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Disguised as a large, imposing manga library is the world's first Hellscraper: An underground complex that stretches down underground for over seventy five storeys, and his home for more than its fair share of dodgy dealings.

Each floor underground belongs to another ruthless criminal organisation- or perhaps, some groups that like not to be known about. Those involved in the occult, or extra terrestrial activity. Denizens from the future have been known to reside in this submerged tower, a cower if you will, although none know what resides on the 77th floor.

This changes tonight.

SamJaz strode into the foyer, waiting to see how many would reply to the advert he'd posted online. He'd posted a letter into Crown's actual mansion to get his involvement, as the only other ally he had at the moment was brawling in Osaka, slightly out of place.

The room looked welcoming. There was a pleasant water feature amongst the dark tiled floor. Behind it was a large counter where a receptionist sat at her computer, ready to talk to any visitors. There was a staircase up to the manga library that ran as the front of this place, but there was another staircase down, these guarded by large men in dark suits and sunglasses. And a velvet rope. Always a velvet rope.

On either side of the receptionist were elevators, which were what SamJaz strode for. Drawing his keyblade, hey aimed it at the metal doors and fired a beam of light, before lowering his blade in frustration.

"The doors aren't locked sir." The receptionist pointed out. "But I must warn you that there is only one button inside, and that leads here. If you have an appointment, I can operate the lift for you."

SamJaz smiled and walked over to the counter. "I would like to visit the bottom floor." He said charmingly.

The receptionist pressed a button on her desk, and a large screen opened up on the wall behind her.


[ TEAM COUNT - 0001 ]

[ HEAD COUNT - 000000000 ]

When SamJaz lowered his head from the screen, a second woman was sat at the counter, a nurse this time. She certainly had a lot of medical supplies on her person. "Feel free to return here for medical assistance whenever you require." She assured him sweetly. "I can assure you that I can heal any wound, injury, poison or debilitation quickly and efficiently so long as my patient is not deceased, although I must warn you that unless at least one member of the party remains inside while the injured come for treating, then you must start from the beginning."

SamJaz nodded, noting the large banner that dictated the rules of the Hellscraper Challenge. He was grateful for the rule that allowed for new team members to be allowed to join at any point, even skipping straight to the rest of the team via lift regardless of how deep the exploration got. "I'd like to wait here for my entourage to arrive. Is that agreeable?" He asked, not willing to show how much he was bricking himself at the moment.

"Of course." The receptionist replied with a smile. "Take as much time as you like."

SamJaz thanked her, then sat by the water fountain, looking at the door. He hoped Phantom took the bait.

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Phantom's driving down a road. A rather nice sports car, white in color with golden details. Paired up with his outfit as Phantom would surely make him stand out, but he doesn't worry about that. It's a rather simple illusion for him to change the appearance and his clothes. He parks it in front of a building and leaves, the same instant his car and appearance revert to what they really are. He enters the building with a look on his face (or rather the part of his face that wasn't obscured by the mask) that screams disappointment.

Quickly he walks up to the man familiar to him, completely ignoring any other person in the room. Not even wasting a second on greetings of any kind he speaks up "This is supposed to be that Sam? Looks unimpressive to me. And besides, i'm not a vulture, someone who'd rip apart a corpse and feast of it's remains. I take what i want unseen under the cover of darkness. But as you see i'm here, and i wouldn't be here if i wasn't interested, so congratulations you made me curious." he shifts his face of disappointment into a friendly grin as he finishes the last sentence.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz grinned, standing up and heading for the stairs. "Send the rest of the team after us." He told the receptionist, indicating that more would follow. "We'll head the way."

The muscled guard stepped aside, moving the velvet rope to allow SamJaz and the Phantom down the stairs.

[ FLOOR B01 ]

SamJaz did not expect this.

He came down the elegant, carpeted stairs which faded into creaky, wooded stairs that threatened to collapse at any minute. The air grew dry and hot, and by the time the team reached the bottom of the stairs and pushed the wooden doors open, their jaws dropped.

The sky above them was bright, and the sun was scorching the place without any cloud cover. A tumble weed rolled across the desert floor as the cheers of cowboys burst from the many buildings around them.

"LOOKS LIKE WE GOT ARSELVES SUM YOUNG 'UN'S!" A chinese man in a cowboy get-up shouted, pointing a revolver at each of the men as his comrades cheered, dancing as their shot their pistols into the air enthusiastically.

