Gauntlet of the Mind

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The Ruby Dragon Science R&D facility, Near Kowloon Bay, Midnight

Under the veil of darkness, The Ruby Dragon Science R&D building was quiet. The front gate was heavily fortified with patrolling guards.   In a matter of moments things were about to be chaotic, and that is what Tavi wants. Wearing the pitch black of her Zo’ar tech body suit, she quietly rode her advanced smart motorcycle near the high walls of the complex. They virtual invisible to the naked eye due to their stealth camouflage, with a quick flip of her grappling hook she easily zip lined straight up the wall. Looking out over the surrounds she began to plot the next move, while sending a message to her bike via microphone.

“Shift can you hear me OK, I’m in position,” Tavi asked her bike named Shift. In less than a millisecond Shift sent a message back to Tavi that was received through her mask. (“Loud and clear Miss Tavi ^_^”) Tavi had a slight smirk on her face then answered back to “Alright you know the plan, meet up with me in the northeast corner of the building in five minutes”.  (“YAY!! This will be so much fun Vrrrooom Vrrroom Vrroomm!! ^_~”) creating a hologram of a rider on his back Shift made a bee line right for the gates of the complex burning rubber, launching a powerful missile right the gates. BOOOOOM the facility when on alert on the outside, the plan was in motion.

Tavi then hopped down from the stone wall, and ran straight towards the ventilation shaft. Grabbing the vent guard and quickly pulling it out, Tavi crawled into the building. “Cat, this is Tavi I’m in” A man soon came online his voice was calm and soothing. “Nicely done Tavi, Shift should hold his own long enough for you to get the info we need”. While Cat was talking tavi continued to crawl through the shaft heading towards the elevators.  “The information pertaining to the whereabouts of Moji Pazuru” Tavi asked Cat. “That’s correct Tavi, he was seen here at this very location a few hours back. He make have left us a trail, rumor is that he is up to something pretty nasty. Given his track record it’s something we just can’t turn away from”.

Tavi then reached the massive elevator shaft, the elevators automatically shut down during emergencies. This gave Tavi a clear alley to zip straight up the shaft. “I am heading up to the 6 floor where the server is located Cat”. “Excellent and you’re ahead of schedule, remember you have to get by the security grid or its all over”. Tavi merely smirked and teasingly answered Cat, “Adding more pressure to the situation like always Cat”? Cat merely chuckled “You and I have worked together for quite a while Tavi. I know pressure like this is what you live for”.

Tavi finally reached the large server room, but the laser security grid was still active as expected. The multiple lasers moved in complex patterns, leaving very small windows of opportunity. One slip and the servers would shut down automatically, and a reboot would take hours, something Tavi doesn’t have. Leaving nothing to chance Tavi began to examine the laser grid thoroughly, studying its patterns. Tavi took a step back and took a deep breath “Here goes nothing” she then ran towards the grid. Once there she performed a spectacular array of cartwheels and flips, twisting her body through the air narrowly escaping the security lasers by centimeters. “Now the last laser should fire right about…now” Tavi thought while sidestepping right on cue dodging the final laser by a whisker. 

Tavi had successfully guided herself through the laser grid, now for the server. Quickly hacking into to it with her mask, cracking open encrypted files of Pazuru’s containing shipment orders. “Cat, are you getting this? Seems we now have Pazuru’s new address”.   Tavi quickly sent a message to Shift “ Shift mission accomplished head for the rendezvous point and don’t stop.” In mere moments Shift sent a reply (Roger that Miss Tavi I’m on my way Vrroom Vrroom!! ^_^”) Shift has been giving the guards and their mini defense tanks hell giving Tavi plenty of time to complete her assignment. Shifted headed straight for the towards rendezvous point, the ballistics of the guards bouncing right off his Zo’ar force fields. Tavi ran straight towards the window at the northeast corner of the building pulling out one of her pistols to shoot out the glass. She then made a leap of faith jumping out of the building falling   6 stories she used her wrist mounted grappling hook to slow her decent. Tavi could see Shift and he was on his way, and timing was everything. Tavi then released her hook, and with pin point accuracy landed right on top of Shift’s motorcycle seat, he was still moving.

“Ahh Shift glad you let me drop in, now head towards Kowloon bay as fast as you can.” Shift did as he was directed and floored towards the bay. In mere moments they reached the bay, as shift dived towards the water he quickly morphed into a small submarine, keeping Tavi nice and dry for the quick getaway. (“I had such a great time Miss Tavi, I want to do this again!! ^o^”) Shift said to Tavi via message. Tavi laughed “Hahaha I am glad you enjoyed yourself, I am sure we will do this again”. Tavi then began once again to talk to Cat. “Cat, I need you to get in touch with Red for me, I am about to go on another field trip.” Consider it done Tavi, Red will meet you in thirty, over and out.”

