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-I want some Salmon Nigiri Sushi, 12 dozens with soy sauce and some really good sake- Gen just realized how hungry he was a considering he wouldn’t pay for the food he decided to go all out. He started focusing his Spirit on his eyes. This technique that required to much finesse wasn’t something he could use on a fight, but any Spirit Boxer could enhance their senses and Gen wasn’t the exception

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SamJaz nodded, and, once again, the food appeared before the customer without any sign from where it came from.

Deciding to take the most of it, he dug into his Soma-fried rice, as Alvin and Hitomi had already started eating. As he expected, the spiritual rejuvenation effects of the Soma mixed with the purified rice was cleansing his spiritual reserves from within, and accelerating the healing of his psyche.

He'd go fusing some Personae after this meal, and as long as he didn't have to pay the bill, he'd be able to buy a full team of Personas before the next floor.

Still, he had to come up with a strategy to catch these Ninjas out. It looks like their natural and unnatural skills just weren't going to cut it here, so he'd have to come up with something dastardly before dessert if he was to outsmart these masters of deception.

Then, the idea came to him.

"Waiter." SamJaz announced loudly and clearly. "For dessert I would like to take Matt's mother. Bring her from the kitchen to me. Served raw and undamaged, no wounds or poisons, I want to enjoy it."

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Yukari sat down besides Phantom, on the other side of him was Sam. She remained silent and let the others made an order. She reinforced her eyes as good as she could, but all she could notice were some blurs. That was the best she could do like this. Tracing Gae Bolg would probably give her the edge she needs and should make it possible to see the ghost waiters. Sadly Melrakki couldn't get the job done. Though she hated to admit but Chulainn outclassed Lenneth in all categories, even magic which was her forte. Speed, strength and endurance on the other hand were Chulainn's main attributes. She would be able to track the movement if she made use of it, but she didn't want to.

The appearance change given to her by Gae Bolg was... embarrassing. The whole thing could at best be describe as a tight piece of blue cloth running down her body and while it didn't expose any skin at all, the figure of her body was another story. Not only that but she didn't even want to touch the weapon, not even if there was no change to her appearance. Yukari simply couldn't get along with that man, he was loud, barbaric and just annoying, there were times she even regretted that she ever got him. Not that it was on purpose anyway. She was late to one of the auctions held at Clock Tower, Yukari had stormed in in the hopes that she could buy anything as she had earned a nice sum of money that day. There was only one object left, a broken spear-tip and she didn't even hear anything about it. Out of impulse she had bought it, just to face utter disappointment when the Spirit bound to it appeared.

Luckily while she was lost in her bad memories the leader of their team already had a plan in mind, so she wouldn't have to do anything like trace Gae Bolg. Not being hungry at all, she just orders a glass of water.

Yukari notices that the man known as Phantom, sitting besides her was just as absent-minded as she was a moment ago. He was enjoying his meal and drinking wine, paying no attention to the surrounding or their task, as if it didn't concern him. "Must be some arrogant snob to act like that. I guess he would really get along well with those "Lords" at Clock Tower." she thinks to herself while gritting her teeth. She didn't have anything against Phantom yet, but just thinking about the Aristocrats she had to endure every day woke anger in her.

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SamJaz laughed as a large silver plate bearing a middle-aged woman was placed between him and Yukari. He sent a sly wink to Matt as he stood up to untie her. "Welcome to the team, Mrs Anderson!" He shouted with glee. "Now tell us all about those ninja you saw in the kitchen-"

A door slammed open, and a black clad chef stormed out to the table. "J'ACCUSE!" He shouted, slamming a ninjato into the table an inch from SamJaz's place. "Zis kind of outrageous behaviour cannot be tolerated! Zis is za cle-ugh violation of za rulez!"

Then the keyblade wielder patted the ninja chef on the shoulder. "Never enter a battle of wits against a wild card, Saucier." He said, heading towards the now clear staircase. "We always win. Please escort Mrs Anderson back home after the touching reunion with her son. Now that we see eye to eye," He smirked at his pun, then looked over the team. " Next floor is a treasure hunt in a junk yard, but after that I have no idea what's going on for a while. Who's excited?"

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Phantom finishes with his meal and returns to reality in the very same moment as well. A quick look around and he notices that the task had already been taken care of. He takes a last sip of the glass of wine in front of him and then stands up. He turns around and thanks the outraged chef for the excellent food. He makes his way to the staircase leading to the next floor. From what Sam said, the next floor wouldn't be combat oriented either, but Phantom liked the sound of it. A place where they could look for treasures, which in fact, was the reason he came here in the first place. So far he only had the guitar, earned through some rather morally questionable actions. There were also the pearls he collected but they were not that special. With that in mind he had his hopes up for this new floor.

