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Name: Elias Crown

Age: over 35,000

Appearance Age: Early Twenties

Faction: Hero

Group Affiliation: The Empirium

Known Aliases: HE IS

Avatar Appearance: He bears a resemblance to Ichigo Kurosaki.

Origin of Power: Power Armour, Weaponry, Training, Bioaugmentation and fanaticism

Grid points:

Unbound PowerBound PowerSpace Marine
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 7
  • FS: 8
  • In: 8
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 8
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 9
    • Ag: 5
    • Du: 5
    • EP: 4
    • FS: 7
    • In: 8
    • MS: 7
    • Sp: 3
    • St: 6
    • Sr: 5
    • Ag: 5
    • Du: 5
    • EP: 0
    • FS: 6
    • In: 5
    • MS: 6
    • Sp: 3
    • St: 6
    • Sr: 5



    HE IS is a powerful entity within the Exalted Empire, an intergalactic commonwealth united by SamJaz. He has a strong sense of justice and a fanatical devotion to his empire, his wife, and his parents, but is often known to lack any concept of mercy in the slightest, exercising obedience, loyalty, and justice as his guiding virtues.

    His main task is to lead the conquest of the Emperium against the Dark, to eliminate any threats in the Outer Darkness so the beings that come after him can organise the devastated matter in order to expand the universe. As such, He Is a Sentinel Of Glory. HE IS is strictly aligned to the Lawful Good alignment. As such, His actions and mindset often come across as zealotus and extremist. He is fiercely loyal to His Emperor, and obeys with exactness. He has a great love for all that he considers to be the citizens of the Empire, but is angered at perceived disobedience the citizens often display. However, HE IS has too much loyalty and devotion to the His Emperor to enforce punishment unless commanded, leaving civilian matters to the Arbitrators, the police of the Emperium. HE IS takes the greatest joy in expanding and furthering the work and glory of the Emperium; to bring to pass the expansion of the light and glory. He delights in those that give their all to the Emperium, those humans that are good and just, but also those that are merciful and have love one for another.


    HE IS, however, is still His own person. HE IS also known as Elias, and is married. Little is known about his wife, and He rarely shares information about her for her safety. HE IS will not allow someone He loves so much to be insulted or endangered, and He remains fiercely loyal, devoted, and loving to her after millennia of marriage. Despite his ferocity and zeal in battle, Elias is a loving and compassionate spouse, and has been for millennia. However, due to His eternal perspective, and his loyalty to his work, he does not spend as much time with her as he would like, especially in these later days as the end draws closer by the day. To escape these feelings of guilt, he loses himself into the work, constantly promising himself that tomorrow, tomorrow he'll go home. Tomorrow.


    HE IS and His beloved
    HE IS and His beloved
    HE IS
    HE IS

    As expected as one leading the armies of the Emperium, HE IS has incredible power. HE IS has little power to create, unlike the beings he serves, but nor can he destroy, by the natural definition of the term. What he does, and does very well, is subdue, conquer, devastate, make pliable.

    HE IS can shapeshift to an extent, but HE IS cannot take the form of another with intent to decieve. HE IS changes His body and His abilities as needed to overcome the obstacle before Him and defeat whatever may delay him from carrying out His duty.

    HE IS has leeway in carrying out His missions, but due to His loyalty, He will not abuse it, nor seek loopholes, for He intends to become Holy; One with no need for the law as he is above it, not needing to be commanded to do good because he desires to do good.

    HE IS will not destroy evil for being evil, for the sun rises and the rain falls on the just and the wicked. Instead, he diligently expands the borders of the omniverse, doing all that HE IS commanded.

    HE IS is limited in his ability to intervene amongst the affairs of mortals, and nor does he have a desire to do so. The wicked will punish the wicked and the good will be recompensed for what they endure. Due to his obedience in his orders to never uncreate that which has been created, he will rarely take part in events of the viceverse unless it becomes a battleground against the Dark. Even then, HE IS limited by obedience and will not act beyond his commands. Justice will be carried out. Mercy will be distributed by the merciful.


    (Note- adapted from the Lexicanum for detailed information for those not familiar with Warhammer 40,000, of which this is a blatant rip-off)

    Following a battle against Stasis, the Angel of Balance, HE IS was captured by the Arbitrators of the Emperium and arrested for attack a world that the Emperium had not declared war on. He stood trial, and was sentenced to a millennia of mortality upon the planet Earth, starting at the year 1300 AD.

    His physical abilities were severely limited during this time. However, he was given a task to complete at this time.

    Establish and Train a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes amongst the humans, that they may be ready to join the ranks of The Emperium's forces by 2300 AD. His commision by the Emperor reads as follows"

    They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war forge them. They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines such that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear.

