Give the Character Above You Their Fortune

Topic started by Akage_Hana on March 11, 2012. Last post by Mesamia 2 years, 11 months ago.
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I thought of a small game for the RPG thread a little based off of my character's ability to see the future and fortune-telling.

So basically, the point of the game is to give the character that posts before you their fortune.

For example:

Post 1 - Character 1: <Character's name> opens a magazine and reads their horoscope, their fortune for the day is......

Post 2: Character 2: .....that today is your lucky day, and try to make the best out of it. <Character 2's name> dials a fortune-teller's number and she tells them that......

Just be creative, and don't hesitate to try something funny...the point of the game is to have fun; like the feeling you get before opening a fortune cookie :P You can make references to as many ways of fortune-telling as you'd like; e.g: astronomy, horoscopes, crystal balls, palm-reading, etc etc. Have fun!

I'll start:

Akahana steps out of a small Chinese restaurant and opens her fortune cookie, her fortune said.......

Post by Asune (1,191 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Today you'll be striked by a buffalo, you'll end well, but it will be embarassing.

Lebreus asked for a tarot reading, it was a session of card, but in short words his fortune was....

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,188 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Dark times are coming, and you'll need all your strenght to get pass them....

The Hooded Man readed the leaves left in his cup of tea and his fortune was....

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,915 posts) See mini bio Level 12

A 100 birds will poop on you....wear a hat XD

A newspaper fly into Crow face the page is the horoscope section it reads....

(I was thinking of making it a Magic 8 ball but that not a fortune telling device :P)

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,188 posts) See mini bio Level 14

A Tsunami is coming your way, dont get near any electricty sources...

Gen punches the teeth of a guy, and an old scandinavic witch that walked nearby reads the destiny out of the fallen teeth, almost like if they were runes

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You should have closed your garage door, now you will have visitors of the four legged variety. 
Saitire received an e-mail in the form of a gold present. After scanning for potential viruses she opens it. 
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Don't trust the weather forecast today, despite it saying it'll be sunny, there will be tons of rain. Don't forget your umbrella!

Paintress unexpectedly runs into Raven Baxter who decides to tell her her fortune the fortune Raven tells Paintress is....

(OOC For those who dont know, Raven Baxter is the main character from Disney's "That's so Raven" XD)

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When you meet Molly the chimp at the Zoo don't give her a high five. Her hand has been everywhere. 
Mesa reaches inside her lamp and pulls out a note that says.....
Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,915 posts) See mini bio Level 12

A certain Gunslinger is going to steal your milk ;) rofl XD

Crow shakes a magic 8 ball and it says..

Post by Mesamia (5,109 posts) See mini bio Level 14
That Milk you grabbed from Mesa is sour seek medical attention XD 
Mesa drop a golden coin in a wishing well. In the water a message was written saying...
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