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Without thinking it twice Gen took Yei order and tried to fulfill it, a fact that was amazing as if he was ordered like this at the start of this place he would have rebel against somebody bossing him around or even punching him, yet he was starting to get friendly with this irregular bunch of misfits, heroes and mercenaries. –I’m on it Ninja-chan!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer roared as he ran over the ruined rooftop towards the monster knee. Using Raijin Step to impulse him, Gen jumped with a powerful straight punch soaked in Fighting Spirit and ready to go. His fist collided against the hard material its flesh was made of and managed to crack it. Differently from the rest of his companions, Gen’s fighting style forced him to go up close and personal and thus he detected something they missed.

The White Skin wasn’t such thing, it seemed to be some kind of protection, not for the inner body of the thing, but for those around, as his crack reached to a point so deep that made contact with the real monster skin, and some kind of geyser-like vapor was shot from it right into the Brawler’s face, with enough force to stop his momentum and push him backwards blistering his face with a heat much more powerful that just fire, something more powerful and dangerous lurked inside that White Containment Skin. –My eyes! I’m blind, this fucking thing blinded me!- Shouted Gen as he land heavily against a large piece of concrete debris. The Delinquent Boxer didn’t need his sight to notice what was happening as the skin that surrounded the leg started to fell off after being affected by Samjaz spell.

Under it skin like the boiling surface of the sun, shining brightly and lighting up the ruins appeared, the heat started covering the room. This creature is a Solar Titan, caught by a tech based organization and placed here as one of the power sources of this maze, the Cocoon also served as energy transmission device, but as the group activated the mines underwater in the previous level, the strings grew loose and the small movement awakened this monster from the stars.

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The tides of battle turned quickly, and that just as Phantom wanted to go to the next level. The monster's ability to recover from wounds, taking away one of it's key advantages that kept it in the battle so far. Gen was assaulting the thing with all he's got. But he's being repealed by the inside of the Monster, light was coming out of every tiny wound.

Phantom does not hesitate, he didn't know how long the effect will last so he was going to make use of this chance.

He creates a Mark Two cutting card (first time he uses these, the speed and sharpness are vastly improved when compared to the previous ones). It's not a regular card, but his biggest creation so far. With a size like this it could actually compete with the monster to a certain degree. But size wasn't that important right now, it would get the job done even if it was smaller, this was for show only. There was no way that Phantom could throw that monster himself, hell he couldn't even grip the card in any way possible. But it was obvious to being with that it wasn't meant to be thrown by anything that was smaller than the white giant anyway. Phantom uses his control over the cards manifesting in the form telekinesis to move it. It flies into the air while spinning stopping exactly over the monster. The it comes down at it like a Jester's guillotine. The monster gets split in two, all the way from his head down to the abdomen crating two symmetric halves. Or they would be if not for the fact that both of them were being eaten at from all sides by all kinds of small wounds. Light was leaving the large clean sliced area in great amounts, alongside the liquid insides of the giant.

It looked like the fight was over but just before the remains of the massive body collapse something bursts out from the place where the heart of the thing was supposed to be. It lands on the ground. The thing born for that event is quiet different from what the giant was it. It was still mostly white with a humanoid body, but now it had many pairs of wings with heads on each end. There was a pair of big eyes on the wings as well. It's face was black with sharp teeth coming out of the mouth. A blade was attached to it's arm. The long hair of the beast was nothing but fire dancing around in the wind. The size was also much closer to that of a human being (it would still tower over any normal human thought). It was probably the actual core of the monster all along and despite the smaller size, the heat and energy radiating from it were far greater than with the previous form. The newly born being was slowly getting up...

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SamJaz paled.

That was not supposed to happen.

He switched Persona to Black Frost, not even caring that the anti-healing spell was broken, and ran as fast as he could towards Gen, using his new short-distance warping technique to get there as fast as he could.

Quickly, he grabbed the massive boxer out of the burning haze and pulled him to safety as the monster's wound began to close.

"Hold on there." He told the boxer, switching persona to Undine as he began to placed his hands on the boxer's face. "Just hold on a second... It's gonna be okay..."

Water began to seem from his hands as Undine began to nurse the burns, and repair his eyes. He'd be stuck here for a good thirty seconds, but Gen was going to be able to see after this. Any shorter and he'd definitely need corrective lenses in the very near future, and as a boxer, that wasn't going to help him.

