powerful jab completely soaked in the sapphire flames of the Hot-Blooded Boxer Fighting Spirit to blow the doppelganger teeth away and as it growled in pain the Battle Chasing Delinquent decided to show-off with a new trick as seemingly the mirror guy only used techniques he used before. –Eat this 2 rate copy! Ghost Dragon Uppercut!- This time he combined the upward sharp motion of the uppercut with the blinding speed he added to his jabs, yet in this case his free hand was placed over the clone head so he wouldn’t be able to dodge the continuous uppercuts by falling backwards. In matter of seconds the head of the doppelganger was turned into a bloody pulp. Letting the body drop Gen cracked his neck and fingers while loosening his shoulder joints and expressed his hatred for the cheap imitation by spitting over it. Shouting to the air, to whoever was leading this stupid charade, Gen roared –You’ll need at least a thousand more like this to get them to punch me and a million to defeat me! I can destroy this cheap knockoffs all day long…- He opened his arms challenging whoever was in charge of the doppelgangers, if there was someone

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Phantom steps a bit closer, now that he had fully scoped what was going on. He and his other self face each other, the bloodthirsty grin still didn't disappear from it's face. On top of that it was mimicking every move Crown made, mocking him even further. "I know your secret..." the devil whispers it in a teasing voice so that only Phantom himself can hear. Surprisingly enough the voice was very like Phantom's own, not reflecting the demonic appearance the clone had. In reply Phantom only clenches his teeth. It didn't make a difference, even if that thing knew anything Phantom wouldn't let it leave this room alive either way.

Rather than going in, on the little games the mimicking demon proposed Phantom decides to give it not a single ounce of attention and kill, no, execute that thing as soon as possible. That decision wouldn't only help progress with the floor faster, but it would also stop Crown from imagining and painting all the scenarios that could be going on just a floor above him, inside his mind. If anything he should be thankful to his demonic imitator that he's giving him a chance to let of some steam and calm his thoughts. He takes a deep breath and creates a card in his hand.

They both start at the same time. Two Mark 1 cutting cards are sent flying through the room of mirrors, on the same course no less. Of course as soon as they make contact they destroy each other. What follows are ten similar throws, all of them with the same result. Not a single card could pass more than half the distance between Phantom and his imitator. Both of them quickly realize that this static kind of a battle wouldn't get them anywhere. One last card is throw by both of them and then they blink. Unlike Phantom's dark blue flash the demon's was crimson red just like his eyes. They are both constantly blinking without stopping for once, cards are thrown in the split seconds between the blinks. It goes on from some time but after more than a hundred jumps through the fabric of space by both of them, and not a single successful cut made, they cease the dance of red and blue.

With that they where back at the start. Neither of them seemed like he'd get tired from keeping this game up. It seems like they stopped doing anything, only looking at each other, the demon with a playful grin and Phantom with a steely disapproving gaze. Then when it look like they stopped any kind of activity at all, both have their left eye illuminate the mirror room with a bright pink flash. It was obvious that both had done the same. Through the use of illusions they made their cards thrown invisible to the other, but those tricks were exposed by the same technique that saved Phantom many times in the past. The left eye that would show all that couldn't be seen. Now both being aware of the unseen threat launched by the other, they quickly took care of it with a set of thrown cards of their own. They continue their clash, now with Mark 1 explosive cards mixed into the barrages. Though it was a change in strategy, it hardly changed the outcome. The cards would still cancel each other out.

They both throw a dozen of a cards at each other yet again, this time they were only meant for cutting the target. To Phantom's surprise this time five of his cards get cut down, while the demon's continue on their path. While it certainly was a surprise Phantom still manages to dodge the cards aimed at his limbs and throat. One more card, thrown after the initial clash cuts his cheek while he was still in mid air. He grits his teeth in shame, the fact that the cheap imitation could land the first hit on him was more a wound to his pride than to his body.

"Come on now, you can't win. I'm all you are and even more, there's no way you could ever beat me." the demon teases Phantom again after a long silence made by their battle. "I tell you what, if you get down on your knees and crawl to me i'll give you a fast death. How about it, you can die peacefully with your little secret?" he throws a card from one hand to another and dances around playfully. "I see, that's how it is." Phantom replies for the first time after their fight started. "Good, i'm happy that my original came to his sense. I'll be taking your place then." for the first time the demon puts on a honest smile, making the mocking grin disappear, as if he was truly happy. He starts walking towards Phantom.

