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Arthur didn't feel like giving the girl money. Sure he got enough from the "pirate" cave, but he didn't want to spend it all this fast. mSo he went with a more practical solution. He made an ice bridge. And then ran across with Matt, before the girl noticed. Arthur was in a sour mood. He didn't know why, he just was. He sat at Phantom's poker table. "Texas or Standard? And can I get a cup of tea, I don't feel like drinking alcohol." It's not that he doesn't feel like drinking alcohol, it's that he doesn't like alcohol. That could be a side-effect of people not believing his age until they see his ID. It just got anoying, so he quit.

"Let's play a few hands. To pass the time." Playing with a guy who can make his cards. He would probably cheat. But hey, it's a friendly match. Not like they're gona bet real money.

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"Ay up." Alvin said as Arthur decided everyone should play cards. "So, we let the guy with the massive key walk into a confirmed deathtrap on his own while we wait for you guys, and now we decide to waste more time while he could be dying?"

Alvin leaned back in his chair. "Well, if that's how you guys roll, whatever. Deal me in."

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The front door to the place swung open, and SamJaz lowered his keyblade. "What on earth is taking them so long?" He asked himself, wandering over to the team's previous location, leaving the mansion door open and unguarded.

He found the group drinking and gambling. "Are you serious?" He asked them. "I mean, really. We're in a death trap with killer loli's, one more to take out before we move on with this floor, and you all decide to get drunk and waste time with children's card games? I don't wanna hear it." He added, walking away from the group. "I'll storm the mansion by myself. I'll shout you when the stairs are clear."

A few minutes later, and he was back at the mansion. Door still wide open.

Keyblade in his hand was still Guardian Soul. It was a good offensive keyblade, good length, broad, and it increased his reactions while he held it. Perfect for when the air turned into bullets.

"Let's get this done." He announced, walking through the front door.

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Gen chugged down the rum as it was tap water. Thanks to his training and his natural unholy resistance to booze this was like drinking water, only heavy doses of very strong liquor could make him a little tipsy. He always laughed at the fact that he could drink his mentor under the table any given day, Masaoki was a powerful Spirit Boxer but he couldn’t hold his booze even if his life depended on it. The Hot-Blooded Boxer stood up and followed Samjaz –Hey aniki don’t get mad, everybody wants to rest and drink something.- Gen followed the Key-blade master through the mansion door

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"Come on Sam, don't be such a spoilsport. You should know you can't fight killer loli's without some rest." Arthur said. Then he remembered what Gen said about his power drainige. "Hey Gen, I've got a suggestion. Since you regained you Spirit back, I'm guessing it regenerated back from the small amount that was inside me. Since you might use up your Spirit again, I think you should send some more to me. As a precautionary measure." Afther Arthur told Gen what was on his mind he walked next to him waiting for a response.

Douring that time the young man called Matt was sitting at the same table as Phantom and Alvin. "Should we follow those guys or are we going to play some poker?"

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Ans the group was leaving again it seems. Phantom was left alone at the table with the two newest members of the team. A man he already disliked and a man he didn't care for. Well he seemed kind, it's just that Crown had his hands full with accepting Arthur and Gen because of this situation.

He gives them nothing more than an arrogant glance, blinking away from the table, while thrown his hand of cards onto the table revealing a Royal Flush. After that he's walking besides Gen and right after Sam who had already placed the first foot into the mansion. Maggy's right next to him as well. The mansion has two staircases, one leading to the left and the other one going right. It was silent, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the clock, placed exactly between the pair of stairs. Just like previously music starts to torment their lives and to signalize the coming of a new threat.

Then with a click on the clock the group made up by thief, boxer and... eh... hero guy gets surrounded by knife from all sides, all aimed at vital spots. Phantom quickly creates a dozen cards around himself and arranges them so that each of them blocks one of the deadly projectiles aimed at him. Admits the chaos of flying silverware he didn't even notice a girl standing in front of them. Dressed in a maid uniform, three knifes are held by her slender fingers.

"Burglars of any kind will be exterminated, and are not allowed to see the Mistress." a steel look is on her eyes as she says so.

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@Sketshinoda: @SamJaz: @DigiDestined: @ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Gen and Arthur were soon followed by Matt and Phantom. Just a few seconds later they were surrounded by knifes, every one aimed at their vital spots. Arthur made ice shards to destroy the knives aimed at him, Gen and Matt. Phantom had his own ass covered.