Undine told SamJaz about the internal head injuries Gen had gathered from within the day. He was surprised that his cure spells hadn't sorted that, but he supposed that cure was for injuries, not internal organ damage. Undine, however, took those concussions under her workload, and she'd only need a minute before Gen was fighting fit again.

But that didn't take away the problem they were facing. They were fighting a sun incarnate. Using Black Frost, SamJaz might be able to enter it unscathed, but even with its incredible firepower with that Persona, he had no idea how he was going to take that thing down.

But he wouldn't let himself panic.

He had to heal Gen.

Then he'd panic.

And that was when the newborn monster began walking towards the two of them.

If the queen before was a sun, this thing was a white dwarf.

Just being in its sight made SamJaz's skin begin to blister, thanks to Undine

"Flipflipflipfliiiip..." SamJaz grunted under the pain, glancing at the oncoming beast as he tried to rush Undine's repair of Gen.

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Magic Synced. Magic blueprint created.

Those words echoed inside Arthur's head. A new blueprint. And a usefull one.

Magic Blueprint activated. New spell gained.

Let's see what this baby can do then. Magic started swirling around Arthur. And became colder and colder. At that moment an armor of ice was around Arthur. At the very same moment the monster was split in half by a giant card right above it's head. But the monster wasn't done yet. A humanoid creature jumped out of the place where the things heart should be. The monster was radiating heat like crazy. But Arthur couldn't feel it through the cold armor he was wearing. Actualy, all the heat did to Arthur was help him not get frost bite from the armor he was wearing.

A frost sword appeared in Arthurs hand. He lunged at the opponent. His armor wwas going to protect him from the heat and the blade on it's hand. He swung his sword, but it was stopped by the things blade. A second later, the sword melted. I expected that. I put enough magic into the sword so that is doesn't melt ni the things proximity, but the thing was just so hot the sword melted upon contact. Arthur's armor was a different story. It could witstand the heat of a supernova and possibly more. Arthur just had to keep creating swords whenever one was destroyed. That would drain him since he had to use more magic so they wouldn't melt easily.

Arthur made two swords in his hands. He slashed at the monster from the left and tried to cut the thing in two from above, with his other hand. The thing dodged his lash while protecting itself from the chop. Arthur quickly made another sword and lunged at the monster with both his swords. He pierced the monsters chest, but his swords melted and the monsters wound closed. "But, didn't Sam do something to stop your regeneration?" Then Arthur noticed that Sam was busy healing Gen. Great. Sam has terrible timing, doesn't he.

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They were saved.

Arthur was buying them time.

Time was being bought for them.

Time enough to finish Gen's healing. "Feeling better?" SamJaz asked, Pushing Gen behind a ruined building. "Thank you Gen. you saved our asses, but I need to figure out a way to keep you alive in this fight before I let you get back in there. I can give you an immunity to heat that will last you exactly two hundred seconds, so if you want to use that you need to keep very good time, understand?" He asked, switching to Eligor and getting ready to cast Red Wall.

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Samjaz managed to heal Gen with his powers. The Hot-blooded Boxer stood up with the help of the Keyblade Wielder –Feeling better?- Asked the Persona User. Gen replied instantly –Yes I’m a am. Now to punch the fuck out of that giant!- The Battle Chasing Brawler looked up only to find nothing. –Did ya beat the monster while I was out?- Asked with disappointed eyes, but the look on Samjaz face and his eyes were more than enough for him to notice the new location of the monster.- "Thank you Gen. you saved our asses, but I need to figure out a way to keep you alive in this fight before I let you get back in there. I can give you an immunity to heat that will last you exactly two hundred seconds, so if you want to use that you need to keep very good time, understand?- Samjaz talked seriously and Gen understood that the situation was dire. –Okay, I’ll keep it as busy as I can but you and the others better get some planning done or I’ll scorch to death- The Burning Soul Boxer rushed forward hoping that Samjaz could cast as he was moving and jumped towards the abomination using a Raijin Step the moment he landed to appear just under him –Hello ugly, I’m gonna deck ya in the schnozz!- With that said Gen started with the Drill Dragon Uppercut and followed with twin Ghost Jab Hurricane and then just kept pounding the monster that was being pushed to the defensive by Gen’s barrage of hits. But the Hot-Blooded Boxer knew that his attacks were only bothering the creature rather than damaging it, as it skin seemingly absorbed the kinetic energy of the attack like a sponge.

