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"Oh, it's a fight you desire?" The girl stands up from her throne as lighting, darkness, fire and ice race towards her. A gesture of her hand and a new color joins the game of elements.

It's color is dark red and it paints a semi-solid, thick liquid, blood. It quickly formed a sphere around the girl protecting her from the onslaught of nature. Then, without the ball of life essence losing it's form, threads as thing as human hair shoot out for it, also made for the same substance. Each of them aims for one head of the team.

Phantom reacts to it rather casually by placing a big card in front of him.

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Alvin opened a portal in front of him to protect himself from the blood's attack, creating similar portals to protect his allies.

Black Frost, however, took the blood based attack to the chest, and it reflected directly back at the summoner.

He charged in, swimming through the floes of lava like it was air, and unleashed a wave of raw fury.

The red light headed directly at the sphere of blood would engulf the girl in a blinding rage. She wouldn't be abel to think straight and lose all sense of defense and attack blindly.

Without waiting to see whether the mental attack would take hold, Black Frost brought his hands together in a combined fist and slammed down onto the ball of blood to send it flying down into the levels below, crashing against the solidified magma.

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The ball of blood, holding it's Master still inside of itself, is slammed through the floor. In mid air the girl makes the protective shield go away and instead it forms three giant claws to meet Black Frost who had jumped after her. She sustains herself in the air using her small bat-like wings. The smile on her face is mischievous and she's just playing around.

Phantom having no desire to let this go on chases after the two by blinking, placing himself just behind Black Frost, all three of them now falling down, their destination being the lava made rocks submerged under water.

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Black Frost kicked against a stone as he landed and collapsed into a cloud of broken glass, returning to the feminine form of Undine.

"Water's my playing field handsome." She winked, before melting into the water and raising a hurricane to solidify more laver higher in the air, hoping to dash the insolent girl against the walls.

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"Missed ya sweetie." Phantom says when he blinks right next to the Persona, as he saw that the loud and vulgar one was gone and replace with a more comfortable one. Phantom throw one of his Mark 1 explosive cards down, in hope that after the girl slams into the rocks she will be caught in the full blast of the explosion.

But the scenario is averted as she just flies to the side, evading both the blunt force of a solid impact and the deadly blast of Phantom's card, which ends up destroying the rock formation instead. "What water is to you, blood is to me." The girl says it in a playful tone, making it obvious that it's a play with words she done there. She cuts her palm with a small dagger, still flying in mid air. A few drops of her blood end up in the water beneath them. As expected they disperse leaving no visible mark that they were there to begin with. Not a moment passes and that becomes a lie. All the water, as if corrupted by the girl's blood, shifts is color and thickness to match that of the drops that had stained it a moment ago.

It suddenly starts moving, painting the picture of a storm on a blood red sea. At starts rising from the ground and amassing into one point. The beast born from it is a giant made of blood. It lacks any facial feature and only has a humanoid body shape, resembling the titan the team had fought a few floors ago.

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Undine looked in sheer horror before bursting into a fit of laughter.

"Just. As. Planned." She sneered, her voice becoming decidedly more masculine as with the sound of breaking glass, her figure became sterner, her hair longer and paler, until a man with long, platinum blonde hair stood next to Phantom.

"Blood Break." Polydeuces said, clenching his fist as a sphere of red light engulfed the space around them, and the curse of immortality was placed upon the blood.

But this went further.

This was only possible if he had partial control over the blood in the first place to break the blood to this extent.

But the stupid girl had already mixed her blood with Undine's water for him.

Blood truly was stupider than water, as they saying went.

Thanks to that girl, the blood would no longer obey her command.

It could not congeal.

It could not be shaped.

It could not solidify.

It could not heal in any way, shape, or form, including being moved at will or solidified into a sharp attack.

It was even more liquid as water, but even less pliable than granite.

Blood would not work once it left the body.