Thirty minutes later Tavi met the female secret agent known only as Red Riding Hood on top of an abandoned warehouse. Like all of the Agents of Fable she wore a customized mask and costume to conceal her real identity. Tavi only knew that Red was younger than she was, and an excellent pilot. Red spoke with a French accent, and was glad to see Tavi again. “Good to see you Tavi, I was already told the details. We are heading to the Himalayas, climb aboard Skylark, and catch a bit of rest. Something tells me you are going to need it.” With a push of a button Red’s stealth plane Skylark appeared on the roof. Red and Tavi then climbed inside it. Like Tavi’s bike Shift Red’s plane is smart and only Red can access control of it. The thrusters ignited and the plane made its decent into the clouds, then disappearing from sight.

The Himalayas 2 a.m.

The vast White Mountain range was all Tavi could see while trekking the base of the mountain. Her face and hands covered to stay warm, Tavi noticed along the base of the mountain there were strange, broken machine parts lying around. She knew someone was here, but she needed to find a way inside. She then noticed a man wandering around the areas well, pulling out one of her Zo'ar tech pistols she tried to get the jump on him early. Sneaking behind him not making a sound, "Hold it right there, Do you work for Moji Pazuru?"

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The Shot Glass Pub Located only a few miles way from the The Ruby Dragon Science R&D facility, A hour and a half before Tavi's break in.

The Rail-gunner, Crow Cementerio, stood outside a shady looking bar that was said to be where the scum comes to gather.   What was a hero like Crow doing at a place like this well he was looking for a criminal of course trying to collect on a bounty for a recent mastermind that sprung up and is taking the underworld by storm. He came to this scum hole hoping to get some answers and he wasn’t leaving until he got those answers as he walked closer to the pub he could hear screaming and shouting coming from inside then suddenly a man was thrown though the window slamming into the ground hard blood just pouring out of several cuts caused by the glass. The man who apparently threw the helpless victim out the window was screaming from the window “I f*cking told you what the f*ck I do to you if I caught your sorry a** around here again then you have the balls to trying hitting on my girl. I should cut off your d*ck on shove it up a**. Next time I f*cking see you I slit your motherf*cking throat ear to ear!” Crow just what barely fazed by this display of irrational and unnecessary display of violence. Seems like I came to the right place and its filled with so many friendly people I’m sure to get plenty of information. This bounty better be worth the trouble he is putting me though.

The bounty that Crow was after was for a new villainous mastermind going by the name of Moji Pazuru, Crow had been tracking Pazuru for a few weeks getting piece by piece of information but it wasn’t till last night that he finally caught a big lead. The bounty hunter was watching one of his favorite channels, the Bounty Hour Channel it only had one show that came on randomly, Shooter Bob and Hurricane Jennie’s Round up Hour, it was a telethon like show that gave leads on wanted criminals. The show revealed that Pazuru was now wanted by both the United States and Japanese government which double his bounty to 100,000$ there was only a few leads one being that Pazuru was held up in the mountains and that he was working on something big. Since then Crow throw his (cowboy) hat into the search for the mastermind and went on a quest for more information leaving a trail of whoop ass where ever he went. A few days ago he got word that Moji had gone to the very bar that Crow was about to walk into now meaning it was time for a fun game of 20 questions with the Rail-gunner.

