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Hades The God Of The Underworld
Hades The God Of The Underworld

Name: Hades  
Millions Of Centuries Old  
Species: Deities or Gods  
Occupations:   Olympian
                           The Underworld  
Eye Colour: 
Height: Unknown by the height of shapeshifting  
Weight: Heavy as he can Be  
Aliases: The Devil 
                Ruler Of The Underworld 
 Family Branch:  

Gaia Goddess Of Earth
Gaia Goddess Of Earth


 In Greek mythology, Gaia (Γαîα) was the primal goddess personifying the earth. She was a primordial and chthonic ancient deity and was considered the Mother Goddess of all life. She was born of Chaos, arising as the everlasting foundation of the gods of Olympus. She created the titan Uranus, the starry sky, as her husband and to cover her, the hills, and the fruitless deep of the sea, Pontus. Together they created the the elemental Titans, amongst others the world ocean Oceanus, the pre-Olympic sun Hyperion ("The High-One"), Iapetus (father of Prometheus), Rhea, Mnemosyne ("Memory"), Phoebe ("Light") and Tethys (wife and sister of Oceanos, mother of the world rivers). After them was born Cronos, the wily, youngest, and most terrible of her children, who hated his sire.    






Cronos The Titan Of Time
Cronos The Titan Of Time




Cronos, once the mighty leader of the Titans, has fathered the first group of Olympians. After his son Zeus had usurped the throne, Cronos was then cursed to forever carry Pandora's Temple atop his back. 














Rhea The Titan Goddess
Rhea The Titan Goddess




 In original Greek myth, Rhea was a daughter of Gaia and Ouranos, and one of the twelve Titans. She wed her brother Cronos, and gave birth to the first six Olympians: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.  















 Poseidon was the God of the seas and, as 'Earth-Shaker', of earthquakes in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, he was known as Neptunus. Poseidon was venerated at Pylos and Thebes in pre-Olympian Greece, but he was integrated into the Olympian gods as the brother of Zeus and Hades, generally considered the second most powerful God after Zeus. Poseidon and Amphitrite, a nymph and ancient sea-goddess and daughter of Oceanus, had many children including Triton, messenger of the sea, and herald to Amphitrite and Theseus. There is a Homeric hymn to Poseidon, who was the protector of many Hellenic cities, although he lost the contest for Athens to Athena. He was the patron god of many important sea-faring cities, and was widely prayed for safe voyages, for he could quickly send a tempest to destroy those who disrespected him.     







In Greek Mythology, Zeus (Ζεύς) was the king of the Gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky and lightning. His symbols were the Thunderbolt, Eagle, Bull, Serpent, and Oak Tree. Zeus was the child of the Titans Cronos and Rhea, and the youngest but strongest to all his siblings. It was Zeus who led his brothers and sisters into battle against the Titans, claiming the throne of his father and banishing the Titans to Tartarus. He then married his sister Hera, goddess of women and marriage. Zeus was well known for his erotic escapades with beautiful mortal women, resulting in many godly and heroic offspring, including Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Persephone, Dionysus, Perseus, Heracles, Helen and Minos. With Hera, Zeus fathered Ares, Hebe, Eris, and Hephaestus. His Roman equivalent is Iuppiter, commonly known for its Anglicized form, Jupiter.  

Hades The Ruler Of The Underworld
Hades The Ruler Of The Underworld
Hades as he appears in the Underworld
Hades as he appears in the Underworld

Hades' is a manipulator by nature and a wrathful god by heart, and as such, incarnates into a human being to travel between worlds and space. Hades has full access to the human world and the universe as much as he has access to the Underworld and is seeing as an enemy by the human race by all means of hate and anger. Born by Rhea he was the oldest brother of the pack however he was devoured eventually by Kronos the rest of his brothers and sisters because of Kronos fears of his neonatal infants taking over. Zeus, Hades' younger sibling had thought of a plan to save his brothers and sisters before they were devoured completely by Kronos belly, and so on he manages to free all of his family. At the process, both Titans and Gods engaged in a war fest, eventually ending by Zeus's superiority and ended up nearly destroying earth and the universe. There new gods were born and mankind was presume to be born by the gods. Hades for some reason was banished from Olympia since his only desire was power, so he ought to thought that if he was to have his own realm, he'll have full power over anything at his shoulders. But unlikely Zeus was far more superior than Hades and For Hades' arrogance he was banned from Olympia and was banish into the pits of the Underworld for all eternity however that still did not broke his connotation with Olympia and the other gods.   