SamJaz almost missed the balls ricochet against the sky. 'Ah. Artificial lighting and atmosphere.' SamJaz thought to himself with a grin, wiggling his fingers as the keyblade materialised in his grip.

With a smooth motion, he switched the chain at the bottom into one resembling two boxing gloves at the end of a rope- His keyblade turned into a thick red pole clumsily wrapped in bandages. Extending from the handle was a blue dragon, encircling the bandaged blade as it rose up and roared, its head forming the key of the blade.

The grip was covered in hand wraps and the handguard resembled the ropes of a boxing ring.

"Undying Soul." He explained with a grin, swinging it powerfully and launching a blue shockwave into the dusty street. "Makes me a little tougher to kill."

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"Looks more like a 10 year old's birthday party to me" Crown says as he looks around and analyses the situation. While Crown was still frowning at the disappointing scene, Sam was already prepared to engage in combat. "Guess he's just that enthusiastic." a comment made in Crown's mind as he observes Sam's new combat equipment which he not seen before. The shockwave he sent, serving as nothing more than a casual demonstration made one or two of the wannabe cowboys drop from their feet, get up and start running in the opposite direction.

The rest of them seemingly wants to play western heroes and they point their various weapons at the two intruders. "GO GET 'EM GUYS!" a rather generic battle shout by the same loud man that made the previous statement. They open fire from everything they got, from sixshooters over Winchester rifle to even the very first model of a gatling gun.

Aliester quickly brings up a large card that can cover his whole body, right in front of him to act as a shield. It has a red glow on the edges and the actual picture of the card while the rest of it is semi-transperant allowing him free vision of what is in front of him. With another hand gesture he creates three normally sized cards in front of the shield and then launches them at the opposition but with a wide spread. They are just meant for cutting as he doesn't want to go overkill on them. "Worthless trash." he murmurs as he sends the cards the bunch of enemies.

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Continued fire rained down upon the two intruders, at least from the gatling gun. SamJaz charged into the fray- covering himself with a reflega spell- one that remained in place longer thanks to his new Keyblade. Each swing made the slash hit everything within ten feet, of the cut, as if extending the blade, but as the men with the smaller arms went down, it was clear that the man with the gattling gun was not going away.

Frowning, SamJaz picked up a smith and weston from the floor and took cover behind a metal barrel, looking at the gatling gun. He aimed for the man's shoulder, primed the revolver, and pulled the trigger.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: (Let me know if this needs to be edited, the system in the OOC had me a bit confused :p)

She arrived amidst the maelstrom exhibiting a calm composure, despite the pandemonium. Casually, the kagedeshi strode forward with light steps, observing the bedlum, unsure of which side she was supposed to partake in the matter. Through her peripheral vision she spotted a man whose face was concealed behind a mask. He was protected from the bullet storm by a large hologram-like manifestation which resembled playing cards. Materializing in front of his shield was a trinity of similarly designed projectiles which he proceeded to hurl at the cowboy party, reducing their numbers by three. Another individual brandishing a blade which bore a likeness to a key had weed-whacked his way through a set of cowboys just then, picking up a Smith & Wesson from the ground after laying them to waste, and taking cover behind a metallic barrel. His eyes peered through the cross hairs as he aimed for the shoulder of the remaining cowboy manning a gatling gun.. BANG!

A sharp shooter, the kagedeshi kageane silently noted after witnessing the gatling gunner fall to his knees with a grimace on his face and his hand wrenching the flesh on his chest as he experienced an agonizing death. Her patient observation of the situation had revealed to her who the allies and foes were but in waiting she seemed to have missed out on the fun. "I guess I'm late for the party.." she finally said to the others.

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@ReliusClover: @SamJaz: @Yeilin: Arthur stoped infront of the Manga library. "This... is not what I expected." He was not even sure if this was the right place. "Nah, this is where the webpage said to go."

He entered the building expecting to see at least a few people inside, however it was pretty much empty. "God I hope this is the right place." He went over to the receptionist. "Excuse me..."-Arthur started saying, before he was interupted. " Ah, you must be one of that guys group."-said the Receptionist. Arthur wasn't sure what she ment, but he guessed he was at the right place. "You can take the elevator to the the floor they are at." "Er, and what floor would that be?" He wasn't even sure what she was talking about, but he was about to find out. "Oh, they are just at the first floor." "In that case, I don't think I need the elevator to go there." He had a better plan, hoping to maybe impress the people who were already there.