Crow pushed open the bar doors smiling and immediately several eyes were on him; this place was a literal convention of criminal activity as he looked around he lost count of all the crimes going on. There was junkie and dealers making exchanges under tables, creepy men were chatting with not so clean hookers looking for a date, even dirtier dancers were giving men who were probably straight out of prison lap dances, the gunslinger could of swore that a yakuza boss was dealing with arms dealers in the corner for illegal weapons. The place was filled with criminals some of them Crow recognize and other he even put away (several) times sitting at the far end of the bar was a dark skin man with a bushy afro wearing hipster pants and a vest, that was Isaac Slasky a body builder turn meta-human turned serial rapist with the ability to grow in size and strength when he got enraged, at the far end of the place was a man known as Ghoul a serial killer with the MO of slicing and stabbing them, a hooker who was trying to get a john was female psychopath with vampirism tendency, and that was just the tip of the ice berg. As Crow made his way to the bar he could feel the eyes of several people on him sizing up Crow as new “meat” this place was a powder keg and Crow was the blow torch. Jeez this is sure a tough crowd key word tough. I just got to play it smooth and blend it and there won’t be any problems. Oh my god is that hooker sizing me up! Sure enough there was a hooker in the back that looked like Raseri in drag sizing up the gun toting hero. The Last of the Gunslinger took a sit at the bar his hat pulled lower over his eyes he was sitting a few seats down from a very ugly toothless man who appeared to be a stereotypical hillbilly; the bar tender was probably in his fifties had a scruffy beard and an eye patch he was washing a glass with a fifthly rag, the man gave Crow a dirty look even he know he didn’t belong there. “What can I get you stranger?” Crow looked up smiling, only more evidence that he didn’t belong there, “Um I’m not a real big drinker so I’ll take a strawberry sundae.” The bartender looked at Crow like he was asking him for some taboo he slammed the glass down and glared down at the Electric Cowboy “This isn’t a damn McDonald’s kid we don’t serve “strawberry sundaes” if you want that then you can go blow the ice cream man!”  Crow laughed a little and strangely the hillbilly laughed a creepy chuckle as well and spat some chewing tobacco into a pot right by Crow’s feet. “I’m sorry I should have known better that just a force of habit for me. I’ll take a virgin martini with two little umbrellas.” The gunslinger was trying to be cute and funny and it wasn’t working and it was pissing the bartender off “You know what happen to the last bastard that got fresh with me kid I cut out his tongue and his was my brother!” Crow sighed apparently his sense of humor wasn’t welcome here the creepy hillbilly was chuckling again and this time he spoke up “Yea he dun….um did tat…to his…ya nose oly kin his owns fles and blud. Yea…heared that kid…he cutted out…him’s brother tognue.” The hillbilly spat out the black tar and it missed the pot by a few inches landing on the floor, the Lightning Revolver just ignores the hick “I’ll take a shot of whiskey.” The bartender spat a nasty yellow logy into the glass and cleans it with the rag then poured a mouthful of water down whiskey into the same glass.

Crow cringed at the glass of the alcoholic beverage as the bartender just glared at him making sure he drank the shot. “That going to be 8.25$ by the way kid.” Crow sighed paying the nasty bartender for his shitty drink he picked up the not wanting to drink it so he decided that he should get to the real reason he was here. “I actually come looking for information and I believe this is the place I should be.” Suddenly the bartender became very interested in Crow glaring at him with his good eye ‘If you want information then you better be willing to show green kid.” The hick began to chuckle randomly again spitting more tobacco on the mouth and missing the pot even more, “I’ll pay if you have anything good for me. I’m looking for information on a man by the name of Moji Pazuru.” Suddenly the whole bar got quiet and everyone was watching Crow it was like he just ask if there were any cops here the only sound was the creepy hick chuckling randomly and spiting more tobacco. “I’m…I’m sorry I don’t know…who this Moji Pazuru is.” Crow gave a quick look around still holding his glass of whiskey, either they are all working with Moji or they are terrified what he might do if they spill the beans on his location either way it doesn’t seem that diplomacy is going to work. I’m going to have to resort to “diplomacy.”  

Suddenly the chuckling hick pokes the Rail-gunslinger spitting again this time getting closer to the hero “Ey kid…I dun got me a queston for yous. Tat there…purdy gun yous got on you’s waist bone does it dun…belonged to yous.” The Coyote’s Eyes Cross Hair placed his hand on his gun absentmindedly protecting of his prized possessions “Yeah this “purdy” gun is mine…why?” The dirty hick continues to spit dip juice still missing wildly “Dur my bloodther Festus dun…gotten him shelf beat…by a durn gone hero with a purdy gun…like tat ther one.” The bartender starting to wash another dirty glass taking note of the hero’s gun as well ‘This is Cletus Lesterton he is one half of the Lesterton brothers. His brother Festus got beat and thrown in chair a while back but this idiot is so stupid he got beat by the cops not some hero!” The bartender smacked Cletus upside the head then went back to staring at Crow “That is a pretty unique gun I don’t know too many men who carry around heat like that. What did you say your name was?” The Electric Cowboy stayed calm and cool still smiling he wasn’t one to crack under pressure and this was barely considered pressure that was until Cletus decided to spit his tobacco right on the Crow’s shoe. The gunslinger kept a cool head but his rage was beginning to boil. “Excuse me Cletus you spit your crap on my shoe don’t you got something to say.” Crow clenched his nasty glass of watered down whiskey harder; Cletus looked up smiling a ignorant toothless smirk at the cowboy “Yer durn gone right. I dun spat my dip on tat there….um shu of yers. Duh oly ting I…dun got to say…is next tyme I aim for yer face.” Okay I been polite enough I’m going to get medieval on this hillbilly’s ass. Cletus started chuckling at disrespecting the Last Gunslinger suddenly out of no where Crow threw the shot of whiskey in his face burning his eyes then he grabbed the redneck but the back of his head and sent a jolt of his powers to his arm to increase their strength further. Crow slammed Cletus’s head into the bar counter with so much force that he made the entire crack all the way down and created a large dent where the hick’s forehead hit. Cletus fell to the ground unconscious and probably with a cracked skull blood pouring out of his mouth and nose the few teeth he had left rolling into the puddle of blood; everyone in the bar got up in an instant but Crow was faster he had already draw his revolver by the time the bar was to its feet. Crow began to wipe the dip juice off his shoe onto Cletus face “Next time you spit on someone shoe you better apologize! You hear me you nasty hillbilly boy I’m not done with you by a damn site!” He turned back to the bar of villains a smile on his face “Now as for the rest of you lowlifes, scum bags, sleeze balls, and general outcast of society I came here for info on Moji Pazuru and I’m not leaving until I get info on Moji Pazuru!”