At The Beginning :


The Rebellious Age of The Gods
The Rebellious Age of The Gods

   In the beginning of time there was nothing but an endless pit of darkness, the Chaos. From the primordial forces of this chaos, Gaia came to existence. As the sole entity in the whole Universe, Gaia felt bored and created new life. Thus she made the race of mighty Titans. Her first child was the great Uranus. The Titan possessed essentially boundless powers and used those to shape the world into the way we presently know. Over the course of long eons he created planets, stars, organized matter and formed whole Galaxies. He stole light into the previously dark world and created the limitless sky. His heart rightfully earned the love of Gaia and the two became wife and husband. As time went on, Gaia created more Titans, each having powers unimaginable by mortal standards. Yet, none ever dared to oppose the invincible might of Uranus. It was natural that the almighty Titan became the ruler of his own race and by extension: the entire Universe. His time of reign is told to be the golden age of Titans. Gaia created countless new life forms for the Titans to control. Each star, each planet, every corner of the Universe were populated with some sort of life. The Titan race lived in absolute prosperity until a certain event came to motion.  

Gaia had a terrible nightmare about his husband's death. The sign that heralded the approaching ruin of Titans. That was none other than the birth of their newest son, Cronus. Gaia's terrible premonition didn't let her re4st and told her husband the dream. Uranus simply laughed it off as he firmly believed no being can oppose the two of them, even their own son. So Cronus had been safely born. The young Titan had bright intelligence unusual to his age. He quickly became one of Uranus' favorites. Out of curiosity Cronus eventually took a

The collision Of All the Titans and Gods
The collision Of All the Titans and Gods

 long journey around the whole Universe, to see and experience everything a Titan like him could. His travels bore a sour fruit. Cronus saw the limitless extravagance of the Titans. They exploited every corner of the universe, not caring about the repairable damage they cause to the cosmos. It frightened the young Cronus and he came back as a changed man. The idea of the Universe's destruction haunted him day by day and he secretly took every effort to prevent that. He sought power and strength beyond the scope of any Titan and eventually found it. The power that once belonged to Gaia and Uranus, the energies originating from the ancient primordial Chaos. Despite the Titans believed the Universe to be completely theirs, the Chaos was still there. That mysterious energy is what we nowadays call the Dark Energy and the main body of Chaos, the Dark Matter. After Aeons of preparation Cronus finally faced his father, Uranus and the nearly endless first war of the Titans have begun. Titans were split to two factions. The Old Order that led by the present King and Queen Uranus and Gaia. They fought to preserve the order, quell the rebellion and return the Titan race to its old prosperity. The other sides were the New Order. Led by Cronus. They aimed to save the world and create an equal society in harmony with the Universe. The battles were unbelievably intense. The new-found Dark Energy let Cronus to cancel the previously invincible Uranus' powers and rendered him immune to Gaia's control. Yet it didn't have enough power to

The Pit Of Tartarus
The Pit Of Tartarus

decide the battle in one quick move. Massacre of unbelievable proportions have begun. The wars consumed billions of galaxies and erased entire timelines. No one really knew when the battle had begun and when would they stop. The fighting sides slowly even started to forget their original intention and fought for the pure sake of hatred and war. Only a select few Titans, including Uranus and Cronus - held their sanity. Thus the battle bore a third faction that attacked everyone on sight. This chaotic war nearly exterminated every life. Finally after uncountable number of years Cronus had slain his father, Uranus. The weakened Gaia chooses to retreat but not before cursing Cronus and swearing eternal revenge. With the little forces Cronus had left, he had begun stabilizing the Universe he unwittingly had turned to complete anarchy. The reconstruction of the Universe took painful eons. Cronus extensively used his power over Dark Matter and Dark Energy to establish a new order, ruled by the circumstances we now know a the laws of physics. The new laws forced the various life-forms to evolve and adapt, creating the plants, animals we know. Thanks to the mercy of Prometheus gradually the humans came to existence. To ensure the orders Cronus hunted Gaia down and sealed her inside the crust of the small planet called as Earth. Cronus made earth his new palace and ordered 11 of his Titans to follow him. The real reason was to watch over the imprisoned Gaia and prevent yet another war. With the final peace a new Golden Age (this time for humans) have begun. Everyone lived in sincere prosperity under the rightful rule of Cronus. He had to sacrifice nearly infinite lives, countless of his comrades and almost his own sanity but he finally did it. Yet his rule was incomparably shorter than that of Uranus. His end was drawing near.



