HE IS [VS] Statis the Angel of Balance.

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HE IS stood in the arena that had been prepared.

Two rival races of the Light had their duel at this location of eternity.

Time was not of the essence.

Time had never been in this place.

Instead, an unbreakable arena located in the atmosphere of the Light.

HE IS stood there.

Arms at the ready.

To face his opponent.


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Stasis could feel the power floating through the area he was in, wrapping him like a blanket. His hair billowed in the wind giving off a aura as if he was on vacation not about to fight. He took a careful stock of his battlefield and had to laugh about how simple this would be. He knew this would be no easy battle but he was excited at the chance to fight a strong opponent. He made a few practice punches making sure not to go faster then any human. Once he was positive he had no power lost when he was transported here he looked to the only other person in the area. Carefully he walked towards the mysterious person each step solid and steady. His body would not reveal his thoughts he was cool on the outside, but on the inside he could feel his energy flowing ready to strike at a moments notice. He stopped two feet away from the man and glared at him with eyes of a warrior, unmoving and determined. "Who are you", he asked? His voice was slightly deep not to deep as booming but wasn't high as childlike.

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@Shadowchaos: The being faced the newcomer, who looked like one of those human infants during their metamorphosis into adult hood.

It asked for His name.

He opened his mouth to speak, but the sound came from above, below, the north, the south, the east and the west.





HE IS got into a stance. He rarely bothered with this stance, one meant for fighting humanoids, as most of his battles were against the Dark. However, this modern style, created over one thousand rotations of the Earth around its sun, was sufficient to meet His needs at this location.

He charged forward, ready to slam five elbows into this boy's face.

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Stasis sweat dropped at the way the strange person spoke but switched to a wide grin when he saw him attack. With the grace of a trained fighter he flipped backwards and prepared himself setting himself into a defense position. He allowed each blow to hit his arm to test his opponents strength. He pushed off of the last blow and flipped backwards a couple of feet and landed in a offensive pose with his palm faced outward. "My turn," he said seriously. A red sphere of energy formed in front of his hand causing gusts of wind to fly around the area. With a loud scream he shot the blast forward rocketing it at his adversary. Using the attack as a diversion he pulled his jacket off and followed it with his shirt. With his shirt off he could feel his energy surrounding him and begin forming into wings. He held the transformation off for then, but was ready to unleash it if his opponent turned out to be stronger than he thought. Drawing his sword from the sheath he discarded the sheath and put the sword into a two handed hold.

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@Shadowchaos: HE IS saw the energy fly towards Him, and reaching forwards, unleashed a burst of white light from His own mouth. The light itself was was nothing spectacular, nothing that exerting but enough to create small planets to orbit around it during its brief burst of life.

One HE IS closed His mouth, the light was gone, and the celestial bodies returned to their previous motion.




A hundred blades flew around HE IS, each varying in size and style. He selected one, a deep blue sabre of five fathoms in length. Swiping it experimentally, he dismissed the other blades and raised the weapon.


(OOC 1 Fathom - 6 feet)

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Stasis smiled at the chance to use a sword. He rushed forward at full speed leaving several after images behind him at he went. All of a sudden he vanished and appeared behind his opponent. "Game over," he said pointing his sword at his opponents neck. After proving his superior speed he disappeared from view again and landed back where he started. He fire off a negative energy blast then followed it up with a positive energy blast. Without even waiting for the blasts to hit he rushed at his opponent and attacked him with a crushing slice to his head.

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HE IS smiled at His opponent's insolence. The boy had the chance to strike behind him, but didn't take it, choosing again to walk in front of him and launch fireballs. Slicing through them effortlessly, HE IS Saw statis coming through them to attack with an overhead slice.

The way forward was clear.

HE IS stepped forward, stepping to the side slightly, and rammed His knee towards the angel's gut. Once it connected, His elbow would strike the spine, then the butt of His sword against his head, before roundhouse kicking him across the battlefield.

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Stasis felt each blow connect and was forced to spit up a small amount of blood. He steadied himself and slid on all fours. He lifted up his head and his once bright blue eyes were dead of emotion. "That hurt," he said in a quiet voice just above a whisper. He couldn't understand it but he couldn't act normal against this opponent. He couldn't be his normal happy self. No instead he was in the mindset of a warrior the state of mind he saved for those that could handle his balance mode. This person hadn't even made him transform even once yet though so he couldn't understand it. He stood up straight and began focusing his energy. His hair blew slightly in the wind created by his power. He focused his chaos power into his sword and watched as a red glow surrounded it. He sliced the sword forward and sent the energy flying in a crescent moon attack. He pushed his human body to its limits rushing forward using the attack as a smokescreen to end the fight in a instant. When he was a foot away from the blade of his opponent he disappeared and reappeared behind him bringing down a strike ready to cleave the person in two.

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The problems mortals had with extreme longswords, HE IS had decided, was their complete inability to disassociate themselves from the battlefield and view their geography as a mathematical equation.

One would argue that the length of the blade in relation to the user limits the movements it can make.

HE IS disagreed, as he place the blade in front of him, angling it behind him as to block the energy blast coming from the front and to catch the overhead blow from behind him, blade resting over his shoulder.

A slight shift in foot stance once Statis's blade connected with his would send the angel falling to the ground and right into decapitation range of the five fathom blade as he swung.

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Stasis smiled as his sword was blocked before suddenly striking out his hand and firing a blast of positive energy at HE IS's hand. Just as suddenly as he had appeared he disappeared again. In hyper speed movement he was able to move around the area. He built up momentum by the rate at which he traveled. He released his white angel wings and increased his speed even more. He flipped backwards several times at sonic speed and landed on a wall. He pushed off of the wall and broke it as he raced to hit target invisible to the eye. He punched with all his might knowing even if dodged the shock wave alone should do more then enough damage.

