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Name: Kurui Neko (Old Cat)

Age: 900 years old

Height: 3'9

Weight: 72 lbs

Group Affiliation: Legendary Six Samurai

Alliance: Good

Aliases: One-eyed lotus, Catman





Kurui is a short and very fluffy black and white cat, he stands on his two hind legs perfectly fine, also he has regular fingers and thumbs like most humans do while still having the claws of a cat. Kurui wears a long orangs and black coat with a hood that has cat ears. and over the coat he has a long double katana around his back. The most unusual features about Kurui are his red eye and split tail, and of course his trademark, one eye. However behind that eyepatch is a  mysterious ability.




800 years ago Kurui was a human with divine powers gained from becoming a member of the Legendary Six, he along with his other 5 team members protected the world from all kinds of eveil until one day the event known as the Apocolyps occured, Kurui and his team stood ready to face the cause of this so-called apocolypse until the all got a mental message from their boss "This is not a job for the legendary six!" and with that they were all transported back to base, once there all six samurai stood before their leader:

The Six Legendary Samurai stand ready for the big meeting.


Kurui was the first to speak once they arrived, he always was the first to speak, however unlike everyone else in the Legendary Six, Kurui always spoke his mind, bluntly. "Hey the earth is in danger old man, why did you stop us, we have been training fer this for 'bout 90 years now. Not only that but Athena has had visions of world domination by the group known as Gekido-"

"That's enough!" roared the the mysterious leader "I know all about that Mr.Neko, and I have made my decision, we can no longer intervene with earth's problems!" The room grew quiet until Neko spoke up again "What the hell! You mean after years of training and savin' the planet NOW you want us to just forget about it all of the sudden!?" All eyes were on Neko now, but even then he did not shown any sign of fear

"This meeting is over, return to your facilities. And with that, the leader was gone, and so was Neko. A few hours later only five of the samurai were in the building, the leader had sent them all a private mental message to meet in his throne, once they were all there the face their leader, he was a tall a heavily muscled figure only his pale white hand could be seen behind the dark shadows of his throne in the far back of his room, then once he seveyed the area and made sure everyone was paying attention he spoke "I have seen a vision of the very near future, despite our efforts earth simply cannot be saved, not now, Gekido, the Company, Ebismo, Orfeo, Light Justice, Kazi, the names of just some of the organizations we will face that all have incredible power.....Which is why I say we cannot save earth, instead we must wait, wait until the eliminate themselves, then take them out, it will take a while I know, however we must do this, you are the only remaining warriors I have, years ago I said the same thing about taking our the Tsukasa clan, and the 9 gates did not wish to follow my orders, now they are no more...." The room was quiet once again, everyone in there wanted to say something but didn't they realized there was some truth in their leader's words. Athena one of the two females in the Six samurai spoke "But what about Kurui? What if he-"

"That is the other thing I wish to speak to you all about, if Kurui insist on going against my orders, then he will be either exiled...or killed. I know how strongly against this he is considering that he is the only human here, however he must follow orders, his rebelion can become the end of this group, so once you find him, you must bring him to me, by any means neccicary."

"Yes sir." everyone said together and then vanished out of sight in search of Neko, however Neko was a sneaky one he had been listening in the whole time


Neko preparing for a fight






















The curse


Neko came from out of the shadows and faced the leader with his blades unsheathed, as he pointed one blade at the leader Neko spoke "Trying to kill me already huh? Look I know you haven't liked me since I joined this organization, I know you were planning on killing me once they brought me here, thing is, I dunno why you couldn't get me yourself, maybe too old?" Within an instant Neko was gone and now right in front of the leader with his blades coming down on his head, however the were stopped, Neko could not move, he was frozen in mid-air. The leader rose from his mighty chair and held out his hand, blades formed from nothing, was this some some of matter manipulation? they all pierced Neko and sent him flying to the other side of the room, the leader came down the steps of his throne "So you thought that I was not strong enought o take out a simple stray cat like you? Laughable."

Neko shot up and charged at the leader with blood running off his body, BAM, Neko was sent flying back again, but this time not by the leader but by one of his fellow samurai, Hanya, the largest in the team, he wore all white his long silver hair waved like it was windy, his long 9 foot katana shined brightly as he was blocking Neko "What are ya doin' ya damned fool!?" yelled Neko, however Hanya said nothing, he used his incredible strength and pushed at Neko, opening his guard, with one slash Neko fell backwards, all he could see out of one eye was red, his left eye had been slashed out. The leader smiled "Well done Hanya, you were able to take him out by yourself, very impressive." Hanya looked donw and mutered "He held back...."

