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@Nerx: It is lol

He should help this guy who keeps roaming around outside the palace.

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@Sonata: So when's the start up.

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@Jlynnana: I'll make the official post as Celestine later today, and sen the invites via Dragon Keys. :)

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@Sonata: I love Junji Ito's iteration of frankenstein

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@Nerx: LOL it is good, been reading some horror mangas lately love Ibitsu.

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@Sonata: Try Fourteen and see why I use Chicken George as my avvie

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@Nerx: Sure thing:)

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@Sonata: very trippy

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@Nerx said:

@haseo_yashimora: Bites haseo like old times :)

T_T not this again

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@haseo_yashimora: As he lacks teeth he puts worms instead atop the kid's hair and starts pecking

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The following take place after Valley of Souls, and before Curse of Horus.

Kurenai Palace

Inside the chamber of the chaos queen Kita Kurenai, The dark mistress stands over a heavily decorated black marble table. One the table was ancient spell books, a dragon decorated ritual knife, and four black envelopes. Taking in a puff of smoke from her long pipe beautifully decorated out of the bones of the Chaos King, Kita thumbed her long nails through the one of the books. “Ahh there is the incantation I am looking for” Kita thought as she exhaled the smoke gently from her nostrils and mouth. The smoke floated gracefully in the air above her while faintly showing an image of a skull before dispersing. Kita then placed her pipe down on the table, and picked up her dragon ritual knife. She slowly cut the palm of her hand, her blood start to pour from the wound, but she clasped her hand into a fist. She placed three droplets of blood on each of the dark envelopes. Closing her hands together she began her to focus the power of the Chaos Gene while reciting the spell “Through Light and Darkness I briefly hold the keys of creation and destruction. Time and Space but a mirror, by the chaos dragon’s claw and fang I shatter so the warriors I have selected will gather.”

After Kita recited her spell the droplets of blood began to crawl across each envelope heading toward the opening. At the opening the blood from a dragon emblem seal on each envelope and radiating a crimson aura. Kita had a grin on her face knowing that the spell was successful. “Celestine, come to me.” Almost instantly a pink-haired woman appeared through the shadows Kita’s chamber. Her eyes like an empty pit of darkness. “Yes, my sister what are your orders?” She asked the queen of chaos. Kita gathered the four envelopes and handed them to Celestine. “Take these and let them loose upon the Earth, and they will find their designated targets. Also bring Sicily back here I have a task that requires her expertise.” Celestine bowed her head and disappeared in a flash of red, she was heading towards Earth.

Once Celestine arrived on the planet she tossed the envelopes in the air. For a brief moment they hovered in the air, and started to fly off in directions towards their targets. The envelopes contained a hand written invitation by Kita, the main gathering location in Egypt, and a specialized Dragon Key for each of them. The target recruits Kita had in mind… Homicide…Buck Buck…Y Intercept…and Jardsam.

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Y’s face remained concealed by her red hood, surrounded by hundreds of black wick candles; the queen of darkness stood in the middle of her inverted pyramid slowly chanting a dark hymn; a soul gathering to the dark lords.

Behind her sat three girls all of them blindfolded, gagged and stripped naked; the centerpiece for her dark sacrifice. “Allow the ceremony to begin…” her hoarse voice sent chills down the shrieking teens spine; the cold chill of blood drenching their virgin skins causes them to struggle for their lives.

“Ssshhh…it’s almost over…” Pushing her psy-whip blade forward, the shards cut right through the three girls.

As her eye’s glared red from the sacrifice she could feel a supernatural presence interrupting her own; glancing up a letter fell perfectly into her hands. “Hmmm interesting” she thought, dissipating her blade.

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@Sonata: @Y intercept: @Nerx:

"Got your letter." Jardsam said, feet on the black table, leaning back into a metal folding chair. "Gotta say, it was a pretty good read. Course, I wasn't that interested when I first got it, but that was because I hadn't met you yet."

"But, that's the problem with time travel you see." Jardsam continued, swinging his legs to the ground and getting to his feet. "Everyone else progresses in a somewhat linear fashion, but while this is your second time meeting me, this is my third time meeting you, and I haven't been to Death's house yet."

Jardsam folded his chair up and started to walk out of the room. "I'm off to chill out over there for a couple of years, I'll be back in a second, just in case I still feel like joining."

He opened the door, then froze. After a second, he raised his hand and high-fived the person on the other side of the door and left the building, the other person walking in with a smirk on his face.

"Well, that was fun." Jardsam commented to Sonata, grin on his face and hands in his pockets as he waltzed around the black marble table as if he owned it. "Like, really, really fun. I'm looking forward to this. SO!" Jardsam shouted, pulling his hands out of his trousers to clap them together. "Where should I put my skull throne?"

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(I'll post something tomorrow! er... today... whatever you get what I mean xD lol)
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@Y intercept: @SamJaz: @homicide: @Sonata:

A cock rode atop the humps of a camel as it huffs out smoke from its calabash, clad in an arabic dress. With a Twawb over his body, long sirwal over his feet, his head shaded with a gutra as a kufeya is placed between his comb and the shade to prevent slippage. In Igal is worn over for the sake of aesthetics, a black Bisht is worn over his Twawb to accentuate the middle eastern feel. Last but not least are the madas which are worn as his footwear, authentic leather sandals. The rooster sheik had arrived on camelback, headed towards egypt with a key. Mahmoud Al-Dīk had received the invite, taking time as they made hoof markings along the dunes.

They past a quarreling group of extremists and paid no attention to the lesser lifeform, ignore they did and the entire group resembled horde of camels. Seemingly mimicking Temugin and how his forces conquered the known world at that era. Hubris of the magnificent cock, a symbol of an animal that sends monsters scurrying away. Then making individual settlements as they approach the area. Whereas Mahmoud Al-Dik steps down his mount with eight entourage, all roosts carrying a variety of archaic weapons. The chicken sheik carries a ray pistol sidearm and a shamshir, although the blade is just there for decorative purposes. The rest of the flock dons ray rifles, with wooden stock made for rifle butting.

A new dawn had arrived, an the crowing is here.

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@Nerx: <3

Charmix ;)

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@Seductress_: ^3^


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@Seductress_: Another alt. Whose is this?

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@Nerx: :D

@SamJaz: my main has been compromised ;( but I'm new around here ;)

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@Seductress_: Oh, cool. Sorry about that.

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