Floor -16

The team leaves the stairs and enters the room that is floor 16. But it offered little change to the atmosphere of the staircase. It was dark, gray, cold and wet. It was just a giant concrete box, probably bigger than any floor before that. It was filled out by shelves going all the way up to the top. They were filled with many things, furniture, portraits, broken toys, cars even entire houses could be found there. Right in front of them was a desk, staples of thick books surrounding it from all sides reminding one of a castle or fortress a child would make. A small man was sitting at the desk, hearing the footsteps of the approaching team.

"Welcome." the man speaks in a broken and low voice. He shifts his gaze from one member to another, counting them. "If you wish to proceed, bring me what you desire the most. I will take note and you may pass." the man lays out the task in an artificial manner, as if he was a broken record. He then turns back to his book, which looks like nothing more than an overly long list ignoring FCL as if they were not there.

"What we desire the most..." Phantom unconsciously says it to himself. Without any thought given to it, it sounded like a difficult task for someone like him who owned most treasures of this world. Not only that his selection was limited like that, but he also had to search for it in a place which could be called a trash dump at best.

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"Grand." Alvin said, drawing a napkin from a pile near the desk and tracing his finger on it and folding it up. "Because what I want is a nap."

He handed the folded up napkin to SamJaz, who felt a warm breeze flow through the folds. "Holla if you need me." Alvin told him, stepping through a portal and closing it behind him.

SamJaz placed the napkin in his pocket, then replaced the keychain on his keyblade- Follow The Wind. Just like before, small change began to flow into SamJaz's pockets from nearby piles, converting themselves into raw credit for his bank accounts, but SamJaz had another reason for using this keyblade.

He had no idea what he desires most.

But this keyblade did.

Holding the keyblade in a reverse grip, SamJaz flipped open the little black box on the end of the keychain. It showed a compass, but there was no north or south in its coordinates.

This compass pointed to whatever the holder wanted most.

It twisted and turned for a while, then settled on a direction.

It pointed towards Yukari.

Confused, SamJaz walked towards the teenage girl.

Then past Yukari.

The compass still pointed straight ahead.

Feeling better about himself, SamJaz headed through the shelves and random piles of stuff as he followed the compass.

Hitomi, on the other hand, had a much more practical approach to the challenge, seeing as she was being counted as a member of the team now.

There was something that she had always wanted, ever since she was a small child.

Her father told her the stories when she was younger, and she didn't dare believe them.

But if it existed...

It would be here.

She found a chest of drawers amongst the shelves of pincushions and needles. While one could accuse her of having a limited range of interests, it could not be denied that she was interested in all aspects of that interest.

She opened a drawer, and she found it.

Rolling with a group of useless thimbles.

Designed to prevent clumsy needle workers from hurting themselves, Hitomi hadn't needed one since she was a toddler.

But this...

She held it up to the light.

Just as she expected, it didn't leave a shadow.

This was it.

Wendy's Kiss.

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Neither Matt nor Arthur knew what exactly is it that they wanted most. Arthur though about it for a while. Then he felt hungry. A chocolate making machine. That's what I want the most. With such a machine I would never get hungry and I could regenerate mana at unbelievable speeds. That's what he thought to himself. In truth he just really f***ing loves chocolate. So he found a pile that looks like a sutable place to search. And he went dumpster-diving.

Matt decided just to find a suitable place to sit. He had trouble concentrating while standing if it concerned something of personal nature. And what's more personal then the thing you desire the most. He found an armchair and sat in it. Looking around he saw vast piles of trash all around him. I've been feeling rather lonely these past few months. I guess I could look for a girlfriend. Then again, unless she's robotic, I doubt I'll find one here. He pondered for a while longer and then it hit him.

Matt got up from the armchair. He looked around for the biggest pile of trash he could find. If I find one here then lI'll keep it for the one true love. If not, true love doesn't exist. And we all know love exists, right?

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Phantom didn't even pay attention to the rest of the team. He had wandered off, thinking about what he could possibly desire the most in this giant collection of trash. He doesn't even bother to look, he's just walking past everything.

After a good ten minutes of walk he finally slows down. Not exactly because he found something, just because his curiosity was stimulated. He was in a part of the hall that was completely filled with portraits, posters, paintings and pictures. Even the walls were covered. All of them very dusty and old, some even torn. There was everything, from famous historical personalities to modern bands. Crown even recognized some famous paintings and portraits by people like Picasso and Van Gogh, though it was obvious they were fake. Well it wouldn't be too obvious for a normal person, but for Phantom, someone who spent most of his life stealing this like that it was. He even had some of those paintings in his possession.