Harrowing Essence: Hades' often uses this ability. Hades uses a unique suction ability to absorb souls from the living. He considers this a form of eating as the ability is activated and the souls are collected through his mouth. People with low spiritual strength are often the type to get sucked by this ability. Capable of extracting an entire inhabitant planet without any effort however the process of this is extremely long and can take up to 15 seconds or a minute or so. 
Anger-Induced Physical Augmentation: Hades is the only deity capable of conserving his cosmetic energy by sleeping (Resting) and eating, this accumulation takes a considerable amount of time and inactivity. In doing so the reserves of power build up overtime and he can release his power causing his energy from before to change. As his anger increases so does his overall physical mass, allowing the instantaneous alteration of both his size and strength to greater levels.   
Cosmic/Dimensional Awareness: Though Hades isn't fully adapted to the ability, he is far than close to fully mastering it. Like every other god in Olympia, he can channel his mind through certain levels where he can sense events, intrusions, and up coming dimensions before they appear.  
Omnipotent/Photographic Memory: A ability that is always active at his use. The useful attributes of this ability is that it allows him to recall all sounds, people, and feelings that he's felt in the past. Allowing him to enter through everything that enters the Underworld rather good or evil, and simultaneously memorize all the names and history of each individual within or out from the Underworld. He can also use it in other zones allowing him to know everything on anyone and what their faith will be in the Underworld.  
Greatest Collision: 
The Greatest Collision allows Hades to have will over all planets & stars in range of this technique in a Solar System into permanently aligning in a matter of minutes. This is apparently a ability to extinct the species of any, and is irreversible as long as Hades lives.   

Soul Forgery:  Hades can access the souls of people with ease. He can read minds, torture humans on spiritual levels or take over their bodies without consent.    
This ability replenishes most of Hades abilities and further more makes him more powerful. With mass manipulation he is able to change the mass of objects into anything he desires rather spiritual or not and is capable of changing the molecular structure of anything he touches. Even something spiritual can become tangible at his hands. He can even change the structure of his own body and can extend his arms or any body parts and create essential beings from his own wishes. 
Gravitational-Manipulation:   Another power of Hades abilities is to repel and attract objects with the user as the epicenter similar to the laws of magnetism one can repulse matter (to the extent, energy) regardless of its mass. Hades can attract objects as well in a telekinetic manner. An offensive use of this power is to repulse people or objects with such force it could shatter stars, planets, and continents. Defensive use is to create a gravitational force-field repelling certain objects and attacks.      
Cosmetic Energy: Like all gods, each have their own unique cosmetic power that lie beneath them. Unlike Hades, he is fully in control of his cosmic abilities and can use them at will and at any time or matter. His cosmetic ability is to conjure black holes, pocket dimensions, and worm holes from his separate universe ( Underworld ) and can summon a variety of unknown objects or monsters from the Underworld. This is how he usual swallows stars, planets, and galaxies by creating transcending black holes that are 10 times the height of a normal sun. He can also teleport remnants of the Underworld to another verse, bringing forth a land from the Underworld can mean total oblivion.  
Eternal Atoms: Reconstruction ability beyond the cellular level of the body. In order to completely kill someone with Eternal atoms you have to be able to destroy them on a physical, spiritual and astral level.      
Dispel Magic:
Used to cancel another spell. If the caster of the original spell is far more powerful than the user of Dispel Magic though, it's extremely hard, if not impossible to use it successfully. Simply put, the weaker the opponent the more succesful the ability.

