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Disguised as a large, imposing manga library is the world's first Hellscraper: An underground complex that stretches down underground for over seventy five storeys, and his home for more than its fair share of dodgy dealings.

Each floor underground belongs to another ruthless criminal organisation- or perhaps, some groups that like not to be known about. Those involved in the occult, or extra terrestrial activity. Denizens from the future have been known to reside in this submerged tower, a cower if you will, although none know what resides on the 77th floor.

This changes tonight.

SamJaz is raising a team to storm through all seventy seven floors of this building. The owners of the scraper know of the incoming invasion, and have alerted those residing within. However, this invasion is welcome: Somewhat of a challenge called the HELLSCRAPER RUN.

Simply put, the only elevators available go to the surface. No invader cannot descend except by the stairwells that are heavily guarded every floor, each staircase only covering one floor to the next, despite the obvious fire hazards.

Teammate of the invasion force can back out any time through the elevators, and substitutes and new entries can take the elevator to join the head of the force at any time. While this team is rapidly shifting, however, at least one must remain on the floor any new challengers desire to descend to, or the whole force must begin from ground level.

Yes, a tower challenge. It's gonna be like die hard, but crazier, probably no hostages. Who wants to join the team?

EDIT: NPC's are characterised by other players.

IE Dave would come down the stairs, all characters automatically follow.

Sally, being the next poster, decides what is down there. Has her reaction, makes an attack.

George, then declares what the occupants of the room do in response to Sally, then make his own action.

Sally posts next, has characters react to George, then makes her own reaction to the NPC's george set on her.

Dave gets in on the action, has NPC's respond to his teammates, then makes his own actions.

This system is a work in progress, but let's see how we go. Each floor shouldn't take more than 10-15 posts.

EDIT- The wizardroad roster can be found on page 41, or just click the link below.


FLOOR LIST - Check before creating new floors. Will update as we descend

Chapter 1: Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here... (1-10)

Floor 1 is cowboy cosplayers.

Floor 2 is scrapheap deathbattle.

Floor 3 is goblin volcano.

Floor 4 is the Rave of A Hundred Ninjas

Floor 5 is Otto's race track

Floor 6 is hunting robot knights.

Floor 7 is Fairy tailors.

Floor 8 is pirates.

Floor 9 is Water maze

Floor 10 is a solar monster.

Floor 11 is One of Mister Vincentsson's daughters. Loveline.

Chapter 2: The Vincentsson Family (10-19)

Floor 12 is Touhou themed mansion

Floor 13 is Dragon Bullfighting

Floor 14 is an A-ha themed sketch world.

Floor 15 is a french restaurant run by ninjas who serve you without being seen. Objective is to see them.

Floor 16 is a garbage dump. Objective is to find what you desire most at that specific moment.

Floor 17 is Doppelgänger Mirrors

Floor 18 is a baseball stadium. Walk up to the plate, take your swing, and run around the diamond.

Floor 19 is salt flats with a massive monster within.

Floor 20 is the spinx's palace, where we must answer its riddle.

Floor 21 is a room filled with TV's where ninja's jump from screen to screen and attack sneakily.

Floor 22 is where Mary Vincentsson does her dance practice.

Chapter 3: From The Ceiling With love (20-26)

Floor 23 is a large room with a logic machine within.

Floor 24 is a maid cafe. An obscenely wealthy maid cafe. Challenge is to give an order they won't obey. No superhuman feats or paradoxes allowed.

Floor 25 is a forest lake where we fight airborne mechs

Floor 26 is a teleportation lab. Choose any person throughout the entire plant, warp them into the Hellscraper, and convince them to join your cause.

Floor 27 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

Floor 28 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

Floor 29 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

Floor 30 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. You need to ask it to bring you a book that the Library does not have.

Floor 31 is where they are building the arena for the next annual Hellscraper Hunger Games.

Floor 32 is the palace of luxury.

Floor 33 is where Cale Vincentsson holds his parties.

Chapter 4: Wicked (26-33)

Floor 34 is an Irish bar fight.

Floor 35 is under construction, intended to be a robot ninja factory.

Floor 36 is a casino where they use people as chips. Challenge is to break the bank.

Floor 37 is where they keep the chips.

Floor 38 is A Black and Purple house where the users of the Vice reside. Find your own author. It's also the half-way point of the viceverse! Hooray!

Floor 38.5 is the half-way mark.

Floor 39 is candy land.

Floor 40 is a scary tunnel.

In grim dark of the 41st floor there is only war.

Floor 42 is the war machine, where the gears of war spin indefinitely.

Floor 43 is the Mutters Spiral Academy of Law

Floor 44 is where Alice Vincentsson does her work.

