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halo: the universe OOC

   In 2524, Humanity encountered sentient life by the title of the "Covenant". In 2525, these sentient beings engaged in a genocidal campaign to bring about our extinction. In 2552, Civil War was the only thing standing in their way from finishing the human race. In 2553, the Separatists aided our people and brought about the end of the Loyalists' unity. The Human-Covenant War was the deadliest conflict in all of our history, with billions of lives lost.

Now, we arrive at the new year of 2567, 14 years later. Planet Earth is scarred, yet the wounded scabs that once pockmarked the surface have slowly started to recover as life restores. Three other planets were found to be undiscovered by the now-disbanded Covenant as well. What is left of Reach is being re-inhabited as the UNSC stretches and revives from the years of declination. The Elites, after three years of silence, had come forth and frequently trade with our civilization in both ideas and goods.

The other races of this galaxy have reportedly had little contact as well. The drones have been repopulating on Palamok, while the Grunts of Balaho nurse the veterans of the war, now released from Brute reigns with the Treaty of Balaho in 2564. The Brutes themselves have been quiet, sulking on Doisac at the loss of their war-pride, the fall of many crucial clan leaders, and the loss of the glory not so long ago gained. The Jackals have returned to (according to the Elite scribes spoken to) their pirate ways as they harass Elite cruisers. While many Hunters remained in service to the Elites, the others returned to their breeding grounds on Te, consuming the Forerunner artifacts untouched by the Prophets from year upon year ago. The Prophets, however, have all but gone into hiding. Only the Preservation Clause from the Human-Covenant War Treaty has saved these weak creatures from being hunted down by the Elites. Interestingly, the Engineers have remained with both humans and Elites in their ventures to repair and learn.


PLEASE READ: It should be noted that sections VI. to X. can be skipped by those with a knowledge of the Halo Universe. Otherwise, it is there for reference and answering any questions about the Halo Universe. However, some information within these sections is fan-made for this RPG specifically, giving light to the current state of the species/locations/etc.


Welcome, one and all, to the Halo RPG! I'll be your host, HASEO! Ever wondered what the Halo Universe was like after the end of the war? Well, here we are! You, the players, decide the course of the RPG in more ways than one: it could be anything from creating a valuable alliance to deciding the fate of a large-scale battle. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask me via PM. I try my best to appeal to the players, and will keep an open mind to any and all questions, suggestions, content, or the like. Now then, for those who do not know me or might need a refreshing of the BZP Rules, let's go on to Exhibit A of the First-Post Tour, shall we?
The Rules of Halo: UNIVERSE


 would like to point this out: Punishments are doled out by a new system unlike most RPG systems: I do not give you direct, 'rule' punishments like the typical RPG. Instead, unless it is among serious or constant offenses, I punish you in game. You will know you're punished when a character of yours suddenly dies or lose all they hold dear. Anything like that. If you want to discuss your punishments, PM me.

