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Tokyo Downtown, Tenkaidan Building

The City of Tokyo, one of the biggest and most populated urban centers in the world, a jewel of glass and steel with dozens of buildings that seem fingers trying to scrape the sky. One of this buildings is currently the location were a very exclusive event is taking place. The Japanese Industrialist Party (JIP), a right wing political group founded by the heads of the biggest enterprises in is celebrating a fundraiser for their candidate, the founder and owner of Garyuu Zaibatsu, the CEO of the most powerful enterprise in and the third at world level, Usso Namae. The penthouse where is celebrated is in one of the multiple buildings Mr. Namae owns, a 113 stories tall building and one of the 5 highest skyscrapers in Tokyo, the other 4 also being under his control. The building is secured with the best technology available in the market, and maybe even more, but even all the technology in the world can be enough to protect somebody so a legion of private securities forces and bodyguards is hired each time an event like this is planned, yet this time is different something has changed.

Weeks before the event, days before the public announcement an unmarked and untraceable e-mail warned the security staff of Garyuu about the imminent assassination of Usso Namae if he was present at the party. The security staff informed this to their boss, which waved off their preoccupation and only after quite a long time of discussion, accepted the hiring of special bodyguards. Specials in the meaning they are from the Inner World, people that posses skills and powers beyond those who are humans, some of them were public personalities “Heroes” or “Villains”, but most of them worked under the radar, in the underbelly of society, without attracting to much attention from the regular public. Yet Garyuu had ears and eyes everywhere and the security staff, which could equal the security staff of any world leader in numbers and possibly surpass them in technology. With this knowledge they choose Crow Cementerio, a highly renowned figure of the Underworld, a incredible gunslinger and bounty hunters said to posses incredible powers apart from his already amazing skills.

The second guard came from other place, a stranger in a strange land, which recently appeared in and was helped by certain mercenary organization in search of members. Indebted with the ones who helped him and under the promise of helping him find the way home, this man serves as one more soldier in the Numbers Rank, yet he was told not to talk about the Numbers, under the pretext of their secrecy being their shield against people who want them dead. The Stranger swore an oath of silence about it and proceeds to work for them. He is a man of impeccable morals and undying resolve, incredibly skilled with any sharp object and inhumanly fit. The Numbers were hired thanks to Usso real job, not the façade created around his entrepreneur persona. Usso Namae is the infamous Kuro-san, or better said, Usso Namae is the mask Kuro-san uses in public. The Cunning Emperor of Crime lives this double life while he uses Garyuu as a money laundering platform for his illegal actions as the Yakuza Emperor, owner of the Japanese Criminal underworld, slowly extending his influence to and .

The day has come for the event and the security is as tight as it can be, while every security guard is not only placed in the building but in the surroundings as well. The moon is shrouded by grey clouds, but some patches of starry sky can be seen, the lights of the city shine brightly once again, as this celebration also serves to thanks Usso for his decision of restoring Tokyo to it’s previous glory after the incident a month ago that almost destroyed the whole city, a gas leak and massive explosion, at least that is what the media knows, as the truth is much more surprising. Kuro-san is already inside and the plane sent to fetch Crow Cementerio is in route and will land in the helipad of the building, a incredible advance in transportation designed in the Nakamura Heavy Industries a enterprise Garyuu bought not long ago, capable of going from America to Japan in a couple of hours and with the maneuverability of a helicopter when landing or roaming, a true jewel of scientific development and creativity. The guests are in the main room, while Usso waits the arrival of Crow Cementerio so he can start the meeting with the proper security.

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1 One Week, Death Vegas Nevada

The Last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio was in his “office” which was really the garage of his apartment located in Death Vegas, Nevada also known as the Oasis of the Desert. The Rail-gun was situated at the work bench in the garage which currently looked a pile of organized chaos. Papers, bullets, parts to his motorcycle, tools, maps, pictures, and mores were scattered all over the place on a board hanging above the bench was even more chaos pictures of various bounties he was currently after, the number of which doubling thanks to the incident at the Black Stone Prison in Scotland, along with photos and maps of these targets recent locations there was also several diagrams also for his custom Harley Davidson motorcycle, Silver. Crow’s beloved cowboy hat rested on hook just over his head and his signature revolver laid on the desk surrounded by various bullets. The Gunslinger was currently looking through various pictures of bounties making notes here and there, the bounties ranged in difficulty and price; a he flipped through them he mumbled to himself a little; “The Tremor Brothers, Terry, Bobby, and Johnny were last seen heading towards Mexico. The Count was captured just last week so he is off the table for now. Bad Luck Lucy is probably up north in New York. The Yowamushi Swordsman haven’t been seen for a while I wonder where they are.” Crow tossed the papers back on his desk sighing in frustration. “Ahhhh! So many leads, bounties, and criminals but only one me. The life of a bounty hunter is not easy.” The Gunslinger began putting thumb tacks with strings attached to them leading to various bounty pictures to track them when his phone rang. The Rail-gun picked it up and with a cheerful ton answer, “Hola Crow Cementerio. How can I help you?” The reply was one that shocked Crow, “Hello Mr. Cementerio I represent Garyuu Zaibatsu corporation.”

