Gerad Dante Poe; The hunter of fiction

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Gerad Dante Poe

Name: Gerad Dante Poe

Alias: Fiction Hunter Poe, Edgar Allan Poe, The Hunter

Age: Unknown (probably 100+)

Appareance age: Between 20 and 30

Height: 1,80 mt

Weight: 75 Kg

Job: In real world, he is a lawyer, in the conceptual world he is a hunter of fictional creatures.

Alignment: Neutral, can be called an anti-villain

Original Characters in which he is based: Willard H. Wright, Ushiromiya Battler and Phoenix Wright


He is a big arrogant, however is mature enough to control himself, almost all time he stay silently hearing his oponents blabering, and usually answer with sarcastic and provocatives phrases. He is higly inteligent over a super genius, however this almost all time strikes with his arrogance. He is direct, and speak in a very detailed way, using sometimes technical terms. He is merciless, and will hunt any fictional being even if is a very good person, however he has a heart, and always allow last wishes of good persons and fulfil their roles in the society when they no longer exist (only if is something good)

Likes: Chocolates, coffee, expensive cigarettes, old movies and books, mistery and horror novels, people who is sincere.

Dislikes: Beer or any alcoholic drink, pizza, things that are too salad, cliches, arrogant fools who boast their powers and abilities.

*He is a hunter of fiction, but he do not dislike all fictional characers.


  • Gerad is tirless, as he doesn't carries the concept of fatigue, however due to overload in the conceptual plane, he may felt an strain that works in similar way that the fatigue (this only in the conceptual plane)
  • Gerad's body is being constantly regenerated, if his whole body is destroyed it'll only take a minute to be fully recovered; the time becames shorter when he is with Healing Augment.
  • As Gerad cannot cease to exist in the normal plane, he only test his oponentes there; real battle begins when he decided that his enemy is worhty of fight to elimination in the conceptual plane.
  • Gerad existance was concepted to surpass every existance except three exceptional beings; as concept he is over Gods even if his power is less and even if he can be defeated by the God; however no fictional being inferior to Gerad can deny his abilities, or protect him/her from Gerad's skill by anulation, no matter the power of the being. There are exceptions, while in the real plane his powers are lowered he works as a normal fictional being in this sense.


Conceptual plane: Gerad is able to freely walk between the normal realm and the conceptual realm, he also is able to bring other people to the conceptual realm, he usually takes his oponent to fight in the conceptual realm. SOME OF HIS ABILITIES ARE ONLY USABLE IN THE CONCEPTUAL REALM. In the conceptual realm, both, he and his oponent parameters (strenght, resistance, speed, evasion, etc.) are equalized, and are at the conceptual level, and reach to the maximum level. Also attacks from anyone in the conceptual plane are unavoidable, and can only be parried or anulated with the exception of truths who are completely unavoidable, unblockable, and imposible to anulate.


1) Beings here can create anything from their imagination, but only if the creation in fact is something that already exist. Is impossible for them to create something new from zero.

2) Beings cannot concept something whose force or comprehension surpasses their understanding, or is just too strong for they to hold, this includes beings, objects and realities.

3) A being cannot modified it's own concept, it cannot add new skills or change the shape of the concept, if he/her were to do that, their concept will became unstable and impossible to control, also it will end erasing its own mind.

Red Truth: Anything said in red is truth and no proof is needed for that, however he cannot lie in red, if he does that, he will choke, and he will be unable to finish his sentence. He can only use the Red Truth in the conceptual realm

Blue Truth: When he uses the blue truth, he creates a theory, because is it a theory, it can be truth or not. The blue truth takes the form of a conceptual stake, that impales in the oponent's body and as a conceptual weapon is unavoidable, unblockable and imposible to anulate, this is not based on power of strenght but in concept.. The oponent won't be able to retrieve the stake from his body until he destroys the theory by telling the truth, if the oponent refuses to tell the truth, the stake will be always impaled in him, and it will become the new truth. He can only use it in the conceptual realm

Burdens of Truth: Whenever another person tells a lie, harmless conceptual invicible energy (Gerad can see the energy) will cover his body, by this, Gerad will know whenever a person is lying. This is an automatical ability that exists in all realms.

