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"And of course, the ugly lizard goes for me." Phantom's voice is sour and annoyed. He slides to the side to avoid the fireball that was about to fry him. Just as it prepares for another one, a scream of pain leaves it's mouth, rather than crimson fire. The so far lazy and inactive member of the team, Alvin made his move and had taken out one of the lizard's eyes.

Phantom throws one of his spears as well, but because of the sudden movement it just slides over the dragon's head not piercing it's scales. While obviously hurt, the dragon was far away from dying and the pain had sent it into a blind rage. After some wild turns and twists of it's long neck it manages to shake Alice off it's head. Just as it finished the little rodeo Phantom throws two more spears now aimed at the dragon's exposed neck, but a flap with it's massive wings prevents it from ever reaching it. After a rather painful looking clash with Gen the dragon flies up and changes it's target, it spotted new prey inside it's hunting field. The fact that Yukari wore a bright red shirt didn't help the situation at all.

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Yukari notices that the dragon is now in a free-fall, much like a bird of prey swooping down at it's meal. And in this scenario she was the meal. Yukari ignores the spears on the ground and decides to fend the beast off with what she could do best, magic. She points her index fingers towards it, with her thumb up, very much like you would gestureize a gun. On her left she was cooling off the area on the top of her finger and then firing it off as a bullet. It was a powerful level three Pale. The heat extracted on the left did not go into one of her gems but right onto the tip of her right finger, forming a Sol Nail. She quickly fires three shots of each, for a total of six shots. Though all of the hit their mark, they have no effect. The dragon's skin had negated the magic making the heat and cold burst into the surrounding area diminishing it's effect to the point that it couldn't even be felt.

"Crap..." Yukari's silent curse wasn't because of the fear from the dragon, but rather because of the move she had to make next to ensure that said fear of the dragon will stay away. While she personally didn't like it, perhaps it was good to show to the team what she could do and that she's going to be a useful addition to the team. It took her a lot of willpower to speak the following words but she still managed it. "Spiritual Plane, who is desire is... Cu Chulainn." an already annoyed and tired voice is speaking those words. With that the pendant handing around her neck glows and a magical seal forms on the sandy ground, it was crimson in color.

As soon as it formed a figure of a man started appearing. As if drawn from head to toe the body appears in a flash. Blue outfit and hair, leaning a blood red lance that was stabbed into the ground. "Oho, could it be? Has the world come to an end?" the man has a very deep and loud voice, sarcasm can be heard in it. "Because if i remember right, you said you'd rather let than happen than to summon me, my dear Yuki?" he turns around to face her, now a smile of teasing covering his face. "Just shut up or you'll end up inside again... and take that thing out." she yells the first part while becoming shamefully silent on the second one. The man turns around with a "huh" and faces the sky. What he can see is a dragon, dashing right at him. "Hey, that's a dragon?" the man asks in a trivial way, obviously not demanding an answer. His so far casual, relaxed and carefree face turns into a serious and bloodthirsty one. He takes a stance and bends his back, as if he was an animal and no human, spear in hand.

Then in an instant his whole body springs back, the spear is released and sent onto it's journey. The shockwave created would put anything Phantom done so far with his cards to shame. It enters the dragon through it's other undamaged eye and just a moment later exists just above it's tail. In the same instant the dragon's flight changes to a completely vertical fall. The lance had disappeared in a crimson flash and re-materalized in Chulainn's hand in the meantime. The corpse of the best clashes directly onto the blue-clad warrior. After a moment of silence the red tip of the spear emerges from the beast's stomach, the warrior holding the weapon following soon after. Now his hair and most of his clothing matched the color of his eyes and spear pretty well. With him he was carrying the insides of the beast, or at least as much as he could carry with just one hand.

"Hehe, we gonna have a feast tonight." a wide grin on his face as he shouts a battle-cry afterwards.

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Eligor watched the carnage above, and screamed.

He fell to his knees, clutching his head, and the screams turned to a roar of pain.


"HE'S COMING OUT! HE'S AWAKE!" A female voice shouted from his mouth, before screaming again, and glass shattered.

SamJaz fell on his face, panting and sweating, then pushed himself upright and wiped the blood that was seeping from his forehead.

