Heart Of The Earth.

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It all started over a year ago now, to my fault all I did was watch as the four monsters entered the world from a dark purple portal that hang over Tokyo like a single eye peering from the abyss of a darker world. Four beasts emerged each with the power to control the elements. Their appearance seemed to give away their powers.  I sat and watched as they laid waste to the neon city. The governments met and I knew they did not have the power to face such a menace. They drew out the murders they seems to enjoy their actions, I watched with interest as the one known as fire, Due to his crimson outer shell. Seemed to enjoy causing pain to his prey. He would level a city and leave a few alive to torture. His powers where only amplified by his brother wind and he was almost just as menacing.

The governments of the world began their assault, only for them to be killed with a wink. In my nine hundred years of life I had never seen destruction on this level; The world was becoming a stage of destruction to these beast. I stood in France one of the few countries they had not reached yet, they were taking their time to cover the earth in their pain. Looking up the sky had turned a dark purple; The mouth of the portal was growing larger. I began to weigh my options as a dark bolt of red lighting hit the ground next to me I stood my dark blue eyes un wavered by the sudden attack from the portal, Perhaps it had seen my movement, maybe it fore seen what I had decided to do.

There was people in this world willing to fight who had powers, But most of all they had heart and courage, I myself have abilities that I do not wish to show at this moment. I had watched earth grow strong and now I could no longer hide in the shadows, I was nine hundred and due to my appearance was always over looked. My body was that of a ten year old, but my eyes told a very different story. As I closed my eye lids and began to make the call. My clothes changed to a long white tunic with ying and yang dragons on the cuff, A katana now hung from my back and my eyes flashed open as my small arm flew forward, Another bolt of lightning was now a mere inch from my face.

The flash was bright people turned in shock and as their eyes adjusted back to the dim glow of this world they saw a large ice wall and a small boy of ten smiling as the cameras turned on him he frowned for a moment and then spoke for the world to hear. “My name is Sparrow and  the earth…” he stopped for a moment “I need your help.”

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Also im hoping this RP will make us all work with each other, the best way to start of is to have an intro about what you have been doing as the world has be falling and so on. I know I jumped from first person to third and that was for effect im not going to enforce witting in third person rule. I just want you all to have fun:D.

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Still in the town he had just been reborn near, he walked slowly through it. It was empty, dull and grey. Much like the thoughts of all the children's lives that ran through his head as he kept thinking. So much sadness, all concentrated in one place, he didn't know what to do with it. His mind and body seemed to constantly fluxuate between a semi normal walk and a hunched over, almost sort of crawl. If there had been people to see, they surely would have stared, but from what he saw, there was nothing. He wondered if his arrival had caused them all to die....regardless, his thoughts were interrupted by flashes of light and a looming, ominous purple sky.

His hands began to stiffen into white as he heard the voice of what appeared to be a young man. It was asking for help...help...so many young voices in the back of his mind that he obviously didn't help when he should have, back when he had the chance. If this child was asking him for help, then there was absolutely no way he could let his become another voice in his mind to haunt him while he walked through what this would seem to be...life.

His skinned turned pale all of a sudden and he felt so much more powerful than everything else around him. His sword changed, and the dagger that once hung from his belt behind him was now hidden in the white kimono that he wore while the change took place. His body lost all color, save for his hair, which was pitch black and covered by half of a bone helmet. His eyes were now an emerald hue, and the lines tracing down from them portrayed exactly how he felt as he put his hand forward almost instinctively and a portion of the untainted sky broke open into blocks and straight edges for him to walk through, leading him to wherever he needed to go.

It broke open above the city that the young boy had sent the message from initially, though he had no idea where he was going. No destination, only a face and a voice in mind, still brought him to where he wanted to be. As he stepped out of the air and started to fall slowly to the ground, he landed, knees bent, one arm touching the ground, the other on the hilt of his sword.

As his pale fingers grasped the blade, he stood up slowly, eyes matching the seemingly young boy's face, and head leaning forward.

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The Past..

I don't remember much of it but I guess as far back as I can remember, I remember slaughter. I remember death. I remember the torture... I remember it as clear as a crystalline pool, I remember falling from the void, falling into this strange new place. Shocked by the sheer smell of this flaming sh!t hole the humans call home. I remember choking the life from the lungs of the children, I recall watching their bright faces turn pale as I manipulated the air out of their body, only feeding my power that I lust for....but the days of fumbling with the weak are done. For now, We are Gods.

They view as this worlds largest threat, they call us demons, they call us monsters, they call us...War bringers.

I have looked to my brother, Water and we have caused tsunami's and hurricanes. I have looked to my brother Fire and we have created infernos of the largest scale and now? now?  Earths last hope is an immortal. Nine hundreds years of age trapped inside a pre-pubescent child.