Arthur got to the guard at the door. The man moved out of the way. Arthur started freezing the stairs. He was planning on sliding his way overthere. That made his trip down there much faster. He was there in less then a minute. As soon as he got there he saw a woman, a little bit taller then him, saying something about being late for a party of somekind. She seemed preoccupied and didn't see a man dressed in a cowboy costume getting ready to shoot her. Arthur quickly made a wall of ice to protect her, and fired an ice shard at the man.

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@ChronoWolf: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: OOC I'll just act as DM for everyone, and you all can control NPC's against me. Easier that way.


The cowboys were going down easily, especially with the new arrivals. "WELCOME ABOARD!" SamJaz shouted over the gunfire, making his way to the disabled gatling gun and smashing it with his keyblade. "I'm SamJaz and cape's Phantom! Welcome aboard ninja-girl and iceman!"

He planted his keyblade into the chest of the one who was operating the gun before receiving a hole in his chest. "Stairs." He stated, glaring at the sheriff. "We've one, now let's move on."

The indian man with the star-shapped badge pointed towards the saloon with a trembling hand. "But... the outlaws are in there... they have AK-47's..."

SamJaz knocked the man out with a kick to the rips. "Great." he grunted as the gunfire died down. "GUYS IN THE SALOON HAVE HEAVY-DUTY WARES, BUT THEY'RE GUARDING THE STAIRS!" He shouted. "ANY VOLUNTEERS FOR CLEAN-UP?"

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:

The master thief looks around. The opposing forces numbers seem to have been cut down while the number of the time got increased by two. That would be wonderful news for most people but... "What's up with this Sam? It's getting crowded here, i didn't know you invited some more guests."

Crown sends an unfriendly glare to the two newcomers. It wasn't that he had anything against them personally, more than that the idea of having to share anything they might find here was just absurd to him. He sighs and then pays attention to what his hotblooded friend is saying. "Hmm, more maggots infesting this place? Fine then, i'll make quick work of them."

He makes his way to the saloon not paying attention to his teammates.

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@ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:

SamJaz grinned. He trusted the Phantom to get things done. In the mean time, he went over to the new guys.

"Don't mind, him, he's just moody because he doesn't want to share any sweet loot. And I think he has a crush on me, but more likely the loot." SamJaz told them with a grin as he raised his hands to shake. "Persona user and keyblade herotype person. Nice to meet-"

He was, however, interrupted by a most inconvenient explosion from within the saloon, knocking him and everyone within a twenty-foot radius off their feet.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: @SamJaz: (so then I don't write how the enemies react to Crown? or anyone else who launches an attack at the npc's but doesn't specify whether it hit or missed? Sorry for asking lol I'm still new so some of these RPG terms I'm not too familiar with. Please bare with me :3)

"Thanks," she offered to the man who provided cover for her as another cowboy attempted to ambush her. "It wasn't necessary, though." she finished striding forward towards SamJaz who had finished cleaning up the last of the miscreants just then. He quickly introduced himself and the masked man to the kagedeshi and the ice wielder as he manned the gatling. "Yei," the kagedeshi yelled over the loud machine gun. A sheriff appeared and revealed to the party that there were more adversaries waiting in the saloon, "they've got AK-47's," Yei continued to listen, hoping she would receive some vital information from the sheriff that may have helped her formulate an approach but that was all she got. SamJaz had knocked him out. His lack of respect for the authority made Yei titter.

The masked man, revealed as 'Phantom', quipped afterward, then shot a leer at the two newcomers before marching off towards the saloon alone, "not much a team player, I take it?" Yei muttered under her breath, sauntering forward in characteristically calm fashion.

The saloon fulminated with the hullabaloo of drunk cowboys waiting with their alcohol in one hand and AK's in the other, some foolishly firing off shots as they bellowed war cries.

The kagedeshi returned SamJaz's western formal greeting of a handshake then scoffed, "I'm not particularly interested in loot. I deal in information," she revealed. "Thanks, by the way," she offered the man who saved her from an ambush earlier. "My name is Yei.." just then they were all knocked back by an explosion.

