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name: Jack Wilson

Alias: Genus Peace

alignment: good

occupation: runs a rice shop.


weight: 200


nationality: Australian


he suffered from multiple personality disorder which he had learned to control by splitting them up into each of his fighting styles but at heart when hes not fighting he is a big kid who sees the world as a playground possibly the cause of splitting his mind up but when ever he is angered or provoked his personality would switches into what ever style of fighting his mind chooses usually the same one as he has used frequently. But recently they have escaped his mind taking with them his fighting styles leaving him unable to ever learn those techniques again. But freeing him the burden of being a prisoner of his mind.


  • Du: (3)
  • EP: ()
  • FS: (6)
  • In: (1)
  • MS: (8)
  • Sp: (3)
  • St: (4)
  • Sr: (4)
  • Ag: (6)

fighting: do to his lose of personalities he has Practice the only form of martial arts he has not mastered through his dis order "SUMO" (is his only fighting styles learned on his own) but hasn't reached perfection he can thrust punches and stumps (104.4 feet per second) with rapid succession punching (.4 of a second )through concrete wall and bend steel with his hands and has a grip force of around 800 pounds and do to his slim body is able to do great .

Personal sumo Techniques: Do to lack of knowledge and build he has created his own style of Sumo with badly named techniques.

God hand: First Genus lunges forward pulling both of his hands to his side and then releases them with his right hand shifting behind his left hand creating the illusions of one hand with enough force to kill a large man.

Thrust gun: Genus repeatedly strikes with his palm but has learned a way to not push his opponents as much.

Cruelty: for five minutes he can do anything with no regrets and becomes a mad doctor who can basically see a humans body inside and out with his eyes and can heal all known illnesses or injuries.


As a kid genus lived with his mom dad and brother sister and grandma and grampa in a huge house in Australia where he learned MMA and some other fighting styles before his seventh birthday. when the whole family took a trip to America to see some family and the day they landed genus started to lose himself to a murderous persona who planned to kill everyone close to him. until genus awoke standing above his cousins bed he forced himself to leave and run as far away as he could he found himself changing moving place to place he started to feel comfort and pride in learning fighting styles. and having friends who understood and protected him even though they didn't listen to him by the age of 10 he had finally found his way home well an asylum. which reminded him of having parents adding to his childish mind not mentally aging he stayed there for three years until his parents put out another search because grandma had a gut feeling that her grand baby was close. finally reunited genus could not reveal why he ran way knowing his parents would have there guard up always and he wouldn't be able to live his life he eventually moved out at the age of 16 once he felt in full control and here he is now living in japan in a nice quiet area.

Castle in the sky

Genus arrives being the last member of the four he jumps on the ship an introduces himself. and one member dies (Yuto) and is replaced by Jayden finally the ship stops and they reach Castilian and walk into a castle and are knighted but Genus starts to feel lost in his mind so he steps away. and then passes out which in his mind was the imprisonment of his main personality which took five years to run away (5 minutes in reality) but he wasn't being followed just distracted and once he awoke he had no multiple personality disorder it was an escape all along. which was a good thing but who knows what they each want maybe they wanted Genus's head for imprisoning them but no time he returns to the group. which then leads to another ship wear sparing takes place with Jayden and he relies that he cant use the fighting styles used through his personalities which first disappoints him. until Jayden offers him stats which caused the thought that he finally can be his own man and from that point he started training then the ship stop and genus leaps and lands in one piece mysteriously he then leaves the group. and meets the host of a personality who warns of a recurring process of him being a reincarnation also approached again and warned of a dangerous and Genus first personality (killer). then he is attacked by a bear which he defeats as time goes on he spars with Kat which ends in a stalemate final the mission progress and then him and Kat have an awkward argument. until some people start attacking but paralyze by the killer who ask for the kindness to level out his evil so he can be a doctor like before instead of being forced to be a samurai again. and in return give Genus cruelty which can be triggered also his doctoring skills as he doesn't need them for his new beginning. He disappears as soon as he Genus regains sight he sees his old personalities as ghost which brings joy to him. Seems as things are looking up. TO BE CONTINUED..........