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HE IS found that His combo was interrupted by an energy blast to His hand, a slight irritation, but enough for the angel to start running away from Him.

The angel ran in circles, increasing speed as he unleashed white wings.

Oh, how satisfying it would be to raise His arm and clothesline the impetuous fool, but He decided to let him have his fun.

Instead, He sheathed His blade and sat down, cross-legged on the floor, closed His eyes, and waited.

There was a bang He should not have been able to hear as Statis was running beyond the speed of sound, but HE IS's senses were not limited by His tabernacle of clay. Instead, he saw the oncoming threat and stepped into it, drawing His blade to stab right into Statis's fist, intending for the blade to come out of Statis's shoulder. The angel would have to redirect his course, to which HE IS would strike with His blade, or take the blade through his arm, leaving him injured and wide open to attack, even with the shockwave knocking Him over.

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Stasis grinned at the chance to show just how fast he truly was. He focused negative energy into his legs and felt the explosion underneath him as he boosted faster. He moved even faster then before even with the boost from the explosion and ran to his opponents back. Keeping the same speed he struck his palms out at full force creating a shock wave strong enough to crumble a mountain. Not even waiting for the shock wave to take effect he attacked fist first unleashing a series of crushing and devastating blows at his opponent not breaking his stride for a second. He flipped backwards a few feet and shot a beam of negative and positive energy which spinned around like a drill and kept it going for several minutes. "like I would go faster then I can react to," he said getting in a defensive posistion with his sword stuck in the ground discarded.

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HE IS was pressed against a pillar by this barrage of attacks.

The kid was fast.

But he was weak.


HE IS slid down, His wounds closing up as he walked back to His opponent, readjusting His clothing as he stepped behind Statis.



HE IS raised His hand, charging an energy blast.


He loosed the beam.

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Stasis smiled he was finished charging his energy for what he was about to do. He could feel the energy swirling through his body filling it with power. One of his pure white wings turned a dark midnight black. The gusts of winds escalated increasing fasters and and faster creating a torrent of wind. He spoke in a voice that seemed to behold the power of ancients, "Behold my ultimate power!" He grabbed the beam in one hand and crushed it. With no warning he moved at light speed and threw a powerful punch strong enough to destroy cities. He followed it up with equally powerful kick. He threw his hands forward and shot a powerful red negative energy beam followed by a barrage of positive energy blasts.

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Statis was a lot faster now. Granted, lightspeed wasn't that fast overall, as HE IS had long since trained to fight at the speed of dark, but what irritated him was the power of Statis' punches.

They barely bruised.




Now, those energy blasts, those gave HE IS something to dodge, but if Statis really wanted to keep things in a hand-to-hand level, he would have to step us his game.

To make this clear, HE IS punched the ground.

The dust between his fist and the floor was compressed by the heat and pressure of the punch and formed into a black hole. The shockwave spiralled into nebulae, forming stars and planets around the battlefield, living their brief life before getting sucked back into the newly formed black hole, which HE IS kicked towards Statis' face.

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Stasis rushed backwards charing up his ultimate attack the entire way. A mixture of red and yellow energy surrounded his body bathing it in a holy glow. He moved away from the attack and flew straight at his opponent. He could feel the energy destroying his body from the inside. He put some energy into some spare space for after the fight. He could feel his body breaking the light barrier as he moved right in front of his opponent and placed his hands forward and fire the entire beam at point blank range.

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HE IS staggered back, before bracing His legs.


The wound began to close up as HE IS raised His blade.

He roared, war helmet closing over Him as he charged for Statis.

No... He behind Statis.

But, he was still stood wounded in front of him-

How does someone run faster than time?

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Stasis's eyes went blank almost as if he was in a trance. Slowly his power dropped down to his base level and he was just standing there with no power left to defend himself. Out of the blue his wings shrunk back into his body and replaced with tattoos of them that looked like they were actually moving. His eyes came back into focus and instead of his normal blue they were now a deep gold that glimmered in the light. The power from the new transformation spiraled around him in a golden vortex. Chunks of rocks flew up into the air before eventually just turning into nothing. He turned around in such a speed it looked like he didn't even move. The pressure of his gaze was the equivalent of thousands of exploding suns. "So you are the insolent welp who harmed my host," the new warrior said that appeared to be nothing like the Stasis before as his wounds healed till he looked to be back in his prime.

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HE Is glared back, unimpressed.


He raised His head back and laughed.





HE IS entered into a stance, blade at the ready.



HE IS charged forward, stepping through the fourth dimension, time, on optional feature in this corner of eternity, and began slicing through the seconds and attacked Statis as HE IS gloated, moments previous, before returning to the present location of time.

The effects of His attacks only made manifest now, but to Statis, it would seem that effects were happening before causes, as slashes are happening before HE IS swung His blade.

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Stasis took the blows head on completely unaffected by the powerful strikes. "wrong I am not some lap dog, the boy has no idea I am there more so the truth is his power is the one I am using not my own," he explained throwing a punch and causing a major shock wave that caused a earthquake around the arena. He placed his hand out and out came a gold sword with a ruby encrusted hilt that shimmered in the light. He furrowed his eyes in anticipation of battle and vanished from eyesight. He reappeared with a loud pop that caused a dimensional distortion. The dimension went out of focus from the sudden interruption. He brought his sword down and could feel the dimension being sliced along with the air.

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