    Common Attacks/Techniques:


Illusion Smash: This technique allows Hades to make series of punches to mark his foes through dimensional portals.  
Divine Curse: Through Hades' sword his lingering hate could inflict a spiritual wound (shaped as his sword, invisible to anyone including mortals except to Gods or any highly celestial beings) that blocks the lifeforce and power of his enemy, induces a coma and eventually causes death through the sword slowly moving into the body of the victim. The curse is permanent to whoever is stabbed by it, no spiritual aid or any work from a god can cure it on time before the victim is dead.  
Greatest Eclipse:  From the Underworld and while in his human form, Hades by will can move all the planets of the Solar System into permanently aligning in a matter of minutes to punish humanity into dying out in a frozen wasteland.  
Galactic Illusion: This ability creates forges of the Underworld through stars, planets, and etc. And can affect all 5 senses of the mind and spirit into a transcendent state where they will experience all the inflicting pain of the underworld, and eventually will die by its overwhelming illusion. It only lasts for 15 seconds however 15 seconds are 15 years during its trans.  
Hell Raiser: Hades summons Hell Fire that is approximately 5 times hotter than the suns core and can vaporize any liquid material and melt the hardest material such as diamonds or God Clothe like paper without any effort. With such intense heat, it can turn a planet into a complex of a star. Nothing can withstand its intense heat, not even a being of pure light can escape its threatening grasp of pure fire and magna. Spiritually it inflict wounds upon the opponent, not physically.  
Death Grab: One of Hades special combinations where he targets the opponent at far range and begins to send numerous of purple colored beams from the surface that are actually his claws just in separate forms. The beams are capable of tearing through godly armor and can pull a soul of a stronger entity out without any effort, and is capable of traveling the radius of an entire continent, it can also follow the target by body heat and will continuously follow the opponent till it reaches out of reach.  
: He can file through a persons mind less than a second and can resurrect anyone frequently dead during their past by will and use them as a mind trick for fun.  
: He is able to teleport a oppoent in front of him who is about to lauch a distance range attack before returning them to their original position that way their own attack can back fire on them. 
 The Mouth Of Hell:
Hades is able to transform any of his surroundings into appendages of Cerberu's insides and is able to consume at least a thousand miles of space. This ability cancles all  reality warping, dimensional, and teleportation escapes and is used to immerse the opponent into acidly saliva that is capable of eating energy barriers or anything. This allows Hades to have a closer range with his opponents.  

Titan's Curse:  Destroys the eternal atoms of the user (attacks atoms on physical, astral and spiritual level), not only matter but also spiritual and ethereal bodies. It's basically a soul destroying attack erasing the target from existence  
Blood Stone
: Creates a cursed space. All damage that Hades takes, his opponent suffers with the same intensity. Worked on an opponent who prior to a 130x power up was a galactic threat.


Underworld Path: Hades overlaps the environment and his enemies into the Fields of Tartarus (Also called a Super Dimension), a plane where spacetime across countless lightyears is distorted by Divine forces, creating pressure from the Titan's Sealed Forms that oh most immediately obliterated the target if not strong enough to withstand it.


Soul Blast: Hades sends projectiles that spiritually attack the opponents life forms. It can scatter the victim across the universe if connected and destroys all spiritually life thus leaving the victim physically unharm.





 Hades' Godly Armor:

Hades' personal wearing. It's an armor that are seen on any God in Olympia (Including Minor and Former). It's Hades most prize equipment that is made from countless of substances, each originally being the components of materials only to be made by Hephaestus hands. The core is of the main material but can be seen as a gold or silver appearance which possess the harness and density of unimaginable levels. The armor is nigh-invincible, even a attack to destroy whole galaxies can barely make a scratch on it. The suit can also eventually repair any damage done to it, slowly returning to its original form. The Armor can ignore absolute zero and house black holes without any trouble. The armor gives Hades impressive durability and can tank time-attacks, atom destruction, or vary of attacks. Making Hades' Armor invincible to all attacks including attacks that have universal capacity.




Dimension Sword:


He wields a powerful sword that shoots unblockable vacuums of slices that are capable of slicing or beating a opponent to a pulp. This Sword also allows Hades to resurrect the dead from all territories of the Underworld: including his specters, beasts, gods, and tormented souls. The sword itself can easily create rifts of cosmetic energies that are omnidirectional, housing the opponent in crushing vaccuums. The Sword is also notable for also creating pocket dimensions for Hades to escape in and can also use an unknown energy from Tartarus that is capable of easily slicing through the same armor as Hades and can destroy an opponents soul with gentle slices.