*Watch your offensive language. While snide remarks or cynical phrases are allowed in context, do not verbally assault another player. Obscene words are generally unrecommended and advised to be avoided. However, this is based of an M-Rated Game series, and with use of proper censorship I will allow subtle use of /some/ obscenities to add to the drama of a post.
*NO God-Modding. While it is a widespread RPG rule, I see it abused all the time. You're only a single, mortal soldier. You can't take the brunt of a plasma blast to your head, face it. If I catch a player God-Modding AFTER warning them, they will be punished with the death of their character. You may continue the RPG under a new character, but this is a one-chance offer. Continue God-Modding, and you're out.
*Do not critically wound or kill another player's character. This rule is only bypassed if the aforementioned player has given you permission, and even then it must be ran by me first so I have a heads-up.
*Do NOT Flame or Argue with another player! I can not stress this enough; please try to resolve any problems diplomatically. If this can not be achieved, PM me to intervene and work it out. This includes new players who might be unfamiliar with the Halo Universe or unfamiliar with the practice of Role-Playing. Either give them bits of advice with politeness, or leave them to me as I will handle any problems new players create myself.
*Don't play protagonist. Every player contributes to the RPG, and while some may become more crucial than others, there will never be a time where I consider a player-character the protagonist of the entire RPG. Neither should you.
*No inter-species /love/ relationships. While characters from different species may grow bonds, whether they be rivalry or brotherly, it has proven in the past to be most troublesome for various reasons to have characters from different races fall in love. It should also be noted that if two players wish it, there CAN be a subtle under layer of romance or affection, however actions such as kissing or further are not allowed and unnecessary due to the problems created.
*Private Message me. While this isn't necessarily a rule, if you want to talk about an aspect of the RPG, problems with another player, or anything relating to the RPG in general that you'd rather not be seen by everyone, just hit the ol' PM button. I will normally respond to your PMs upon getting on BZP.
*Last but by far the most important rule....Have fun and enjoy yourself! RPGs are meant for the entertainment of its players and building their abilities to interact with others! If you aren't having fun, don't feel obliged to stay against your will!



Important Locations of the Halo Universe


Of course, any navigation officer would tell you that Earth is the crowning jewel of the galaxy, but there are other planets of significant importance inhabited by various races- others may still host many undiscovered secrets. Any of these locations may be visited or started upon in the RPG. Locations may be added as the RPG progresses.

Earth - The home world of the human race, permanently scarred as a result of the Human-Covenant War. Africa suffered the most damage; half of the continent is more or less a glassy crust of dried, broken ground. Human civilization has built around the ashes and restored part of their formal glory. The planet is now guarded by at least 50 various ships at all times as well as 17 of the remaining Orbital Defense Platforms out of the original 300. This is where the UNSC headquarters now operates since the Fall of Reach.

Reach - The once might and impregnable fortress planet of Reach fell to the Covenant in 2552. However, after the Halo incident, John 117 and a small group of surviving marines discovered the planet was only partially glassed. The fleet had instead searched for Forerunner artifacts on the surface of the planet. Not long after, the Covenant space station Unyielding Hierophant gave call to a massive Covenant fleet, some of which can be assumed to be the fleet that orbited Reach, as their purpose had been ruined by the Instillation 04 survivors. After the war, a small scouting party found that part of Reach was unharmed, and a very small colony has since set up there, trying to salvage from the thousands of pieces of wreckage in orbit and on the surface.

Mars - The planet Mars was terraformed many years ago and transformed into a hospitable planet that slowly started to resemble Earth. It also became a chief ship-building facility. The planet was home to a battle near Earth towards the end of the Human-Covenant War. Even though the humans lost, the Loyalists were too focused on Earth to glass the planet. Today, it is the chief manufacturer of weaponry across the UNSC.

Chi-Ceti IV - The planet of Chi-Ceti IV was found abandoned as it had been left during the Human-Covenant War. While the research facility was partially melted from angered Covenant patrols that found nothing left to gain, the planet was largely left alone. After the war, a colony settlement party found the planet still in moderately good condition and settlement began. This was the only Outer-Colony planet found in hospitable condition from the pre-war UNSC controlled space.

Sanghelios - The home world of the Elite race. The planet is similar to that of Earth, yet is part of a Triple-Star System. The two orbiting moons are Qikost and Suban. The planet has roughly similar climates as that of Earth. The land masses are farther spread apart, and the planet is made up of city-states ran by individual clans. The planet was possibly attacked when the Covenant Civil War started, yet the Elites pride themselves too much to disclose any information on damage.

Doisac - The Brute home world. The three orbiting moons are Warial, Solrapt, and Teash. The planet was scarred as a result of generations of civil war between Brute clans. The planet has a tropical styled atmosphere in many areas; the rest are magnetic, magma filled wastelands. The planet was only spared from Orbital Bombardment due in part to the Preservation Clause.