But now someone else took up the devilish grin. Phantom's face has lost it's seriousness and stiffness and his grin becomes more and more evident. Phantom-Alter stops in his tracks when he notices that. Phantom makes four cards, two in each hand. "Stop being so desperate, we already were over there. Your life's mine." The demon jumps back with his signature grin appearing on his face again. Mimicking Phantom he creates four cards as well, Mark 2 cutting cards, but they are as big as doors, he was going to use the advantage the size of the cards gives him to overcome Phantom's own cards and cut him in half. Both of them throw at the same time, Phantom with his hands and the demon through the use of telekinesis. The force makes all the walls shatter, countless shards falling to the ground.

The demon already sure in his victory starts walking towards Phantom, probably to eat what is left of his corpse. But he he struck with surprise when all four of his cards get cut in half by the smaller ones thrown by Phantom. "What the-" he can't finish the sentence as he jumps back panicking and creates a large card to shield himself. The card used as a blockade meets the same fate as the previous four. It gets pierced at four points and soon after disappears. The four cards strike at the limbs of the demon, cutting off both arms and legs. A a heavy "thum" can be heard as the demon's torso hits the ground. He was still alive even after losing much blood and having nothing to support his body, though he wouldn't stay that for long.

What Phantom used where his Mark 3 cutting cards. While 1 and 2 were quiet similar, with 2 only having an increase in cutting power and speed, Mark 3 was a whole different level when compared to the previous two. Those cards would separate and the very atoms of what they were cutting, there was no resistance to it. Not even air friction existed for them, their speed surpassed everything he used so far.

Seeing that the demon only used techniques that Phantom himself used to far he made the theory that in fact, the demon couldn't use anything besides that. While it was a theory and the Mark 3 cutting cards were more a test to confirm it, Crown was confident enough to put on a grin of assured victory on and as it seemed he was right.

Phantom walks up to what is left of them demon, grinning rather cheerfully, obviously trying to irritate his dying enemy. "Tell me, did you really believe that my Mark 2 cutting cards were the best i could do? Being someone who claims that he has my knowledge, shouldn't you have known that i have two more levels left?" The demon's eyes fill with rage and killing intent and he tries to curse at phantom, but all he can do is give off a silent cry of pain as the other stomps onto his chest. "After all, an imitation is just an imitation." his voice is filled with new pride that was restored thanks to the absolute domination of his opponent. Arrogance in his holding wasn't absent either, his cane materializing in his hand. "You bast-" Phantom doesn't give him the freedom to finish his last sentence as he smashes his head with the tip of his weapon.

Having finished his match he turns around to see how the other fare.

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Arthur's point of view

Arthur was stearing in disbelief at what was going on infront of him. He wanted to do as Sam told them. He wanted to run, save his own life, but he couldn't leave Sam. He was about to rush to Sam's aid, but he was stopped by Matt. "He can take care of himself." Matt pulled the still hesitant Arthur. Even on the staircase he looked back, as he heard agonising sounds coming from Sam.

But there was nothing he could do now. Only hope Sam would survive and find a way to heal himself.

As he stepped onto the next floor he was surprised to see no door, only mirrors. He approched one and saw, not his own reflection, but a demonic being, mimicking his every move. It's eyes were glowing red and it's mouth, forming a large grin, were filled with teeth, Arthur estimated to be as sharp as blades. In the background he saw a desert made of ice. His doppelganger stepped out of the mirror. After every step it frozen ground was left.

"Let's see, a room filled with mirrors, demons coming out of the mirrors... Demien's father must love movies. Am I supposed to kill you, or make you return into the mirror?" Arthur said, a small smile appearing on his face.

The doppelganger's grin grew wider, "Why do you think I'm a demon? I could be the true you, the part you have been trying to hide from the other's."

Arthur turned to stone, his smile disappeared. Would could the demon know about Arthur? Arthur couldn't deny there was a part of him he wanted to hide from the others, but there was no way for the demon to know about it. "I'm sure that not even the deepest, darkest part of me is as ugly as you."

