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This will begin as a closed RPG, just until we get backstory out of the way.Enjoy!


10 May 1940

The skies were enveloped in dark clouds, as if the heavens were revealing an omen. Heavy German boots hit the cobblestone streets in perfect synchronicity, the sounds of heavy footsteps taken one after the next hit the stone pavement and sang like a sinister song, engulfing the streets and echoing through its dark alleys, creeping into the smallest crevices of the once great city of Brussels. It was early morning, 5:00 AM on that infamous day, and she struggled to open her eyes as she lay in her lush surroundings and satin sheets.

"Albert?" She groaned and sat up in the bed slowly, the soft fabric of the sheets caressed her breasts as it fell to the bed, exposing her skin to the cool air. She gazed around the room. Her voice was met with silence save for the sound of marching that resonated from outside of the window. She quickly realized she was alone. A white envelope with a royal seal was left on the nightstand. Fumbling, she opened it and a sudden wave of fear came over her.

My Darling Aurore,

She skipped through to the final line. "Your actions have left me no choice. In order to protect myself and my country, I must renounce you, and leave you. I know know the truth about you and your actions. I know that as you take shelter in my bed, you've also been sleeping with my enemy -- and now I will have my revenge. Now they will renounce you, just as I have."

Your beloved,

Albert I of Belgium

"Öffnen Sie die Tür wir wissen, dass Sie es in, Aurore!" ("Open the door, we know you are in there, Aurore!")

"Shit." She scrambled, nearly falling from the bed. She ran to the armchair in the corner of the room where her clothes had been carelessly strewn the night before. "...the gun..." she whispered to herself, realizing it was now missing "Albert you son of a bitch..."

The footsteps drew closer now and she could hear them making their way up the wooden staircase of her home. There was no way out of that room, no conventional way, that is. Albert had made sure of that. The apartment was on the fifth floor of the old building and there was only one way in and out of that room. She had to use the device. She quickly fastened her bra and zipped up her knee length skirt. Reaching into the pocket of her overcoat she removed a small, square device. The steps began to inch closer.

"Öffnen Sie die Tür, die Sie verdammt Mutante Hure!" (Open the fucking door you Mutant whore!")

Her fingers scrambled to calibrate the device. A white beam tore through the atmosphere of the room, blinding Aurore, forcing her to fall back, and a man stepped through.

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10 May 1940

Disorientation cloaked the Ultra-Sapien with a layer of debilitating confusion as he unexpectedly emerged from the metaphysical tear. His evolutionarily advanced reflexes catching the unknown beauty as she fell into his arms, her own panic stricken mannerisms helping to illustrate the severity of the situation. Both unaware of the others unimaginable circumstances that had seemingly led them to this point. "Where.." Charlemagne began to inquire. Unable to fully complete the structure of his sentence before shielding himself, as well as Aurore, from the decoratively framed door as it violently flew across the room. Allowing a steady stream of easily identifiable soldiers into the restrictive space of the woman's upstairs bedroom.

"Keine Bewegung, keine Bewegung!" (Freeze, dont move!) the barking of German orders only added to the Ultra-Sapien's inability to properly gauge the unfolding events. "Can you fight?" he whispered. Slowly raising his hands while placing them behind his head. Restraining a devilish smirk as the alluring blonde subtly nodded yes. "Good." he suddenly replied. Igniting forwards, gripping and pulling the extended barrel of the first soldier foolish enough to approach with shackles in hand. Compelling the gunman's momentum forward into an oncoming clothesline, spinning out of the way of another soldier's hastily misfired bullet. Catching the unknown woman's acrobatic vault into the fray through his peripheral vision. Their instinctive combat artistry played in cinematic concert as they premiered a degree of fluidity so far ahead of its time, they were able to slip free of not only the room's choke point, but the home entirely.

"You're going to tell me what the hell is going on!." firmly clutching the woman's wrist. Obsessively investigating the rain slicked streets in search of an automobile. "Do you have a car?" opting to neglect the obvious historical anomalies until such time as a proper conversation could be exchanged. "We've gotta move...."

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"Do you have a car?" He questioned her in haste. She grabbed his arm in response, "C'est inutile...Allons!" (It's useless...let's move!) and slipped them into an alleyway. "Help me move this" she said as she crouched down on the ground next to a heavy grate. Charlemagne followed and quickly moved her aside, understanding immediately her intentions. Pulling up the grate from the ground Aurora slipped in and he followed, closing the grate behind them. She began to move down the ladder but stopped suddenly. The heavy footsteps pounded on the stone surface of the streets above them and echoed down below, striking a deep fear into her. Aurore moved a whisp of her golden hair out of her eyes and her breath caught in her chest. Her green eyes held their focus on the grate above them.

'Mon Dieu...' she whispered. The sound of their footsteps dissipated in the distance and Charlemagne clung to the ladder, eyebrow raised staring down at her. "Feel free to make your way down this ladder any day now, lady."

"Right, bien sur..." She slipped down the ladder the rest of the way and removed a second device from her pocket. She turned a dial and began to calibrate the machine.

"Again. What the hell is going on, who are you and how did I get here?"

Aurore began to make her way through the tunnel, the cold, wetness of the ground below seeped into her stockings. The putrid smell of the environment surrounded them both and they could hear the sounds of rats as they scurried across the pipelines. Losing patience Charlemagne grabbed her arm and spun her around. "I am not going to ask you again."

Aurore pulled away from him and frowned. "My name is Aurore. The year is 1940, this is the beginning of the second World War. I'm a scientist. You're here because I brought you here by accident when I created a tear in the space and time stream; I was trying to get through, but instead you came here which, I suppose, still worked out to my advantage. Oh, and I work with your father. Or at least I did, and now I need your help."