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Samjaz cast Red Wall on Gen, then switched to Black Frost to join him. Physical attacks didn't seem to work too well, but Ice, fire, and just about everything else seemed out of the question.

Thankfully, Black Frost had inherited a few lightning skills from Jack Frost, but that wasn't going to cut it here. He was going to have to be tricky.

Thankfully, Gen and Arthur were doing fantastic at buying him time to think.

And think he did, setting up the draft of a combo attack, using two magnet spells set up in the arena with a collection of Gravity spells between them should trap this thing in one place for everyone to take pot shots at it, but it was a long shot.

But, it was the only shot he had, casting the first magnet spell above him then sprinting to the other side of the creature to cast the second.

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Matt was in the elevator, his hand in the pockitof his pants. He came here as fast as he could. He hoped the other participants weren't far. Then again, the receptionist did say they're only on the 10th floor. "They made surprisingly little progress. Maybe they're i some kind of trouble. But come on, they're only on the 10th floor, it's not like they are fighting a giant monster or a titan or something."

The elevator stopped. The door opened. What Matt saw was ruined buildings. Ruined buildings all around him. And between the building he could see a monster, whose hair was made of fire. It was completely stationery, but not by it's own will it seemed as it was stuggeling. It was attacked by a man and someone who appeared to be a boy. Near them were a ninja chick, a man in a fancy suit and a man with a sword of somekind.

"I might have misspoken earlier." As he stepped out of the elevator and was hit by a wave of heat.. The heat must have originated from the monster. Matt decided to help the two man fighting the monster. As he decided that the digivice on his hip started glowing. Matt felt energy eminating from it. "Digivolution! Wolfion!" Suddenly music started playing from nowhere and matt turned into a smallhornyed monster covered with a fur coat, before turning into a robotic wolf..

Wolfions frozen missiles (Bad pun incoming) should be able to (Bad pun imminent) chill that thing down.

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SamJaz set up the second magnetic gravity well, then paled as the missiles came in and exploded, launching a wave of cold over the monster. While the chill healed the scrapes SamJaz had encountered, he really, really hoped for Gen's sake that they hadn't killed the monster.

When the steam cleared, he wasn't disappointed. The monster's heat had kept a radius of warmth within the blast of winter, and Gen was still fighting alongside Arthur.



Trusting his team, SamJaz got his keyblade, ready to seal that hole shut.

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Assuming he has nothing to do Crown blinks next to Sam.

First thing to came to his mind is to ask Sam what he was planning with this whole thing but after a better look at it, it became clear for Phantom. A grin appears on his face he liked the idea. A little bit strange, just a moment ago he had something like that in mind as well, looks like Sam was just faster when it comes to executing things. He leans on Sam's shoulder still grinning.

"I see what you're doing there. If you need another helping hand, i'm free." Phantom says simply to offer help though he doesn't really expect that he will have to do anything here.

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Arthur was shockedwhen some missiles exploaded near him. He barely had time to dodge. At least the monster is going to die. Arthur though. He was wrong. The monster srugged of the missiles even though everything the missiles hit turned to ice. He looked behind to see where the missiles came from and there stood a robotic wolf. Arthur wondered where the thing came from. Was it something Sam made? If so, Sam was full of surprises. Then he heard Sam shout something. So that thing wasn't one of Sam's creations, but a new member of the team. Then Sam shouted "WOLFMAN, GET THAT THING BETWEEN ME AND THAT BIG COCOON OVER THERE!!!" Arthur wasn't sure if Sam was talking to the wolf or if he started imitationg Gen. It didn't matter. If Sam said it, Arthur was going to do that. Suddenly the wolf transformed intoa man. The man couldn have been above 19 years old and had long blond hair.

"Hi, my name's Matthew, Matt for short." The man said, before shouthing "Digivolution! Tentos!" Suddenly he turned into a humanoid bug, with very thin arms.

He flew up into the air and yelled "Hey creep, over here!" The monster didn't seem to pay any attention as it charged towards Sam for some reason. Maybe it knew what Sam was planning.Arthur decided to stop the monster and charged at it with a lance. His armor was still sturdy and provided good protection from both the heat and the attacks. Arthur's attack stopped the monster and gave Matt an oppertunity to use an attack."Electro Shocker" A bolt of electricity went hurling towards the monster and it enraged the monster. Together, Arthur and Matt were able to get the monster between Sam and the cacoon. Whatever Sam was about to do he better do it quickly, 'couse Arthur and Matt aren't going to be able to keep the thing there for long.