Arthur made a sword in his hand and slashed at his doppelganger, but his sword was blocked by one the creature created. The creature, still blocking Arthurs sword, swung it's other arm holding another sword. Arthur made a shield to protect himself and kicked the monster in the stomach. It was pushed back, but is screamed, either in pain or bloodlusted, possible both and charged at Arthur, lance in it's hands, aimed towards his heart. Arthur placed his shield a bit sideways and the lance was redirected next to Arthur. He then swung his sword aiming at the creatures head. But it ducked and pushed Arthur, making him fall on his back, then it jumped on him, knocking the air out of him and trying to bite his face off.

Arthur hit it's chin with his palm. The demon's mouth closed with a sound similar to bone breaking and it spit some of it's teeth out.It had to move away from him, giving him enough time to get up. "What was that?", the monster said in surprise. "What? You didn't know I'm a martal artist? You learn something new every day, don't you?" He quickly punched the thing in it's face, then it's stomach and finaly made a sword in his hand.

The monsters head fell of. It's eyes were still moving, and it seemed as if it wanted to say something. Arthur was intranced by that. He knew that can happen after a head is cut of, but he never saw it happen before. It went on for 30 seconds before the eyes stopped. At that moment Arthur looked up. He didn't hear any sounds coming from above. He hoped Sam was alive.

Matt's point of view

Matt saw Arthurs hesitance to leave. He pulled him hopping to get his attention. He had to do it a few times before hr got Arthur to follow the rest of the team. He didn't know Sam wery well, but he seemed a reasonable leader. If he could help him, he would gladly do it, but survival was what mattered most. If need be, he will gladly avenge Sam and you can't do that if you yourself are dead.

As he reached the mirror room he stopped infront of one. In it was something, resmbeling him. It had similar hair and clothes. It's eyes were red and it's skin grey. Behind it was a harem, filled with Matt's ex-girlfriends, all simillar to the original, but different, just like the demon. Matt was a bit surprised to find it was a whole harem. He knew he had a lot of girlfriends. Looking for The One is hard and you have to make a lot of attempts before you find her. He's still on friendly terms with all of them, but it's till a shock to see them all together.

His twin stepped out of the mirror."What's wrong? Surprised? You didn't think there was this many of them?", It laughed. "You got your self quite a harem, but you pretend it was just you looking for 'The One'." It laughed again, louder this time."Admit it. You did it just to sate your own hunger. A hunger for girls, who would love you, and every time you got bored of one you moved onto another."

Matt was shocked at it's words. "N-No. I'd never do something like that.", he said. His twin was wrong. He would never do something like that. Before it could say anything else Matt transformed into Wolfion. He was going to shut it up before it could make him start believing it. He fired missiles at it. He was surprised to notice it turned into Wolfion as well. "How did..." He was interupted during the question, by the other Wolfion jumping at him, it's jaw wide open and ready to bite his head off. He quickly moved backand transformed into Gallantus.

"Lighting Joust!" He charged at Wolfion ready to kill it. But it transformed again. "Lightning Joust!" It charged at Matt. How can it copy all my moves? He decided to transform into the hardest one to control. It might be able to transform into him, but controling his power is near impossible, unless you practiced long enough.

"Digivolution! Greyton!" In the spot where Gallantus was previously, now stood a humanoid dinosaur. It was claid in yellow armor with a shield on it's back.

"Let's see you fight me now. Draconic Slayer!" He jumped up into the air. He placed his hand above his head and started spinning faster then any tornado. Matt expected his twin to do the same, but it just stood there. Could it be? Matt thought as he ripped through the creatures stomach. He probably wouldn't be able to do that if he was the real Gallantus. However, this was just a cheap imitation. He de-digivolved and approched what was left of his enemy and noticed it was still alive. He stepped on it's head and crushed. Then he puked. He was used to killing in his digivolutions, and was used to seeing dead bodies. However, he never killed in his normal form. After he was done re-decorating the place he looked around, to see if the other's were done by now.

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Much like the other reflections, Yukari's own leaves the boundaries of the mirror and stares her down. Yuakri wasn't exactly sure what kind of magic this was and while curiosity was awakened she didn't have any time for that. Who knew how long Sam could keep the devil up there in check so it would be the best if the team progressed fast.