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Gen was in the lift punching the air doing some shadow boxing as he always did when he got over excited about something. A door opened and 3 strangers and a familiar face were fighting a group of heavily armed cowboys. The Battle Hunting Brawler heard about this thanks to another Spirit Boxer that once was part of one of the organizations inside. Gen looked at the heavens and exclaimed –God Exists! And he guided me to Heaven!- a bullet flew right beside the Hot-blooded Delinquent, that rushed away from the lift and moved towards Samjaz, that was greeting a ninja chick. – Hey key-aniki! Fancy meeti….BOOOM!- A massive explosion shook the floor. Gen managed to stay standing thanks to his inhuman balance, thanks to his boxing training and with a puzzled face he asked to nobody in particular – What the hell was that?-

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz crawled out of the undertakers, nursing his head from the explosion. His vision was a little blurry, and he was pretty sure that his head was bleeding. One Cure spell later, and that problem was remedied, but what he saw was a whole new problem.

The explosion had obliterated the saloon, revealing the stairs down. It also brought a lot of the other buildings down, but that showed the corpses.

A lot of dead indians.

They weren't native americans.

They were people who had been kidnapped, shoved into feather headdresses, and forced to fight these gun-toting businessmen while holding a bow and arrow they barely knew how to load.

These were bloodsports. With human beings as the game.

Any reservations SamJaz had about wasting every single person inside this building evaporated. Casting a wide-spread cure spell onto his allies, he made his way to the stairs, ready to bring these organisations down. "Sup Gen." He said, fist-bumping the boxer as he walked past. "Glad you could make it. Ready to smash some faces?"

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Yeilin:

Just as he was ten meters away from the saloon, Crown's senses were invaded. A flash of light blinded him, thunder was ripping at his ears, even on his skin he could feel the shockwave. It was all over in an instant, the saloon was nowhere to be seen.

Near the stairs leading down stood two men. The one of the right was the perfect image of a cowboy. Leather pans, a red shirt stained with sweat and alcohol, over it a brown west and black cowboy hat. He had a scar on his left cheek and on the height of his hip you could spot a shiny Colt with an extravagant design as well as a few bundles of dynamite. He notices Crown and then starts speaking "Howdy there greenhorn, hope we didn't scare ya." he lights a cigar and starts walking around. "The name's Frank, the the fellow to my left's my brother Bill."

Aliester shifts his gaze to where the man is pointing. What he sees is rather unusual. There stands a man, his height way below average to the point that some might consider him a midget, an eyepatch and wavy and unkept beard can be seen. All of that wouldn't be too strange if not for the fact that the man was sitting in a giant metalic suit, him only being visible through the protective glass. The machine was nearly three meters tall, had long two long arms with claws and four legs supporting it's massive weight. The man known as Frank continues. "Sorry for the mess greenhorn, but you know we just got this baby today and Billy wanted to see if it could take a punch or two."

The machine slowly turns around and faces Phantom. As a response Crown raises his eyebrow and then replies "You're totally messing up the setting with that thing, you know?" he makes a card appear in his hand as he prepares for a fight.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

SamJaz sidled up to phantom, dodging the metal monstrosity's claws as he swung his keyblade- unleashing a wave of ki onto the remains of the bar. With Gen in the same area as this Keyblade, the waves of ki grew stronger, some of the slashes taking the form and fury of dragons as they ravaged the last stand of the few dozen cowboys hiding behind Frank and Bill.

Unfortunately, this robot seemed unfazed by these ki attacks, and Frank seemed more than capable of shrugging off the worst of them.

"Not bad at all, but down here, yer gonna need something with a bit more lead!" Frank shouted, drawing his guns and opening fire, each bullet swelling to the size of melons as they engulfed themselves in flames, flying towards the invading team like meteors.

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@SamJaz: @Yeilin: @ReliusClover: @ChronoWolf:

Gen replied with a Slasher Smile from ear to ear while fist-bumping Samjaz – I’m always ready to rumble Key-aniki- The Hot-Blooded Boxer didn’t care much for the dead people, he felt bad for them but he wouldn’t raise his fist to the heavens and swear eternal vengeance upon the ones that caused this, he would punch them to hell. The explosion was strong enough to make some of the cows locked in a nearby corral to go berserker and start crashing against the wooden bars that kept them closed in. Their lowing could be heard even as far as Gen and the others were. –I’m not good with guns key-aniki, I think I’m going to pacify some cows and bulls- The Battle Hungry Boxer rushed towards the Corral and jumped in raising his guard – Aniki, I’ll take on this horned bastards while you, the hot ninja chick, the weird masked guy and wolf coat guy take on the others-

Frank and Bill moved to attack, as the volley of melon sized flaming bullets felt over the group, Frank moved to take cover while he kept making rain fire over them. He lighted a stick of dynamite with his cigar and flinged it to Phantom. Bill rushed foward and tried to trample over Samjaz and Yai using his robot claws to grab them and it's weight to crush them

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Yeilin: @ChronoWolf:

Crown ignores the opponent for a second and turns around to look at yet another new member to the team. But unlike the other two this one made him smile, he'd be funny. A jester to entertain them to say so. And going by the man's wording, he probably had a simple mind and light spirit, not caring about money or other valuables. That was the perfect teammate for Phantom.