"Well you took him donw in any case, so finish him off..."

Hanya was surprised "But, you said to jsut take him donw, not kill him..."

"Do it Hanya, this is for the greater good, he will only become a problem if we let him live.....!"

After a moment of hesitation, Hanya raised his sword above his head "I'm sorry Neko...." However before he could slash down the fatal blow his hands were stopped, theye were now engulfed in a pink sphere, from behind Neko, Athena appeared, she was a blond, blue eyed beauty, he long yellow hair and well toned body showed elegance and feircness on the battlefield "I-I wont let you!" She yelled

Hanya still couldn't move so he pleaded with Athena "Don't do this Athena, or you will-"

"That's enough Hanya, I will take care of this. Athena if you wish to be with him so be it, Neko you are an abomination so to make sure you are no longer was you used to be, I cannot let you remain in that body, your body contains the divine power, however if I simply alter your original body in which you power was given to you, it will no longer be yours..."

The leader waved his hand in Neko's direction, soon, Neko began to feel smaller, weaker, fur appeared all over his body, Athena watched in horror, and before long, Neko was now a cat "Now be gone, both of you!" A portal opened behind Neko and Athena and they were both sent out to parts unknown.


A new life


After what seemed like a breif moment Neko opened his eyes to the bright sun, he held out his hand to block it then he realized, what was in front of his face was not a human hand but a cat paw, Neko quickly got up, he was in a alley, as he looked around and began to get up his left eye was in intense pain, "Gah!" however Neko had to ignore the pain, he realized that Athena had been with him s well, luckily he found her in the next alley, she saw him and called out to him, she wasn't hurt at all. Athena ran over to the now cat-beast Neko and looked him up and down, she was trying not to look too alarmed but Neko could see the shock in her eyes, she looked at Neko's eye "Oh my god! Neko we need to get you a medic! Wait I know some healing spell- wait a sec, it's not gone, your eye."  Neko felt his left eye with his paw, she was right, there was not even any blood, but then why the pain? Neko looked up at Athena "I think Hanya did something to my eye, he didn't seem like he even wanted to hurt me." Athena nodded

"You're right, come to think of it he could have easily broken out of my barrier if he wanted to. And look!" Athena pointed at Neko's eye "There is no cut or anytihng, in face that eye is still your regular human eye! I sense a completely different energy coming from it!"

Neko thought to himself "Could Hanya have seen this coming and did something as a cautious action? But what exactly did he do?" Neko looked up at Athena "Listen Athena, we were banished, we got to pick ourselves up and try to get back up there, and stop this Gekido or whatever, I don't care if they are stronger than me I'm going to do what I can!" Athena's eyes wiened for a moment but then her face became stern and serious "Yes, I'm with you all the way Neko!"




After some time, Neko and Athena made their own organization called Nine Lives and Organization not bent on saving the world, taking it over, or destroying it, but an organization to help out exiles and maintain piece within that area, a place where people can get away from danger. Neko and Athena were in charge of course, so far there was about 95 people who joined

Athena and Neko, leaders of Nine Lives.


Powers and abilities

As well as being a master swordsman, Neko is extremely experienced in illusuions and fast movement, his strength allows him to lift up to 25 tons however his speed is said to rival lightning when seen by normal humans.

   Quick flash: A move in which Neko appears to dissappear, using his energy to form around his feet Neko is able to move at blinding speeds, impossible to see by normal humans.



Quick Death: A slightely faster version of Quick Flash, however the movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are. Neko then uses his blades to stab the opponent multiple times in what would seem like a blink of an eye.



Cat's eye hypnotism: Neko uses his illusionary skills and It allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage, while the opponent is distracted Neko lands the fatal blow.






Neko jumps several feet into the air and launches like a torpedo at his opponent with his razor sharp blade, using both flight and Quick flash.





Divine Key




Neko's eyepatch that he uses to keep his divine power hidden, when Hanya slashed Neko across the eye it was to seal his divine power for a short period of time so when he was turned into a cat he could still keep some of his power, when he takes it off, all his divine power comes back and his stats are trippled.