She traces Melrakki, her twin doing the same. Before she engages combat Yukari reinforces her body, increasing the stats gained by Tracing even further. A few shots are fired, smoke coming out of the twin's gun barrel. The shots miss their target as Yukari jumps back and lets the bullets create head-sized holes in the floor. The bullets of course packed some punch, but the strength of the weapon wasn't in the piercing power it's projectiles possessed as Yukari was about to demonstrate.

She raises her guns up above her head. Heat is drawn away and fills a whole gem. What is created is a sphere of heat like a miniature sun. The spell, Firefly is sent flying off towards the demon. Yukari also shots five Pale with her left gun while the heat is transfered to the right to shoot five Sol Nails. The demon dodges the Firefly by side-stepping and then dances through the bullets of heat and cold.

As it was about to shoot another hail of bullets it screams out in pain. The Firefly that it had dodge before came back, homing on it and is now burning it alive. In a matter of seconds the only thing that remains is ash.

Yukari makes Melrakki disappear and goes to meet up with the rest of them team.

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"That was easy." Hitomi commented as the mirrors around the team collapsed, showing the way to the staircase. "Let's keep going-"

She was interrupted by a huge quake, and what seemed to be a landslide coming down the staircase. "RUN!" She shouted, sprinting towards the staircase. Not even checking to see if anyone followed, she ran down the stairs, getting to safety before blocking her nose.

Floor -18

She was in the sweatiest locker room she had ever been in. It was disgusting and every inch of air stunk of jockstrap. Doing her best not to cringe, she worked her way through until she found a way out, where someone put a helmet on her head and shoved a wooden baseball bat in her hand. "BATTER UP!" the man shouted in her ear, pushing her up to the batting plate.

She looked at the pitcher, blinking as one ball sped past her ear. "STRIKE ONE!" The Umpire shouted, and the catcher returned the ball to the pitcher, and Hitomi got with the programme.

The pitcher threw, and Hitomi swung. The bat clipped the ball, sending it along the ground, and Hitomi sprinted, sliding onto first just before the baseman caught the ball. Safe, she dusted herself off, looking to see who would bat next.

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Gen got his muscles ready as he was next on the bat; he flexed his muscles and cracked his neck and knuckles with a wide smile, which strangely lacked the killer instinct it usually had. This strange event was caused by the Boxer’s fond memories of his childhood, not that he would ever admit to it, as when he was young his dream was to play in the Koshien Stadium in the high-school finals, not to mention he loved the baseball manga Dokaben with all his heart. Yet in retrospective he would never change his current dream of getting into fun fights for that childish fantasy, yet strangely he was filled with joy for having a chance to play some baseball. He took his place, focused his Fighting Spirit and prepared to swing with all his might.

The pitcher prepared and launched a high-speed curve ball to which the Battle Chasing Delinquent replied with a full swing that raised a cloud of dust out of the sheer strength of it, yet when the dust settled the umpire shouted –STRIKE 1- Gen started insulting while smashing the bat against the floor. As the equipment was cloaked in his Fighting Spirit it didn’t break, but the ground wasn’t as hard and in front of the home a couple of craters were created by the Boxer rage. The pitcher prepared his next throw. The ball flew right besides Gen but he swayed in vain as the ball was caught behind him and the second Strike was declared. This time around Fighting Spirit included, the bat shattered into the floor and a replacement was brought to Gen.

The third ball was coming and the Hot-Blooded Boxer was filled with rage, he prepared himself and clutched the bat so hard the handle was starting to crack. The pitcher launched the ball at an even higher speed and with a powerful roar Gen charged up his Fighting Spirit and shouted while swinging. –Ichiro Suzuki eat your heart out! Ghost Bat Hurricane!- Suddenly the swings multiplied covering the whole batting area and one of them hit the ball with enormous strength. The handle snapped cutting the bat in two as Gen left it there and rushed used Raijin Step to the next base. The ball went far into the central field giving him and Hitomi more than enough time. Hitomi in Second base and him in First.

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Hitomi panted, watching he speed Gen managed to get to first base. She decided to make an attempt to steal third if the next batter missed the first swing.

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@SamJaz: Yukari goes through a rather messy and stench filled locker room. When she arrives at the door she's on a baseball field. She gets a bat pressed into her hand and pushed into the position of the batter.

After a few seconds dedicated to a confused look on her face Yukari smiles from ear to ear. She quickly twists on the spot becoming nothing more than a crimson red blur. When she comes to a stop she was dressed in a completely new set of clothes, fitting the current floor. On her face was a determined and focused look and she applies reinforcement through magic to her body and the bat as she prepares for the oncoming ball.