    The Adeptus Astartes, or the Space Marines are the most elite and feared fighting forces of the Imperium. The primary unit of organisation is the Chapter, a self-contained army fully equipped with its own transport, non-combatant support staff, etc. There are an endless number of Chapters, each comprising a thousand Space Marines. There are far too few Space Marines to form the Imperium's main military forces; instead they operate as highly mobile strike forces. They are entrusted with the most dangerous missions, such as lightning raids behind enemy lines, infiltration, and tunnel fighting. Through selection, training, and conditioning, Marines are physically, mentally, and spiritually superior to any other mortal Imperial soldier. Each Marine has undergone physical and biological changes to accommodate the demands of the warfare they face. Each stands over seven feet tall, even outside of their massive armour. They can live for hundreds of years, can digest most poisons, stay awake for weeks at a time by allowing alternating parts of their brains to sleep separately, the rest of the brain picking up the slack with the others rest. Their ribcages have solidified into one, solid mass, have a third lung, a second heart, can breath underwater and most poisonous gasses, and can spit acid. As such, it is not fair to call them human anymore.

    Standard Space Marine Power Armour
    Standard Space Marine Power Armour

    The Adeptus Astartes is comprised of autonomous Chapters, each of which is a complete army in itself, possessing its own transport, Interdimensional-capable spacecraft, non-combatant personnel, and fortress based on a planet or fleet. There are roughly a thousand Chapters, each led by a capitalised Light with the rank of Master. A Chapter's fighting force numbers a nominal 1000 Marines, divided into ten companies, each of which is commanded by a Captain Companies are further divided into squads of ten battle-brothers.

    The Chapter Masters owe their allegiance to the Emperor. Chapters are monastic communities in nature; for most of the Marines, the Chapter is their world, and the only contact they have with outsiders is in battle.

    The primary individual weapons of the Space Marines is the boltgun and its pistol variant, the bolt pistol, in addiction the Chainsword and grenades. Marines will take other weapons into battle depending on the requirements of their squad.

    Assault Unit with Jump Pack
    Assault Unit with Jump Pack

    The traditional Codex Chapter is tactically organised into a number of different types of squad: Tactical, Assault, and Devastator. The squad types are equipped and trained to fulfill a specific battlefield role, each of the three types designed to complement each other on the battlefield to make a far more effective whole. Assault Squads focus on close combat, fast attack. Each unit is equipped with Jump packs to facilitate fast movement, and focus more on close combat weaponry. In contrast, Devastator squads carry heavier weapons and larger amounts of ammunition, trading mobility for heavier firepower. Tactical squads shun both extremes, a team of five marines will usually have two armed with Bolt Rifles, one with a rocket launcher, one with a plasma flame thrower, and one with a lasgun, in addition to the standard issue bolt pistol, grenades and chainsword each marine carries into battle, that each member of the unit may their role and work as a team to meet all the demands of combat. In addition to these three squad types, veterans can be formed into Veteran or Terminator Squads, while the initiate Marines are formed into Scout squads.

    Terminator squads are drawn from the best and most experienced warriors of the entire Chapter. The veterans wear the uniquely powerful Terminator Armour. These squads are formed when circumstances necessitate the concentration of the Chapter's most capable warriors and potent equipment into one or more heavily-armed and powerful units.

    Terminator Armour
    Terminator Armour

    The distinctive Power Armour is worn by all Marines in battle. Some members of the Chapter's first company may instead be armoured in the heavier Terminator Armour. Lighter, Carapace armour is worn by Scouts instead of power armour. There is also a fourth type of armour called Artificer Armour worn by most Marines who have served three centuries for the Emperor or performed a notably brave action in battle.

    Chapter cult

    A Chapter cult is an integral aspect of a Space Marine Chapter. Every Space Marine belongs to the Chapter's cult, and accordingly, every Marine of a Chapter is a spiritual brother as well as a brother-at-arms. These warrior cults emphasise honour, comradeship, and strength. Chapter cults, often thousands of years old, have each developed their own distinct traditions. Each Space Marine cult is unique and autonomous, ministered by an inner priesthood of warriors known as Chaplains. The practices of Space Marine cults, rumored to be barbaric and bloody, serve to make Space Marines all the more feared by the mass of both the Emperium's citizens and their enemies.

    As the Chapter Master, HE IS fights as a Space Marine alongside those HE trains.


    For the 1000 Space Marines, there are several thousand recruits being trained on the Mars base. These recruits will be sent on more basic missions, some of these seemingly suicidal, as part of their training. These missions are generally reconnaissance, information gathering and other scouting tasks.

    Depending on the development of the scout in question, their abilities will be at varying stages between human soldier and full-fledged Space Marine, as will their equipment. In the example shown, the scout is seen wearing Flak Armour with a chest plate and basic Shoulder pads, a Bolt Pistol and a Lasgun, with a few grenades and a combat knife as a CQ weapon.