"That..." He panted. "Was Cu Chulainn..." He coughed up blood, then steadied himself on a spear as blood fell from the sky. "THAT WAS FREAKING CU CHULAINN-!"

He was interrupted by the dragon's carcass impacting against the sand-filled arena, and he fell down again from the shockwave. A lot of people in the crowds screamed as the wooden benches collapsed, but they managed to evacuate safely.

Alvin hopped off the dragon's corpse, looking at the body of the poor girl next to him, who'd been thrown off the dragon shortly before it died, then shrugged, walking to help SamJaz to his feet.

"Thanks..." SamJaz groaned, summoning his keyblade and using it as a walking stick. "Guys, I'm still undergoing brain surgery at the moment, so I'm gonna hang behind for the next couple of floors until I'm done. We aren't gonna have to do anything too strenuous for a couple of floors after the next one, so cover me until I'm done. After that, I'm gonna hop into the velvet room for some fusing, and then we're gonna have a Cu Chullain party." He said with a grin, before raising the keyblade to open the gate and lead the team down to the next floor.


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The battle finished, and surprisingly Phantom didn't have to do much this time around. From the looks of it they had gained yet a new member. Phantom blinks down to examine the new teammate but is interupted by an event for more important. Eligor burst into glass, but instead of another Persona what stands there is no other than SamJaz himself. Phantom rushes to his side and helps him stand.

"Took your time there." a rare honest smile is on his face. But the reunion gets cut short as he's pushed away by a man covered in blood. "You sure as hell can bet we will!" he shouts at Sam's speech given before, probably addressing the party part of it. After that he gives him a tap to the shoulder, with quiet some force behind it, especially if Sam's current state is taken into consideration. "Here hold this for me." he pushes the remains of the beast he recovered into Sam's hands and then walks past him. He walks up to Yukari still covered in blood and then starts roaring "YOU SAW THAT? You really should summon me more often, this was the best experience i had in the last year." he pulls her closer while hugging her with one of his arms, much like he'd do to a close friend a happy grin is on his face while doing so.

"Get off me you filthy monkey!" Yukari screams, disgusted at the stenches of blood coming from her Servant. She reinforces her fists as good as she can and starts punching his chest, hoping the effort will make him let her go. But despite the extra strength and hardness given to her by magic the warrior doesn't even notice. It was like a six-year-old trying to punch through solid steel, a feat impossible to accomplish. Finally he lets her go on his own. "Return." she commands in a arrogant and distant manner. "Wait, wait, i sti..." Chulainn gets cut off mid sentence as he disappears and returns to the Spiritual Plane again.

A sigh of relief escapes Yukari as she turns around and follows the team downstairs deciding that she'll take care of introductions on the way.

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SamJaz noticed that there was something wrong, very very wrong as he went down the stairs.

Colour drained from the world around them, and everything became quite sketchy.


YEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! No, no he wasn't going to do that.

But glancing around behind him, and the rest of the team had become two - dimensional sketches as well.

The important thing was to get to the next floor.

He knew from Mary's memories that the effects of this floor were limited to just this floor, and everything would return to normal once they completed the challenge.

They had to find the flag and escape.

That flag could be a person, an object, even a colour, although it would most likely be something difficult to find in this monochrome world.

"Alright gang, we're looking for an escape object." SamJaz said, picking up a cane and supporting himself on it, seeing as he was no longer capable of summoning his keyblade. "We're temporarily unable to use any skill with a colour attached to it, including cards, transformations, fighting spirit, probably summons and maybe ice, not too sure there. But, we'll be back to normal once we get out. If you see any engineers, beat them senseless and show no mercy. If you see a window into the real world, call me and we'll work our way form there. Now let's split up and look for clues. I'll take Matt, Phantom, Alvin, you two are together. Gen, you're with Arthur and the new girl. Shout if you need anything."