She strikes the ball with perfect precision and enough force to snap her reinforced bat, now harder than steel, in two. The ball accepts most of them force and is sent flying at incredible speed quickly leaving the boundaries of the stadium and then disappearing out of the field of vision of the viewers completely.

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@ChronoWolf: @DigiDestined: @ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @RadicalRin:

Hitomi sprinted forward as soon as she heard the clink of the bat hitting the ball, but was openly shocked when the announcer declared "IT'S OUTTA THE PARK!!"

Grinning, she made her way around the diamond, then down the stairs that opened themselves under the home plate. She jogged downwards, complimenting Yukari on her appropriate dress, and descended to see what was below.

Floor -19

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@ChronoWolf: @DigiDestined: @ReliusClover:@RadicalRin: @SamJaz:

The new floor took Gen by surprise as there weren’t any walls, any kind of structure or obstacles, a large seemingly infinite landscape extended before the group, with a clear blue sky and white floor. A boundless field of white crystals that reflected the fake sun rays and shined like diamonds almost blinding the young Spirit Boxer with its radiance and surely also affected the others in the same way. Salt, extending everywhere they could see meters and kilometers of a large maybe even incommensurable salt marsh. Shielding his eyes from the powerful radiance Gen took some steps as the crystals crunched beneath his boots. –What the fuck is this? How the fuck did we end in a Salt Marsh? A fucking Salt Marsh underground….. I’m getting really tired of all this weird shit in this fucking dungeon- A book dumb as he was the Hot-Blooded Boxer knew when something was off, and this was way off. He turned around protecting himself from the glow just by giving his back to it –Another fucking weird floor without any fights, fuck I’m really starting to wander why the fuck did I get in here after all… What a fucking drag, once again I can’t find anything to deck…- The moment he said that and sighed was the moment that the Universe decided to be a dick and fuck with Gen. A black tendril, made of several hundred stone scales and plates with the fissures in between glowing with a grim red light popped out from the salt and attached to the Battle Chasing Delinquent foot, the only one standing over the salt. Spikes pierced through his skin even ignoring the surge of Fighting Spirit he used to shield it, blood splattering over the immaculate whiteness of the salt and Gen incapable to deal with the sudden pain, almost brain shattering, surely thanks to some toxin, fell to his knees. The next part was even worse, as the lack of proper footing added to his distraction and the uncanny strength of the mysterious being where more than enough to drag Gen over the Crystals, moving away from the staircase while cutting his skin against the mineral marsh floor. Once he reached 50 meters away the tendril stopped and Gen was left over the ground completely covered in cuts and bruises, painful ones thanks to the salt getting inside the open wounds, that pain he could manage but the toxin injected was messing directly with the Boxer brain and making him convulse in pain as the sun blazed over him.

The monster lurking this floor is called Shio-ryoshi, brought to serve as the complex garbage disposal, as it haves the power to move through salt and kill whatever he finds in his domain and turn it into more salt. It’s toxin can paralyze a regular human and kill him in matter of minutes and afterwards destroy any molecule of his body except for the ones needed for salt. The monster is blind but it can feel the vibrations, not only if you walk over its domain, as he can even sense over it those who float or fly. Gen haves only minutes before dying and the only way to save him is to take him out of the sun into the shadow, at least stop the toxin from working as it need sunlight to properly metabolize inside a human body.

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@ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @RadicalRin: @ReliusClover:

Hitomi had her thumb in the Kiss as soon as Gen was attacked. While watching the attack carefully with one eye, she tossed a large sheet above her and the party, she moved with speed, skill and efficiency that only a surgeon could appreciate, at least outside of her profession. She cut the darkness with her scissors. She threaded shadow through her needle. Within minutes she had a spherical object, a little larger than a baseball, attached to a large needle by a long shadowy thread. The needle was around the size of a pen, but very sharp.

Stepped forward, but staying firmly on the stairwell, Hitomi threw the needle. Tendrils shot up around it, but it was sharp, small and fast enough to meet its target- a small patch of salt midway between Gen and the party, about ten metres from the direct line on sight.

Hitomi then hooked the black ball in her hand into a large catapult that she had just built from she kept within her pocket space, and aimed.