BANG! During Crow’s speech the bartender had got his gun from under the counter and shot at the Last Gunslinger from behind but to no avail. “Does the term Last Gunslinger really not mean anything anymore? Jeez no matter how many times I say it people still thing guns are the way to beat me.” Crow had side step the bullet spun around grabbed the bartender by the wrist the gun was in and the collar of his shirt. At the end of the bar counter Issac Slasky stood up throwing his stool across the bar “So that is Cementerio?! Remember me you put me away I did hard time because of you Cementerio! HARD TIME! I been waiting for this day for a long f*cking time Cementerio! Now you are going to do time in a hospital!” Crow still holding the bartender smirked at Issac “Issac good to see you it seems prison didn’t help you anger problem I wonder if it helped your steroid abuse. All that angst for me is just the roid rage speaking that and the shivered up testies. Hold on let me just order a drink and we can catch up.” Crow suddenly delivered a slightly electrically charged head butt to the bartender sending him flying backwards in the booze nearly knocked out with blood dripping from his forehead. With that one head butt Crow has triggered a good ol’ timey bar fight and nearly everyone was gunning for the hero. Issac went berserk his rage activating his meta human ability he grow double his normal size ripping his pants and vest muscle bulging on muscle. 4 men charged the cowboy one threw a punch but Crow blocked with his forearm and elbow then grabbed a bottle from the counter and smashed it over the fool’s head another of the (first four) jumped on Crow’s shoulders and back as another started punching him in the gut. The gunslinger spun around using the person on his back legs to hit people in the face then toss the guy down over the bar counter. The guy who was punching the hero in the ribs picked up a stool when Crow wasn’t looking and smashed it over his back ‘Ow! That actually hurt you jackass! This isn’t some western movie you could really hurt someone like that!” Crow blocked another punch and delivered a knee into the gut of the stool smashing then grabbed him and use Tocar to send a current of electricity though the man to shock and paralyze him. Before The Rail-gun had time to catch his breath Issac was on him picking him up and tossing him onto a table where some people were playing cards breaking the table. Crap what was Issac weakness. Think, think, think oh right a bum knee from when he was a body builder he blow it out doing a dead lift. The Rail-gun got up a bit woozy as Issac stomp towards him but thankfully Crow was faster and ran at Issac then slid under his legs and delivered low dropkick to the back of Issac’s bad knee causing the meta human rapist to fall down screaming in pain. “Hey Issac it was good to see you again.” The Lightning Shooter grabbed the back of Issac’s head and use Tocar to knock him out then slammed him face first into the ground.