Cat-yarn: is primarily used to disable an opponent. The practitioner generates crackling yellow energy rope within his/her hand(s) and releases toward the opponent. The energy entangles itself around the opponents arms and body immobilizing them

Incredible Spirit energy:  Neko's spiritual energy is powerful enough to affect entire areas to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies, and cause others from seemingly miles away to ente

a state of paralysis and confusion.    




Repel: is primarily used for deflection. The practitioner generates a orb of light blue energy that rebounds an attack when said attack makes contact with it. The effect not only blocks the attack but repels whatever strikes it.    




Burning rope: is primarily used to disable. The practioner uses the index and middle fingers and generates an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to ensnare the opponent as the tendril wraps around their body immobilizing them. The end of it remains in the hands of the user allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The Kidō is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.    




Kitty sneak bomb: is primarily used for escape. The Practitioner places his palms down on the ground and a red smoke bursts forth from the point of contact and swiftly engulfs the surrounding area briefly obscuring the movements of whomever is within the smoke allowing a quick get away.    







Cat Bed: is primarily used to catch. The spell creates a ball of blue energy that fires out six "ropes" from its center. The "ropes" attach themselves to any sturdy nearby object and the energy in the center solidifies into a flat elastic-like cushion. The spell can stop falling objects similar to a safety net.




Spirit Shield: is primarily used for defense. The practioner can use either both hands or his/her Zanpakutō in a blocking motion. The spell then generates a dull yellow energy in front of the practitioner that takes the form of a large spinning disk of condensed reiatsu to block an opponents attacks        



Cat Cage: primarily used to disable. The practioner points his/her index finger at the target generating a spark of yellow energy. That energy summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams .



Kitty spears: primarily used to disable. The practitioner generates a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his/her hand and throws it at the intended target. It then duplicates itself into a hundred more rods which rain down on the target pinning him/her against a solid surface completely immobilizing them.    




Cat House: primarily used for defense. The spell ignites at a single point as blue energy and extends upward from four points and creates a inverted pyramid that solidifies into a barrier around the caster. The spell is usable around other already active spells.It can also be used to trap people inside of it, the barrier is only as strong as the person inside it and can only be broken with greater energy.    



Nine Bonds: is primarily used to disable. The practitioner creates nine black holes with purple outlines that emit spiritual energy in the personal space surrounding the target, with the ninth black hole manifesting in the center of the target's chest. The intended point is to severely immobilize the target.



Dream catcher: Neko uses a see-through barrier used for catching any intangible attack such as mental based attacks, control or anything of that nature.



Force Push: Neko points at the target with his index finger and generates a small force that thrusts the target back a few feet away from the caster.



Lightning Paw: Neko points at the intended target with his index finger and generates a concentrated lighting bolt.



Lightning Channel: Neko generates an electric current through any object he/she touches and that electricity damages anything or anyone that is in contact with the object the current runs through.



Fire Ball: Neko generates a orb of crimson red energy in his palm or finger. The orb can be any size from small, medium or large depending on the level of power being used. The destructive power released by the blast can vary between a simple explosion to a pillar of energy. In both instances the spell causes concussive as well as burn damage.



Spirit Canon: Neko aims the palm of his hand at the target then generates a torrent of blue spiritual energy and fires it at said target. The energy moves like a direct blast or a large wave of energy depending on the amount of power placed into it.    



Spice Ball: Neko fires a oblong blast of purple spiritual energy from his hand that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.



Hurricane: Neko uses his blade and summons a strong hurricane at the opponent.



Dog Pound: Neko uses evil spirit energy and engulfs the opponent in a black box where they are blasted with negative energy, powerful enought to distort space and time.



Sacrificial incineration: Neko sacrifices a body part in order to produce a large amount of spirit enerygy, the energy is his own power times 100.



Cat trap: Neko forms an ivisible net of spirit energy, only when the target is caught in the net itbecomes visible, the net the explodes with as much energy as Neko put into it.



Cat nap: This technique muddles the consciousness of its target, causing them to black out.


Kitty litter





Neko creates multiple copies of himself each as strong as the original.









Spiritual barrier: He can also use his incredible as a sort of armor, making it impossible for him to be harmed by nothing less than the most skilled or powerful opponents.



Shockwave attacks: Neko has enough control to focus and unleash his spiritual pressure in the form of a powerful shockwave. When using both hands, his shockwave can cause a huge radius of destruction    


Flight: Using spirit energy Neko can fly up to 2,000 feet in the air.


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Good luck for this char.
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