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Gen was surprised by the sudden change in scenery; his whole body was black and white, almost as if he was a pencil drawing. He moved his hand and laughed at the weird animation of it, but that almost childlike happiness was washed away when he realized that his Fighting Spirit was sealed inside him and he found himself unable to summon it. – I’m getting pretty pissed about this weird levels.- The Boxer thought aloud as he rubbed his right hand, it wasn’t full healed but at least the pain wasn’t as mind-numbing as before, to think he wanted to jump inside the dragon and pummeled from inside, even for this standards that was a quite stupid idea, thankfully the others defeated the Dragon before he did such stupidity for real. As Samjaz explained about the level and separated the groups Gen sniffed the hair, and thankfully he could choose which side to go. –Wolf-san, Nice Ass-chan, follow me!- Without waiting to see if they followed the moved into the sketchy maze, hoping to find those “engineers”, he always could smell a fight, quite literally in fact, as the corridor he took drove him directly into a pack of weird guys using old-school motorbike helmets and carried wrenches. This would be fun, it was ages since he fought without using spirit. –I’ll deck all of ya! – The Battle Chasing Brawler rushed out them punching and moving around while expertly dodging their attacks.

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Matt listened to what Sam had to say. "Interasting. So we're prety much screwed. I can't use my powers since I'm always colofull." Then he heard Arthur say something. "Ice is made out of water, water has no color. Yeah, I think I can use my magic."

Then they went their seperat ways looking for an exit. Matt was with Sam."What do you think the exit item looks like, oh, great and powerfull leader?" They suddenly encountered some kind of American restaurant. Matt entered, hoping Sam would follow him. He was the only one of them two whou could fight. Matt is just an Averidge Joe without his transformations. Maybe I should have trained in fighting more. It's too late to regret it now.

Douring that time Arthur was stuck with Gen and the new girl. Gen apperantly geve the girl a not so nice nickname. "Pardon Gen. He's not that bad, he just has a tendency to say stuff without thinking. Anyway, welcome to From the Ceiling with Love. I don't think you introduced yourself." They were walking like that for just a few minutes when they encountered Bikers. Gen would have to fight them without using spirit. Meh, he could probably still kick their asses, to him spirit is just for effect. But what can the girl do. She can't summon that guy like before. Arthur on the other hand was free to use everything. Mana has no color and ice has no color either. He made a sword and a few ice shards were floating beside to him. He rushed into the gang parreing their attacks, which they used wrenches for, and then quickly stabbing them. Compared to what they've been through already, these guys were just mooks, cannon fodder if you will.

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"I have no idea what the exit item is, just that it's something that doesn't belong." SamJaz said, following Matt inside.

SamJaz sat down at a table, clearly tired. "I'll be relying on you a lot for this Matt. I can't summon any persona right now because I'm currently undergoing brain surgery. My keyblades are out of action, but I can give tactical support and medicines from behind."

He sighed. "Yep, should've listened to the voices in my head. My bad. Still." He reached behind him and pulled out a ninja sword, one he took from a dance floor several floors previously. "Happy birthday."


The bike mechanics were having a hard time against Gen and Arthur's assault. Gen was like a chef, serving helpings of whoopass and Arthur was a waiter, serving everyone their asses on a silver platter and these mechanics were taking it all like they were suffering a dire ass famine and the UN had just arrived with aid.

Some got away, One had the bright idea to hold a knife to Yukari's neck and try and use her as a hostage, noping against all hope that she was the kind to be a damsel in distress and not stamp on his foot, then gonads, then face, in that order, because last time that happened, it hurt like crap.


Alvin was having a difficult time on his own, trying to ignore Phantom. "Do do do dodo dodo doo too dadodododo da da, da dadedade..." he hummed to himself, wandering though the graphite corridors. "Hello." He announced, finding a window with a person behind it.

She had long dark hair, and a pink jacket. She carried some pens and other stationary in her breast pocket, and smiled cutely while holding a knife. Not only did she have colour, but she wasn't a sketch. She was not bound by the laws of this floor. "What do you think of this then?" He asked the thief, not taking his eyes off the girl, who waved silently and tapped the glass, trying to say something.

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"That's a pity. I guess we're going to have to ask for directions here." He sat opposite of Sam. Then Sam gave his a sword. "That might pose a problem. I have aprowimetly no training in swordfighting, or fighting in general. I have no skill outside of my transformations. I'm as likely to cut of my own head with that sword as to kill someone else." He still took the sword. They just have to avoid fighting as long as they can.

A few moments later, a waitress came. She was quite cute actually, but she was also small. Could it be another loli to fight?