15 minutes and several bodies later

Crow walked back over to the bartender bruised and a little battered from the fight; he stepped over bodies, broken glass, shattered stool and tables, teeth, puddles of blood, and Cletus from earlier, the Rail-gun picked the bar tender up by the shirt and slammed him into the wall.  “Now tell me what you know about Moji Pazuru or I swear you will end up like them.” The cowboy motion to scene of complete carnage behind him the bar shook a look of terror in his eye “Oka…Okay I’ll talk I swear!” Crow smirked; I know I should have just gone with this method to begin with.  The bartender squirmed in Crow’s “There isn’t much info on Pazuru it said the guys a genius and when he came in here a week ago he certainly showed it. He was playing chest with this guy beat him in 10 moves the guy got so pissed he tried to kill Pazuru but he dropped dead apparently Pazuru poison the chess pieces in case of this scenario. He said he was planning something big he needed guys to steal some tech from him.” Crow shook the bartender menacingly “Where is hiding?” The bartender eyes widen in terror “If I tell you he’ll kill me nobody goes against Pazuru!” Metallic blue lightning began to surge off Crow’s body as he used his powers for a scare tactic “If you don’t tell me I’ll make you wish you were dead.”  The bartender nearly shit himself seeing the gunslinger’s electrical powers “His base is hidden in the Himalayans I don’t know where I just know it’s in the Himalayans. Please I swear I don’t know anymore I would tell you if I did. Please just don’t hurt me.” The gunslinger lowered the bartender to the ground he hands still on him as the lightning spot a smile appearing on his face as the bartender sighed in relief “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you I believe Pazuru to smart to let that amount of information slip.” Suddenly Crow sent electricity though the bartender body it was enough to nearly kill a man the body was badly shocked and knocked unconscious. “That was for spitting in my drink that shit is nasty then you charge me eight bucks for it. No wonder everyone in here is an ass because you get service like that maybe you should start serving strawberry sundae people will cheer up.” Crow leapt over the bar counter and headed for the door wincing a little from the pain, so Moji Pazuru is held up in the mountains; he must really need the privacy if he is there but privacy for what? Another thing is if this Pazuru is so smart why would he let anyone know so much info to begin with it’s like he is welcoming guest to come get me. I don’t care either way because he is about to found out I’m a lousy house guest.


The Himalayans 1:55 am

Crow was at the bottom of the Great White Mountains he was looking for the criminal mastermind known as Moji Pazuru’s secret base said to be located here. He was wearing a large jacket with fur on the collar and sleeves to keep him warm along with gloves and snow boots, his revolver was still at his side as he trek though the snow covered base. The Rail-gunner was inspecting strange machine parts lying around randomly, hmmm this interesting these must be the failed prototypes…I think. But where the entrance to this place is is it in the actual mountains or is in at the base somewhere. As the Last Gunslinger pondered as to how to get into the base he could have sworn he heard someone behind him but he chalked it up to the win and it was nothing to worry about. (He was wrong.) The next thing the gunslinger knew he had a pistol pressed into his back and a feminine voice from behind him “ H old it right there, do you work for Moji Pazuru?" The Electric Cowboy sighed, ,man how could I let someone get the drop on me…oh no are my skills regressing. NOOOOO!!!! I need to train twice as hard no three times as hard. No I can’t be regressing I just wasn’t paying attention. Anyway I should deal with this little problem. Despite having a gun to his back Crow was perfectly calm and spoke with a cheerful tone “I am not working with Pazuru I swear. My name is Crow Cementerio, I’m a bounty hunter and mercenary trying to cash in on his bounty.” Crow hoped that he created just enough of a distraction suddenly he used his superhuman speed to spin around swatting the woman’s gun just enough so he can draw he own revolver and point it in her face. A smile on his face with his cobalt blue, and as some called coyote, eyes “But now senorita who are you and do you work for Moji Pazuru?”

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There was darkness covering the cold night skies of the Himalayas. The icy winds swirled around the area, moving the white powder across the landscape. Tavi the masked spy for the FABLE organization had run into a mysterious stranger wandering area. Using her years of sneak training ability she was able to hold the man who soon identified himself. “I am not working with Pazuru I swear. My name is Crow Cementerio, I’m a bounty hunter and mercenary trying to cash in on his bounty.” He seem suspiciously calm to Tavi, either this guy deserves an academy award or he has had some training. While Crow was telling Tavi, her informant The Cheshire Cat who was listening in began to dig up as much info as he could about Crow Cementrio. “Alright Tavi he is telling the truth about his identity. He is a bounty hunter, and a meta-human stay sharp.” Cat cautioned Tavi through their Zo’ar mental network. Tavi had heard that name before, but she stood ready. She had to be while Crow quickly tried to swat her gun away. His speeds was amazing, a normal person would have been disarmed easily.

Using her advanced training she was able to keep a firm grip on her gun, but her arm was moved slightly away from Crow for just a brief moment. That was all Crow need however, as he was able to point his own gun at Tavi. “But now senorita who are you and do you work for Moji Pazuru?” The young Gunslinger asked Tavi. It was a standoff, and after seeing Crows quick display of ability she was a bit impressed. Since she knew much about him already, it was fair that she give him the information he wanted in small spoon full of course. Her face mostly covered to stay warm and keep her true identity safe, Tavi slowly removed the bottom half of her mask, to reveal her lips. Tavi said to him in calm manner, “No I don’t work for Moji Pazuru. I am known as Tavi, an American agent sent to bring in Moji Pazuru”.