"Is that any way to treat your guests? I thought you were supposed to offer us some food. No matter." He made a bunch of ice shards and hurled them at the made. Just as they were supposed to hit the maid they all dissapeared. Dissapeared wasn't the right word. They were laying in a bucket near the maids foot. "Thank you. We were running low on ice. Now I don't need to go to the shop." How did the maid stop the shards. I hadn't noticed anything. Is she that fast? No, that's impossible. What did she do then? Arthur pondered. Suddenly, they were surrounded by more knives. But, Arthur noticed something. The clock behind the maid. He could swear it suddenly moved by two seconds. Time manipulation? Could that be possible? Only one mage Arthur knew of had that power. He made ice shards to protect the group agian. Matt transformed into the knight guy and charged at the maid. That guy should probably invest more though into his actions. Blindly charging into a time manipulator will not end well for him.

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SamJaz had no idea how it happened. One second, he was alone in a hallway, the next, he was surrounded by knives that just floated there.

The next, impaled through the neck, heart, kindeys, wrists, kneecaps, collarbones, spine, liver, eyes and temple.

Another knife flew through the back of his head as he fell to the ground.

That made Alvin's blood run cold.

SamJaz was dead on the ground.

Blood pooled black on the tiled floor.

Alvin turned at the maid who did this and, raising his hands into the air, opened a portal above the stairs.

And seven tonnes of sea water came cascading down.

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Before he could turn his attention to the maid a shocking scene played out. Sam was hit from all sides and was lying on the floor, not even flexing a muscle. A quick blink and Crown is kneeling next to his body. He checks his pulse, saying nothing. Phantom just clenches his fists as he stands up. "Damn..." is all that he can force out of his throat. Things weren't supposed to go like that. Not only did they lose a teammate, but it was also their leader. On top of that it was the only person on the team Phantom considered a friend. He in fact was the only one besides Clare and his house staff to know of his true identity.

At the same that that Phantom confirmed his friends death their newest member did something while affected by the shock as well as it seems. A giant anvil of water was about to crush the maid, at that moment a wonderful thing and probably Phantom's most honest wish at that time, but it never connects. The maid teleports in a manner not unlike Phantom's and sits on the second floor with her legs crossed. The water hits the ground and after some time settles down. Surprisingly the water level was very low, in fact it was so low that it didn't even reach to Phantom's ankles. A look to the left and right solves the mystery. The main hall in which they were so far, was enormous, you couldn't even see the walls on the sides, one could guess that the distance was endless.

"Oh my, who's gonna clean up this mess? " she asks it in an innocent voice while placing a finger on her chin, completely oblivious to the fact that she had just killed a man. Without even being asked about it the girls explains what she did as if to show off "I'm the Head Maid of this mansion, the space in here is under my control." as she finishes she jumps down onto their level again, probably to deal with the rest of the group. But they were already gone. Phantom had teleported the lot onto the second floor while she still was in mid air, pushing them through the giant door in the middle.

"Go and get that bitch Mistress. I'll stay here and take care of this one myself." he jumps back to face the maid.

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Alvin lead Arthur and Matt down the corridor, ready to face the mistress, leaving Gen and Phantom to deal with the psychotic maid.

But he carried his orders out well.

This was the third failsafe SamJaz had instructed him to carry out on the side of the riverbank in case something went horribly wrong.

He had no idea how flooding that place would help, but he had faith that he did.

However, he kicked the door down, looking for an opponent as he got ready to open the necessary portals to drop lava all over this woman.

Back in the main lobby, however, water began to lick the maids ankles, before forming into a solid, human hand that gripped each leg and dragged her to the ground.

The water began to gather around the maid, rising in depth as the water clawed itself back into the central lobby, as if it was being sucked up a drainage pipe.

When the water raised to knee height, however, SamJaz's floating corpse collapsed into more water, and an aquatic blue figure stood in the midst of the water.

"tHAT bEHAVIOUR tO mY sUMMONER wILL nOT bE tOLERATED" A woman said through SamJaz's mouth, water turning into skin as clothing wrapped around him.

"yOU dARE cHALLENGE tHE pOWERS oF hELL?!" Another voice said through the same mouth, this one an agressive, male voice, one much deeper than SamJaz's.

"dISGUSTING." A third voice, another female, said. "a mERE sERVANT gIRL hAS cAUSED tHIS?"

"cALM yOURSELF iO" Another male said. "wE wILL rESTORE rIGHTS sOON eNOUGH"

"i cAN sEE iT" Oracle spoke, voice number five. "tHIS pLACE iS hER pOCKET dIMENSION"

"wE wILL cRUSH yOU, sILLY cHILD" An enormous voice, one spoken through a throat of granite, declared, before the seventh voice came.