But exactly because of that non of this could have any worth or meaning for him. After seeing what they actually are he starts walking again, paying little to no attention to them. And then at the very end of that maze of art he sees it. The only thing that could have any worth for him here was right in front of him. It was actually enough to bring a gentle smile to his face.

It was a portrait. A portrait of non other than the most important person in his life, Clare. He makes it levitate towards him. With a few swift moves he clears the dust off it. With the same clam and satisfied smile he had before on his face, he makes his way back to the team.

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Gen looked at the weird man puzzled. What did he want from all that? The boxer never aspired for any material gain, after leaving like a vagabond for 2 years he grew de-attached of commodities or needs, a strange quirk of his personality that contrasted with his regular actions. He thought about it as he moved through the dump, apart from food when he was hungry and a bath and change of clothes when he started stinking he barely had use for any material gain or object. This attitude was something he acquired, as before his training he did had wants and desires such as taking money from his lower and upper classmen to feed that desire of Materials and Goods. But now that urge had vanished, maybe a sign of maturity and personal development, not that he cared about being in peace with himself. What he wanted was to fight, or maybe the thrill involved in fighting, not as mere crackpot lunatic that wanted to destroy enemies and drink their blood, or a honorable warrior that took fighting an enemy a way to measure his own worth and fight against “himself”. Gen relished in the fight itself, he didn’t had an ulterior motive to do so, he didn’t really aimed to the be the strongest as he usually declared, that line was only a boast to get more fights, thus more enjoyment, for the Hot-Blooded Boxer, fighting wasn’t the means to get an end, for him it was a life-style, maybe he grew accustomed in his training that started to get revenge but ended up being an excuse to fight with increasingly stronger people, that’s why he pursued power, as each time he fought, even if he didn’t wanted he grew more powerful and the Spirit Boxing allowed him to find a stronger guy each time he won. He never thought about what he would do after beating all the Spirit Boxers, maybe he would search for stronger enemies, but for the moment he didn’t even considered that far into the future, not because he doubted his own strength or lacked self-confidence, two problems he never had and possibly never will thanks to his personality, but Gen was too simple minded to care in the future and possibly to understand the revelation he just had about his reason to fight. Either way he didn’t picked up anything of the junkyard and moved towards the strange man. –Old timer! The only want I desire is to fight, nothing else and nothing more that trading blows with a worthy opponent. I live for a good brawl and I would die for one.- He said that with confidence and conviction brimming in every word, he said something no normal man would say, he may sound as a madman to others, but he didn’t cared.

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Arthur searched the whole pile until he finaly found what he most desired. A working chocolate making machene. He turned it on and ate until he was full. Then he took it to the man at the front. "This is what I most desire. Can I keep it?"

Matt was getting tired. He was searching for a long time now and was getting tirrred. And then he saw it. A single rose bush growing underneath all the trash. It was the most beautiful thing Matt has seen. He plucked one rose and brough it to the man at the front. "My innermost desire is to find true love, to give this rose to."

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SamJaz eventually found the box the compass was leading him to. Opening it, he almost fell to his knees.

It was a silver gun laid on red velvet.

He recognised this. It was an Evoker.

The Dragonbells, his former team, used these to summon their Persona.

This gun fired no bullets. Instead, it harnessed the power of the nightmares, and would cause whoever was on the receiving end to relive their worst traumas, opening old mental wounds and, for the Dragonbells, force them to summon their persona.

While they eventually learnt how to summon their persona through cards, the Evoker method brought much more power into the persona they were summoning, at the cost of mental pain.

You needed serious mental strength to use one of these without going insane.

But SamJaz had already crossed that line long ago.

He drew the evoker and slipped it into the holster on his shoulder, under his short jacket, then reached into his pocket and drew another keychain, equipping the Sleeping Lion to his keyblade.

Then he felt something speed past him.

Far too fast.

It was headed for Phantom.

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Yukari walks around aimlessly, lost in her thoughts. It wasn't exactly that she didn't have or know what she wants the most, but rather that she had so many things that she couldn't deiced. On one hand money could always come in handy, but it was unlikely that she was going to find something like that here. If no money could be found, she would be happy with gems as well. After all a chance to stock up on jewels from her magecraft was always nice and it would save her some money. There were many other things should want, all related to money in some way or another, but after thinking it through she finally knew what she desired the most out of that pile of wishes.

