Hal Hastewell [BIO] Flow Collider.

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Hal Hastewell

Age: 23

Faction: (Neutral)

Original Name: Henry Kirk Hastewell

Nicknames- Fatside, Quickstone, Flow Collider

Avatar Appearance: Short, overweight, caucasian, brown hair.

Origin of Power: (Warp Energy)

Signature Moves: Collision, Flowmotion, Rollerball.


Hal is fast. Inhumanly so. In his youth, he developed a powerful technique he dubbed Flowmotion, in which one slows the world down around them and, taking the excess time, creates a current of time to slip through the environment in slow motion while moving at impossibly fast speeds. Achieving this requires incredibly quick reflexes and processing power, and despite his build, Hal is able to use these natural talents of his to bend space and time around himself to achieve unlimited movement.

In his late teens, he traded this information with a younger SamJaz in exchange for the Collision spell- a power where one launches a beam of light that grasps whatever it touches, wrapping the target in gold light, and allowing the caster to either swing on it or toss it as if it weight nothing. Using Collision, Hal can even hurl battleships effortlessly, assuming the target isn't nailed down.

Using these two abilities, Hal makes the world his playground, flying throw street and jungle alike at breakneck speeds for the sheer thrill. Because of these abilities, he has also gained the ability to absorb the shock from sudden acceleration and deceleration. The training he underwent to achieve this, however, built his muscles in such a way as to give him the appearance of obesity. Though he himself is quite athletic and has excellent cardio, Hal appears to be quite fat for his small height, but it's not something he lets get in the way of his enjoyment.

Personality wise, Hal is a pretty nice guy. He is pleasant to those he comes across and never holds grudges, and will work alongside former foes for a common cause without a second thought. He's quite cocky, often making jokes to provoke those around him while maintaining a loveable grin that makes it difficult to stay mad at him- unless you find his attitude so damn infuriating and STAY STILL SO I CAN SHOOT YOU DAMMIT!

One could consider himself a blood knight of sorts, in that Hal's main aim is speed. He loves the thrill of soaring the the clouds one second, plummeting to the ground the next second, and sliding through someone's legs and back into the air just before hitting the ground. He lives for these 'Flow Runs', as he calls them, and lives the life of his childhood hero.\

Sonic the Hedgehog.

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