"What will you gentleman have." Luckly, she was friendly. "I just want some information. Would you by any chance know were the exit to this floor is?" "Yes, but why should I tell you?" "I'll be your best friend? No? What would you like then."

"... " Matt thought the girl wasn't going to tell them anything. But then she made a very strange request.

"I want a lion." "A... lion? Were are we supposed to find a lion." "If you want information, then get me a lion."

Oh, brother.

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SamJaz also had to blink at the strange request. Alvin would have to be their best hope at providing such a thing, and that was only on the off-chance that he actually happened to keep lions on that tropical island of his.


"Would a lionfish do?" SamJaz asked. "I think we can get you a lionfish."

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@ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: The waitress looked at Sam. Her voice was almost as if she was crying. "No, I want a lion." Matt could almost see her holding a lion in her hand. And she was really cute.

"Sam. We need to get her a lion. A baby lion. A cute baby lion." Matt had no idea where they could get it, but he knew they need to get it.

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SamJaz grunted, forcing himself to his feet. "Alright then." He decided, supporting himself with his cane. "Let's go lion hunting. A cripple and a kid with no combat experience against a family of lions we still need to find. This is the best idea ever."

With that comment, he led the way out of the restaurant in search of some lions in a world of sketches.

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Sitting over a pile of knocked Engineers, Gen cracked his neck and knuckles while he exhaled violently satisfied of the fight. – You were saying something Wolf-san? – Gen totally ignored Arthur as he jumped from the pile and sniffed the air again, searching for more of these engineers, only to pick up the scent of wild animals. –Follow me, I think things are about to get entertaining- The Hot-Blooded Boxer took a hallway rushing through it still fascinated about how weird his body looked as he ran. The corridor took him to meet with Samjaz and the rest of his group. –Hey Key-Aniki, fancy meeting you here…- But as he greeted the Key-Blade Wielder, a loud roar shook the surroundings, and a massive Lion, as sketchy as them appeared from a bifurcation roaring with feral rage at them. –Yes! This is going to be fun!- Gen was as excited as a child in Christmas.

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"DON'T KILL IT!" SamJaz shouted, glad that he'd found Gen just before he found the lion. "WE NEED IT ALIVE AND LOOKING PRESENTABLE! PREFERABLY TAMED!"

He leant against the wall, clutching his head. Migraines hurt. Neural impulses burning over scarred synapses hurt like crap.

And not like the crap that the engineer who tried to take a hostage felt like.

Still. They'd found a lion, and they had the means to capture it. At least the hard part was over.

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"Why would you want a lion?" Arthur enquired. He made a cage of ice around it while Matt explained the situation to him. "So you can find the item if you get that girl a lion?" "That's what we've been told, yes." The lion tried breaking out of the cage. He wasn't very successful. "Need help lugging this big boy to the restaurant?" "If we could find Alvin, he could take him there in one of his pocket dimensions. I hoped we would find a baby lion, but I guess we could take this to her. Or the two of us could go looking for a baby."

Then Matt looked at Sam. "So can I and Arthur look for a baby? I would go on my own, but a baby is surely protected by a mother lion. And those are ferocious."

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"Go for it. SamJaz shrugged. "Sorry you didn't get your fight Gen, I'll make it up for you, but think we can haul this over that way? Going to go bribe a waitress for hints on how to escape."

Actually, this would be a good time to open up and be honest with Gen. "Actually, next couple of floors are going to be pretty lackluster where violence is concerned, sorry mate." But SamJaz grinned as he tapped the ice cage. "But you're gonna love the nineteenth floor. I can promise you that."

"And I was pretty rude earlier." SamJaz said to the bloodstained girl stood next to Gen. "Hi, I'm SamJaz. It's good to meet you Yukari-san."

There was the sound of tearing paper down the hall, however, as six lionesses burst out and ambushed Arthur and Matt.