"yOU hAVE bEEN wEIGHED." This new voice said through SamJaz's mouth in a voice that sounded like tombstones slamming against steel. "yOU hAVE bEEN mEASURED."

"aND yOU hAVE bEEN fOUND wANTING, hEE hO." The eight voice sneered, looking down as the eight demons surrounded the maid.

Undine. Eligor. Io. Polydeuces. Oracle. Oumitsunu. Pale Rider. Black Frost.

All had taken over in the absence of SamJaz.

They raised the keyblade to his head, then shoved it through his skull.

Light exploded through the water.

SamJaz screamed as claws formed and fvanished, changing into gauntlets, then talons, then tentacles then mighty hands.

Wings came and went, black, leathery ones, white feathery ones, colourful insectlike ones and glass, rigid ones.

Horns grew and dissolved. Fangs lengthened and were ground down.

Skin became scales, then feathers, then armour, then skin.

And the light settled into an ambient glow around SamJaz.



Psyche raised his hand, and the water twisted around the maid before forming into seven dragons.

-= KNEEL =-

The dragons lunged for the maid.

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Completely filled with small wounds, thanks to his constant training and Spirit Defense, a technique to coat the body with Fighting Spirit to protect him, Gen stood tall with knives piercing his body in several places, but only shallowly. As the events progressed, and he saw how Samjaz was killed, rage boiled in the Battle Chasing delinquent body and soul. The Fighting Spirit started to pulsate and a sudden shockwave sent the knives flying away but as he was preparing to attack the Murderous Maid, Samjaz experimented what could be called a full blown summoning ****storm, or truth to be told that’s how Gen would call it. His rage receded upon his confusion and as the seven water dragons attacked the maid the Hot-blooded Boxer shouted. –Hey Key-aniki! What the fuck is going on here?-

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Faces shifted and changed, warping and replacing SamJaz' own with every word he spoke.



Psyche raised its hands to the sky, Asura tore open the ceiling of the manor, roaring as black light came from above, crashing down onto the maid.

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What was happening right now was even more strange than Sam's sudden death or the visual changes the room had undergone. Not only did the water rise around the maid, but Sam's dead body rose as well. Matching the mood of the current situation, his appearance was many things but not ordinary. His skin, limbs and face were switching on after another, some of his Persona could be recognized in that identity crisis. Despite not being exactly sure what was going on Crown was jut happy to see the body move and show signs of life. At least he had a reason to stop blaming himself for not shielding the whole team instead of just relying on them being able to do so.

"You got me sweating there for a moment, buddy." Phantom throws back a glance at his friend while his says it. On his face is a rather nervous but also happy grin. Just as he turns around again to face the maid light strikes through the roof of the mansion, right above the maid. She reacts to both threats, the water serpents and then ghostly light. Teleporting away, she increases the distance between her and the water beasts to a hundred meters.

"How dare you? Don't you know i'll be the one who has to clean all of this?" She already prepared her knifes while saying so, the anger in her voice was obvious. After she gives a strong grip to her knife she teleports again right behind the group throwing ten knifes and preparing a new set. She teleports yet again, and repeats the action with the knifes. What comes out is a scenario very close to that made by Phantom one the first floor, when he was spamming his blink ability. The result of this game is a continuous rain of knifes, from all angles possible.

As a response Phantom creates five car sized cards, circling around him. Then in the same manner he had done the night he met Sam he lets the cards swirl around him while extending their reach and moving away from him. They cut and push knifes down out of the air, and are covering the area to prevent the maid from dodging. Just a little bit more and it won't matter where she teleports she will be cut down, by either the dancing cards or Phantom himself.

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The maid fought off the oncoming cards for as long as she could, but after her legs were slashed and her arms flew off, she teleported herself to the relative safety of the staircase-

Where Psyche caught her with a hand.

-= DEVOUR =-

The maid screamed as she turned to white light, then collapsed into shards of glass, then becoming a floating card in SamJaz's hand.


The light faded around Psyche and the water settled, staying around knee height as SamJaz stood before the empty, bloodstained dress on the staircase.

Then SamJaz's hair turned blue and grew to shoulder height. He grew shorter, and his figure more slender.

"Huh." A female voice said. "Io must still be working on him..."

SamJaz- no, Undine turned around to face SamJaz and Phantom. "Sorry guys, but it's gonna be a while before SJ's back and running, so you'll have to put up with me for a while." She smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, this is weird for me to, but let's just let this slide, and hopefully you'll be back with your awesome key-swinging schizo friend in a few minutes. So, off to go kill that maid's boss?"