    The Empirum is roughly 38'000 years ahead of the human race in technological advances, especially in warfare. Aside from what is shown so far amongst the Astartes, The Emperium has access to interstellar travel and the technology to build on macro scale. The average space craft is larger than a city, some larger than countries, or even moons.

    Their warp and shield technology in incredible, both on macro and street levels. To the Marines, the best usage of these are the Ulysses Bolts and the Rosarius,

    Ulysses Bolts work very similar to standard bolt rounds, only non-explosive. The Ulysses bolt is designed to embed itself into the target, and will track it wherever it goes. The Space Marines can follow this tracking signal and warp land units to its location indefinitely. For example, an enemy air craft could flee the battlefield while holding political leaders. A ground Space Marines fires an Ulysses bolt into the ship, causing negligible damage, and the ship flees to the enemy stronghold. The Marines can then warp an entire Company into that stronghold if needs be.

    The Rosarius is often designed as a religious ornament one carries on a chain and hangs from the belt. This will cover the unit in a rift barrier- A defensive field that may remove the oncoming attack from reality and into non-existance. In theory, one could slash a Space Marine carrying a Rosarius a thousand times with the sharpest sword and not even chip the paint, such is the power of the Rosarius. Due to the complicated nature of the technologies involved, it is rare to see even five among a company of 100 Marines.


    The Citizens of the Empire owe their ancestry to a collection of slaves that was liberated in their millions by their Emperor over 40,000 years ago. The slaves varied in species, mostly human, but also containing Vampires, mermen, fairy, dragonkin, orcs, and more. Over the millennia, interbreeding and evolution his brought them into one collective species. citizens have different attributes, some containing stronger genes of their ancestors than others. These Strongbloods, as they are called, will treat creatures of the species they descended from as "Brothers of My Blood", and will have an immediate kinship towards them. This is especially true amongst Strongbloods ranked amongst the Adeptus Astartes, where their specialised skills are valued amongst tactical squads.

    Four Houses of The Light

    Amongst the Empire, there are four royal houses, each with their custom bolter round. The four royal families have served the Empirium for millennia, providing elite soldiers and leadership.

    Shadowlance House

    A warhungry clan, Shadowlance are the first to breathe threatenings against the enemies of the Emperium. Despite their aggressive reputation, however, the Shadowlance house are a calculating and cunning family, using guile and manipulating how they are perceived by others to achieve their ends.

    They use the Shadowlance Round- each round forged with dust gathered in the Temple of Destruction- a shrine to the Emperor's wrath carved into a giant ruby embedded into a canyon. This round has the power to tear through any defence, material or supernatural, to the point where enemies of the Emperium have nicknamed it 'psykerbite', due to its ability to completely eat through psychic and magical abilities and armours, even preventing the regeneration of the wounds left behind. As a drawback to the Shadowlance round, however, it lack the explosive effect of standard Bolt Rounds, and is unable to be magically charged like other rounds.

    Shadowlance house is famed for the Marines it provides, especially their Chaplains- religious leaders filled with zeal for the Emperor and his cause, invoking his wrath upon the 'Xeno Heresy' and inspiring the Marines to greater acts of heroism in the face of death.

    HE IS a famed member of this house, and is the son of the founding member of said house.

    Shatterbeat House

    Since the Emperium began, Shatterbeat has been a source of culture and art, always one to ensure that conquest and expansion never destroy the individuals that make up the immensity of the Emperium. As well as producing fine artists, members of the Shatterbeat house are skilled in emotional and psychological manipulation.

    They use the Shatterbeat Round- each round forged with the dust gathered in the Temple of Serenity- a shrine to the Emperor's wisdom built inside a mountain of sapphire. This round, when it explodes, creates a time-space rift that can be unpredictable in its effect, sometimes trapping the target in a time loop, sometimes wounding the target in the past, sometimes moving the target through time, sometimes it even unwrites the target altogether. Because of the unpredictable nature of the weapon, it is often used alongside the more reliable standard Bolter round.

    Shatterbeat House often provides the finest Librarians- psykers who are able to read the flow of time and space in the heat of battle and manipulate it against the enemy- predicting their moves, intercepting their strategies and unwriting their victories.

    Gatecraft House

    Gatecraft is a house divided. In ancient times, the House of Gatecraft were leaders in both exploration and technology. Over time, they became both the sincerest lovers of nature and the greatest advocates of industrialisation. Their knowledge of geography and survival are only matched by their machinery and adaptability.

    Gatecraft House uses the Gatecraft Round- a curious thing that is a marvel of technology. Forged with dust collected in the Temple of Stewardship- a shrine to the Emperors love and protection of his Emperium carved from a single Emerald covered in a lush, green forest. The Gatecraft round is exceptionally heavy, and upon penetration of its target it explodes, generating up to a metric tonne of matter around it, often tearing the target into bloody pieces and providing cover for the Marine who fired it.