Crow eyes widen as the man mention he represented possibly one of the biggest companies in the world but what would they want with a bounty hunter like him. The Last Gunslinger replied trying to keep his cool, “Yes I have heard of you…well who hasn’t Garyuu is a big partner with many companies over here in the states. But what does your corporation want with me?” The representative went on to explain the current situation with the death threats on their candidate for Prime Minister Usso Namae, even to Crow this was a big name, The Lighting Revolver was still confused though, “I understand the problem but why call me I’m a bounty hunter not a body guard.” The representative continued; “Yes we understand your profession Mr. Cementerio but we have our sources and they confirm that when it comes to this kind of work you of one of the best. Not to mention we are willing to pay you a health compensation along with all expenses paid on the Garyuu Zaibatsu Corporation’s behalf.” Crow was definitely interested he and Toni needed the money and with rent coming up along with other bills; Garyuu would be able to help him pay off his bill for a life time but still… “That sounds like an incredible offer but like I said I’m a bounty hunter being a guard for someone really isn’t my thing...” “What if we could tell you Mr. Cementerio that our resources have confirm that some high ranking bounties are possible behind the threats as assassins?” The Gunslinger raised an eye now he wanted in; “Hmmm okay tell me does your resources know which bounty or assassins are after your candidate?” Despite now seeing the man Crow could tell the representative was smirking in his reply, “Well Mr. Cementerio that is up for you to find out after all like you said this is your field of expertise.” The Gunslinger smirked as he picked up his treasure cowboy hat and put it on pulling it low over his eyes, “Okay you can tell Mr. Namae that it will be a pleasure working with him.” Crow listen as the representative told him that they would be picking him up via a new plane designed by the company that would get him there in half the time, but the bounty hunter was a bit preoccupied as he looked over his notes there was many bounties, that could be the ones in the shadows, that were last located in Japan. A criminal who escaped Black Stone, the Silent Samurai, The Assassin Duo of Crimson and Azure, and more all were extremely deadly and had high bounties. The Gunslinger did catch the last part of the representative explanation, “As an extra precaution you will be working with another guard also chosen by Mr. Namae.” Crow nodded and replied he understood but when he asked who the other guard would be the representative was quick to dodge the question and hang up. The Rail-gun smirked he picked up revolver, Quicksilver, and twirled it on his finger before setting it in his holster. The game was on.

The day of the party

The Gunslinger was standing at the designated landing spot that the representative mention where he was going to be picked up. Crow was wearing his typical cowboy themed attire, around his waist was his holster containing Quicksilver and a knife located behind his back, a smile on his face as his cowboy hat shaded his cobalt blue eyes. He had also brought several bounty papers with notes written on them so he could figure out exactly who was Usso Namae. Unfortunately though he was without his partner Toni Sociere as the Garyuu Zaibatsu Corporation only wanted him as adding more would add unnecessary risk, but the Gunslinger was more than enough to handle whatever threat was waiting for him in Japan. The problem was he couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something was wrong and that there was some players hidden in the shadows.

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As Crow got of the Experimental Aerial Vehicle (EAV) a supersonic plane that could land like a chopper, somebody was there to receive him, a man in his 30 with a sharp formal suit and short black hair, there was a roguish air around him, almost as if he was always prepared to do something cunning. He is Toshiro Tsukimori, Usso Namae chief of security and also more secretly Kuro-san right handed man. With a big smile he received Crow Cementerio. –Good Evening Mr. Cementerio, I expect your journey was pleasant. My name is Toshiro Tsukimori, I’m in charge of the security here, is my pleasure and honor to meet somebody so recommended by the Bounty Hunter Association of Japan. We had to refrain them from coming upon the knowledge of the threat origin.- Tsukimori spoke in flawless English, so good in fact that seemed he wasn’t Japanese at all. –Your job will be mostly stand in the ball room and check for anything strange, as most of the mundane security business is handled by my staff. As we received a threat of dangerous criminals that want to attack Mr. Namae, the Infamous Assassins Azure and Crimson.- Tsukimori stopped talking for a second as his earpiece received a incoming call and then he kept talking, still with his charming tone. -Please follow me Mr. Cementerio, your partner for tonight is waiting in the lift.- Tsukimori lead the way towards an elevator. As the door opened a man in cloak and hood was standing inside, his face obscured by the shadow cast by his clothing. He was silent and around him the aura of a wild beast could be felt for anyone perceptive enough to notice, or with good sense of smell, as the mysterious individual had a strange musk. Before any tension could arise Tsukimori spoke while gently using his full hand to point at the individual. –Mr. Cementerio, allow me to introduce the other “Inner World” bodyguard of the night, he is a foreigner like you but sadly he lacks the amount of experience that you have or the fame, as he just started in the business, yet he comes greatly recommended by the BHAJ.- Tsukimori nodded at the man that extended his hand, abnormally large and tightly covered in bandages. With faint and soft voice he talked –Good Evening Mes Cementerio, my name is Callis Nomene and I’ll work alongside you this evening, I hope I can be of assistance. Honestly I never heard of you before starting to work here, yet from what I’ve been told you surely must be a great warrior and it’ll be a honor to fight besides, yet I would never compare myself to somebody of your reputation and feats of battle- Callis eyes had a single moment of light from the lights coming from other building showing his amber colored pupils that were more akin to a cat than a man. This lift only took half a minute to get to the ball room, a couple of stories under the penthouse, yet another full minutes passed upon the scanning and checking of the elevator by high technology devices looking for any abnormalities. Anybody on the other side could be surprised by Callis inner physiology a tad different from a human being, yet they already met weirder things alongside Mangetsu. Tsukimori once again started to guide them –Gentlemen, the ball room is right through here, shall we go and take our positions?-