I sat atop a fire escape, five of my seven spears danced around my head to my whim, and I watched as this child called for help.

"Pathetic little weaklings"
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His body flowed like a river from the sky. He landed, with a smirk on his face, in the middle of a street. Cars still moving full on in traffic tried to stop before slamming into him, but were met with something well beyond what they could believe in their world. The mother driving the car screamed as her young son's eyes opened wide as he was split in half by a whipe of lashing, boiling water extended from the demon's right arm. The vehicle exploded, and both mother and child were killed.

People stopped in the middle of the road, and he began to stare around, his grin only widening seeing the tormented faces of the city's residence flailing in fear of death. Two people could rile up an entire street, he thought to himself. This was going to be funner than he imagined....but first, he would kill off the prey that was strongest, and that could actually pose a threat in the future.

His dark blue eyes sparkled against the deafening sky as his body rotated slowly, searching for a lurking opponent. he saw who he was looking for, a young man. Silver hair, and bright azure eyes. He began to walk towards the young child, whom he sensed immense power from. He was making a call for help,,,this would be stopped immediately. In no way would he allow his killing spree to be infringed upon, just in case there were actually mortals who could stand up to him. While he didn't doubt his own power, he also respected that of others, and made sure not to let anger get the best of him for the most part.

His brethren, fire, did, however, like the flames he based himself upon, allow for his rage to guide his death divining power in his opponents. Fire was stronger than he...but there were no others he was seconded to. As he began to walk, multiple armed police men began to surround him in a circling position, all their fire arms pointed at him.

"Place your arms over your head and FREEZE!", two or three of them bellowed in almost a unisoned scream. He did as they asked, and his hands slowly raised. After a few seconds, he began to walk again, his hands in the air. One of the police dis charged a bullet into his chest, and thinking that the man was dead, lowered his weapon. The Water demon slowly knelt down as though he had really been defeated, only for the police to realize that the bullet had melded straight through him, and into the chest of the other officer standing in line with him in their circular formation.

The men knew immediately that he was completely out of this world, and as one cop began to lower his hand slowly to reach his radio receiver, the demon spoke his first words in this world.

"Is that all? If so, then allow me to show why it didn't work." As these few words were spoken, completely calmly, almost whispered, the world seemed to fall in complete silence. The sound of birds flocking together off in the distance could be heard, and, within seconds notice, so could the screeches of dying grown men.

He continued walking towards his target, blood red pavement and men leaning against walls, spattered patterns emblazoning what used to be their source of sustenance behind him.
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The world was in chaos, as the word burned at one end and was flooded at the others. They called it armageddon, the end of the world and ever since these beings had come, thats what it had seemed like. The world had tried to fight nack on numerous occasions, but all attempts failed and even the worlds greatest heroes had failed to take down te enemy. It had been a year since, that day, since the beginning of the end. Tokyo was one of the first to fall, as a man with snow white hair, down to his shoulder and a large red coat, rested gently upon his back and shoulders. A large sword strapped to his back, and two large handguns nesteled gently in there holsters........The words Requiem engraved into one and Dream in the other.

The man was much older than his youthful appearance was showing to the rest of the world, a man of two worlds but only one he had sworn to protect and for the first time since the screams of his mother on the night that changed his life, he had failed to save something he held close to heart. He sat on the edge of a building, as he listened to the screams, many of them in his own mind, all of tem the scream of someone he could not protect. His hand rested on the hard concrete as he wondered how long it would be untill the world finally came to an end. It was becoming dark and everything was cold.....It had been like this for a long time, well to him at least.