Balaho - The Grunt home world is mostly frozen over, and the atmosphere is filled with Methane. Some regions of the planet are of a more swampy mix, indicating some mildly warm, hospitable places for the Grunt population to live in relative safety. The planet's atmosphere has small traces of suffering from over industrialization by the Covenant years ago. Since then, the Grunts have been able to repopulate their otherwise thinning race after the war. The planet is protected from Brute, Jackal, and Elite slavers by the Preservation Clause. Its orbiting moons are Buwan and Padpad.

Te - The world where the Lekgolo (the worms that make up the body of a Hunter) were found. The surface is hidden by many various gasses, and is rich in Covenant ruins. These ruins have been eaten away at by Lekgolo worms, and have formed a ring of ionized debris around the main planet. The planet has 25 orbiting satellite moons.

Eayn - Technically a moon itself, Eayn is the Jackal home world orbiting the planet Chu'ot. The moon has lighter gravity of that than Earth, which means that the Jackal inhabitants have even faster actions and reactions on Eayn. With an atmosphere similar to Earth, it is here that the Jackals ended their squabbles against eachother and started pirating other ships, namely Covenant before being absorbed into the alien masses. After the Human-Covenant War, the planet has become a black market of sorts; the Jackals will deal with any species so long as they pay well. The planetoid is not considered safe to navigate near due to unrestricted pirating the Jackals are prone to committing.

Palamok - The last known Covenant species home world, where the Drones were discovered by the Covenant. The planet has an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, but twice as much gravity. The Drones likely did not originate on Palamok, but instead one of its four orbiting moons. The gravity would otherwise be too much for the Drones to evolve and develop wings. Assistance from Grav-belts allowed them flight on Palamok as well as Earth, where their bodies would still be too heavy for flight in all likelihood.

Substance - The gas giant near Installation 05 "Delta Halo". After the death of the Gravemind, human and Elite theorists concluded that the flood had returned to their feral ways and were more than likely subdued by the sentinel forces after losing the cohesion the Gravemind gave them.

Eiro Jima - A newly discovered planet between Elite and human forces, the planet is largely water based and filled with floating cities of human design, yet built with the alloy Elites used on their armored star craft. The planet was found relatively close to Doisac, and as such even features a single Orbital Defense Platform as well as several ships and satellite surveillance. The planet is a place of trade and rich in resources, making it key to the recovery of Sanghelios and the UNSC-controlled planets.

Foretenacht - The 'hidden base' planet the Prophet remnants now populate. As the prophets have no truly known home world, this was considered their last resort. It is named for a large Forerunner citadel left untouched by the ages.


Species of the Halo Universe

Humans - Need I really provide a description? No. However, I will address the various 'types' that may be played as.
- Marines: The standard soldiers of the United Nations Space Command, marines are tougher than nails more often than not. Regardless of them being considered the 'basic' military by other species, any marine is renowned and respected for their bravery when the situation is pit against them. Standard Issue Ballistic armor is worn as well as various head pieces.
- He**-Bringers: The 'pyros' of the UNSC, these soldiers aren't afraid to break out the heat. Wearing protective full-body armor as to not set themselves ablaze, with an extra pack on their back to support sustained flame usage, these units are devastating in close quarters to anyone in their way.
- ODSTs: The hardcore soldiers of the UNSC, the ODSTs are trained to be lean, mean, killing machines. Next to Spartans, they are the UNSC's best ground unit, capable of inserting from the atmosphere or space onto a planet's surface in HEVs. ODSTs are equipped with an alternative HUD called VISR, which is best used in dark settings as it can only adjust so much in lit up areas. VISR outlines objectives in Yellow, friendlies in Green, and hostiles in Red.
- UNSC Marine Aviators: The pilots of ground-op flight vehicles such as the Hornet or Longsword. These pilots are Marine service men that take care of piloting any available aircraft. When not present, trained Marines may take their place on vehicles such as Pelicans.
- UNSC Navy Servicemen: The UNSC Navy has some of the best strategic operations records in history. They are known to outmaneuver superior opponents who would otherwise reduce them to molten slag. These servicemen and women also are responsible for the transportation of the marines around space.
- Spartan IIIs - The last remaining super-humans in the UNSC's arsenal. After the Human-Covenant war, nearly all known Spartan IIs were 'M.I.A.' However, the moral of the UNSC servicemen spiked upon seeing a Carrier drop off these newer Spartans in their SPI Armor. While not as durable, well trained, and skilled as the Spartan IIs, there were over 300 Spartan IIIs to return to Earth. Their SPI Armor allows for almost perfect camouflage as well as providing decent defense. However, the systems to these suits are very sensitive and easily broken. Also, with help from the Sangheili, Spartan-IIIs now have shielding integrated into their SPI Armor.