It was something that unlike all the others things, could be possibly found in this room. It was simply put, a new Servant. It was something she wanted for some time now. She only had two Servants and she was actually ashamed to say that when asked by anyone in the Clock Tower. Not only that, but if she actually managed to find one here she wouldn't have to bother with nasty auctions back home, besides her reason she even came to this Hellscraper was so that she could find some Spirits. When she finally came to that conclusion she noticed that had wandered way off from the starting point. She was in a part that seemed to be filled with things mostly related to the sea and ships.

Models of both old and modern ships could be seen. Actual ship parts were scattered around the floor, just like many tools related to ships and the voyages done with them. Yukari walks up to an old wooden table. On it she notices a rather interesting looking astrolabe. While it was simple in it's design and was not particularly decorated it was completely made out of gold and unlike most the objects here it wasn't covered in dust.

A satisfied smile appears on Yukari's face, even more fueled by the fact that her pendant, serving as the Spiritual Plane, for her Servants started to glow. She picks it up and slightly touches the pendant with it. A second of silence passes and the astrolabe starts disgenerating into a fine golden dust. It falls down to the floor but dances through the air while falling. What forms is a seal much like the one that appeared when Yukari summoned Cu Chulainn a few floors ago. Right inside the seal a woman appears with a golden flash. She was wearing a crimson red coat, two brown leather belts strapped around her waist, a choker of the same material was holding to her neck. The coat was covered in small golden buttons and was mostly open, revealing much of the woman's well endowed chest. Besides the coat the only other visible clothing she wore were the cream white pants and leather boots reaching up to above her knees. As her face became visible after the flash a scar running over it was also revealed.

"Jacquotte Delahaye is back from the dead once more!" The woman starts shouting around, an obvious french accent could be spotted in her English words, while drawing one of her flintlock revolvers and shooting into the air just above her head.

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Hands grabbed Phantom by the back of the neck and picked him forcibly into the air and slammed him down to the floor. "Hello, Aleister." The master thief's assailant snarled, standing over him. "My name is Demien Vincentsson. You raped my sister's mind. Prepare to die."

The mystery man picked the thief by the lapels and tossed him again, hurling him through several shelves before he came to a rest in the main corridor.

It was a teenage boy. Around seventeen years of age, golden eyes and black hair. He was shirtless, and strange, glowing black markings covered his body and face. He wore black shorts and black shoes, and more black lines ran down his bare shins. There was a black spike protruding from the nape of his neck

He had black hair and a normal, if painted, face, but with the aura of sheer power he was surrounded in, all Phantom, SamJaz, and Gen could see was the grim visage of death on the boy.

He looked down at Phantom, glanced at Gen, who waited by the man in charge, and SamJaz, who had just returned from his travels.

"There are four others. Bring them." Demien ordered, a grim smile forming on his lips. "You will all die here."

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Gen sighed without caring much for the boy words – I’m really tired of this kind of guys, they come all ominous and shit, but are all talk- The Hot-Blooded Boxer cracked his knuckles with evident glee in his face, thanking whoever was out there for giving him something to punch, as the last two floors were dreadfully boring. Rushing without even thinking it twice he aimed to knock the opponent in one hit. –Time for your Knuckle sand…. Bah! That’s a stupid phrase, Imma gonna feck ya in the schnozz!- Gen talked as he advanced and focused his spirit in his left hand, preparing a powerful smash. Before he could react or even connect the attack Gen was thrown away and landed heavily into a pile of scrap making a crater as he broke the useless things behind him. The Hot-Blooded Boxer was puzzled about the how he got repelled, not even his keen eyes and sharp reflexes allowed him to notice how did the newcomer block and reflect his attack.

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Demien stood over Gen. "Talk?" He asked as he picked Gen up by the throat with his left hand and lifted him into the air. "No, Mister Shishioh, I expect you to die."

With his right hand, Demien stretched his index finger out, and it was engulfed with a golden light. "Remind me... Where is the schnozz and how does one... ah, to hell with it." Demien gleefully jammed this finger into Gen's ribcage, shoving it up to the knuckle, piercing his lungs.

Withdrawing the finger, Demien dropped Gen and roundhouse kicked him back towards Phantom, where they both crashed into another crater.

SamJaz ran to their side, casting a cure spell to the two wounded warriors, before pressing his new evoker to his head. "GRIMEHKALA!" He shouted, pulling the trigger. With a powerful bang, he summoned an obese, elephant-headed cyclops of a man, covered in blue skin and wearing a loincloth and swinging a scimitar. With a powerful trumpeting roar, the creature charged at Demien, launching a wave of poisonous gas with each swing of the sword.