Conceptual Magic: He can use magic in almost all its forms, to do whatever he wants. He is able to use it in all realms, but he limitates only to a few abilites

  • Basic Magic: He can do a lot of things, yet in battle he is restringed; he can transport battle to other places, but he cannot teleport himself in battle at least that equalizer allows it, also he can use the Basic Magic to manipulate the energies created by him
  • Elemental Magic: Gerad can create and manipulate elemental magic from the four elements in any way, because is in reality a conceptual energy that took the form of an element it cannot be anulated by oposed elements.
  • Conceptual energy blasts: Gerad can manipulate the conceptual energy in such a way that he can made it to eliminate the existance of the target; according to the proportion of the energy blast will be the amount of existance erased. The existance of the target is eliminated from past, present, future, other realities, other dimensions, etc.
  • Equalizer: Gerad can fly, teleport, become one with the matter, etc. but only if his oponent is able to do the same. It can also enhance or limite some parameters of Gerad according to his oponent's
  • Weakness witness: He can imbue his sword with conceptual energy that deals damage equals or similar to his oponent weakness, however he can only do it when he knows the weakness of his oponent. If the oponent eliminated all his/her weakness, the sword will be colored in an unique unknown color only comprehensible by the oponent, it's called the No-Weakness and its strikes create weakness in his oponent.
  • Augment: He can use augment to enhance his body. Strenght augment (only in physical, not his sword), resistance augment (less damage for energy based attacks), defense augment (less damage for physical based attacks), speed augment (became massive FTL), evation augment (His body became more agile, so he can avoid more easily some attacks in the normal plane), barrier augment (nullifies basic attacks), armor piercing augment (he can destroy an armor with his bare fists, if the armor is too durable, his damage will reach the internal organs of his oponent without destroying the armor), healing augment (acelerates his regeneration to the point that his whole body is reconstructed in a second).

*Equalizer may contradic augments some times, this pretty much will depends of the oponent's parameters

Absolute conceptual inmortality: He can only be eliminated (killing isn't enough), and only in the conceptual plane, when he foughts in the real plane is only to test his oponents, the real fight starts when he consider his oponent to be worthy of fight in the conceptual realm. Although he can be damaged in both planes and beated by K.O., however this is almost imposible in the real world. Not even atomic destruction will kill him in the real world, even if the whole megaverse is destroyed he'll remain alive, the only way for him to be eliminated is in the conceptual plane

Nullifier shield (Nine rings of no fiction): A barrier surrounds Gerad, created by the concept of no existence of fictional stuff. Gerad will be covered by nine rings that will form a barrier impossible to cross by anything that is fictional as it denies the existance of fiction, if a fictional being were to cross the barrier, it will probably felt the pain of all its existance being denied, Gerad is the only exception allowed inside this barrier, and this barrier can only be surpassed by an omnipotent being or one of the three beings ranked over Gerad in the Pilars of concept. Due to the enormous charge of conceptual energy, Gerad can only use this skill one time per battle.

Negadora: Gerad's main weapon, a pitch black sword, that leaves a black trail once swinged, and a white trail when is swinged a secondly time; its ability consist in separating the truth from fiction; he can strike with the sword to any fictional attack to destroy it, also he can strike with physical hits and concptual slashs. This weapon is usable in all realms

Horror realm: When he is fighting in the conceptual realm, Gerad is able to perform an energy blow from his sword (similar to getusga tenshou), if the oponent is hitted by the blow, he will be trapped in the horror realm, where he will experiment all the horror that had been made, concepted or created by all beings, this usually will cause a traumatic shock in his oponent

The Raven: A metaphysical manifestation of Poe's story the raven; it functions as the eye that can see all, is indeed the left eye of Gerad, and allows him to see the real composition of his oponent body. Usable in all realms, however he can only see the nature of his oponent's attacks in the conceptual realm

The tell-tale heart: A metaphysical manifestation of Poe's story the tell-tale heart: it is Gerad's right eye, and allows him to see the intentions of his oponent, In the normal realm, he can see the nature of his oponent, for example: an hostile one, an smart one, etc. In the conceptual realm he can see the uncoming acts of his oponent, so it will allow him to prevent attacks and things like that.

Theatergoing Authority: By this, Gerad is able to see and interfere in the past of someone, from the conceptual plane, he can only use this ability in the conceptual realm, is activated by a glow in his hand, that simbolizes the flashback in that person's life

Restringed Powers

Due to the interruption of Odin, the concept of Gerad was modified, then his powers changed

-Now Gerad can get tired, still his stamina is enormous

-Regeneration is still perfect, however it takes more time

Conceptual Plane: Because the laws in the conceptual plane, depends of the plane and not Gerad, this stays unchanged

Truths: Gerad can use both truths without trouble, only in the conceptual plane. Except burdens of truth, that works as always in all planes.

