Gunpowder, Smokes and Bloody Tears (Character Bio)

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Name: Falken Degiraz

Age: 30

Faction: Neutral

Height: 1.75 mts

Weight: 80 kgs (seems 70 kg)

Type: Bionically Enhanced Human

A.K.A: Sabel Soldat, Dual Master, Twin Barrel Death, RS-019

Ocupation: Freelance Mercenary, Assassin, Brewer, Gunsmith, Hunter and Mechanic.


Born in misery, Falken was given to an orphanage when he was only a young child, his father never showed up, and his mother died in childbirth. With this tragedy started the life of a young boy, that didnt even knew what would the destiny guide him. He spent his first years of live in an orphanage, were he was bullied by the older boys, attacked, wounded and almost killed several times. This abuse was constant, until one day they older boys decided to step up in their game after one of them got his lunch thrown into the ground as he crashed against Falken. The next night they moved under the embrace of the shadows, and they grabbed Falken, tied him up and put a piece of tape on his mouth, and they took him to the kitchen, were using a heated piece of iron they pierced one of his eyes, and then marked his body with the heated bar of iron. They threw the charred body of Falken to the muddy street outside the building and covered him with the dumpester bags. Nobody went to look for him, all the other kids were scared of the bullies.

Falken was walking in the edge of life an death, out of the sheer shock of the cruel torture he received, but as he was about to die, he was found by a stranger, that pulled him out of the garbage and dragged him to another place. He only caught glimpses, but it seemed like he was being sell to somebody, he saw the interchange of money with his sane eye, and the lifted his wounded body into a van, and after and long drive, he was unloaded in a strange location, since he felt the van moving down, like if he was taken underground. When he waked up he was in a room he didnt knew, white walls and some medical equipment he never had seen before. More surprising was the fact that most of his wounds were healed, even his eye, he could see with incredible clarity with his previously wounded right eye. The rooms was suddenly crowded by doctors and nursed, all of them with their faces covered by gas masks and carrying several metallic cases and instruments, then they putted a mask in his face and knocked down.

He didnt knew how much time he had been on the white room, hours? days? weeks? He didnt realized that he had been for more than a year, and after several Thousands of hours in the operation table his body was severly enhacend by Bionic Implants, he was faster, stronger and more durable than any normal human being, and his wounded eye was replaced by a bionical replacement with capabilities to zoom in and out, and was connected to the new implants in his brain, that accesed to databases of the world and also served to analize the battle information of his opponents, his senses were honed by the implants and his accuracy as well. And after several try out and trainings he was told the reason for this act of kindness, he was bought by the organization that payed for all the enhancements, Trinity Gate, an underworld organization with their eyes on the global conquest. They were getting oprhans from all over the world and trained them to be their operatives.

Facing a descision between death and a life of servitude, Falken was forced to do it, since he feared to die. His training extended from the young age of 8 years until he reached 18 years old, he was constanly updated with new technology, trained in several styles of hand to hand and armed combat, multiple languanges and skills. He was trained to be a perfect killer, and as his training progressed he was specialized into range combat, mastering every firearm in existance, from the humblest handgun to the biggest artillery cannon, with prowess enough to best even the best agents of Trinity Gate. He was particulary skilled with twin guns thus he gained his nickname Twin Barrel Death, a name feared by most of the Underworld. Falken was also good in mechanics and he ven built some advanced transport and improved his own Arsenal, he even designed a way to create a Hyperspatial pocket to carry all of his weapons, and under the rules of the organization he was allowed to keept the secret of his own designs.

When his Training offically ended, he was already a seasoned soldier, since the later stages of the training, the last 5 years, involved real fights, as helper of terrorist cells, of as part of Guerrillas all around the world, and when he started his career as an agent he was in top shape. But sadly even if his body was fit, his mind was slowly getting pressure out of his sins, and the horror he felt when he killed, remembering the day he was recruited to Trinity Gate, when he was about to be killed. Not only him, but all the agents trained under this new procedure were enduring severe pyschological strain, even with all their preparation they were slowly sinking deep in a web of nightmares. Falken served as an agent for 4 years, until he was lifted from duty after a mental breakdown in a mission. As he wasnt useful anymore he was expelled from the organization, since they thought that killing him after so many years of faithful service was too much, and some of the head trainers insisted that it was their fault not the kids.

