Gilgamesh - The King of Heroes [Character Bio]

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@Fehafare: Personally i don't think there is anything wrong with the personality I think Gilgamesh is an awesome choice. If I were you I would tone him down a bit make him one of the heroes that registered with the Union of 7. We were discussing the idea of possible team that is a group of heroes who the Union of 7 have given free range to bring in the unregistered ones, for example my character Crow, this type of character is perfect something who won't stand for law breakers and enforces justice with a golden fist.

At the moment your powers are a bit crazy there is nothing wrong with the idea of Gate of Babylon but some of the weapons are a bit crazy especially when you talk about warping space time and flooding the planet.

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I'm not sure i got that about Union of 7... but anyway.

Meh, as i said the powers are a 1:1 copy from the real one and i don't really feel like changing it. Especially the part of GoB, the whole thing in the first place is a big plot device to counter any situation.

If anything, the only hope i see for this char is that i use him as a big bad in one RP and kill him off at the end.

I guess i'll let a mod lock this thread and then i'll make a street-leveler.

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@Fehafare: The Union of 7 is the government at this point in time because of Newdeath's war on the world that left it in shambles and pieces that have decided to unify and form one strong government to prevent a threat like Newdeath from occurring again. There are 7 major cities in 7 counties that are pretty much the center of the world at the moment. Along with Inazuma City which exist outside of the 7. One of the laws they enforce is a that super humans must register under them if you live in one of the 7 cities.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Oh....

Well in that case, i don't think the RP world needs a new big bad so soon.

So, yup Gil's dead. And really, it wouldn't work, given his personality a new war would be on the way...

Btw what happened of Newdeath (not the user, i mean his character at the end)?

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@Fehafare: ND died at the end. :P This is actually a time skip 10 years have passed seen that war.

Gil would work as a character in the new time skip Vice. Like I said he would be perfect as someone who is registered super-human/hero who the Union of 7 has allowed any means unnecessary to bring in unregistered heroes dead or alive. Also the government has given them a lot of privileges so this explains his wealth, etc.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Damn, someone should make a guide or something after those sudden changes. But i really like how the things have developed.

Hmm... what's the current theme of the cities? Modern, futuristic, victorian, steam-punk... etc?

And that wouldn't work at all, because there no way that Gilgamesh would accept someone being above him, in other words, two scenarios:

1. If i use him as he is right now, i should be able to rape left and right.

2. If i balance him i get raped left and right by them law enforcers.

But it doesn't really matter because i already have another character in mind. Only doubt that i have right now is that i have next to non pictures for both of my ideas...

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@Fehafare: there is no character who could take on the 7 by themselves right now but there are a few rebels that don't like the whole registration thing so you could be a rebel.

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@Masterofdeath: Probably not as the new character i have in mind will mind his own stuff (he still wouldn't go with the registration thing, but he wouldn't go actively against it), you could say that he will be just like me a newcomer to this world with no basic knowledge.

But depending on how things go another character i make might get involved with the 7 which in effect would make my first character more interested in it.

Only time will tell, i think i will wait for a nice amount of time before making any changes to my char.

Well then, i'll be off making my first and primary character.

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@Masterofdeath: Um yeah I recent that remark XD Crow is the Most Wanted Outlaw at the moment he refuses to register and still acts like a hero he is more than capable of taking on whatever the 7 throw at him and if it gets to much he just heads down to Mexico.

Most Wanted Outlaw and loving it.
Most Wanted Outlaw and loving it.
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: well yeah but by rebel i didn't mean like fighting it I meant more of going against the registration and refusing. Besides if you stormed the 7 you would be shot down with all the heroes they have and the military power too.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: You do realize that the 7 control Mexico as well The only place for unregistered heroes they could actually take a breath is Inazuma City right now. But soon Kuro- San is going to have to do something about harbering all those wanted fugitives there.
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