Meanwhile in the ball room and young blond woman in a elegant red dress mingled among the crowd. Her curly golden hair, refined posture and beauty made her an extremely popular person among the crowd. She presented herself as Dominique Saint Croix, a wealthy French Heir that was on relaxation vacations in and upon learning of this event she decided to assist as she loved formal balls like this. Dominique always was the center of attention wherever she went, her family wealth combined with her exquisite personality made her an obligated stop in almost every party, as her influence and contacts could prove invaluable if you fell in her good graces. Yet maybe thanks to her uncanny charm, influence and wealth, nobody made the sinister connection about the places she visited. Every event she assisted ended up with somebody dead, and to further this coincidence, every one of those events was threatened by the Assassins Azure and Crimson. Dominique was Crimson, world class Assassin specialized in high-end targets usually with a large amount of showboating involved, while Azure was the silent part of the equation, an incredible marksman capable of clipping the wings of a butterfly from 50 mts in an offhand shot. Azure was Catherine Chateau, Dominique bodyguard and lover, former French military, one of the best marksman in the world alongside Falken Degiraz, Arsenal Vetinari and of course Crow Cementerio, yet she is more accustomed to long weapons, specially Sniper Rifles. While Azure is long ranged, Crimson is a thrill seeking quick shooter, armed mostly with a small caliber gun, a Walther PPK, a myriad of hidden knifes, either throwing knives, daggers or even blades incorporated to her outfit. Her knowledge of Martial Arts and natural nimbleness are crucial part of her incredible fighting prowess. As the party progressed she was able to se some obstacles, such as the world famous and feared, at least for the underbelly of the World, Crow Cementerio, alongside a strange individual that remained hidden in the ceiling support beams and was completely cloaked. She never heard of a guy like that, so he would surely be new, Cementerio’s protégée perhaps? Lost in thought she realized her phone was ringing after the second vibration. – We should get started Dominique- Catherine voice sounded as always too serious and straight forward. –Plant the beacon on Namae and prepare yourself.- Dominique sighed –You’re no fun Cat-chan, I want this to be showy, as Cementerio is on the house.- Catherine gasped in surprise, something quite rare for her.

-Are you sure Crow Cementerio is in the ball room?- Catherine voice had a small amount of doubt, yet Dominique replied with excited tone. –Yeah! I could recognize that sexy cowboy hat anywhere- Catherine sighed again, Crimson sounded like a child in a toy store -This will be very fun, at last we are taken seriously, getting others for money is fun, but fighting the best will surely be a thrill. There is other strange guy, nothing I cannot handle; I think he is a newbie.- Azure tried to say something, but Crimson cut her. – I know… I’ll be careful, so don’t worry Cat-chan, I’ll get them in position you shoot the candy out of their heads. Crimson out.- The Sniper half of the duo started preparing assembling her rifle, while Crimson went to secluded location to change with the bag she had left inside the building a couple of days before the hit, hidden in a ventilation shaft. In a swift strip Crimson took her elegant dress and changed in her work suit, she placed her mask, grabbed her equipment and left the room after hiding her formal clothes back in the shaft. She was ready, she placed the beacon on Usso Namae clothing before in the evening. Now the only thing she had to do was to kill the lights and the emergency power source at the same time, so Catherine could use the beacon to blast the possible next prime minister of from the face of the Earth. Little did they now that the beacon wasn’t in Usso anymore as he noticed her slipping the tiny metallic piece into his chest pocket and when he took his silk handkerchief he placed it on the side pocket of a particularly obnoxious actor/musician that got invited thanks to the involvement of the record company he worked for in the campaign. Kuro-san despised the Japanese that sold their soul to Western Culture, he wasn’t against Western Culture, in fact his whole company was based upon Western Economic Principles he flash learned in a couple of months, yet the Spirit of his Company was Japanese. He despised those who would want to live in U.S.A or saying that there it was more cultural and advanced, and most of those were those weird musicians’ only young people liked. –I hope the events tonight will stop him from prancing around in the stage thinking he is a western “musician”- Kuro-san coldly thought inside his head while he warmly took the hand of a Japanese Industrialist guest. Meanwhile Crimson was already on the job waiting for the hirer to give the order to shut down the lights.

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Tokyo, Tenkaidan Building

The Last Gunslinger arrived off the experimental high speed jet quite impressed that they arrived well ahead of time, it literally took a fraction of the time a normal plane would have taken. Crow was greeted by Toshiro Tsukimori the same person he had talked to on the phone just a week before. The Lightning Revolver took in the details of the job half listening until Tsukimori mentioned that the threat came from the Assassin Duo of Crimson and Azure. Crow interrupted the head of security mid-sentence, “Wait are you seriously telling me that Crimson and Azure are the ones after Usso Namae, those two do not work cheap so who-ever is paying them must be someone of value or with connections.” The Last Gunslinger smirked as he followed Tsukimori to meet his partner for tonight while his mind worked on the information, Dominique Saint Croix and Catherine Chateau or as the commonly been referred to as Crimson and Azure, their bounties are quite high and for a reason it’s said that someone targeted by them doesn’t get to see the next day. Crow’s train of thought was broken by the introduction of his partner for tonight, a strange hooded and cloaked individual who introduced himself as Callis Nomene, wow talk about green I never even heard of this kid he must have just joined the BHAJ. I wonder where he is from I don’t recognize his accent. Crow shook hands with the new bounty hunter smiling, “Hola amigo, please just call me Crow. And no need to get our honorable and humble on me. I’m sure you and me will work great tonight besides you may long a thing or two about being a bounty hunter.” Tsukimori guided them into the lift to head down to the ballroom and the Gunslinger took the time to get to know his new partner; “So Callis tell me how long you have been a bounty hunter? When did you take your BH exam? What star rank are you? Do you have a partner you work with or do you prefer to be a loner? What is your epithet?” It didn’t take a rocket science to notice that Lost Warrior had no clue to what the Electrical Bounty Hunter was talking about, dios mio they sure leave their bounty hunters hanging in the wind here in Japan. Crow decided that he sure at least inform the newbie to the world of a being a bounty hunter.