"The best part? You can't even do anything to the blood inside people, because it'll disobey you as soon as it tries to leave the vein." Polydeuces shouted, gripping his right right and aiming it at the girl, before launching a missile from his fist to obliterate her.

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The girl grins and the breaks into made laughter. "A pity, if you had been not that stupid i could have played his game a bit longer you fools. But it ends now." Now her grin becomes a more sinister one and something starts forming inside her hand. Small crystals of red fly towards her hands and end up forming a weapon, a spear. It was blood red and somewhat transparent, showing it's crystaline form.

She points the tip of the spear towards Polydeuces and Phantom alike. A sphere of lightning forms around the blade and with one light thrust it's sent off. Phantom grabs the Persona by the shoulder an blinks both of the out of the attack range. The blast travles and eats Poly's (Phantom's nickname for him) projectile.

When the blast is over, everything that was behind two was gone. Half of the mansion was blow away.

"Looks like she isn't playing around anymore?" a comical grin forms on Phnatom's face as he face the Persona next to him.

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Polydeuces punched Phantom in the face.

"IDIOT" He shouted. "I EAT LIGHTNING!"

Polydeuces calmed down, healing his comrades. "Alright. Io is telling me that that Mary's grey matter hasn't been completely augmented to fill the wounds in SamJaz's brain yet, but Nike's been completely reacclimatised and made a part of SamJaz's soul, so we're gonna test her out." He handed a silver card to Phantom. "If she goes psycho on you, snap the card and one of use'll take over. Wish us luck."

Polydeuces shattered into glass, and was replaced by the face and figure of the silver-haired maid from before, though dressed in something resembling SamJaz's battle attire. "Victory is assured." She said, teleporting forward and spreading little white spears around the other girl.

Before she could counter attack, Nike shouted "ZA WARUDO!", And time froze.

This was a new ability she had obtained, and one she was eager to test out.

With the time afforded her, she filled the air around her opponent with more of the knife-sized spears of light and raw sharpness. As soon as time restarted, the blood-manipulating girl would be filled with so many holes she wouldn't know weather she was coming or going.

The Irony was not lost in Nike. The girl's servant had killed SamJaz in the same manner moments before Nike's birth.

Nike landed behind the blood girl as Alvin portalled the rest of the team to the safe location, and time restarted, and the stabbing commenced.

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Gen was jumping all around avoiding the attacks coming from the Bloody Mistress and the friendly fire from his own team. This was one of situations in which the Hot-Blooded Boxer asked to himself. –How the fuck did I manage to score a draw against that? - Referring to Samjaz, obviously. When the pint-sized Mistress launched a powerful attack that even as he tried to dodge he got partially struck by it, knocking the air out him. The Battle Chasing Delinquent had a second of insecurity, asking himself if he didn’t bite too much this time without thinking, but his Fighting Spirit burn that doubt away and decided that he was being too much of a ***** if he was afraid of some fireworks. –Fuck this! I’m going to knock some sense into that bloody brat!- Gen rushed through the elemental mayhem of the room and as he was reaching through blood attacks, fire, lighting and water yet when he was about to reach her he was teleported away.

-FUCK TELEPORTATION!- He roared in frustration as the fist he was about to connect went instead to the ground of wherever Alvin teleported them making a massive crater under him. –Who of you fuckers teleported me? FUCK THIS! AND FUCK YOU!- Gen’s kept the F cluster bomb going for a while as he moved from side to side while punching any nearby inorganic object as a cloak of blue flames surrounded him. If he didn’t punched somebody in the next minutes he would have to start with somebody in his team, and if Alvin wanted to keep his head in place he would have to keep his mouth shut.

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"The hell i was supposed to know that?" Phantom yells at the Persona while holding his face, still hurting from the sudden and unexpected punch. Before he gets the chance to get an answer, a card is given to him and the Persona's switch yet again. From what Phantom got, this was the new one, recently acquired in the battle with the maid.