Elites - The true name of the Elite race is 'Sangheili', and they some of the fiercest warriors known to mankind. As thoughtful as any human, and as strong as spartans, the Sangheili are not to be underestimated. They have currently become allied to the UNSC, and share space supremacy with the humans. Many Sangheili learned how to replicate the ships they used in the old Covenant. There is a Sangheili navy and army; they are skilled at both.

Brutes - An ape-like species from the planet Doisac, better known as Jiralhanae. Originally, they were a lower class among the Covenant caste system. However, the last three Heirarchs of the Covenant brought the Jiralhanae to glory in the final days of the Covenant. Brutally strong and capable, the Jiralhanae aren't afraid to tinker with unknown technology. They are much quicker to anger and more primitive than their Sangheili enemies. Jiralhanae can pilot ships and vehicles, and they do so in a vicious manner. The Jiralhanae have 'packs' that are like families. If one falls, the others become enraged, sometimes even beserking. The Jiralhanae now keep to themselves after the loss of the war, but keep patrols with their remaining ships from the Civil War.

Grunts - Once used by the Covenant as cannon fodder, the grunts (or Unggoy) were a largely abused species during the reign of the Covenant. When the Civil War started, the Unggoy population was sagging from years of massacre at the hands of humans. The Unggoy are more often than not cowardly, as seen by their decision to stay with whoever currently led them upon the happening of the Civil War. However, it should be noted the Unggoy are capable of fairly strong intelligence, as they can pilot ground vehicles or trick others with carefully chosen words. While cowardly alone, in a pack their confidence is bolstered and they fight ferociously. The Balaho Treaty freed the Unggoy of slavery after the war from various races, allowing them independence. Today, Unggoy either keep to themselves or continue loyal service to the Sangheili. However, there is illegal slave trade of Unggoy currently present.

Jackals - The pirates of the space, also known as Kig-Yar, are the Jackals. Even before succession to the old Covenant, they had space flight and naval ships of their own. Eventually the Kig-Yar gave in to the Covenant Armada and began service as elite mercenaries and snipers. After the fall of the Covenant, the Kig-Yar returned to their pirating ways, even possessing a few small Covenant craft. Jackals think mostly for themselves or their mates and hold honor or religion with contempt. There are multiple Subspecies of Kig-Yar that appear differently; the largest two sects are the Marksman Jackals and the Skirmisher Jackals, with Marksman Jackals dominating the species.

Hunters - In reality the Hunters (Mgalekgolo) are made up of hundreds of eel-like creatures. When a colony gets large enough, it splits in half, creating a 'pair' of Mgalekgolo. These pairs are referred to as 'bond brothers'. Surprisingly, the Mgalekgolo are capable of speech by vibrating their various eels and rearranging them. These creatures have a habit to be ruthless in combat with a near-unbreakable shield and a Fuel Rod. They will fight in both close combat and distanced combat with surprising effectiveness. Their armor makes them tough to take down. The death of a bond brother inspires rage in the second Mgalekgolo, who will try to avenge their 'brother'. Mgalekgolo are known to recite war poetry and hold honor high. This is why many sided with the Sangheili during the Civil War as the Sangheili were superior combatants and held honor high as well. A few Mgalekgolo sided with the Jiralhanae however, possibly respect to their brute strength. After the war, many Mgalekgolo remained in service to their chosen side. Only a select few attempted to return home and keep the colonies breeding.