Praying that the package would reach her target, she let go of the catapult and the black sphere flew in the air.

The monster had no idea it existed. The ball of threaded shadows had zero mass, and made no vibrations through the air as it flew towards Gen. As it came over the injured man, it opened up, unveiling a large blanket of darkness that descended gracefully onto Gen' shielding him from the sun's blistering heat without alerting the monster below.

She could have kissed Wendy right now.

"That should buy us some time." Hitomi told the team, wiping sweat from her brow but not allowing herself to air her fashionable clothes. "Phantom, you're in charge. The I'm going to get everyone some hats and sunscreen. We need a plan."

She opened up a pathway to her spa and stepped inside, forcing herself to walk past the showers and to collect the protective clothing.

Every second counted here.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away (Not quite)

Dr Black Jack whistled as he saw his patient lying on the table. "Glad to see you aren't wasting my time with trivial problems, Nurse." He said, holding out a gloves hand. "Scalpel."

"Scalpel what?" The nurse replied playfully.

The scarred doctor gave her a look that clearly said 'Not today Nurse.'

She winked playfully back at him.

The doctor submitted. The patient's life was more important. "Scalpel please." He said, before getting to work on neatening up the wound.

Every second counted here.

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf:

"A plan, huh?" Phantom's question was more for himself than for Hitomi or the rest of the team. Normally he'd accept a leader role gladly, but right now, that decision was bad timing to say the very least. After the the fight with his demon-self was done his mind switch from arrogant pride to worried care mode. They already passed one floor and there was no sign of Sam yet.

Crown was tempted multiple times to teleport to the Floor where they had left him but resisted the urge so far. Thinking about it wouldn't get him very far, so he focuses on the task at hand. He couldn't do anything about Sam, but helping Gen who was right in front of him was not only possible, but also a duty as a fellow teammate.

He blinks to the shadow covered boxer, and creates a card bigger than his body to carry him. The card, now with Gen lying on it, floats towards the rest of the team. With the Spirit Boxer out of harm's way, Phantom turns his attention to monster in the salt desert. Or he would, if he could see it. He blinks up into the air and creates his classic throne of cards, giving him a better view of the battlefield. It's the from above that Phantom notices what a great effect the salt crystals had. He felt like he'll go blind just from looking at them.

Another card is created this time of the enormous variant, the same one he used against the Sun Titan many floors ago. It floats above the dessert like a giant ship, providing shadows and removing the strain from his eyes.

Just then one of the tentacles bursts from the ground, shooting towards Phantom and his throne. A Mark II Cutting Card makes quick work of it, when it crossed just half of it's way to him. Even though it was split in two, it didn't seem to affect them monster itself.

Soon after multiple tentacles burst from all sides, soaring towards the sky but also closing a circle around the team, much like a pack of wolves about to take down their prey.

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@ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @RadicalRin: @ReliusClover:

"GUYS!" Alvin shouted, running across the salt flat. "WE GOT PROBLEMS!!"

Moments Earlier.

"Yo, what's going... on..?" Alvin asked, opening the portal in SamJaz's discarded jacket pocket and stepping into the stark white room.

There was blood. There was a lot of blood.

SamJaz had holes in him. He was covered in blood.

There was a heart on the table.

A guy whose face was covered in scars was holding a knife.

"The hell are you doing in here?" Someone shouted. "GET OUT NOW!"

Alvin did not do blood.

He turned tail and fled out of the room.

He was in the Hellscraper lobby.

He was panicking.

He saw the large scoreboard.


[ FLOOR -19 ]

[ 0006 ]

[ 0000000191 ]

Alvin panicked.

He sprinted towards the lift and headed down the stairs, beathing heavily as he tried to figure out what to do.

The job was simple.

He just had to make sure no one died.

He took an hour for lunch and people died.

Not good not good not good not good....

The door opened, and Alvin sprinted out.

It was white. And bright.

He saw Phantom sitting on some throne in the sky, clearly scouting the area since the rest of the team were at a staircase going upwards.

"GUYS!" Alvin shouted, running across the salt flat. "WE GOT PROBLEMS!!"

The noise and the vibrations sent the tentacles crazy. They were going for Alvin and for the rest of the team at the stairwell. He danced out of the way of a tentacle and opened a portal, landing on sand below. A few more calculated guesses and he opened the doorway to stand on the stairwell with the rest of the team.