After some preparations were made by the Persona identified as Nike Phantom alongside the rest of the team gets teleported to the second floor again, to the room where they met the girl. Crown watched through the hole made by Alvin's portals and Black Frost's assault, as the girl gets pierced by multiple projectiles. They did manage to draw blood, but it didn't look like she was about to go down, they pissed her off at best. "I'll eradicate you vermin!" She points her spear upwards "Sky Splitting Crimson Lance!" she screams the words in a mad voice as huge amounts of red energy gather around the spear. Phantom turns his attention to Gen who was busy with cursing everything and everyone in sight. "Listen Gen, she's vulnerable while getting that beam off. I'll take care of the attack up here and you're going to dash down there and as you would say deck her in the schnozz, understand?"

Phantom didn't really wait for a confirmation from his teammate and already started preparing for the attack, if it gets serious he'd force the boxer down there, one way or another. Though he though it was unlikely after he should be overjoyed that he gets a chance like that.

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Gen stopped the moment he heard Phantom about decking somebody. Before he could finish talking about the plan the Boxer was already rushing towards the Mistress location prepared to give his all in the attack. He couldn’t say he trusted Phantom, but as the situation seemed dire the Hot-Blooded Boxer swallowed his prejudice and went for the kill. Jumping downwards he landed with a roll and then used his top speed to charge against the Bloody Mistress that was busy attacking Crown. –You’re in for a wild ride pint-sized bitch! I’m going to whip out a new move just for you! - Gen roared as he was about to reach her. –Ghost Raijin Drill Tornado- This seemingly random combination of words was only a fusion of terms of other attacks, the fleetness of feet given by the Raijin Step, the swiftness of blows from the Ghost Jab Hurricane and the spinning motions of the Drill Dragon uppercut, all combined into a single barrage of spinning uppercuts, that destroyed the sphere of blood that the Mistress tried to lift in vain to defend herself and the shower of fists reached every single point of her body, punching with relentless fury and conviction, each blow taking chunks from the Devilish Mistress.

As he landed with bloody pulp of what once was the Mistress of what was once a mansion falling around him, Gen cracked his neck and his knuckles with a smile of satisfaction painted in his face. – FUCK! That was refreshing, my head is totally clear after that.- The Spirit Boxers of the Guts type, such as Gen bottle up their Fighting Spirit if they don’t fight from time to time, so releasing it was like taking the steam from a pressure pot.

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Alvin let out a breath as the boxer vented himself. He was going to open a portal to a Creeper nest and blame it on them if Gen kept on going much longer.

More importantly, who was that girl who just attacked the bloodkid, and why did she look like that psycho maid?

And why did she just collapse into broken glass and reform as a blonde dude?

Meanwhile Polydeuces watched Gen and Phantom unleash a devastating combo. It was a breathtaking sight to behold. Ranged, calculated attacks from above and roaring fury of close combat from below.

It was breathtaking.

SamJaz would've loved to see those two working together so well, but they'd had enough problems shifting through the useless memories from Mary and preventing the neural transplants from taking over, as well as repairing the databanks, without fabricating more memories for him that he might reject later on.

They should be done by the end of the next floor.

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Luckily no act of convincing or magic was need to get the hot-blooded boxer to play along. He already started his barrage of attacks the the mistress when the beam fires off, though at a slightly different angle than what she had aimed for because of the beatdown she was going through. Phantom was prepared for it, after that was his only task in his plan. A wall of giant cards, multiple layers of it. The first one seemed to have broken down but before it can continue to drill itself through the magical defense the beam stops completely.

Phantom didn't bother with making the cards transparent so he couldn't tell what was going on down there but he was confident that Gen letting all his rage out onto the girl would be enough to finish her off. The cards disappear and reveal the boxer standing over the bloody corpse of the former Master of this mansion. Phantom blinks down, appearing next to the spirit coated fist fighter. "Don't you think you overdone it a bit?" Crown invokes irony with the question as at the same time he creates a card and beheads the body, just to be sure. Even the question itself was asked in a sarcastic and humorous way.