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"YES!" SamJaz shouts. "Start sealing that cocoon up, starting from the top, leave a hole big enough for Gen to comfortably shove monster in. Then work with wolfie to guide it to the line of fire GET DOWN!" He shouted as the monster charged towards them.

BY the time he got up, Arthur and the new guy, a bug now, had got the beast in position. "Alright, new plan. Feed this with magic and start closing that hole." SamJaz growled, jumping into the spinning sphere of gravity and launching himself at the monster, roaring as he flew towards it and slammed his keyblade right into its torso, sending it flying into the cocoon.

He rolled to the ground and quickly righting himself, pointing his keyblade at the cocoon, launching a beam of light to hopefully seal that monster back into it and get this tower's electricity back online.

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Things go as Phantom expected them to go, well more or less anyway. The monster is sent flying directly into it's home from which it once burst and is sealed by Sam just a moment after.

As a result power returns to the whole tower, not that the change can be seen or felt on this floor though as it was nothing more than ruins and the only form of light present there, that kept the place from falling into complete darkness was coming from the cocoon itself. But Phantom couldn't care less about the state of this floor, the monster being sealed again they could move on to the next one. From what he got the next one would be the biggest fish so far and was in fact what kept the others in line. Crown was keeping the usage of his power to a minimum up till now, but he already made the decision that the next floor he'd show more of what he could do. He was going to have to anyway if the thing was stronger than what they have faced now.

"Well, we can move out?" he asks Sam in a casual manner acting as if nothing happened before something that was intended as a joke, but it was questionable if Sam and the others would take it with humor when one looks back at the events.

Floor -11

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After casting heals and having Undine take care of anything more serious, SamJaz led the way down to the eleventh floor, tapping Matthew on the shoulder along the way. "Welcome to the team." He said, before stopping dead at what he saw.

A girl's bedroom.

It was massive, it was fluffy, it was frilly, there were teddies, bows, a four-poster-bed, there were ribbons and bunnies,

It was very pink.

"Oh, hello!" The little girl in question said, jumping off her bed.

She looked about nine, long blonde hair with red eyes, red dress, holding a pink staff and wearing a large white hat with a red ribbon. "My name is Loveline the witch!" She shouted. "And the only way past is to defeat my all-powerfull dragon!"

She pushed a button on the staff, and it lit up, making wooshing noises as it did so.

"Go, Draco the majestic!" She shouted, forcing her staff forwards. "Strike! Heart flare attack!"


"Alright, little girl?" SamJaz asked, clearly confused. "What is going on here-"

"DON'T TRY TO PRETEND YOU'RE SO TOUGH!" The girl shouted, stamping her foot. "I can already see you burning to a crisp in her flame. You're no match for Draco the Majestic!"

"What dragon?" SamJaz asked, looking around, clearly getting annoyed. "Look, what is going on here-"

He fell onto one knee, trying to breathe as the girl raised her hand. She let him go once she'd made her point.

"You can't get through unless you can defeat Draco the Majestic!" She shouted, smiling devilishly, happy that she'd made her point. "Well? What're you gonna do? Draco the Majestic is ready to take on any challengers!"

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Phantom is surprised, before them stands a little girl in a room fitting for someone of her age. It's hard to believe that this is what holds everything in line. But soon the girl destroys Crown's doubts as she forces Sam to his knees, all while prasing her pet dragon as it seems.

Phantom activates his left eye forcefully, making it change in color just like in his fight with Arthur. If there was anything like an invisible dragon or spirit that was affecting them Phantom would be able to see it clearly now. But nothing happens, Phantom's seeing of the room does not change, all stays the same. That could have been expected, if there was something invisible to begin with the eye would have reacted on it's own and there would be no need for it to be activated by Phantom himself.

Looking at that outcome and at what had happened to Sam, Phantom came to vague conclusion of what was going on. The girl simply let her imagination go rampant, her will happened inside this room. There was literally no way for them to defeat the non-existing beast. The mind of this little girl already decided that her Draco the Majestic was unbeatable so there was no point of trying.