Tavi looked into Crow eyes, while cold winds started to swirl once more. To break the tension Tavi said to Crow in a joking manner and smile on her face “You know it is too cold out here to pretend that we are statutes.” Tavi put her gun away and proceeded to talk to him in her usual cool and collected tone. “Crow it appears we are both after the same thing, but for difference reasons. Moji Pazuru is a dangerous individual, and from the resources I have gathered his main base is somewhere beneath us. So case in point the old two heads are better than one cliché is in order here.” Tavi walked over to the machine parts that were scattered around the snowy landscape. Tavi then got a quick message from Cat. “Tavi, do you think we can trust Crow he has no real allegiance to anyone plus he is actually on our wanted lists.” Tavi then answered Cat “I know, and I also know you don’t like the mercenary types. But I may not have much choice. Take a look at this Cat, it was bothering me earlier and it gives me more suspicion about Pazuru”. Cat started to analyze the machinery though Tavi’s mask. With a bit of shock in his voice, he told Tavi “Is that….Zo’ar technology!?” “No Cat just pale imitations, but still…I wonder how he got the specs for it”. Tavi told Cat while placing her hand the machinery.

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Crow just smiled at the woman a calm and friendly smile she removed the bottom half of her mask to reveal a pair of feminine lips which made Crow feel bad for holding a woman at gun point, “No I don’t work for Moji Pazuru. I am known as Tavi, an American agent sent to bring in Moji Pazuru”. The tension was thick one could cut it with a knife for a second Tavi met Crow’s cobalt blue eyes until the female spy smiled and joked a little with the Rail-gun “You know it is too cold out here to pretend that we are statutes.” Crow laughed with her putting his revolver away as she did with hers speaking to him in a calm collected tone “ Crow it appears we are both after the same thing, but for difference reasons. Moji Pazuru is a dangerous individual, and from the resources I have gathered his main base is somewhere beneath us. So case in point the old two heads are better than one cliché is in order here.” Crow smiled at Tavi a normal would be very suspicious of her and think twice about forming a team with this woman who he had just met but Crow was no normal person. I got no reason to distrust her she doesn’t seem like to type to be working for Moji she is way too pretty for him and if she was then she would have just shot me right there without asking me who I was. Now that I think about I don’t know a whole lot about Pazuru but it seems Tavi as an American agent may knew more. Crow went to respond to Tavi offer but she had already walked away and was examining one of the weird looking machine parts that littered the ground. The gunslinger quickly moved over towards her hopping up on the machine and knelt down so he was only a few inches from her face smiling a calm and cheerful smile. “Okay Tavi lets be partners for now.” The gunslinger offered his hand in friendship towards her.

Crow couldn’t help but notice that Tavi was inspecting the piece of strange machinery that the gunslinger was now standing on, Does she recognize this tech from somewhere? I wonder it is strange and if the rumors and reports I read about Pazuru are true then these have to do something he wouldn’t just threw out some thing out it all plays into his plan. This tech must do something but what? He placed his hand only inches from away from Tavis’ “Hey Tavi do you recognize this tech from somewhere? I was looking at it before you got me I never saw anything like it before. Lucky for us someone with powers like has the magic touch when it comes to machine.” With that Crow sent a electrical surge though the machine he was on it traveled down it and into the ground where thousand of wires connected it to the other machines around them the surge went though all the machines in a matter of seconds. The Coyote Eye Cross Hair smiled eagerly hoping he had just activated a giant robot but nothing the tech didn’t even light up. ‘Man that was kinda disappointing I was hoping that something would happen maybe it would awake a gundam to fight but you can’t always get what you want.” The gunslinger sighed a little but he then turned his attention back to Tavi he was curious about this woman and what American “agencies” she worked for. “So Tavi is that short for anything? You know that is pretty high tech you are carrying especially for most American agencies that I know of.” While Crow grilled Tavi he looked around Pazuru had to have a secret entrance but where would he hide it and how would he get in.            

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The Himalayan Stronghold Control Center

Deep within the inner stronghold the twisted Moji Pazuru looks at his surveillance monitors. With a large grin on his face he twirled a dark ball point pen in his hand. The light of the monitors reflecting off his glasses, he leaned back in his leather chair. “It appears two flies have stumbled upon my web, one expected, and the other not.” Zooming in on the two outside he analyzed their wanted to see who they were. Tavi’s identity was hidden behind her highly advanced Zo’ar mask blocking a full facial examination. This pleased Pazuru, “Just as I predicted, a FABLE agent would come looking for me, and a beautiful one at that. Now for the other one, ahh well what do you know its Crow Cementerio. HAHA this is truly splendid”. Pazuru’s phone began to ring on his properly organized desk. Picking the phone up Moji greeted the expected call.