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Gen shook his head disappointed and his smile receded into the expression of somebody stoically accepting a gruesome fate, some sadness could even be seen in his face if they looked carefully and got the signs. Two days ago he would have tried to punch the hell out of anybody bossing him around, but as he previously noticed he was getting the hang of the “teamwork” thing rather than being a lone wolf as he usually did. Either way the pent up frustration would probably guide him to make something stupid in the near future only to get a fight.At least six of the lioness came out to attack Arthur and Matt, so he had something to kill time with. The Boxer rushed to help and attacked the pack of wild beasts from the flank lifting one and using her as a club to hit the other. – Come one you furry bastards! Hit me with your best shot!-

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"And there he goes..." SamJaz sighed, looking at the caged lion who snarled, trying to escape the cage bars to tear at SamJaz's and Yukari's faces. "And that's a problem. How to deal with this mess..?"

Making a decision, SamJaz grabbed a pen knife from his pocket and, flicking the blade out, stabbed the lion in the paw. It yelped, and backed off.

Yep, raised in captivity. Absolute wuss of a lion. Gen wouldn't have even enjoyed that battle.

Still, by the sounds of it, he was having the time of his life with the lionesses.

"So, what do you have planned for the weekend?" SamJaz asked Yukari, trying to make light conversation in the situation.

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Matt swung the sword Sam gave him. "Hey, you almost hit me." He heard Arthur yell, as a lioness corpse fell. Soon another one fell, with an ice shard in it's head. Matt swung the sword again and cut one's leg. The lioness charged at him inraged, but Arthur lance hit her "Thanks." "Yeah, yeah. There's still three more." But they fell soon.

Matt and Arthur went further ahead and soon saw a lair. It must have been protected by the lionesses. In it there were 2 little lion cubs... And three adult males. "Damn, I once read a novel, where 5 lions killed 10 grown mean with spears. And there's only 2 of us here" Arthur thrust his lance at one of the lions, but the lion hit it with his paw and lunged at him. Luckly Matt's sword hit it's side and Arthour gained enough time to dodge it. Then the lion charged at Matt in a berserking state. But Arthur impaled it on his lance. That lef two, one of which was the alfa male. Arthur guessed, it was the bigger one, with the scar covering it's eye.

Arthur made a way of ice shards and it moved towards the lions. The Alfa was able to dodge it. The other one was just peaces of meat right now. The alfa lunged at Arthur, but he was able to dodge it. Right next second it jumped at Matt. Matt wasn't fast enough and the lions claw hit his right shoulder. Mat screamed. That really hurt. And he coudn't use his right hand anymore. Meaning he couldn't swing his sword. Now he was literaly useless.

The lion jumped at him again, knocking him down and pining him with its paw. The lions claw pearced Matt's chest and the lion was about bite his head off. Then Arthur pearced it's head with his lance. He cast a healing spell at Matt. It would take a few minutes for him to fully regenerate, but he doesn't need his hand right now. Arthur grabed both cubs in his arms. "Ready to go."

Matt was still in pain, but he was getting better so he nodded. The two set of towards the restaurant.

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Out of all members in the team, this was the worst choice possible for Phantom. He was stuck with his natural enemy, Alvin. Luckily conversation wasn't necessary and the two were just ignoring each other. After a few minutes of walking they stop. Facing them now is a window with a girl behind it. To make the matter interesting, she was in color and did not look like a sketch. He ignores Alvin's question and comes close to the window. After showing to the girl that she needs to step away, Phantom mimics the motion Gen would do while shadow-boxing, making the window shatter. "Well hi there. Mind telling me why so colorful, miss?" Phantom asks the question while shaking her slender hand.

Yukari had reinforced herself, snapped the attackers hand and then thrown him over herself, resulting in a crate on the impact location. She quickly follows up to the rest of her group to see that they rejoined with Sam's team in the meantime. But it doesn't last long, Arthur and Matt head off to search for a lion cub for some reason and the rather rude boxer calling her "Nice Ass-chan" joins in on the battle with the cats as well. With that she's left alone with the leader of the team, SamJaz.

A moment of uncomfortable silence follows but Sam breaks it with this question. "Uh, if you're really interested i'll spend the days with being yelled at by my Master and doing pointless errands from him and i'll spend my nights with reading." Having answered to his question in a rather sour manner, not because she was in a bad mood or angry at him but rather because he had reminded her of how painful and boring her weekends were, Yukari continues as she hadn't introduced herself yet. "By the way, my name's Yukari Kusanagi, Yuki for friends. I'm a Mage and Contractor by profession."

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