"SamJazisdead." Alvin told the team breathlessly, watching as tentacles began to block the vision around him. "SomeguywithaburntfacechoppedhisheartoutwithaknifeandtherewassomuchbloodandguysI'msosorryIranawayand-"

Hitomi smacked Alvin around the back of the head. "Less talking more killing that thing." She told him. "Whatever you've got can wait."

Alvin panted for breath, then nodded, standing up straight and opening a ring-shaped portal around the team, and boiling water cascaded down, creating a barrier between FCL and the tentacles. He opened another below, making sure the water didn't fill up the room around him.

Once he was satisfied they were safe, he sat down, tired out from the exertion.

"Where's Phantom?" Hitomi asked, and Alvin realised his mistake.

They were safe. For now.

But they'd also just dropped Phantom right in it and they had no way of communicating with him without opening themselves up for attack.

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf:

Phantom's shredding the tentacles coming at him left and right. Even if there were many they were way too slow to ever tag him so he didn't have to worry about them too much.

Then he notices something happening at the staircase where the team was. He slowly descends to get a better look at it, the cards dancing around him still cutting the enemy tendrils into pieces. He isn't exactly sure what was going on, the team was inside some kind of dome, at least the tentacles couldn't get it.

It was then that Phantom had to pay for his carelessness. Because of his rather curious observation of the situation on the lower levels, one of the tentacles managed to sneak through his defenses, if one didn't know better they'd say that he let it happen on purpose.

Crown's taken by his feet and slammed full speed against the ground. His body hits the slat, resulting in some nasty cuts and a lot of pain as the crystals pierce his skin and drive deeper into his flesh becoming bloody diamonds. His head on the other hand, hit the concrete edge of the staircase, not even a meter away from the rest of the team.

The back of his head was completely cracked open, even tiny bits of his brain could be seen hanging out. He was losing blood and consciousness fast. The red stream slowly slides down the concrete and dives into the sea of slat painting it red. Phantom knew that he's going to die if he stayed there like that. Something had to be done, yet right now he didn't even have the strength to grit his teeth in pain or scream out. "D-Damn..." is all he can choke out, so silent and broken that he himself doubted that he said it.

But Phantom wasn't someone who'd give up their life so easily. Using the last seconds of active thinking he has, he disperses his body. It becomes nothing but cards, they glow with a faint blue color as they fly over the salt desert and then disappear.

Crown appears in front of them reception desk, at the entrance to the tower. The woman's eyes become with in surprise when she notices the bloody man appearing right in front of her.

Phantom just manages to pull off a bloody grin and then collapses to the ground.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@ChronoWolf: @DigiDestined: @ReliusClover:@RadicalRin: @SamJaz:

Gen was saved by Crown, as the card took him from the open salt lake to the shadows around the staircase. His whole body hurt, almost as if he was burning. Blood pouring from a multitude of scratches and cuts he could feel as his life was escaping from him. For a second the Hot-Blooded Boxer saw a glimpse of a strange woman, that even around the mix matched group he was in right now she seemed to be even weirder. She had long blond hair and blue eyes, and carried a spear, a shield and armor. Silver and blue were the colors that mostly dominated her clothing and alongside her a white steed. The Boxer was confused, yet this ghostly visage left before he could react to it. Slowly his indomitable Fighting Spirit started healing him, closing the wounds and for lack of a better comparison kicking the ass of the Toxin and its effects. In matters of seconds he was already capable of standing but something caught his attention as he was on the floor, a rumbling sound of something moving under the salt crystals. Gen wasn’t smart, yet he could get the general idea. The tendrils were part of something bigger that moved like a mole. With some effort he stood up, still trying to track the monster movements. – People! Thanks for the save, let me repay the favor!- Gen cracked his neck and knuckles –Whatever have those tentacles attacking us is moving under the salt, so what we need is to get the fucking thing out of the fucking salt!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer knew this strategy was a longshot but as we said before thinking wasn’t his forte. –I’m going to make it pop out and make it fly up in the sky with a single punch; you’ll shoot it with anything you have!- The Battle Chasing delinquent prepared himself, using his Fighting Spirit to detect and predict movement was exactly a strong point for him, but if he calmed down and remembered his mentor he would be able to do so.