Demien backhanded the creature, but was sent flying himself even the Persona dissolved. Enraged, Demien burst from the wall he landed on, swinging a burning fist into SamJaz's face, only to be send flying back again.

"Repel physical attacks, dang I love being me." SamJaz smirked before being launched back by a wave of green energy.

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Mat and Arthur wated for the rest of the group to show up, but they were nowhere in sight. Worried, they went to look for them. What they saw was a beatdown of epic proportions. One man, covered in strange tatoos, or just one big strange tatoo, just kicked the asses of Phantom, Sam and Gen all on his own. Knowing that he would go after them next they prepaired for battle.

Arthur made a frost sword in each hand, around 20 ice shards a meteraway from hiumself and was ready to make a barrier in case this guy thinks he can charge through the shards.

Matt yelled "Digivolution! Wolfion!" He turned into the robotic wolf again. Matt, now the wolf yelled "Endless barrage!" All the hidden parts of his body were now visable, and they were filled with tons of missiles and laser cannons. Everything was fired at the man, from the rockets, to the lasers located in his nose. The man was going down. Or not.

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Demien turned, focus on the missiles, and began to slap them aside. His hands were a blur, redirecting each canister of death away from his and into the background of the floor, before tucking one under his armpit and crushing another in his hand, exploding it.

Using the flames as cover, Demien charged out of the blaze at Matt and Arthur, missile held high above his head as he slammed it into the ground between them, causing another explosion.

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"The hell...?" Phantom asks it in a rather tired and annoyed voice. He didn't feel any pain, Sam had taken care of that, but he was still fuzzy from all the impacts he went through. He slowly gets up and looks around.

First thing that is noticed is the explosion at a place where Matt was standing a moment ago. Phantom wanted revenge for what happened just a minute ago, he as sure as hell wouldn't tolerate that brat. He does something he didn't do for quiet some time now, in fact to the point that it felt strange. Five cards appear floating around him. They are Mark 1 explosive cards and they are sent flying towards the location of the previous explosion. They were Mark 1 not because Phantom was holding back but rather because it would be dangerous to use Mark 2 as there was a rather big possibility that he would catch a teammate in the blast as well.

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The cards flew into the flames as demien strode out of them.

He held three cards in the knuckled of his right hand, and two in the left.

They weren't glowing anymore.

But they were clearly the cards that Phantom threw.

"Let's play a game, shall we..?" Demien asked, shuffling the cards and spreading them in his hand in front of phantom. "Four of these cards will explode with the strength of ten of these cards the second you touch them. One of them won't. Whaddya think?" He asked, slamming his foot into Phantom's, pinning him into his position. "Feeling lucky?"

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Crown was in tricky situation, not only was he pressed down by his enemy, but it appeared that his name was known as well. "Damn that brat." Phantom thinks to himself as he's stared down by the young man. And though the situation wasn't comfortable at all surprisingly enough Phantom had the perfect way out of it. His left eye had already reacted when the little gamble was proposed to him so he knew exactly what card he had to pick, though that was hardly what he had in mind.

With a swift motion of his hand he tapes all the cards from left to right, blinking away just before the blast embraces him. Even though he blinked the full distance of fifteen meters the blast of the explosion was still powerful enough to knock him off his feet. Just as he hits the ground Yukari comes back with her newly gained Servant. As soon as she realizes that Phantom's hurt and that something's going on, she runs towards him. Yukari gives him a hand and helps him get up. "Thanks." Phantom smiles while saying so. He then shifts his head towards where the explosion was and as if following the movement of his body his face shifts as well, changing the warm smile into a serious and expressionless face. From that point there were no words were traded between him and Yukari, simple eye contact was enough to make the situation clear to hear.

"Red, you go in and engage combat with that guy, we'll leave introductions for later. After all i want to see what you can do now that you're my Servant." Yukari turns to the Spirit while saying the words, obviously commanding her. "Aye aye, Contractor." The woman says it before dashing off with a grin on her face.

Just because her Servant was already in combat doesn't mean that Yukari would allow herself to sit around and do nothing. She touches her pendant while whispering something. A seal passes her body from head to toe. Her clothes have changed in color and instead her usual red shirt which had earned her her nickname Crimson Contractor and the black skirt she now sports the same clothes but with a pattern of blue and white weaved into them. In her hands she's holding two guns, they are ivory white with a smooth metallic shine to them. Melrakki the White Fox, a weapon best suited for the kind of magecraft she uses.

"Ready when you are." She gives a wink to Phantom, signalizing to him that he needs to get ready for combat.

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