Dark Truth: This just appeared as a modification of his concept, Gerad cannot easily lie now, if he were to lie the reality would change to dark purple, and this will point that he is lying.

Conceptual Magic: Gerad can do a lot of things, however they are more limited now.

Elemental Magic: Gerad can control all four elements, however he cannot mix them now, with some exceptions (like ice or lightinings)

Conceptual Energy Blasts: The blasts that erases existance, now Gerad cannot use them, not even in the conceptual plane.

Equalizer: Stays unchanged

Weakness witness: Same thing, however he cannot create the no-weakness now.

Augments: Augments are reduced, now they work as X10, Gerad when uses augments multiply his currents parameters by 10. (Notice that he still must active the augments one by one)

Nine rings of no fiction, Nullifier shield: Stays unchanged, he can only use it once per battle.

Absolute conceptual inmortality: He is still inmortal in every sense, while he is in the real plane, however he can now suffer of "Fake Death" (for more references check Atahlia profile)

Negadora: The black sword stays unchanged, still some limitations may appear

Horror Realm: Unchanged, he can only use it in the conceptual plane

Gerad's eyes: Unchanged, follows the same rules

Theatergoing Authority: He can still see the past of other beings, however he cannot interfere in them now

WHITE GERAD: Gerad still holds his normal powers in him, he can call them by temporary exchanging part of his concept. When he do that, he became completely white, skin, eyes, pupils, hair, clothes, alll white with exception of the Negadora. This mode can be maintained a very short time, and after using it, Gerad will be unable to continue fighting. He regains all his past strenghts.



A famous lawyer and writer of horror and mystery called Edgar Allan Poe started to study a phenomena in the one strange beings were poblating the world. According to his studies, these beings existed since the past ages, in the ones they were called Gods, and now they have started to migrate from some place in a big quantity. Further studies revealed that these beings were no others than the beings created by the imagination of the same people; the facts were numerous, and his studied confirmed all of them. Some past succes like the invention of telephones, or more past like the draws of Da Vinci weren't just the result of skilled people, but they indeed received help from beings created from themselves. Edgar was a writer of horror and mystery stories that relied in normal success carried to the extreme of one imagination, still in that age, books with fictional and powerful beings started to flourish, Edgar countered them in an special way, due to that, the success of those books were delayed, and in that age Edgar's and others people books became famous, leaving some of the fantastic ones behind. What Edgar did was in secretly to create his own fictional character, designed with the task to eliminate the other fiction, not only due to his "envy", but also because these fiction was probably going to create an enormous disaster in the world in a near future. The character would not doubt about his mission and will found it as a noble one, still as a controversial writer, Edgar gave to him a bit of the called free will, still limited to his duty, he signed the character with the name Gerad Dante Poe; Gerad was an anagram of Edgar; Dante was a reference to a person who battles for his objectives; and Poe was Edgar's last name. Gerad would live in teh conceptual plane; a plane that ruled over all others kind of existance, a place were imagination can became true. From this place Gerad was free to travel to anywhere in search of fiction to hunt; ranked one below the conceptual plane, there was teh fictional plane, the place were fictional characters must reside, and the place from the one the fiction was crossing to the world. Gerad's duty can be resumed in three points. 1) Gerad will only eliminate the fiction that has crossed the barrier between fiction and reality, regardless if they're good or not; Gerad can decide the measures, order, etc. 2) Gerad has free will, but his personality was designed to protect the non fictional beings and also to give more value to justice than unjustice. 3) When Gerad's noble task is finished, he will reside in the fictional plane, assuring to not let any fiction to cross the barrier; if that were to happen, he will be obligated to hunt them. Edgar in secrecy added more features to Gerad, to make him more adequate to fullfil his task, however when he was about to die, he hid the "Gerad's paper" in a secret place; even after his death, Gerad's mission would continue due to the fact that his fiction still existed.