(“Seems you have called right on cue the FABLE agent has arrived with an extra bonus”. )

(“What do you mean you ask, no the correct question would be “Who” do you mean? A certain gunslinger has entered the game.)

(“HAHA I’m not joking around this time, shall I proceed as planned?”)

(“Of course of course consider it done; I am positive you get the result you seek. Farewell for now I must entertain our guests”)

Moji then hung up the phone, and rested his chin in his hands while continuing to watch the monitors. “I cannot leave our guests in the cold like that. As a host I must give them a warm and proper welcome”.

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The super-agent Tavi examined the large of counterfeit Zo’ar technology. The young gunslinger Crow Cementario kneeled over to her and held out his hand. With a smile he said to her “Okay Tavi lets be partners for now.” His smile was warm and genuine Tavi could sense that, she smiled back at him and extended her gloved hand and grabbed Crow’s firmly. (“I hope you know what you are doing Tavi”) Cat said with to her through the Zo’ar communications. He examined the machinery with Tavi, and expectedly to her at least he asked Tavi a question about it. “Hey Tavi do you recognize this tech from somewhere? I was looking at it before you got me I never saw anything like it before. Lucky for us someone with powers like has the magic touch when it comes to machine.” “I do recognize it, hmm that’s not entirely correct actually; I recognized what it was supposed to be.“ Tavi crossed her arms and watched as Crow used his electrical powers on it. After a few seconds the machine didn’t even respond to Crow, much to his disappointment ‘Man that was kinda disappointing I was hoping that something would happen maybe it would awake a gundam to fight but you can’t always get what you want.”

Tavi had figured earlier that the machine wouldn’t work and chuckled under her breath. “Crow, be thankful it didn’t work, or we would be dead already. You asked me earlier if I recognized it, it’s supposed to be an ER-Kamikaze Bot. If was the real thing it would have absorbed your powers, amplified them and charged its internal bomb to detonate.” Cat was quick to make a statement (“Tavi, does this mean what I think it means?”) The cold winds started to swirl again on the snowy landscape. Tavi looked into Crow’s Coyote eyes and answered Cat (“Yes Cat, it is as we figured..Pazuru is expecting us.”) As if on cue the voice of Moji Pazuru could be heard through hidden loud speakers around the area. “WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!” Pazuru spoke with a certain arrogance just as cliché as a Saturday morning cartoon villain. "I can’t have you guys out in the cold all night come in where it’s nice and warm. Please direct your attentions to the side of the mountain on your right” Tavi looked over to where Pazuru pointed out. A small section of the mountain that was heavily sealed began to open. It revealed a small elevator. "Come on in!! if you want to see me I am making a special feast for you two." Pazuru’s voice then disconnected from the speakers.

Turning to Crow she reached in a small compartment in her supply pouch. She pulled out a green medical tablet, and tossed it to Crow. She knew Crow may give her a strange look, but she reassured him.” It’s not poison Crow, that pill will allow you to temporally communicate with both me and my partner Cat in our telepathic network. It will feel strange at first, but you will settle into it. All you have to do is focus your mind on me if you want to hear us. The drug will heighten your mental abilities enabling you to have telepathy yourself. I will be able to communicate with you if we get separated. However it is all your choice if you want to take it or not” Tavi pulled out her pistol and headed over to the elevator, her movements swift across the snowy surface. With her keen perception she checked out the elevator to make sure it was all clear; rubbing her gloved hand across the black marble surfaces of the floors and walls. Once it was all clear she signaled for Crow to get on quickly. Tavi’s Partner Cat Sent a message to Crow, if he took the pill the Cheshire cat would come in loud and clear to Crow. (Crow, if you are hearing this message that means you have taken the pill. I commend you for your bravery.”) Cat spoke with a cool confidence, one of the reasons for his code name. Always smiling and acting cool in the face danger. He continued to speak to Crow through Telepathic means.

(“Now before we were so rudely interrupted by our host Pazuru, you asked what Tavi was short for. It is short for her codename “Tikki Tavi.” Named after the famous mongoose that defended his adopted family from harm at all costs, the name does fit her I admit. Outside of that, even I don’t know much about her except well the obvious and I have worked with her for a while now. “What I do know is that she is the best at what she does, and you are going to have to be the best at what you do for both your sakes”) Tavi could obviously hear what Cat was saying, but she didn’t mind. She knew Cat better than most, that was his way of telling Crow, that she had his back despite her secrets. They needed to work together; Tavi could almost taste the danger ahead of them however it wasn't fear coming over her, but pure excitement.