Walking aimlessly throught a unknown city, he finally gave up living and ended up in a dark alley, completly broken and waiting for his death. But it seemed he couldnt die just yet, as he saw a group of gang members assaulting a woman. He stood up, more like a reflex that a real descision and beated the group into a bloody pulp, the woman scared shitless runned away screaming, and a nearby policeman runned to the alley, only to find the bloody mess Falken left there. The young Assassin had jumped onto the emergency stairs over the alley, once more an act of reflex, created by the training more than a conscious thought. As the police officer leaved the alley he thought he was safe, that nobody except the woman saw him, but unknown to him another pair of eyes were locked over him, and a shadow moved in a nearby corner fleeing the place. Falken climbed all the way to the rooftop and thought about the recent event and discovered he felt good bty helping the woman, even if he almost killed the criminals, thus his new career started.

Falken worked for half a year in hte city and exterminated petty crime and several organized crime families, reducing their numbers with ease, and taking what ever supplies he needed from them. This situation extended until they remaining criminals in town decided to gather mercenaries and fighters to kill Falken, nicknamed by a german criminal Sabel Soldat, since to increase the shock value of his attacks Falken, that was slowly pulling himself togheter from the frontiers of total mental breakdown, used a sword and his enhanced strenght to kill some of them in gruesome ways, thus the moniker of Saber Soldier. The joint army of underworld denizens took Falken by surprise in one of his patrols, and after a long gunfight, were at least half of the massive group of criminals ended up wounded or died, they thought they killed Falken, but the explosion that engulfed the building were the gunslinger was making his last stand was only for show, made by a mercenary that knew Falken from before.

When he awoke, he was surrounded by machines, pretty similar to the first time he was introduced into Trinity Gate. but this time he wasnt tied up to the bed and he wasnt in a hospital, he sat down in the bed and in between the shadows a small light appeared, he saw the heavy militar boots over the further side of his bed and the gleam of an eye refelcting the light of the pipe. The man sitted there seemed old, but he was in good shape, except he had an eye and an arm missing. He presented himself as Johann Gine, a mercenary and owner of the place they were right now, a bar and gunshop called Hollow Bullet Lounge, and he started explaining why he rescued Falken. He was in the group that attacked Falken before, as a Mercenary a good payment overcomed any moral code. But even a mercenary haves free will over his contracts, and after such a damn good fight, he couldnt kill Falken. His reasons for that particular descision werent revelead to Falken, but at least he was safe.

Both of them fastly developed a friendship and after his recovery Falken started working alongside Johann, that enetered battle using prosthetics that carried weapons. The young Gunslinger thought of this as a way to pay the Old soldier kindness, while Johann thought of this as if he was training his heir, since he knew that sooner or later he would die, and he didnt wanted to leave his Bar and his weapons to the first idiot that buyed them, and even he liked Falken, thus after he passed on a mission he left all of his money and possesions to Falken that worked with him the last 5 years of his life. The Gunslinger, now 27 was the new owner of the Bar and all the money that Johann had saved and never used. Falken decided to take over the business of his saviour and nearest thing he had to a father and used the money to invest into new weapons, bionical upgrades and rebuilding all the amazing tech he had when he worked of Trinity Gate, now he is finally starting business, working for the higher bidder.


Falken is calm and composed all the time, after his time with Johann he haves a playfull side he often uses to disguise his real intentions, he is most of the time completly ammoral but haves a code of honour taught to him by the Old owner of the Bar, he wont steal any work or take jobs he dont like, neither he will double cross a hirer for less of the double of the payment. He is for the moment aimless, thus making the illusion of him being unfocused. In reality he is constanly reviewing information in his brain, since it's connected to several Goverment mainframes and private databeses built and actualized by him, that grant him live-feed of battle information, using satellital tracking and other technology. Most of the time he haves a facade of charming behaviour, by deep down he is one merciless bastard.

