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Falken Degiraz was on the move, the tropical rainforest was a territory he was acustomed to move in, and his bionical implants were helping him a lot. The World Best Mercenary was in a personal mission, in hopes of enhancing his arsenal, so he could fight against the new threats to his way of life. He was in route to a secrete U.N facility, were a new kind of weapon was being designed. According to the information an annonymous e-mail got into Falken work adress, this facility was constructing Robots. Falken laughed at that information, thinking it was just too stupid. No goverment had the technological prowess to build a functional Mecha, and then people that had the technology knew that the idea was just retarded. But either way it sounded interesting, at least to find out how badly their designs were, as Falken had some mechanical skills, as he built most of his weapons, and wanted to check how advanced was his technology. He didnt had any connection with that specific branch of the U.N, no contacts or all favours that had to be charged. But somebody else owed him a favour, and contacted to his link with Mangetsu Corp, asking for Usso office. After a short negotiation he finally got the information, and even some images about the factory. His jokes about it stopped in an instant. They were at least 20 years more advanced than any of his weapons. The Dual wielding Mercenary was genuinely surprised of this, but the rest of the information cleared up his confusion. The man in charge of the research was Doctor Allmark, a world recknowed expert in reverse engineering. That pointed towards unknown technology so that had some sense, since the U.N tech didnt got to the level that Factory had. For that reasons he was now rushing throught the rainforest, moving with the experience and skill unknown to even the best soldiers in the best armed forces in Earth. Falken knew how to move with silence and speed, his implants were granting him some optic camouflage to allow him an almost perfect indetectability. One of the most important things in agressive infiltration was to know what to carry as a weapon, since the sound of the weapon was something that make the detection very easy, so Falken was carrying only throwing knifes and a combat knife. If he had a gun he would feel tempted to use it, and even with a silencer it would be too noisy for this. He still had acess to his Hyperspace arsenal, but only to use it under a emergency.

Falken was now in the surroundings of the factory, ready to start infiltration, but even if his intel was top notch, some new players were about to enter the board and change the game.

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It was just before daybreak on in the South Pacific Ocean, the super spy of FABLE known as Tavi was riding the waves. On a highly advanced black surfboard made with the alien Zo’ar technology Tavi guided herself easily through the surf the heading towards a small island under UN jurisdiction. As soon as the sun light grazed upon the blue ocean Tavi landed on the small beach of the island. Carried the surfboard under her arm and quickly pulling out one of her custom pistols loaded with pyro rounds, she checked to see if the coast was clear. After seeing that there was no one around she holstered her gun, and took off her scuba mask to let her long black hair down. While planting her surfboard into the sand, she quickly received a message from her informant Red Riding Hood. (“Ahh I can see that the fabled mongoose has finally landed, yes?” )Red spoke with a heavy French accent. Usually Tavi would work with her longtime partner The Cheshire Cat, but he was on assignment in Japan. Tavi didn’t mind working with Red, she was young, witty and very intelligent.

(“Yes Red, I’m here, but I didn't get much of the details. Maybe you can enlighten me a bit”). Tavi asked Red while getting her weapons out of a special compartment from her surfboard. (“There wasn’t much time to brief back at HQ, but here is what we know. Dr. Almark renowned engineer has created a powerful mobile suit, the project is underway on the island you are on now. Recently we at FABLE found out that information has been leaked out about the mobile suit. Tavi, we have sent you in to retrieve the suit before someone else does” )Red explained. Tavi was listening to every word loading her ZRX- Custom battle rifle with pryo, cryo, electric, and armor piercing rounds complete with a sound suppressor. Checking the laser site to make sure it was in perfect working order she then responded to Red’s report (“So I have to steal something that is already ours anyways. I see this isn’t about the machine being in the right or wrong hands it’s about being in the best of hands”.)

Red chuckled when she heard Tavi’s response. (“Yes Tavi that sums it all up in a nutshell. However we do not know fully what the mobile suit looks like, Dr. Almark has kept that under lock and key.”) Tavi then started to move, her personalized Zo’ar battle suit has able to block mental and mystical detection, but she could still be seen physically. It was also equipped with active camo, and a chameleon feature to disguise herself as the enemy. Planting her back against a nearby tree and creeping silently into the jungle, Tavi once again spoke to Red. (“Whatever the mobile suit designs are this is an island; there are only two ways to get off of it, by air or sea. So it must be able to do at least one or both of those things”). ("Correct Tavi, which at least gives us some clue into its design. Be safe out there Tavi, and try to keep the body count low") Red jokingly said to her. Tavi had a smirk on her face, (“I’ll try but I can’t keep any promises. Besides I am not like a certain spy in our organization. If I were this place would look like World War 3 already.”) After that Tavi proceeded to infiltrate the jungle, she was now fully focused and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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"Shite... another bloody fauchin' hang~o'a, and I have work to do here", the young-looking Irishman said to himself. Popping up off of the couch he was crashed on, he turns over and grabs a cigarette from the almost full pack of Kools sitting on the lamp table beside him. Grabbing a Bic, he lights up, takes a few drags, and heads over to the mirror to examine himself. He looks slightly left, then slightly right... but decides to keep the now three-day-old stubble on his face a little longer. "What time is it", he groggily asks himself. Looking over, the clock reads- "AH, BLOODY HELL- I'M LATE!!" As it is now half past eight o'clock, Jason Kyle O'Rourke has only just missed the morning tram into the facility. He hastily grabs a few articles of clothing and throws them one in a short moment's notice, burning himself in the process with his still-lit cigarette in his mouth. Throwing on some socks 'n shoes and grabbing a quick-heat coffee from his little pantry across the room and his pack of cigarettes, he runs out the door. A few hundred feet from him, though, he's able to catch a bit of a relief- the tram's been down for a good twenty minutes and hasn't reached his embarking point. A number of others in from of the young lad- all advisers, technicians and contractors like himself- are getting anxious. The anxiety of the crowd changes to clapping (albeit mockingly) as the tram finally pulls up ten minutes later.

Strolling now to his desk, Jason looks over the now steadily rising paperwork on his desk, the sticky-note applied to his console screen, and the older gentleman walking by, asking if he was going to finish up the paperwork on the latest test run from the other day. Impressively faking a most authentic sounding German accent he goes, "Yes sir, it'll be ready and on your desk before twelve noon today." The head of engineering- the older man in question- just sneeringly smiled at him and walked away. Going back to his normal accent, he mutters to himself- "I wonder when those bloody mercs I leaked information to are going to get here? I ain't meant to be a fauchin' paper-pushing lackey for an old bag of skin an' bone like that."

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