Chapter 5: Cerberus (34-54)

Floor 45 contains a bar where they serve every discontinued soft drink in existence. Challenge is to find the drink they serve that is still on the market in that same packaging and recipe.

Floor 46 is a massive forge.

Floor 47 is Santa's workshop. He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice.

Floor 48 is a massive desert.

Floor 49 is the Death Pirate's Galleon

Floor 50 is the black opera.

Floor 51 is where they keep the aliens

Floor 52 is a jungle where everyone, upon entry, turns into an animal version of themselves.

Floor 53 is the library of hate.

Floor 54 is a small island housing sakura trees where one can meditate.

Floor 55 is where Lucy Vincentsson is kept. She will tear you apart.

Chapter 6: In The Family (54-63)

Floor 56 is the mages academy.

Floor 57 is the headbutt tavern

Floor 58 is the food court.

Floor 59 is a laboratory where they work on creating plants with links to other universes.

Floor 60 is a filing room with a copy of every single legal document ever written, complete with financial transactions of everyone who ever lived. Challenge is to find your own records and prove that you aren't guilty of fraud.


Floor 62 is the Hall of Dragons

Floor 63 is The Great Gig in the sky. Battle of the bands against the greatest musicians of all time Vs Us.

Floor 64 is an ordinary office where the stock market is kept.

Chapter 7: Into the Darkness (63-85)

Floor 65 is the viewing room. (The point of no return)

Floor 66 is home to Demien Vincentsson. He will beat you to a bloody pulp.

Floor 67 is a little place with 99 red balloons

Floor 68 is The Testing Facility.

Floor 69 is the Forum of Fears.

Floor 70 is something we did not want to face

Floor 71 is the Desert of Swords.

Floor 72 is is the Palace of -/={DATA ERROR}=\-±/ Forest of /][/±\=- Sol /}[s-\ Luna

Floor 73 is the Lost Galaxy

Floor 74 demands that you show it your power, or it shall not obey.

Floor 75 is the great descent

Floor 76 is the chapel at the root

Floor 77 is Mr Vincentsson. Final Boss, I run it.


It's over. It's done now.

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Hm, i might do so with Crown, but can't really think of a reason for him to do so.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Fehafare: who needs a reason? I just wanna see what's at the bottom.

Post by Fehafare (9,680 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@SamJaz: Crown does...

But you know i got an idea. Sam wants to get down there right? Well he could simply lie to Crown that there's some interesting steal-able stuff down there.

And that also makes me make a thread that i wanted to make for some time now.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Fehafare: Why would that be a lie? But that's a good idea. Same thread as this?

Cool, we'll see if we can get some more peeps involved, then I'll set up the thread. Have Crown come in with a text / letter from me baiting his interest.

Post by Fehafare (9,680 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@SamJaz: Assuming there isn't anything worthy for him that is, but yeah it might not be a lie to being with.

Actually not a thread like this you'll see what i mean.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Fehafare: fair enough, should be fun times.

EDIT: Added turn clarifications for dungeon mastery. Unless I just become Dungeon master. Would that be easier for everyone?

Post by Yeilin (81 posts) See mini bio Level 9

@SamJaz: What the heck, count me in : )

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Cool have fun you guys:)
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@Yeilin: @Fehafare: Sweet. Post on Hellscraper RPG to enter the foyer and we'll begin.

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Online Now

@SamJaz: So, anyone can join at any time? Even this guy?

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ChronoWolf: Especially that guy. Just take the elevator down to wherever the rest of us are and join the mayhem. Right now we're fighting cowboys.

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@SamJaz: Should i wait for someone else to post, or respond to your post?

And also, got anything special in mind for the explosion or am i (or someone else) free to do with it whatever the hell i want?

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ReliusClover: anything you want with the explosion, but none of us started it.

Rp keeps moving, hence the lift. If you get left behind, you can catch up instantly. If you fall behind, you fall behind, but when you come back, boom, you're back. That goes for me too: If I'm not around, go on ahead without me and bounce NPC's off each other, advance the team and plot, and I'll catch up.

Everyone keeps posting, don't need to wait. Hence why I made the explosion to interrupt the start of a conversation. Dialog can continue, but it doesn't cause problems if it can't due to problems.

So, long story short, feel free to post whenever. Fast pace RP needs fast paced posting and people can catch up if left behind. Me included, I can get left behind by everyone.

Post by ReliusClover (784 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@SamJaz: I like the fast part of it, good to know.

I'll be posting then.

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Can I enter with Gen?

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ReliusClover: sweet.

Sorry if that sounded cold or uncaring to everyone else, but I hope everyone can get a lot of enjoyment from this. Thanks everyone!

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,285 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@SamJaz: Posted

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: BOOM! Premptively COUNTERposted!

Post by ReliusClover (784 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Ok... i think i screwed up.

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