Mission Logs

Hirer: Anon

Objective: Anon

Payment: Classified

Skills and Enhancements

Master Gunslinger

Falken is master with any firearm known to men, and with some that he made and are pretty much a secret. He is proficient with sniper rifles and any kind of weaponery, but is particulary good with dual wielded handguns, being one of the greatest marksman the world have ever known, even without his enhacements. He is a master of Gun Kata and can apply his incredible agility to almost any kind of situation, thus being capable of making clear and well aimed shots even from the most bizarre postion and middle of advanced acrobatics, his aim and speed are great enough to shoot the wings of insects and pinpoint bullets with atomic presicion

Master Hand To Hand Combat

Trained by the best masters Trinity Gate could offer, Falken is a multi-style martial arts master, specialized in fast takedowns and submissions, he usually tends to use agressive styles while unnarmed, while he uses defensive styles and mix them with the Gun Kata, making hitting him something extremely difficult for even the greastest human fighters. This prowess added to his enhanced physical traits make him a superb hand to hand fighter, capable of not falling behind against more powerful or fast foes, since he uses his amazing blend of techniques to fill the holes of his fighting style.

Enhanced Eyesight and Hearing

Falken Right eye and ears were bionically enhanced, he can zoom in and out with great range than any standar Sniper Rifle, his eye also grants him Motion-view, thus granting him the capacity to see the real time almost at slow-motion, granting him a incredible advantage when it comes to dodge or prepare counter attacks. He can also acces to thermal tracking and Night vision, he cna even see throught walls. His hearing his enhanced to detect even the slightes change on a person heartbeat, he can also intercept radio transmissions.

Enhanced Body Functions

The Bionical implants made Falken body inmune to regular diseases and poison, and also help him during his healing process by using nanomachines to help the healing. He only can heal twice as fast than a normal human, but mostly his ability to dodge makes this one of his less used traits. He also can survive extreme conditions, and even survive, at least for a day or two in the vacuum of space, he can withstand higher pressure than normal humans and he can survive without eating or drinking for a week before any ill consecuence.

Enhanced Physical Atributes

Falken body is enhanced, his implants increases his traits to superhuman levels, he can run 100 mts in 6.5 seconds, lift 1-3 tons and his body can endure any personal firearm attack without wounds. His reflexes are the thing that is greatest enhanced he can react as fast as five times the speed of sound, being capable of dodging most of the conventional weaponery with ease, added to his enhanced Motion-view and his prowess in Gunkata and other martial arts makes him a extremely difficult man to catch.

Brain Implants

Falken brain is connected to several databases that give feedback to his brain, he can gain data about enemies, location out of satellital pictures, and he can connect to internet throught it. The implants also enhances is intelligence and nervous response, as well grants resistence against telepathy. The enhacements also lets him analize the battle information of his opponents to detect patterns or weak points, as well helps him to detect anomalies like illusions or other tricks. Most of his skills are severly increased by this implants, as the implants constanly update his brain with new information about any field of expertice he wants.

Master Tactician

After years of training, real life experience and constant feedback of his implants Falken grew to become an acomplished military strategist, he haves an uncanny understanding of the art of war, and he can instictive analize any kind of battlefield or army and detect blind spots and weak points, as well how to improve them. He is particulary good with Guerrilla tactics, infiltration and sabotage, but he can also direct larger groups with ease.

Underworld Contacts

Falken long career gave him lot of contacts in the underworld and in the military forces of several countries. He can get almost any kind of information since most of his contacts owe him, and he can also get equipment and weapons almost in any civilized location.

Master Driver

He is able to drive any kind of vehicle, and if he creates a link with his implants his abilities goes from amazing to just incredible.

Master Tracker

He can track a rat in a sewer, his ability to track targets and catch details, as well the help from his implants make him an amazing tracker, he can even detect dimensional jumps, or follow the track of particles of Tech-based teleportation

Master Hacker

Can surpass almost any security measure in any kind of network.