“Let me explain, every bounty hunter is registered under the Bounty Hunter Association, or the BHA, this is broken up into different branches for each state. For example I come from the BHA of the United States also known as the Artemis Branch you are probably apart of the BHA of Japan which has its own name. To become a bounty hunter you must pass the Bounty Hunter exam which takes once a year at the first week of January if you pass you get an official bounty hunter license.” Crow held up what appeared to be some type of credit that had his picture on it with his name Crow Cementerio aka The Last Gunslinger, the Rail-gun under that it had the typical information and a star emblem along with the logo of the U.S. branch of the BHA. The he continued to explain, “All bounty hunters are issued one of this from the chairman of their branch. You only get one and under no circumstance will they issue a second because these cards are quite special they allow us to get to places other can’t if we are in the process of hunting a bounty. They also act as get out of jail free cards if we do something bad during a bounty hunt. Along with other cool stuff. You see anyone can submit a bounty and that is taken by our logistic department and process and sorted between the branches, we are paid for each bounty we capture granted the BHA gets a fee plus they also take off whatever expenses we racked up during the hunt, so obviously the higher the bounty the more money expect the problem is that the higher the bounty the more dangerous the criminal. So to keep noobs from running off and trying to catch some heavy hitters they created the Star Ranking. There are 5 levels so you can earn up to 5 stars you upgrade a rank but do some incredible feats bounties are also broken up via the star level so 1 one star can’t hunt a 5 star criminal. I have a one star rank so I can go up to at least a 2 star convict so take example Crimson and Azure they are both 1 stars so I can hunt them now if they were 3 stars I would need either a 2 star person or two other 1 stars to help me so that we equal 3 stars. You are probably a no star so you can go up to 1 star and because I am a 1 star we can take on these two no problem.” Crow smiled as he finished his explanation while putting his Hunter Card away. “Because if the Star Ranking system some BHs like to form little groups so they fight higher bounties these groups so for example I work with my partner Toni who is a no star. And most bounty hunters like to come up with names or epithet for themselves or they earn them from other people for example I earned the title of The Rail-gun Crow Cementerio because well you may see later. The epithets work like code names for other bounty hunters. So make sense amigo?” The bounty hunter smiled at Callis who was possibly more confuse then before Crow’s explanation, it was at this time that Tsukimori informed them they were at the ballroom.