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As Crow turned back to her he was surprise she handed him a green tablet he looked at the medicine and then the spy a little unsure of what to do he was joking about the scooby snack he wasn’t expecting Tavi to actually have one. The spy seem to know what the gunslinger was thinking and reassured him “It’s not poison Crow, that pill will allow you to temporally communicate with both me and my partner Cat in our telepathic network. It will feel strange at first, but you will settle into it. All you have to do is focus your mind on me if you want to hear us. The drug will heighten your mental abilities enabling you to have telepathy yourself. I will be able to communicate with you if we get separated. However it is all your choice if you want to take it or not” Crow looked at the pill for a second the idea of telepathy was not for his taste because the idea of someone hearing his thoughts and basically being in his head. Hmmm I can trust Tavi besides she is right it is best to keep in touch Pazuru is a mastermind he is going to want to split us up the second we get too dangerous. Without a second though the Lightning Revolver popped the pill as Tavi moved forward to make sure the elevator that was waiting for them was safe. Once she motion for Crow to come he moved forward a little less stealthily taking a causal walk until Tavi’s partner Cat chimed in, (Crow, if you are hearing this message that means you have taken the pill. I commend you for your bravery.”) The gunslinger was stopped dead in his track as the voice rang though his skull LOUD and CLEAR “Damn! Dios Mios! Tavi that is pretty loud and clear thanks.”

Crow sighed as he concentrated trying to get use the new sensation (You must be Tavi’s Partner Cat right? Bravery has nothing to do with it amigo just trust. I trust Tavi and apparently you enough to let you in my head. Just please stay out of my private thoughts or don’t be too surprise if I start thinking random things.) Cat continued calm and confidently (“Now before we were so rudely interrupted by our host Pazuru, you asked what Tavi was short for. It is short for her codename “Tikki Tavi.” Named after the famous mongoose that defended his adopted family from harm at all costs, the name does fit her I admit. Outside of that, even I don’t know much about her except well the obvious and I have worked with her for a while now. “What I do know is that she is the best at what she does, and you are going to have to be the best at what you do for both your sakes”) Crow smirked learning this about his new ally and concentrated again the voice was still loud and a little unnerving (So Tavi is her nickname and I’m guessing if she is based of a mythological mongoose are similar and with a name like Cat I am guessing Cheshire Cat is you. That is pretty cool so what is my sweet code name? I get a code name right I think it is only fair.) Crow smirked focusing on Tavi now as he communicated with her (Come on Tavi weigh on this, what should be my code name be? I’m thinking Super Awesome Badass Crow. Seriously though don’t worry Cat I’m not calling the Last Gunslinger because I’m a bum. I am the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. Besides I definitely got Tavi back I can’t keep my eyes off it.) The Last of the Gunslingers snickered he had a girlfriend but that didn’t mean eh couldn’t have a little fun and look and Tavi was definitely a site to look at.

Crow quickly joined Tavi in the elevator and gave her a smile getting use to the telepathy more and more he focus on her (a little less now that he was beginning to get the hang of it) (You and Cat seem to trust me enough to let me in and tell me a little about you so I might as well do the same. My past is pretty dark as well and I know what it is like to lose a lot and do some bad things. I got a girlfriend back home who is probably waiting for me her name is Toni.) As the elevator went down the gunslinger checked to make sure Quicksilver was loaded there was one Burst Bullet in the cylinder that would explode upon impact. (So Cat is there anything that you and Tavi know about Moji Pazuru that I don’t know I couldn’t find much on this guy just that is very, very smart. I’m sure we are all thinking the same thing that device out there proves that Pazuru was waiting for at least one of us if not both.) Crow smirked as he looked around he was sure that Moji had hidden cameras watching the even now and decided to take advantage of that fact. Suddenly without any warning to Cat or Tavi the Rail-gun decided to randomly shout at the hidden cameras and indirectly Moji. “Hey Pazuru you better hope Tavi here either gets to you first or can keep me off you because I’m in a particularly foul mood learning about that bomb outside. Once I get my hands on you I’m going to beat you to an inch of whatever scumbag life you have and leave the rest for Tavi. You hear that you pathetic excuse for a Saturday cartoon villain! You better turn yourself in now to calm me down because if you don’t by the time I get to you well I’ll let your imagine run wild on that one! I dealt with villains who would make you pee your pants!” Crow suddenly bent over and patted his rum taunting the criminal mastermind who he assumed was watching (Come on Tavi get in on this.)

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