Master Mechanic and Gunsmith

Genius level mechanic and gunsmith he constanly creates new weapons and enhances several others, his main achievement, at least known, is his hyperspace arsenal, which he can acces and get any kind of weapon or equipment stored there in a split second.


Hyper Space Arsenal

Contains any kind of convetional weaponery and some high advanced tech, also vehicles and rations, basically is a storeroom directyl linked to Falken brainwaves and pasword, thus making it innacesible to anybody but him. Here is a fragment of this incredible armory with all of Falken favourite weapons. He access it through the coffin like object he carries

Ray Vulcan Handgun

Automatic Handgun with penetration rounds, with a beam bayonet mounted on the barrel, thus enhancing the damage of the Gun Kata, Falken normally uses it in tandem with the Aznable Particle Handgun.

Aznable Particle Handgun

A semi-automatic weapon, with explosive rounds, it's three times faster than a regular Particle gun, and haves a constant condensation of particles, thus it never is out of ammo. Attached to the barrel is a heat bayonet, capable of melting steel like warm butter.

Bidan Beam Rifle

A powerful energy rifle that can be used to snipe or can be shifted to semi-automatic fire. It's range is of 200 km, and can easily be regulated to shot a high concentrated beam or a wide rain. A Bajeena Beam Bayonet can be attached or it can be used as a machete or a battle knife.

Astha Mega Cannon

A massive weapon that needs charging before shooting, using a complex process of energy distribution, this small monster at full charge can easily destroy several blocks, Falken tries not to use it since is too flashy for most of the operations, but some ocassion need higher firepower.

Seabook Gun Whip

A strange weapon, a whip with bullets, each shot makes the whip enlarge using a high elastic substance under the metalic segments, it haves a range of 5 mts without the gunshot, with the shot the whip can extend for 25 mts.

Erwin Containment Rifle

A strange looking weapon that releases a film of energy with a triangled shape, that serves as a energy net to catch and paralyze the opponent, the weapon can be set to stun or damage, as the energy net can discharge powerful streams of electricty.

Nau Body Armor

A Set of armor that includes a chest plate, a pair of leg guards and arm guards, every joint carries a beam spike, also under the foot, and in each extension of the limbs, turning the user into a living weapon, capable of popping out blades and spikes from almost every point of his body

Arronax Crossblade

A octogonal handle with four beam blades proyectors, it can be also used as a Beam Shield. Each blade can the turned on independently of the others. Or you can activate the four blades and use the weapon as an oversized Shuriken.

Neate Divider Rifle

A powerful solid ammunition rifle, the bullets can penetrate most of the best armor the Earth can offer, and even otherworldy defenses, it can also expand into a knife like proyectile that can slash in half anything it touches via supersonic vibration.

Dan XX Cannon

A Massive energy cannon with a backpack/generator/solar light condensator attached, it haves massive power (Stadium level) but great recoil and massive cooldown time, not a very useful weapon for long fights, but a great weapon for introductions.

Kasshu Exploding Guantlet

A pair of armored gloves that have several barrels under the armor, an automatic weapon with low range but great power, with the proper training it can be used to complement hand to hand combat. The bullet detonation have a distinctive golden glow

Bruder Tectonic Shuriken

A set of shurikens that are designed to be used against the ground, charged with vibrations that can turn the floor around, like a Tatami Flip technique, only that the ground itself flips, depending on the intensity setting it can lift from walls of stone to only tiles.

Yuy Twin Buster Rifles

A pair of sub-rifles with Automatic and Semi-automatic modes, it can also be used as a Beam Rifle, fusing both of them in Assault Buster Rifle mode with power enough to bust throught buildings.

Cehack Grenade Launcher

A powerful and pragmatic weapon that allows to shoot almost a limitless myriads of effects, if the proper ammunition is charged, but the most powerful is a miniature Nuke, that can easily blast a small city out of existance.

Yamato Orbital Aim Laser

A small gun that sends a harmless Ion laser towards the target, the laser only signals the target, the attack is made by a satellite Falken built and launched under the premise it was a communication pod. It can easily destroy a city with some time to charge, the top power can destroy a small country.