The same study that the man known as Edgar used to write his story was now occuped by two men. The first one, with a dark expression and a black suit was Edgar Allan Poe, the second one a tall man with a blue coat standing behind Edgar, a man recently born, but with thousands years of existance, a man with his own conscience. He was Gerad, the creation of Edgar. It was rumored by some high class man, that a politician called Edmund Picard was acting quite strange the latest days, Edgar who was very well known between high class persons heard the rumor; he knew about Edmund, a man that loves to writes policial's stories, but whose latest works weren't attracting the public; this man however started to gain an strange popularity the latest days. As a test, Edgar wrote Gerad to spy this man's secret life. Gerad was a being of free will, still all that is wrote in his origin would became his story, so Gerad followed Edgar's writing. He reached to the place, and consealing his presence over the conceptual plane he observed two persons talking inside the room. One was the famous politician, Gerad recognized him because he observed pictures of the man after coming there. The other one was a tall man covered by a green robe, an strange hat, and seemed to be old. "So as you wish, your works will be famous" replied the tall man, while the other one didn't ordered anything but was just writing. Then the tall man made a staff to appear from nowhere he alzed it, and it started to shine. This was the proof, Edmund had created his own fictional being, who was somehow giving fame to Edmund's works with an strange magic. Edmund was just a dirty cheater who wanted to be famous due to his works. Gerad other write included for him to act according to his mission if it were necessary, so he entered the room via teleporting, and in less than a second Edmund fainted; Gerad rend him unconscious. Then he had just to finish the wizard created by Edmund.

"You, have you been spreading false fame over the country to make this man famous?" said Gerad pointing his enemy, the wizard just replied "I am Nervum the man of the thousand eyes. Who are you, the one who irrupted here and made my master fall?" Gerad just said "I'm your perdition, it's hunting time".

Then Gerad rushed toward the wizard and with his arm raised he send a blow charged with the fury of fire, however it didn't reach to the target, Gerad was transported to some kind of dark dimension covered by eyes in the darkness. "So that's way you are the man of the thousand eyes huh?" said a confident Gerad. All the eyes focused on his target, and all of them fired an strong white beam, Gerad managed to avoid almost all of them, however one reached his left arm; it carved with an intense pain in Gerad's body, who barely was able to withstand the suffering, when he observed his arm, he noticed that there was nothing there. "Hehehe, it seems that your arm's existance has been anihilated" said the wizard in green robe, the one who raised the staff charging up the eyes, ready to fire another barrage, however Gerad was confident this time. All the fires striked against him, who didn't bother himself to avoid them. "Huh?" replied the wizard. Gerad was surrounded by nine rings joined by some kind of pink membrane, the thousand blasts just striked against the membrane and wasn't able to penetrate it, instead they just dissapeared. "What is it wizard? can't your blasts pass throught the perfect barrier?", and a perfect barrier was, created by the maximum digit repeated in an infinite bucle, the barrier shielded Gerad against any kind of force, the strenght, level, substance, divinity, etc. of the attacks cannot pierce through the perfect barrier. Gerad who had lost his left arm, his principal arm, just with a whim erased the existance of all the beams with the barrier, still that charge was strong for him to support him, si he deactivated the barrier; he would not be able to activate it again in the battle. With a quick move, Gerad created thousand sharps rocks that pierced anyone of the eyes. The wizard frightened exclamed "Tha..thats impossible, you shouldn't exist". Gerad this time walked towards the wizard, who was cornered. With his right hand, he made appear a black blade called Negadora, with a quick move he raised it and said "Fiction to fiction, the fictional wizard cannot exist in the earth" then with the same move he sliced through the wizard's body, who screamed at the pain of his existance being denied. Then the wizard dissapeared and at the same time the book that contained the writes of the wizard destroyed itself. The unconscious politician would probably forgot about the wizard, because it never existed. Gerad before leaving the place wrote a letter and put it at the side of Edmund. After that the man never tried to do something similar again.

"I see what you say, the papers says that you don't have a left arm" said Edgar when Gerad informed him about the mission. "Yes, even if you think that you writed that, it wasn't writed that way, please fix it" said Gerad in a formal way. Edgar took a dark expression, however he knew that his creation wasn't lying, so he deleted that part that appeared from nowhere. The wizard's attack hit the arm of Gerad, due to that his arm's existance was deleted, and that provocated a change in his whole story. But now that Edgar fixed that, Gerad recovered his left arm, and not only that. "That ability, a beam that deny existance is interesting, so I gave it to you, it will be useful in your mission" said Edgar with his dark tone. Gerad suddenly adquired the complete knowledge of the conceptual beam that deletes existance as if he always knew about it. "Also if you were somehow faster those beams won't have denied your arm, so I gave you too the ability to augment the power of your body". Gerad also received the necessary skill to augment his parameters whenever he felt necessary. Gerad's first task and test was a success, the hunter of fiction worked perfectly

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Gerad's powers had suffer a modification

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