His thoughts get cut of when he fells the sensation of hot lead coming closer. Just before it makes contact Crown blinks away in a blue flash appear ten meters away from the trigger happy Frank. "Nice try there buddy, you might be a quickdraw and all, but that lump of metal won't be touching me anytime soon." Crown throws one of his razor cards, rather casually as if not taking it serious. He aims for Frank's head but the cards only hits his hat. Frank dodged it and then he catches his hat in mid hair, now with a narrow slice hole on it. "Hah, seems like i have underestimated you there, my hillblilly friend." Crown tries to provoke the man, simply to get the chance to fool around with him.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: (If there are any editions required please let me know guys)

Moments after the explosion Yei emerged from the rubble and debris, her keikogi torn and stained with fresh blood. "Nngh.." she winced at the pain with a grimace spanning the youthful features of her face. Injured she was, but not for long. Not with the help of a regenerative kido spell. A hail of swelling bullets set ablaze shot across the way towards her and her allies. Feeling confident in their abilities to hold their own against the onslaught, the kadeshi opted to save herself, resorting to a kuutaiku flash to teleport high above the opposition, where she she would rain down with furry a hail of supido-enhanced shuriken into the enemy ranks. The caped man had engaged himself in a projectile vs. pistol battle with Frank.

Meanwhile, the mecha machine continued to assault, launching several grenades in the direction of SamJaz and Gen.

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@SamJaz: @ReliusClover: @Yeilin: @ChronoWolf:

Death rained from above, as the strange bullets shot by Frank crash against the artificial ground creating small detonations of flames. Most of the cows got hit by them, one even used as meat shield by Gen, that lifted the surprised animal and placed it in-between him and the hail of flaming bullets. Frank hat flew away as one of the cars launched by Phantom got to him. The Cowboy rolled in the floor away from Crown, as the dynamite stick he threw was about to blow nearby Phantom. –Get ready for some fireworks ye spoiled city brat- His eyes were focused on the environment waiting for the next blue glow ready to shoot Crown either when he moved or when he just reappeared from his blink.

Meanwhile Gen took some of the pieces of burnt cow from his clothes as he watched how Bill charged through the magical attacks thrown by Samjaz, the same attacks he took during their fight. Yei vanished only to reappear over them, standing in the water tank. She threw several shurikens towards the rampaging mecha, tanking their impacts, that only resulted on small punctures on its hull,while with one claw he shoot grenades towards Gen and with the other he punched Samjaz, that unable to dodge thanks to the fiery bullets aftereffects and the nearby grenades tried to block it with the keyblade only to be thrown away and shot through the support beams of the water tank where Yei was standing, making it lose stability.

The explosions almost got Gen that rushed through them while watching how Samjaz fell knocked out cold – Aniki! I’m going to trash that thing for you!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer prepared his introduction card a combination of Raijin Step with Ghost Jab Hurricane while barking an order to Yei –Ninja Gal! Give me some cover!- He appeared in front of Bill and punched him a hundred times, only to find that not only his exoskeleton hull was too thick and dense, but also that his hands weren’t. With his knuckles pulverized he stood in front of the Mecha-hillbilly that with incredible switfness took advantage of his sudden pain and crashed his claw against him knocking him to the ground

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Yeilin: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

From the looks of it Same and his new "friends" were having trouble with the mechanical maniac, but right now he couldn't waste any time on that. Beneath his feet was a dynamite stick and Phantom just had a few seconds before it blows. He could just shield himself with four giant cards from all directions, but going by the expression on Frank's face the man was expecting Phantom to teleport away. Well where is the sport in it if he doesn't give him what he wants? But if he does it he's gonna do it his own way.

Phantom starts blinking like a maniac, the second he appears in a flash and disappears again in the same manner. He's using the full specter of the ability in one moment appear as close as one meter away from Frank while in the other he takes on the maximum distance of 15 meters. It's all happening so fast that one could think that there was more than just one Phantom. He was surrounding him form all sides. "Well let's see if you can keep up."

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