But Phantom had a better idea anyway. Phantom slowly walks up to her and then does something unexpected. "Oh my princess, please save me from theses flithfy villains. They have kidnapped me, a poor young man with a pure mind and soul. Yet seeing your majestic image and your loyal servant, the great dragon has given me new hope." Phantom falls to his knees while he says so litreally begging her. "Here, a token of my thankfulness." he shifts one of his cards into a huge lollipop and offeres it to her. For an actor like him this was child's play.

After a critical look the girl smiles and accepts the candy offerent to her. "I like you mister, you look noble unlike those fools that have invaded my kingdom." She gives him a sign to come closer. "Here, you can be my pet." a colar and chain appear around Phantom's neck as she says so. She yanks him towards the bed and makes him sit down on it, on all fours like a dog. "I think, i'll call you Fluffy from now on." by the time that was spoken dog ears and a tail have grown on Phantom's body.

"Now, that went smooth." Phantom thinks to himself, with a sarcastic tone to it, signifying the annoyance he felt. Crown was still happy... kinda. He wasn't really good with children and wanted to strangle the life out of her for this, but he just had to endure it a bit more and he'd be able to get them all out.

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-Draco the Majestic!? That sounds awesome!- Gen shouted with a complete an utter lack of manners, in other words, as always. He was a little bit disappointed in doing so little last level and now he wanted to punch something with all his might and had a new idea for a technique, a new move for his Winning Combination, finally he had an idea for the Straight Punch of his WC. –Little girl bring forth that Dragon, I’m gonna deck him in the schnozz!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer roared as he swinged his arm in circles warming up the joints while having one of his trademark slasher smiles stamped on his face. -You insolent fool! How dare you order me to do something! I’ll make Draco burn the meat out of your bones!- The girl shouted as slowly the silhouette of a Dragon materialized in the room, it seemed to be made of some kind of spectral substance.

–Draco! Kill them all except for Fluffly! He will be my pet forever!- The barely recognizable dragon attacked with invisible flames launched over the whole group. Gen coated himself in Fighting Spirit and survived most of the blast only with minor burns that shined with some kind of otherworldly light, like green sparkles. Without even checking on the rest of the group the Hot-Blooded Boxer rushed forward and tried to punch the monster only phasing through it, even with Spirit coating his fist. Whatever this thing was he couldn’t hurt it by conventional methods. Without losing a second Gen tried to get into a defensive position but a whiplash of Draco’s invisible tail threw the Brawler over the group and against a wall, slamming with enough force to make a crater. Gen was basically dug into the wall, that had a perfect boxer shaped crater to fit him in.

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Phantom was about to bring an end to the game when ne notices two horrible things. First of all, the couldn't do anything, the binding around his neck completely stopped his powers from working. The second one was the order that came from the insolent brat (Phantom's personal nickname for her). No matter how one looked at it she could kill all of them in the next second so playing along was the only option. He gets up, shamefuly covering his ears while doing so, and slowly walks to the group.

He signalizes to them that he needs the colar removed in the most violent looking and pianful way possible... but still not leathal (yeah he knew sign like this). Phantom as going to stage a fight till the restrain was destroyed. It would probably take a while to make it look convincing and Phantom's gonna have to take a beating here, but hey everything for the crew.

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Arthur saw what must have been the strangest thing ever. A little girl was pretending to have an imaginary dragon, Gen was pretending to fight the imaginary dragon, Phantom appeard to betray them, but then signaled for another one to get a collar off of him, and SamJaz hit the him with a blade. Then Sam signaled Arthur and another man who he guessed was Matt to help Gen. It all made no sense. But Arthur did as he was told. Apparently the girl believes that everything imaginary here is real. Then Arthur is going to imagine some butt-kicking.

"Not even Gen can fight the dragon on his own. But not to worry, I have a giant atomic bomb launcher that only hurts dragons."

"Nu-ah, explosions can't hurt Draco." said the little girl. "Well, this one can hurt all dragons no matter what." The little girl seemed angry. "Then he'll swallow it before it exploades."

"No, because it's too big for him to swallow it." Arthur said. "Draco can grow 10 times his size." Arthur felt like an idiot. He was fighting with a little girl over who has a better weapon. And the weapons weren't even real."The bomb is always 50 times bigger then your dragon."

"NOOOO, DRACO IS TO POWERFULL FOR THE BOMB TO HURT HIM! Fluffy, what are you doing? You're supposed to help Draco, not join the other team."

Damn, this girl is annoying. Why can't she be mute.

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