Engineers - A species created by the ancient Forerunners, also called the Huragok, these floating creatures are not used as a military force but rather a science team of sorts. Built with the intelligence of a supercomputer, Huragok care not for 'sides' and peacefully ignore any conflict around them while they reap what technological advances they can find in the area. Huragok communicate with whistling and sign language, and they hate violence more than many others. The Huragok are protected by both Sangheili and humans, while others may travel freely on undiscovered Forerunner artifacts. Players choosing to use the Engineer should be warned: While equipped with both shielding and possibly light armor, the Huragok cannot fight back by means of hand to hand or vehicle-less engagements.

Drones - These insect-like sentients (Yanme'e) are a hive-mind alien capable of flight and creating hives in mere hours. Notoriously well-aimed while in flight, Yanme'e should be taken serious as despite their weak carapace they swarm in large numbers. Yanme'e have a hive-mind and follow the orders of a 'monarch'- usually a queen of their own brood. The only playable Yanme'e are of a special Hive that developed a mutation allowing non-hive mind thoughts, although the creatures still heavily rely on eachother for support and have a heavy family bond.

VIb. Non-Playable:

Spartan IIs - The original, successful Spartan Program resulted in Super-Soldiers of unparalleled skill in anything from reaction times to piloting to combat and strength. The Spartan IIs, with their MJOLNIR armor, were very small in quantity, yet they made up for it with quality. Of the 33 Spartans who completed the augmentations, 28 have thus far been named. Only one is present on Earth, Maria. All other Spartan-IIs are listed as M.I.A. (Missing In Action), despite the fact that the vast majority are K.I.A. (Killed In Action)
-Reason for being Non-Playable- There are only 5 slots for 'custom' spartans, and as such assigning players those positions would be unfair. Not to mention, Bungie canon will probably reveal the last five by the time Halo:Reach hits stores.

Prophets - A physically weak race, after the Human-Covenant War they were nearly obliterated. The San'Shyuum seethed with anger at their loss and banishment. The San'Shyuum's main strength came from their ability to harvest Forerunner technology and persuade other species. Now, the San'Shyuum are hidden away on some backwater planet hiding in the shadows, only spared because of the Preservation Clause. Their only weapon of defense are their gravity thrones which may or may not come equipped with weaponry.
-Reason for being Non-Playable- Not enough combat directed use, mainly political and few in number.
*May be an award for experienced RPers later in the RPG.

The Flood - An alien race of unknown origin. They survive through infecting other, sentient species and massing their bodies to create intelligent leader-like 'Graveminds'. When a strong enough Gravemind is present, the Flood gain cohesion and are more than just mindless corpses. A Gravemind's presence also allows for dangerous 'pure forms' to exist. Flood easily spread their infection once one is released. Suspected as the direct /or/ indirect cause of the Forerunner's disappearance from the Galaxy.
-Reason for being Non-Playable- The Flood would make very poor player-characters. However, it is possible to have your character infected partway; just be aware that if you chose this path, that character will become temporary and most likely die later in the RPG.