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The maid experienced a painful and agonizing death, not really Crown's style but he liked it a bit in this case. Though Phantom wasn't really sure if it even counted as a "death" whatever had happened when the thing identified as Psyche was over with her. Then one of the Persona, a female one, faces Phantom and explains him the situation at hand.

"I see. Well, i guess we'll just go ahead and deal with the top dog in here." Phantom walks up to the woman while speaking and then extends his hand towards her awaiting a shake. "Don't really know if you know me and how Sam's head works and all, but I'm Phantom." His face had the same smile he gave to the girl he met on this floor, a friendly one. He wouldn't open up to people so fast but this was a friend of Sam or it was Sam or it was a part of Sam or something like that, but either way it was alright.

He blinks up to the second floor and goes through the door, hoping that he can catch up to the rest of the team.

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Undine melted into water and burst up the stairs, flying above Phantom and landing beside him in a splash ,reforming with a frown on her face.

"This one's gonna be tough." Undine said, hearing Oracle warn her. "Alright, Phantom, I'm gonna love ya and leava ya with Blackjack. Put up with him, he takes some getting used to, but don't think he's nice in the centre. He's nasty to the bone but that's only one part of SJ, just like me." She winked at him. "Later-"

She choked, then shattered into glass, leaving a male figure, dark skin with white hair.

"Enough of that ho." Black Frost growled, lines forming over his hands and face as he strode down the corridor, following Alvin, Arthur and Matt. "MEAT BAG! LADY BOY! LET'S SMASH THIS HO'S FACE IN ALREADY! I'VE GOT TOWERS TO CLIMB AND YOU'RE SLOWING ME DOWN!"

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"Wait, you..." and before he finished the girl dispersed into glass. What comes in her place is man, lines running over his body. It doesn't take to long for Crown to understand what Undine meant while describing Black Frost. He felt like cursing. The girl was someone Phantom could get used to, he even liked her a bit just from meeting her, but this guy was just unacceptable. Two lines from that guy and Phantom already hated him. Too loud and too brash. But all he could hope for is that another Persona will appear or that Sam himself will return.

The lot opens up a big door and enters a giant room. It had a big window really taking up half of the wall and a bed. The rest of the room was empty save for a throne with a girl sitting on it.

"Huh, who let you in? Is Marry slacking off again?" the girls voice is bored and it sounds as if she was sleepy. "Begone or i'll have to take care of your myself." Her threat is made in the same voice but still manages to send down chills down the groups spine. Phantom notices that Maggy's next to him again, she was watching their fight all time. He wasn't really sure what's she even doing all the time but he has better things to think about right now.

Bats surrounds the team as musing starts playing. Their next move will decide the nature of the situation, calm or another bullet hell.

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Black Frost roared, charging ahead as the darkness swooped around his hands and lashed out at the girl. The room exploded into flames, fire spreading across the carped as the ceiling was encased in ice. Massive icicles fell as they grew, shattering against the ground, sending slivers of ice the size of nails around the place.

The friction of the hot air rising struggling against the cold air descending created friction. This friction caused sparks. Manipulating the heat currents, Black Frost made the lightning dance as thunderbolts joined in the elemental assualt that quickly filled the room.

Darkness. Fire. Ice. Lightning.

This was Black Frost's power.

Destruction incarnate.

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Gen just went with the flow in this one, muttering –What the **** I’m doing here?- in a soft whisper from time to time. He was a little bit stupefied for a second when Samjaz turned into a chick, and then a lot more when he turned into a bad mouthed guy. Gen liked that guy. He followed the shape shifting Key-Blade Master and the Masked Thief to the “main boss” room, were the Mistress of the Mansion was waiting. A young girl like the others, the Hot-Blooded Boxer didn’t had any regards for age or gender when it came to fighting so he rushed forward hoping to get some action, as lately he didn’t punch anything and that made him uncomfortable. Yet his rush was interrupted by Black Frost elemental barrage that blocked Gen’s path stopping him from decking the girl in the face.

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Alvin watched as this newcomer, dressed in SamJaz's clothes, tore into the demonic little girl with fire, ice, lighting and darkness.

He wasn't letting his teammates anywhere near this. It didn't seem like it was trying to protect his teammates as much as he didn't care about them, but wanted to kill the opponent.

Still, there was one thing he could do. Opening a portal above the bed where Black Frost and the girl were fighting, and lava cascaded from above, engulfing the space below in molten rock. The lava should incinerate the floor below, and solidify into obsidian once it hit the flooded ground floor.

This house was going to be trashed by the end of this battle.

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