For everybody who knew Gen this would be something new, as the usually loud and rough Boxer was in complete silence, with his eyes closed. With him as the starting point, waves of Fighting Spirit Flame started going outwards, over the fields of salt. Everybody was touched by it, and they could feel a strange warmness, a wavelength of Will Power and Fighting Spirit that made them feel that they could fight off an army. Maybe the confidence was a side effect, thanks to Gen Guts TYPE boxing, yet everyone near him would feel strangely boosted up, almost as if he shared part of his almost infinite Fighting Spirit. The Waves of Flame allowed him to detect enemies’ auras like sonar, so he finally got a good read about the creature movements. –Get Ready! I’m going to blast it out of the salt!- Gen crouched down and gathered his Fighting Spirit on his legs, and blue flames swirled around him with ferocity. A small shockwave was created upon the Hot-Blooded Boxer jump that propelled him upwards like a rocket, almost over 30 mts. His wounds re-opened from the strain, dying his skin in red once again. From that height he knew exactly were to land and he knew exactly how to land. With a shining light of Fighting Spirit on his eyes, Gen started to fall headfirst preparing his left hand for a punch. As he reached the 20 mts the Tendrils popped out with incredible speed. The Hot-Blooded boxer fall through them, receiving some cuts, yet the shadow casted by Phantom’s card protected him from the Toxin. As he was about to reach the floor the Fighting Spirit started to gather in his left hand.

-YA GET THE FUCK UP HERE SO WE CAN SLUG YA!- Gen shouted in anger as he was about to punch the salt marsh surface –TIGER METEOR OVERDRIVE!- A new move of his Winning combination was born, a powerful jumping overcut of concentrated Fighting Spirit, that made his fist look like a falling star. The powerful impact shook the whole level and the shockwave propelled the monster upwards almost to the same height Gen fell from. The beast was similar to a shark, but with some “humanoid” features, while it’s skin was made of the same obsidian stone with red light oozing from the junctions and joints between the stone plates. The Hot-Blooded Boxer ended lying on his back as the monster was mid-air being an easy target for his comrades.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @RadicalRin: @ReliusClover:

Alvin watched as Gen managed to get the monster above the ground. He recognised its skin as Obsidian, one of the hardest stones there was, and there was only one way that he knew to break it.

Opening a portal to his world, he reached in and drew a diamond sledgehammer. He flipped it in his hand so the pointed side was ready to smash, and he sprinted and jumped into the catapult Hitomi had made, bouncing off and flying towards the massive monster.

As he approached, he roared, swinging the massive club towards the creature's jaw with enough momentum to take its head clean off.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz:

Phantom was hit by the tendrils and dissapeared. Arthur didn't care. The thing on his mind was the fact that Sam was dead. Sam can't be dead. That can't be true. Alvin must have misunderstood something. Yeah, it's Alvin's fault. Unlike Arthur, who had the toughts of a worried girlfriend, Matt was busy thinking how to kill those tentacles. He didnt have to think long, as Gen managed to knock the thing out of the salt. That was followed by Alvin pulling out a sledgehammer, apperantly made of diamond and attacking the shark-like monster.

Arthur recovered from the shock of the news Alvin brought. He followed Alvin with a frozen mallet. Alvin hit the thing with the pointy end of the sledge, but there wasn't enough force to pierce the skin. Athur hit the flat side of the the sledge, making it go straight through the obsidian hide. And then Arthur fainted. Fainted isn't exactly the right word. He just fell, his eyes still open. What he was experiencing was a vision forced upon him. He saw a strange man, with white hair and a red coat, telling him something. The man seemed familiar, but Arthur couldn't remember who he was. He saw images of a world, much like this one. But it was in ruins. A man Arthur has never seen before entered a white car which then dissapeared. The last thing that happened before Arthur woke up, was the white haired man looking at Arthur and telling him: "Find this man, Arthur. Find him and protect him."

Matt transformed into Gallantus and acted as a decoy, making the shark thing attack him. Parts of it's skin moved and tentacles attacked him. He was able to destroy some but eventualy they wrapped around him. Luckly Gallantus's armor was strong enough not to be penetrated by the spikes. "Shield of Righteus Justice!" The tentacles wrapping around him were destroyed in a flash of light, only ash remaining, and he hurried to Arthur's aid.

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