    This house was the origin of the Mechanism Cult, and is one of the few that openly denounces those who proclaim the Emperor's Diety, citing the Emperor's own requests against such attention. The Gatecraft House is famed for producing exceptional Techmarines, but are often overlooked for the astounding ability shown in their Scouts.

    Bravering House.

    Bravering is a house famed for Loyalty, but mocked for their love of stealth. After advancing from Scouts, Most Astartes view camouflage as the colours of cowardice, choosing to wear their colours with pride so their opponents know exactly who is coming to kill them. Bravering, on the other hand, takes lessons from wildlife predators and will infiltrate their units into enemy territory in full strength, through sheer tactical genius. Their ability to get a platoon of tanks through a forest in complete silence without as much as breaking a twig has left others to fear them, despite the Astartes creed that "Cover is for the week".

    The Bravering Round is forged using dust gathered from the Temple of Solitude, rumoured to be built of gold in a desert where honey flows in rivers. The Bravering Round, upon explosion, creates a ring of light that form magic circles. These can be used to redirect attacks, and also generate bursts of elemental magic when the caster wills it so.

    Braverings Marines have such an ability to navigate the battlefield, they often provide the best Apothecaries- medical Space Marines who, if nothing else can be done for the dying Marine, will retrieve the Gene Seed needed to create more Marines from the wounded's body and end his loyal service with his dagger.

    (More details and images soon.)

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    Interesting character.


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    Very cool, he reminds me abit of my pre-reboot Sonata character who was on the side of the darkness then:)It also for some reason wants me to create a gemini character named Who Dey;P
    Post by Serena_Death (6 posts) See mini bio Level 5

    Hey, good job! I like that he's not overly interested in meddling with petty human affairs. There's a few other things in there that are giving me some ideas for alt characters, too.

    Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    @Sonata: That would make him lot mroe involved I reckon. XD. I remember the attempted psychology I did on your characters. THAT was painful.

    Post by Sonata (36,370 posts) See mini bio Level 20
    @SamJaz: LOL I remember that good times :P
    Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    @Sonata: Yeah. That did not go down well at all with the whole bloodbath of a wedding and everything.

    Post by Sonata (36,370 posts) See mini bio Level 20
    @SamJaz: It was all ND's fault for forgetting our anniversary:P
    Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    @Sonata: lol. good times.

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    Good Bio, this forum is starting to get up from it's ashes!

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    @Kuma_From_Argentina: Yup, activity spiked up again. Hope it will last.

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    @ReliusClover: I'll try my best to keep the heat up!

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    @Kuma_From_Argentina: Good to hear.

    Damn, would like to fight you. But my hands are bound.

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    Updating. This is taking a Warhammer 40k turn. Because there is never enuff dakka.

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    I like the 40k bits.... BURN THE IMPURE KILL THE HERETICS!

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    No Mercy. No Retreat. No Remorse.

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    Online Now

    uhhh curious how can it start in 1300 AD isn't that in the past?

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    Why Is It That When The Subject Of Temporal Mechanics Is Broached Your Sparing Human Intellects Instantly Assume The Most Ingratiating Posture Of Surrender Imaginable?

    To quote the good doctor:

    @The Doctor said:

    "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff."

    "Time isn't a straight line, it's all... bumpy-wumpy. There's loads of boring stuff, like Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons."

    So, basically, I doubt it was so much as time travel as they chose a convenient point in time and dumped him there. As far as Eternity's concerned, there is no past of future, there's merely locations in time. They picked one, and dumped him in it. Simples.

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    Online Now

    @SamJaz: So basically if HE IS wanted to he could just go and stab Stasis as a baby and make it so the fight never happened?

    Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    @Shadowchaos: I doubt HE IS has the time powers, but even then, not really. Like, let's say I went back in time and killed my grandfather before my dad was conceived. I would not vanish into non existence, because my matter would still exist. However, if I were to carry on that timeline, I would enter a world where my family does not exist, but I would still remember them. However, I could still go sideways into the timeline where I didn't do such a stupid thing, and my family would be fine.

    Basically, there's already an infinite number of timelines where Stasis was murdered as a baby by an infinite amount of people. Time travel would just move HE IS into a world where that happened, and there'd be two HE IS in that world, but this world would be without a HE IS and Stasis would be fine, because he grew up in a timeline without HE IS killing him.

    So, since he was subtle about the whole army-raising thing, I assume the world in general was not changed.

    Time travel makes perfect sense if you don't put too much thought into it. HE IS can go back in time and kill baby Stasis all he likes, but that won't change the fact that Stasis grew up as a healthy, non-stabbed child.

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