VIIa. Rankings

UNSC Marines: (Applies to ODSTs, He**-Bringers, Marines, Spartans) (It should be noted that Enlisted ranks are the only starting ranks, and you may climb the chain of command ladder from wherever you wish to start)
*Pvt. 1st Class
*Lance Corporal
*Staff Sergeant
*Gunnery Sergeant
*Master/1st Sergeant
Sergeant Major

2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General

UNSC Navy:
(applies to shipboard personnel and pilots)(It should be noted that Enlisted ranks are the only starting ranks, and you may climb the chain of command ladder from wherever you wish to start)
*Petty Officer 3rd Class
*Petty Officer 2nd Class
*Petty Officer 1st Class
*Chief Petty Officer
*Senior Chief Petty Officer
*Master Chief Petty Officer

*Lieutenant Jr. Grade
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral


*Ranger (Flight and Zero-Gee)
*Stealth (Spies and Assassins)
*Special Operations
Special Operations Commander
Honor Guards (Now in service to important Sangheili Figures)

Navy- (Note: All personnel except the Supreme Commander can partake in ground engagements)

Supreme Commander

*Bodyguard (Normally found protecting an important Chieftan)

*Stalker (Stealth)
*Jump Pack Minor
*Jump Pack Major
Jump Pack Captain

Captain Major
Captain Ultra

War Chieftan

Hunters (It should be noted that Hunter players can either play as both Hunters, or can team up with another player to have one Hunter character each)

*Workers (bright green)
*Image of the below Drone Ranks
*Worker-Soldier (pale green)
*Minor Soldier (blue)
*Major Soldier (white)
Captain Minor (red)
Captain Major (gold)


*Ranger (flying/zero G equipped)


*Special Operations
*Deacon (religious leader, now used as moral-boosters instead, and are trained in combat)

Flood (Non-playable)
Combat Form




Due to the mass destruction all species met during the Human-Covenant War and the Covenant Civil War, weaponry has remained largely unchanged. For the Weapons Section, I will be relying on the use of Wiki Pages to explain it. For those with further questions on specifics, please PM me. If you do not know what species/ranks are permitted to what guns, just submit the weapon you want your character to have and I'll give you amends if needed.

UNSC Weaponry
Covenant Weaponry



The ground-war arsenal would be incomplete without vehicles to speed up transport or plow through heavily armed enemies. Just as weaponry, the various species of the Covenant and the humans are still using the vehicle models from the Human-Covenant War.

UNSC Vehicles:
Mongoose - Light Reconnaissance. No Weaponry.
Warthog - Light Recon Vehicles. Weapons vary from a light machine gun, to a gauss gun. May sacrifice weapon space for a larger body to carry more soldiers.
Wolverine - Anti-Air Vehicle.
Cobra - Anti-Armor/Artillery Vehicle.
Gremlin - Support Vehicle capable of EMP.
Scorpion - Main Battle Tank. Stronger, improved but costly version: Grizzly Main Battle Tank.
Rhino - Artillery unit using experimental Plasma.
Elephant - Heavily armored mobile command center.

UNSC Aircraft:
Hornet - UNSC Surface Air support craft
Sparrowhawk - UNSC Surface Air Support Craft (advanced, experimental plasma weaponry)
Falcon - Twin-rotor transport with a chin mounted pilot controlled gun as well as two side guns for personnel to use as well as a 4-man troop bay.
Pelican - Troop Transport/Support Craft
Shortsword - Atmospheric Surface Bomber
Longsword - Outer Space Single Ship Fighter
F-99 Unmanned Combat Drone -Surface Fighter
Vulture - Heavy Air Support Craft

Covenant Vehicles:
Ghost - Light Recon/Attack Vehicle
Brute Chopper - Brute-specific Light Attack Vehicle
Brute Prowler - Brute-specific Armor
Spectre - Resembles Brute Prowler in many ways including weaponry
Shadow - Covenant Transport Vehicle
Wraith - Artillery. There is also an Anti-Air Variant.
Locust Long-range anti-structure Vehicle
Scarab - Heavily Armored Assault Armor

Covenant Aircraft:
Banshee - Light Air Assault Craft
Vampire - Anti-Air Aircraft
Spirit - Dropship, primarily of Elite use.
Phantom - Heavy Dropship, extra weaponry.
Seraph - Outer Space Single Ship Fighter



The humans, Elites, Brutes, Prophets, and Jackals are all gifted with the ability to pilot massive starships. These were crucial to the Covenant; their superior ship technology is what nearly obliterated mankind. Just as vehicles, and weapons before them, in the 14 year span since the end of the war little has changed. However, UNSC Ships were upgraded to carry shielding as well as updated Slipspace Matrixes, increasing the accuracy of jumps. Below are the various active-use ships.