Within a dimly lit room sitting at a desk surrounded by more than a dozen computers typing away like a mad man as he has been for the last week, surrounded by cans of energy drinks and bags of snacks his eyes somewhat blurry from all the typing was the information broker the underworld had come to known as Enigma. His hair was disheveled and eyes had bags under them but yet his mind was unaffected, expect for a little hysteria. Hmmm some big Yakuza groups are trying to form under the Golden Suns, there boss Fei-san’s son is the head of the Dragon Blades. Kuro-san has yet to make his move since I made mind in Glasgow maybe this is a part of it. Either way I think getting to Shen Fei would be a great feat and move on my part. Let’s see the world’s government still has no leads on Emerald Justice that is good I feel bad for playing them all along but I couldn’t resist obtaining such a valuable piece. With the good doctor and his daughter “aligned” with me for now their research will be useful but how can I use it. Nichol should be returning to the States in the week to meet up with the BHA to explain his absence, it just means I got another informant in there. It seems that Usso Namae intends to make a speech tomorrow dealing with his plans for the Inner World if he is elected as prime minister that is if he makes it through the night. Suddenly a feminine voice broke through the Spider’s rambling mind, “You know staring at a computer screen is bad for your eyes.” Enigma cried out in pain as the woman turned on the lights. “Damn you Olivia! A little warning next time!” The woman was Olivia Verde, daughter of renown and recently released from Black Stone prison Inner World researcher Richard Verde, Olivia was the head of global pharmacy company Verde Health that was into a scandal and buy out from Garyuu Zaibatsu brought her down. Olivia was the one who told the information broker where her father was and ironically it was Enigma who brought to life the scandal that ruin Olivia career. Olivia was wearing a green sweater and black pants appearing disgusted by the state of the information broker office, “God haven’t you cleaned in here at least once a week. I am not your god damn maid you freaky slob!” The Superior Strategist smirked as he recovered then spun the chair over to Olivia who was moving some of the genius’s clothes off the couch, “Oh but hasn’t your father promised your hand in marriage to me and therefore as my wife you would be my maid.” The smart ass remark was replied with an empty red bull can tossed at his head, but the web designer spun in the chair dodging the projectile, “Ah Olivia my love I’ll take that as a kiss.” The next can hit him right between the eyes but Enigma didn’t flinch even as blood trickled down his forehead. “My father may have promised you me for getting him out of Black Stone but I haven’t accepted you freak. And if I did which is highly unlikely I still wouldn’t be cleaning up your god damn messes.” The Brit smirked as he seemed more interested in the board that was on the coffee table, it appeared to be a chess board but the pieces were a mix of chess, checkers, and other various games along with like toy animals arrange all over the place. Olivia looked down at the board as well and went to move a piece that appeared to be a little crow until Enigma suddenly spoke up, “I would prefer if you not touch that board my dear. All the pieces are placed precisely where I want them I don’t need unknown variables ruining my game.” Ms. Verde sighed as she mumbled under her breath, “Anyway Enigma, Noah, Sherlock, Chrome, whatever the hell you are calling yourself these days shouldn’t you be sending a message soon.” The Superior Spider smirked as he held up his phone, “Fret not my dear Olivia I am well aware of the time and I know when to send the message to the lovely Crimson and Azure. After all I have planned this night for a week by sending those two after Usso Namae suspicion will fall on his political rivals and business opponents, thus making Usso gain the advantage in the polls. I was the one who had Crow Cementerio be requested to Garyuu Zaibatsu from the BHAJ to ensure that Usso is kept safe…that is if Mr. Cementerio is as good as he says. The problem lies with the mysterious partner he doesn’t have any current records in the BHAJ so he must be someone Garyuu went to personally. Usso Namae is a big name if he is targeted then many in the underworld will question if the mysterious group Mangestu is behind it this could draw out Kuro-san. So technically it’s my second move.” Enigma smirked as Olivia seemed to not give a rat ass about his sick twisted game with the Underworld Emperor. “You know as my future wife this would be best for you to watch. After all don’t woman get aroused watching their man at work?” This resulted in another red bell can hitting the information broker in the head as he laughed with a quick glance of the clock he smirked and moved the crow game piece closer to a black king. Enigma then sent a message to Crimson and Azure via text message, he had helped the two assassins before so this was their way of repaying a debt, Olivia shivered as she saw that twisted gleam in Enigma’s eyes when he played his game, “How are we supposed to know if everything is going according to plan?” The Superior Spider smiled as it seemed that Ms. Verde was curious about his move after all, “It’s elementary dear Ms. Verde. I simply planted another informant in the party with a hidden camera along with hacking into the buildings security and it they ever notice my bug it will lead them right to one of Namae-san’s opponents.” With that Enigma switched on the TV so they observe the game.

Tokyo, Tenkaidan Building

Crow was scanning the party looking for anything suspicious as his new partner Callis stalked the rafters like a predatory cat hunting it prey, what a weird guy? He seems nice though maybe a bit on the naïve and humble but working as bounty hunter will fix that. I should really give him his epithet as a sorta welcome to the BHA gift…hmmm what about Callis “The Hunter” Nomene…nah it doesn’t work. I’ll will have something for him by the end of tonight. As Crow looked around the room for any sound of Crimson, for he know she would be in the fray as Azure was hidden, he spotted the very person he was supposed to be protecting tonight the head of Garyuu Zaibatsu himself Usso Namae. Crow smirked as he approached the businessman, “Hola senor Namae. I’m Crow Cementerio I’ll be the one protecting you tonight. It’s an honor to meet someone of your status. I heard you often have helped the BHAJ sometimes so I want to say that bounty hunters everywhere really appreciate that senor.” As Crow was greeting the Japanese entrepreneur Enigma messaged arrived at Crimson and Azure.

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Callis was so confused by the exposition layed down by Crow, he had never heard of a Bounty Hunter Association or something like, mostly because he wasn’t a bounty hunters, the man that found him, a young man of impeccable lord-like manners that was helping him didn’t wanted him to work in such a shady job, or a job at all, but Callis insisted to get a job to repay his savior kindness and his host told him that a man of his skills could easily be hired as a bodyguard. The Beast Knight accepted that, thanking the possibility of using his skills to protect rather than hunt, thus he could avoid dangerous situations more easily. The only thing he disliked of the jobs was the amount of people he usually had to go around in this jobs, guarding celebrities and important people. He had been working for at least 3 months, yet he always kept a low profile in every job, and choose to avoid the trouble of explaining the one being protected about the dangers around him or her, thus Callis was very careful in fighting the threat away in a discreet manner, to avoid alarming the client. The Warrior of Centris kept hearing Crow and he couldn’t understand a thing. After Crow finished talking Callis replied –I… understand- but his words, coming out from inside the shadows of his cowl didn’t matched its meaning, yet he didn’t wanted to bother his newfound and temporary partner with more explanation. Luckily Tsukimori, a man that had a strange peculiarity, a complete lack of smell and for Callis that was new, took them to the ballroom. Callis split from Crow and searched for higher ground, taking a position over the beams that supported the ceiling, hidden from the lights of the ceiling that hanged from the beams.