As he starts looking around for the exit someone hugs him from behind, the arms warping themselves around him barely reaching above his stomach. "You done it Mister! You made it to the end of my story." it's a girly voice that speaks, laughing between the line in a very child like manner. Crown turns around to meet the overjoyed face of Maggy. "Everyone who came here so far couldn't come to the end, some didn't even pass the first scene. But you and your friends finally did it." she's waving around the book she's been carrying around all the time. A closer look to it reveals a detailed documentation of everything the team was through so far on this floor.

"Wait, you mean..." Phantom doesn't finish the question as it's obvious what he thinks. The girl just nods. Inside Phantom the wish to complain or ask further questions forms, but before he can do so she takes him by the hand and starts pulling him. She leads him to a door.

"Well, good luck on your journey Mister. Visit me again, i promise i'll improve my story until then." she waves him goodbye while saying so. Phantom takes the first step down the stairs, slightly turning back to look and the girl and nervously waving at her. He didn't really want to wait for her to "improve" the story so he heads down hoping that the rest of the team will follow his example and catch up swiftly.

Floor -13

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Polydeuces lead the team down to the next floor, the temperature rising and the air getting dryier. He switched to Eligor, an old, powerful man with the eyes of a soldier as FCL came to face a wooden door.

Opening it, Eligor lead the team out to a large, sand filled stadium. Crowd cheered, and some women in frilly red dresses handed each member of the team a red cape before dancing off, shaking their hips to the samba music as they went.

Looking around, the stadium bore references to spanish, central american, and even dutch cultures. It was a completely offensive farce made of blending a number of ethnic stereotypes together so these fat cats in suits could watch them fight some bulls.

The crowd cheered as the large, metal gate opened, and a large, leathery claw came out.

No, that leather was made of scales.

A massive head, looking like a bearded dragon, followed it, then the body and the other claws until the tail swung out behind it.

All in all, the creature was over 15 metres long, about over fifty feet.

Then the wings spread wide, each wing spanning the full length of the monster's body, and fire exploded from its mouth.

Someone tossed a few spears around the grounds of the arena, which was about six times the size of the space the dragon covered. Oracle whispered that the scales of this dragon repelled anything magic based- it would shatter Phantom's cards like glass, it would shrug off any explosion, the strength from Matt's transformations and Eligor's demonic power would be of no help, even Gen's spirit-based projectiles the dragon would shrug off through sheer primal authority.

They say a mother dragon is the deadliest.

But they were wrong.

This was an alpha male.

"Well, we're boned." Alvin decided as Eligor strode towards the dragon, holding the red cape out to his side as he met the dragon's eyes.

The dragon snorted, flames erupting from its nostrils.

"ORA!" Eligor shouted, waving the flag and bringing the dragon to charge at him.

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-Overdid? I just punched a pest…- Gen smiled with a predatory grin as he left following Samjaz, o whoever he was calling himself in the moment. The Boxer Fighting Spirit was bursting from him, small sparks of blue surrounded him that last attack got him fired up as he hoped for more fights. As he went down through the stairs the roaring of the crowd slowly filtered through the doors of the next level, making the hallway feel like it was shaking. Some attendants guided them and when the doors opened, Gen smiled even wider. –This is going to be fun!-

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A dragon? We're fighting a dragon? Can this place get any wierder? Arthur fired a few ice shards... but it had no effect. Resistant to magic, huh? Good to know. He looked at the the passage they came through. He was surprised to find out it was still open. But that was a good thing. He guessed the other stairway was in the room which the dragon came from. Perhaps if they could lead the thing into the stairway and get it stuck. Sam already got started apperantly.

Then I should join in as well. He yelled at the dragon "Hey, lizard breath. Come at me if you dare."

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"OLE!" Eligor shouted, waving his cape as the dragon charged right past. The crowd cheered as the beast stampeded towards the grinning Gen and the shouting Arthur.

