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Character Bio


Fuzen Metsuki


Chronological almost 500, physically seems in his 30


1.90 mts


90 kg






Human/ Ascended Human

Power Source:



Black Wolf, God Killer, Destroyer of the Land, Black Tiger Army Erradicator, Fallen Hero

Theme Song:

Voodoo Kingdom by Soul'd Out


Powers and Abilities

Strenght: 50-100 tons, enraged is increased

Speed: Sound Speed-Lightspeed

Durabilty: Nigh-Invulnerability (really he can take anything you can dish out on him)

Blasting Power: [Magical/Godly] Continent/Moon Buster

Mystical Spells:

Raikou Tenbu: Heavenly Thunder Punishment: A powerful Thunder pierces the heavens and vaporizes any enemy almost instantly
Suna No Tobi: Fast builder of Sand: He can manipulate sand and make it take different shapes
Suna No Tatsumaki: Sand Tornado: He creates a powerful Sandstorm.
Shinrabanshou: Universe: Using a magical circle he teleports an area into different dimensions, shattering the whole area.
Enkoubu: Flaming Judgement: Fuzen unleashes a powerful blast of fire directed on one target.
Enkoukentou: Flaming Honorable Bout: The Fists of the user burst aflame
Kiri Kawazu: Mist Frog: Creates a thick mist that obstaculizes vision

108 Demonic Spells:

12: Fukyuu Hinode: Eternal Sunrise: Control time in Demon Realms
43: Yami No Shigure: Sinister Autumn Rain: Dark Rain starts to pour down and the people tocuhed by it start a violence frenzy.
58: Ritorai: Retry: The user can return in time to retry an action he done in the last 3 min.

Weapon Prowess:

Legendary Weapon Master


Jiten Tsume: Spinning Claw: While using the Kuma Tsume, Fuzen spins fastly while charging and moves fast enough to create a small tornado, and using his pseed added to the wind extra push he unleashes a barrage of slashes.

Buki Denki: Weapon Storm: Fuzen unsleashed a powerful combination of attacks changing from almost any weapon in his possesion and using them at random for one slash, ina almost any pausible diraction posible to attack.

Unharmed Prowess:

Godly Martial Master


Hyaku Okami Ken Rendan: One Hundred Wolf Fists Combo: A hundred punchs thrown at blinding speeds with a lot of power behind each of them ( Fuzen is Ambidextrous)

Ikusen Okami Ken Rendan: One Thousand Wolf Fists Combo: A Thousand punches at breathtaking speeds with even more power behind them (Only in Kamisatsu Mode)

Saikyo Ken: Final Fist: Five different techniques gain that calification in Fuzen Arsenal, they are secret fist techniques he learned or created to fight a specific supreme extreme. All of them have an enhanced version called Kohaku. as well a Increased signature technique. They are 2 Offensive and 2 Defensive, The Fifth is secret.

1. Ikusen Hoshi: Thousand Stars: By focusing all his energy output inside him and channeling to his right fist Fuzen can increase to ridiculous levels his attack power, Against a perfect defense is perfect (The Technique he uses regulary with this Saikyo ken is Shigure Nagareboshi (Autumm Rain of Meteors) Which focus in falling over the enemy from above while spinning with the fist downwards.

2. Ryuu Kokyuu: Dragon's Breath: Channeling his rage inside he gains a boost in speed, this ability needs a small time of preparation, and the most noticeable sign his Fuzen exhaling steam from his mouth, becouse all his inner body gets hotter with rage, the characteristic attack of this Saikyo Ken is Shunkashuutoukouu (Summer Rain) in which he launches a barrage of punches of several different styles from a stanceless position with speed just barely over Lightspeed

3. Kongou Hada: Diamond Skin: By creating a thin, but concentrated, layer of energy around him Fuzen can increase his durabilty, it takes some time to activate, but it's effect is incredible, making Fuzen virtually invulnerable for a limited time. It's characteristic Stance is Tentouse (Counter Current) which takes advantege of Fuzen high defensive factor to counter attacks more easily, without worrying on damage to himself.