Meanwhile Usso Namae mingled with the people at the party, strong handshakes, a warm smile and eye-to-eye contact seemed to be simple details, but every strategy and tactic was composed of a multitude of details and Kuro-san’s ability to juggle those details was what placed him on the top. Even with his relaxed outlook, under his incredibly expensive custom suit, made for this occasion and carrying some technology built into the fabric, the Yakuza Emperor was ready to move fast upon any conflict, he knew that his challenge to the Trickster Enigma wouldn’t remain ignored and as he set the battlefield he knew that the Terrorist and Information Broker would make a move, and he was 99% sure that Crimson & Azure threat was directly linked to him. Truthfully he was surprised that Enigma really accepted the challenge, as if he was as smart as the rumors said he would cunning enough to realize opposing Mangetsu was like having a Death Wish, but seemingly his adversary possessed some amount of pride or hubris about his own skills and couldn’t reject a challenge. This situation was just a passing game for Kuro-san, a chess game with a younger opponent that could make surprising moves, yet in the end, the Yakuza Emperor knew that he would be the one on top, as he always did since the events that marked his life and turned him into the emotionless monster he is now, void of feelings but willpower, drive to reach his goal, even if he has to watch the world consume into ashes under him.

As the party kept going Crow Cementerio, world class gunslinger and mercenary moved towards Usso Namae and with extremely informal tone he greeted him. A regular politician and billionaire would possibly take this as an offense, but Kuro-san didn’t cared, while his façade, Usso Namae, found the sudden greeting like a refreshing wind coming from the west. – Thank you, Mr. Cementerio, I just do a bit of civil work giving my humble support to the BHA in Japan, their brave men and women usually stop dangerous criminals and most of the time protect the innocents, I’m really glad you find my support so important.- The famed Politician and CEO shook his hand with the Mercenary of Lighting and continued in a voice soft enough to be only heard by Crow - Now if you excuse me I’ll have to make so small talk with people a little bit less interesting that yourself- And walked away after a soft chuckle. His acting was flawless and couldn’t be differentiated from a real person talking, yet inside he was cold and calculating, as he knew Crow Cementerio may be useful in the future and having good relations with him would make it easier to use him like a tool for his goals. But as he walked away the lights suddenly went off and the whole Ballroom was engulfed in darkness. Some of the most impressionable guest screamed upon the sudden lack of light. Callis jumped down with cat-like agility landing in front of Usso Namae with a couple of daggers unsheathed and his guard up, trying to protect the client. Kuro-san looked around and smiled, Enigma was a good player he even killed the emergency light, the Cunning Criminal made a mental note of creating a closed circuit for the emergency lights to avoid further situations like this. To be honest this “game” was more of a test of the Tenkaidan Building security grid against elite enemies or even Inner World players. All the guest attention was caught in a second as a beeping sound started ringing and echoing in the hall, some panicked fearing a bomb but the echoes were too confusing thus the source of the sound couldn’t be pinpointed, at least not from inside of the Ballroom.

Outside Azure was aiming after the lights were cut by her partner Crimson that seemingly got their hirer ok to start the operation. The beeping sound was just to create confusion, as the main function of the beacon was to create a bright point in the infrared spectrum, so she could easily notice it through the scope. In a single motion she loaded the rifle aimed and fired. The bullet pierced the air and the window, leaving only a small circle, almost perfectly cut. Azure could be deadly with any pellet, but Crimson only bought the most expensive toys for her. This bullets were laced with a diamond like substance, increasing the durability of the pellets and they also vibrated upon being shot, basically working as a small yet deadly flying buzz saw in the shape of a bullet, capable of going through 3 feet of concrete without losing momentum. The bullet reached the target and cleanly went through its heart and kept going through the floor only stopping three stories below.- Dom, you can get the lights on and move, the job is done- Azure used her commlink to inform her partner that turned the lights on. The Sniper clad in blue gasped with surprise, as Usso Namae was intact and a young musician was dead on the floor literally bleeding his heart out, or what remained of it through the golf ball sized hole in his chest. –Dom we have a problem…- Azure voice was affected by the shock, she couldn’t believe that Crimson placed the beacon in another target, yet it was the only explanation possible. –What is it darling? You splattered of blood an innocent bystander like before? Remember that these guys are almost as loaded as me and you, so they can afford a new suit or a bit of cleaning at least- Crimson always sounded playful, yet her tone changed the moment she heard her lover words.- The target is live and unharmed, the beacon was in a bystander-

-What!? Are you sure!? I’m completely sure I put the damn thing in the target pocket! How did it get in another guy?- Crimson lost her cool, she could seem aloof most of the time, but she had a terribly temperament if things didn’t go her way. –I’m sure, I shot a younger guy, and Namae is covered by a hooded guy using daggers, but I need to change positions for the next shot.- Azure jumped from the rooftop and with a grappling gun she swiftly jumped to the next rooftop. Crimson bite her lips and grunted in a very unladylike manner –Don’t bother, that sly old man fooled me, I don’t like being fooled, I’m going to get him myself, you get into the building a prepare an escape route, this is going to be messy.- Crimson started running towards the Ballroom, her high heels tapping the ground as the only sound, as her gun and a handful of throwing knifes were ready in each hand. –Dom don’t be a fool, Cementerio and the hooded guy are there, you don’t stand a chance against them, you’re good but Cementerio’s reputation alone is more than enough to make a lot of other criminals flee, do the smart thing and run.- Azure as always tried to be the voice of reason but this time around her hot-headed fiancé won’t listen – I can deal with both of them with ease, have some trust in me, my new toys will help me to get the battlefield even and then I’ll tip the balance with my luck, just get in here and get me an escape route up and running- Crimson cut the Commlink leaving Azure with the words stuck in her throat as her lover rushed towards the door of the ballroom. Two of the guards got in her way, she jumped and kicked on with a spinning kick and using the recoil she backflipped vaulting over the other and landing with a handstand over his shoulders, from that position she slit the guard throat with one of her knifes remaining on a perfect single handed handstand until they guy dropped and she landed gracefully to his side.