The Helm Of Darkness - Crown Of The Underworld:


The one true soucre of Hades powers of darkness and invisibility. The Cosmic Helm Of Hades has powers to allow Hades to become intangible and non-corporeal to any source and is Hades most unique item in his arsenal. The Helmet is made of the exact material of Hades Godly Armor and can be only worn by Hades only. He has his own powers strongly mixed with the Helmet allowing him to instantly travel anywhere and ignoring all physical laws once he becomes intangible in the Helmet. Hades' Helmet can be knocked from Hades head if hit before becoming intangible. When Hades does become intangible with the Helmet he becomes a cloud of dark wind and black smoke that cannot be touched, sucked, or condensed by any supernatural force.







Home Dimension - Hades' Universal Underworld :




Is a hypersonic dimension governed by Hades and his heralds. His base of operations and greatest power source. It took decades to create the Underworld and his Hypersonic Dimension  that is linked to all locations to the Underwrorld. Hades moved his Underworld from earth to the deepest part of the omniverse and has created a dimensional barrier above his Underworld to seal it from escalating through the omniverse. The hypersonic barrier is the size of thousands galaxies that are ruled by his heralds and deities. It constantly grows as much as Hades' power rises. Hades personal throne located in his Underworld is used as a operating base for him to see the time-line and what occures in his dimension. Only he possesses nigh-invincibility and control over everything that occures in his Underworld except for the Titans who are left to Tartarus (Another hypersonic dimension).



Fields of Elysium:


 Elysium is the part of the Underworld where those who had died a hero's death and/or had a life full of good deeds reside.It is a small section of the Underworld (compared to the Fields of Asphodel or even the Fields of Punishment) and surrounds a lake containing the Isles of the Blest. If one chooses to be reborn three times and reaches Elysium each time, they are invited to the Isles of the Blest.It is like a gated community, with golden gates, and laughter inside. One can smell barbecue cooking from inside. Souls can only go to Elysium when they go to the council. However, most souls don't want to take that risk and just go to the Fields of Asphodel. Elysium is only for those who've done good in life or are to be considered godly beings, it is linked to Hades hypersonic dimension and is governed by Hades two personal deities. Thanatos and Hypnos, those two reside with all the other godly heros and good people in Elysium making sure that nothing will trespass. Any god of Olympia (including minor, demi, or formal) can enter Elysium without consent and rest there.





The Fields of Asphodel:


  The Fields of Asphodel is a location in the Underworld. It is where people go when they didn't do something very good or bad in their lives and also where souls go if they choose to go through the "EZ DEATH" line at the gates to the Underworld, instead of risking Judgement.    Asphodel is like the Limbo of Hades Hypersonic Underworld. It is believed to be the outermost region of the Underworld, to which are condemned souls who were not sinful, but lacked the proper faith to enter Elysium. Asphodel can be described as a twisted Heaven where souls reside for eternity, there is no punishment.









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Cool bio! is almost worht dying for.... XD
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Nice, Hades has always been one of my favorite mythological figures. 
But I would suggest either making it unknown if he is actually Hades or just delusional. That way you can have more freedom on your character actions. Plus, you can give him the ability to summon a giant, three headed dog. 
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@mydeathlyways: Nice, Hades is epic.
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That is one of his abilities, To summon anything within his underworld. 
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@mydeathlyways:  Nice but you should have used......................

 This pic as your hades appearance :P
 This pic as your hades appearance :P
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Speaking of looks:

 He's a Hades as well. One of the most overpowered ones to know.
 He's a Hades as well. One of the most overpowered ones to know.
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Very nice!

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" @mydeathlyways:  Nice but you should have used......................

 This pic as your hades appearance :P
 This pic as your hades appearance :P
That's from a cartoon, I got my bada** Hades from God Of War III and II.  
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IMO, Hades was the nicest guy amongst the Olympian gods. I can't see how the popular culture transformed him into a megalomaniac evil in about every fiction. Guess due to the death=evil stereotype.

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@Apollo: Yeah, It kind of sucks. But well, we can't change that
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