Credo dropped from the building, the hard brittle air striking his face as he landed on the hard ground. Moving down the streets, the looks on the faces were gloomy, filled with sadness and fear but also mistrust. There was still hope in the world, but it was dying away, the more the world tried to fight back the harder they failed and the more the hope was failing. It was then that a small boy at the other end of the world, caught his attention. The boy's look was younger than his own, but he could tell that his look like his own was decieving. The boy was asking for help........Was he the last bit of hope.........That last bit that could save the world. As he walked into an alley, those few that walked the streets looked up to see something far different in appearance that had entered the alley, as the man with snow white hair took off in search of the last bit of hope.
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     The world had undergone a massive change, with the coming of the elemental beings and their immense power , nothing seemed to be the same.  Their power was something to marvel at, and  yet something to be afraid of.  When looking at the destruction and turmoil they cause one can only think, what created these monsters and why is it that they feel the need to destroy everything.  The smiles of children were wiped away , and the pride of people was replaced with fear and depression.  The people of the world were not all gone, not all broken, but it seemed as if their minds were.  The key to defeating someone truly lies within the mind, where everyone can find their inner strength or lock it away.  And with these beings controlling the mind of the people by showing such acts of cruelty, the people might as well be good and gone.
      Pepper was evil, and most would thing if anything she would be trying to ally with these creatures of destruction.  She was a leader in a powerful team, and had amazing people beside her and for her, as she was for them.  But to her dismay, she still held morals, and a conscious , and bit more of the virtues of life that in her belief, everyone was born with.  To her, being evil didn't mean destroying every smiling face and piece of hope known to man, it mean't doing good for her and who she loves, even if that means stepping over someone , or hurting someone, but not  a whole population.  It simply meant control, something that being a hero or even a neutral just didn't give her.  She still herself struggled daily with the choices and consequences of her actions , but she lived with them.  These creatures were intriguing to her because most villains think they are evil, and are nothing but pure hate and a wanton need to destroy, but she knew better.  Beside some of the most hate-filled villains was a better half that he or she loved, and cared for, laughed around and simply enjoyed their company. It shows that in some of the deepest of corroded hearts there is a conscious and inevitably morals.  Pepper truly believed that these people probably had conciseness and if they experienced a less destructive emotion might want more of it, but there comes a time when its too late. For the elementals it was more than too late to find out, they had to be stopped if only for the fear that they held to much power, it may be able to be tamed, but the threat of it erupting is to great to let it aside. 
     She continued on with her walk she was taking , as she stopped and noticed a television.  On it was the face of what looked to be the face of a young child, but he talked as one who had seen many things, over came many perils , and his eyes, it was his eyes that showed he  was much more than his small frame seemed to show.  He was calling out to powerful people of the world, to band together and defeat what has destroyed everything we have worked hard for.  The wind picked up as the unusually long sleeves of her Traditional Yukata billowed in the wind.  Underneath the garment, lay a multitude of various weapons.  Her small frame , did not do her justice, nor did the gentleness of her face , but she was a fighter and a deadly one at that.  "I shall take part in this.... movement" she said suddenly and firmly.  She'd have to talk to her teammates but , either way she was going to help kill this large act of destruction, if only to regain control.  And as we all know, villains don't do well without control.
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Day of the attack

"shhhh it will be ok darling, its ok just shush now you need to keep quiet"
Jewel turned to the mother craddling her child and smiled slightly, trying to reassure the angst ridden parent. Glancing around the room she counted 20 families huddled in her secure training room. SIghing slightly she walked around handing out blankets and patting the shoulder of one of her geishas as she walked through with a fresh batch of food for the survivors. As she opened the door to the bathroom a shudder rocked through the bar making the sealed windows rattle. Grimmacing to herself she ducked down and called out to everyone to stay calm and keep quiet, the creatures would be close. Tokyo was the first to be hit and few people managed to survive, Jewel had raced to the nearby flats and pulled out as many survivors as she could hearding them to her sealed room to protect them as much as she could.... The whole front of the bar had been destroyed, but Jewel had long ago set up this back room for emergencys and it was safe and fully sealed.

Weeks later....

Once again she thought to herslef, what can i do against all of this? these creatures are more powerful than anything i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot. These were sureley demons from a hell dimension, nothing she could do would stop them.. all she could do was try to protect as many as she could.

Word had gotten out about her protection over the weeks since the attack, every day new people arrived at her door. The food was running out and so was Jewels patience, she was no hero, she had a big heart.. and that is what drove her to protect, but the worse the attacks were the more she simply wanted to abandon them all and protect herself. The only reason she had not yet, was there was no where to go.

She had heard about the boy who had asked for help... a small and bizarre looking child, she had not seen the TV, being in the centre of Tokyo she had been attacked before his confrence. Since then there had been no word, nothing. All communications were out of order, there was no word from the outside world save that of gossip and whispers from the stragglers that turned up at the bar. 

She had heard nothing of her partner Pepper, or any of her friends.

Sighing deep to herself and rubbing her eyes, she suddenly slammed the table in disgust. This was not the person she was, hiding out in a bunker, she was a fighter, she had to get ou there and do something. Making up her mind she called in her head Geisha and gave her orders, smiling at the woman she nodded and grabbed her jacket and helmet, strapping her blades to her back and her guns to her sides. Swinging open the back door she peered out at the destruction, slipping around the rubble she searched for her bike, praying horders had not stolen it. Lying underneath a broken window her beloved bike sat, heaving it up she prayed to whatever god watched over them and kicked it to life, after three tries the familiar gutteral roar started up underneath her. Puffing out air in relief and hooking up her helmet she took off down the main street, zig zagging around the destruction and heading towards the main centre of town.

She had to do something, find someone, she wanted to join in on this fight.. this was her world.. no one would take that from her.
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