Crimson kicked the door while several stories below Azure crashed through a window to get into the building and started dispatching guards. –Everybody! Party’s over! Get your shit and leave, only Usso Namae needs to stay, to get a Crimson Kiss of Death!- The Female Assassin shout the nearest guards with pinpoint accuracy and blinding speed reducing the security of the Ballroom to Crow and Callis in a blur. The guest shrieked and panic took over, running towards the door as Crimson let them pass, mostly ignoring them keeping an eye on Callis, Crow and Usso, the only ones in the Ballroom. –Let’s dance darlings! I want to paint the ballroom red with Mr. Usso, so if you want to stop me from croaking the old guy, you’ll have to stop me-

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Crow was quite surprised by Usso Namae’s reaction he expected the entrepreneur to be somewhat stuck up but the head of one of the world’s largest companies seemed actually leveled head and kinda nice. As Usso started walking away Crow was thinking of where Crimson and Azure would strike, how they would do it. Crimson and Azure the fem fatales, this place is perfect for them they could strike anywhere and anyway. But how would they do it think Crow think consider their pass crimes and their signature. Crimson profile shows that she is flashy she is going to want to be in the heat of the action but does that means she will do it in person. No I don’t think so this place is too crowded and too heavily guarded. Azure will be the woman on the trigger this time, she is the better shot she will take her time. This is the perfect place for her but there are too many people she needs to be able to pin point her target but how will she do that. Think Crow….what would you do to hit a target? I need a place on that target, a bull eyes…A bull eyes! Crimson would be here and place the bull eyes so that so that Azure will have a target. This party been going on for a while that means that Crimson always place her bull eyes…on Usso! Crow looked around and spotted Usso threw the crowd as he started pushing his way through to get to Usso as he called out to Callis. “Callis get Usso he has something on him to mark him!” Suddenly the lights in the room and building were cut not wasting another second Crow lunged at Usso tackling him to ground as the shot rang through the air.

London, England: Enigma’s Place

Enigma and Olivia watched the inside footage of Usso Namae party when the british information broker noticed something about Crow making him mumble a little to himself, “He figured it out.” Ms. Verde turned towards the genius and looked at him a little confused, “What did you say?” The Superior Spider burst out laughing as spun around in his chair, “Amazing, simply amazing! I know Crow was smart but his profile shows that he isn’t really that intelligent in terms of knowledge. Yet the Gunslinger seemed to figure out what Azure and Crimson plan was. Impressive there must be something to that bounty hunters mind, he is of course not at my level of deductive abilities but I would say he could teach you a few things Olivia my dear.” The “wife” of Enigma proceeded to pour a can of red bull over the head of her “husband” while the genius continued his rant. “Let’s see how far that mind of Crow will get him. I’ll have to make mental notes to add to his profile. Olivia dear will you keep an eye on Usso Namae and the other bounty hunter so that I may add information for their profiles later. I’ll be focusing on Crow for the moment.” Olivia turned with a look of disgust on her face, “What the hell do I look like to you? I’m not your secretary.” Enigma had that smirk on his face as he turned towards the doctor, “No I guess you are right. You are my doctor and as such if you don’t do this for me I will have to focus on all three men and my overstimulated mind may break down.” Olivia bit her lip as she clenched her fist that was low to her playing to the fact that she swore by the Hippocratic Oath and as such couldn’t leave a patient to suffer even if she hated this particular patient. “Fine what will I be looking for you freaky information broker?” “Oh don’t worry my dear just pay attention to how they interact.”

Tokyo, Tenkaidan Building

The lights came back on and there was screaming, Crow looked around and down at Usso he was safe in fact other than being tackled by the Lightning Gunslinger he was fine. Crow checked his body he was also safe and unharmed, what gives that was a shot probably from Azure but she missed Usso and I wasn’t injuried who the hell was she aiming at. The Last Gunslinger looked and saw the musician with a gaping hole in his chest the bounty hunter rushed over and began inspecting the body reaching in the visual kei star’s pocket Crow removed the beacon and clenched it in fist, Damn yet this is definitely Azure’s work…but why did it end up in this kid’s pocket. The Electrical Cowboy tossed the beacon to Callis, “That is a beacon placed by Crimson it was used a bull eyes for Azure to target in a crowd of people with the lights off. But Crimson and her partner are experts they wouldn’t make a mistake like this, someone must have interrupted them or something…either way Azure is a perfectionist she won’t be able to stand missing and Crimson will want to finish the job quickly she is a bit of hot head.” As if on clockwork the red headed assassin burst through the door, the woman put a bullet into a few guards as the party fled from the building leaving her, Crow, Callis, and Usso in the room. The Rail-gun smirked as he pushed his cowboy hat up revealing his cobalt blue eyes, “Hola Crimson. It’s seems like your girlfriend missed, now was that because you can’t place a beacon on the right target or because Azure just can’t aim.” The Gunslinger knew taunting the fem fatale especially about her lover would be the key to keeping her unfocused, “Or do you both suck that bad you couldn’t kill an old man on his death bed let alone Usso Namae.” Crow looked back towards Callis with a smirk, “Hey amigo, get Señor Namae some place safe. I’ll deal with Crimson just keep him away from windows at all costs.” Crow then went on the attack as he began maneuvering through the room towards Crimson making a zig zag pattern so she didn’t have a clear shot. Crow smirked as he drew his revolver, Quicksilver, and created a visible surge of electricity that surrounded the gun in the bounty hunter’s hand. “La Hoja.” Crow has turned his revolver into a short range lightning dagger capable of slicing through most materials quite easily, Crow sliced vertically at the Fem Fatale while he attacked may have seemed vicious he was actually holding back as a Gunslinger it was against his code to harm woman and children or anyone innocent. Crow then crouched down and attempted a sweep on Crimson then sliced against with Quicksilver making a diagonal motion. The Last Gunslinger then jumped back trying to put some distance between the two of them as he stopped charging Quicksilver a few arcs still remained as Crow began to think of a way to keep Azure from getting another shot on Usso.