Frigate - Lightest military starship with one MAC cannon and archer missiles.
Destroyer - Heavily armed military starship with a MAC, Archer Missiles, and SHIVA Warheads.
Halcyon Cruiser - Out of date cruiser brought back into use during the Human-Covenant War. Can take tremendous punishment due to honey-combed layering within.
Marathon Cruiser - Commandeered only by admiralty. Possess 2 MAC guns and dozens of oversized Archer Missile Pods.
Carrier - Armored ships whose main armament are the many singleships housed within. Have extra large hangars.
Colony Ship - Repurposed colony ships used for heavy ground support.
Super Carrier - Heavily armored, very few built. House hundreds of craft and sport a powerful MAC Gun.

Covenant: (used by Elites, Brutes, Prophets)
Agricultural Support - Contains sustenance for a fleet.
Frigate - Lightest Covenant ship
Destroyer - Heavily armed Covenant ship.
Cruiser - Armored ship with no hangar. Five plasma turrets and pulse laser armament. Light Cruiser is a smaller version.
CCS-Class - One of many capital ships, heavily armed.
Reverence Cruiser - 3 kilometers long, serve as a flagship.
Battleship - 2km long with 5 bulbous sections. Heavily armored and armed, has a particle beam weapon that can 'snipe' enemy ships from a distance.
Super Cruiser - Huge Cruiser containing hundreds of dropships and ground war materials.
Carrier - Capable of holding hundreds of singleships.
Assault Carrier - Contains many ships, vehicles, and soldiers. Hangars are enlarge enough to carry two UNSC Frigates and still have room.
Super Carrier - Largest ship in the fleet with 5 bulbous sections, a huge hangar, and a bristling weapons armament


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"Well il probably play a small mercanary group with some ODST and an elite, maybe a spartan too, im not sure. What information do we have to give, and when will the rp begin ? "

well you can play as Covanent or UNSC, pick a planet to start out on( in the halo timeline somewere) an right down, name, sex, rank, group(like ODST or marine, ect..) weapon your useing and what you look like, if your an ODST you dont half to explain what you look like, just your sex and race(like black, amarican, russon, ect..) then you talk about how you got to were you are, and if your part of an UNSC or Covanent battle group. here's my exaple of my entire history, puting it in short turms im an ODST now, here's my short history  , also before i was an ODST  i was shown here,  http://dubhappy.com/halo-legends-prototype/    
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on the link of halo legends im on this one, the guy with the battle rifle at 4:26, and i make it out alive on the pelican, but my partner dident 
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got lucky XD thats how i "halo" rp, you can make your short halo bio on here, if ya like, o and check out the links you will understand more :)
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o, sorry, if ya read the statment up above you can make your own story and it can stay seprate or we can meet eachother sometime in the rp, im going to start on my bio as well at some point.
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hmm fair enough, i guess we will meet up on this planet or something later :P ive decided to have four characters :P my little squad, though they all might die soon who knows :p
Post by haseo_yashimora (5,507 posts) See mini bio Level 14

bump, this rp is going well i hope more people get invalved!?
Post by CharkeeFarlee (26 posts) See mini bio Level 7
@haseo_yashimora said:
" bump, this rp is going well i hope more people get invalved!? "
Wow learn to spell and sentence properly.
Post by haseo_yashimora (5,507 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@CharkeeFarlee said:
" @haseo_yashimora said:
" bump, this rp is going well i hope more people get invalved!? "
Wow learn to spell and sentence properly. "

-_-............please dont go there i have a bad spelling prob, k lets leave it at that!
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