Seiei Twin Gunblades

A pair of swords with guns incorporated in them, The swords are vibroblades capable of cutting most of the known metals, and the guns have enough punch to torn a man in half with one shot to the chest.

Links Unicorn Blaster

A High Power automatic shotgun with two kind of ammo, white regular shells of incredible power, and with the Red and gold shells scatters burning sharpnel

Asfansia Knuckle Blaster

A pair of Knuckle Dusters with mounted energy generators that allow ranged fistfights, allowing Falken to send images of his punches made of hard light constructs. It haves the same strength as Falken, but with 30 mts of range.

Asuno Variable Weapon

The Asuno Variable Weapon or AVW for short is a weapon that haves three modes. Asuno I is a vibro sword and allows a speed increase by sharing the vibrational energies with the user, the Asuno II is Light Sabre Mode, creating a beam blade the size of a claymore that can be enlarged to great lenght for further range. The Asuno III reconfigurates the weapon into small segments that fly around the used and serve as offensive or defensive thanks to a energy proyection in the form of a green rectangle

Ridden Revamp Gun

A two mode gun, stun and kill, the Ridden Revamp allows the user to shoot electrical blasts that may stun, or expand upon contact with organic matter causing a explosion inside the target, causing mayor inner damage.

Iori Von Aria Shield System

A powerful wrist mounted energy shield, the IVA Shield System is useless against any kind of physical weaponry, but is designed especially to fight against Hidden World Foes. The shield absorbs any kind of mystical or spiritual energy, absorbing Ki or Magical energy. The energy is stored and can be used in 4 different modes.

  • Blast Mode: Falken launches a concentrated beam of the energy he absorbed. He can combine this mode with any energy based weaponry.
  • Enhance Mode: Falken can artificially replicate the Buffing applications of said attacks by over charging his nanites into over drive.
  • Defense Mode: The energy absorbed is channeled to create a thick aura over his body to increase his defensive capabilities.
  • Knuckle Mode: The energy focuses on its fist and is released in one single attack.

Obviously this system has limits, as its incapable of absorbing any attacks greater than City Block Level and could overcharge and explode.

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@Falken: Hmm interesting start, the powers seem very versatile. Can't wait to see more. :D
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@Superevil225:  I'm working on it, after reading lots of thread in this forum I thought of using a Mercenary as character, an ammoral character, with a severe lack of objetive or ideals. He would work for the best bidder, and he will backstab his previous hirer if he is asked too, a mix of several characters, like Pip Bernardotte from Hellsing, Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00(mostly the attitude not the morality) and others
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@Falken: Nice! Sounds cool. ^.^ btw, welcome to the forum. :D
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What an interesting Character.
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@Falken: Nice skill set there, you could be someone I could team-up with in the future.

 I'll be watching closely...
 I'll be watching closely...
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o ops thought you where a spam bot, sorry for being rude ;)
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Finished the Story, then I will update the powers and equipment
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@Falken:  Great stuff keep it up:)
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Updated personality and some of his powers, I only have to fill the rest and add the equipment...
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@Falken: Not bad at all. Is it the first try? My only complaint is that your character seems to be a little too competent. I'm not meaning powerful but being master of so many skills is a little suspicious. 
Instead of calling them "master xyz" you should explain them away with the implants for example. You have imprinted memory and skills in addition to your training. That would be a good excuse for making him that good.
Otherwise good going. I already see you're going to fit in the Vice.
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@willyvereb:  Thanks, I made a tweak about what you said in the Brain Implant section.... 
Updated, Finished adding the weapons ( I let my Otaku side go wild on the weapons sections dont judge me)
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Good job! Maybe one of my Alts will recruit you....
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@Falken: I know what Caius would recruit him for. :P
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@DreamWeaver:  If there is enough money anything is possible
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@Falken: Interesting guy. Can we fight for a warm-up sometime?
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@paladin:  As I said before, if there is any reward involved we can arrange a spar..
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o wow your a good righter love the detail, nice work!
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First Mission Update
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Edited and added new stuff

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