Enigma’s Place

The Superior Enigma couldn’t believe his eyes it seemed that the beacon that would have marked Usso Namae for death was misplaced somehow into the pocket of some visual kei icon. Damn it, it seems that someone anticipated my move on Usso Namae but who the obvious answer to that is Kuro-san but how and why would he waste effort on saving Usso Namae he could probably have any politician and Usso is a man who would make things hard for the Underworld Emperor. This may be his way of trolling me for my challenge to him during the Black Stone incident. Interesting it seems that Kuro-san is playing a long game placing pieces here and there but not revealing a direct motive. Olivia meanwhile could not help be creep out by the information broker when he got was thinking better yet planning. “Aren’t you upset that those two messed up they killed some visual kei rock star instead of Usso Namae.” Enigma got from his chair barely paying attention to his “finance” as he headed over to his desk and began typing on his computers logging into a couple blogs he began spreading the rumor that the visual kei rocker was kill curious as to what the result would be then he picked up his phone. “Noah are you listening to me. Your planned failed what are you going to do?” Suddenly snapping out of his trance the Superior Strategist smirked as he began dialing a number on the phone, “Oh my dear Olivia don’t you get it. No plan ever fails they are just modify. I never really intended to kill Usso Namae just create a stir in the race for Japan’s prime minister Usso was just another pawn. But it seems there is an even more interesting piece in play here.” While Olivia stared confused at Enigma he sent another message this time to Azure it was simple as it read change of plans leave Usso Namae alone for now target Crow.

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The moment Azure crashed through the window; at least 10 guards were already on the floor she would land. With incredible coordination and skill they took cover while they placed the night vision goggles to be prepared for her. But even these corporate guards, some of the best soldiers money could get, didn’t stand a chance. Many people in the correct circles thought that Crimson was the best fighter in the team, while Azure was best at sharpshooting, they didn’t knew that Azure was the one that trained Crimson, and maybe the Blond Assassin had greater natural talent and agility, but the Cat suited half of their team was the most skilled when it came to get close and personal. The guards started to search for her, yet she had already moved from the place, before they could react. A bright light flashed the whole room and blinded the soldiers. The now scared men, that were thought to have nerves of steel couldn’t see anything and the sound of bones breaking and pain filled grunts was the only thing they could perceive. In matter of seconds the room was cleared of soldiers, all in the floor with two or three bones broken in several parts. Azure cracked her neck and knuckles. – I hope Dom is alright, since her sister left she has become too reckless and too erratic.- The Red-Headed Sniper thought to herself as she started searching for the stairs to get to Crimson.

-You can bluff all you want Cementerio, but I know that you, or that weird hooded guy moved the beacon, still I commend you for finding out about it- Crimson may look Hot-Headed, but at the end of the day she was a world class Assassin, if she could get unfocused out of some taunting she wouldn’t have lived so much. She saw as Callis took Usso Namae, which even in this situation still had his majestic stance and walked calmly as the Beast Knight used his tattered cape, of an unknown material with an enchantment on, as shield for the Japanese Businessman. –So I’ll have to go through you to get my prize…. So be it Crow-kun!- With that said, Crimson started shooting and missing as Crow got near avoiding her shots with his blinding speed and some basic footwork. His revolver was covered in lighting, the electricity taking the form of a blade which he used on an upward slice. Crimson jumped backwards rolling in the ground and swiftly standing back up avoiding the other attacks of Crow’s combo. –You missed Cementerio! You misse. - Her gloating stopped as her jacked fell apart sliced in two, leaving Crimson only with her bra covering her body. A loud spurting sound could be heard in the back of the room as Callis left, small droops of bloods were left behind the Beast Knight, which successfully managed to leave the Ballroom into one of the inner rooms taking Usso Namae with him.

Crimson didn’t even considered covering herself and lifted her guard, without the jacket multiple wound and her muscular tone were quite visible, she didn’t seemed to be, but she had the body of a fighter. –Let’s rumble Crow-Kun!- She tried her best to keep her composure, but that slash made her realize that Crow was superior that her, even in close combat, yet she knew as a fact that he was even better shooting, so the cunning Assassin decided to play to her strengths and rushed forward with a kickboxing stance. Crimson launched a combo of elbow strike to the temple, knee to the nuts, spinning backhand to the cheek and flying knee to the face. This combination was named, Crimson Kiss Combo, by her.

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