4. Ha o Kaze: Leaf in the Wind: Fuzen releases his Ki around him in a mist like substance that covers the battefield, the mist doesnt hinders the enemy eyes,it works as a detector increasing Fuzen natural instincts to dodge and detect attacks, as well hidden enemies, it's Signature Stance is Tora Sore Hanto (Tiger That Hunt), in which Fuzen makes his prescence expand throught the mist, giving the enemy the feeling of being surrounded by a wave of Bloodlust

5. ????

Kamisatsu Mode:

As a Stigmata for the sin of killing gods, Fuzen regulary enters the Kamisatsu Mode, when he does he gets a insane urge to kill and destroy, his physical atributtes are almost limitless, but on the other side, he is really vulnerable when he enters this mode, even if his skin toughness rises, he loses his ability to regenerate so he can be harmed or even killed, it's terribly difficult, but is his sole weak point.

He loses a lot of rational thought, but his instincs almost cover all the battle oriented behaviour, he usually canibalize people in this state, even if he doesnt need food becouse of his godly body, this curse lowers him to his primal instincs and desires. After training a lot and learning about this curse in some books in the godly realm he knows can channel it and control it more or less at will

Interdimensional Pocket

Kamisatsu mode Eyes
Kamisatsu mode Eyes

As he conquered the demons dimension, and used his godly powers to subdue it, he now can bring anything from that realm to this one, he usually uses it to bring weapons. Lots of Weapons. He can also use it to telport to the Demon Realms or the Inmortal Realms

1. Okami 'oh: Axe: Drains life from Target

2. Hiten Ryuu Soru: Javelins: Homing Multiplying Javelins

3. Regular Guns: All sizes: From Handgun to Assault Rifle

4. Batsu No Satsu: Giant Sword: Burst in flames at will, Big Attack Power

5. Shishi Ni Ono: Double Hatchets: Return to the Thrower after being thrown

6. Raijin Ken: Double Guantelts: When they make contact a burst of electricity attacks the enemy

7. Kuma Tsume: Double Guantelts: Incredibly durable and sharp, the edges are covered in Diamond Dust.

8. Meikai'oh Gai: Scythe: Powerful mystical weapon with the ability to freeze almost anything by launching cold air waves

9. Bakuhatsu Goken: Swords/Assault Rifle: Self made, A scabbard for five Elemental swords that also forks as high caliber Assault Rifle

10. Bishamon: Spear: Once the Spear of the Inmortal in charge of looking over Wars, now Fuzen favourite Spear. It's Really durable and sharp, It's said that can almost pierce anything.

11. Ekkisu Soru: Spear: A powerful spear that must be used ith the eyes closed, the spears emit a sonar like sound that grants the user a sonar sense.

Interdimensional Pocket in action (ignore the Pilot suit, change it for an armor)
Interdimensional Pocket in action (ignore the Pilot suit, change it for an armor)
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interesting bio:D
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A newbie huh? Welcome to the Vice :P 
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I will be sure to smash your character when he disturbs my sleeping hours & days..
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He isnt a newbie... 
He is my second accout, I wanted to use a badass berserkering villian, after I used Batsu in Demon mode...
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Oh well cool then. You'll have more fun on the evil side :P 
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@Kuma_From_Argentina:  He has great teeth!XD
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Added some Images...
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A bump for the futureXD
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nice bio
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@Fuzen_Metsuki said:
" Thanks "

np, you worked for it, love the red sythe
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Red scythe? 
Is mainly an axe, but he uses the scythe from time to time
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@Fuzen_Metsuki:  What about some flaming Nun chucks? I have those:P
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Edited it Again, added more weapons and Completed some Saikyo Ken 
Also I changed his appeareance consequences of his Gruesome training
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@Fuzen_Metsuki: nice :D
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@Fuzen_Metsuki: Cool looking weaponsXD
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@Mesamia:  Thanks, but is a Shame I didnt find any flaming nunchuks, or at least Laser Nunchuks like Duck Dogers....
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Updated, more Spells
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