"You work with my father?"

"Yes, we are scientists. Although your father is unlike any I have ever met."

"Naturally." Charlemagne smirked.

"Testing on human subjects is completely immoral and out of line."


Aurore stopped and turned to look at him, "Really?"

Charlemagne chuckled to himself and continued to follow her.

You realize you can't just pull people through dimensions because you feel like it, right?" He said.

"Yes, and I am really sorry about that, Charlemagne." She replied, her words dripping of sarcasm, "but look on the bright side: you get to see your Dad. Sort of."


The device began to let out a faint beeping sound and the two stopped before a long corridor. "This is it," she said quietly as she looked straight ahead of her. They walked forward and she stopped before a retina scanner. She turned to look at Charlemagne, "Right, so this is where I might need your help."

"Let me get this straight: I save your ass from some Nazi's, I follow you through the sewers of...where are we, Brussels? in the middle of the 20th Century and you just expect me to continue to do whatever it is you want me to do."

There's a brief silence between the two of them. Aurore looks up at him and bites her bottom lip. "No. I am not expecting you to do as I say, but I promise you that you will not be disappointed....think of it this way, this could be the chance for you to get answers to many of the questions you might have about your past..." Hopeful, she looks up at him, knowing that he is the only thing standing between her entry into her former laboratory and her revenge.


Meanwhile, back in the bedroom....

The device Aurore had used to create in the time-stream blinked twice, the red light reflecting off the lavish furniture. A white beam of light filled the room and the time stream opened up once again creating a link between the present and the past...

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Blinding incandescence engulfed the palatially festooned bedroom, a dimensional tear adjoined to the generated radiance. And from it, a lethargic step, vibrations reverberating across the room announcing his ominous ingress. And as the luminous glare dissipated, there he stood, over two thousand pounds of 7 foot 5 inches of genetically compiled muscle enveloped by superficial layers of compacted fat. An immigrant, brought here by an unexpected temporal peregrination, Espada's sharp, denim blue eyes surveyed his surroundings. A bedroom. Upscale furniture and opulent decor embellishing it with an atmospherically cultivated regalia. "Hm?", somewhat pensive, his eyes resumed their wandering. Bullet holes from feverish gunfire had peppered sections of the bedroom, a violent struggle had taken place, a suspicion affirmed by the floored bodies of three unconscious Nazi soldiers. Yet, the self-proclaimed Martial Mauler seemed unmoved, unfazed by that which he now sees. His poise never wavering. Though he had questions. Nazis adorned in the traditional uniforms of the Wehrmacht?

He was to be given answers. Killing all but one of the unconscious soldiers, he waited, allowing the remaining soldier to regain consciousness. The subtlest sign of consciousness gave him reason enough to begin. Seizing his victim by the throat, the Mauler fervently braced him against a wall, the soldier's back colliding with a hung painting. Espada's emotionless facial features deliberately contrasting his violent mannerisms. The soldier's struggle for freedom was an act of futility, his gloved arms attempting to wrestle away Espada's hand by the wrist. And as the man's fear immersed itself in his mind, the Youseki Yokozuna began, "Where are we?", his eerily deep, contralto voice boomed, but his answers were given only in German. If not for his and genetically endorsed Eidetic faculties having enabled his fluency in various languages, the endeavored conversation would yield nothing. "Fassen Sie sich kurz. Wo sind wir?" (Keep it short. Where are we?), he demanded. "Dies ist Brüssel. Wir sind.. in Belgien!" (This is Brussels. We are.. in Belgium!). The answer surprised him, face succinctly lit by a sincere moment of shock. "Belgium? Hrm", with his right grip still tightened around the Nazi's throat, he moved to peer through the window. The architecture, the design of the vehicles populating the streets, Nazi flags, it raised only more questions.

"Welches Jahr haben wir?" (What year is it?), he asked, eyes still transfixed on the window. "1940", the soldier answered, the constrictive grip of Espada's grip rendering his speech laborious. Subtly squinting both eyes in mild irritation, the Mauler wondered, how had he been transported through time? And who was responsible for his temporal displacement? The soldier however, was unconscious during his arrival, his doubts that the man harbored any knowledge on the physics and quantum-mechanical aspects of time travel remained, he did not question him on the year. "Warum waren Sie bewusstlos?" (Why were you unconscious?). This question yielded all that he needed for the moment. A lethal duo, a man and a woman were responsible, yet the lexical description of the man's attire struck him, but no it could not be, Xavier? Impossible. Though his curiosity had been incited, returning to the present would be possible only with the aid of whoever had brought him here, and he would find them. He was told of the man's description, and the woman's name 'Aurore'. Uttering in English, he showcased indirect gratitude for the soldier's cooperation, "You've been good", prior to fortifying his grip, remorselessly snapping his selected victim's neck, apathetically dropping him on the floor.

Again peering through the window, his mouth curled, a haughty smirk painted on his features. He had no knowledge of where this enigmatic duo had fled to, only the name Aurore, and knowledge of a man veiled by hooded adornments and an alabaster mask. Commencing his investigation with immediacy, Espada's fist vehemently shattered the wall before him, his sonar hearing having located it's structural vulnerable point. Stone and concrete dust washed off his flesh by the descending rain, his colossal frame landing on the street's pavement. Dark clouds wrestling dominance of the sky from the sun, casting their looming calignosity over the city as rain poured and poured. The abruptness of his actions immediately warranting attention, prompting him to burst off. Though built much larger and taller than the average man, his speed was deceptive, sprinting beyond the abilities of even the finest of athletes, Espada concealed himself in the depths of an enshrouding alleyway, for now, his investigation would not be deterred by any pursuer.

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