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Interesting. We could use more aussies around here.

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@SamJaz: im surprised I finished this.

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@ninja2170: Good job.

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@ninja2170: are you going to add castles in the sky

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@Galenbeta: yeah once its over or mid way through

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@ninja2170: You may have to emphasize on the Inhuman stats, but a nice start ^_^

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@Mesamia: nah just use your imagination and thanks

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@ninja2170: you need to work on

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@ninja2170: Be more specific about the physical stats. Give your character proper limits

Try to split the Powers and Abilities into two separate categories

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I don't have the skill to make a decent character. I always change my idea half way through which causes lack of personality, background, and abilities and also never can think of a backstory for some odd reason.

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@ninja2170: The problem is that you are trying to make an overly complex character.

My first character was a Mercenary Swordsman with Super Strength.

He developed in the game. Your character starts from day one with multiple personality disorder, that may sound good on paper but then you need to roleplay it and you get in trouble.

First you need a concept like for example my character Gen is a Hot-Blooded Boxer, then you take that concept and give him/her powers that are linked to that. Your character haves 4 powers a little theme behind them. The Poison inmunity is weird.

Make a simple story that links to the concept. My first character Batsu, was an orphan that was raised by Monks and discovered that he had amazing strength. He accidentaly hurt a fellow student and left the monastery to find fortune in the world. Your story is just an excuse for your character to have his powers, you need to make both with the same effort. The Story supports the Powers and Viceversa.

If he is Australian try a more Australian name... like Bruce. Genus is kinda weird. If you're making a character in the real world give him a real name

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@ninja2170: Interesting, but needs a lot of work.

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@Jaeger: @Kuma_From_Argentina: made some adjustments but i plan to do more

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@ninja2170: Once again I comment upon the Multiple Personality Disorder. It's a bit hard to portray in RPG. He is also too young for the sheer quantity and quality of martial arts. His powers still lack a full theme synchronization, for example the Intimidation is quite weird considering the character. We still dont know which is the source of his powers. Are they Mystical? Genetical? Or any other origin. The main problem is a fault in the concept.

For example you want a low superhuman with the ability to create an intimidation aura, you could make his origin as a Human Experiment with Wolf DNA, that would explain intimidation, peak human stats and would give a good excuse for being a 16 years old martial arts master as he was trained by an organization as an agent.

You need to create a strong concept and tie every part of the character to it. You need to answer basic questions about the skills and they need to make sense, why did a young australian boy learn MMA and other styles before he was 7 years old? What was his family thinking when they trained an infant to be a war machine? Is there a reason for it, His parents were secret ninjas?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: man i just created the character for castle in the sky because i was pretty sure nobody cared what i was doing with it im no skillful writer and will never do anything spectacular on the vice so just dont worry about it.

also i made the concept when i was like 8 and he was supposed to be a reincarnation hints the fact that traveling to different places make him change personalities also for some odd reason i thought that adding the fact that he was granted one wish for every new reincarnation but that idea is hard to remember i actually made a pretty good concept on paper back then but i dont have that same creativity now another thing is another thing is thats where his strength and speed come from his past lives probably asked for them and he has to activate it with his brain but he dosent know that well he does now but he didint before castle in the sky.

but ive already took away his powers and his personalities also his family just enjoyed the sport he was basically a prodigy due to past lives fighting skills even though not all of them were fighters but atleast 10 were. and he didint do compotitions just relearned stuff that he knew already.

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@ninja2170: That's quite interesting, having powers and skills that come from older lives. You should write that in the Bio. You could even talk about the previous lives and their powers.

I care about every member of the forum, and I'll always try to help everybody to level up their writting, as other people helped me.

Check this out, this is my first thread in this forum and my first RP post and fight:

Compare that to my current skills. Everybody can get better through practice

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: well im not much for practice but i will and hopefully improve.and appreciate the care

and my first thread in the forum

terrible as always

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