Eligor left them to it, running to the side as he grabbed one of the spears. The gate the dragon came out of had closed now, and wouldn't open again until the beast was down.

With that, Eligor roared, throwing the spear at the Dragon's shoulder. It roared in pain as the spear embedded, past the scales, and into the shoulder. "So, that works..." Eligor nodded, pointing out to everyone that the spears were meant to be used.

Alvin, on the other hand, had scrambled over the wall and had obtained a tamale from a vendor, joining the cheering crowd as he opened portals, dropping fireproof armour over the fields.

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"Don't think it understands you." Phantom comments Arthur's tries to get the dragon's attention. It was said with a good dose of sarcasm in it, Phantom's try at a joke while stating the obvious. Seeing that their bodyguard left... again and that the now wounded and enraged dragon was heading towards Arthur, Gen and Crown himself, he blinks.

Phantom ends up next to the spear throwing Sam. "You really think poking a dragon is a good idea?" he asks with a grin while picking up a spear himself and throwing it, aiming at the other, not bleeding shoulder. After seeing that it has a decent effect on the beast Phantom picks up four spears, two in each hand. "If you need me, i'll be up there providing support." he gives a wink to Sam and then blinks up the air and levitates. A smug smile spreads across his face. He would be in a position just as comfortable and safe as the one of their bodyguard but could still claim that he was part of the battle. He starts studying the dragon's movements and looking for a good chance to make a throw.

In the meantime a girl was in the lift of the Hellscraper. Her name was Yukari Kusanagi, a mage by profession. She was heading towards the current floor, floor thirteen. She had heard about the event from a friend and thought that it would be the perfect place for Spirit hunting. The lift finally stops moving and she steps out. In front of her is a narrow, dark hall. After a few steps she comes to the end and a wooden door. Opening it reveals a sand covered arena, a cheering crowd, a team probably being the one that descended this tower in the first place, and of all things a dragon. Though it wasn't really a surprise for Yukari, she had her share of knowledge about dragons and other mythological beings, she just didn't expect to find one here.

With a confident smile on her face she takes the first step into the arena.

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The dragon roared and with a flap of its wings, burst into the air. It chose to ignore the small fleshies down on the ground, going instead for the flying one.

Opening its jaws wide, a ball of flames engulfed the flying thief.

"Well, this could be problematic..." Eligor noted, before seeing the young girl behind him. "Ah, hello miss." He announced, walking towards her before collapsing into shards of broken glass, and taking the form of Undine. "Welcome to From the Ceiling with Love." She told Yukari with a smile, shaking her hand. "I'm acting team leader, but SamJaz will be up and running fairly soon. In the meantime, grab a spear and get skewering that thing up there."

With that, she pulled away and, with more breaking glass, returned to Eligor, who cast a Red Wall spell on the team to protect them from the flames, and began reaching for more spears to throw upwards.

And that was when the dragon found a spear in its eye, Alvin riding its head and stabbing it deep. Not enough to kill it, but certainly enough to blind it somewhat.

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-Hey, a new piece of ass to stare while fighting!- Gen brutish lack of manners attacks again, as he looked up and down at Yukari while she entered the arena. Without waiting for what would surely be one hell of an answer, the Hot-Blooded Boxer rushed against the Dragon with his fist ready completely soaked in Spirit. He didn’t noticed about how the magical attacks sent by Arthur wasn’t effective, and even he did he wasn’t smart enough to make a connection, he punched with all his might at a scale and the force bounced back, a loud crack sounded all over the arena as the bones in his right hand were smashed into smaller pieces, the Dragon reflected the Spirit against Gen and made his bones shatter due to the strain. With his right hand out of service, the Battle Chasing Delinquent decided to follow Samjaz, or whoever he was right now, example and with his incredible physical might he threw a spear against the monster. The weapon shattered upon impact and only left a small dent in the scales. –Fuck these spears, I’m going to knock him down, even if I have to do it old-school.- Gen moved back and got ready to rush again towards the dragon.

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